I'm splitting up my emails so they go directly to the folks that handle them and so nothing falls through the cracks. I will still get a copy of every email and as always, they are all read by me.

Technical Support
Use this email to ask why you can't view videos or are having any other problems with software or browsers that effect our page.

Membership Questions
Use this email for all questions and requests that pertain to a Forbidden Zone membership.
This includes cancellations, how to join by money order, a forgotten username/password, trouble accessing the member's area, or anything else involving membership.
Including your username in the email is very important if you have one and can remember it. If you can't remember it, please include any personal information that will help us find you in our database. 
Also it is very important to specify which product you are canceling.
 Please tell us if it's the forbidden zone membership or one of the online cd subscriptions.
This information will greatly help us process your request.

Merchandise Questions
Use this email for any questions relating to merchandise you desire to order or have ordered.
This includes defective merchandise, or any questions about an order you've placed or plan to place.

Artwork Submissions for Guest Artist Area 
Superheroine Coloring Book
If you've sent me pictures in the past but never saw them posted, please check again (we posted some recently). If it's not there, please send it again to this new email address, since I probably lost it (sorry).
Here are the only guidelines for submitting artwork for the site. It must include a superheroine and it must not include any copy written characters unless they are from this site. That's it.
All artwork that follows these guidelines will be posted. Those that I feel are good enough to charge money for, are contacted by me to produce material for the paysite for a fee of course.
(We're talking real money here. Most artists are a little stunned when they find out how much money I will pay.)

Link Requests
If you would like us to link to your site, no problem. Just let us know.
If your site is a "Pop-Up Trap" it won't be linked to unless the material is outstanding. Then it will be linked but with a warning.
If you don't know what a "Pop-Up Trap" is; then don't worry. You don't have one.
(Pop-Up's in general are repulsive. If someone wants another browser window to open up with information, they will click a link that says that's what it will do.)
If your site is on one of those free servers, I don't consider that a trap. That's just the price of free web hosting.
You might want to consider setting up a site that you pay for. It's really not as expensive as you think it is.
One last word on linking. I consider the links page a service to visitors to my site.
So my only question when linking to another site is; "Will the people visiting my site like to see this?" Therefore I don't require a link back.
A link to my site is nice however. (Putting visitors' and members' desires first has made this site more successful than I could ever imagine. You might consider it yourself.)

We do have a phone number you can call and harass us directly!
 SHC is the business name we use to answer the phone.

I hope all this helps process the most important of our emails. When it comes to my work I'm an anal retentive monster, but in everything else, I'm a terribly unorganized slob. That's why these folks have taken over these responsibilities.
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