"Now you'll come. COW!"
-- Vixen Venom
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

2/12/2016 Free Area:
Very clever. Many of you joined to see the special stuff in the member's area. I will remove the special material code named "Wonder Cow" Sunday night. If you join after that it will be gone.
I made the center graphic before I remembered that this is a double update. All the samples are there however for your perusal in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.
Gold Avenger
One pleasure villains rarely enjoy is beating a superheroine with their own hands. Usually they need to rely on machines or super powered henchmen or monsters to destroy their prey. Having brought the poison ravaged Gold Avenger back to her lair, The Mayhem Maven is delighting herself with the helpless super slut. That shot of her being held by her hair while she's on her knees. Gorgeous!
American Fox
Just as we are finishing with our Wonder Cow fun Nightwing316's American Fox story begins! Very timely. My own version of American Fox is in the works. Several Foxes appear and they end up in a gang bang because... SLUTS!
Ms. Freedom
HOLY FUCK! I stopped the samples before things got too blood splurty. She gets wreaked! Tits torn open. The whole nine yards. See... she is being savagely beaten in the story and her damaged brain flashes back to the only other time it looked like she was going to die. She foolishly went up against the fucking incredible Vixen Venom!
In the Superheroine Video Section everything is the same. I will remove the special video sample Sunday night. Did you scroll down to see it? Scroll down. That character will have a uniform change and appear in a story soon, we hope. 

Almost forgot! Our security certificate expired so the order page for superheroine merchandise showed not secure. We renewed but then it took a few days to show up here. It appears to work now. Especially important if you joined the member's area and wanted to take advantage of the member's discount.

2/11/2016 Member's Area:
An unbelievable Ms. Freedom! Gold Avenger! Sapphire Strike!

I was going to remove the "special content" (wonder cow) today but realized some of you might join today or tomorrow and you need to be able to get to it. So I will remove it Sunday evening.


2/5/2016 Free Area:
I would have had this up a few hours ago but the program crashed when I was 3/4 done. But now you have the samples I promised in the Superheroine Video Section.
Every week I was very upset that I couldn't find the raw files of Sapphire Strike so I could rerender them larger and clearer. I've created an extensive sample video for you that really gives you an idea of how awesome a video serial it is. It is actual size. That's the size you'll find in the member's area. I also posted the installment images that upset so (because they're so fantastic).
I also posted a sample video for you. It's just for fun. There's more in the member's area but will be removed next week! Along with the all the still images.


2/4/2016 Member's Area:
I updated the member's area early this morning. American Fox in "A Fox is a Fox For Life!" by Nightwing316! Gold Avenger and Sapphire Strike!

I did not get the video samples done for the free area. You're going to love it. Tomorrow is the normal free area update day so I'll definitely get it posted then.
We are way behind on emails. We will try to catch up this weekend. If you don't hear back from us by then please email again. If this delay has cost you money (tried to cancel and you got charged again) you will get a refund.


2/3/2016 Free Area:
All done catching up in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. I just added the last four weeks to the previous four weeks I had updated. Going from top to bottom (Newest to Oldest).
Mega Girl & Blonde Widow
It's my intention to start up a series of comics produced in Poser. It's something I can do myself and not cost any extra money. American Fox will be the first character but other characters will inhabit this world. Mega Girl & Blonde Widow amongst them. I posted some images of the creation process. The Wonder Cow images I was playing with led to this. If I can do her I can do American Fox. Same costume challenges.
Gold Avenger
Excellent combat with the Mayhem Maven's henchmen. She is the most dangerous of the group however. She has a syringe of Lacticide and enjoys plunging it into Avenger's chest repeatedly! This cute little actress could do "evil" better than most.
Butterscotch Fox
The Foxes watch in horror as the evil god RothRex kills their goddess and begins eating her. As he is dragging her away they realize that it's the annual religious event "The Feast of RothRex". Although they are gods they are limited in some ways. They play out this horrific event every year and never remember it. A week later Deina rises again.
Red Fox
No... not him! A fun little comic installment from Smudge!
Butterscotch Fox is tortured while the binds holding her also suspend the other Foxes over deadly consequences. Violet Fox is the first to fall. Perfect superheroine peril by Reno.
Ms. Freedom
The star spangled slut and Liberty Girl get obliterated by the common thugs. Their Lactite laced bats see to that. Beaten nearly to death, Ms. Freedom's damage addled brain relives the only other time her life seemed lost. A horrifying encounter with Vixen Venom!
Solar Woman & Comet Girl
The conclusion to the Nightwing316 classic. Solar Woman escapes alive... her side kick does not. A dramatic end to a superheroine peril classic.
Ms. Magnificent
One thing I've learned as we experience the earliest material on the site is that I was late from the very beginning. A symptom of the creative process I suppose. I wasn't ready with a new poll driven comic so I posted this story of sorts about a doomed superheroine. Her legend dies as the world learns the truth about her disturbing fate.
Violet Fox
"With Friends Like These..." by Danny Ryan. The professional comic by the professional comic book artist. Filled to the brim with Superheroine Central stars.
Ms. Freedom Again
This is the installment before the previous one. The two super powered sluts almost laugh as they throw around the "normal" thugs. Laughter isn't an option when they are beaten within an inch of their lives.
Ms. Americana
The six page conclusion of the Mr. X classic "Closed on Sundays!"

So, that's two months worth of material.
This brings us to the videos. Pretty much the reason I've had such a hard time getting things done lately. The SHC Sloppy Short "Dr. Dearth's Revenge" featuring Sapphire Strike. The video is small (320X240)... highly compressed... and AWESOME!!! It deserves to be rerendered at a higher resolution and lightly compressed to preserve the details as much as any classic on SHC. I spent a couple weeks looking for the original files and fighting with age crippled drives. Every time I posted another time tunnel and saw the sample graphic showing awesome material it filled me with rage. But there is nothing I can do about it now. I need to take apart the old drives, clean them and see if I can coerce files off of them. I may need to get an old computer running to see how much of my problem is trying to talk to old drives with newer operating systems.
So, this is what I'm going to do with the videos. I'm going to put together a little sample of the action from the posted files. They'll look pretty bad. I'll also post the images associated with all the installments. I'll also add some sample video from my Wonder Cow experiments. I'll need to remove it in a week. Get it while you can. I'll post this tomorrow when I update the members area. That will finish the free area update for this week. Next week will be a double update of the images but I won't have anything to show you video wise.

Did you read all that?!!

1/29/2016 Member's Area:
I've kept the members fed over this "dark" time. I also updated the Forbidden Zone Access Area even though I didn't update this "S'new". So I have a lot more samples for freebies but no videos I can/want to show. That's been the biggest problem.

So, I plan on getting the free area up to date Saturday. That's the plan. What can I say other than that?

1/1/2016 Member's Area:
Well! That went off the rails pretty dramatically. The member's area has been updated with two Time Tunnels. Violet Fox and an army of SHC Superheroines. Gold Avenger! The Nest! Sapphire Strike! Ms. Magnificent! And others.

FREEBIES! You've been starving for new samples. Hopefully Saturday will be your day.


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