"The heroic banter class I took at community college is really paying off!"
-- Butterscotch Fox
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

12/18/2014 Free Area:
I'm feeling chatty today. A really awesome collection of material will do that sort of thing. Let's see how this goes. From top to bottom!
Gamma Girl! If there's such a thing as a bloody masterpiece then that installment is it. It's sooooo violent looking I couldn't put it in the free area. Just... way too much, ya know? Her story ends over the next two weeks with "she wins/she loses". "Winning" usually means the heroine escapes. If you want to see superheroines actually be victorious then there's a couple million comics you can find online. (The normal ones.)
Bindstra! Really quite proud of this artwork. Have you ever wished you could draw what you wanted to see? Of course you have. I worked at it and achieved it. Each one of the images from that installment had something I loved and by chance I executed what I wanted to see as well as I ever could. Even the little things. They way the hair splays out in one image to the way drool drops out of a heroines mouth in another. The extreme versions of those has a little blood but the best bit (hee hee) is Bindstra spitting in American Fox's face and into her ring gagged mouth. She's a demon you know. Cruelty is her bread and butterscotch! HAAA!
Mr. X! We've been friends since the beginning and we have the same style of humor. When we create stories I'm sure he's like me... you tend to put stuff in to try and make your friend chuckle. The idea that there's a "Heroic Banter" class for superheroines is the type of thing that makes us laugh. And hopefully many others. But when it comes down to it, we never let a stab at a joke to get in the way of supreme superheroine suffering and peril. And Butterscotch is in for all she can handle!
BriteStar! For the best super villains the death of the superheroine isn't the end of her peril. And Vagrin is in the top ten. With her demise he acquires a beautiful, busty toy that he can torment for all eternity! The demise itself is classic. Having squandered all of her energy defeating the undead UltraWoman she is totally helpless when her attacker springs back to life! She struggles desperately to cling to life as UltraWoman crushes it from her neck. VERY EROTIC STUFF! There's even more of her futile "pussy out" kicking and struggling. But you don't need to see anymore of that do you? You do? Uhhhh then join and enjoy the entirety of her demise!
Get your free look at it all in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.

I hope it was worth you stopping by this week! See you later. 

12/18/2014 Member's Area:
Truly a legendary classic! Time Tunnel Seven features Bindstra and Butterscotch, American, Silver and Violet Fox. Plus another story with Butterscotch Fox by Mr. X. Plus the disturbing endings of Gamma Girl and BriteStar!

If you haven't seen it before you will be FLOORED! Samples tomorrow.

12/12/2014 Free Area:
Poor Gamma Girl!!! She is getting SLICED & DICED!! The outlook for her superheroine career is very grim. Hell! The outlook for her to be alive for another hour is very grim. Thoroughly defeated, it's now about how much damage she can endure. Is the simulator really going to kill her? We'll know soon enough. See her terrible predicament in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. Her story is definitely Violence & Violence.
Violet Fox's story is firmly set in the Sex & Violence realm. A little known and TOTALLY NOT CANON Fox protective feature can give a Fox hallucinations leading Violet Fox to think her attacker is a beloved character from her childhood. Which immediately results in her being beaten severely by a possessed Emerald Fox. Pretty fun, sexy and violent installment by Danny Ryan. Good Stuff!
And... I'll be damned! I thought the compression on the videos was horrific. I was wrong. The raw files for this stage of the video kept breaking my video editor. So I could only grab samples from the actual compressed videos. They look fine! I think you'll get "the drift" from the samples. Defeated, stripped superheroine struggling... legs kicking as an undead beast tries to tear open her chest. Ohhhhh yeah! BUT! She survives in this ending. The next one? NO WAY!!


12/11/2014 Member's Area:
The Time Tunnel excellence continues in number 6. Danny Ryan's Violet Fox story. Gamma Girl's gruesome destruction and BriteStar's "she wins" ending!

See you tomorrow.

12/5/2014 Free Area:
Yeah.... just HAD to give you a nice sample of some of the cool shit happening in the "Vagrin's Toys!" video serial in the time tunnels. Since the sample is made now and not back then it is considerably clearer than the actual video themselves. But the content itself is 100% awesomeness. I even left in some nudity for you. Check it out in the Superheroine Video Section.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area I posted extreme samples of Gamma Girl and lite samples of Night Angel. Gamma Girl tries to appease the murderous AI of the simulator but to no avail. Her repulsive begging only makes it more intent on killing her... and killing her in the worst way possible. It simulates the absolutely vile Vixen Venom to ensure her death is as unpleasant as possible. MEANWHILE... Chaos is stripping the helpless Night Angel before her impending doom. The extreme version of that is tears, spit and milk believe it or not. Members choose which version in case you're not into the whole milk thing.

If it's new to YOU, you owe yourself a look inside the Forbidden Zone!

12/4/2014 Member's Area:
One of the classics! All three elements are coming to a crescendo at once! Night Angel! Gamma Girl! BriteStar!

Can't wait to show all the Freebies tomorrow.

12/1/2014 Free Area:
Sometimes you just want to find out where software developers live... go there... and punch them in the head. I was going to rant about my difficulties with the latest software at home but then I realized the vast majority of you guys wouldn't know what I was talking about so it would be pointless. SO! I saved you that inane hassle.
I don't know if you've noticed this or not but our site concentrates quite a bit on large beautiful superheroine tits. Oh, you have? Good. So, when the bad guys/girls are attacking a superheroine it would be awesome if they could punch their tits with full force. But that is extremely hard to do without hurting the model or looking ridiculous. That's why I came up with the "gem" plot device. For some of our superheroines, their powers are focus and enhanced greatly with a special gem on their chests. It's also their most vulnerable spot. It's supposed to be a secret but obviously our stories concentrate on those times when the bad guys have the upper hand. BriteStar! That's what you're seeing in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. Undead UltraWoman is losing until not-so-brite star thrusts out her chest and confronts her. Undead UltraWoman still has UltraWoman strength so she crushes the gem and also crushes BriteStar's tits. It's like a raw nerve sitting out there linked to both jugs. So... crushed and then pounded on. It's a GREAT scene. Ending with "teats out". And I mean teats in the best possible way. Fantastic. I gave samples right up to the frame where her tits are exposed. Gotta give you a reason to get in there and see it.
Bloodied Gamma Girl! I gave you samples of the "extreme" version of her story. Kind of cartoony violence but not for everyone. Thrall has beaten and shredded her and she is literally left crawling and begging for her life. The good stuff!
And the conclusion to Mr. X's story. Graphics from that period were quite difficult to get right but Ms. Americana really looks like she's forced to gulp down a fire hose of cum!

Fun stuff! For us... for the dimwitted super sluts it's QUITE UNPLEASANT!

11/27/2014 Member's Area:
I was able to finish the time tunnel update last night on Thanksgiving Day. (Happy Thanksgiving Day BTW) I've been slowly bringing my home machine up to speed. I'd like to do the free area update this weekend at home. We'll see how that goes. When I do you'll see Mr. X's Ms. Americana, Gamma Girl and BriteStar!

11/21/2014 Free Area:
The way I see it, really good artists are SO GOOD they can illustrate awesome images in mere moments. I've never been that good so every ounce of my effort was poured into making the superheroines and monsters look as good as possible. So I did very little in the way of backgrounds. And that's what you'll see in the Forbidden Zone Access Area! See? You thought I was going off the rails there didn't you! The Foxes have run into the god like "Bindstra"! Butterscotch leaps into battle only to be smashed and bound. The other foxes know to survive a creature as powerful as she is, they need an organized attack. Now... Gamma Girl... I like the way I put it all those years ago "If fake violence against pretend characters offends you, this is not for you." So I posted four "extreme" samples for her. Pretty tame but it was extreme 15 years ago.
And I was able to grab samples of "Vagrin's Toys" again. The unstoppable undead unUltraWoman is trying to sink her teeth into BriteStar's fat tits. How fucking spectacular is that? 

Still working on the Mighty Girl Trilogy of Terror!

Thanks for stopping by.

11/20/2014 Member's Area:
Some pretty epic stuff in Time Tunnel Three. Bindstra! The Foxes! Gamma Girl! And the deliciously doomed BriteStar!

I should be able to post images from the movie again tomorrow with the free area update.

11/14/2014 Free Area:
Very good samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area this week! Reno, one of our first artists created an installment of his "Pervatory" story in color. (Previously black and white.) It was all new at the turn of the millennium. New for us working with hired artists and new for artists that were actually making money drawing stuff they loved. Pretty cool. A very creative dude. And the Gamma Girl story continues to build as the simulator uses all the power it can muster for one purpose... KILL GAMMA GIRL!!!
I also added some clean captured images from the "Vagrin's Toys" video serial. They are a little misleading however because they don't reflect the compression you'll see if you join and watch the videos. Most of the original files for the movie are corrupt but in this small span and a few others I have clean video from which to capture. Dead UltraWoman is Vagrin's homicidal, superheroine slaughtering slave. And BriteStar is the busty super slut that she means to kill... which will lead to another toy for Vagrin.

I don't know much more about when the Mighty Girl comic will be ready for sale. All I know is we're working on it this weekend. Speaking of such...
I couldn't figure out what to call the three issue Mighty Girl comic I'm putting together for sale. A lot happens but I couldn't find a common theme I liked. "Well... her tits are huge." I thought. Title Solved! Here's something fun for you... since you stopped by to see what's what. I'm rendering a few pages to wrap up the story and show when in Mighty Girl's illustrious career the story takes place. From the earliest Mighty Girl to Mighty Woman. Here are two that aren't quite perfect but look cool. The current Mighty Girl and a later Mighty Woman. I render them HUGE so I can edit them and then make them smaller which looks best. These are a bit small though, 800 pixels wide. Just for fun!

I just checked and realized once again that most browsers will shrink the image to fit and you have to zoom in for full size. Just to be sure it looks the way it's meant to I gave each one their own page again.

Thanks stopping by!

11/13/2014 Member's Area:
Reno's Butterscotch Fox story joins the normal cast of busty doomed beauties Gamma Girl, Brite Star and UltraWoman.

I'm hoping to have the new comic for sale over the weekend but there's a bit too much that has to go perfectly for that to happen. I should be better informed tomorrow when I do the free area update.

11/7/2014 Free Area:
Lemme see... a gorgeous, busty superheroine... stripped topless... bound... where have I seen that before... hmmmm... sounds familiar... Oh! I know where I've seen it! IN EVERY FANTASY I'VE EVER HAD!!! Yeah. That's what this site has always been about. At the time there was no other place to see our fantasies come true (visually). My site and Villain's. Now we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to fulfilling our fantasies. The only point in my favor is most people seem to think I did it better than anyone else. But, that's for YOU to decide! In case it's not clear, I'm talking about Night Angel's story in Time Tunnel One. Chaos has used her power to cause molecular chaos on a cellular level within Night Angel's tits. This caused them to heat up to a boil and take her out. Now it's all about how she's finished!
And Gamma Girl rallies all of her powers to defeat the computer simulated version of Minister Thrall! But the AI has calculated that it must destroy her so it uses it's own abilities to drain power from an entire continent. It stops wasting power simulating the location and it puts it all into another copy of Minister Thrall except this time the lights dim in millions of homes as Gamma Girl's story races to it's obvious, grim ending!
Still not much I can show you from the "Vagrin's Toys" video serial! I haven't found good versions of the source video. What I CAN tell you is this is the first time we shot with a PENTHOUSE PET! You younger guys are probably thinking "That's nice... not a big deal really." but those over 40 or so know how huge that was!

So, enjoy what you CAN see in the Forbidden Zone Access Area!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm putting the three issue Mighty Girl classic comic book together for sale. I'm creating a larger page size to reflect new HD monitors. Check it out!

11/6/2014 Member's Area:
Night Angel's brutal adventure continues. As well as Gamma Girl, UltraWoman and Brite Star!

Info on a new comic for sale tomorrow along with free area update, hopefully.

10/31/2014 Free Area:
Alright! I added this week's superheroine nastiness and I can tell you all about their doomed struggles. We've enjoyed the rouge AI/Simulator plot line a few times on SHC but this was the first. Gamma Girl is enduring what she thinks is an "Institute" sanctioned test in a simulator. The simulator is in fact trying to violate and kill her every chance it gets! In one sample you can see the simulator wall flicker as she's pounded against it. The simulated Minister Thrall begins strangling her and this is something I pulled directly from those old Wonder Woman episodes. I always wished the scene would go on much longer and the consequences were more dire. MUCH MORE! And that's what SHC is about in a nut shell. Providing what we always wanted but couldn't get from tv, movies and comics. In short... Gamma Girl is in way over her head and the simulator will do everything in it's power to destroy her!

I'm going to add even more back story later! It's important that I get my capabilities at home up and running. I'll explain what's happening to Night Angel... Butterscotch Fox... and Violet Fox.

But for now please enjoy the samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area

Halloween... again?!!

10/30/2014 Member's Area:
I didn't get a chance to tell you all the "LOTS" about the material in the member's area last weekend but I think I can get to it this week. Adding to that is Ms. Americana... Thrall strangling Gamma Girl... and Vagrin turning a superheroine into a KILLER!

Good stuff. A big wrap up is necessary tomorrow!

10/24/2014 Free Area:
I have LOTS of stuff to say about this free area update but I have to split! (away from my work machine). That gives me a reason to get my home machine "website editable"! So if I'm successful I'll replace this with a good description of what you can find in the member's area.
But for now please enjoy this larger than normal set of samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area

Thanks for stopping by!

10/23/2014 Member's Area:
Do you love large breasted, beautiful superheroines in dire peril? You do? Of course you do! It was a stupid question really and I apologize for asking it! Added to all the previous awesomeness we have another Poll Driven Comic installment added. Butterscotch, Silver, Violet and American Fox! Gamma Girl! And UltraWoman & Vagrin are joined by a beautiful busty slut by the pool... who's real identity is...???!!

I had a computer problem at an unfortunate time Monday so things got pushed along again. Really awesome free area update tomorrow.

10/17/2014 Member's Area:
Late on the Time Tunnel update but it's pretty fucking great. Danny Ryan - Violet Fox. Gamma Girl - Minister Thrall. Vagrin - UltraWoman and... BRITE STAR!

Catch up free area update should be Monday.

NOTE: I finally finished removing all the options for "hardcopy" material  in the Superheroine Merchandise Section. (CDs in other words.) I would be SHOCKED if I didn't mess up anywhere. If you somehow find a place to order a CD... ummm... don't. Or you'll just get an email back saying, "Sorry, can't do that!".

10/9/2014 Member's Area:
Night Angel's fried tits! Gamma Girl's violated pride! And UltraWoman's endless torment at the claws of Vagrin!

NOTE: We are currently unable to process hard copy products in the Superheroine Merchandise Section. (CDs in other words.) I will be taking those options out of the store but I won't be able to do that today. Online versions are fine.

10/3/2014 Free Area:
Violence, torture, violation, humiliation... Oh... didn't see you there! I was just discussing what's happening to poor Gamma Girl in the Member's Area. The funny part? It's just getting started baby! In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you'll see bits of what's she's enduring. And bits of her tits of course! You'll also see some neat examples of, what I believe was, Nightwing316's first story for us. The Poser program we were all using for such images was in it's infancy so story was crucial. And Nightwing316 is a master story teller! The samples look a little "all over the place" because she has a flashback as she's gang raped. Typical!

Thanks for stopping by!

10/2/2014 Member's Area:
A good Time Tunnel update but not a great one. No need to tinker with the currently awesome center graphic. Nightwing316's Butterscotch Fox! Gamma Girl's grueling test continues! And UltraWoman continues to be a toy for Vagrin!

I will add samples to the current set tomorrow.

9/29/2014 Free Area:
A fire storm of super girl violation and humiliation! Hell, if you're a superheroine. Pretty awesome for us though. It's been FOUR updates since the free area was updated so let's get started.
First off, not much I think I can use for samples of UltraWoman in "Vagrin's Toys!". I need to find the original files and re-render it so it looks "ok".
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you'll see that even though there hasn't been a truly new update the Time Tunnels have been filled with fantastic super peril. Gamma Girl is in the clutches of a mad Artificial Intelligence that is supposedly training and testing her. It's logic is quite brutal. If Gamma Girl is going to be raped and killed, it might as well happen in training!
Plus we have Ms. Americana and Butterscotch Fox installments from Mr. X. Also Night Angel is in serious trouble with Chaos and her dimwitted henchmen. And of course the beautiful pencil artwork of Dr. Evil. He's the only example I've come across where his pencil work was superior (greatly so) than his colored artwork. I've always been very envious of it.
And last but not least The Poll Driven Comic. Stop trying to kill these Foxes for one second and see what happens? Disgraceful!

Very fun stuff!

9/25/2014 Member's Area:
Whoops! Looks like I didn't even post what was updated in the Member's Area last week. So, at this point, Time Tunnels two and three have been updated. These include Doctor Evil's DynaDame, Butterscotch Fox and friends in the Poll Driven comic, Mr. X's Butterscotch Fox story, Gamma Girl, UltraWoman in "Vagrin's Toys!".

Hugely behind on the free area update. I'll need to do whatever it takes to get a free area update up tomorrow.

9/11/2014 Member's Area:
Killer update of Night Angel in "Fall From Grace" in Time Tunnel One. Plus Gamma Girl and the classic "Vagrin's Toys" with UltraWoman continues. 

Hopefully a fun free area update tomorrow.

9/4/2014 Member's Area:
In Time Tunnel Eight... Mr. X's Ms. Americana! Gamma Girl's trials continue. And the video classic "Vagrin's Toys!" begins. 

Holding off on free area update till next week.

9/2/2014 Free Area:
Well, here's a free area update anyway. Lots of samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. I took the full sized samples where possible. This was before I managed to get all artists to send me their work without text also so I could do good samples. That's why the Butterscotch Fox by Reno story has text in the samples which usually confuses more than it illuminates. I missed samples for the very start of Gamma Girl but you get the idea. She's in a simulator for testing... unless the person controlling the simulator is trying to kill her! And of course Danny Ryan is great and so is the old Poll Driven Comic. No video sample this time.

I'll try to get back on track as soon as possible.

8/28/2014 Member's Area:
Still not running on all cylinders. Time Tunnel Seven updated with Butterscotch Fox in the Poll Driven Comic and in a special Reno comic. Gamma Girl. And the final fatal conclusion to Galaxy Girl's video serial. 

Some sort of free area update tomorrow.

8/21/2014 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Six has been activated in the Member's Area. Danny Ryan's "With Friends like these..." Gamma Girl and the first part of the two part conclusion of Galaxy Girl losing to the VILE and MOST HATED Minister Thrall! 

8/15/2014 Member's Area:
I'm back. As advertised, it was a fucking nightmare. Our move to the new location is done. Sector Two's update should be finished over the next week and some sort of update will go up next Thursday. Then updates will continue as normal. I'm dying to get something cool up for sale to make membership worthwhile and generate some money to buy more material. I'd like that to happen next week too. Freebies, keep an eye out. As always there will be some fun samples for you.

7/28/2014 Member's Area:
I'm freaking out pretty good right now. Still trying to finish moving by the end of the month. But I did post what I have for the members. Diamond Strike, Lady Midnight-Dragonfly-The Supreme Avenger, Mighty Girl (will be added next Thursday) and in a rather impressive Time Tunnel --- Night Angel-Gamma Girl-Galaxy Girl.

The free area won't be updated until Friday. Everything is messed up a bit but we only move once every 5 years on average so when it's done it's done.

7/24/2014 Member's Area:
I 'm almost done with my updates but I can't get the "main course" completed tonight. I'm hoping to have a new Standard and Time Tunnel update posted Friday.

I don't know how this will effect the free area update. Moving offices in the most hellish heat of Tucson is proving to be of biblical annoyance. Keep an eye out.

7/18/2014 Free Area:
An appropriately decent update considering member's only got a Time Tunnel update.
In the Superheroine Video Section... I decided to post the entire video prologue for the Galaxy Girl video you've been seeing so much here. Galaxy Girl was drugged/tricked into doing a naked shoot and The Institute don't care for those types of shenanigans. They want to send a message to all their other sexually over-clocked superheroines so they decide she should DIE! This video sets all that up. This is the nice thing I'm giving you.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area I merely added the samples that were for that update in the past. The American Woman story was pretty kick ass but it looks like we took a lot of other photos... naughty photos. Members can find them in the Raw Images section of the update. And freebies can see samples of them out here. And those samples from Smudge's story really don't do it justice but I have miles to go before I sleep so I'll leave it there.

See ya!

7/17/2014 Member's Area:
I have to move my office this month so I needed to take care of as much of that as I could this week. Therefore there is only a Time Tunnel Update. But it's a good one!
Smudge! Butterscotch Fox! Sadistica! American Woman! Emerald Thunder! Vixen Venom! And of course Galaxy Girl and Minister Thrall!

I'm trying to think of something fun/nice to post in the free area tomorrow. Wish me luck!

7/12/2014 Free Area:
Here you go! Sorry you had to wait.
In Princess Power's area you will discover 5 new samples of her terrible plight. Pretty huge samples too. AND it misses a lot because there's an extreme version of her comic that is BRUTAL! If you enjoy supreme superheroine destruction being inflicted on a supreme superheroine-- her comic is for you. This is the type of update where I use the lighter, less "in the way" versions of my copyright because the images are so fucking cool! "Why do you put those copyrights on everything DanO..? Like that's gonna keep people from stealing your shit! Pfft!" people never ask me. Well the answer to that unasked question is the reason I copyright the material to my site and not me or my company. These images get posted all over the place and if someone sees it and likes what he's looking at he can find where to get more! Pretty clever eh? No? Well who asked you?! Some of you, I'm sure, found the site in just that manner.
For a week or two you will still be able to see Princess Power's ENTIRE story. That's like 65 pages of awesomeness. When Sector Four gets updated you will not be able to see the entire story anymore. And no amount of whining will get it back. It's a snoozage and loseage situation.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we have a very special episode of Blossom.... I mean Diamond Strike. She has defeated the extremely powerful telekinetic psychic Miranda the only way possible. She killed her! And now she will have to live with all that implies. That is, if you accept that ending. The "She is defeated." ending is coming up next. More horrific violence! If you don't like the really violent stuff I'm sorry. But right now... trying to rebuild my customer base... I need to concentrate on material that people can't get ANYWHERE ELSE! As we continue to win people back then I will be able to add more material for the "lite peril" folks. There's always some lite stuff but not as much as an SHC at full power!
Superheroine Video Section... Like what you see? Wanna see more? Then you know what to do, right? (psst... the answer is "join") Yay! Everyone passed the test! This was the last installment with Vagrin's retroactive retelling of the story thus far. Next week the story continues anew. I think it was 5 or 6 weeks of that condensed material. High Octane really. Just sexy, busty superheroines getting OWNED! And as I mentioned I recompressed the OLD small videos of Galaxy Girl -vs- Thrall in "Enthralled!". They are still small but now are crystal clear so they look pretty good when you put them full screen. Temporarily, the entire video is available that way. (Except for one more installment and then the dual endings which will be posted the next couple weeks.) So joining right now will get you all that. That access to the whole story will be WIPED FROM THIS EARTH next week. You saw that awesome Galaxy Girl video sample last week, right? Then you know how "kewl" it is.
I'm being a bit of a "Chatty Cathy" I know. But you would not believe all the stuff I want to tell you but haven't. So... you know... I did constrain myself even if it doesn't seem like it.

Carpe Millennium!

7/11/2014 Free Area:
GHAAA!!! The free area update is postponed until tomorrow (Saturday). I just finished recompressing all of the Galaxy Girl videos for members and I have to leave.

Sorry Freebies. I know a lot of you want to see more of Princess Power. TOMORROW!
7/10/2014 Member's Area:
Alright. It's officially OK to get excited. Princess Power! Supreme Avenger! Diamond Strike! And Galaxy Girl!

If the center graphic didn't get you excited, breath on a mirror and report the results.

Free area update will probably be later in the day tomorrow. Five or Six-ish PDT (Pacific Daylight Time- in case you were curious.) See you then!

7/4/2014 Free Area:
"Ooooh... fancy!" I thought as I read that "pounding kiss" line. I'm easily impressed by my own talents, OK?!!!
And we have a pretty fancy free area update too! As promised. First, we have the beautiful illustration OMAC did for the Busty Bombshell story. As I typed the date on the free area update I felt I needed to do something. Then I remembered that awesome image. If a fourth of July celebration on the front page upsets you somehow... #1 Chill out. You'll live longer. And #2 if I was on a site and someone from another country was celebrating it's existence I wouldn't mind and would actually wish them well. The image isn't "HD" dimensions but I'm sure if you want to make it your desktop it should stretch to fit quite nicely.
Now on to regular awesomeness!
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area a very large number of samples, except for poor Butterscotch Fox. I couldn't find the raw files for that classic installment so you just got the samples people got a thousand years ago. Shredd murders all the Foxes she has captive before Silver Fox can rescue them. Silver Fox has a plan however. I also discovered I was a week behind on the Time Tunnel samples so I caught up there. Then... WITH NO PRODDING FROM ANYONE... I selected 7 of what I thought were the best images of that rather cool story. Speaking of "not finding poll driven comic samples" I DID find all the original Galaxy Girl -vs- Thrall videos with no compression. So... in... the...
Superheroine Video Section I made a quite lengthy, crystal clear sample of all the Galaxy Girl videos now available to members. I HAVE DECIDED that next week, in the member's area, instead of another Time Tunnel, I will recompress all those videos so they are nice and clean. Bigger files of course, but fine for today's bandwidth status quo. So, as I type this now, the videos in the members area (time tunnels only) are pretty blurry with compression artifacts. Those will be remedied next week.
But, even if you don't join, enjoy that really cool Galaxy Girl video!

7/3/2014 Member's Area:
As I previously mentioned in an earlier utterance, I am working on Princess Power this week so there is only a new Time Tunnel. And what a Time Tunnel it is! Butterscotch Fox, American Fox, Violet Fox, Silver Fox! Professor Shredd! Galaxy Girl! Emerald Thunder! Vixen Venom! Plus Nightwing316! And more!

I will put together quite a good free area update tomorrow I think on "HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!". It's a million billion degrees here in Tucson right now so staying inside and working is the best idea.

See you then!

6/28/2014 Free Area:
Yes... it's true.... this man has no dick. It's also true that there is a TON of awesome stuff in this week's update! Which is fortunate! See below.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area Diamond Strike is forced to murder her attacker! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! Samples of Diamond Strike and Mighty Girl are DOUBLE SIZED this week becomes I'm so fucking proud of the Mighty Girl images. Sad... I know. They look really awesome to me! What do you think? There was also an extreme version of this installment which means blood EVERYWHERE! And you can see samples of Dr. Evil's awesome artwork and Emerald Thunder being gassed to death from the Time Tunnel!
In the Superheroine Video Section there are THREE, count em, THREE video samples. And I'm quite clear not to join because of the civilian Mighty Girl walking video... "TITS!!!" I also caught you up on Vagrin's Retrospective. Those two minute-ish video samples cover about TWELVE minutes of actual video. And it's all high octane superheroine peril! I noticed that the compression on those video samples is looking pretty bad. It's time to lessen the compression -- on the sample videos that is. Member's videos are QUITE pristine! So that will happen on the next free area update. PROBABLY NOT NEXT WEEK!
This is the "See Below" bit. The next update will have the next Princess Power installment. And it also means it's basically impossible to finish it in one week. (Running through a brick wall type impossible. Members get it.) There will be another time tunnel update next week but not the normal update. Can't be helped.

GOSH! This is getting exciting, ain't it?

6/27/2014 Member's Area:
Mighty Girl! Eddie! Mighty Girl Undercover Movie! Diamond Strike! Supreme Avenger! Lady Midnight & Dragonfly! DynaDame! American Woman! Emerald Thunder! Galaxy Girl!

Free update tomorrow (plus snazzy new center graphic). To include a double double video sample to catch you guys up!

6/26/2014 Member's Area:
Member's Area update postponed to Friday. A problem with a computer program made an update today impossible.

I don't know if the delay will delay the free area update as well. I'll know more tomorrow.

6/20/2014 Free Area:
The greatest computer generated (poser) story in the history of mankind? Nay... the history of the universe?!! Well, that's just crazy. I'm stunned you said such a thing. Mighty Girl is horrible danger and we like it... we like it like that. A lot of attention paid to light and shadows. It all looks rather heroic, don't you think? And Diamond Strike gets DESTROYED by her attacker, Miranda. We are currently in the "She Wins" ending. The losing ending will follow after that. There was a lot of stuff in the Time Tunnel but I just made samples of the Night Angel raw images. Come one, come all and have a ball in the  Forbidden Zone Access Area.
In the Superheroine Video Section there is a normal sized (dimensionally) sample clip but double length (chronologically). I'm still behind on what you're seeing in the samples and what the members are getting. It will probably be that way for a few weeks more since they are getting double length movies as well. If you haven't seen any of that video yet then you're in for a pleasant surprise. The Trophy Hunter knows how to take down a couple superheroines and put them in serious peril. They will prevail though albeit temporarily. The Trophy Hunter is a force of nature and cannot be destroyed!

I'm pretty proud of this one. Enjoy!

6/19/2014 Member's Area:
Holy Moley, what an update! That's right, I said "moley" and I mean it! Lots of awesomeness and that includes new awesomeness too! Mighty Girl! Diamond Strike! Lady Midnight & Dragonfly! Plus in the Time Tunnel: Night Angel! Galaxy Girl! Butterscotch Fox!

I have my work cut out for me making all the free samples tomorrow! See you then, freebies.

6/13/2014 Free Area:
A good update! I think. But then again, I'm biased. "It'sa mah baybee!" Diamond Strike missed her chance at escape while Miranda was knocked out. Conscious, she's a superheroine murder machine and now she's wide awake! As she swings her fists her mind hits Diamond like a Mac Truck! And we learn more about Angel Dove and even a bit more about Mighty Girl & Blonde Widow. The exposition is done now though so the story will continue to Angel Dove's deadly encounter with one of Shredd's "Hunter-Killers". Check out the sexy samples in the Forbidden Zone Access Area.
In the Superheroine Video Section I put a good double sample together of what Vagrin is relating to his audience. It doesn't quite get to all the action seen this week so expect another double length sample next week.
NO TIME TUNNEL! I completely forgot about it this week because I was so fixated on getting this week's update done. I see no impediments to a new one next week incase you're enjoying some of those stories.

Fun Stuff!

6/12/2014 Member's Area:
Now that's a fine bit o' work. Angel Dove! Mighty Girl! Blonde Widow! Diamond Strike! Lady Midnight & Dragonfly!

Lookin' good for another free area update tomorrow.

Buh Bye.

6/6/2014 Free Area:
It was going to happen eventually. Do I wish it were later? You bet. But I didn't have time to finish an update this week so I added a movie to last week's update. (Which it was missing.) As I told the members, the important thing is I work on updates everyday and as the site re-expands I will be able to produce updates more appropriately. So...
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you just have samples of the "Return of American Woman" story. As you can see there I was going to give samples of Mr. X's Butterscotch Fox story but thought better of it. It's pretty niche specific. Butterscotch and another woman are impregnated by monsters and you see the natural outcome of that. Not for the timid!
In the Superheroine Video Section I point you to the "Vagrin's Weapon" television intro. It's been in the MEGA SAMPLE area forever but it's not really easy to come across normally. As Vagrin re-tells the story that has happened I am including all the best parts. Once his recap is done the story will continue with what happens to Supreme Avenger's rescuers. (Already Shot)

Sorry there wasn't more! And thanks for stopping by anyway.

6/5/2014 Member's Area:
Short update this week. Movies and a Time Tunnel. I will certainly tell you guys all about it tomorrow!

See you then.

5/30/2014 Free Area:
Entering into a difficult phase here. My self inflicted injuries means I can't afford to pay any of my artists to produce material so that means everything is 100% DanO.. created. And THAT means I can't finish a full update in a week quite often. And I'm left with Poser stories and Princess Power until things change. (And they are changing slowly thanks to new members. Thanks new members!) And since a Princess Power update takes about three weeks to do while doing other updates, there's going to be quite a bit of Poser and things will be short from time to time. THAT-BEING-SAID! I'm continuing with the TIME TUNNEL updates so for new folks it's pretty fucking content rich!
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you'll see what I mean. Diamond Strike has taken her attacker out of the fight... for how long? She's too weak from the mental attack to do much but escape. And new superheroine Angel Dove makes a dramatic first appearance. Poser (computer rendered material) is quite different from other forms of art work. CLOTHES SUCK! They clip through the bodies all the time so for best results I use a texture on the model's skin for most of the costume. So Mighty Girl was alone in her own world. Just one superheroine. Then Blonde Widow was sucked into the world and now Angel Dove. All this time the forces of evil have been growing in power as well. Much faster, much stronger. Can these heroines survive?!!! We shall see. Her story continues next week. Mighty Girl's solo story will continue as well in future weeks. Then we have samples from the Time Tunnel update. Butterscotch Fox is always a crowd favorite. I gave you four nice samples cause... heck, most of  us have seen these before. But we want to excite new visitors so they join and pay for us to have new toys! (models and artists and such) Also Emerald Thunder gets beaten down quite nicely by Vixen Venom. TEATS OUT! Looks like. Next installment. She's got some nice and big baby milk factories.
In the  Superheroine Video Section NADA! I'm working on a Vagrin's Weapon retrospective and that should start next week. I'll give you samples of that, then.

Party on, Dude!

5/29/2014 Member's Area:
New superheroine Angel Dove! Plus: Blonde Widow, Mighty Girl, Diamond Strike, Butterscotch Fox, American Fox, Emerald Thunder & Galaxy Girl!

Freebies, might be later in the evening tomorrow. I was later than I like for the member's area so that could translate to later than I like in the free area. SEE YUZ!

5/23/2014 Free Area:
Well, now. How the hell did that happen? A pretty thick update of premiere superheroine peril! Princess Power is considered "Queen of The Superheroines" in her world. (Or "Queen of the Super Cows" depending on who you ask.) Look in her area to get an idea of the terrible situation this gorgeous super babe is in. In the Forbidden Zone Access Area you'll see samples of what poor Diamond Strike is going through. Held by her foe's incredibly powerful telekinesis she's helpless to stop horrible filth being poured on her plump tits. Looks pretty gross right? Well here's a little behind the scenes info: Nestle's Quik for dirt and Hershey's syrup for motor oil etc. So which ever floats your boat. Dirt and garage waste? Or chocolate covered milk factories! Wolf is there too. Very sexy free flowing artwork. I don't think we did anything else after that but it's a cool story/installment. And Vixen Venom and Emerald Thunder are grinding on each other pretty energetically. Pretty hot stuff!
In the  Superheroine Video Section I took some scenes from the two movies uploaded. The re-mastered Trophy Hunter is at an end and Galaxy Girl's story will keep motoring on.

Keep on Truckin'!

5/22/2014 Member's Area:
WELL! Sometimes things DO go as planned. Princess Power, Diamond Strike & The Super Trio in the regular update and Butterscotch Fox, American Woman, Emerald Thunder, and Galaxy Girl in the Time Tunnel update.

Freebies, see you tomorrow!

5/16/2014 Free Area:
If you haven't been here in a while it will be important to check out the "Past" page which shows samples of material still in the members area. (In theory. It can get a little confusing. But if you join because you saw something there and didn't find it in the member's area let us know and we'll get that material to you.)  The big deal this week of course is the start of Night Angel's epic saga. The first two of 12 pages is posted in the Forbidden Zone Access Area. Those pages look tiny on my massive high resolution monitor but they used to take up about a quarter of your screen when the story was first posted. (Most people had 640X480 or 800X600 screens then.) I've since increased the size of those pages but I imagine I should increase even more. You're never meant to read the pages at that size, just click on the panels. But it should fit better on your screen than that! In the Superheroine Video Section is the same video sample. I'll probably do another for Galaxy Girl's story later. Hopefully I'll have samples of Vagrin's Weapon in two or three weeks which is what's supposed to be there.

Carpe Millennium!

5/15/2014 Member's Area:
And so we come to the awesome Night Angel story. The first installment is 10 pages to get the story rolling and sneak in some tasty nudity. (Superheroines like showers too!) Also, Galaxy Girl, Minister Thrall, Emerald Thunder, Vixen Venom & American Woman!

All set for a free area update tomorrow.

5/13/2014 Free Area:
This is for real folks... this is happening. Free area has "kind of" caught up to the member's area. Another Time Tunnel update on Thursday and then I'll add the new stuff to the free area on Friday. And then the following Thursday a brand new update with a new Time Tunnel. Get a glimpse of what's happening to all the super girls in both the Forbidden Zone Access Area and the Superheroine Video Section

See ya and thanks for stopping by!

5/12/2014 Member's Area:
Yeah. Well, we've set up a new office for me. I've just posted a new Time Tunnel featuring a Butterscotch Fox story by Nightwing316, the return of American Woman and Galaxy Girl in enthralled. I did post the preview video in the Superheroine Video Section. Tomorrow will be the long awaited free area update and then I'll set up this week's Time Tunnel. The plan is for an absolutely new update a week from Thursday. Words mean nothing so we'll just have to see.

4/17/2014 Member's Area:
Terrible. Horrible. Inexcusable. And what's worse, stupid.... Oh Hi! Didn't see you there. I was having a conversation with myself. I've been updating the member's area but I haven't been keeping up with the free area updates and that's just nutty/stupid. So there's a massive free area update tomorrow and I DEMAND (of myself) that free area updates are done every week so you guys have stuff to come by and see. See you then.

3/27/2014 Member's Area:
Mr. X does Butterscotch Fox! Galaxy Girl -vs- Vixen Venom - The Seeker - Minister Thrall! In Time Tunnel Eight.

3/22/2014 Free Area:
Tops get pulled down... torn off... and tits are exposed! In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we see Galaxy Girl get the upper hand on Vixen Venom. She loses her suit in the meantime but nobody's perfect! I'm sure she can relax now and nothing terrible will happen to her at all... heh heh hehhhh. I also grabbed the appropriate samples for SunGirl and Butterscotch Fox. A full color... ink... and sketch for Butter and two edited and three raws fro SunGirl. I can't see a way to put up samples of the two Nightwing316 installments and one Smudge installment. I guess I wasn't getting the artwork without text back then. And when you snip out pictures from a finished comic it just doesn't look right. I'll see what I can do in the future. In the Superheroine Video Section we have the intro movie for Galaxy Girl V Minister Thrall. This was just before I found a place to buy copyrighted music but after I bought a program that allowed you to make your own music with clips. It's not bad! Just not as good as the professionals.

3/21/2014 Member's Area:
Member's Area Time Tunnel updates have continued apace... (I don't think that means what I think it means.) So, they've kept up. But I haven't been updating the free area... which is the worst kind of stupid. The kind that hurts financially. People don't join if they don't know what's new in the pay area. Well, some people do. But that's just people finding the site for the first time and it's all new for them. Unfortunately I can't do the free area tonight and promise I'll do it Saturday. LOT'S of samples and the first big time television intro I did for a video. The whole thing. See you there.

3/7/2014 Member's Area:
I tried to force myself into finishing the new update. That strategy was unsuccessful. So I've posted the required two Time Tunnels. SunGirl! Butterscotch Fox by Nightwing316! UltraWoman! Galaxy Girl! Samples for the free area tomorrow.

2/24/2014 Free Area:
Sorry the free area update has just gone up now. I didn't get it done on Friday and then the weekend was filled with non-work related tasks. In the Superheroine Video Section I decided to just post the two movies from the time tunnel three update. You can get a sense of how the movies progress and if you get into the member's area you can watch the whole video up to this point.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area I decided to make modern sized samples. The artwork was pretty good (great actually but I'm humble) and the action was pretty awesome.

2/20/2014 Member's Area:
Still waiting on the new update. Some unfortunate errors with an old layout file for Princess Power. The Time Tunnel is amazing! Butterscotch Fox! UltraWoman! Galaxy Girl & Vixen Venom!
2/13&14/2014 Member's and Free Area:
I didn't get a chance to update the free side yesterday after updating the member's area. No new regular update yet but another time tunnel. If you were thinking you'd wait for a re-mastered version of the UltraWoman video (you weren't thinking that were you?) forget it. It was filmed on an old, huge VHS video tape camera and there's not much reason to rerender it. It's as good as it's going to get. Again, you just have the same out takes. Make sure you have them if you don't. They're still in the Superheroine Video Section.  
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we have more superheroine on superheroine deviltry. Except that's not really American Woman... it's VIXEN VENOM! In her first appearance actually! And Danny Ryan's always cool, always clean illustrating style featuring Violet Fox.

2/7/2014 Free Area:
Of course... I SHOULD be horse whipped! But you're not going to see it out here. It was something I could have posted out here but decided that should be a member's only treat. For giggles we "allowed" Scorpion to whip the hell out of Lord Thöt who is played by me. And we posted it for fun. Instead I'll be keeping all those out takes in the Superheroine Video Section (I even linked it this time.) Great samples and pretty fun. Get them though because I don't know when I'll pull them down.
In the Forbidden Zone Access Area we see how a typical Time Tunnel update should and will look. I doubled them up for the first 16 updates because we hadn't started making our own movies yet. And "more" would be the best response to any questions regarding the Member's Area. Our first big deal unmasking of a superheroine for SunGirl. Classic super girl angst!

2/6/2014 Member's Area:
Just wanted one, clean, no drama update so just one Time Tunnel. SunGirl, Galaxy Girl, UltraWoman and a strange video of Scorpion whipping Lord Thöt!

2/1/2014 Free Area:
NOW you can see what's been posted in the Time Tunnel video wise through the magic of out take videos. I was going to choose just a few but realized they were perfect for sample material. You have twelve of them in the Superheroine Video Section. They cover two video serials that are still in the Forbidden Zone's special Time Tunnel index.
And you also get another massive amount of sample images. (In the Forbidden Zone Access Area as usual.) The team starts coagulating and congealing! Mr. X, Dr. Evil and Danny Ryan join the crew. Top notch classic superheroine peril. No other way to put it!

1/30/2014 Member's Area:
BASICALLY caught up on the Time Tunnels. A week off. This second set of four updates is huge as well. I'll be posting all the pertinent samples Friday. As well as some outtakes from the movies that are in there. UltraWoman in the UltraWoman Trap!

1/17/2014 Free Area:
As I mentioned before, there is so much stuff posted in the members area that it's difficult to know if I'm grabbing the exactly correct samples. (In the Forbidden Zone Access Area as usual.) If you join to see a specific thing and can't find it in the member's area... first... we'll try to find it for you... second... we'll give you access to it if the samples were incorrect. I need to finish off this free area update so I'm not going to mess with samples of the video serials that started in this set but I will try to post a few installments next time.
I realize the most attractive options for you at this time is to just buy stories or videos that you've always wanted so I'll try to get some more of those ready for the Superheroine Merchandise section. I'll also make them free in the member's area BUT when I do that the earlier two videos that are free will be made... "unfree". They'll still have a good member's discount though.


1/16/2014 Member's Area:
Getting some catch up rolling. Time Tunnels halfway caught up this week. Fully caught up next week. There will be a glut of samples posted Friday.

See ya!


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