The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter One


Chapter 1

Super heroines on a Skillet

Ebony Ranger of the Galactic Force of Rangers darted through the bank wall, smashing it to smithereens. Bricks, plaster, concrete and smoke flew all over the bank insides and over all the residents. Men dressed in black, the ones robbing the bank, were unlucky as the force threw them to the other end of the room, some hitting walls; some hitting desks and others just flying back onto the floor.

“Hey you nigger bitch, the fucking door is right there,” yelled from the distance.

Ebony Ranger scratched her head, “A door?”

She jumped through the newly hole in the wall and took an intimidating battle stance. She shined in her ranger suit like she had it together, a one-piece black lycra leotard with a golden “GR” in the cleavage of her handful-sized breasts. Golden brown and curly hair waterfalled down the ebony black skin of her shoulders to stop at the midsection of her back. There, she stood. And stood. And stood.

The crooks shook their heads in disbelief. She was just standing there but she was mighty and intimidating. One crook far off to the left jumped for his gun and aimed it at her but she did nothing. All the crooks looked at him and like lemmings they jumped for their weapons too but she still didn’t do anything. They didn’t know whether to run, shoot her or rob the bank while she stood there.

“What are you waiting for, stupid nigger bitch,” yelled from the distance.

She said, “Yeah, what are you waiting for, stupid nigger bitch.”

She had no idea the voice from a distance was yelling at her. Instead, the crooks pointed there weapons and fired at her.


A wind gushed by each and every crook, then stopped in front of Ebony Ranger. In a reflective silver cat suit, blinding to some eyes as the sun shined upon it, was this six foot blonde. Her perfect blonde hair was pulled back into a knot and a ponytail hung down a couple inches below her neckline. Wrapping around her forehead, a silver tiara also shimmered in the sunlight. With blue eyes and a gorgeous tan white face, she hardly looked thirty-five, more like twenty-five. Other than that, her figure was extremely curvy, with double d breasts, a thin waist and large hips to match.

“Oh my god, its Mrs. Fast Flurry,” yelled one of the crooks.

Mrs. Flurry kept her attention turned toward the crooks all the while she said, “Eb, you really need to leave this super hero work to the super heroes.”

“Flur, I told you a hundred times, I can’t go back to Galactic Nine until I finish my business here.”

“Destroying bank walls isn’t business, its capital loss,” Mrs. Fast Flurry said.

The crooks fired their guns again. In another whoosh, she disappeared for one second them regained her stance in front of Ebony Ranger. She held out her hands, which were clenched in fists, and opened her fists, letting bullets just drop from her hands.

“Be right back,” Mrs. Fast Flurry said.


One minute, she was there. The next minute all the crooks disappeared and reappeared, tied up in the center of the room. She reappeared in front of Ebony Ranger slapping her hands together.

Mrs. Flurry arrogantly turned to give Ebony Ranger a strict lecture, “Now, Ebony, You really need…”


The other side of the bank wall blew inward. Ebony Ranger’s super strength enabled her to stand still but Mrs. Flurry fell forward onto her face at Ebony Ranger’s feet.

In the newly formed hole in the wall, a very petite, only five feet, short red haired, bright white girl stood. The sun shined down on her red hair like she was an angel with halo, wings and all but it faded. Instead, she was a pale white girl in a light red leotard that matched her hair. The leotard was the same style as Ebony Ranger’s but she didn’t have “GR” on her chest, much more she didn’t have much of a chest at all. Her body was very slim much like a toothpick. However, she was legal age to vote meaning she just turned eighteen four months ago.

“Cough…Cough…How could I forget your side-kick, a ranger wanna-be, Boom girl?” Mrs. Flurry said.

“Hey I resent that remark…er…saying…I mean what she said. Take that back, you grumpy meanie,” Boom girl said. as her small form climbed over the rocks in the newly formed hole.

“How the, how the hell did she hear me,” Mrs. Flurry said as she pushed herself to her feet, then wiped off the dust from her costume.”

“Something to do with what you humans call puberty, very strange indeed?” Ebony Ranger said.

“Yeah, you like my new power, I picked it up two nights ago. This is how we got to the bank before you did, Mrs. Flurry.” Boom girl said as her small form climbed over the rocks in the newly formed hole.

Mrs. Flurry smiled. She glanced between the two, one a black ranger from outer space with super strength because the gravity of earth conflicts with the density of her skin, the other a short red head white girl with super hearing that can fire from her hands energy blasts.

“How about a proposition, you two?” Mrs. Flurry said.

“What is a proposition?” Ebony Ranger said.

“She wants to give us something, Eb. You should take it, I got Jesus and don’t need anything, except being a ranger and he joined me up with you, Eb, so now I know I’m going to become a ranger, and I don’t want anything,” Boom girl said.

“No, No, No,” Mrs. Fast Flurry waved her hands, “How about the three of us join together?”

“Join? You mean like share body parts like kiladeekian tribes on the world of Yusaysmeslikesyousofsunmentionalssexsandspleasuresworlds world?”

“Ugh?” grunted Mrs. Flurry. She stood in disbelief and awe, her mouth slightly open while she stared at Ebony Ranger.

“I think the big meanie means she wants us to fight crime with her, Eb.”

Ebony Ranger frowned, then crossed her arms and tapped her foot, “There’s that word again, crime, I keep on reading the definition and it means no sense to me.”

“It’s ok, my super sister ranger gal pal, we don’t have to learn about crime all at once,” Boom girl said.

Mrs. Flurry was wondering who the real sidekick was, Ebony or Boom. Anyways, her thoughts soon trailed off into why the police haven’t showed up yet. She looked past Ebony Ranger to see not a hole, but a gray wall. An odd expression came to her face.

“What’s the matter, Flur?” Ebony Ranger said.

Mrs. Fast Flurry spun around at her super speed and noticed the other hole in the wall had been replaced too. In fact, she looked up, down and all around to see everything had been replaced with gray, the floor. The bank robbers and innocent people were gone. The only thing left were Ebony Ranger, Boom Girl and herself.

“Stop, and look around you, Boom and Eb,” she said.

“What, where are we where’s all the stuff and the bad men,” Boom girl said.

“What stuff and bad men? Where are they? I’ll get them!” Ebony Ranger bolted into battle stance.

A static sound eased out at them, then turned into a harsh high squeaky voice.

“Well, well, well? I was hoping to catch Mrs. Flurry but I got two more clueless super heroines instead.”

“Whoever you are, I’m not clueless, I’m Ebony Ranger of the Galactic Rangers, now show yourself you vile fiend.”

“Way to go on the pitch, Eb. Now would you like to tell him what you’re going to do to him if he doesn’t let us go,” Mrs. Flurry said.

Boom girl jumped in, “We’re going to fry you alive and feed you to the plant on planet zebo zilch egolin that my big sis has told me all about!”

Mrs. Flurry shook her head in shame.

Ebony Ranger smiled, “You sure are learning your history, Boom girl, you’ll make a fine ranger one of these days, maybe call you Earth Ranger.”

“Oooh, I really like the sound of that,” Boom girl said.

“ENOUGH!!” the high pitch squeaky voice yelled, “You idiot, Ebony Ranger, you don’t have a space ship because you flew it into the ground so hard and fast, it’s in the center of the earth so you have no way to get home, and you Boom girl are so immature you will never be a Ranger, and you Mrs. Flurry…”

“Yeah and what about me, Skillet!! I’m here so let these two go, all you wanted was me anyways, so here I am!!”

“Skillet? Did you say Skillet?” screamed Boom girl as she fell to her knees.

“Who’s Skillet?” Ebony ranger said still holding her battle stance.

Mrs. Flurry answered as she stared up in gray space, “Only the most vile, conniving and terrifying not to mention extremely ugliest villains on the face of the planet. There’s only one villain on this planet that could cook up a scheme as large as a hologram bank robbery with interactive hologram crooks and citizens. Only one villain smart enough to think up the technology to do it and only one villain with enough guts to try it on me, Mrs. Flurry.”

“A hologram? Humph! This is kids stuff, there’s got to be an electrical plug somewhere,” Ebony Ranger said.

“Oh Jesus, help me, give me strength and protect me from this villain, Woe is me, woe is me, Please Jesus, smite him down for me,” said Boom Girl.

Mrs. Flurry shook her head blonde head one more time. She couldn’t believe what has happened and how she ever thought to ask these two dummies to join a team with her. Ebony ranger had trailed off to find an imagery plug, while Boom girl is praying to something that doesn’t exist. Mrs. Flurry thought she might as well be alone here. However, she must be prepared for what ever this villain throws at her.

“Now prepare to die!!”

Out of nowhere, two saw blades came directly at Mrs. Flurry. Her super speed dodged them easily. They missed the top of Boom girl’s red hair, barely. A slight breeze of air lifted up the back hair on her head while she was still on her knees. However, the two saw blades doubled back on Mrs. Flurry and began chase her. She ran until a metal spike, as wide as her head, fell from the ceiling. She easily dodged that but then another spike dropped down on her, catching the tail end of her blonde ponytail. She cried a tear and heard a rip of some of her blonde hair tear out of the back of her head. She wondered if she should have never gotten rid of the cowl she used to wear when she was younger, when she was Blink Girl. Enough of that, she was being chased by gadgets and she had no time to think about costume changes.

The high squeaky voice sounded through the room once again, “I specially designed this room for you, Mrs. Flurry. My gadgets can move faster than you, he he. I’m only letting them be slow now. Is to warm you up for the real exercise.”

He wasn’t kidding because as Mrs. Flurry dodged saw blade after saw blade and spike after spike, they began to move faster. First, her most uncomfortable of place began to heat up with sweat. The uniform began to form sweat spots under her arms, on her cleavage, down her back and between her legs. Her hair became drenched and the sweat began to fly off from every sharp turn she had to make. She thought the machine would burn out eventually, eventually. Then she thought about Boom girl, she must be dead by now, but then she managed to think more optimistically or pessimistically. She had never been accustomed to this much running but she was determined to, she had to or her she’d lose her life then Boom Girl and Ebony Ranger would lose theirs’.


One of the spikes caught her uniform down the front between the cleavage of her breasts. An upside down V ripped down her front, exposing the bottoms of her breasts and the top of her blonde pubic mound. She tripped on her self, and while she fell down, her double d white breasts, large pink areolas and swollen pink nipples spilled out of the silver cat suit to catch her fall on the cold floor. She pushed rolled herself to her side to see a spike falling down on her stomach.

Then it stopped, the tip just touching an inch above her naval.

With beads of sweat trailing up and down curvy body and large breasts and sweat drenching her silver suit and hair, she stared through the cleavage of her bare breasts toward the spike. She sighed a sigh of relief then wondered why the machine stopped.

“See, I told you I’d find the plug,” Ebony Ranger said, holding an electrical plug in her hand.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” screamed Skillet.

The entire hologram gray room disappeared; revealing hundreds of saw blade machinery and spikes surrounding the three super heroines. Skillet had been sitting up in control room in the center of the ceiling, looking down on the entire show.

“Destroy the room, girls, we got a Skillet to fry!” said Mrs. Flurry.

“What?” Boom Girl opened an eyelid, “I’m not dead, Oh thank you Jesus!”

Boom Girl rose and spun around, flailing her arms like a ballerina.

“ENERGY,” Boom Girl said and she stopped with her hands together while she pointed at some of the blades and spikes, “BLAST!!”

A yellow beam shot out of her hands, with a roar of thunder that followed. The beam cut through the saw blades and spikes straight up until it hit the ceiling. The ceiling rumbled with the hit, then cracked away as plaster and rock fell.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!” screamed Skillet.

Ebony Ranger looked up at the control center. She turned her eyes back to the plug, then back to the control center, then back to the plug. She made her decision. With both hands grasped tightly around the plug, she pulled. The plug ripped out of the wall. She pulled more and the plug continued to rip. She pulled more and the entire wall came crashing down in front of her with wires still attached. Beyond the wall, there was a black room with an old rusty iron stairway leading up and disappearing into the ceiling.

“Ok lets go get him!” Boom Girl said.

“Uh-hmmm!” Mrs. Flurry said, “Can you help me out here, half of my costume is caught in the floor and I got this huge spike above me.”

“Hmmm, maybe I should just let you stay there, ya big meanie,” said Boom Girl.

Ebony Ranger bolted over and slammed her fist into the spike. The spike crumbled and flew away in a shower of dust.

“Boom Girl, everyone needs saving! With that attitude you’d never be a ranger.” Ebony Ranger said.

Mrs. Flurry blinked.

Boom Girl blinked.

“Umm, yeah, Eb. That’s the ticket. Now can you get rid of the other for me,” Mrs. Flurry said.

With a single blow, the other spike holding her uniform shattered away into a cloud of dust just like the one before.


“Whoa, She’s fast,” said Boom Girl, as Mrs. Flurry disappeared from the floor.

One second later, she returned, with the torn uniform now ripped free of her body and wrapped as a two-piece around her breasts and pelvis.

“The one thing I got going for me is you idiot bitches are too damn predictable. Maybe if you would worry more about catching me instead of listening to me and changing your clothes, then, well, hehe, you’d catch me!”

Ebony Ranger, Mrs. Flurry and Boom Girl all looked up at the control tower. Mrs. Flurry sped away from them and up the stairs she went. The stairs led into the control room filled with soda, pizza boxes, and many buttons and levers but no Skillet. At super speed, she tore through all the junk but found nothing. Nothing!

Ebony Ranger burst into the control room first, then Boom Girl.

“Where is he?” Ebony Ranger said.

Mrs. Flurry turned to her with a look of hate on her face, “Eb, Boom Girl, forget what I said about forming a team. You’re both too stupid for me.”

With that, she disappeared with a windy sound trailing her. Ebony Ranger and Boom Girl looked at each other and frowned.

Ebony Ranger said, “What does she mean by that.”

“Who knows, who cares, we’re part of her team now!” said Boom Girl.