The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter Two


Chapter 2

Boom Girl gets a visitor

10:00 pm

“At the secret lair of the stunning and sophisticated crime fighter, we see a different side of pert and cute little super heroine, a side that no one but her family and close friends saw,” said Boom Girl.

The music flipped on to “Material Girl” and India Rudolph A.K.A. Boom Girl jumped up on the soft, fluffy and purple sheets of her bed. Holding a microphone and dressed in purple PJs with tiny red flowers, she danced and sang to the tune all around her room. Behind her, pictures of Ebony Girl decorated the wall. On each other wall, pictures of topless, tan, muscular and dark hair men were pasted. She jumped off the bed, still singing, and tiptoed through a mess of clothes all over the floor. She sang her way over to her make-up clustered, picture clustered, doll clustered and flower clustered desk. Like it called out to her, she grabbed for the red lipstick and then flung herself back onto the bed, singing the title, “Material Girl.” At the same time, kicking her feet high up in the air and applying the lipstick.

Then a scratchy old feminine voice towered over the music.

“Turn that goddamn fucking music off and go to fucking bed, you fucking brat!”

Immediately, she quit and rushed over to the cluttered, with clothes hanging out some drawers and some drawers closed, dresser drawer and she hit the stop button on the radio, which sat upon the drawer.

“Mother! I’m eighteen years old, graduated and am an adult now. Don’t tell me what to do!”

India stood there with her fists clenched tight, waiting for what was about to happen next. She stared at the white door, waiting for her mother to bust through like she has done so many times in the past. She shivered at the thought or what her mother might say or do, something like telling her how she can do anything she wants until she moves out and then her mother would start to beat the living crap out of her. Then the thought passed because her mother didn’t bust through the door. Her mother didn’t do or say anything at all.


As a cool breeze flew through the air, she wrapped her arms around her chest and she was shocked as the temperature dropped cold enough to see her breath. She stepped forward toward the door. She reached her hand out for the doorknob. After touching the icy knob, she pulled her hand back in fear.

“Why is it so cold in here?”

A chilling breeze rose up behind her, making goose bumps, hair and toes stand up on their tips. A deep, rezoning voice echoed behind her.

“Maybe I could answer that.”

Startled, she spun around and slipped on some clothes on the floor. Her Boom Girl leotard flew up in the air, only to be grabbed by a bony hand. She gasped at the sight of what she thought was the grim reaper. Standing in front of her while she was sitting in awe, a black robed and hooded figure towered above her. She moved around to look at him at different angles but she couldn’t see his face at all. The black hood shadowed his face. Then the thought occurred to her.

“Am I dead?”


Other than that question, she couldn’t think of anything else to say to him. Still wanting to see his face, she wondered why else would he be here.

“Am I dead?”

“Would you like to be?”

She shook. Too scared to close her eyes and too scared to pray, she sat and watched him. She couldn’t think of anything at that moment. She could only trace her eyes around the blackness that was in place of his face. That was all. Then it got closer. She backed up to the door and coldness seemed to sting but wet the back of her PJ’s at the same time, frost. She glanced around the room and more frost and grown up the walls, over her radio, on her dolls and on her desk.

“Do not fear me, little one.”

And then a light blinded India and warmth invaded the room.


A horrible wailing of a shriek pierced India’s ears and she covered both her eyes and her ears to the events. India kept her hands over her eyes and ears. Slowly, the chill left the room but she was still too scared. First of all, why was that creature here? She’s never seen anything like it before.

“It’s ok, child, you can open your eyes,” said a very strong and mature feminine voice.

India peeked up and saw a radiant woman in some of the finest clothing she’s ever saw. Long brown hair flowed into a ponytail over the woman’s shoulder, resting on the bushy and black fur hem of a dark blue velvet coat. The black fur hem was open in the front to reveal another dark robe, smoother in texture with odd yellow symbols down its hem. That too was open in the front to reveal a light blue silk robe with a v-neck that hung to the mid chest. Finally, the last piece of clothing India could see was the black shirt through the v-neck of the light blue silken robe. And in the woman’s right hand, she carried a plain brown wooden staff as tall as herself. After scanning how beautiful the woman’s clothes were India stared up at a very attractive yet matured face, which seemed to belong to a woman in her late twenties. Her dark blue eyes stared down at India in a very wise and commanding way.

“What else did he say to you, child?”

“Um, um, um?”

“This is very important to your life, child. What else did he say to you?”

India sank her head into her knees as she pulled them up to her face.

“Only, only that he could answer why it was so cold in here. Told me I’m not dead and asked me if I wanted to die. I didn’t say anything else.”

“Your lucky but by not much. I need you to follow me downstairs.”

The woman walked toward the door, opening it, and she walked out. Curious, India followed. From out the door, they turned a sharp left down a brown carpet of stairs and at the bottom of the steps, turned left into the white tile floor of a brown cupboard kitchen. Unfortunately, everything was covered in blood.

India screamed. Her mother’s head was laying on the countertop in the middle of the kitchen. Directly in front of India but behind the countertop, her mother’s legs and arms were boiling in four separate pots on top of the oven. Beginning from the left to the right above the oven, letters were drawn out on the blood covered top cupboards. “I DID YOU A FAVOR”.

India ran to the woman, hugging her as tightly as she can. And for the first time, she felt the soft velvet of the woman’s dark blue coat on her face. Somehow, the feeling felt so good, India forgot what she seen.

“You’ve had enough, child, I will watch after you tonight. Please, get some rest.”

India nodded her head. She let go of her clutch and she walked back up to her room. After two steps from the woman’s side, she ran to her room and jumped underneath the covers. She kept whispering over and over through out the rest of the night, “It was just a dream.”

While India slept, the woman went outside. She held her plain wooden staff overhead in both her hands and she said, “Coma so Ti Losa.” A shimmering white orb of energy encased the woman and the house. Then as if it were not there to begin with, the orb disappeared.

A hissing whispered through the air, saying, “You can not defeat me, Merganda.”

Merganda brought her staff down to side.

“It is not my wish to defeat you, Scourge. Only to stop your mission.”

“Ha, stop, Maybe I should open your eyes then. You can not stop me.”

“I have tonight!”

“You wasted your time, Merganda! Ha ha ha haaa!”

“As long as I am as immortal as…”

“Immortal! Don’t make me laugh. I am more than immortal.”

Merganda scanned carefully down the dim lit street of houses as nothing was said for a bit. A wind blew through the trees but around the protection of her orb. Then the hissing rose again.

“Merganda, I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, as I should say, one of the many limited powers I possess on this world, he he he heee.”

“Whatever you…”

“Whatever I say you will not listen too!! Is that a fact, Merganda! Well, listen to this. You wasted your time with this little girl because at the same moment you stopped me from her, I have already impregnated five others in this world. Now if your dragon can give you that power, you might stand a wee bit of a chance. Unfortunately, that power only lies within beings like myself! So I tell you right now, Merganda! Go Home!”

“You’ve wasted your breath on me, Scourge. I will never go home until you’ve been stopped.”

The hissing faded and Merganda went back inside.

The next morning, India pushed the covers overhead and steadily sat up as she stretched her arms wide. She yawned a great big yawn but halfway through the yawn she remembered what happened last night. She shuttered and every goose bump popped up on her skin. Worse, the doorknob turned. She sank back into the corner her bed sat in and she pulled the covers up to cover everything below her nose. The door creaked open.

And the woman she remembered came in from last night. No longer wearing the dark blue and black fur robe, she was wearing a black silken shirt and black silken pants and she held out a tray in front of her as she walked toward India. India smiled. She was starting to like this mysterious woman.

The woman placed the tray in front of India. India’s eyes went wide at the assortment of foods before her. On a center plate, scrambled eggs looked delicious right next to three strips of bacon and two pieces of toast. To the right of that plate, there was a bowl of grapefruit and to the left there was a carton of milk.

“Go on,” The woman said.

India dug into the food right away. First eating a little bit of the eggs, then eating a little bit of everything else. Her mother had never brought her breakfast in bed. She picked up the milk and took a big gulp.

She placed the milk down, took a deep breath and said, “I’m India, who are you?”

India’s eyes were staring down at her breakfast.

“Merganda, descendant of Merlin and Morganna.”

India’s eyes shot straight up in curiosity at the woman.

“Pleased to meet you miss.”

“No child the pleasure is all mine.”

Merganda reached her hand out to India’s shoulder length red hair. Her fingers slid into the strands downward. She pulled them back and she slid them back downward from the same spot again.

“Your mother is dead and we can’t call the police because they would never understand what really happened. I am so sorry this has to have happened to you.”

“I’ve always thought that one of my enemies would find out who I really am and come after me.”

“No. He’s known who you are ever since you became a super heroine.”

“You know who he is? What does he want with me?”

Merganda’s expression turned dark and she said, “His name is Scourge or the scourge and he’s not really anything. He’s a power and there are three. You know only two of them, God and Lucifer.”


“Let me finish. For some reason, God and Lucifer have been fighting over earth since the last wash of time. Now this is the really difficult part to explain. A wash of time is like a cycle and the universe is cleansed from all good and evil to begin a new. Now, I don’t understand why there is a wash. Even my master, who’s as old as the first wash, doesn’t understand why the universe goes through a wash, but it just happens. Are you still with me?”

“Um, sort of. It is really hard to get though.”

“I know. I have a hard time grasping the concept because I always want to know why the universe goes through this cycle. Back to my story, now. God and Lucifer have no way to protect themselves from the wash.”

“Why? God is perfect and good. God is everything. God should be protected from the wash.”

“As I said. The wash cleanses the universe of all good and evil, even God.”

India’s eyes were about to water and she frowned.

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“It’s ok. It’s ok. You don’t have to. It’s good that you have faith in God. You need to. He gives you extra strength.”



“Jesus sent you to me, didn’t he?”

“In a way, yes, he did.”

“I knew it!”

Merganda chuckled.

“Tell me more,” India said.

“I will, but I want to know something.”

India looked down at her breakfast, shy of what she might ask. She thought she was opening up to fast to Merganda and she didn’t want to give up being a super heroine because some weirdo out there was after them.

“We can’t call the police so would you like me to act as your mother?”


India didn’t give Merganda anytime to answer and she through herself into Merganda’s arms.

“That’s a good girl.” Merganda said as they both let go from their embrace and Merganda continued, “Ok. What I am about to tell you is horrifying. You need to pay attention because this is important. Scourge is breeding an army through super heroines.”

India’s jaw dropped. She was indeed lucky that Merganda had come to her rescue. She didn’t want to become a mother, especially at the age of 18, and she didn’t want to have sex with anything like the Scourge. She didn’t even know what he really looked like underneath the cloaks but she still didn’t want to have sex with it.

“The children are protect by his magic and can not be abortioned. They take two weeks to be born but upon birth they will drag you into the Netherworld also.”


“Netherworld. The Scourge created it to protect himself from the wash.”

“Then if we destroy it,”

“No, if the wash can not destroy it then nothing can. I’m sorry it’s not that simple.”

“Well, how many super heroines are out there. There can’t be that many on earth.”

“That’s another problem I have. There are hundreds of super heroines secretly living on this planet. I don’t know why and I don’t know how to find them. Only Scourge knows where they are.”

A tear fell from Merganda’s eye as she said, “Every night he attacks. He impregnates five or six super heroines at a time, five if I’m lucky enough to save one.”

“No! We have to find them all and tell them.”

India jumped up from her bed. She rummaged through the clothes all over her floor.

“I agree with you but don’t jump into your costume just yet. Scourge has taken it. He takes all the costumes of the women he meets.”

“Oh crap! My costume is gone?”

Merganda sighed.

“Tell me who you know so that I may protect them as well. Seems like word of mouth is the only way I can find other super heroines.”

“Ok. You want to find Mrs. Fast Flurry. She’s our team leader.”

“Team leader? There’s a team of you,”

“Well, not really, we’re only three right now but you can find her at Mega Magnificent Tech and HQ. That’s the secret base of the Magnificent Men. Her husband is the team leader for them.”

Merganda stood.

“It would be safer for you to stay here. You shouldn’t be fighting any crime because the Scourge could attack you anytime.”

“Anytime? I thought you said he attacked only at…”

“Night time, yes, that’s when he likes to attack. But the first super heroine I saved was attacked during the day time, a day after he attacked her at night, while she was fighting crime.”

“Ok will you be back soon?”

“I don’t know, but I must be off now, be well and be safe, Boom Girl.”

Right before India’s eyes, she disappeared. There was no fade or smoke or tricks. Merganda just popped out of sight. India knew what she was going to do though. She was going to make a new super heroine outfit.