The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter Three


Chapter 3

Blink Girl and the origin of Mrs. Flurry

April Flowers Village.

01:00 a.m. the same night Boom Girl was attacked.

As a light fog covered some of the dark green grass of the town’s park, a woman walked through the shadows of large umbrella-like trees. Her form barely see-able, she stopped for one second then continued walking. As she walked out into the moonlight, it was clear she was wearing a white jumpsuit with an orange stripe going down her curvaceous form.

Covering the top of her young oval-shaped face, she wore a white mask with a red “B” on the right eye. Pulled back into a knot, her hair hung down in a ponytail, half way down her back.

“Blink Girl, do you see anything?” said the little black device in her right ear.

She lifted her hand up to the device, her index finger touching it, and said, “Not a thing. We’re done here. Meet me at the mall.”


She disappeared.

Five seconds later, she reappeared at the golden arch glass entranceway of April Flowers Mall, the letters spiraling around a globe statue next to the entrance.

“Jack, how does a vacation sound?” she said.

“Where do you want to go this time, Roxy?”

She looked toward the statue of a globe and she said, “How does Havanna sound?”

“It’s a communist country.”

“I don’t care. I’ll probably change my mind anyways.”

She looked down the dimly lit suburban streets as a black van turned a corner, heading straight for her. She smiled. Then the sharp tip of a rock of ice shot up under the van, piercing the bottom and top of the van and making her jump in shock.

“Oh no!” she whispered.

“Roxy! What’s going on?”

The ice stopped rising. She had never seen anything like it before, like an iceberg rising from the pavement of the street with the van pierced on its tip. She had to act fast, immediately scanning the area for any ideas and to the right of the mall’s entrance, there was a rock bed.


Within a second, one of the rocks in the rock bed disappeared and she began to carve away at the base of ice. Around and around she went, until she was 25% through the base and she slipped on a patch of ice. She flew with great speed up into the air and as she landed…


A terrible smell like rotten tomatoes filled nose and a grungy feeling of dirt and slime touched her skin. She turned her body about, arms flailing, and hurried for what she thought was the surface. But she found some sand and pebbles instead. She grabbed at the ground and pushed herself up, her head breaking through the surface of the water. Finally, she breathed, only to puke after a mouthful of stale, dry air.

Her surroundings have completely changed, from a dimly lit suburban street to a moonlit tree and vine infested swamp. She pushed her feet up onto the sand and pebbles and the water came up to her knees. She reached for the black device in her ear and found it was not there.

“Oh shit!” She whispered, “Cassius never said anything to me about major villains.”

A cold wind blew next to her ear as a deep rezoning voice said, “Yesss, Cassius. Please tell me more, my love.”

“What was that?” She said as she spun around, seeing nothing but the swamp, vines and trees.

A gray apparition with a black hooded face formed at an angle up in the air above her. Immediately, she took a karate stance.

“Who are you?”

“I am your son’s father.”

Before she could say a word, all the vines around her swung down to her arms and legs, wrapping tight around them. She cried out, struggling against her new bonds as they lifted her out of the water. A cold breeze chilled her to the bone and the apparition formed even closer to her. Then the blackness inside the hood caught her attention and she struggled for a different reason, to see its face.

“What are you?”

“No more talk.”

More vines seeped up around her feet, going inside the bottom of her pants. Looking down, she felt their cold slimy touch work up the inner part of her leg.

“Let me go!” She screamed as the vines pulled away, ripping her jumpsuit away, and most of her tan body was exposed except for her double d white bra. The hood of the apparition bent down toward the bra and it lifted a bony finger over her right breast. Feeling quite humiliated and wanting to cry, she clenched her mouth tight and stared a strong hard stare into the apparition.

The apparition waved a bony finger, which formed a frozen and sharp tip around her right breast, and it said in that deep rezoning voice, “Tell me. Why do you put cotton in this?”

The frost tip dug itself into her bra, ripping away some of the material and cotton flying out. She kept her strong stare at the apparition. Another bony hand presented itself in front of her. As they grabbed at the double d white bra, she no longer could hold it in and gasped. The hands ripped away her last piece of clothing, revealing her tiny tits but large pointy nipples.

“No!” she said, as she turned her face away from the apparition.

But that wasn’t the end. She felt something slimy in between her legs, forcing her to look down.

“You can’t be serious,” she said, as she stared down at a purplish and green scaled cock, “Please don’t do this to me.”

“I’m going to do this and more.”

She looked back at the apparition, finally seeing its face and turning away from the gruesome sight. The apparition’s hood was off, showing a brown and rotting flesh barely covering its skull. The skull opened its jaw of fangs, lunging forward on her neck. She cried out, as they pierced into her neck. At her vagina, the cock pushed up, violating her most secret spot. She cried out again, unable to control her tears.

“It’s too big!” She said.

She didn’t notice but the slowly the color began to drain out of her face. Purple veins crackled like lightning bolts from her ears toward her mouth but they stopped in the middle of her cheeks. The skin around her eyes blackened and her hair began to turn from blonde to white.

The apparition kept its fangs in her neck, at the same time pumping away crazily at her pussy with its cock. Pain was mixed with unwanted pleasure, as she cried streams of tears down her pale cheeks.

Then something clicked in her brain. No longer did she remember she was Roxanne. No longer did she think she was Blink Girl. Thoughts of death and destruction flooded her braining and they turned her on too. She stopped crying and looked down at the half fleshy skull, starting to get wet from its sexiness.

“Oh yes! Harder! More!” She said.

The apparition rocked harder and harder into her, sliding it in and out, faster and faster. She began to rock her hips with it. The purple and green scaly cock was now sliding in out of a vagina, purplish around the cunt with a green scaly clit and green scaly folds of skin.

“Oh Scourge yes!” She said, knowing fully well what was fucking her.

She felt her vagina widen but when she looked down it was the cock widening up. The cock then erupted up into her. She cried out as an extreme cold flooded her ovaries, as frost seeped out of her pussy, down her legs and up her stomach. The pumping of Scourge’s cock stopped, the vines untangled, and she dropped, with a splash, back into the swamp.

“You are now a mother of a Mortecan and you are a member of my army, more so than any other soldier,” Scourge said, “You will give birth to him faster than you would have if I had taken you on earth. I control time in this realm.”

Already feeling something out of place, she reached down for her stomach and felt it had already grown out. She looked down and she saw the huge bulge, signaling her new pregnancy of the Mortecan, but she also noticed something else, her fingernails. They were completely black and purple veins crackled down her arms, disappearing on the top of her hands before touching her fingers. Looking pass her hands, she noticed her new reflection, reaching up and touching her new face. Her black lips twisted up in a smile and she looked back up to Scourge.

“I like what you have done to me, Master.”

“You shall like it more when I inherit the universe, child.”

“Yes. What is my name? What will you have me called?”

“Deathblink is your new name.”

In the middle of a dimly lit suburban street, a black haired man in black clothes held the limp body of Blink Girl in his arms. Sobbing, he caressed her tan face over and over. Behind him, an overturned black van sat. Another man, brown haired in a white ball cap and dressed in a brown shirt and black pants, came up behind him, placing his hand on the kneeling man’s shoulder.

“Jack. Cassius just called and confirmed plan four in effect.”

Jack turned an angry and tear soaked face up to the man and he said, “I’m not going to let you take her Josh.”

“You can take her Jack, you can take her.”

Sparkling in her silver cat suit, Mrs. Flurry sat in front of a desk with hundreds of levers and buttons, in a spacious room with computers and science equipment scattered on desks. Above the desk of buttons, She stared up at a large view screen, much the size of a modern theater screen.

An attractive newswoman in her early twenties, with her red hair tied back and her bangs combed over her dark black glasses, spoke into an microphone as the blackened and burnt debris of a car sat behind her.

“This just in, we have finally received the name of the victim of the horrible car wreck off of Pens Bluff here in April Flowers Village. The woman’s name is Roxanne Dandey. The authorities have told us that the resulting crash was the cause of faulty tires.”

A different voice, older but still feminine, echoed behind Mrs. Flurry, “It’s too dangerous to leave this building.”

Mrs. Flurry said, “Merganda, I’m going and that’s that. I will take my chances with Scourge.”

“Who do you think killed her? Your brother told you that ice appeared in the middle of a street in the middle of summer!”

Mrs. Flurry closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I know.”

She opened her eyes, turning her chair toward Merganda.

“I owe my entire life to Roxanne. That could have been me.”

“No, whether Roxanne had become her own super heroine or followed in another super heroine’s footsteps, she would have always been before you on Scourge’s list!”

Mrs. Flurry jumped up from her seat, “What will you have me do, Merganda! We are super heroines! We fight crime not hide from it!”

“We all gather together and put our powers together.”

Tears had streamed down Mrs. Flurry’s face, some of her mascara running down with them. Mrs. Flurry pulled up a tissue and wiped her face. Then she sat back down, turning her seat back toward the view screen.

“Look, Merganda. There are four people I owe my life to, my parents, my brother and Roxanne. If she would have never taken over my duties as “Blink Girl”, I don’t think I could have ever taken the next step to become Mrs. Flurry. I don’t thing I could have helped and fought so much crime as Mrs. Flurry. I don’t think I could have ever married the love of my life, Tom, and by marriage rights have become Mrs. Flurry forever, for love.”


“The funeral is two days from today. You will have access to the database of known super heroines so you can find and protect as many as you can for tonight and tomorrow night. On the second day, I’m going to the funeral with or without you.”

“I understand your decision even though I disagree with it.”