The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter Four


Chapter 4

Everyone’s dieing to go to a funeral

9:30 a.m.

Roxanne Dandey’s hometown, Constance, Arizona

As men in black suits and women in black dresses gathered outside a small church with white siding and a steeple rising to a cross, Mrs. Flurry was inside, dressed in a black long dress and talking to the father of Roxanne. The father was a gray haired man, in his sixties but hardly any wrinkles in his face.

In front of an altar clothed in white with a lit candle opera in the center, a dark wooden mahogany casket lay closed. Bouquets of black and white flowers decorated the head and feat of the casket, while more bouquets decorated the inner walkway at every isle. The sun shined down onto the room from six stained glass windows on each wall, each window telling there own story of biblical history.

Of the others that came, Ebony Ranger, dressed in a long black dress and white vest, and Boom Girl, dressed in a black jacket, blouse and pants, were sitting together and chatting together.

Rang! Dang! Rang! Dang!

The bells in the steeple sounded through out the town. A priest walked up the altar and the gathering of men and women outside began to orderly move into the isle seats of the church. The priest stood, waiting for everyone to take there seats and quiet down. Mrs. Flurry sat to the left of Roxanne’s father and Ebony Ranger and Boom Girl sat to the left of Mrs. Flurry. The room quieted and the priest began.

“Everyone, let’s bow our heads and start this procession with a prayer.”

When everyone’s heads bowed, the room seemed quieter than it already was. A second later, a soft weep and a sniffle echoed through the church, making Mrs. Flurry begin to tear up too.

“Oh lord, we ask you to take a break for you daily chores and see upon our gathering so we may see our family and friend off to heaven.”

The priest paused. With sniffling and weeping continuing on and on and for somewhere around five minutes, the priest kept his head down. He breathed a deep breath before he began again.

“Oh lord, we ask you to send this woman off to a place where her sins will pleasure her forever and ever.”

Mrs. Flurry blinked and had to ask herself if she heard that right. She peeked her eyelids open, barely lifting her head up to the priest. Some of the other people did the same.

“Oh lord, we ask you to forget this soul and leave her to death and leave her soul upon the one named…


An explosion sounded through the church, with everyone grabbing their ears and bending their bodies forward. Blood and pieces of the priest flew outward onto the people.

A wicked, feminine voice finished the sentence and said, “Scourge!”

Mrs. Flurry pulled her hands off her ears, looking down at her blood soaked outfit then looking up at a cloud of black and gray smoke rising from the spot where the priest had been. The smoke began clearing and a female form, hands and arms raised in the air and posing like a model, stood. The smoke cleared even more and Mrs. Flurry gasped.


“No! Deathblink, Mrs. Flurry!” The woman said, staring straight at Mrs. Flurry, “I’ve wanted to see my own funeral ever since your brother created plan four!”

Mrs. Flurry was shocked. She looked like Roxanne but she wasn’t. She was Deathblink now. Her hair was completely white and her skin was pale white with purple veins crackling here and there. Her eyes were surrounded with black and her lips her black too. More shocking, Deathblink only wore a black leather corset, only covering her stomach. Her breasts were much larger than before but the nipples were black and her pelvis was bare, revealing a black shade of pubic hair.

“Now, you all die!” Deathblink said, stomping her foot and sending the casket forward up in the air. Screams cried out as the casket twirled toward the center of the room, crashing down and killing the people unlucky to sit on the isle seats.

A white light flashed. As it diminished, Merganda stood with her staff pointed out at Deathblink.

“Be gone, you will not torment these people any longer!”

Deathblink turned her eyes and face toward Merganda. An evil smile rose from her lips, as she glanced her eyes over to Mrs. Flurry.

Deathblink said, “Catch you on the flip side, sis,” and she disappeared.

Mrs. Flurry disappeared into her power speed.

“What took you so long,” Deathblink said.

Mrs. Flurry looked around the room, where everyone has frozen into time. She stood, taking a battle stance.

“Merganda was right but I had no idea Scourge had taken control of you, especially at your own funeral!” Mrs. Flurry said.

“Jessica,” Deathblink said, taking a step toward Mrs. Flurry as Mrs. Flurry took a step away, “this would truly be a challenge for you. I know everything about you and you know everything about me.”

“It’s been awhile, Roxanne. You might not know me that well.”

Deathblink walked around the altar, Mrs. Flurry circling to the other side, both keeping their distance. Deathblink came by her father. She looked down at him, taking her attention off of Mrs. Flurry.

She took her father’s head in her hands and she said, “Oh daddy. Your little girl has been naughty.”


Deathblink snapped his neck.

“No!” Mrs. Flurry cried out.

Mrs. Flurry ran toward her but Deathblink turned toward her swinging her black claw-like fingernails. The nails scratched across the stomach of Mrs. Flurry’s black dress, making four rips through her outfit. Mrs. Flurry stepped back but she sent a right fist, connecting with Deathblink’s jaw.

“Oof!” Deathblink said, as her head snapped back from the punch.

Deathblink recovered and dodged Mrs. Flurry’s next swing, countering with a karate kick to Mrs. Flurry’s stomach. Mrs. Flurry grunted but Deathblink punched her in the face before Mrs. Flurry could catch her breath. Deathblink connected three more hits to her face, knocking Mrs. Flurry back a couple steps. Deathblink lowered her body into a crouching form. Like a spring, she jumped toward Mrs. Flurry with her thighs open wide, landing on top of Mrs. Flurry’s shoulders with her pussy buried in Mrs. Flurry’s face.

“Lick it up,” Deathblink said, placing her feet on the center of Mrs. Flurry’s back. Deathblink threw her weight forward, lifting Mrs. Flurry’s body off the ground as she did a handstand. In a quick flash and motion, she flipped Mrs. Flurry backwards, hitting the wall across the room.


Screaming and crying flooded Mrs. Flurry’s ears. She groggily picked herself up, looking around the room to see everything the same, except Roxanne’s father was dead now. Then a flash of blood sprayed across the room.

“My husband’s gone!” an elderly woman cried out.

One second after the woman finished, blood and bits of meat showered the church, appearing from the ceiling. Mrs. Flurry disappeared into the state of frozen time and she saw Deathblink on top of the casket in the center, holding the man up by one arm and clawing at his stomach over and over with her right hand. Mrs. Flurry screamed, as she stood and ran toward Deathblink.

Deathblink smirked half a wicked smile as she seen Mrs. Flurry through the corner of her eye. She spun toward Mrs. Flurry, tossing the man at her.

“Oof!” Mrs. Flurry said, catching the weight of the man.

Deathblink jumped down, looking around at the blood-covered room before looking down at the blood-covered blonde with a dead man on her. But an ear-shattering cry, followed by a bright white light, threw Deathblink back. The screaming and crying filled Mrs. Flurry’s ears again.

Deathblink found herself lying at the door of the church, with the blunt tip of a brown staff in her pale cheek.

“Beast, leave this area or you shall be destroyed,” Merganda said.

Ebony Ranger and Boom girl rushed to help Mrs. Flurry out from under the dead man. Boom girl pushed the man off, while Ebony Ranger grabbed on to Mrs. Flurry’s shoulders, sliding her out.

Deathblink’s eyes turned black and her lips started to move. Out her mouth, a deep rezoning voice said, “As you wish, Merganda.”

Merganda watched as frost rose up around the body of Deathblink, slowly covering her body. Then, Deathblink smiled a smile that made Merganda’s heart sink and her eyes look confused. The frost jumped on both Deathblink and Merganda in one instant, covering the two. Mrs. Flurry, Ebony Ranger and Boom Girl jumped from the surprise. Then all the frost fell back to the ground, melting into a puddle of water and taking Merganda with it.

Mrs. Flurry and Boom Girl fell onto their knees, crying in each other’s arms while Ebony Ranger held both their heads in her hands. Ebony Ranger stared at the spectacle, almost unable to breathe.

Other people ran out screaming from the church, jumping into their cars and taking off. A blue Volkswagen ran through a red light, as a maroon GM truck hit it in the tail end. Off in the distance, police sirens approached the church.

Ebony Ranger didn’t feel right for some reason. She let go of the two crying super heroines’ heads and she walked over the isle seat, taking the armchair in her hands. She squeezed with all her might but nothing happened. She squeezed again and still nothing happened.

“Flurr, Boom, my super strength is gone!”