The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation

Chapter Five


Chapter 5

           In an instant, the crying, the blood and the interior of the church washed way, changing into desolate swamp that had an eerie chill. Merganda now stood on a small barren island, rising only a few feet above the water.  Deathblink no longer lied on the ground. Instead, Merganda pointed her staff upwards more, ready for anything.

            She stood in the darkness of Netherworld and she hoped she would never see it. Slowly, she turned in her stance, taking a gander around.

            “Pixou de Flamet! Gros tu Wat!”

            One feet from and on both sides of her shoulders, two basketballs of flame hovered slightly above her, their flaming sounds breaking the quiet dead swamp air.

Another hissing sound followed, turning into a low toned eerie voice.

            “I’ve been waiting for this day, Merganda.”

            “Me too.”

            “You know. As powerful as both of us are, we’re an even match on earth.”

            “You too much of a coward to fight me there.”

            “I’ll fight you here then, without my Netherworldly powers.”

            A rumble echoed through the swamp and Merganda noticed the water level dropping, giving way to more land. Soon, an edge formed near her and the water dropped more, showing a much more larger island. The island grew twenty yards long and twenty yards wide. She peered over the edge as the water dropped, not stopping until she saw no water at all. Only darkness.

            She turned back and he stood in front of her in all his cloaked glory. The cloak seemed to wave toward her like a wind blew against his back, but she felt no air at all. Inside his hood, blackness allured her, desiring her eyes. However, she knew his tricks, so she concentrated her view on the pale, greasy cloth covering his chest.

            “Before we begin, Merganda, I still would like to offer you a deal.”

            Merganda held her staff tighter. The basketballs of flames turned blue and twirled around her body.

            “No deal!” She said and one of the flames shot toward him. A bony hand flew out his cloak, grabbed the cloak at the same time, and whipped the cloak over the ball of flame, extinguishing the ball of flame from her sight.

            Merganda sent the other ball of flame at him.

            “Streamo flamo!” She said, just as the other ball left her position, and her staff sprayed a stream of flame toward him. The cloak ignited in a six-foot spectacle of flames. When the other ball of flame struck the flaming cloak, an explosion blew outward in all directions.

She stopped the stream of flame, watching the burning cloak.

Another explosion erupted, shooting out sparks, and flaming bits of cloth. Merganda stood firm, but a sharp pain hit her chest. For a brief moment, she was raised up into the air and she flew backward. Her back hit the ground with a THUD!

Directly above her face, two skeletal feet, claws pointed and aimed toward her, dived. She rolled, but the claws dug in her blue coat.

“Heatensify!” She said.

The staff glowed bright red. As she twisted her body, her blue coat ripped. She twisted around quick enough and slammed the heated staff into the back of his knees. A roar pierced her ears and a drop of blood trickled out. He fell to his knees.

Twisted around enough, she saw his feet in the back of her coat. She slammed the heated staff into his back, flying him over the edge and into the abyss.

As Merganda stood up, a white light flashed directly in front of her, lighting up a scoreboard.

Scourge 00 Merganda 01.

Behind her, someone booed. Shocked, Merganda turned toward the booing but two more boos came from the opposite direction. The two boos ended and four boos sounded off. More and more booing erupted all around her until a stadium, full of zombies, lit up around the abyss-surrounded island. She caught a glimpse of Deathblink in the first row.

She laughed at the thought of Scourge probably needing one point to win. Though, they weren’t playing for points and she knew she was doomed ever since she stepped foot in the Netherworld, but she also thought this battle might give her the chance to find a weakness; the risk was worth the task.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to use your netherworldly powers, Scourge?” She said.

“Oh come on, I wouldn’t want my army to miss this. Besides, they are so bored on a daily basis?”

He appeared before her without his cloak. Immediately, she gasped. Bluish green skin covered Scourge in some parts and in others nothing covered him at all. From his skeletal feet to the bluish green flesh around his legs, Merganda felt a sudden urge to spew last night’s dinner. Her eyes widened at the sixteen inches long, the two inches wide, dangling, purple-headed and green-scaled shaft of his cock. Her mouth dried sickly as she quickly raised her vision to see a torso, covered by no flesh and revealing intestines, which glistened and moved like they were alive. The bottom two ribs shined white like they were proud to be part of his body. Above the exposed ribs, bluish, green skin covered his chest, defining well-muscled pectorals.  Finally, She saw his face for the first time, ghastly of all and more grotesque than his cock, half skull on one side and half flesh on the other. With razor sharp teeth and pure white, steely eyes, he smiled at her.

“Shocked Merganda?”

Merganda forced herself to regain composure and she smiled.

“No, I’m glad you live a life looking like this.”

“Who’s living, I know you won’t be in a few seconds,” he laughed.

He bent his arms up into fists and held them parallel to his body. The intestines in his torso came alive and five of them sprung toward her like flying spears.

With no time to call a spell, dodged to the right, avoiding one of the intestines. She rolled forward as the intestines tried to swarm around her. She threw her staff to the left, smacking one away, and she threw it back to the right, smacking another away. She stood, twirling her staff around her, hitting three intestines in the process and knocking them away. She rolled to the left, dodging the other two intestines as they hit the ground with a thud. Standing in another twirl of her staff, she hit all five intestines.

She pointed the staff toward Scourge and she said, “Tossat Flamus!”

A ball of fire shot straight toward him, hitting him in the torso. He screamed and the intestines shivered in the air.

“Staffarius bladius!”

She ran her finger down both sides of the top of her staff and three blades grew, two on one side and one on the other. A pointed, dagger-like blade grew out the top.

The flames on his torso extinguished and the intestines swung back at her again. As she rolled, she held the staff parallel to her stomach.

The blades turned in circles, slicing through two intestines. They squealed away, their counterparts squirming on the ground, and a black and bloody mist sprayed over her. 

She finished her roll, twirling around the staff and slashing off the third intestine. A squirt of the black blood shot out, hitting her in the eye. Unprepared, the fourth intestine hit her in the back and she stumbled forward, landing on her face. She turned just in time to slice off the tip of the fourth intestine, but more of the black blood poured all over her face and form.

“I shall make you swim in my blood by the time of the next wash of time, Merganda!” Scourge said.

Pushing her self to a stance, she sliced away three more lunging intestines. All the blood was soaking into her coat and robe, slowing her down. She called another ball of flame toward him. FWACK! One of the intestines flicked it away.


Two intestines hit her in the back, knocking her forward to land on her face again. She rolled away, just missing the intestines as they slammed down to the ground.

Then they started catching her robe, ripping it, and she got an idea. She remembered how the foot ripped her foot, so she rolled more, letting the intestines catch and rip her robe. After five times of a ripping sound, it was free from her body and she had a little bit more of movement. She stopped rolling and she turned the staff in a circle, slashing all five tentacles as they came down on her.

The added time let her stand.

“Tossat Flamus!” She said, and a fireball shot toward Scourge.

An intestine swapped it away.

“Flamus! Flamus! Flamus! Flamus! Flamus! Flamus!”

Six fireballs shot toward him and only five were stopped. The sixth one hit him head on. He screamed. She used the extra time to take off the v-neck blue robe. She could move a lot better only wearing her black silk shirt and pants. She pointed the staff back at him!

“Boltum O’ Lightnin-gius!”

A stream of lightning exited the tip of the staff and connected with Scourge. The flames went out and he was now in spasms but he was smiling.

“Fool! Who do you think created lightning! It wasn’t God!”

Stupefied and shocked, she stopped the bolt. He held out his hand grabbing onto the bolt, stopping it from disappearing. The bolt of lightning slithered in his hand like a snake. He threw it back at her. She jumped to the left but the bolt caught her in the side, ripping away that portion of shirt and revealing her white, muscle toned abs and what seemed to be a leather bra. The force of the blow sent her flying straight for the edge. She wasn’t unconscious though, just hurt really bad. As she flew over, she swung her staff toward the cliff and the staff caught.

She looked up and the intestines were creeping down the edge. One of them started to wrap itself around the staff.


The intestines jumped back from the heated staff.

Swinging, she kicked her legs out. She kicked the back, gaining more and more momentum. She swung upside down and her next move she was going to somersault back on to the island but something caught her ankle. It pulled her, yanking her off the staff and flinging her in the air. As she hit the ground, she slid toward the opposite edge and the left pant leg and left sleeve ripped away. An evil laugh cackled at her, which was followed by cheering from the zombie filled stadium.

“No staff to help you now!”

As she pushed herself up to stand, she said, “You’ll learn that I am quite formidable without the staff.”

“On ice?”


She looked down and the island was no longer dirt ground but instead a sheet of ice. The idea of fighting on ice had never crossed her mind but once she thought about it, she could take him. She moved her arms circular and she slid her feet out, stopping to take on the battle stance of Martial Jeetsu Kwun Do. She had created Martial Jeetsu Kwun Do from a combination of Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Kendo, and Jeet Kun Do.

The intestines flew back at her, twelve this time, and they were all healed too. The portion of the Ninjitsu training enabled her to walk on the ice while Jeet Kun Do allowed her to move like water, dodging the intestines. She moved her arms about in circular fashions, using the momentum, to hit the intestines away like she was trained to do in Kendo. Using the art of Kung Fu, she used intestines against each other, dodging them and then tying them together. And kicking like she was in Tae Kwon Do, she used powerful roundhouse kicks. Once kicked, the intestines exploded.

As she moved closer toward scourge, she somersaulted, then she punched and then she kicked. She didn’t notice all the black blood flying everywhere as intestine after intestine exploded from her powerful kicks. The time came and she was finally face to face with Scourge. He swiped powerful icy claws at the front of her shirt, making five rips across her chest and showing some of her leather double-d sized bra. The claws never touched her skin and she was glad.

Fighting him head on was like fighting fourteen men. The intestines were flying around her as she ducked and jumped over them. She spun around to avoid new intestines from shooting out his torso. Some intestines wiped against her for a brief second, laying some of their oozing white slime over her. The other things she had to watch out for were his swinging claws and kicking feet. She had to jump and duck those as well. At the same time, she was throwing well-placed punches and powerful kicks toward his torso, hopefully eliminating the threat of all those intestines.


Two shackles flew from the air and caught her hands, pulling them outward

“What is this?”

“This is the real me, Merganda!”

“You said we were going to fight!”

“I lied. This is my world. These are my rules. Oh Merganda. This is for all the times you’ve tried to stop me from impregnating super heroines.”

Scourge punched her. Her head tilted back, blood flying from her mouth. She tilted her stare back at him, not as angry because the punch hurt a lot, but still she glared. And he punched her again. The intestines came alive and they began jabbing her stomach, while he punched her face over and over again. The right side of her face and her muscle-toned abs turned black and purple from all the punching and jabbing. She screamed.


Scourge stopped.

“Sorry. I got carried away. Deathblink would you like to do the honors?”

Deathblink’s naked form appeared behind the hanging Merganda, only wearing a black corset.

“It would be my pleasure, Master.”

Deathblink reached up, digging her hands into the Merganda’s waistband. She pulled down and Merganda’s pants slid off her legs easy, revealing a leather garment she wore instead of panties.


Deathblink flew backwards with trailing green energy following.

Scourge hovered back into a defensive position.

“What is this?” Scourge said.

Merganda lifted her head, eyes glowing green. A green energy sparked at her feet, turning into a green flame. The green flame of energy trailed up her body, consuming and enveloping her entire body. Then Merganda’s mouth began to move, but the growling voice that came out was not hers.

“Vile being, I will not let you have your way with her!” said the voice.

“Zanzabarrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You have no real power here, she is mine now.”

“My power is always within her, and will never let you touch her.”

“Then I shall keep her as a trophy. If I can’t have my way with her, I will have her here forever!”