The Coming of Scourge

By: Claymation



The following story is a complete work of fiction. If any characters resemble or coincide with other comic book characters copyrighted, this is pure fan fic. In no way shape or form have been paid to write this story and this story is not being used to make money. The following content is intended for adults only. Warning: violence, nudity, rape, death

Written by Claymation,

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Far off in the planes of existence, eons before the first sentence had been written, CHAOS bred three super-powers to our section of the galaxy. Through time, two had warred over and over with each other. The third power never entered the wars until the last one for it used its time to craft magic unknown to all universes of time and space. The final war was called the war of souls.

There sat Scourge, in the belly of his world, the Netherworld. Neither heaven nor hell, but a world neither parallel nor equal. He watched in his crystal ball set upon the dried flesh and bones of victims past. In center of the ball and surrounded by a white foggy haze, a bicycler sped down and passed many cars.

He reached out with long bluish green and bony skinned fingers toward the crystal ball and as the bicycler hit a car, the cycle tumbled three times in the air. The man flew across the car’s hood. Scourge pulled his hand back and a white mist shot from the ball into his hand. The man disappeared when he hit the ground.

“Burr, where am I,” the man asked.

“Nether,” Scourge’s voice hissed as a whisper at first but then gained volume and echoed throughout the plane, “-world.”

The man could only stare at the black hooded and robed figure that sat upon a throne of skulls. His mouth opened but nothing came out, though his jaw then stuttered utter quietness. Scourge lifted a hand and pointed at the man.

“Join the ranks,” Scourge said while shifting the pointed finger to the right of the man.

The man turned and gazed upon thousands of people, meandering and lollygagging around like there was nothing better to do. Some of them were skeletons, some were half eaten away, and some were rotting. The man gasped and put his arm to his mouth, as such was a habit he had done when he was a small child witnessing whatever horrifying event beheld him. He wiped his mouth but he didn’t feel anything. Looking down at his arm, flesh had stuck to it and he reached up with his other hand to feel his mouth. He no longer had lips. He turned back to the figure.

“No, I lived a good life, I can’t go to hell!”

Scourge flew up, the robe flying back and revealing a hideous sight to the man. Bluish green skin covered Scourge in some parts and in others nothing covered him at all. The lower body was flesh until the man’s eyes reached Scourge’s abdomen. There, Scourge was completely uncovered, showing organs and intestines. Up from the abdomen, the bottoms of the ribs were bare but well-muscled pecks covered the tops of the ribs. And the face. Half skull and half brown rotting flesh, with razor sharp teeth, steely white no-pupil eyes stared at the man. The man cringed at the angry look. “This is no hell!!! Upon Judgment Day, when the two powers shall destroy each other, we shall march upon what is left of their armies and the world, to claim, which has been fought for eternities and never won by either side. NOW GO!!! JOIN THE RANKS!!!

The man had lost all the color in his skin and with that, he turned and walked toward the ranks of undead.

Scourge took his seat, covering himself up with his black robe and staring off into the crystal ball. The crystal ball showed a new sight, a female with super strength. Scourge smiled a disturbing smile.

Along with his army of undead, Scourge was creating another army, an army of super undead, Mortecans he called them. Unfortunately, to create a Mortecan, Scourge had to travel to the world, and with limited powers there, impregnate these super women. Scourge had been defeated before and he knows he will be defeated again, but every once and a while he can handle one of these women and give birth to an undead creature with the same powers she possesses.

Scourge stood. In a storm of icy wind and snow, he twirled until he exploded in a cloud of blue dust.