A Fallen Star

by Seduced2Cheat

Part Two


"OhhhhŠyesss! That little bitch is down! OhhhhŠyeah, Lisa! Iım cumming you little slut, Iım going to give you your prize for being such a good whore!" Benderıs cock head swelled grotesquely in the young womanıs mouth. Lisa had been trained well over the last six months since she had become Benderıs slave. She sucked even harder, thrusting the pulsing snake to the back of her throat. His cock exploded, hot soupy spunk filling her mouth and flowing down her throat. Her cheeks billowed as she collected and swallowed the huge load of salty jizz. "AhhhŠthat was the best blow job in months, Lisa." Bender chuckled, patting the gasping blonde on the top of her head like a favored pet. "Now, I think itıs time to get ready and meet with our guest." With the death of Captain Super, all of the Benderıs plans had fallen into place. His control over the worldıs financial institutions and illicit drug trade had brought him more power and wealth than he had ever thought possible. However, with the fruition of his dreams, Bender had lost something even more precious. Excitement. He realized that he needed a foe, a superhuman foil to thwart his dastardly plans, to do battle with, to ultimately defeat. Silver Star had been nothing more than a nuisance before the disappearance of Captain Super. She mostly handled intergalactic and supernatural threats to the planet. In fact, more often than not she had unwittingly saved one of Benderıs businesses through her heroic actions. Having her around was like a superhuman insurance policy against otherworldly intruders. But, since the death of Captain Super, Silver Star had become an ever-increasing thorn in his side, continuously attempting to uncover his involvement in organized crime and expose his connection to Captain Superıs disappearance. So far, Lisaıs wonderful articles accusing Captain Super of deserting his adopted planet and the super heroıs possible involvement in a ring of kiddie porn scandals had managed to keep the public off of his back. Still, the citizenry of the planet was a slippery beast, and it was only a matter of time before his activities were exposed. After all, when you had your hands in everything, you could never hide very well. But, something else had happened with Silver Starıs increased involvement in his affairs. Bender had become excited again. Not just sexually, which of course had happened, but also mentally. He began to devise ways of trapping the silver haired harlot in his dungeon, dreamed of ways to defeat her, humiliate her. He had become his old self again. With Lisa by his side, Bender passed through a swinging doorway into his dungeon laboratory. The dungeon reflected the mind of Bender, sex coupled with science. It was immaculate and well-lit, stainless steel tables set against the wall holding various potions and concoctions of his design. Sitting against another wall was an electrical apparatus with a headpiece connected to a web of wires. And, placed in the precise center of the room was Silver Star, her hair glittering faintly under the fluorescent lights. She was shackled to an X shaped table, her arms and legs spread wide to allow access to her entire body. Bender had tried the table earlier with Lisa and found it to be perfect for what he had in mind. Silver still had her costume. On her face she wore a silver mask that hid the features of her eyes. He planned to take that at the precise time, forever exposing the young woman and dooming her future career. He was already getting hard just thinking about it. Bender went over to a table and picked up a hypodermic syringe with needle. With a little force, he was able to puncture Silverıs skin and hit a vein. The serum he injected into her was of Katonga design, to counteract the poison that had flooded her system. Silver stirred, her eyelids fluttering as the serum took affect. Suddenly her eyes opened and she immediately winced at the bright room. For a moment, she was disoriented, her eyes casting wildly about the room, finally falling on Bender and Lisa. "You!" She hissed. "Are you addressing me?" Bender said innocently, backing away from the table. He still wasnıt sure how much of the young womanıs power was returned, or if the bonds would hold. From the look on her lovely face, she would have no problem breaking his neck if she could get free. Silver struggled, finding the bonds effectively neutralized her strength. "You bastard! Let me go! Where is Captain Super?" Bender remained calm, even though the thought of such a powerful woman completely in his control had him shaking. As she struggled against the bonds, her huge tits bounced, barely contained by her skimpy outfit. He felt his cock strain underneath the long black robe he wore, yearning for the supergirlıs pussy and mouth. But, he had to wait. This victory had to be perfect, so later it could be savored again and again. "Captain Super? I assume he has fled the planet, no doubt because of the allegations that he sexually abused Kid Wonder. As for letting you go, all in good time, all in good time. First, I want to introduce everyone. Obviously, you know me and I believe you are acquainted with Lisa Luna." Lisa stepped forward, dressed in a diaphanous gown of shimmering gold that showed off the blonde reporterıs pert tits and the darker thatch of hair between her legs. She was smiling hungrily at the silver super heroine. Anger contorted Silver Starıs face. "You cheating, lying bitch! How could you betray Captain Super with thisŠthis lunatic! How could you accuse him of those things?" Lisa slipped an arm through Benderıs looking up at him with obvious devotion. "Dr. Bender explained it all very clearly. I was a fool not to have seen the truth before. I thank God the good doctor was here to show me the error of my ways." "What have you done to her you bastard?"Bender smiled, sliding a hand across Silver Starıs firm stomach. "I merely used something to free her body. Once her body was free, all else followed. unfortunately, this same technique will not work on you, due to yourŠunusual physiology. However, I always have a plan." "Well, whatever you have in mind, it wonıt work you crazy son of a bitch! Iıll never give in to you!" "Ahh, always defiant. I so love that about super humans. So arrogant. So untouchable. Well, I am touching you now, Silver Star. How does it feel?" Bender continued to stroke Starıs body, feeling the pumping muscle underneath his hand. She was like a wild animal, wanting to break free and bite him, hurt him. It was going to be a pleasure to break her. Slowly, he made his way upward to the heroıs heaving breasts, his hand undoing a hidden zipper along the side. With a quick tug he pulled off the top of her silver costume, revealing her perfect fleshy globes. "Oh, my, what marvelous tits you have, Silver Star! Truly magnificent! Lisa, donıt you think Star has beautiful tits?" Lisa came forward, her smooth hand reaching out to caress Silverıs bountiful breast. She cupped them teasingly, tweaking the nipple sharply between her fingers. "There the most wonderful tits I have ever seen!" "Stop it! Both of youŠohhhhh. StopŠplease stop!" Lisa dipped her head, taking a large pink nipple into her hungry mouth, sucking on Silver Star as if she hadnıt eaten for a week. Silver moaned, a rush of heat radiating from Lisaıs frantic attack. She tried to hold back the sensations, but the sight of the enticing Lisa Luna sucking her tits was too exciting to gnore. "Thatıs it, Silver Star. You see, I told you I had a plan. Evidently my sources that reported you were a lesbian were correct. Really, you should be careful who you pick up at bars, my dear." "You...ohhhhŠyou bastard! Oh, God! Lisa, stop! YouŠuhhhhngŠhave toŠahhhhhŠstop!" Bender watched in glee as Lisa removed her robe, showing Silver her trim body. She kissed her breasts again than began to lick her way down the super heroine's frame, moving between the widespread legs. Delicate fingers undid the zippers on Starıs costume. "Nooooo!" Starıs cry fell on deaf ears as Lisa removed the garment covering the young heroineıs sex. Lisa dropped the costume to the floor; Silver Star now lay bare before her captors except for her tiny mask. "Look, even her pubic hair is  silver!""OhhhhhhŠnoooooŠohh gawd! Not thatŠLisaŠnot thaaaaaaaaaaat!" Lisa, spurned on by Silverıs protests, shoved her tongue into the mass of silver pubes, parting Silverıs lips and piercing all the way into her moist, hot cunt. Lisa lapped hungrily, working her tongue over the whole length of twat, rubbing the rough muscle over the quickly growing clit. Silver was enveloped by pleasure, her whole body giving into Lisaıs sexual attack. The more she tried to fight the shocks of pleasure coursing through her, the more intense they became. "OhhhhŠno more, Lisa! PleaseŠno more! OhhhhhŠgoddd! Ungh! I canıt stand it!" Bender removed his black robe. He was dripping just watching the golden haired beauty subdue the silver haired heroine. Now, it was time for Silverıs humiliation to really begin. Bender moved to Silver Starıs head, his cock oozing. Starıs eyes were closed as Lisaıs avid cunt licking worked her up into a frenzy of lust. Bender rubbed his cock head across the young womanıs mouth, sticky fluid smearing her lips. Silverıs eyes opened wide. "NO! I wonıtŠuhhhŠ let you stick that thing in my mouth!" Bender looked down at Lisa. "Lisa, stop." Immediately Lisa took her mouth away from Silver Starıs dripping pussy. "Nooooo! Oh, donıt stop!" Silver was ashamed even as she begged for the womanıs mouth on her sex. She moaned pitifully, trying to push her sex towards the smirking blonde reporter. Bender laughed. "Well, it seems I have found your weakness. Every hero has one. Your weakness is women. Unfortunately, Lisa wonıt continue to pleasure you until you stick my cock in your mouth." Tears rolled down the young heroineıs face as she realized Bender was in control. She tried to fight, but all she could think of were the sensations Lisa had been giving her the moment before. Star said nothing, opening her mouth to let Bender have his way. That wasnıt good enough for the evil mastermind. "Tell me you want my cock, Silver Star." "NoooooŠ" "Yes, tell me you want my cock and you will get what you want. Say it!" "Oh goddd! IŠI want your cock. I want your cock in my mouth." Bender grinned at the surrender of the silver haired beauty, thrusting his cock forward into the helpless heroineıs hot mouth. He grabbed her head, exercising complete domination, thrusting cruelly to the back of her throat. Having never had a cock before, the young woman choked, drool bubbling out of the corners of her mouth as she gagged. "Thatıs it you little bitch! How does it feel eating a manıs cock? You like the taste? It only gets better, Silver Slut!" Bender kept up his torment and motioned for Lisa to start again on the captiveıs enflamed pussy. Soon, both of them were attacking Silver Star with eager abandon, using the young heroineıs body as an object of their lust. The worst thing was, Silver Star began to feel her lust rising as Lisa licked at her swollen clit. Each stroke brought her closer to orgasm, despite the burning cock fucking her mouth raw. The feel of the throbbing member seemed to keep time with Lisaıs mouth, rocking the super heroine between forces of pleasure she had never felt. "Mmmmph! Slurp! Mmmmmmm!" Silver Star groaned around Benderıs invading cock. He looked down at the tortured beauty, realizing she was close to orgasm. He had been holding back, saving his own climax for the just the precise moment. As he watched her hips shiver and buck uncontrollably, he pulled his cock from her mouth. "Oh goddddd! NoooooooŠI canıt stop it! IŠIım cummmming! AIEEEEEEE!" Benderıs engorged cock became even bigger, suddenly exploding into a thick, white froth. Hot squirts of spooge splashing across Starıs face, even as she screamed in her own orgasm. Soon, cum was dripping in gooey streams down her cheeks, nose and chin glazing over the beautyıs face with a thick layer of his spunk. Bender laughed in triumph. Silver Star had just taken her first step in learning to enjoy male cock. Over time, she would be trained to orgasm just by sucking him off. "Thatıs right, Silver Slut! How do you feel?" Star turned her head in shame. "Well, it looks like we got some cum on your mask. I think we better take it off." "NoŠnot my mask. Please donıt take off my mask, Dr. Bender!" Bender was untouched by her pleas. Quickly he removed her sticky mask, revealing the heroineıs true identity. "My god!" Lisa gasped. "Itıs Mandy Merriweather, anchorwomen for WSAK news! She must wear a blonde wig when sheıs on TV!" "Ahhh! So the truth is out. Iıll bet there are many criminal elements that would love this information." "No! You canıt! My family, my friends! Please donıt give them that information." Bender troked his chin, walking around to stand between Starıs legs. "I suppose, there is a way to prevent any danger from coming to your family." "Yes, Doctor, Iıll do anything. Please!" Star was now totally within his power. "You will give up being Silver Star. From now on you will be beautiful Mandy Merriweather. The only time you will dress in your costume is here. For me." Silver Star closed her eyes. Being Silver Star was the most important thing in her life. The most important thing except her family. "OK. You win!" While he had been talking, his cock had grown again. He moved closer, pointing his huge manhood at Silver Starıs wet entrance."We have to be sure, you understand. We have to be sure you wonıt ever become Silver Star again. To protect your family." "HowŠhow do we do that?"Bender grinned. "Well, it would be very hard to be a crime fighter if you wereŠsayŠpregnant." "No! Not that! Iıll stop, really I will. Please! Iıve never had sex with a man!" "I believe this is the only way, Silver." Bender grasped Silverıs wonderfully strong thighs and pushed his cock head between her pussy lips. The super human pussy was uncommonly tight, despite Lisaıs thorough licking. "Owwww! Youıre hurting me!" "God, youıre tight! Ungh! Ungh! Jesus Christ you are so fucking tight!" "OH! OH! OH!" Bender worked his cock in with short, powerful thrusts, each thrust punctuated by a cry from the helpless heroine. Soon, he felt the threshold of her tough hymen, the end point of her virginity. With a growl, he jammed the rest of his cock deep into her pussy, the young woman screaming in pain as the cock bludgeoned through her hymen. She was filled with shame and pain as Bender took the last vestige of her womanhood. "Thatıs it Silver Star! Iıve just taken your virginity, bitch! I own your body now donıt I, cunt! Say it! I own you now!" "Ahhhgggg! Oooooh! You...unghŠownŠunghŠme!" "Yessss! Youıre mine! And soon Iım going to fill that belly up with my cum you little whore!" Silver Starıs cunt became accustomed to the size and power of Benderıs cock, accepting his thrusts with ease. Star began to feel the unwanted sensations of pleasure building, much as she had when Lisa had been licking her pussy. However, this feeling was different. Something about Benderıs filthy cock pounding roughly into her pussy gave her the most intense feelings she had ever had. She could no longer control her body, and soon her mind had given in as well to Benderıs superior sexual attack. She found herself unable to hold back any longer. "Ohhhhhh! Yesssss! Gawwwd! Canıt stand it anymore! Gonnaı cum, Doctor! IıM GONNAı CUM!" "Thatıs right, cunt, cum for me! When you cum, Iım going to cum in you, make a baby in your sweet, slutty belly." "YesŠdo it Doctor! Fuck meeeee! Give me your baby! Just donıt stop! AIEEEEE!" Bender was close. He motioned to Lisa. The young woman pulled a lever, releasing Silver Starıs bonds. This was the moment of truth. With the young woman free, she could easily beak him in half. Instead, Star put her hands on his shoulders and wrapped her legs tightly around Benderıs waist, pumping him even farther into her wet pussy with strong legs. Bender could hold it no longer, his cock burst inside the former heroine, filling her womb with virile seed. Silver continued to pump her legs, keeping him deep inside of her, milking his cock with powerful cunt muscles. At the same time, she had another mind-blowing orgasm. "AHHHHH! SO GOOOOD, DOCTOR! IıM YOURS, BABY! HHHŠTHATıS IT! SO GOOOOOOOOD!" ***

Six months later it was obvious to everyone that TV anchorwoman Mandy Merriweather was pregnant. She had also been seen around town on the arm of Dr. Bender, the wealthy philanthropist. The Daily Trumpet even rumored that the two were a couple. Bender lay on his bed, reading the latest issue of the Trumpet, Silver Star and Lisa Luna both sucking on his cock. Occasionally, he watched the silver and gold heads bob up and down as each took a turn slurping on his cock, then they would stop to engage each other in a deep, wet kiss. As Bender came, squirting a load of hot cum onto both of their faces, he realized he was no longer bored. When the girls began licking his thick cum off each otherıs cheeks, Bender realized that it would be some time before he became bored again.