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Time Tunnel One
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"

Time Tunnel Eight
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"
Did someone say... BEAR HUG?!! For a little bit. This looks a lot better than it is. Just saying. Keeping it real!

Time Tunnel Seven
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"
The most horrible, terrible, worst possible thing happens! Power Angel turns the tide and wins!

Time Tunnel Six
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"
After beating Power Angel into a helpless stupor, Bampka fries her fat tits with her foul energy!

Time Tunnel Five
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"
Power Angel's thick skull is no match for Bampka's magical thigh bone! The busty beauty gets BEAT!
And then her sash is torn away from her. "Some sort of power amplifier" according to the pussy announcer.

Time Tunnel Four
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"
The battle is played out like a professional wrestling match. With all the outrageousness and unfairness
that makes such matches fun. Especially when it's fat titted super slut!

Time Tunnel Three
Power Angel -Vs- Bampka in "DEATH MATCH!"
The death of Power Angel is the main event for a blood thirsty audience!
She's been transported to a ring by the "Council of Evil!" with no chance of escape.
Trapped there with a much stronger and homicidally vicious opponent!
Brought to you by the Council of Evil! When you think evil... think The Council!

Time Tunnel Two
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
The ENTIRE "UltraGirl Wins!" ending to the UltraGirl Trap!
It's very short. Besides, you shouldn't join because of stuff like this. Enjoy it though!
Aluminum is to UltraGirl what lead is to Supergirl.

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The full installments are in the
  Forbidden Zone.