For best results, right click on the image and chose "Save As".
Then play it from your hard drive.


Time Tunnel Eight
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
UltraGirl defiles what it means to be a super girl by sucking her attackers cock!
She gets another cum bath which she so richly deserves. He's going to finish her off anyway.
He knows it... she knows it. And yet she does this! This installment ends with an unmasking!


AND! As I said... all the video samples that caught us up!

"C'mon DanO..! I came here to watch videos! Not READ!"
Yeah... well... tough titties!
Please Read Everything To Avoid Confusion!!!
I'm doing several things different for these 'catch up' postings.
Normally samples go from newest at the top and oldest at the bottom.
This time it is reversed so you can go from the top to the bottom to follow the story.
There are SO MANY video samples here, just the thumbnail images may take a while to load!


UltraSlut Strut!
Say it! It's FUN! Don't let your tongue get in the way. This is a permanent link to a loop-able video of UltraGirl walking.
Many formats so you can get the best one you can.
Put it up on your screen and smile!

Also, But First!!!
Here is the long promised sample of the UltraGirl Poser Animation Video! (In Sector One)
This sample is 720X480 but the biggest size in the member's area is 1440X810! (cool)
The full video is a little over four minutes. Staying on the "generous" side, this sample is a little over a minute.

UltraGirl Poser Video!

Lucky You!!! Enjoy "The UltraGirl Trap!" Video Samples!!
All of these samples are longer than normal.
In this case, with the "UltraGirl Trap!", the member's area movies are longer than normal as well.
So I'm posting minute long samples and I still couldn't give you glimpses of all the cool stuff that happens.
Every video you see here is still in the Forbidden Zone Member's Area.
So if you see something you'd love to see more of (you will), join.
This is our one and only video totally filmed from the villain's perspective!

Time Tunnel Two
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
Tabitha Mountmoore is tired of being regarded as an air headed, blonde bimbo, movie star.
She wants her alter ego to be as respected as UltraGirl.
She's become an investigative journalist and is hot on the trail of some "Equalizers".
(Gauntlets when worn make the wearer as strong or stronger than a superheroine.)
What she doesn't realize is this is all a ruse to trap UltraGirl!
Mr. Copious was hired to humiliate and kill UltraGirl but he's more than happy to do the same to this
brash slut while he waits for his real target!

Time Tunnel Three
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
Tabitha doesn't care for Mr. Copious' molestation so she gets a bit froggy!
He knocks her out and enjoys himself thoroughly. So does she although she's unconscious.
She grinds her hips and moans as he pushes against her hot cunt!

Time Tunnel Four
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
Mr. Copious continues his violations. Tabitha Mountmoore/UltraGirl doesn't regain consciousness
until he's fucking her from behind!!! Gasp! It's Non Consensual! (Calm down. It's fantasy.)
When he orgasms he fills her up and then pulls out and covers her ass in cum.
It's quite clear why he goes by the name Mr. Copious! (look it up)

Time Tunnel Five
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
HE AIN'T DONE!!! The copious one turns her over, pins her arms and cums all over her tits and face! Hooray!
Oh... I mean... Awwwwww. What a bad guy!
But then, while he's basking in the afterglow of his handy work, THE CUNT ATTACKS HIM!
Fucking bitch! She clocks him with a step stool and runs behind a partition. It's firearm time.
Mr. Copious grabs his gun. It's time to kill this slutty interloper... but then...!

Time Tunnel Six
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
Yay! It's UltraGirl! Time for this mean guy to pay! I guess.
She gives him an appropriate beating and thinks she's found where he hid the "Equalizers".
SURPRISE! It's not the Equalizers! It's a specially crafted Lactite crystal designed to kill UltraGirl!
Yay! UltraGirl's strength is torn from her body! Very painful!
Now, the busty super slut is going to pay BIGTIME!!!

Time Tunnel Seven
UltraGirl -Vs- Mr. Copious in "The UltraGirl Trap!"
Mr. Copious tortures her tits and cunt with the death dealing stone.
Then he decides to "fight" her now that she's so weak. In other words, he beats the hell into her!
Many punches and knees to the cunt and belly. Finally... he's had his fun. Time to kill her.
She can't deflect bullets now. So he'll just pump her tits full of lead. But what's this? What's she doing?!!


Time Tunnel One
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part II
The Keelix violates Scorpion Charlie's tight cunt!

Time Tunnel Two
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part II
The Keelix enjoyed raping Scorpion Charlie's cunt!
Now the Keelix decides to rape the slut's anus as well!

Time Tunnel Three
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part II
Scorpion is "rewarded" for her pathetic lack of competence.
The creature's ejaculate burns her skin since it functions as digestive juices!

Time Tunnel Four
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part II
The Keelix feasts on the production of Scorpion's fat udders!
Judging by the screams... it's not a gentle feeding!

Time Tunnel Five
This sample and the video installment it's based on is quite EXTREME!
It's time for the Keelix to make a real meal of Scorpion!
This is an ending we shot in case we couldn't get the right models/actresses back to continue the story.
The rest of the story ignores this installment but you KNOW we had to put it up anyway!

Time Tunnel Six
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
The end of Scorpion Charlie's battle with the fearsome Keelix starts the third and last part of the Scorpion saga!
THE STUPID BITCH CUT HER HAIR SHORT!!! Just kidding. She's awesome and very intelligent.
I was NOT happy about the short hair though. Nothing ever goes as planned.
Professor Madison is surprised to find Scorpion still alive... albeit barely.
She doesn't realize yet that it's not the same Scorpion but a completely different one!
A quick look at the security footage fills her in.

Time Tunnel Seven
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
The extent of the superheroine carnage is on full display. Scorpion Bravo is dead and Scorpion Charlie clings to life.
Madison taunts Scorpion Charlie with the dead carcass of the hero she was meant to save.

Time Tunnel Eight
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
With Scorpion Charlie so beaten and helpless, Professor Madison realizes she can kill her with her bare hands!
A dream come true for a super cow hating psychopath!

Time Tunnel One
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
Without the constant feeding of The Keelix's larva, Scorpion Bravo regenerates to the point where she's now alive!
This attracts the grotesque attention of The Keelix while the Professor and Scorpion Charlie fight to the death!

Time Tunnel Two
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
A delightful character study of a homicidal maniac beating a superheroine to death!

Time Tunnel Three
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
Scorpion Charlie's carcass is carried to Professor Madison's lab.
When the Keelix discovers Scorpion Bravo pathetically trying to crawl away it wastes no time and kills her again!

Time Tunnel Four
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
When the Keelix carries Scorpion Bravo's dead body to the lab it gets abuse heaped on it by Madison.
The actor does an awesome job portraying a guilty animal... oh wait!
I'm the Keelix! I did an awesome job!

Time Tunnel Five
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
Regeneration Scheme Longshot is a success! But only for a few seconds.
Scorpion Bravo must orgasm or she'll die again immediately. ENJOY!

Time Tunnel Six
Scorpion in "The NEST!" Part III
A fully regenerated Scorpion Bravo is bound to the laboratory slab.
Now it's Scorpion Charlie's turn!

Time Tunnel Seven
Scorpions in "The NEST!" Part III
Scorpion Charlie escapes before Madison can bind her to the table but the Keelix is there to stop her!
She manages to remove the control collar from the Keelix however. I hate when bad things happen to bad people!

Time Tunnel Eight
Scorpions in "The NEST!" Part III

Professor Madison is dead.
The combined power of both Scorpions allows them to destroy the vile Keelix!

Also Time Tunnel Eight
Scorpions in "The NEST!" Part III
This is very short. Very Cool. Very Fun.
So I'm giving you the entire "They Die" conclusion!
It's more like a horror film epilogue.

And, if you haven't seen it...
NightWatch is the Prey for The Trophy Hunter!

This is a special Trophy Hunter "short" we filmed
and put straight into the member's area Eternal Gallery!
The full video is 23 minutes long. This sample is 3 and a half minutes long.
AND HUGE! Watch the mega sized if you can or the small one if
you don't have the bandwidth.

WARNING! You WILL experience a rather extreme
tightening sensation in your groin area when
NightWatch's huge tits get mauled!

And here it is small:

REMEMBER Right Click and save as.
Play them in something better than the browser so you
can full screen it.

The full installments are in the
  Forbidden Zone.