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Our Story Thus Far - Usually One Shots showing the end of a potential story along with a text recap of what lead to it.

*The text is just there to add a little something to the pictures, there is nothing else to these stories other than what you see here.*


American Fox

Violet Fox

Tangerine Fox

Ebony Avenger

Ebony Avenger

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Violet Fox Story_01.jpg

Tangerine Fox Story_01.jpg

The Ebony Avenger Story_01.jpg

The Ebony Avenger Story_02.jpg

Solar Woman

T'Shael - Space Ranger

Comet Girl

Solar Woman

Solar Woman

Solar Woman Story_01.jpg

T'Shael vs Aliens Story_01.jpg

Comet Girl Story_01.jpg

Solar Woman Story_02.jpg

Solar Woman Story_03.jpg

Mrs Confederate

Ebony Avenger

Comet Girl

The Angelic Trio

Puritan - Mrs Confederate

Mrs Confederate Story_01.jpg

The Ebony Avenger Story_03.jpg

Comet Girl Story_02.jpg

Angelic Trio Story_01.jpg

Mrs Confederate & Puritan Story_01.jpg

Leopard Lady

Ebony Avenger

Solar Woman

Puritan & Invisible Woman


Leopard Lady vs Vampirella Story_01.jpg

The Ebony Avenger Story_04.jpg

Solar Woman Story_04.jpg

Invisible Woman - Puritan Story_01.jpg

Virtue vs Crimson Defiler_Story_01.jpg


Virtue Green Hornette Green Hornette

Puritan &  Solar Woman

Virtue vs Crimson Defiler_Story_02.jpg Virtue vs Crimson Defiler_Story_03.jpg Green Hornette_Story_01.jpg Green Hornette_Story_02.jpg Solar Woman - Puritan Story_01.jpg
Ebony Avenger Vampyre Mistress Green Hornette Green Hornette Solar Woman
The Ebony Avenger Story_05.jpg Trick or Treat_Story_01.jpg Green Hornette_Story_03.jpg Green Hornette_Story_04.jpg Solar Woman Story_05.jpg
Virtue Jean Grey Lady Scorpion Solar Woman Invisible Woman
Virtue vs Crimson Defiler_Story_04.jpg Marvel Woman vs Crimson Defiler Story_01.jpg Invisible Woman - Lady Scorpion Story_01.jpg Solar Woman Story_06.jpg Invisible Woman vs Crimson Defiler Story_01.jpg
Violet Fox vs Lesbia Vampirella vs Mystique Maiden Mystique Maiden Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl
Violet Fox_Story_02.jpg Vampirella vs Mystique Maiden_Story_01.jpg Mystique-Maiden-vs-Crimson-Defiler-Story_01.jpg Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Story_01.jpg Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Story_02.jpg
Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Lara Croft Jade Tigress & Leopard Lady Jade Tigress & Invisible Woman
Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Story_03.jpg Mrs Confederate & Southern Girl Story_04.jpg /Lara Croft_Story_01.jpg Jade Tigress - Leopard Lady_Story_01.jpg Jade Tigress - Invisible Woman_Story_01.jpg
Invisible Woman Heroines Impregnated Puritan & Invisible Woman American Fox & Violet Fox American Fox & Leopard Lady
Invisible Woman vs Crimson Defiler Story_02.jpg Heroines-Impregnated-Story_01 Invisible Woman - Puritan Story_02.jpg American-Fox-Violet-Fox-Story_01.jpg American-Fox-Leopard-Lady-Story_01.jpg



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