Supergirl: Breeders


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Chapter One


Supergirl flew slowly, almost lazily, over the Iowa cornfields.  Her eyes were scanning the ground, looking for evidence of the UFO that observers claimed to have seen crash around here.  She didn’t put too much faith in UFO sightings as a rule, but she had to remember that she herself had landed in one.  She had been asked by her cousin Kal to check on the reports after no one had been able to contact the farmer who owned the reported crash site for two days.  The Justice League was tied up on another case, so he asked her to leave Leesburg and look into the incident.


It had seemed like a good idea at the time, she thought.  After searching for several hours, though, it looked like someone had goofed.  If it really was a UFO, it may have taken off again, and no one noticed or told her.  Of course, it may never have been a real UFO; the number of false sightings was too numerous to count.  Still, she’d make one more sweep over the area. 


Banking into a turn, she savored the feel of the wind though her long blonde hair and over her firm, gorgeous body encased in its blue suit and red skirt.  Her red cape fluttered in the wind from her flight, displaying her large golden S to anyone above her.  Her firm breasts pushed into the wind flow around her, tingling delightfully in the pressure.


Wait a minute, she thought as she looked over the ground again.  A low breeze was stirring the corn, but one patch was reacting differently than the rest, out of step.  Turning her X-ray vision on that patch, Kara saw long, tapered form under the corn.  The corn was a hologram, and that was her UFO! 


The craft resembled a massive wedge, fat across the rear and tapering towards the front.  Useful, but not terribly original.  However, the outline wasn’t clear.   Instead of clean, smooth lines, the craft looked like it had bumps all over it.  She couldn’t tell too much more through her X-ray vision.  She’d have to get down closer.  Still, she could look inside.  Focusing her vision, she tried to look through the hull.


Nothing appeared.  The hull was blocking her sight.  It must be lead-lined or something similar, she thought.  Well, if they think that’s going to stop me, they’ve got another thing coming.  Nosing over, she dove down, pulling up at the last minute to land gracefully beside the ship.  Now to find a way in, she thought.



Togash monitored the unusual human who had just landed beside his ship.  While her physical appearance was within human norms, her ability to fly was not, nor was her ability to use radiation to discover his craft.  He did not have enough information on her, so he piped the video to the two males he had captured soon after landing.

Responses returned almost instantly, and with a great deal of anxiety and energy.  Glancing over at the monitor, he read the translation.  So, this was Supergirl.  He had intercepted electromagnetic transmission concerning her, and had begun categorizing her revealed powers and weaknesses.  Still, he needed to see what else humans knew about her. 


The information was forthcoming.  The two had made the associations automatically, and he was reaping the benefits.  Her strength, speed, and endurance were well beyond human limits, and she could project beams of heat energy from her optics, as well as being very difficult to damage.  The only known major weakness was a rare meteoric ore.  Well, he would just find other weaknesses himself.  She was going to do fine, he thought.  The other humans had been too fragile. 


Turning, he looked over at all that was left of the two males: their cerebellums.  The two lumps of grey matter floated in tubes of nutrient fluid, which allowed him to send and receive telepathic communications with them.  They had proven invaluable sources of information. 


The two females were still intact, and slightly better than before.  The older female was leaning back on a platform, cradling one infant to each breast.  Her breasts were large and pendulous, full of milk that the infants were suckling on hungrily.  The infants appeared to be normal human babies, about six months old. 


The young female was in a larger version of the same nutrient tank as the males.  Her hair floated about her head as her mouth silently opened and closed, drawing the fluid inside her.  She was nude and very pregnant.  Her breasts were swollen and her nipples were erect, creating small eddies as she moved in the tank.  Her abdomen was swollen out in a long curve, approximately the same level that a human female reached at thirty-five weeks into a normal pregnancy. 


The sight of her ripe form stirred his tentacles.  Growing life never failed to excite him.  Still, he thought, this is becoming repetitive, and not quite stimulating.  He turned back to the external monitor.  Supergirl had found one of the hatches.  Excellent.



Supergirl ran her hand along the surface of the ship, and then pulled it back quickly.  The surface felt warm and pliant, not like metal or plastic.  Close up, she could see that the ship really did have bumps and nodules up and down its length.  Also, the sides curved up, so the thing looked like a giant, mutated cucumber.  There was an odd smell in the air, faint but distinct.  Supergirl thought it smelled vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place it.


Supergirl saw what looked like a hatch on the side of the ship.  It wasn’t a door.  Instead, it looked like an iris; a series of projections from the outside of a circle that met in the center.  She didn’t see any obvious controls to open the iris, so she put her hand on the material in the center.  The valve opened with a squishing sound, almost organic.  Supergirl grimaced at the unpleasant sound as she stepped inside.


The hatch led to a corridor running cross-wise.  The corridor was circular, with the roof curving over head.  The walls were phosphorescent, filling the corridor with a green light that was bright enough to see by, but not blinding.  As Supergirl stepped in, the hatch closed with another squish.  She could hear a low thrumming noise through the ship with her super-hearing.  The sound was vaguely like a heartbeat and blood flow.  Stop it, girl, she thought to herself.  This is a ship, not the inside of some monster from space.  That’s probably just the engines you hear. 


She tried to use her X-ray vision to see through the wall, but she couldn’t.  That’s odd, she thought.  She touched the wall, which felt the same as the outer skin of the ship, but lambent. Maybe this stuff has lead in it, she thought.  Guess I’d better see if anyone’s home.


Hello, is anyone here?” she called.  Real original, she thought, just the way to impress whoever’s in here.  “I am Supergirl.  I am not here to hurt you.  I come in peace.”  Not much better, she chided herself silently.  Still no answer.  Looking left and right, she decided to start walking to the left.  That’s the way to the front, so maybe somebody’s up there.


As she walked, a strange tingling began in her breasts and between her legs.  Her conscious mind didn’t notice, until her hands, with nothing else to do, began to move of their own accord.  Her right hand drifted up to her right breast, while her left slid down her washboard abs and began caressing her slit.  The sensations from her nether lips snapped her out of the trance.  


“What...what was I doing?” she muttered, holding her head.  A strange scent caught her attention then.  It was stronger now then it had been before, but still basically the same.  Then she felt her moisture on the inside of her panties.  That’s what the smell is, she thought: human musk.  But why does it smell like that in an alien spaceship?  “This is getting too weird,” she muttered and continued walking, flexing her fists at her sides to keep her hands from straying again.


The corridor curved to the right after several feet, then opened into a chamber of some sort.  The lighting in the chamber was much dimmer than the corridor.  Supergirl strode into the room, confident despite the puzzling things that had happened so far.  The floor felt different under her boots, as if the floor was grooved or something similar.  The roof was vaulted high overhead, disappearing into the darkness of the room.  The musk smell was more concentrated here.  Also, she couldn’t see another exit from the room.  Dead end, she thought, turning around.


With that now-familiar squishing sound, the entrance to the corridor slid closed.  Walking to the seal, she pressed her hand to it.  Nothing happened.  Looking around with her x-ray vision, she grimaced as she saw that it still didn’t reveal anything beyond the walls of the room.  It did confirm, however, that there wasn’t an exit above her.  She was trapped, if she couldn’t break out of the room.


You’re a diplomat now, she thought, be patient for once.  Striding to the center of the room, she looked up.  “Now what?” she asked the walls, gesturing with her hands open.  “You’ve got me.”  She waited for a minute, but there was no response.  Oh, to hell with this, she decided.  Time to act like a superhero.

“If that’s the way you want to play it,” she called out, and then strode over to the door, fully intending to punch her way through it.  Even if it was lead or lead-lined, she could still knock it apart.  Then we’ll see who’s behind this.


She had taken two long strides towards the hatch when she felt the floor shift underneath her feet with a wet sound, like wet flesh sliding against wet flesh.  She stopped to keep her balance as the floor shifted.  This is getting too weird, she thought.  Maybe I’d better take off.


Before she could take flight, the floor shifted again.  Supergirl gasped as the floor split into tentacles and began climbing up her boots.  More tentacles reached out from the wall, grabbing her arms in grips of steel.  Supergirl tried to pull away, to fly out of their grip, but it was no use.  Her strength failed her.  Then she noticed the slimy feel of the tentacles. 


“This slime... must be... strength,” she groaned, her struggles growing weaker as the slime worked its way through her skin.  The tentacles pulled her into a spread-eagle position, legs spread out from her waist and her arms pulled out and up from her shoulders.  Supergirl moaned as the tentacles stretched her arms and legs to their limits.


“More?” she gasped, and then she moaned as more tentacles, indeed, began attacking her helpless body.  Two tentacles wrapped themselves around her firm breasts, squeezing her flesh through her costume.  Her nipples became hard almost immediately, and the tentacles began caressing the hard nubs.  Supergirl began panting as the erotic sensations began to overwhelm her. 


Another tentacle reached around her neck, the tip caressing her left cheek.  The thing left a wet, sticky trail as it climbed.  “Wha..OOOPH!”  The tentacle dove into Supergirl’s open mouth, swelling quickly to fill the inside with thick, hard tissue.  The thing was slick with fluid, and some got on Supergirl’s tongue. 


Instantly, the sensations seemed to magnify themselves.  The imprisonment, the caresses, the feel of the tentacle in her mouth, all combined to make Supergirl exceedingly aroused.  She stopped struggling and started sucking on the thing in her mouth, all conscious thought destroyed in a wave of pure lust.  She could feel her juices beginning to boil between her legs.  Her panties were rapidly moistening with her wetness.


One of the tentacles between her legs seemed to sense this.  The head dove towards her mound, pushing aside her soaked panties and spreading out to cover her sex.  It didn’t penetrate her; rather, it clamped over the outside of her pussy and began drinking in her juices.  The tentacle began making wet, sucking sounds as it drank her essence.


Supergirl’s mind went ballistic.  She had never felt anything like this.  Her juices began flowing faster and faster; a veritable rain of pussy juice.  The tentacle bulged wider as it absorbed the juice.  A thin, ropey tongue extended from the inside of the tentacle’s mouth and began running along her inner lips, caressing Supergirl at her softest and weakest point. 


The sensation drove Supergirl out of her mind.  Her orgasm crashed over her with enough force to drive the air from her lungs.  She couldn’t breathe well around the thick tentacle in her mouth, so she gasped for air for several seconds before regaining her breath.  This temporary asphyxiation only brought on the next, more powerful orgasm that much faster.  Tears began to form in her eyes as the intense pleasure slammed her from one orgasm to the next.



Togash laughed at the picture on the monitor.  Supergirl was thrashing in her bonds, the tentacles bringing her from one overwhelming orgasm to another.  Against an opponent trained to fight his kind, he might have been concerned about her breaking free.  This Supergirl, however, had completely surrendered.  She did not know how completely, yet.


The receptacle below the viewer was filling with her essence.  With a tendril, Togash sent part of the sample to one of the simulacra pods deep within the ship.  Even with that much lost, the receptacle was still filling.  This Supergirl certainly had a lot of endurance; he had to give her that.  Perhaps now, he would finish this.  She would need to rest before the main event.  Using another tendril, Togash manipulated a fleshy orb.  Yes, he thought, that should be the right mix.



The tendril in Supergirl’s mouth thickened even more and pulled back so that its head rested on her tongue.  Before she could shift her head to pull it deep inside, it began shooting.  Powerful blasts of sticky cum shot from the head, filling her mouth with its salty essence.  Without even thinking, Supergirl began swallowing the thing’s load, her mind consumed by pleasure and passion.  Despite her powerful throat, she couldn’t swallow all of the juice.   Two thin streams began running down from the corners of her mouth, running down off of her chin and dripping on the collar of her suit.


The thing came for a minute solid before it finally stopped and withdrew.  As that tentacle left, the others unwrapped themselves from her body and dropped her to the floor in an unceremonious heap.  She struggled to stand for a moment, but exhaustion finally claimed her.




Consciousness returned slowly for Supergirl.  Her head pounded like a hammer and her limbs felt like lead.  Her tongue was thick and furry in her mouth.  Her thoughts seemed to flow like cold molasses.  I feel like shit, she concluded.  But I never feel like this, her mind replied.  I always feel great, and even when I’ve been beaten up, I feel bruised, but not like this.  Even kryptonite poisoning doesn’t feel like this.  What did they do to me?


Opening rheumy eyes, she looked around.  While she had been out, light had appeared in the chamber.  The roof was high and curved, and the room was a large hemisphere.  The walls, floor and roof were all ridged.  Glancing down, she looked over her body.  Her legs were splayed far enough apart that she could see them around the mass of her breasts.  Her arms also splayed out to her sides.  Her hair, matted with some sticky stuff, spread out around her head over the ridges of the floor.  Not ridges, she remembered, tentacles.  Tentacles that could wake up and do me again whenever they want to.  This is not good.  I’ve got to think of a way out of here.


She dimly heard the door squish open, and managed to weakly turn her head to look that way.  A young man walked through the door, stark naked.  His skin was lightly tanned, and his blonde hair shone in the lights.  He was slender, but well built.  Between his legs, his monster of a penis was stirring.  As best as she could gauge, the thing was five inches long nearly flaccid.  There was no telling how big it could get.


She tried to sit up, get up, run away, do something other than just lie there on the floor, waiting for the obvious.  The man just shook his head.  “Don’t bother,” he said in a pleasant baritone, “you can’t go anywhere.  We decided to sedate you, rather than allow you to injure yourself trying to escape.”  He walked over to her, his blue eyes roaming over her helpless body.


They drugged me, she thought, the meaning of his words penetrating her brain.  They came up with a drug that would work on me!  How did they do that?  If they could sedate her like this whenever they wanted, the owners of this ship would be very hard to deal with.  Something clicked in her brain as he approached and leaned over her.  Still, if they all look like this guy, I may not mind that much after all.  She had never had a male lover who could keep up with her.  Maybe this guy could.  


He strode over to her prone form, lightly stroking the monster between his legs.  Supergirl knew that her entire body was at his disposal; she couldn’t stop him from doing anything to her that he wanted to do.  Strangely, the thought excited her as much as it frightened her.   Part of her longed to be taken, to be used for a man’s pleasure.  She’d always been stronger than almost all men, excepting her cousin, so she’d never known what it was like to be used for sex.  Now, she was going to find out.


He knelt between her legs, his eyes roaming over her entire body.  He reached out and caressed her face.  His touch was gentle, but strong.  The feeling added to her arousal.  He ran his long fingers over her cheeks and her chin, drinking in the feel of her soft skin.


His hands left her face and ran down her body.  His fingers gripped her breasts, digging lightly into the soft flesh.  Her nipples were already aching and erect.  He lightly brushed his hands over the nubs, drawing a gasp from Kara.  Running his fingers under her breasts, he cupped her heavy chest from beneath, as if he was weighing them.


His hands left her breasts and continued downward, digging lightly into her belly.  Her firm muscles were absolutely relaxed, allowing him to push in slightly.  The sensations of her uniform being pushed into her skin by those gentle, yet demanding fingers was bringing Supergirl to the edge of an explosive orgasm.


Reaching her waist, his hands stopped their downward journey.  She whimpered, longing for the feel of those magic fingers on her hot, aching slit.  Instead, he took the bottom of her blue top and pulled it out of her waist band.  Lifting her up slightly, he pushed the fabric up until it bunched at her throat, just above her breasts. 


Now his hands returned to her breasts in earnest.  He seized a dangling mass in each hand and began to massage them.  His hands squeezed and groped her titflesh intently, rubbing her hard nipples with the palms of his hands.  Kara’s mind was reeling.  Her slit was soaked with juice, and she could feel her orgasm approaching.  She’d never thought she could get this hot just from somebody’s hands.  She’d have to get Clark to try this with her, if she ever got out of this.


Just before she exploded, he withdrew his hands from her aching chest.  Mentally cursing him, she could do nothing but pant as she dropped back from the precipice.  He did that deliberately, the rational part of her mind argued, he’s trying to get me as hot as possible.  He’s succeeding, the rest of her mind thought.


He returned his attention to her lower body.  His wonderful hands moved down to her inner thighs, starting just behind each knee.  He moved slowly upwards, caressing her firm muscles and silky skin.  Supergirl’s orgasm began to build again, more intense this time.  Her legs got a lot of looks, and took a lot of abuse.  This was one of the first times they had been the object of such intimate attention.  If he wanted me hot, he’s got me, she thought.


His hands reached the apex of her legs, and he pushed back the short red skirt.  Her thin, blue thong was soaked with juice, and she knew he could smell her heat.  He lightly caressed his nether lips through the fabric, bringing more impassioned moans from her throat.  Yes, she thought, touch me there. 


He caressed her more, bringing tears to her eyes as she climbed again towards blissful release.  Don’t stop, she tried to pant, let me cum.  Her skin was flushed, and her breasts ached with fullness.  If he didn’t let her come, she’d go insane.


Again, he stopped short.  She raged impotently as she felt release begin to slip away again.  How many times is he going to do this to me?  I’d do anything, just to come, she thought.  I don’t know how he’s controlling himself.  She knew how hot she must look, lying there on the floor, naked and covered with sweat.


He let her come down a few seconds.  He reached down and pushed her thong aside, baring her steaming sex to him.  Yes, she thought, yes.  Please put it in.  She wanted to moan, to beg, but all she could do was pant.  He had her hotter than she’d ever been before.


Before she knew it, he was inside her.  Her slit was so wet that he was able to penetrate her easily.  She gasped at how big he was.   God, he’s wide, she thought. If he was any bigger, I couldn’t fit him.  Summoning up all the strength she could, she pushed her hips towards him a bit, trying to get him deeper inside.  He continued pushing forwards as well, slowly sinking into her steamy wetness, inch by turgid inch.


Supergirl gasped when he struck her hymen.  Damn, she thought, that’s as invulnerable as I am.  There’s no way he’s breaking it.  He drew back, making her think he’d given up.  She started whimpering, desperate for him to continue. 


He rammed forward suddenly.   His cock tore through her maidenhead in one powerful stroke.  Supergirl gasped in pain and shock.  Great Krypton, what is he, she thought.  He just tore through skin that’s supposed to be invulnerable.  I’d hate to see what he could do in a fight.  The sensations of his penetration drove further thoughts from her mind.


He was buried in her now, his heavy balls slapping on her thighs.  Supergirl had never felt so full.  The head was pressing against her cervix, threatening to break her in two.  He swirled his hips, but his cock was so wide, that he could barely move.  Talk about your tight fits, she thought.  It’s almost like it was made for me.


He pulled back and started stroking.  He varied his speed and depth, shifting between deep, slow strokes that planted him in her to her cervix, and fast, shallow strokes that barely passed her torn hymen.  Supergirl’s head was spinning.  Her previous letdowns were replaced with an aching need.  She needed him inside her.  She needed him to fill her with his hot seed.  As she panted, she knew that only he could bring her the climax she desired.


After what felt like an eternity, he buried himself in her again to the hilt.  With a grunt, he began shooting.  The sensation of his hot cum splashing against her cervix finally brought Supergirl off, orgasm following mighty orgasm.  For a minute straight, they lay there, his hot cum flooding her womb with his seed, and her juice being squeezed out around his cock.


Finally, he grew limp, and pulled out.  His cock was covered in a mix of his seed and her juices.  She wanted to lick it, to taste the mingling of him and her, but she was too weak to raise her head.  She could barely even breathe, she had cum so hard.  If they want me, she thought, all they have to do is have him fuck me like that once in a while.  I’d do anything to feel like that again.


He stood up and began walking away from her.  “The sedation will wear off in time.”  He pressed his hand to the iris, and it slid open.  As he left, Supergirl felt weak, too weak to stay awake.



When Supergirl awoke again, she felt better.  She was able to move, albeit somewhat slowly.  Her limbs still felt heavy, but not as heavy as they had.  Her head was clear enough to think.  Standing slowly, her balance betrayed her for a moment.  She swayed on her feet for a second then she was able to regain her balance.  She was a little dizzy, but she could walk.


Staggering over to the iris, she touched the middle, hoping against hope.  When it opened, she breathed a deep sigh of relief.  Now, maybe, she could find her way out of here. 


A gnawing began building in Supergirl’s belly.  Something was draining her strength, and she stumbled into a wall.  Her stomach ached and her head pounded.  She could feel herself slipping away.


“So...hungry,” she moaned.  As if in response, the wall just in front of her head shifted.  A tentacle, formed of the same green material as the wall, began to push out.  Supergirl started, but she was too weak to resist as the tentacle turned towards her.  With a smooth push, the member rammed itself down into her gaping mouth.


Supergirl gasped as best she could around the massive member.  It felt and tasted just like the tentacle that had forced itself into her mouth before.  In her weakened state, all she could do was suck on it.  She didn’t have the strength or the will left to fight.


It was over in moments.  The tentacle tensed then began spraying thick, salty cum down Supergirl’s throat.  Supergirl swallowed as fast as she could, barely keeping up with the stream.  Maybe this is the end, she thought.  Maybe this stuff is what drained my powers.


Instead, she felt herself growing stronger.  The fluid seemed to be revitalizing her as it hit her empty stomach.  Realizing this, Supergirl kept swallowing, hoping to get as much strength as she could out of this unexpected gift.


The tentacle finally stopped shooting and pulled out, leaving a string of white cum hanging on Supergirl’s full lips.  “Now,” she said, “time to get out of here.”  Full of power again, she stood quickly.


The first shock hit her as she stood.  Her stomach pulsed, sending a wave of pleasure and pain through her body.  It felt like something moved within her.  Supergirl gasped and stumbled back down to her knees.  A second wave hit then.  She could feel the skin over her stomach stretch, pains shooting through her body. 


Looking down at her body, Supergirl shrieked.  “It can’t be!”  She could see her stomach pushing outward.  It couldn’t be, though.  She couldn’t be pregnant.  There was just no way.


Again, her stomach pulsed.  The feelings of pain and pleasure were more intense this time.  Her stomach pushed further out now, stretching the blue fabric of her uniform.  Her breasts started tingling and burning, and she could swear they were growing as well.


“This...can’ happening,” she panted as her hands gripped the swelling of her belly.  She could feel the child growing within her; the sensation both frightened and excited her.  She had thought, before this, that only her cousin could get her pregnant.  She would forever be denied the joys of motherhood.  Now, she was being given that chance. 


No, she thought, I had no say in the matter.  This is rape, and, for some reason, these aliens wanted her pregnant.  She stumbled into the wall, the sensations threatening to overwhelm her.  There’s no way I can escape in this condition, she knew.


The walls shifted, again releasing tentacles.  These tentacles wrapped around Supergirl’s arms and legs.  The tentacles began dragging her through the corridor.  Evidently, they want me someplace.


That someplace turned out to be a large room.  Supergirl couldn’t see what was so special about the room, but she was having trouble thinking of anything past the waves of pleasure and pain that were coming quicker and quicker now.  Her stomach was so swollen that she couldn’t see her feet, and her breasts had to be two cup sizes bigger.  The tentacles held her in place, then more appeared and stripped off her uniform.  Supergirl could see now that her aureoles had spread out and darkened, and her nipples might have been thicker as well. 


Her swollen belly throbbed with the movement of the child within.  She could feel a pressure on her vagina then sharp pains from the same place.  Contractions, she thought.  I’m going into labor.


The pain spiked, causing Supergirl to gasp.  The tentacles seemed to sense her predicament.  Again, more descended to where she was suspended.  These congregated around her vagina.  She felt something cool and soothing on her lips then her channel opened wide.  With a gasp, she did what she thought was best and pushed, trying to push the baby out.


With a rush, she felt the baby leave her.  The birth squeal of a child greeted her ears before she saw the tentacles rise up, holding a bloody but beautiful baby girl.  Kara almost cried, but then she saw that the tentacles were taking the baby from her.


“No,” she cried.  “That’s my baby.”  More tentacles emerged.  Two of these locked onto her swollen breasts, opening like tiny mouths to latch onto her nipples.  Supergirl gasped as a burning sensation filled her milk sacs then the tentacles began sucking.  For a moment, the pain was almost unbearable.  Then, to her horror, Supergirl felt her milk begin to flow.  From a few, burning drops, soon the tentacles were extracting streams of fluid from deep inside Supergirl’s swollen breasts.  Supergirl had never felt anything like it.  The sensations were both painful and extremely pleasurable. 


The other tentacles, unknown to Supergirl, had moved between her legs.  With a jab, two massive tentacles penetrated her.  She shrieked as the thick organs punched into her aching slit and puckered asshole.  The anal penetration was especially painful, drawing a series of soprano cries.  She writhed erotically in her bonds, bucking up and down in a desperate attempt to avoid the raping tentacles.


The tentacles began fucking her in a delirious rhythm.  She could feel each thick rod pounding her, separated by only a thin membrane.  The two suckers were still draining her breasts, stretching her mammaries longer and longer.  Supergirl was awash in pleasure.  Even being used like this was exciting her. 


The tentacle inside her vagina exploded, filling her belly with hot, thick cream.  Supergirl cried out her orgasm at the same instant. The tentacle retracted from between her legs as the first cramps set in.  A tentacle descended towards her mouth.  Supergirl could almost taste the fluid as she reached up to suckle from the alien intruder…