Trashed and Tied! or, Lights Out, Loser!

by Tyler Roper

Spectragirl stood, shakily, her head swaying back and forth.

She grunted as her huge right breast, hanging unsupported in yellow spandex, was hammered by a small fist.

"You have got to be kidding," her assailant said, winding up for the finish. "You were going to stop us? You're pathetic!"

Her companion sighed. "Told you this purple pussy wasn't worth our time."

"Oh, she's worth it, all right...

"Whatsamatter, Spectragirl? Helpless? One more punch will take care of you!"

With that, she unleashed a brutal haymaker into the blonde's high-cut crotch.

"Whuuuuugggghhhh!" the heroine cried as the blow slammed her skyward into the ceiling! The pussy punch pulverized her, leaving just the bottom half of her legs hanging limply from the new hole in the roof.

Satisfied, her attackers smirked and strode off.

Emerald Star Princess Tiger had seen better days.

Ropes were wound around her knees and ankles, and she hung from a metal bar by more ropes around her wrists. Her pretty silver costume left a broad expanse from her chest to her belly exposed, and that part of her body was beginning to swell with bruises. Bright green (strangely, not really emerald at all) straps to her suit and a matching star just above her privates matched her mask.

Emerald Star Princess Tiger had been used as a punching bag, her small firm tits (well, small for a superheroine anyway) and slender body had been pretty much punched several times insensible.

But Emerald Star Princess Tiger had, frankly, been beaten unconscious more than enough to know when to call for help -

- and that help had just arrived.

Big Star Princess Alpha stood, hands on her hips, facing the duo that had trashed her partner (no, not that kind of partner. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with that. But Big Star Princess Alpha and Emerald Star Princess Tiger are strictly crimefighting superheroine partners; they each have other romantic interests, capiche?).

So. Big Star Princess Alpha stood, hands on her hips, threatening to do some terrible thing to them.

How do I know what she said? I don't speak Japanese!

It didn't really matter what she said, because the woman with the big bazongas (yes, even bigger than Big Star Princess Alpha - why do you think she was calling herself 'Big Star', anyway?) socked her in the stomach, hard - so hard that Big Star Princess Alpha nearly fell out of her purple top.

The assailant then assaulted her jaw, standing Big Star Princess Alpha up on her tippy toes and making her see many colors of stars.

"These asian assholes are good warm-ups, but you feel like pounding another girl a half-hour later!"

She hesitated. Being rather zaftig herself, the bad girl didn't feel right hitting another girl in the knockers. Perhaps they were kindred souls, this mega-mammaried moron and herself. Perhaps if not for their being on opposite sides in this battle, they might have been friends.


POW! Her fist sank into the good girl's boobie, knocking her out.

"You get the Japanese Crown Jewels," the bad girl said explanatorily. "I'll tie her up!"

And she did, wrapping rope seven times around the beaten Japanese beauty and tying her hands together behind her back.

The heroine began to moan, and her eyelids fluttered.

"Man, that is the worse-ass job of tying someone up I've ever seen," the younger bad girl said contemptuosly. "Look, her legs are loose, you barely tied her hands... "

"Yeah, well... " her partner (sigh - same as the heroines, all right? Sheesh! Dirty minded frickin frack) said with a grin, sitting up the semi-conscious good girl. "I guess I'll just have to knocker her out for good."

Her fist sank into the girl's supersized tit.

"'Knocker', get it?"

"Ugh! Oof! Uuunnhh!.. got it... ooogggh!"

"See? Now that's how you tie up a superheroine!"

The younger girl motioned toward Psylocke, who was at the moment quite incapacitated.

The Japanese-looking-but-really-British heroine (seriously - look it up) was laid back over a suspiciously-handy large bamboo rod. Ropes ran around her chest both on top of and under her tits, forcing them upward and outward in a way that tits don't (unfortunately) go.

Ropes also ran down the middle of her body, right between her bosoms, forcing them apart in ways that (sigh) tits don't normally hang. The ropes also ran right through her crotch, shoving her leotard up her wazoo and making her twin lips bulge uncomfortably.

In addition, twin ropes ran from her waist up to the next convenient big balsam rod (yes, I said rod. Pervs.), holding her up. Her head was let lie limply, mainly because there were massive bruises on her forehead that clashed with the red tattoo-she-drew-on-with-a-Flair.


"Good thing you pummelled her unmercifully in the forehead, causing her to fly back into the crates, where you finished her off with a sock in the tits," said the older woman.

"Who the hell are you talking to?" asked the smaller one.

"Never mind," the older gal said, crushing the upturned Japanese-looking-but-really-bangers-and-mash-British nipple of Psylocke between her thumb and forefinger. "Geez, it's like it's deflated or something."

"Well, I did smash it in with my superstrength. How was I to know she didn't have anything in the way of defenses?"

"She's Marvel - they never do," replied the woman. "Storm, Wasp, Scarlet Witch - one good punch and it's lights out."

"Well-l-l, there's She-Hulk."

"Always an exception."

The older woman sighed. "Somehow, I don't think finishing off Psylocke is what the boss had in mind. We're supposed to be practicing our combat skills to the point where we'll clobber the boss' enemy."

The young blonde looked around.

"Just who the hell are you talking to?"

"it's called exposition. Deal with it."

Just then, or maybe slightly after then, Wonder Woman leaped into the room!

"Wondr Woman!" they both shouted, repeating what already has been learned, above.

"Power Girl! Supergirl! What happened?"

Power Girl slapped her hand over her face. "Aw geez!"

Wonder Woman blinked. "What?"

"You blurted out our names, you twat!" said Supergirl, huffily. "We were supposed to remain all mysterious and unrevealed, at least until the next chapter! Crap!"

Wonder Woman blinked. "What?"

"Never mind," sighed Power Girl. "How did you find us?"

"A passerby reported hearing sounds reminiscent of someone being pounded unmercifully in the forehead, flying back into some crates, and being finished off with a punch to the tits."

Power Girl and Supergirl looked at each other. "Wow. And we thought we had super-hearing."

"Oh! By hera! By hima! Psylock is all tied up!"

"That's 'Psylocke'. With an 'e'," Supergirl corrected.

"She's British?" Wonder Woman looked over the conquered cutie. "Da-a-a-mn. Who'da guessed?"

Supergirl and Power Girl suddenly blinked.

"H-hey - w-what - ? What are we doing here? Wonder Woman? What's going on?"

"Sizzling Suffering Sappho! I sure don't know!"

Someone sighed. "I do."

"Great Rings of Uranus!" Power Girl said. "I recognize that... uh, person!"

"Leaping lesbos!" said Wonder Woman.

"Holy Ugly Sticks, Batman!"

Wonder Woman and Power Girl turned and looked at Supergirl.

"Uh, sorry. I mean... uh... Krypton! Uh, stuff... "

"You are so lame," Power Girl sighed. "And people give me crap about being from that other Krypton."

"Ah, but since you are from Krypton, or close enough," the butt-ugly scientist facing three stacked and sexy babes with enough power in them to bust the Brooklyn Bridge... said...

"Ha! You seek to threaten us with that ugly gun?" Power Girl laughed.

"Almost as ugly as you?" Supergirl laughed.

"What have we to fear from you?" Wonder Woman laughed.

"Just mind control, only works on Kryptonians," laughed the scientist, pressing the trigger.

"Oh, crap," said Wonder Woman.

Followed by a long, low sigh as Power Girl and Supergirl each threw a punch at her big knockers.

"OOf!" said Wonder Woman as Power Girl's fist rocked her jaw.

"Ugh!" she said as Power Girl's boot kicked her chin.

"Crutabayana!" she said as Supergirl's small fist drilled into her pubic area.

"'The cattle are dying'?" Supergirl said quizzically as her other fist followed.


"I think that finished her," she smirked.


"Oh, shut up!" said Power Girl, bringing both her fists up into Wonder Woman's boobs.

Wonder Woman sighed and sank to the floor, knockered out.

"Geez, her boobs are almost as big as yours." Supergirl marveled, punting one of them clean out of her Wonderbra.

"'Almost'," said Power Girl. "Remember that."

"Geez, that was a short fight."

"Well, we've got to get to the main event, you know. You'll have plenty of time to beat up - uh, a heroine then."

"At least you didn't give that away," Supergirl said, rolling her eyes and picking up Wonder Woman by the back of her star-spangled suit. "I guess we might as well tie her up."

"Might as well."

"She'll never break her own magic lariat," Supergirl chuckled.

"Y'know, why in the world would you have the one thing you couldn't break out of just hanging on your hip? I mean, what kind of idiot carries her weakness around with her?"

"She uses it as a weapon," Supergirl offered, wrapping the rope around Wonder Woman's big chest.

"Shya, right," Power Girl snorted. "A rope? Hell, a slingshot would be more useful. A big rock would be more useful."

"Maybe she likes getting tied up," the girl in blue said, pulling the rope tight through her star-spangled crotch and tying a knot between her breasts.

"Oh, right. She secretly likes getting knocked out and tied up," Power Girl sighed. "Oh, it gives her such a charge."

"She's just an idiot."

"Speaking of idiots," the scientist with the big glasses said, "I think you've had enough practice. Time for you to do what I invented this hypnoray to force you to do, even though you really kind of wanted to do it anyway since you secretly love to lord your powers over everyone."

Power Girl and Supergirl looked at each other. They said it in unison.


"But how will we find her? Leave a cleverly-hidden clue on these beat-up heroines' bodies?" Power Girl said.

"Ooh! Destroy a few monuments and wait for her?" Supergirl said.

"Or hold the President hostage?!"

The so-butt-ugly-you'd-mistake-her-for-a-trash-can scientist sighed.



"Meow," said the kitty, stuck up in a tree.

"You have got to be kidding," Power Girl muttered.

Supergirl, Power Girl and the evil scientist stood at the base of a lone birch tree, looking up at the cute lil' kitty cat they had just placed up there.

"You expect this to bring her? Come on!"

The hit-with-an-ugly-stick-in-the-ass-when-she-was-born scientist -

"Hey! All right, enough, they get it!"


The scientist squirted the good girls (well, sort-of-good girls - they've creamed several heroines by now!) with the kryptonite-based hypnoray, which only affects Kryptonians adversely but gives anyone else a splitting headache.

Then she and the two super girls hid behind a conveniently-handy park bench.

"This is so-o-o-o damn stupid," Supergirl muttered. "There's not a chance in the world this will work. Not a single itty-bitty smidgen of a chance."

"Quiet," PG hissed. "Here she comes."

A young brunette in a red mini-dress and white cape descended from the skies, yellow lightning bolt plastered across her bosom. She resembled an ice-skater with better footwear.

"Hello, kitty cat. Stuck, are we?"

She held out her hand - and the cute kitty cat leapt into her arms.

She descended toward the ground.

"Hello, Mary Marvel."

"Oh, hello Power Girl, Supergirl."

"Damn, that would have been such a good reveal if Wonder Woman hadn't spoiled it," Supergirl said under her breath.



"Oh. Well, what brings you all the way out here? Did you want to rescue the kitty, too?"

"How'd you guess?" sneered Supergirl sarcastically.

"Well, considering how it is the only tree around for miles, and there doesn't appear to be any super-nastiness going on..."

"How's this for super-nastiness?" Supergirl said, unleashing an uppercut into Mary's grapefruits.

"Ooohhh-uuhhhh!" Mary cried out as she was knocked skyward.

She halted in mid-air. "I don't know what that was for, but if you think - aaaaaaggghhh!"

Power Girl nailed her with two fists swung down on the back of her head, sending Mary Marvel zooming to the ground.


Mary struggled to her feet, and was almost instantly hit in her other bazoom, knocking the wind right out of her. "Gaaaakkkk!"

She brought back her fist to sock Supergirl, but was driven into the ground by Power Girl's boots slamming down on her shoulders! "Uuuuggh!"

Supergirl, seeing how the brunette was shoved into the dirt so hard that her arms were pinned, used Mary's pretty face as a punching bag.

Literally. Wappadawappadawappadawawappadawawappadawawap!

"Oohhhh-hh-hh," moaned the scarlet-clad superheroine, her head lolling from side to side.

"My turn, Supergirl!" Power Girl crowed. She gave a wicked kick to Mary's head, like a football. Mary ploughed through the dirt, rising as she went, so that when she finally stopped she was lying spread-eagled on the pile of dirt.

She was nearly unconscious.

But slowly, painfully, she rose.

"Holy Krypton crap!" Supergirl shouted. "Can nothing stop her?"

"I... don't think you have it quite yet," Power Girl sighed.

POW! Mary Marvel punched Supergirl in the jaw, sending her spinning to the ground.


"Hey. See that high school about four miles distant?" Power Girl pointed.


"N-no..." Mary warbled.

"Well, this should finish you off, crimson cutie!" Power Girl ran up to the barely-standing Mary Marvel and unleashed another punt - and this time, her boot came up between Mary's legs and clobbered her directly in her brunette beaver.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!" Mary cried as the force of the blow lifted her off the ground and sent her flying! She arced down toward the high school football field.

"Wait for it... wait for it... " Power Girl muttered under her breath.

Knocked totally unconscious by the force of the blow, Mary's limp body flew through the uprights at the end of the field, ploughed into the middle of the field, and lay still.

"YES! Two points!"

"Rather than have you cuties get too far from my Kryptonite-juiced ray," the evil and ugly Georgia Sivana said as she stepped forward, "I'll have my goon squad retrieve Mary's limp body. Heh heh heh. I'm just getting started on her! Heh heh heh!"

Supergirl looked at Power Girl.

"That was the reveal, right?"


Georgia Sivana, looking slightly-less butt ugly, having slipped into a tight purplish-black catsuit that looked like she had stolen it from Julie Newmar - which, in fact, she had - met her goon squad at the entrance to her latest Sinister Sanctum Sanctorum.

The goons, not being overly bright due to all the smart ones being already incarcerated by Mary Marvel, were carring the aforementioned Ms. Marvel upside down and completely pummelled out, her little red skirt falling down to reveal her tight red panties, which meant that the guys who bet they were yellow had to buy lunch.

Her lips were swollen from being kicked so hard down there, which made an interesting bulge in her pants.

The goons were still arguing over whether her panties were red or off-yellow.

I said they were stupid.

"Bring her in and tie her up, tight!" crowed Georgia, whose body really wasn't that bad poured into that catsuit. Catsuits have a way of bring up anyone's comeliness score.

So, they did.

However, being rather dense, they tied up Mary Marvel with one rope across her chest, and several layers of ropes at her wrists.


Mary was just waking up when Georgia walked in and saw to her horror that Mary might as well have been tied up with Kleenex.

That just gave her the excuse to have her super slaves pound Mary into insensibility once again. Since Mary Marvel really hadn't recovered from being trashed the first time, she was pretty much clobbered with the first couple punches.

Naturally, the super girls continued beating Mary long after she had gone unconscious. Naturally, they wanted a chance to tie her up, themselves. Naturally, Goergia consented, figuring that these super-bimbos would know how to tie up one of their own.

But when she returned after twenty minutes, she slapped her face and groaned.

Mary Marvel still was knocked out; her tight-fitting top had been pulled down, exposing her big beautiful breasts. And a very thin cord had been tied around her nipples, and she had been hung up with her tits pulled taut into the air.

And that was it.


"You have got to be kidding."

Supergirl's smile fell. "You don't like it?"

"I admit it's... interesting," said Georgia in a menacing-not-lesbian-by-any-means-all-right? way. "But this is Mary Marvel!"

"What? She's knocked out in her head, her tits, her twat. She's tied up so the pain oughta keep her knocked out. What makes you think she can escape?"

"For Pete's sake, I did it to her years ago," grumbled Georgia. "She escaped, all right?"

"Try again!"


Goergia went back to the room twenty minutes later, to find Mary to a wooden box. She was on her back, her hands tied above her head. Black rope went around the top of her boobs, and her waist, and these were connected by triangles of rope. One rope went up from the center of her chest to a pail of boiling acid!

"Oooohhh..." Mary's eyelids fluttered.

"What do you think?" Power Girl asked.

"Not... too bad," Georgia said, putting her foot on Mary's pussy.

"But you. Tied. Her. To. Wood," she hissed. "Can you see the problem?"

Supergirl and Power Girl sighed and wound up again.

Mary moaned. She was getting tired of being clobbered.

Or was that 'tired from being clobbered' ?



Mary's limp body was placed on a steel platform; a leather strap was placed around her neck. From that strap ran several lengths of Unbelievium chain, the absolutely strongest metal known to comic books. Unbelievium chains were wrapped around her ankles and attached to the box. Lastly a metal bar was placed in her mouth to complete the effect.

"Now that's how you tie up a superheroine," smirked Goergia, flanked by Supergirl and Power Girl.

Mary just bit through the gag with her perfect teeth and spit it out defiantly.

"I always knew you were a little jealous, but why join up with Georgia? Nice outfit, by the way."

"Oh, thanks - makes me look more like a woman than a troll, doesn't it?

"They may have wanted to pound you, but it was my hypno-ray gun, powered by Kryptonite, that only works on Kryptonians that got them to finally let loose."

"Yeah, we clobbered you," smirked Supergirl, sticking out her tights-clad tits.

"Both of you, by surprise," said Mary carefully, taking stock of her situation. "Doesn't seem too brave to me."

"We'll tell the story a bit differently once this is over," said Power Girl, posing.

"And now it's my turn to take my revenge! Heh heh heh," Georgia Sivana said heh-fully, coming forward and punching Mary in the head.


"Those are Unbelievium chains, Mary - the strongest metal known!" She socked her in the jaw.

"What do you say to that?"

Mary looked up, scared...

"S-strongest, huh?"

Then a confident smile crossed her face.

"Fastened to a leather strap and a metal suitcase."

Fwak! Fwak! She sprang to her feet, kicking out with her legs while she tore the leather strap from around her neck - the Unbelievium held, but the small metal extensions that it was tied to? Snap!

Still weakened by the beating she had taken, Mary Marvel dove forward into Georgia, flying with her across the room!

"Damn you, Mary Marvel! Damn you to heck! You may have beaten me," Georgia smiled evilly, "But how do you expect to escape from my super slaves?"

"Offhand, I'd say with... this!"

Mary grabbed the hypnoray and fired it right as Supergirl and Power Girl were about to leap on her!

They stood, stupefyed.

"Har har. The gun only works if they have a reason to fight!"

"Hey Power Girl!" Mary called. "Supergirl says her boobs are bigger than yours!"

Biff! Sock! Pow! Crunch!

Mary turned to Georgia, a thin smile of satisfaction on her face.

Sivana sighed. "When will I learn to keep my big mouth shut?"

Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am!

"Oh, they're really going at it," Mary said. "Maybe I should...



Mary Marvel put Georgia Sivana in jail for the 34th time this year, knowing that she'd probably break out again when she tasted the shit coffee they served. Well, when she woke up - Mary had pasted her a good one when she had started singing 'I saw London, I saw France... "

She circled back to see if Power Girl and Supergirl had knocked the nonsense out of each other, yet.

The two super girls stood about twenty feet apart from each other, swaying unsteadily, blonde hair going every which way and their costumes in tatters. Supergirl's skirt was almost completely torn off, revealing her blue thong (honestly! thought Mary) and Power Girl was showing a lot more than her tits.

The two were walking unsteadily toward each other, each clenching a fist.

Mary landed between them, arms folded.

"I think you girls have learned a lesson."

Supergirl turned to her. "What... lesson? You... haven't taught us... a lesson... "

"I'll tell the story a bit differently," Mary grinned and unleashed twin punches, "When this is over."

She placed her right foot on Supergirl's butt, her left on Power Girl's bruised breasts.

"When you girls wake up, remember who's the World's Mightiest Girl!"