The Wizard vs Liberty Belle
"Heat Stroke"

Session Start: Thu Aug 31 11:48:48 2000

* Vladi_Wizard grins at Libby
* LibertyBelle2K blushes, remembering Vladi saw me covered in whip cream last night
* Vladi_Wizard would rather see Libby covered with.... nothing
* LibertyBelle2K can feel the Wizard undressing me with his eyes and now really is blushing
<LibertyBelle2K> Is it ... umm ...warm in here?
* Vladi_Wizard is not being subtle about it...but mentally ripping her costume to shreds
<Vladi_Wizard>, not really
* LibertyBelle2K smiles at Vladi weakly
* Vladi_Wizard looks over a the thermostat... shrugs... and goes back to picturing Libby nekkid
<LibertyBelle2K> Maybe i just ... need .. a Pepsi
<Vladi_Wizard> if it's too hot...maybe you should...ahhhh... undress
* Vladi_Wizard grins
* Vladi_Wizard mentally dresses that he can mentally strip her again
* LibertyBelle2K shifts uncomfortably, noticing the Wizard's Leer (as opposed to the Wizard's Lair? heheh)
<Vladi_Wizard> (*laughs*)
<LibertyBelle2K> (*grins*)
* Vladi_Wizard leans closer to dress...strip...dress... shred costume... dress.. tear asunder clothes .. in his mind
* LibertyBelle2K keeps an eye on the Wizard, just somehow knowing he is up to no good :)
* Vladi_Wizard thinks a bit... the mutters as he wiggles his fingers at Libby's direction, so the air around her starts to get warmer... and warmer in a 10' globe area... and then calmly sips his coffee
* Vladi_Wizard smiles innocently at Libby
* LibertyBelle2K gasps as small beads of sweat form on my skin
<LibertyBelle2K> It ... IS ... getting hot in here
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as the temperature is now a cozy 95 degrees in the area...and going up
* Vladi_Wizard sits back to watch Libby sweat
* LibertyBelle2K places the ice cold Pepsi on my neckand lets the coolness spread along my chest, moving the glass down towards my breasts
<LibertyBelle2K> ohhh ... very hot
* Vladi_Wizard temperature now about 110 degrees...and still rising
<Vladi_Wizard> really?
<Vladi_Wizard> maybe you are coming down with something
* Vladi_Wizard looking cool and confortable
* Vladi_Wizard sipping his HOT coffee
* LibertyBelle2K skin is really sweatig now, feeling dehydrated, weakening
* Vladi_Wizard smirks as the temperature now is 130 degrees...and stabilizes there
<LibertyBelle2K> Maybe ... a virus or some .. thing?
<Vladi_Wizard> hmmmm...perhaps
* LibertyBelle2K moans, feeling sooo hot
* Vladi_Wizard gets up and walks over to Libby to examine her closely...but staying just outside the invisibile globe of the spell area
<LibertyBelle2K> I need ... maybe ... a cool drink... of ... water?
<Vladi_Wizard> you look a bit.. flushed
<Vladi_Wizard> well...seeing that ID is out... I can conjure you up one
* Vladi_Wizard smiles sweetly
* LibertyBelle2K is starting to pant slightly, eyes pleading for the heat to go away
<LibertyBelle2K> Pl .. eas?
<LibertyBelle2K> So .. thirsty
* Vladi_Wizard mutters and conjures up a tall glass of ice water... the sides of the glass glistening... large ice cubes clattering in it as I hand it to Libby thru the area of effect
<Vladi_Wizard> there ya go
<LibertyBelle2K> th-thank you
<Vladi_Wizard> you are very welcome, my dear
* Vladi_Wizard smirks as he slowly walks around to the other side of Libby
* LibertyBelle2K greedily drinks the water, not caring as soe if it falls from my mouth and onto my sweat-coated breasts and belly and thighs
* Vladi_Wizard licks his lips as Libby's costume is sticking even tighter to her body from all the moisture
<Vladi_Wizard> need another glass of water?
* Vladi_Wizard smirks
<Vladi_Wizard> I think she is coming down with something
* Vladi_Wizard nods judiciously
* LibertyBelle2K nods, gasping, sweating hard still
<LibertyBelle2K> I ....
* Vladi_Wizard takes the glass...mutters...and refills it...then hands it back
<Vladi_Wizard> drink deeply, but slowly
* LibertyBelle2K drins slowly, still unable to escape the heat, again dripping water from my chin in small drops towards my thighs
* Vladi_Wizard is the picture of sincere concern... still staying outside the heat spell radius
<LibertyBelle2K> Wha ... what?
* LibertyBelle2K eyes suddenly get big as te glass slips from my hand and shatters onto the floor
<Vladi_Wizard> whoopsie
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles and conjures up a broom and pan...and sweeps up the glass as he keeps an eye on the wobbling Libby
<Vladi_Wizard> I'll take care of the broken glass Libby
* LibertyBelle2K stands, takes two steps, then crumbles in a heap, laying on my side, eyes closed peacefully, legs crossed, right over left, palms down, near my face
* Vladi_Wizard smiles his thanks and dumps the glass...then goes back to Libby... checking her eyes
* Vladi_Wizard mutters to dispell the heat area effect...not needed now as she drank plenty of 'enhanced' water and picks her up easily into his arms
<Vladi_Wizard> tsk... must of been the heat
* Vladi_Wizard mutters and conjures up a glimmering portal, and chuckling steps thru with Libby... the portal closing with a slight *pop* behind them


* Vladi_Wizard steps thru the portal to the other side, and carries your limp body into one of my many dungeons
<Vladi_Wizard> heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> I moans softly, lying in the Wizard's arms, feet and hands dangling towards the ground, my breasts upwards, risingand falling slowly as I lie in unconsciousness, unaware of my predicament
* Vladi_Wizard carrys you to one of my several bondage tables...and lays you down on your back...pausing for a moment to examine your perfect body
<Vladi_Wizard> Now then my much as I think your costume is way cute...I think that I would much rather see... ALL of you
* Vladi_Wizard moves to the foot of the table...and takes your left leg...lifting it up... sliding a large hand along your thigh down over your knee...then taking hold of the boot and slowly sliding it off your leg
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes flutter slightly as my healingfactor ights off the drugged water, still helpless in your arms, but slowly, verrry slowly, becoming semi-awareof my fate
<LibertyBelle2K> "nnnhhhh ...?"
* Vladi_Wizard smiles as I see you stirring on the table... and tosses the boot aside... and removes the other boot next
<LibertyBelle2K> My head rlls side to side, still soooo foggy, my arms sliding along the table weakly, toes wiggle slightly as they are uncovered
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhh .."
* Vladi_Wizard moves to the side of the table... and rolls you over onto your stomach... sighing a bit as I stare in appreciation at your lovely tight ass.. and then I undo the bikini top... then shift you a bit to slide it off
<LibertyBelle2K> I am still too dazed to resist, slowly my awareness grows as my nipples harden slightly from the exposure to the cool air, y legs shifting slightly as i try to roll onto my side, still sooo dizzy
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I roll you back over onto your back... oggling your perfect pert breasts... tight flat belly... and move down the side to hook my fingers into your panties...and slowly start to pull them down your long legs
<LibertyBelle2K> "who ..?"
<Vladi_Wizard> ahhh... waking up already I see
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I pull your panties completely off of you
<LibertyBelle2K> I gasp and try to sit up, but the room SPINS and I collapse onto my back again
<LibertyBelle2K> "Where .. ? What ...? Ohhhh...."
* Vladi_Wizard smiles as I roll you again onto your belly...and conjures up several ropes
<Vladi_Wizard> Where... in my dungeon
<Vladi_Wizard> What... gonna have some fun with you my pretty
<LibertyBelle2K> I lay on my stomach, gathering my thoughts and then tense i fear
<LibertyBelle2K> "D-D-Dungeon?"
* Vladi_Wizard loops the first rope around your left wrist... then takes your left ankle and pulls it up and back to place it beside your wrist...and securing it there...bowing you slightly on that side
<LibertyBelle2K> "Nooo ... don't!"
* Vladi_Wizard you see that it is indeed a dungeon...a rather large one... well lit with glowing globes along the walls...and ALL SORTS of devices...known and unknown
<LibertyBelle2K> I am unable to yet get muscular control and coordination, but am becoming completely aware of what is happening, my body bows on one side, my nipple rubbing the table and, to my dismay, getting harder
* Vladi_Wizard takes the second rope and moves around to the other side of the table... wrapping it around your right wrist...then taking your right leg, bending it up and back...and then securing your ankle to your wrists to bow you a bit further in the modified hogtie
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ahhh ... let .. me ... go!"
<Vladi_Wizard> heh... and a body like YOURS, just fit to be tied!
<Vladi_Wizard> heh
<LibertyBelle2K> My mouth opens wide as my back bows even more, straining no, but tied by an expert, my human level strength no match for the Wizard's ropes
* Vladi_Wizard gets another rope...this time looping it about your arms over your elbows...then passes the end thru the looped end...and starts to pull... drawing your ankles further up behind you as your elbows are brought closer and closer
<LibertyBelle2K> "NOOOO!!"
* Vladi_Wizard tugs a bit until they finally touch...grinning at the lovely groans you make as I loop the rope several times around your elbows and then cinch them tightly secure
<LibertyBelle2K> I try to thrash my body outof your grip, the ropes holding me fast, I bite my lower lip and whimper
* Vladi_Wizard gets another rope...and passes it around your bound wrists and ankles at your right side...looping it around the base of your thigh and pull them to lock at your side
<LibertyBelle2K> I twist my head to look back at you, eyes filled with confusion and slight fear
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I get another rope...and move around to the other side...and repeat the process to lock your left wrist and ankle to your left hip
<LibertyBelle2K> "Why ... are yo ... doing this ... to me?"
<Vladi_Wizard> Because... I thought it would be fun to tie you up... and rape you
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I conjure up a small cord...and grab hold of your long blonde hair...and twist it
<LibertyBelle2K> My mouth just hangs open, a huge ump in my throat, as suddenly I can't breathe
<LibertyBelle2K> "R-R-Rape?"
<LibertyBelle2K> "Owwwww"
* Vladi_Wizard wraps the cord around your hair...and then pulls back as I pass the end thru the cinch at your elbows...bowing you more on the table as I bring your head back... then secure the cord
<Vladi_Wizard> yes... you know... forcible sexual relations
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles
<LibertyBelle2K> I grit my teeth, pain shooting through my body as i am bowed back even more, tied by my hair, trying to shake this away ... it has to be a bad dream, it just has to!
* Vladi_Wizard then takes hold of the rope at your elbows...and lifts you off the table... suspending you in your hogtie beside me as I carry you towards a section with dangling chains and pulleys
<LibertyBelle2K> "AAAHHH"
<Vladi_Wizard> heh...I do so enjoy hearing a heroine groan, Libby
<LibertyBelle2K> I feel tears well up in my eyes as i am carried like a suitcase, the chains and pulleys getting closer and closer
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I move to attach the rope cinch at your elbows to one of the hooks of a descending chain.... and steps back to admire your helpless bowed body as you teeter and sway and rotate in mid-air
<LibertyBelle2K> My head swims from pain and humiliation, gasping and breathing hard
* Vladi_Wizard moves to a nearby cabinet...and opens a drawer...and examines the contents...finally removing a red ball gag... with two rings on either side of it ... and from each ring two light silver chains descend.... and at the end of each is a vicious nipple clamp
<Vladi_Wizard> I suppose that you know what THIS is for, my bound beauty! heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> "Oh noooooo ... please ... don't!"
* Vladi_Wizard as you plead but before you can clamp your mouth shut, I stuff the ball into your mouth
<Vladi_Wizard> Oh...but I will!!
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes are HUGE behind my mask, horrified at what you hold in your hands.
* Vladi_Wizard presses it deep into your mouth with my thumb
<LibertyBelle2K> "MMPHHHH!!!"
* Vladi_Wizard takes the straps and secures them behind your head...then takes hold of the chains
<Vladi_Wizard> you works like this....
<LibertyBelle2K> I almost choke as the ball is shoved etween my teeth, looking at you with fear-filled eyes
<Vladi_Wizard> I attach these to your lovely nipples... and, whenever you move or shift your head... you shift and move the chains that run from the gag to the clamps...
<Vladi_Wizard> spiffy, no?
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I open the clamps up...lowering them down to just over your nipples...but not shut.. yet
<LibertyBelle2K> I shake my head furiously, moaning as my hair is yanked as i do so
<LibertyBelle2K> "MMMMPPHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!""
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes BEG you not to do this
* Vladi_Wizard laughs...and then *SNAP*... *SNAP* the clamps onto your nipples
<LibertyBelle2K> "MM ... MMPPH MPPHH!!!!"
<LibertyBelle2K> Huge tears form in my eyes and drip down my face towards the floor, in pain, degraded, humiliated, defeated by my own naivete and your cunnig plan
* Vladi_Wizard undoes my leather release my rock hard cock to spring free... and you see how large I am... larger than normal (thanks to a certain Pickpockette messing around with my cloning! lol)
<Vladi_Wizard> now...I suppose you know what is... heh... cumming next
<LibertyBelle2K> I am soooo terrified now, unable to even try and resst lest the clamps rip at my nipples, helpless to be used at yur discretion, my eart poundin in my head, any hopes that this is just a bad dream crushed bythe very real pain flowing in m body
<LibertyBelle2K> "mmmmmmmphhhh ..."
* Vladi_Wizard grins at you as I spin you around so that you are facing away from me...and at a large mirror so that you can see me .. and feel me, taking hold of your knees and spreading your bent back legs wider apart
<LibertyBelle2K> I give the tiniest shake of my head, one last plea to you to not do this to me .... a plea that I know already will go unheeded
* Vladi_Wizard steps up...and just pauses...running the head of my throbbing cock over your pussy lips... then slowly applying just enough pressure to part them
<LibertyBelle2K> "hhhMpphh"
<Vladi_Wizard> mmmmmmmm.... such a lovely little pussy you have, my dear...I think it's time I do some.. heh... exploratory drilling
<LibertyBelle2K> I whimer softly into the ball gag, unable to peel my eyes away from the haunting sight in the mirror, almost ready to hyperventilate ... sooo frightened now
* Vladi_Wizard takes hold of the chain that suspends you in your hogtie...and suddenly pulls you back towards me as I thrust my hips forward... plunging my large cock to fill you to the brim...and then some!!
<Vladi_Wizard> ooooohhhhhhhhh...yesssssssssss
<LibertyBelle2K> "MMMPHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"
* Vladi_Wizard starts to swing you by the chain... thrusting into you as I pull you back... sinking my huge shaft deeper and deeper into your helpless body... my other hand starting to slide over and along your silky slick skin
<Vladi_Wizard> ughhhh ughhhhh ughhhh ughhhhhh
<LibertyBelle2K> I SCREAM into the gag, my sex ripped open, not even lubricated or anythin, pain tearing through my groin as you take e with your hard thrust
<LibertyBelle2K> "OOOOOMMMMPHHHH!!"
<LibertyBelle2K> Over and over I scream, my body swaying in the mirror, biting down hard on the gag
* Vladi_Wizard rocks you faster and faster... watching your face in the mirror as you grimmace prettily about the ball gag that tugs and shifts the nipple clamps
<Vladi_Wizard> ugghhhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
* Vladi_Wizard feels myself getting closer and closer to orgasm as I thrust hard and fast and deep.. spreading your thighs further apart to thrust even deeper into you from behind
<LibertyBelle2K> My face is a tear streaked mess now, so humiliated, so devasted by how easily you took me, as if i was just some floozy and not a superheroine worthy of protecting the innocent when I can't even protect myself
* Vladi_Wizard finally pulls you back hard against me...and slams into you and holds it as I explode deeply into you...filling you with my hot seed
* Vladi_Wizard pumps and spurts
<Vladi_Wizard> uuughhhhhhh oooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<LibertyBelle2K> I shake as yu cum inside me,the final degrading act of the day, nothing else you can do can crush my spirit more at this point, sobbing uncontrollably in my gag.
* Vladi_Wizard sighs as I finish inside you....grinning at you thru the mirror
<Vladi_Wizard> that was fun, no? heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> I sag, spent from the rape, gasping and moaining into the gag, unable to do a thing but swing slowly back and forth
* Vladi_Wizard slowly pulls out of you...and twirls you around to face me... reaching forward to take hold of the clamps chains and shifting them back and forth
<Vladi_Wizard> wish me to remove your gag?
<LibertyBelle2K> "MMMPH"
<LibertyBelle2K> I whimper softly, odding, my eyes pleading
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles and undoes the straps of the gag...and lowers it that it is hanging down via the nipple clamps that are still attached to you
<LibertyBelle2K> (nodding)
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhhhhhhh ... please ... no more ..."
<Vladi_Wizard> ohhhhh...but I am just getting started with you
<LibertyBelle2K> I am sobbing, trembling, and gaspingas I look at you
<Vladi_Wizard> Now...if you want me to let you down... I suggest you...
* Vladi_Wizard grins wickedly
<Vladi_Wizard> clean me...nicely
<LibertyBelle2K> "please .. not that .."
<Vladi_Wizard> well...then I will just let you hang there then till your arms pop out
<LibertyBelle2K> I try and turn away impossible to do in my tight bonds
* Vladi_Wizard strokes under your chin as my still hard cock throbs before your face...covered with cum
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes look at you with one more plea
<LibertyBelle2K> "Please ... don't do this .."
* Vladi_Wizard nudges the gag harness to swing under you...tugging on the clamps
<Vladi_Wizard> oh... this is NOTHING, Libby
<LibertyBelle2K> My mouth opens wide in a silent scream
* Vladi_Wizard pulls on the suspending chain...and slides my large cum coated cock into your mouth
<Vladi_Wizard> now...clean it nicely..any thoughts of doing something I wouldn't enjoy will be SEVERLY dealt with
<LibertyBelle2K> "MMMMPHH!"
<Vladi_Wizard> ummmmmmmm...
<LibertyBelle2K> I want so bad to BITE but the nipple clamps ... they HURT ... I shudder and softly suckle on your manhood
<Vladi_Wizard> yessss...very good...ahhhhhhhhhh
<Vladi_Wizard> lick me clean....ahhhhh
<LibertyBelle2K> My tongue slides along your cock as ,y tears fall down hitting your legs
<LibertyBelle2K> 'mmmmmph"
<Vladi_Wizard> ummmmmmmm
* Vladi_Wizard moans with pleasure as I slowly shift my hips moving in and out of your mouth...enjoying the feel of your lips and tongue
<Vladi_Wizard> goood...mmmmm....very good
<LibertyBelle2K> My lips drag along your member as i lick and suck obediently, praying you'll release me soon
* Vladi_Wizard slowly pulls out of your mouth... my cock glistening from your licking the cum off... and packs myself back into my leather pants
<Vladi_Wizard> I promised ... I will remove you from THIS position
<LibertyBelle2K> I sigh in relief, praying my ordeal is over
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I pick up the gag harness... keeping pressure however on your nipples.... pulling on it to rock you a bit towards me by the biting clamps
<LibertyBelle2K> "AHHHH ... plese ... stop ..."
<LibertyBelle2K> My tears flow even harder ... somuch pain on my npples
* Vladi_Wizard undoes the clamps from your nipples and you rock back and slowly rotate as you writhe
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhhhh ..."
<LibertyBelle2K> My nipples stil burn from the clamps that are thankfully gone
* Vladi_Wizard reaches up and grabs hold of the rope at your elbows and lifts you off the hook.... and carrys you like a suitcase at my side casually across the dungeon to another section
<LibertyBelle2K> "Please ... owwww ... let me go ... "
<LibertyBelle2K> My body swings haphazardly, bowed to its imits
<Vladi_Wizard> Now... my 'engineer' made me something that I would to try out...and since you are here... heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohh god ..."
* Vladi_Wizard carrys you to a bondage table and sets you down on your belly on top of it
<LibertyBelle2K> I groan as my breasts graze the new table, eyes wide as I look around as best I can for an escape
* Vladi_Wizard suddenly flips you over so you are resting only on the top of your pulled back head and your knees and toes...your belly bowed upwards
<LibertyBelle2K> "AHHH"
<LibertyBelle2K> I scream in surprise at the flip, nipples pointing to the ceiling of the dungeon
* Vladi_Wizard roams my large hands...oddly warm and soft over your bowed torso... fingertips caressing over your abdominal muscles and under your breasts
<Vladi_Wizard> such a perfect body.... looks like you are a that correct?
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ohhh ... y-yes"
* Vladi_Wizard hands tingling as I roam over your torso...caressing over your breasts and thighs as you writhe on the table top
<Vladi_Wizard> good... I think that you will be perfect then to test out my latest... toy
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ohhh please ... what ... toy?"
* Vladi_Wizard squeezes your breasts...then I flip you back over onto your belly again
<LibertyBelle2K> "Mmmmm"
<LibertyBelle2K> My breasts spring to attention then I gasp, landing on my belly again
* Vladi_Wizard I remove the ropes from your hair.... then from your thighs... then from your elbows... leaving your wrists still bound to your ankles...and then I start to caress along your back and ass
<Vladi_Wizard> hmmmmmm...such a lovely ass too
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ohhh ... what?"
<Vladi_Wizard> You'll see... heh
<Vladi_Wizard> have patience
<LibertyBelle2K> I sigh in relief, so much pressure released, my arms, legs and back given a reprise
* Vladi_Wizard your body still bowed a bit by your ankles bound to your wrists at your sides...I reach under the table...and a pair metal clamps move up from the table to lock about your trim waist to hold you down to the table
<Vladi_Wizard> you don't get any ideas while I get you ready
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ugh"
* Vladi_Wizard I untie your wrists and ankles... and press another lever under the table and clamps lock against your thighs
<LibertyBelle2K> I squirm in the waist clamp, frustrated you always a step ahead
* Vladi_Wizard I then move to a cabinet..and open it up...and take out a large box and move back to the table and open it up
<LibertyBelle2K> "Let me ... go NOW!"
* Vladi_Wizard inside are a number of glimmering bands made from a strange metal
<Vladi_Wizard> tsk tsk tsk
<Vladi_Wizard> No
<LibertyBelle2K> Without all the pain, I start to grow prideful and ndignant again
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I start to place the bands on you...they automatically and mystically seal seamlessly as I fasten bands around your wrists and upper arms... easily defeating and blocking your blows at me as you are held on the table
<LibertyBelle2K> "Grrrrrr"
* Vladi_Wizard slightly larger bands are attached around your calves and fore arms and biceps.. the metal melds against your flesh perfectly... is smooth and warm
<Vladi_Wizard> fiesty, aren't you? heh
<LibertyBelle2K> I struggle vainly, glaring at ou, the heroine in me trying hard to return
* Vladi_Wizard I fasten another pair of about your neck... the other about your forehead... and reach into the box again
<Vladi_Wizard> oooooo...if looks could kill!! heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> "You ... are gonna get it ... as soon .. as ... I ... UNGH ... get free!"
* Vladi_Wizard a pair of larger mystic metal bands I attach about your thighs... each band staying right where I placed it... not slipping or sliding in the least
<Vladi_Wizard> ohhhh... you think you can defeat me if you were free, Libby?
<LibertyBelle2K> I snarl "I'd kick your molesting rear end."
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I remove the largest ones.. leaving only two others in the box.. and fasten them around your torso above your breasts at your chest.. under them.. and at your waist.. the last one at your hips
<Vladi_Wizard> hmmmmmmmmm.... maybe I should give you just that chance... you know.. be sporting and all that
* Vladi_Wizard moves around the table to look into your face, and you can see that I am actually considering it
<LibertyBelle2K> "If you had the balls that is!"
* Vladi_Wizard leans down
<Vladi_Wizard> oh...I think I already proved that!
* Vladi_Wizard laughs
<Vladi_Wizard> okay... tell you what....
<LibertyBelle2K> I blush HARD at your words
<Vladi_Wizard> The bands stay... for now.. but, I won't do anything with them ... at this point
<Vladi_Wizard> I release you from the table
<Vladi_Wizard> you defeat me... I let you go
<Vladi_Wizard> I defeat you... well... I continue
* Vladi_Wizard grins
<LibertyBelle2K> Untied, I look at you, stretching the small cramps out of my body
<Vladi_Wizard> I'll even put you back in costume
* Vladi_Wizard smiles
<Vladi_Wizard> deal?
<LibertyBelle2K> "Then I'll be going free in about 10 seconds."
<LibertyBelle2K> "It's a deal!"
* Vladi_Wizard laughs as I straighten up...and move towards the center of the dungeon.. I mutter and the door shimmers as it fades into the solid stone
* Vladi_Wizard I then mutter again and wave my fingers at you... and you are fully dressed in your costume once again...and there are a series of *clanks* as the clamps release you from the table
<LibertyBelle2K> I circle around you slowly, getting an idea
* Vladi_Wizard smiles as I slowly turn with you.... on the balls of my feet... hands slightly open at my sides
<LibertyBelle2K> Grinning at you, I pull my bikin back off. "Oh no, I am fighting you withut the clothing."
* Vladi_Wizard smiles at you...but not letting my guard down
<Vladi_Wizard> I have already seen you naked, Libby
<Vladi_Wizard> impressive, yes
<LibertyBelle2K> "Yes, but you haven't really SEEN, now have you?"
<LibertyBelle2K> I jump into a hand stand and wrap my legs around your head, pulling your face into my groin
<Vladi_Wizard> ummmppphhh
* Vladi_Wizard immediately drops to the floor...and back rolls up and over you...driving my knees down towards your belly
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ahhn"
<LibertyBelle2K> I roll to the side, clutching my belly standing quickly
* Vladi_Wizard rolls out... grunting a bit...was easier this move when I was bald
* Vladi_Wizard spins about on my knees...shooting my left leg out in a low sweep at your legs
<Vladi_Wizard> oh...and by the way...I am not JUST a wizard...but a WAR Wizard
<LibertyBelle2K> I take a deep breath, cartwheel around you, then sprinboard into you, grabbing your head and shoving my breasts in your face
* Vladi_Wizard bites
<LibertyBelle2K> "AAHHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard slams my open palms into your sides just above your kidneys
* Vladi_Wizard then reaches down to grab your ankles...and heave up
<LibertyBelle2K> I fall away clutchig my breast, my sides exploding in pain
<LibertyBelle2K> "YIIIEEE!!!"
* Vladi_Wizard grins at you as I skip back
<Vladi_Wizard> yummy breasts too
<LibertyBelle2K> I flip over, landing on my hands and knees
* Vladi_Wizard cracks my neck to loosen it up
<LibertyBelle2K> I look at you, more cautious now, eyes darting around, ooking for an advantage
<Vladi_Wizard> oh...thought I was your stereotypical weak wizard, did you?
* Vladi_Wizard grins as I start to circle again... dancing a bit on my toes
<LibertyBelle2K> I smile and start to run away from you, then leap my feet spring off the wall as I sail over you in a flip, land behind you and kick at your right knee
* Vladi_Wizard is familiar with the move and shifts just in time to prevent damage..but still is connected to... dropping to one knee as I let it give out
<Vladi_Wizard> ughhhhhh
* Vladi_Wizard continues to drop to that side...bringing my other leg up and over hard towards your head
<LibertyBelle2K> I then spin, roll over your back and send a kick at your face, but am knocked away by your move
<LibertyBelle2K> "unnh"
* Vladi_Wizard as I roll the kick slams into my shoulder, making me grunt as I roll up and then kick out to my feet
<Vladi_Wizard> guhhhh
<LibertyBelle2K> "Thought I was just a puny girl, didn't ya?"
* Vladi_Wizard smiles at you as I shake out my knee
<LibertyBelle2K> I grin, round 2 to me
<Vladi_Wizard> oh no...I never underestimate my opponent
* Vladi_Wizard suddenly plants the leg in a step forward...shifting my body as I spin quickly to launch a roundhouse kick at your head
<LibertyBelle2K> I gasp, shouldn't have been bragging, then SMACK, my face is jarred by your kick, sendingme rolling towards the wall
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ohhh ..."
* Vladi_Wizard you note as I spin and my hair flys about my head that I have pointed ears... I am not 'exactly' human, which may explain my speed and dexterity
<LibertyBelle2K> I shake my head, blinking as I start to get up
* Vladi_Wizard takes a couple quick steps forward...leaping up and planting my hands on a bondage table and launching myself up and flipping over to fly feet first towards you aiming for your chest
<LibertyBelle2K> "nooo"
<LibertyBelle2K> I get my hands up but it is all ... and futile
<LibertyBelle2K> Your feet slam into me driving me on into the wall, my back arching as i hit, then I slowly sink to my knees
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhhhhhhhh ..."
* Vladi_Wizard I slam into you with my feet driving into your stomach as you deflected them somewhat with your hands...but my momentum means that my knees slam into your chest... and as I slam you into the wall...I drop my legs to either side of you as you slide to your knees
* Vladi_Wizard grins at you as I grab you by your hair with my left hand..stepping back and lifting you up to your feet before me
<Vladi_Wizard> Do you give?
<LibertyBelle2K> "n-no .."
<Vladi_Wizard> Okay
<LibertyBelle2K> I place my feet against the wall and then kick out, spinnging
* Vladi_Wizard suddenly shoots my right fist out in a snap punch....hitting the wall
<Vladi_Wizard> ooowwwwww
* Vladi_Wizard suddenly turns the opposite way... slashing out with my opposite hand towards you
<LibertyBelle2K> I spin you around, placing my feet on your chest, grabbing your neck I roll down and .....
<LibertyBelle2K> "Gghhhh"
<Vladi_Wizard> uuugghhhh
<LibertyBelle2K> Your back hand sends me crashing to the floor
* Vladi_Wizard slams into the floor as you pull me with you...but roll with it off of you
* Vladi_Wizard spins around as I get my feet under me and pop back up to my feet
<LibertyBelle2K> I stumble up, holding my jaw, the fist havin rocked me good
<LibertyBelle2K> "ooohhh ... owwwww"
* Vladi_Wizard rolls my left shoulder that slammed to the floor
<LibertyBelle2K> I think, damn, Round 3 to you
* Vladi_Wizard grins as I start to dance up again on the balls of my feet... hands up a bit towards my chest as I circle towards your off hand side
<LibertyBelle2K> I leap in the air, doing a 360 a I shoot my foot at towards your jaw
* Vladi_Wizard grins as I shift to the side into your kick...grabbing ahold of your foot...and twisting it as I suddenly spin...using your momentem to toss you towards a pillar
<LibertyBelle2K> "AAAIIEEEE"
<Vladi_Wizard> nice move, Libby...but not exactly a surprise after your other attacks
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes grow WIDE as I sail helplessly towards the pillar ... a sickening smack is heard as my entire front, face, chest, belly, hi the pillar without any give, I stand there against it for a secon and then step back ... and fall to the ground face first
<Vladi_Wizard> tsk tsk tsk
* Vladi_Wizard I move up to you... leaning over as I grab ahold of your hair and pull your head back... and check your responses to see if you are out or not
<LibertyBelle2K> My left leg slides slowly along the floor as my perky rear sticks up slightly, a soft endess groan comng from my helpless form
* Vladi_Wizard I let go of your drop your head back to the floor
<Vladi_Wizard> I take it that I won
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I mutter to return the doors to shimmer back into place
<LibertyBelle2K> I ay there, eyes closed, leg still barely moving, still groanng
* Vladi_Wizard I reach down and pick you up... and lift you up into my arms and carry you towards one of the doors...that leads to a special room
<LibertyBelle2K> I dangle lifelessly in your arms, only my ragged breathing and soft moaning any signs of life, a small cut over my left eye drips tiny blood streaks along the floor
* Vladi_Wizard I carry you into a room that is about 20 feet square... well lit but from no noticeable lamps, indeed there is nothing noteable to the room...but that there are a multitude of round metal disks inset in the walls, floor and ceiling of the same material of the bands you wear
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhhh"
* Vladi_Wizard I carry you to the middle of the floor...and lay you down on your back there... and then step back towards one wall... the door closing behind us disappears as it is sealed perfectly... I reach into my mystic sash and pull out a small ivory box with golden button studs and silver knobs and mini- levers
<LibertyBelle2K> "unnnh" I stir, barely, ifting my left hand only to have it crash back down to the floor
* Vladi_Wizard I wait for you to stir a bit more...till I note that you are becoming aware of your surrounding
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhh .. my head ..."
<LibertyBelle2K> My voice is just a tiny whisper, unable to muster the strength to do anything more, my hips writhe slowly back and forth
* Vladi_Wizard I grin as I press a gold stud..then turn a knob...and there is a soft humming all around you... and you feel the bands tingling a bit
<LibertyBelle2K> "nnnhhhh"
* Vladi_Wizard I flip one small lever...and the mystic magnetic metals hold you in the field of the room... and I lift you up via the bands about you to float in the middle of the room
<LibertyBelle2K> Oddly, I welcome the strange sensation, as the pain is overridden by a tingling, my eyes close and I relax .... not totally aware tat the sensations are just beginning
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhh ... what?"
<LibertyBelle2K> I suddely realize I am ... floating???
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes shoot open
* Vladi_Wizard I adjust the settings...and you are shifted so that you are turned to face me... and flip you over so you are belly down
<LibertyBelle2K> I gasp as I stare at the floor
<LibertyBelle2K> "Wh-what ... are you ... doing?"
<Vladi_Wizard> I thought I told you...I am testing out this... device
* Vladi_Wizard I grin at you as I turn a knob to rotate you on your long axis... so you face up...down...up...down...up....
<LibertyBelle2K> 'T-Testing? What if ... ohhh ... it isn't ... s-s-safe?"
<LibertyBelle2K> "AHHH"
<LibertyBelle2K> I start to get dizzy, flipping over and over ... but that's not all ... i start to feel .. something ... else ...
<LibertyBelle2K> "OOOOHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard laughs as I start to rotate you along the side you face down... rotating you before me
<Vladi_Wizard> hmmmmmmm.... just the basic stuff right now, my dear
<LibertyBelle2K> "Oh God, my ... ohhhhh .... mmmmm"
* Vladi_Wizard I press some your arms are locked at your sides and your legs together, against the cintrepical (sp) force
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes grow even wider as my nipples start to harden. I shake my head in denial ... I can't be ... turned on ... by this
<LibertyBelle2K> "NooOOOO"
* Vladi_Wizard I stop the rotations...and flip you back over to face the ceiling...and shift a lever and knob and your legs are spread out...wide!
<LibertyBelle2K> "NOOOOOOOOOO"
<LibertyBelle2K> I look up at yu in shock, my entire body starting to react sooo strangely ...I bite my lip and groan
* Vladi_Wizard I flip another botton as I slowly move around the room watching you...and your knees are brought up to bend your legs
<Vladi_Wizard> hmmmmmm....interesting, no?
<LibertyBelle2K> "Nooo ... sssstoooppp"
* Vladi_Wizard I make another adjustment and you are flipped over to stand hovering in the air...your legs still spread and ankles pulled up behind you to face me
<LibertyBelle2K> I shake my head furiously, it was badenough when you raped me ... now you are manipulating my body too
* Vladi_Wizard I grin as I walk up to you... the magnetic forces not affecting me as it only affects the metal bands that you wear
<LibertyBelle2K> my brow is wet from sweat and my nipples are like rocks they are sooo hard
* Vladi_Wizard I press a couple more buttons..and your arms are brought up over your head...and I spread your arms apart by turning a small knob
<Vladi_Wizard> hmmmm... looks like you are finding this interesting, aren't you
* Vladi_Wizard smiles as I reach out to slide a fingertip over your left nipple thru your top
<LibertyBelle2K> I can only look at you as you approach, held in place by the magnetic bands
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhhhh .. ahhhh ... MMMMM"
<LibertyBelle2K> I arch into your hands, my nipples on fire from your touch
* Vladi_Wizard I make it so your ankles drop down under you...and then turn the knob to slowly stretch your arms and legs wider and wider apart... eyeing how your muscles play under your skin as you writhe
<LibertyBelle2K> "AHHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard I then cup your right breast... slowly massaging it thru your top... then draw my fingertips down your taut belly.... to trace your quivering abdominal muscles
<Vladi_Wizard> mmmmmm.... I do so enjoy a body such as yours, Libby
<LibertyBelle2K> My body indeed writhes, again being stretched to ts limits, a lesser agile woman would have been ripped inhalf
* Vladi_Wizard my large hand slides over your quivering body..along your belly...flanks...hips... my palm tingling oddly... my touch soft and sensual and knowing just how and where to touch
* Vladi_Wizard I grin up at you as I slide my hand between your legs to cup your pussy thru your bikini bottoms...and softly knead you there
<Vladi_Wizard> heh heh... feeling a bit...damp there Libby
<LibertyBelle2K> My mouth hangs open as my body tenses at yor magicla touch
<LibertyBelle2K> "Oh god oh God Ohh GODD OHHHHHHHHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard I grin as I get an idea...and then mutter as I run my hands along your bottoms... and they shimmer and quiver... against you.. and two small nodules form inside... one at your pussy.. another at your ass
<LibertyBelle2K> I gasp and groan as your newest idea rocks my entire body with pain/pleasure chills
* Vladi_Wizard I run my hand up to slide over your bikini top... and it too shimmers and quivers... and a larger nub forms over your nipples
<LibertyBelle2K> "What ... are ... you .. dooooOOHHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard I step back as the nubs in your panties start to grow...and lengthen... forming two phallus's with start to press into your pussy and ass... the nubs at your top spreading to the size of large coins...and then they start to vibrate and open and close over your nipples.. gripping.. rubbing... squeezing them
<Vladi_Wizard> now...let's see some more of your flexibility, shall we? heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes grow hge as my holes are invaded, the niple stimulation nearly causing me to cum right on the spot
* Vladi_Wizard I move back and adjust the box again... bringing your legs together to shift the dynamics of the dildos now deep inside you... which are now starting to vibrate as well
* Vladi_Wizard your bikini top is now squeezing and massaging your breasts as the coin sized nubs encase your nipples... massicating them as I make your legs press together tightly... and then move your arms to slap against your sides
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ohhhhhhhh ... stooooopppp"
<LibertyBelle2K> "I'm gghhhh goinfg to ... OhhOHHHHHHHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard grins I turn the knob to spin you around so you are now head down and hanging upside down in the magnetic field... writhing helplessly as the vibs pulsate inside you.. your top working your breasts and nipples
<LibertyBelle2K> "ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
<LibertyBelle2K> It s finally too much, the sudden shift upside down causes me to tighten ,,, and then I cum hard on the dildo thingie inside me
* Vladi_Wizard I then flip you over so you are 'on' your back... I stand at your side as I bring your arms then under you... pressing your wrists and elbows together...smiling as I watch your breasts thrust upwards from the tension...your body quivering from your orgasm... the top squeezing and massaging.. tweaking your nipples
<Vladi_Wizard> Ahhhh...thar she blows!
* Vladi_Wizard laughs
<LibertyBelle2K> My eyes grow even wider as I realize that I can't stop ...
* Vladi_Wizard the pressure of your arms bound behind you makes your breasts press harder into your top.. the nubs at your nipples pressing tighter against them as they buzz and nip and nibble
<LibertyBelle2K> "Ohhh GODDDDD"
* Vladi_Wizard I bring your arms down from your back... and then dip your thighs down a bit..then start to pull your ankles back... bowing you backwards in mid air
<LibertyBelle2K> I cum over and over and oer, my nipples stimuated soooo much
<LibertyBelle2K> "PPlleeasse stoooooop ... cann't OHHHHHHHHH take ittttttttttttt ... OHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
* Vladi_Wizard I shift the controls to bring your ankles towards your wrists.. so you are almost a hovering O
<Vladi_Wizard> yesssss....very flexible indeed
<LibertyBelle2K> I am cummig so hard and so much I feel like I am about to pass out
<LibertyBelle2K> "OhhhOHHHHHHH ...ohhhhh ..... ohhhh"
<LibertyBelle2K> My moans get weaker and weaker ...
* Vladi_Wizard I chuckle as I turn the knob to start to rotate you around along the short axis clockwise... and then another one so you are also spinning slowing along your long axis...
<LibertyBelle2K> "ohhh ..."
<LibertyBelle2K> The new spinning is the finalstraw
<Vladi_Wizard> can't get any better ride from a circus! heh heh heh
<LibertyBelle2K> My mind slowly swims into a cloud of blackness and i succumb to the land of wet dreams, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as my eyelids flutter and then close
* Vladi_Wizard I chuckle as I press the slowly lower your limp body to the ground... and release the magnetic field
<LibertyBelle2K> I breathe softly, my body twithing from the atershock of so many orgasms, layig completely defeated at your feet
* Vladi_Wizard leaves your costume as it is...thinking it a nice touch
<Vladi_Wizard> well...I must thank you for 'volunteering' to test this for me, Libby
* Vladi_Wizard I laugh
* Vladi_Wizard I then mutter and wave my hands over your limp body..and the bands drop off of your body
<LibertyBelle2K> I softly moan in my sleep, imprisoned in this costume of orgasms, eyes staying closed, the defiant heroine now just a toy for you to play with
* Vladi_Wizard chuckles as I pick you up...and open a portal...and step thru... to return you to the Ship bar... your costume continuing to quiver

<LibertyBelle2K> :)
<Vladi_Wizard> :)
<Vladi_Wizard> great fun doll! thanks :)
<LibertyBelle2K> you are welcome :)

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