Chapter 21. Janet Dodges the Proverbial Bullet


            Janet quickly walked to ‘The Wall’ door, where she grinned at the three sisters and chortled pleasantly, “Hi, my twin sister, Janet, who was here last Friday night described three girls who looked like you three.  Your names aren’t Tricia, Tina, and Jill, are they?  I’m using my sister’s name, Janet, by the way, to honor the donation of her breasts when she was here.”

            “Yes, I’m Tricia,” the oldest of the three girls replied, “and these are my sisters, Tina and Jill.  You are not going to tell me that two of those girls sitting at your table are also twins of girls debreasted here last Friday night are you, Janet?  As a statistician, I would find having three girls with identical twins sitting at the same table highly improbable.  So it is true that the government has perfected cloning, but is keeping it a secret so that the food stock, us girls, won’t get any inappropriate ideas.”

“From what I’ve seen, either knowing a government secret or being an escaped clone from a secret facility would get a girl converted to meat very quickly, Tricia, so why don’t we stick with my story,” Janet said with a laugh.  “Now, are you three going to play the game again tonight, and if so are you hoping to get debreasted this time, or are you hoping to get lucky again and to return to your table with those C-cups intact?” 

“Your story IS safer,” Tricia replied with a laugh, “so we will stick with it, and yes, Janet, we are going to play the game again tonight.  Actually this will be our fifth booth stint and the fourth night in a row we have played.  And yes, we’re still hoping that we get pleasure beam doses without donating our bacon.  What about you, Janet.  You’re not hoping to donate your own set of C-cups, like your twin sister did Friday night, are you?”

            “Actually I am,” Janet said with a giggle.  “You girls do know that you will get your bacon poached sooner or later if you keep playing the booth game, don’t you?”

“Yes Janet we do, and statistically speaking, we are overdue for one of us to get debreasted,” Tricia replied with a soft quiet voice.  “We’ve made a pact to cover that contingency.  The night one of us gets debreasted, we are all going to simultaneously ride the three Jessica’s they have here.”

“I see!” Janet replied softly.  “While that isn’t a decision I am able to condone, it is your right to make it.  However, let’s try to make sure it doesn’t happen tonight, and I’m thinking the best chance we have of doing that is to break up this lineup of C-cups with an even better sized set.  Do you mind if I order the waitress on potential menu item duty to join us before we go through the door?”

Tricia watched her sisters shrug their shoulders before replying, “Not at all, Janet.  The potential menu item waitress might not be thrilled to be joining us, however.”

Janet nodded, before saying with a loud giggle, “Maybe not, Tricia, but she gets nicely paid to be available to do a booth stint when ordered to do so by a male or breasted customer, and will get a nice pension, unlike you and your sisters, if her breasts get poached.”  Janet turned to face the bar and yelled, “Hey!  Could we get the potential menu item waitress over here at ‘The Wall’ door, please?”


Bill frowned as he heard Janet’s words and then watched Cheryl rush out from behind the bar to comply with the request made of her.  “What is your spunky little friend up to, Wanda?” the owner of Final Fantasy asked.  “I sure hope she isn’t going to cost me yet another pension!”

Wanda shrugged and replied, “Me too, Bill.  That would be so 41st Century of her if she did so.  I wouldn’t like to see her getting acculturated quite that quickly!”

Sue nodded her head in agreement with Wanda and spat, “Here!  Here!  I suspect Janet is trying to protect those three sisters from being debreasted again, like the last time we were here.  However, that time she did it using a waitress who wanted to take a booth.  It wouldn’t be right to do the same thing with a girl who didn’t want her breasts risked.”


“Hi, Cheryl,” Janet said with a wicked smile on her face as the nude waitress arrived to stand before the four girls, “these sisters and I are about ready to fill four of the booths.  Are you game to join us?”

“No Miss…Janet, isn’t it?” Cheryl replied with obvious concern on her face.  “I would rather not, as we are short two waitresses already, and it will be a while longer before their replacements arrive.  That said, as the on-duty potential menu item waitress, I will have to fill a booth if you tell me to do so, as all of the booths are empty.”

Janet nodded and frowned, before saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way, Cheryl, but we do need another booth player, so I’m going to have to ask you to…”  Janet paused as an exquisite oriental girl with raven hair mid-way down her back and almond-colored eyes joined the group of girls standing before the Game room door.  Janet took one look at the girls perfect pinkish-brown tipped D-cups, and said, “Hi, I’m Janet, miss.  Are you going to play the booth game?”

“Yes, Janet, my name is Soolin,” the oriental girl replied, “I do plan to take a booth.  I’ve just been waiting for other girls to gather before ‘The Wall’ door so that I would have some company as I played.”

Janet nodded, and then smiled at Cheryl before saying, “Thanks Cheryl, it seems I don’t need you after all.”  Janet watched as the waitress, looking very relieved, rushed back to her station behind the bar before asking, “So, Soolin, are you hoping someone will pop those D-cups of yours, or are you hoping to still be carrying them on your chest when you return to your table?”

“I’m hoping to get a nice pleasure beam dose, and return to my table just the way I am, Janet,” Soolin replied with a shy smile.  “This is my first visit to one of these nightclubs, and I’ve heard how wonderful the orgasmatrons are.  My sorority sisters, back at my table, told me that hardly anyone ever gets debreasted in these games, and that I should be quite safe.  I have to do three stints in a booth tonight as part of my sorority initiation.”

“Well, Soolin,” Janet replied with a smile, “you are most welcome to join us, although I do hope your sorority sisters are not having you on.  From what I’ve seen, D-cups like yours make people hungry!  These girls, sisters obviously, are Tricia, Tina, and Jill.  Why don’t we go inside the Game room, and doff our clothes.  If you wouldn’t mind, Soolin, could you take booth 3 so that we can flank your wonderful D-cups with a double set of C-cups?”  Janet watched Soolin nod as the five girls hurried through ‘The Wall’ door and began to quickly get undressed.


“Well, it looks like my bank account got lucky,” Bill said chuckling with obvious relief as Cheryl walked away from the door to the Game room.  “I do hope Janet gets over being peeved at me for following Club X custom and entering her, and Sue, and Zatanna, into the Final Fantasy lottery, Wanda.  Then again, there may soon be some other reasons for Janet to be irritated with me.  I’ll be back in a while, girls.”  Bill quickly stood as he watched the five girls at ‘The Wall’ door file into the Game room.

“Oh, Janet will be irritated to no end with you, Bill,” Wanda replied with a loud giggle, wearing a knowing grin on her face.  “Do have fun!”

“What, where are you going, Bill?” Zatanna asked as Bill began walking away.  “What’s going on, Wanda?  Where is Bill off to?” the raven-haired heroine asked her auburn-haired tablemate when the nightclub owner didn’t reply.

“He seems to be headed into the Game room,” Sue observed before Wanda could reply to Zatanna.  “Perhaps he has some work in his office he needs to get done.  He can’t spend all night socializing with us.”

“I don’t think work is what is on Bill’s mind, Sue,” Wanda chortled.  “I expect he wants to watch Janet’s turn in the booth up close…real close, in fact.”


As the five girls reached the booth area, Soolin immediately entered booth 3 in compliance with Janet’s request.  The booth attendant, Jane, still sporting her blonde Mohawk, moved to stand behind Soolin so that she could guide her through the booth controls; Jane knew a booth rookie when she saw one.  Tricia looked at Tina and Jill, and said, “As usual, you two take booths 4 and 5, which are statistically the safest booths.  That leaves booths 1 and 2 for Janet and me.  Which booth do you want, Janet?”

“Let’s see,” Janet said softly, “didn’t you tell my twin sister that booth 1 has a statistically greater propensity to generate a debreasting than booth 2, Tricia?”  Janet watched as the statistics major nodded and then said, “I’ll take booth 1, hoping that you got your sums right!”  Janet heard footsteps behind her, and glanced back to watch Bill Jennings take his usual position against the back wall behind the booths, where he could see what was happening inside all five booths.

“Tricia, what debreasting method are we going to choose this time,” Tina asked from booth 4, sounding a bit nervous.  “Guillotine blade maybe the statistically safest setting for breasts of our size, but I would like a higher pleasure beam intensity setting this time.”

“Me too!” Jill called out from booth 5.  “What setting are you going to choose, Tricia?”

“You’ve lived long enough, have you two?” Tricia asked sarcastically.  “Well, Janet’s right, we three will take rides on Jessica’s some night soon if we keep taking turns in these booths.  Either that or one or more of our numbers will come up in the weekly government lottery, which would be even worse.  Let’s do one of the laser settings this time, on the slow speed setting.  The double-cut, duel lasers from top and bottom should bring us to most satisfactory climaxes while still being a statistically lower risk of generating a debreasting than most of the other debreasting methods.” 

Janet heard the sisters move into their booths and press their breasts through each of their booths debtreasting portals, awakening their bacon traps’ restraining systems, and decided it was time for her to do the same.  The spunky heroine quickly walked to the forward end of the compartment, waited until the automatic breast level adjustment raised the floor she stood on slightly until the bases of her breasts were at the proper height, and pushed her C-cups through the debreasting portals.  The booth restraints immediately snapped tight around her lower back and upper thighs, trapping Janet tightly against the front of the booth with her thighs spread and centered over the orgasmatron beam emitter. 

Janet suddenly realized there was someone in the booth behind her and twisted her head to see who it was.  “Bill, what are you doing in here with me?” Janet asked softly.  “I’ve done this before.  I don’t need any help!”

“Yes, of course you don’t need any help, Janet,” Bill replied and chuckled.  “I’m just curious as to how you are going to choose to lose those breasts of yours—what kind of pain you will be allowing to be inflicted upon yourself as you do.  Maybe I’ll want to share that pain with you.”  Bill made a point of making as much sound as possible as he undid his belt and allowed his suit pants to drop to the booth floor.

Janet cringed as she realized she was in danger of being sodomized.  She paled as she realized there was nothing she could do to preserve her anal virginity.  She certainly wasn’t going to talk Bill out of sharing her pain as she was, hopefully, debreasted, and, as a 41st Century male, it was his right to force the sex act upon her.

Janet shrugged her shoulders and returned her attention to the booth controls.  She quickly selected ‘hot dogger’, the only debreasting method she hadn’t seen in action before, and ‘dead slow’, followed by ‘window transparency two-way’.  Janet laughed and said, “Been there, did that,” when she got to the de-clit option screen, and selected ‘de-clit option no’ followed by ‘start timer’.  Janet heard Bill chuckle behind her.

“What is it your friends call you, Janet?” Bill asked with a laugh.  “Pain slut, isn’t it?  You are the first girl to pick that ‘hot dogger’ option, re-earning that title your friends gave you.  Your breasts will be slowly electrocuted to death, causing the meat to be slowly cooked from the inside out, if someone hits your debreast button.  My engineers assure me that the electrical current will be confined to your breast tissue, but I’m not risking my cock being cooked as I share your pain if they didn’t design the equipment right.  You’ve dodged a bullet this time, Janet!” Bill chortled as he pulled up his suit pants and buckled his belt.  Janet heard Bill walk away and leave the Game room to rejoin her friends at the reserved table. 

Janet grinned with relief, and finally turned her attention to the dance floor on the kitchen side of her booth wall.  There were a dozen girls dancing out on the dance floor, and a half dozen others were inspecting the vulnerable breasts hanging from the debreasting portals, including the spunky heroine’s, with hungry eyes.  Suddenly, Janet felt terrified, and she loved the feeling—the day she didn’t feel fear as her breasts hung out of debreasting portals, in danger of being poached from her chest, would be the last day she played the booth game.


“Hi, Bill, I didn’t expect you to be back with us quite so soon,” Wanda quipped as the nightclub owner took his seat at the reserved table.  “Change of plans?”

Bill frowned and then nodded, before replying, “Yes, Wanda, a change of plans.  Janet selected that ‘hot dogger’ option you suggested to me last Friday night for her debreasting method.  I decided that, if someone decides to poach her bacon, it would be more interesting to watch it with you girls out here than in the Game room.”

Sue laughed, and said with a giggle, “Janet did it again.  She’s either the smartest or luckiest girl I know when it comes to maintaining her anal virginity.”

“Much to our chagrin, Sue,” Zatanna observed.  “Janet will be bragging about her un-stretched sphincter all the way home.  Is there no justice in this world?”

“Evidently not in either…world…Zatanna,” Wanda giggled.  “Janet’s husband has been trying to get Janet to try anal sex for years.  Much to his frustration, she has told him no, saying that there isn’t a need for her to participate in a sex act that brings pleasure to only one of the love makers.”

“Well, Wanda,” Bill whispered, “if Hank accompanies you girls next Friday night, make sure you warn him that he may see his wife having her debreasting experience being shared by another man.  I wouldn’t want him to get jealous of or upset with…someone.  Make sure Janet doesn’t know about your warning, naturally!”  Bill grinned as the three heroines at the table with him laughed loudly.


Janet watched with interest as three pretty girls, all wearing white shorts and pink half-shirts, worked their way through the girls dancing on the dance floor to stand before the warm fruit hanging from the debreasting portals.  The girls, two blondes and a redhead, had two muscular boys, one with blonde hair and one with red hair, in tow.  The boys wore jackets with an M and a U stamped over a dragon symbol; Janet guessed the boys were wearing this century’s equivalent to athlete’s letterman jackets, meaning the girls were likely Soolin’s sorority sisters.

“Okay, Johnny and Peter, here is the way this game works,” said one of the blondes while she and her friends giggled.  “Each of you boys will pick a set of breasts and turn them into sandwiches for our tables.  If one of you correctly picks Soolin’s boobies and harvests her bacon, she gets to join our sorority, and you win a willingly delivered blow job from every girl in the sorority.  You can collect your winnings from any sorority sister at any time during this school year.  If you don’t pick Soolin’s set, you don’t get anything from us, willingly at least, and we will let another two boys try to pick the right set later tonight.  Who drew the right to choose first?”

“I did!” the fair-haired boy with blue eyes said with a laugh.  “I met your Chinese sorority candidate at the rush yesterday, Betsy, so this isn’t any challenge at all.  The D-cups in the middle booth have to be Soolin’s because three of the sets are way to fair-skinned to be oriental, and the girl at the end there has her window set to two-way transparency.  Sorry, Pete, but these bacon bags are mine to harvest.”  Janet heard Soolin moan, probably because the fair-haired boy, evidently named Johnny, had reached out and began fondling her breasts.

Soolin, suddenly realizing her chest ornaments were in danger and that there was no use in trying to hide her identity, called out, “Wait just one minute, Betsy!  You told me that my breasts were not likely to be in any danger from playing the booth game, and that I would most likely be going home in the same condition as the rest of my new sorority sisters.  Then you bring boys onto the dance floor and tell them they get free sex if they correctly pick my titties out of the lineup.  What’s going on?  Is this all one big setup?”

“Everything I told you was true, Soolin,” the blonde with long hair and a twinkle in her blue eyes said wearing a broad grin.  “You do want to be part of our sorority, don’t you?”

“Yes, very much so,” Soolin replied.  “However, I would rather not have my titties killed if I don’t have to!

“Show her Rachel!” Betsy commanded with a smile on her face.

The short-haired blonde with brown eyes unhooked the clasp of her ‘brassiere’ behind her back and removed the garment.  Soolin gasped with surprise as she realized the cups of the clothing were filled with fabric.  She gasped again as Rachel lifted the front of her half-shirt so that Soolin could see the two round scars where breasts once hung.

“Show her Cindy!” Betsy commanded, her smile growing broader.

The green-eyed redhead with shoulder-length hair unhooked the clasp between her ‘breasts’ and removed her ‘brassiere’, its cups also filled with fabric, and then pulled up the front of her half-shirt to reveal her own debreasting scars.

“Most girls do a little research on the various sororities before rush week, Soolin,” Betsy said with a mischievous grin.  “Look!” Betsy ordered as she unhooked her own ‘brassiere’ and lifted up the front of her half-shirt to reveal her own circular scars.  “Our sorority isn’t nicknamed ‘the Amazons’ for our athletic accomplishments, something a little research would have revealed to you.  I hope you still plan on joining our sorority, Soolin, because we could really use a pretty girl like you, and now there really isn’t a chance you’ll get out of that bacon trap breasted.  Your breasts are not in any danger, they are just going to be converted to bacon and eaten like breasts are meant to be.  Are you still with us as sorority sister?”

“Yes, Betsy, I am joining the sorority!” Soolin said with a giggle.  “I would have volunteered to play the game knowing I would be donating my bacon, if you just would have told me up front that it was required as part of the initiation ritual.  It looks like I will be getting to know you, a part of you at least, quite well, Johnny, after you hit my debreast button.  Pete, I don’t want to share the attention I’ll be getting as I’m being debreasted with another girl, so could you kill whichever set of breasts you choose after mine are history.  Do that for me and you’ll win from me the same thing Johnny is winning from all of the girls in our sorority.”

“Now that is an offer I won’t pass up, Soolin!” the red-haired boy with blue eyes said with a grin.  “I still haven’t picked which set I’m going to poach yet though.   Will it be one of the fair-skinned pairs behind the one-way windows, or will it be the set from that cute girl behind the two-way window?”

“Statistics show that fairer skinned breasts yield blander tasting bacon than breasts in skin with slightly more melanin,” Tricia called out from within booth 2.  “Just remember, you are what you eat!”  This brought laughter from all around the booths, both inside and out.

“I want to you to choose an interesting debreasting method, Peter, seeing as we are up here watching from the dance floor, anyhow,” Betsy interjected.  “Check their computer screens before you pick your pair, while Johnny initiates Soolin’s initiation ritual.”

While Peter began checking the computer screens and fondling the breasts hanging out of the debreasting portals of each booth, beginning with booth 5, Johnny hit Soolin’s red debreast button.  Betsy called out, “Hey, Johnny!  You never checked Soolin’s debreasting options.  We don’t know how our sorority sister is going to get her tits killed!”

“I checked, Betsy,” Johnny said with a grin.  “You must not have been looking.  Soolin is going to get her melons smashed into pulp by the masher!”


“Look, a rectangular slab of metal with its surface parallel to the floor has just been pushed out of the ceiling by some sort of piston rod, while a similar rectangular slab of metal with its flat surface parallel to the ceiling has been pushed upward, out of the floor,” Zatanna spat excitedly, pointing at booth 3.  “What are we looking at?”

“It’s one of the debreasting devices,” Sue replied with a smile.  “This one is called a breast masher.” 

“Sue’s right!” Wanda affirmed before giggling.  “We’ve seen this device at work once before.  It’s one of the more original debreasting methods.  Notice that the lower slab of metal has draining holes in it, and a catchment pan below it.  Watch what happens!”

Zatanna nodded and watched wide-eyed as the lower, permeable, flat surface was pushed upwards just high enough to cause Soolin’s large D-cups to pillow on its surface, and then stopped.  The upper slab of metal was still inches above the oriental girl’s breasts and dropping slowly, but moans of pleasure could already be heard coming out of booth 3.  “I would be frightened to my wits end just now, but the girl in booth 3 seems to, instead, be having a really good time,” Zatanna observed as she watched events unfold with obvious interest. 

“I think that is mostly due to the orgasmatron beams, which are at a high intensity because the girl set the masher on a slow speed setting,” Sue replied with a smile.  “I’ll wager that you will start hearing fear and discomfort mixed into those moans of pleasure, as that girl’s boobies get trapped between the immovable object, the anvil, below them, and the irresistible force, the hammer, dropping slowly downward from above.”

“We are about ready to find out if you would have won that wager, Sue,” Wanda said with a laugh.  “Look!  The upper slab just touched the top of the girl’s breasts!”


Soolin yelped in surprise as she suddenly felt cold metal touch the top of her breasts, moaned in fear as she realized this meant her debreasting was now about to slowly commence, and then let out one long sigh of pleasure as an orgasmatron-induced climax washed through her.  She moaned in frustration at not being able to see what was happening to her breasts through the slab of metal atop them.  She knew they were being pressed into the lower slab as they were squashed.   


Out at the reserved table, the heroines could see Soolin’s breasts slowly being deformed flatter and flatter as the girl in the booth sighed in climax.  Gradually, the oriental girl’s moans of pleasure began to carry a mixture of fear and discomfort as her melons slowly flattened under the pressure of the upper piston. 

“Goodness gracious!” Zatanna spat.  “That has to be an uncomfortable feeling, to have your breasts squished like that.  I’ll bet those boobs of hers ache like hell, and that the girl is wondering if they will suddenly pop like ripe grapes being pressed between a thumb and forefinger!”


Soolin was indeed moaning in pain from her aching breasts, and drowning in the fear that her mammary glands would suddenly burst.  Those concerns were suddenly thrust in the back of her mind as the pleasure beams bathing her sex were suddenly upped to full intensity, driving her to yet another long climax.  “Yes!” the oriental girl cried out in pleasure.  “My titties are being squished to death, and I am loving it!  Thank you Gamma Gamma Epsilon for having this as your sorority initiation ritual.  Go Amazons!”

“Hey, my chest is itching!” Soolin suddenly cried out as the feeling that something was dreadfully wrong suddenly permeated her mind.  Then she screamed in horror as white-hot agony exuded from the base of her breasts as the skin there began tearing, as her mammary glands had been deformed past the limits of their elasticity.  Soolin’s shrills of agony continued as the base of her breasts gave way completely to tear free from her chest, and then the girl sighed in climax.  The oriental girl continued to howl in orgasm as her breasts became first pancakes and then liquid mush to drain into the pan underneath the lower surface of the masher’s anvil.  Her breast meat now ready to be used to make frappes, Soolin’s booth restraints were released and her pleasure beams were cut off.   As she was pulled from her booth to be bandaged, Soolin yelled, “Go Gamma Gamma Epsilon, the best sorority of them all!  Go Metropolitan University Dragons!” 

Johnny quickly detached the pan containing Soolin’s mushed breast meat from its housing under the permeable lower metal slab of the masher, and headed toward the food ordering station.  The masher device immediately began to fold back up and retract into its receptacles, while cleanup crews began working on the inside and outside of booth 1.   

Meanwhile, Peter had begun to rub and tease Tricia’s vulnerable breasts.  As he checked her debreasting options, he spat, “Damn!  Who would have guessed that three girls in the same lineup would have chosen identical debreasting options.  The double cut lasers set on slow would be fun enough to watch.  I guess I’ll do your tits, funny girl, unless the cutie in booth 1 has picked a more interesting debreasting option.”  Peter heard Tricia gasp and begin quaking in fear as she realized she might be one computer-screen read away from having her debreast button pushed.

Peter stepped to his left, and began weighing Janet’s chest ornaments in the palms of his hands.  “Hi there,” Peter said with a friendly smile as he stared into Janet’s eyes through her two-way booth window, “don’t mind me.  I’m just trying to decide if I want to poach your tits and trade them for sandwiches.”

Janet laughed and replied, “I kind of guessed that you had food on your mind when you started fondling my puppies, Peter.  Take all the time you need to make up your mind.”

“Interesting,” Peter quipped, “you have only a trace of fear in your voice as we talk about my killing your tits.  Are you brave or stupid, whatever your name is?”

“My name is Janet, Peter,” Janet said with a laugh.  “I’m afraid of the pain I’ll feel when you execute my breasts, if that is what you choose to do.  I guess a girl has to be both a bit brave and a little stupid to climb into one of these bacon traps.  Are you going to kill my puppies, Peter?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Peter said and then laughed.  “I must admit, it would be different, and a bit of a turn on, to be able to watch a girl’s face as she gets her bacon poached.  I hope you won’t hold it against me if I choose you, Janet.  Let me check your debreasting options before I decide.”

“No, I wouldn’t take it personal if it is my breasts that you poach, Peter,” Janet said with a giggle.  “You are a growing boy, and a boy needs to eat.  And yes, it would be a turn on to watch each others’ faces as we share the debreasting experience from opposite sides of the booth wall.”  Janet smiled as she watched Soolin, sporting two round white bandages, join her sorority girls and take turns hugging them, just as Johnny returned from dropping off his breast meat mush at the bar.  Soon debreastor and debreastee were hugging and seemed the best of friends. 

Peter smiled at Janet before quickly looking up to read her computer screen.  He chortled with genuine excitement in his voice, “‘Hot dogger’, set on dead slow! Oh my!  I read about this in the online debreasting booth guide at the Final Fantasy website.  Janet, your tits are going to slowly be electrocuted to death.  I am a physics major, if you can believe that of a jock like myself.  A low amperage electrical current is going to be run through your breasts, from nipples to bases.  Because flesh doesn’t conduct electricity very efficiently, there will be resistance to the current as it passes through your breast meat.  That resistance generates heat.  Your tits are going to be slowly cooked from the inside out!  This is a dream science fair project—one that I just have to see!”  Peter abruptly slapped Janet’s red debreast button.

Janet immediately moaned in pleasure as the orgasmatron began bathing her sex with pleasure beams as both she and Peter watched machinery begin to move.  Janet groaned in pain as she felt eight symmetrically spaced needles be slowly pushed from housings around the rims of her debreasting portals into the tops, bottoms, and sides of her breasts until their tips had penetrated deep into her breast meat and were near the very cores of her mammary glands.  ‘Those needles must be very thin,’ Janet thought, ‘they didn’t hurt THAT much as they were pushed into my puppies.’

Watching Janet stare downward, trying to see the bases of her breasts, Peter read her mind and answered the question on it, saying, “Those needles in the bases of your breasts are to complete the electrical circuit, Janet—to receive the electrical current that will be generated at your nipples.  Look at the machinery unfolding out here.”

Janet immediately looked up from trying to see the bases of her breasts, to look out of her booth window just as vertical pinchers closed painfully on the sides of her nipples.  The mechanical equipment attached to the pinchers, which had folded out of the front of her booth wall, began tugging on the spunky heroine’s breasts as they positioned her nipples to receive two-inch-long, thin, metal needles with electrical wires at their rear ends.  Janet’s eyes filled with tears as the needles were pushed into the center of her erect nipples and their concomitant nerve clusters toward her chest until the ends of the wires nearly reached the end of her erect turrets.

“There are wires attached to the nipple clamps, which I’m guessing you can’t see from in there, as well as the nipple needles, Janet,” Peter said with a chuckle as he glanced from the tips of the breasts before him to stare deeply into the girls watery blue eyes with his own blue eyes, now gleaming with interest.  “In a moment, low amperage electrical current will flow to both the nipple needles and clamps.  Then things will get interesting as the current passes through your breast meat to the needles in the bases of your tits.  This is going to be fun to watch, Janet!”

Janet suddenly gasped as she felt her breasts get ‘buzzed’, and she quipped, “Hey, my breasts feel like they are being tickled as the current passes through them.  Darn this is a weird sensation!”  Janet sighed loudly three times as the orgasmatron intensity suddenly stepped up and forced a climax out of her.

“Yes, Janet, keep telling me what you are feeling,” Peter said with a grin.  “I’m going to write this up as my term paper.”       

“The tickling sensation is now coming to an end,” Janet replied between gasps of pleasure.  “Now I’m getting an uncomfortable sensation deep inside my boobs!”

“Due to your breast meat’s resistance to the flow of the electrical current running through your tits, your breast tissue is beginning to suffer damage,” Peter informed the girl before him.  “Due to your dead slow speed setting, the amperage running through your jugs is really low.  Your meat isn’t being cooked by the electricity, yet!”

“Ow!” Janet cried out.  “What seemed to be a gentle buzz a moment ago is now registering as a mild shock, and I feel like a sharp object has been pushed into my moneymakers from nipples to chest.”

Peter cupped Janets breasts with his hands, and then quickly jerked them back.  “Shit!” he exclaimed.  “There isn’t going to be any breast pleasuring as your tits are getting killed with this debreasting method.  I got shocked, not very badly though, when I grabbed your bacon bags.”

Janet nodded at Peter, and then groaned, “The center of my breasts feel as if they were set on fire now.  I’m going to start getting PO’ed if my orgasmatron intensity doesn’t get stepped up soon.  One forced climax isn’t a proper reward for this level of discomfort.”

Peter laughed as he watched Janet’s eyes roll back while she suddenly sighed loudly in pleasure.  “That booth must be listening to you, pretty lady,” Peter quipped.  “I take it that you just experienced another orgasm.  Good for you!  I hope this one never ends.  By the way, your tits are starting to make a sizzling sound.” 

 Janet nodded to Peter and gasped, “My breasts throb…with!  It’s as if…there was fire…all around them.  If not for…the pleasure…beams…giving…me…something else…to focus…my mind…on…the agony…would be…unbearable!”

“Hold on, Janet!” Peter urged with his persistent grin still on his face.  “You’re starting to smell good now.  I think you’ll be done soon.”  Peter turned towards the kitchen and called out, “Hey! These breasts are going to be hot when this girl’s debreasting is finished.  Could I get a tray out here, and maybe some oven mittens?”  Meanwhile, the three sisters in booths 2, 4, and 5 began moaning in pleasure as they entered their final minute of booth time.


Zatanna, at the reserved table, watched as Cheryl ran out behind the bar carrying a silver tray and a mitten made of thick cloth, and quipped, “It looks like Janet’s boobs are almost done, in more ways than one.  I wonder if, right now, she wishes she would have taken a less drama-packed debreasting option, even if that would have meant Bill, here, shoving his penis up her anus?”

“Nope!” Wanda spat.  “Knowing Janet, she’s going to be prouder than ever of maintaining her world champion pain slut status, while helping those three sisters get another free pleasure beam dose.”

“As well as having maintained her anal virginity,” Sue observed.  “I don’t think she is worried about the discomfort that accompanies sodomy.  I think she just enjoys her status as one of the few of our profession that hasn’t had anal sodomy forced upon her.  Something she continually reminds us of!”

Bill roared with laughter, thinking of how foolish he was not to risk the electricity and end Janet’s right to brag to her friends about her anal purity, and hoping that he would have a chance to rectify that rectal mistake on some other night.  “I do love being with you girls,” he said looking around the table, “and the most interesting perspectives you bring to the events around you.  I am glad that there are more events to share with you on this long and eventful evening.” 


Standing before booth 1, Peter took the tray and mitten from Cheryl, who immediately headed for her position behind the bar, and turned back to look at Janet who was sighing loudly in the midst of orgasm, joining the three sisters’ chorus of pleasure-filled song.  He quipped, “You sound like you are having fun, Janet, and you smell like you’re going to be fun to eat!”

Janet smiled and quipped, “Yes…I smell…DELICIOUS!  The pain…is fading!  I think…my breasts’ nerve networks…must have been…destroyed!  My puppies…feel weird though…and…the pleasure beams…are INTENSE!”

Peter laughed and concurred, “You do smell delicious, and you are definitely nearly done!  I don’t know how much of your breasts you can see from in there, but they are now a light golden brown color, and the skin has broken in a number of places and is sweating hot fat!”

“OH, Dear!” Janet spat as she blushed with embarrassment.  “That is gross!  I hadn’t noticed, but I can see a couple of the breaks in my skin and my molten fat dripping downward.  I wonder if the timer will go ‘DING’ when I’m done cooking?”

“I guess not,” Peter replied.  “I can see the electrode wires being pulled out of the bases and tips of your breasts.  I guess your bacon is finished frying!  I wonder what is going to happen next?”

“I think you better stick that tray under my puppies, Peter,” Janet said with a laugh.  “They change ownership, that’s what happens nex….”  The girl in the booth suddenly stopped talking as she became lost in climax as the orgasmatron intensity was suddenly upped to maximum.

Peter quickly stuck the silver tray under the bubbling breasts before him, and placed it firmly against the booth wall over the retracting nipple-clamp/electrode modules.  Meanwhile, the girls in the three other booths had joined Janet in orgasm and were moaning and sighing in pleasure.

Janet gasped in surprise as four vertical blades popped out of the inside of her booth, and were pushed backwards by rods in the center of the blades until they were positioned against the her chest on either side of each lump of cooked bacon.  Then the four vertical snippers were slowly pulled closed by the rods’ horizontal positioning tracks on the booth’s inner wall.  When the four blades closed at the center of each of the spunky heroine’s bacon-lump bases, her bacon dropped onto Peter’s tray.  As Janet was suddenly freed from the bacon traps restraints, she watched as Peter used his right hand, covered with the oven mitten, to position her ex-moneymakers nipple up in the center of the tray, and held her golden brown meat, now his, before her eyes.

Janet giggled and quipped, “Don’t you think you better get that bacon to the kitchen, Peter?  The chef still needs to slice me up and make the sandwiches before they can be delivered to your table, hopefully still hot and tasty.”  Before the astonished boy could reply, Jane dragged Janet out of the debreasting booth so that she could get the spunky girl bandaged.  Seconds later, the staccato sighs of climax in the other three booths ended as the three sisters were released, still breasted, from their bacon traps.


Chapter 22. Booth Magic


            Bill, who had rushed into the Game room before Jane could start Janet’s bandaging, had the spunky heroine in his office and was washing her wounds.  “Good!” the owner of Final Fantasy grunted in satisfaction.  “It looks like my engineers got their design right.  There doesn’t appear to be any significant damage to your chest below the wounds, Janet.  Now, let’s get you bandaged up so that you can stop hurting.”

            “Yes, Bill, let’s do that,” Janet replied softly.  Janet glanced over to the three sisters who had paused outside the nightclub owner’s door, evidently to wait for her.  “Why don’t you girls get dressed and wait for me outside of ‘The Wall’ door.  This should only take a minute.”  She watched as the sisters all nodded and then walked away.  When she heard ‘The Wall’ door open and close, Janet smiled at Bill and asked, “Are you sorry you didn’t have more confidence in your engineers, Bill?  Do you regret not sharing my pain?”

            Bill laughed loudly and grinned broadly, before nodding.  “Yes, Janet, I do,” he admitted.  “However, I won’t fret over an opportunity missed, and I hope you won’t worry your pretty little head over it either.”

            “I won’t, Bill,” Janet said with a giggle.  “However, I won’t deny that I am happy about the way things turned out.  Just between friends, might I suggest you do one of the other girls to make up for your missed opportunity with me.  Which one is it going to be, Zatanna, who goes next, or Sue, who goes last?” 

            Bill roared with laughter, and quipped, “You are a naughty little girl, Janet Van Dyne!  What would your friends say if they knew you were suggesting I sodomize one of them?”

            “They would both, no doubt, be most peeved with me, Bill,” Janet said with a laugh.  “You can’t make me feel guilty though.  I truly believe you had already thought of that yourself.  I’m right, am I not?”

            “Yes, Janet, you are right,” Bill admitted with a chuckle as he applied the first of two round, white bandages to the spunky heroine’s chest wounds.  “The answer to your question is, Zatanna.  I had a taste of Sue’s behind earlier tonight at Club X.  Don’t you dare warn that girl, Janet!”

            “I wouldn’t think of it, Bill,” Janet replied truthfully.  “It will give me more ammunition to rib her with on our way home!” 

            “Good,” Bill replied with obvious satisfaction, as he finished with the second bandage.  “I’m done bandaging you.  Shall we get back to our table?”  He watched as the spunky heroine nodded, stood and walked to ‘The Wall’ door, and pushed it open. 

Just as she was about to step out into the main room, Janet realized she had forgotten to put on her shorts.  Blushing beet red, as Bill grinned at her, she quickly put on her shorts and tossed her top into a trash can in the corner of the room.  “Would you have paid the price of my fillet, had I taken another step, Bill?”

The nightclub owner looked thoughtful, and then replied with an answer that surprised himself, “No, Janet, I don’t think I would have…this time.  There is a good chance someone else may have though, so you girls shouldn’t get careless.”  Bill walked quickly to the reserved table while Janet hugged the three sisters and bantered with them excitedly for a few minutes.


As Janet sat down, Sue asked softly, “You’re all right, aren’t you, Janet?  That debreasting method looked painful and distressing!”

“Yes, I’m fine, Sue,” Janet replied with a grin.  “I must admit, that isn’t a debreasting method that is going on my ‘recommended ways to kill your puppies’ list.”  Janet quickly went to work finishing the remainder of her sandwich made from Gina’s breast meat, noting that her friends had finished their food while she had done her booth stint.

“That is one thing we didn’t cover yet, Janet,” Zatanna said, her interest obviously piqued.  “What debreasting methods haven’t I seen yet, and which are on your recommended list?”  This brought laughter from around the table.

“Be warned, Zatanna,” Wanda interjected, “pain slut’s list might be quite different from those of Sue and myself.  I think we each need to cater to our own interests.”

Janet laughed and nodded, before retorting, “Wanda, you just do not appreciate true drama!  Let’s see, we’ve seen breast suspension nooses, knife, laser beam from the bottom, circular saw, guillotine blade, blenders, snippers, masher, and hot dogger.  That leaves the laser beam from top, laser beam double-cut from top and bottom, blenders set to one breast at a time, scissors, scissors set to one breast at a time, slicer, razor wire loops, and broilers options.  The snippers, knife, and scissors options have the second highest pleasure beam settings, right after the razor-wire loops, slicer, blenders, hot dogger, and broilers options.”

“The last time we were here,” Sue said with a smile, “I did the laser beam double cut.  The laser beams have the advantage of cauterizing the wounds they make as your breasts are sliced off.  Wanda did the razor wire loops, which I thought looked interesting.  Pain slut here, did the slicer on dead slow, although I should acknowledge that she herself didn’t choose that method, as she chose to allow her controls to be set from the kitchen-side computer.”

“A choice that resulted in Janet being declitted as well as being debreasted,” Wanda interjected, grinning at Janet who was blushing at the memory of that mistake.  “Hear anything that sounds interesting, Zatanna?”

“The scissors method sounds similar to the breast shears that would have been used on me at Club X if that redhead in the other guillotine had kept her nerve for another few seconds,” Zatanna replied softly, a serious look on her face.  “I guess I’ll always wonder if I would have held my water and kept my head if my breasts had been taken then.  The snippers looked interesting when they were used on Gina, and the razor wire loops sound interesting.  Then again, I also think I could have a really fun time with a circular saw buzzing through my bust.  Do you girls realize how ridiculous this conversation sounds, and how unlikely it would have seemed for us to be having it a few days ago?”  Zatanna grinned as the other three girls laughed and nodded.

“Choosing how you’re going to get your puppies knocked off is a difficult decision, isn’t it Zatanna?” Janet asked in all seriousness.  “Just make sure to pick a method that interests you, and gives you an orgasmatron intensity setting that you are willing to trade your breasts for.”

“Now, that last statement is a little unsettling, Janet!” Zatanna spat with obvious concern, and then continued in a whisper.  “That Chula thing-a-ma-jig is going to work, right?  We are all guaranteed to be whole again when we get back?”

“Nothing is ever one hundred percent guaranteed, Zatanna,” Janet replied whispering softly.  “There is always a miniscule chance that the alien technology will fail for some reason we don’t understand, but it hasn’t failed to work for us yet.  My husband also speculates that there may be a time factor, between when the injury occurred and when the healing is attempted, that shouldn’t be exceeded.  He doesn’t want us to risk going without treatment for more than thirty-six hours after being injured.  That means that if the authorities found reason to detain us after a visit to Final Fantasy….”

“Bill, that brings up something I wanted to ask you about,” Sue said softly.  “When you brought up my Egyptian adventure, I realized you may know more about us girls than we could have guessed.  Is that true?”

“I know something of each of you girls’ histories, Sue,” Bill said with a smile while nodding his head.  “However, two thousand years have passed since your time, and the historical records are relatively sparse.”

“Do I die wearing breasts, Bill?” Zatanna asked with a laugh.  “You would tell us if it was in our best interest not to do a booth stint, right?”

Bill smiled and shook his head, “I truthfully don’t know when or how any of you perish, Zatanna, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.  I didn’t know that Firebird, Ice, and Fire, would perish during adventures to this century, and I don’t know if any of the rest of you will end up as meat in my time.  I, of course, do have some idea as to how long your superheroine careers were, but I won’t tell you that either.  Anything I say could end up creating a time paradox, changing my history and your destinies.  Out of self interest, however, I will say that, if your Chula tissue regenerator ever ceases functioning, it won’t be immediately before or immediately after a trip to Final Fantasy.”

Janet laughed loudly and quipped, “Bill is saying that it is safe to donate all the bacon we can manage to his profit margin, Zatanna.  You still have to choose how you are going to lose those D-cups of yours!”  Janet washed the last of her sandwich down with a long drink of Lactic Blaster.    

            “Janet is back to trying to talk you into getting your girls killed for her viewing pleasure, Zatanna,” Wanda pointed out and then giggled loudly.  “That girl has a one-track mind!  What are you going to do, Zatanna?”

            “Take a booth, of course, Wanda,” Zatanna replied with a grin.  “As Janet pointed out earlier, I didn’t come all this way here to go home breasted.”

            Sue smiled and nodded toward ‘The Wall’ door, saying softly, “Take your time and do your booth stint when you are sure you are ready, Zatanna.  However, I thought I might point out that there looks to be three girls getting ready to enter the Game room.”

            “Thanks, Sue,” Zatanna said with a grin, “and there is no time like the present.  I still haven’t settled on a debreasting method yet, but I guess I’ll know when I reach that menu on my booth’s debreasting settings.  See you girls in ten minutes or so!”  Zatanna stood to join the trio at ‘The Wall’ door.

            “Enjoy your debreasting, Zatanna!” Janet exhorted.

            “Yes, have fun and good luck, Zatanna,” Wanda said with a happy smile.

            “Show those girls how to get your boobies poached with style and decorum, girl!” Sue added with a laugh, and then watched Zatanna hurry away.


            “Hi girls, I’m Zatanna,” the raven-haired beauty announced when she reached the trio of girls at ‘The Wall’ door.  “Are you girls getting ready to play the booth game?”  Zatanna asked as she looked the girls over.  Two of the girls were pretty brunettes, one with short hair, hazel eyes, and pinkish-brown tipped B-cups, and the other with shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and pinkish-brown tipped C-cups.  The third girl was a blue-eyed blonde with shoulder length hair sporting brownish-pink tipped B-cups.

            “Hi Zatanna, I’m Josie, and this is Sandra and Tamara,” the blonde replied pointing at the brunette with the larger breasts first.  “In answer to your question, if you are going into the Game room to put those D-cups at risk, yes, we are ready to play the booth game.  With your melons hanging out of the debreasting portals to tempt any hungry bacon poachers, we three will have a pretty good chance of getting a free pleasure beam fix.”

            “I’m glad I can be of help, Josie,” Zatanna said with a laugh.  “Shall we go in and get our timers started?”  Zatanna quickly followed the other three girls into the Game room and joined them in stripping before heading over to the booths.

            As the other three girls filled booths 1 through 3, Zatanna entered booth 4, sliding her upper torso forward along a narrow, leather-covered rectangle that protruded horizontally a little over three feet straight outward from the front of the booth on the left side of her body; Jane was standing behind her in case she needed instructions.  The raven-haired heroine stepped to the front of the booth, waited while the front of the booth floor lowered slightly to bring the bases of her breasts to an elevation even with the debreasting portals and began to lean forward.

“Spread your legs wider, Miss,” the booth attendant with the blonde Mohawk instructed.  “Your thighs should press against the T-bars on either side of you.  Then you can push your puppies through the debreasting portals and wait until you are fully secured in the booth before setting your debreasting options.”

“Thank you, Jane isn’t it?” Zatanna replied with a smile and widened her stance.  “I guess you can tell this is my first time in one of these booths, but I did get some coaching on setting the controls earlier, so I shouldn’t take too much of your time,” the raven-haired beauty said softly before she carefully eased her D-cups through her booth’s debreasting portals into the kitchen side of the nightclub.

Jane chuckled when the girl in booth 4 yelped in surprise as the rectangle on the left side of her torso suddenly bent around her back and secured her upper torso firmly against the inner wall of the booth.  Simultaneously, the horizontal straps at the top of the T-bars bent inwards to curve around her legs and secure her upper thighs, and the vertical rods they protruded from tilted slightly to adjust her pelvis position until a thin white light centered directly on her clitoris.  “That’s good, Miss,” Jane said politely, “and now that you are secured so that you can’t accidently hurt yourself, you can set your debreasting options using the computer controls to the right side of your window.”  Jane, taking Zatanna at her word that she knew how to set the debreasting controls, checked on the other three girls before taking her station against the back wall of the Game room.

Zatanna blushed beet red, embarrassed by her own yelp.  She tested her booth restraints.  She realized that there was no way she could get her breasts out of the debreasting portals until her booth restraints were released.  Her hips were also firmly secured.  Zatanna had a déjà vu sensation as the memory of the time she was bound in a bondage frame with a ticking bomb beneath her naked and freshly plundered sex filled her mind.  The raven-haired heroine shook the image out of her head; this was a pleasure beam emitter below her hips and not a bomb!




Zatanna turned her attention back to her booth controls and selected ‘scissors’ as her debreasting method, followed by ‘one breast at a time’.  She wanted to find out what it would have felt like, had she lost her breasts earlier at Club X with her head through the lunette of a guillotine.  Zatanna set her debreasting speed setting at ‘slow’; she wanted a good orgasmatron beam intensity without overly prolonging the pain of her breast reduction therapy.  She decided to follow Janet’s example, and selected ‘window transparency two-way’, and then without hesitation she selected ‘de-clit option no’ followed by ‘start timer’.  Her debreasting options finally set, Zatanna looked out to the kitchen side of her booth and the people dancing out on the dance floor.  The dancers didn’t hold her attention, but the other people, currently all girls, inspecting the vulnerable breasts hanging from the debreasting portals, including her own, with hungry eyes, did.  Zatanna trembled with unaccustomed fear.


“Wish me luck, girls,” Bill said with a chuckle as he stood from his chair at the reserved table, “especially you, Sue.  Hopefully it will be a while before I return this time.”

“Good luck Bill!” Wanda, Janet, and Sue called out, almost in unison, as they watched the owner of Final Fantasy walk away and enter the Game room.  “What did he mean, especially me?” Sue asked with a perplexed look.

“Assuming that Bill is going to settle for sharing Zatanna’s pain…” Wanda began.

Janet interjected, “And knowing that you will take a booth after Zatanna if he decides he doesn’t want to share her debreasting experience…”

“OH! CRIPES!” Sue spat.  “I meant, really GREAT luck, Bill!”  The three heroines at the reserved table laughed loudly.


Zatanna heard ‘The Wall’ door open and close, followed by the sound of footsteps as Jane retreated from her position behind the booths.  She heard the door to the Game room open and close again, followed by footsteps returning to the booth area.  “It is okay, Jane, I’m all done setting my debreasting options,” Zatanna said as she realized the sound of footsteps had ended at the back of her booth.

“Jane is on break, Zatanna,” Bill said softly as he edged into the back of booth 4.  “Shall we see what debreasting options you have set for us?”  The owner of Final Fantasy chuckled as he watched the 21st Century heroine cringe at the sound of his suit pants hitting the floor.

“Oh, this is just great!” Zatanna spat.  “How is it that I didn’t see this coming?  Oh well, at least you will help me pass the time if no one hits my debreast button.  I chose scissors, one breast at a time, on slow.  I can’t get the Club X question out of my head!”

Bill gently put his hands on Zatanna’s hips before calmly stating, “Even knowing your background, Zatanna, I can’t imagine the possibility that you could have held your water and kept your head had the breast shears been used on you earlier tonight while playing ‘Heads or Tails’.  No girl has ever held her water even through the removal of her first breast.  I am, of course, happy that you were not put to that test.”

“I’m happy to be here too, Bill,” Zatanna said with a giggle.  “I don’t die easily, so I think I would have held the water as my breasts were sheared off.  I’ll say that with more confidence minutes from now after a, hopefully, successful booth stay.  I don’t suppose I’m going to be able to talk you out of sharing my pain with me, as I get the answer to that question, am I?”

“No, Zatanna,” Bill replied softly, as he reached around to cup the girl’s vulva with his right hand, “there isn’t a possibility of talking me out of this.”  Bill inserted two fingers into the raven-haired girl’s vagina, and began stirring her to arousal as he gently brushed the thumb of his right hand over her erect clitoris.  He moved his left hand to the crease of Zatanna’s behind and gently pressed his left thumb against her rose bud.  Zatanna rewarded his ministrations with a low pleasure-filled moan.

“Then take me now!” Zatanna commanded.  “Can we have regular intercourse until my debreast button has been pressed?  Then you can change orifices to share my pain.”

 “Yes, of course, Zatanna,” Bill said with a chuckle.  He withdrew his right hand from Zatanna’s sex and placed it on the girl’s hip, and then he eased his ample manhood past her labial lips and into her vagina.  As the nightclub owner began humping his phallus into the heroine in earnest, he pressed his left thumb past her tight sphincter and began loosening the girl’s anus for his inevitable entry through her back door.

Zatanna moaned, in pleasure and in discomfort, and returned her attention to the kitchen side of the booth.  There was a lovely long-haired blonde with gleaming brown eyes standing before her booth.  The heroine watched wide-eyed as the girl slowly reached out towards her trapped breasts.  She cupped Zatanna’s breasts in the palms of her hands, and lifted, as if to weigh the D-cups before her.  As the blonde bent her head, and suckled on Zatanna’s nipples, one breast at a time, Zatanna felt her mind fill with a most erotic form of fear.  ‘Is this girl going to pop my balloons?’ Zatanna wondered. 

The girl straightened back up to stare into Zatanna’s blue eyes, before winking at Bill, behind the heroine and plundering her sex.  “Would you like me to poach these big boobs of yours right off of your chest while Mr. Jennings fucks your pussy, girl?” the blonde asked with a big grin on her face.

Zatanna smiled back as she replied, “Sure, kill my breasts and turn them into sandwich meat!  That’s why they are hanging out of these portals like ripe fruit waiting to be picked.”

The blonde grinned at Zatanna and shook her head as she chortled, “I believe you do want those boobs of yours killed, but I find it more fun to ruin a girl’s night rather than make it.  Sorry I can’t help you make your donation.”


Out at the reserved table, Janet had been bouncing on her chair from the moment the blonde had began feeling up Zatanna’s breasts.  The spunky heroine was sure that she was about to get her wish to see the magic-wielding heroine get her balloons popped.  “What in the world?” Janet spat as the blonde suddenly stepped to the left and began feeling up the pinkish-brown tipped C-cups protruding out of booth 3.  “What’s up with that?”

“It looks like that girl isn’t basing her decision of which set to turn into sandwich meat on breast size,” Sue said and began giggling.  “Now that is a refreshing turn of events.  Until we came to this place, I never thought my 36D’s might end up the basis for an inferiority complex.”

Wanda laughed and quipped, “Sue, you’ve got the biggest breasts at this table.  I’m sure that, when Zatanna returns, that will continue to be the case.  Look, the blonde has stepped over to booth 2 and is now fondling those pinkish-brown tipped B-cups.  I wonder what she is looking for?”

“My money says she is looking for a girl who doesn’t want to donate her bacon, and has made the mistake of picking a slow, painful, and interesting debreasting method,” Janet said with a frown on her face.  “If she had some other reason, like thinking smaller breasts made better meat, she would have gone straight to the B-cups.  Look!  Now she is weighing the brownish-pink tipped B-cups in booth 1.”


Inside booth 4, Zatanna was moaning in pleasure as Bill churned his manhood in her vagina.  Zatanna was also listening to the blonde bacon hunter as she asked each girl in turn if she wanted her breasts poached.  Unlike Zatanna, the girls in booths 3 and 2 had proclaimed immediately that they wanted to keep their breasts, but that they knew it was the blonde’s right to harvest their bacon if she so desired.  The raven-haired heroine could now here the blonde bacon hunter talking to the blonde inside booth 1.  She said jovially, “Well you’re the last girl in the lineup girl.  These B-cups look positively scrumptious.  Do you mind if I poach them, and have them turned into sandwich meat?”

The girl inside booth 1 gasped, “NO!  PLEASE!  Please don’t kill my titties!  I just wanted to get a pleasure beam dose.  The other girls have bigger breasts!  Don’t you want to poach theirs instead of…instead of…mine?”

The blonde bacon hunter laughed and quipped, “Everyone knows that small breasts taste better than large ones due to their lower overall fatty tissue content.  No, I think it is your boobs that I want for my sandwich meat.”

The girl inside booth 1 moaned in fear and rasped, “No!  Please!  Do one of the other girls!  I don’t want to go home breastless!”

The bacon hunter laughed again, before proclaiming, “I’ll give you just one chance, small tits.  I’ll do the B-cups in booth 2 instead of yours, if you picked a boring debreasing method like guillotine blade, laser, or circular saw, or if you picked dead fast for any method.  Let’s check your debreasting options and see if I hit your debreast button or take one step to the right.”  Given that the girl in booth 1 began whimpering immediately, the bacon hunter knew she wouldn’t be making that step to the right.  After reading the computer screen, she announced, “Slicer, set on medium speed, and de-clit option no.  Sorry, small tits, I like watching live breasts getting sliced off of a girl’s chest a fraction of an inch at a time.  Your boobs are about to become sandwich meat!”  The blonde outside booth 1 immediately pressed the red debreast button as the girl inside the booth screamed in horror.


Out at the reserved table, Janet, Sue, and Wanda watched as a wide, flat tray, with a thin, eight-inch disk attached to a horizontal positioning track at the far end, popped out of the outer wall of booth 1 and rose to pillow the B-cups hanging out of the debreasting portals.  The horizontal positioning track was attached to a vertical bracket on the right side of the tray, which was itself attached by a horizontal bracket under the tray.  This lower horizontal bracket was attached to another positioning track that ran from the kitchen end of the tray to the booth end to the tray.  Then the disk began spinning, and started being dragged laterally from one side of the tray to the other in the horizontal positioning track as the spinning disk was slowly pulled forward, towards the tips of the small breasts, along the positioning track under the tray.

“She picked the meat slicer, like Janet had picked for her on our last visit,” Wanda announced.  “The speed setting is much faster than the one pain slut here got though.”

“Oh, goodie!” Janet spat loudly, once again bouncing with excitement on her chair seat.  “This is the first time I’ve seen this debreasting method from the outside of a booth!”

“Yes, Janet,” Sue said with a giggle, “we know!  If you keep bouncing on that chair you’re going to need another sandwich to keep your energy reserves up.”

“Now that you mention it,” Janet chortled, “I am hungry.  Go slap Zatanna’s button, Sue, and we’ll see how good of a bacon sandwich she makes!”

Wanda laughed loudly before regaining control and admonishing the spunky heroine, “No, Janet, we keep the rule that we don’t push each other’s debreast button.  If you want to eat another of your tablemate’s breast bacon, you’ll have to talk a male or breasted female into joining us at our table.”

“I think both of you should refrain from talking like that,” Sue said softly.  “Listen to that girl in booth 1 scream in horror.  She really made a big mistake climbing into one of those booths if she values her breasts that much.”

“Yes, Sue, you’re right,” Wanda admitted with a shrug.  “You’re right about the cannibal talk, and about the girl making a mistake—a mistake that isn’t going to be undone.  Look the slicer will start taking off nipples in the next pass or two!”

“That was the most painful part of getting my breasts slowly sliced off,” Janet said softly.  “At least at that speed setting, the girl’s debreasting should only take a few minutes.  As for the cannibal talk, Sue you’re right, we need to learn to control it so that we don’t freak everyone out when we get back home.  Don’t expect me to turn away any bacon sandwiches though, made from tablemates or not!”  The three girls laughed, knowing Janet meant exactly what she said.


The air in booth 4 reverberated with the sound of the shrill screams coming from booth 1.  At first the girl in the bacon trap had let out one long, continuous, high-pitched scream filled with agony, horror, and remorse as she watched first her nipples and then her areolas slowly sliced off of the ends of her breasts by the circular meat slicer blade as it move horizontally from one side of the tray to the other, being slowly pushed chest-ward at the end of each pass.  Then her screams became short bursts of pain interspersed with gasps of horror. 

Zatanna realized that the girl in booth 1 was so utterly focused on what was happening to her breasts that she didn’t seem to notice there was a pleasure beam focused on her sex.  It wasn’t until a couple of minutes later, when metal grinding on metal could be heard as the slicer made its final path through breast meat, that the girl in the bacon trap finally sighed as a powerful orgasm washed through her body, and the small vertical snippers on the sides of her two truncated breasts closed inward and then pushed the final, thicker slice of breast meat onto the tray of forward-leaning sliced bacon.

As the screams came to an abrupt end and the breastless blonde was released from her booth restraints, Zatanna suddenly realized that Bill was still fornicating with her, and that her sex was sopping wet.  She watched the blonde bacon hunter carry her tray of stolen breast bacon to the kitchen order station, and suddenly became curious.  She asked softly, “Bill, do smaller breasts make better tasting bacon, and if they do, why do larger breasts seem to be most often pouched first?”

Bill roared in laughter, forcing him to pause his pounding of his manhood into Zatanna’s sex, before replying, “Many people do believe smaller breasts make better bacon because they have a larger meat to fatty tissue ratio.  However, even smaller breasts are mostly fatty tissue, so I would have to believe the sow’s diet plays a bigger role in the taste of her bacon than breast size.  Pride is why people tend to harvest the bigger breasts first.  Pride in possessing the biggest bacon lumps as they walk to the food ordering station, and the satisfaction in knowing that they have stolen away something that the girl who used to wear the breasts was likely most proud of due to their size.”

“You just used the word sow to describe the girls donating their bacon in these booths, Bill,” Zatanna said softly.  “Am I now a sow, like one of those girls who could potentially be converted to meat at Club X, because my breasts are about to become food?”

“No offense intended, Zatanna,” Bill said softly, “but, technically, yes you are a sow until you leave the booth as either a breasted girl or a breastless girl.  Hopefully, it will be the latter and relatively soon.  If someone doesn’t take interest in poaching your bacon fairly soon, I’ll have to dump one nut into your pussy.”  Bill went back to work, humping his turgid manhood into Zatanna’s hot love canal.


“Look!” Janet cried from her seat at the reserved table pointing at a blonde in a black evening dress who was being escorted to the debreasting booths by a tall, dark-haired, bearded man in a blue suit.  “It’s that papered girl, Jamie, who was standing next to me in the lottery, and her husband, Charles.  It looks like they are considering harvesting a set—hopefully Zatanna’s!”

“Yes, you’re right, Janet!” Wanda concurred.  “Look, the couple has stopped in front of Zatanna’s booth, and they are talking to either Zatanna or Bill.”

“I wonder if Zatanna will be hoping that Charles does her debreasting, as I would, rather than Jamie?” Sue asked softly.  “I know Charles sounded like a bit of a putz when he was asking about sharing Sally’s pain, but he is still male!”  Sue blushed as Janet and Wanda laughed at her.


“Is that you in there, Bill?” Charles asked with a laugh as he and Jamie walked up to booth 4.  “I should have known that you were banging you customers as well as your Grade-A waitresses, owning an establishment like this.”

“Charles, I have no idea of how those nasty rumors about me and my waitresses got started, and this girl is a special case,” Bill replied and then chuckled.  “Up here to harvest a pair?”

“Jamie is, Bill,” Charles replied.  “I’m just on escort duty, while hoping that no one grabs our empty table.  Which set of breasts were you considering poaching, dear?”

“Actually, I was planning on popping her D-cups,” Jamie replied, blushing beet red while nodding at Zatanna.  “However, as Bill is busy with her, I’ll check out the C-cups in booth 3.”

“If you don’t mind debreasting Zatanna here while I’m in the booth with her, Jamie, please do stick with your original plan,” Bill urged with a chuckle.  “You won’t mind if Jamie poaches your melons from you, will you, Zatanna?”

“Someone will do me, Jamie,” Zatanna said with a smile.  “If it’s you, I won’t mind.”

Jamie quickly checked Zatanna’s debreasting options and said jovially, “Scissors!  I love scissors, and yours are set on slow.  I will do you, Zatanna, so I hope you were being truthful when you said you wouldn’t mind.”

“I was, Jamie,” Zatanna said with a friendly smile on her face, “and just try to ignore Bill as we play our game.  He’s just in here to share my debreasting experience with me.”

“Has his big cock up your ass, does he, Zatanna?” Charles chortled and winked at Bill.  “Damn you picked the right business, Bill!”

“Do ignore me, Jamie,” Bill said concurring with Zatanna’s suggestion.  “At the moment, Charles, my cock is pummeling her pussy while my thumb is loosening her back door.  Why don’t you leave this to Jamie.  I’ll keep an eye on her from in here.  Tell you what Charles, you two can join me and the girls at the reserved table where you can watch what is happening in comfort.  Tell Wanda, the debreasted girl with long auburn hair, to order another round of drinks for the seven of us!  The drinks are on me, of course.”

 Charles waited until Jamie nodded to him before replying, “Thanks Bill, we will take you up on that generous offer.  Do have fun, dear!”  Charles quickly turned and headed towards the reserved table.

Jamie, meanwhile, decided to start the booth game with Zatanna by palming the undersides of her breasts and measuring their weight, before saying, “Wow!  You are a big girl, aren’t you Zatanna?  These D-cups are much more massive than mine.  I must say, I am going to have great satisfaction in taking them from you.”

“Good, Jamie!” Zatanna spat with a broad grin.  “Then we’ll know at least two of us will find this debreasting experience to be rewarding.”  Zatanna nodded her head backwards toward Bill.

Jamie laughed and gently began rubbing and massaging Zatanna’s breasts as she asked, “Are we ready for me to hit the kill button then, and doom these melons to the scissor blades?”  She then bent down and began suckling on Zatanna’s nipples one breast at a time.

“I’m as ready to get my balloons popped as I’ll ever be, Jamie,” Zatanna replied and then moaned at the pleasure she was now receiving from both ends.  Suddenly, a strange question popped into Zatanna’s head, which she just had to ask, “Have you ever done a booth stint, Jamie?”

“Yes, a number of times, Zatanna,” Jamie replied with a grin after standing and locking her blue eyes with Zatanna’s.  “Each time I have done so, it has been almost immediately after I have poached another girl’s breasts.  Then I stand there locked into the bacon trap with my breasts offered for the taking, with the other girl’s pain and remorse fresh on my mind.  I wonder each and every time I take a booth, if that turn will be the one where my husband will walk away from protecting my debreasting controls and leave me to my fate.  I’ll be taking another turn in a booth right after I have killed your lovely tits, Zatanna.”  Jamie pushed Zatanna’s debreast button with a grin on her face and her eyes still locked with Zatanna’s.  Her grin broadened as she watched Zatanna’s eyes role back as raven-haired girl in the booth sighed loudly, three times, in climax.


  A minute earlier, at the reserved table, Charles had said, “Hi girls, my name is Charles.  Bill has invited my wife Jamie, the blonde standing before booth 4, and me to join you and him at this table.  I do hope you won’t mind?”

“Not at all, Charles,” Sue replied quickly, blushing as she realized she was using her best bedroom voice.  “We are most pleased to have some additional male company to balance out this table filled with girlish perspectives.  I’m Sue, this is Wanda, and this is Janet, and you’ve already met Zatanna, the girl in booth 4 that your wife is, evidently, about to debreast.”

“Awkward situation there, my wife debreasting your friend just as we join your table, isn’t it, Sue?” Charles said with a boyish grin as he looked at Sue, wondering if she knew she was flirting with him.  “Nice to meet you, Wanda and Janet,” Charles said nodding to each girl in turn.

“I’m sure that Zatanna won’t be upset at your wife for popping her balloons, Charles,” Sue said softly and then giggled.  “Someone was bound to do her, anyhow.  That’s what happens when you put breasts through debreasting portals.”

“I’m glad to meet you, Charles,” Wanda said softly, a little embarrassed at Sue’s flirting.  She knew the reason for the flirting, naturally.  Sue wasn’t charming Charles for romance, she was hoping she could charm him into being the one who hit her debreast button when her turn in a booth came.  “Can I have Cheryl bring you a drink?” 

“Actually, Bill asked me to have you order a round of drinks for the seven of us, Wanda, and to have them put on his tab,” Charles said with a smile.  “I’m guessing that means he considers you chief harem girl at the table.”

Janet burst out laughing, and then chortled, “You’ve got her pegged, Charles.  I’m happy to have you with us as well, for more reasons than one.  Wanda’s ordering of seven Lactic Blasters means that Jamie will be having seven bacon sandwiches delivered to this table when Zatanna’s balloons have been popped, and I’m hungry.  Speaking of popped, Jamie just hit Zatanna’s debreast button, and would you look at that, Zatanna’s climaxing already!”  

Wanda shook her head as Janet began bouncing on her chair again, and said softly, “Don’t be too quick to judge, Zatanna, Janet.  Bill is probably in there having sex with her, and is presumably more than capable of bringing a girl to climax without the aid of a debreasting booth pleasure beam.”

“He was and, evidently, is,” Charles said with a laugh.  “About now he will be changing orifices though.”  The man blushed as he suddenly realized the latter didn’t come as a surprise to any of the three girls, and then watched as Wanda hurried off to find Cheryl.


“OWWWww!” Zatanna cried out in protest from within booth 4 as Bill suddenly pulled out of her vagina and thrust his phallus past her tight anus and into her rectum.  “You have plenty of time, Bill!  There isn’t any need to be brutal!”

“Sorry, Zatanna, I didn’t mean to cause you pain,” Bill replied softly, and then chuckled as he continued.  “I just want to make sure I’m ready to share the pain you will feel as your breasts are taken from you.  You can hear the mechanical sounds from within your booth.  Those sounds should tell you that the scissors are now being deployed.  Two, thin, circular motors have been pushed inward out of recesses in your booth wall by their central support rods, and those support rods are slowly being pushed upward under your breasts in vertical positioning tracks.  Between the booth wall and the scissor motors two thin, crisscrossed, two-foot-long, scissor blades are anchored to each motor by the central support rod through the center of the blades where they cross.  The blades, having very sharp inner edges, begin the upward journey in not quite horizontal positions.  Short rods through the base of each scissor blade are positioned in tracks along the outer margins of the lower half of each circular motor.  When the blade edges reach the bases of your breasts, the central support rod stops rising, and each short rod will slowly lower along the circular tracks until they meet at the bottom of the circular motor causing the scissor blades to slowly rotate together, cutting through your breast meat, until each blade reaches a vertical position.  You’ve selected one motor to remain dormant until the other motor has finished pulling its blades closed before it activates.  Which motor is dormant is randomly determined.”

Zatanna giggled and then quipped, “Great!  I won’t know which balloon is going to get popped first until one of the pairs of scissor blades starts letting the air out.  Thanks for that long-winded technical explanation of your equipment, Bill.  Here is a much more succinct news flash.  I can feel cold metal on the bases of my boobs!”  Zatanna moaned in pleasure.  Jamie, after hitting the raven-haired beauty’s debreast button, had immediately lowered her lips to the heroine’s nipples and was busily suckling on them. 

Jamie, having heard that the scissor blades were in position to begin Zatanna’s debreasting, straightened up and tugged outward on the girl’s pinkish-brown nipples.  She was intent on getting every gram of breast meat she possibly could onto the kitchen side of the debreasting portals.

Zatanna grimaced as her nipples were roughly pinched and then yanked outward, and groaned in discomfort.  “There isn’t any need to pull so hard, Jamie.  My boobs are only going to stretch so much.”

“Sorry, Zatanna, but we need to make sure we harvest all of your bacon!” Jamie chirped as she grinned and stared into Zatanna’s blue eyes.  Then she watched as Zatanna’s eyes widened with surprise and fear, and asked eagerly, “You know which melon I’m going to be holding first, don’t you, Zatanna?”

Zatanna sighed in orgasmatron-induced climax and then gasped, “Yes, I can feel pressure on the lower sides of my right breast, Jamie.  You could let go of my left nipple now and put your right hand to a more gentle use.”  Zatanna smiled and nodded at Jamie as she transferred her right hand to the base of her right breast and began gently stroking the doomed flesh.

“I can see that the breast has started to become compressed at the sides now, Zatanna,” Jamie exclaimed animatedly.  “Have the sharp blades begun to break your skin yet?”

Zatanna grinned at Jamie’s excitement.  The magic show performer enjoyed being the center of attention, and she certainly was that now.  “No, I don’t think so.  Not yet, Jam…WAIT!  I have an itching sensation at the lower sides of my breast.  My guess is…that means my skin is beginning to be cut.”

Bill chuckled from within booth 4 as Zatanna’s sphincter finally began to flutter around his manhood, meaning the pain that he wanted to share as the heroine’s melons were slowly plucked from her chest was beginning.  Bill genuinely hoped that Zatanna enjoyed her debreasting as much as he was going to, but he had his doubts in that regard.


“There, in the four and eight o’clock positions in the right debreasting portal,” Janet screamed with obvious elation as she bounced on her chair seat, “can you see the glint of metal?  Zatanna’s right balloon is getting popped first.  Gosh darn it!  I can’t wait until that big boobie comes off of her chest and into Jamie’s hand.”

Sue giggled at her friend’s excitement, but exhorted, “Calm down, Janet, that will happen soon enough.  Once your debreast button has been pushed while you are in one of those bacon traps, your fate is sealed—Zatanna will be returning to our table flat-chested.”

“Thanks, Cheryl,” Wanda said softly while smiling at the nude waitress as she delivered the seven Lactic Blasters the auburn-haired heroine had ordered at the bar.  Then she turned her attention to Charles, and asked, “Does Jamie often play the booth game, Charles?  Does she enjoy poaching another girl’s breasts?”

“She’s played the booth game from the kitchen side of the booth about a dozen times, Wanda,” Charles replied softly, and then took a drink of his Lactic Blaster before addressing the lovely girl’s second question.  “You’ll have to ask Jamie if she has come to enjoy the breast poaching.  When this recreational ritual of ours began, I made her take the breasts from the kitchen side so that she could witness pain and loss up close before Jamie took her own turn in a booth.  Even with me guarding her debreast button, Jamie quakes with fear, and the anticipation that something might go wrong, resulting in the horror she just forced upon another girl being thrust upon her.  This ritual really intensifies the orgasms she gets from the orgasmatron beams during the final minute of her booth stay.  It also makes Jamie a most enthusiastic bed partner when we return home from our night at Final Fantasy!”       

“An understandable plus for both of you!” Sue spat with a giggle.  “Do you ever play the booth game, Charles?” Sue asked with a twinkle in her blue eyes.

“Sometimes, Sue,” Charles replied and then laughed.  “Sometimes, if there aren’t any kitchen-side players near the debreasting portals, I’ll harvest a pair while my wife plays her game from within the booth.  It’s very enjoyable to see the terror in her eyes as she realizes I’m not giving her own debreast button my full attention.  Maybe I’ll poach a set of bacon from some girl’s chest tonight, Sue.  You still have breasts.  Maybe I’ll give you the choice of taking a turn in a booth or riding a Jessica machine.”  Charles laughed as he watched first hope and then fear fill Sue’s face.  He couldn’t possible guess what the girl was thinking.

“I think Zatanna’s boob is starting to be cut,” Janet enthusiastically informed the table, breaking the tension that was building between Sue and Charles.  “You can see red on the silver scissor blades now!”


Zatanna gasped in pain and then moaned in pleasure.  She finally understood why Wanda called the debreasting booths ‘mankind’s greatest invention ever’.  Emotions and sensations became so mixed that you couldn’t tell one from another.  Zatanna could tell that she was bleeding, and the pain being inflicted on her right breast was registering in her brain.  However, she could also feel the pleasure building in her sex; building at a rate that would soon force another climax from the heroine.  Zatanna felt fear building in the back of her mind that her breasts would be slowly destroyed and be lost forever, in spite of the claims of Janet and her friends, but she was also fascinated by the unique sensations forced upon her chest as the scissor blades slowly rotated closed and parted her flesh.

Jamie, having decided that Zatanna’s breast meat was sufficiently trapped in its stretched out position that she no longer needed to tug on its nipple, dropped her head and began suckling on the girl’s nipples again.  She smiled as she was rewarded with a moan of pleasure, and then grinned broadly as she heard Zatanna issue a staccato sigh of beam-induced orgasm.

Bill smiled and tilted his head back as he closed his eyes.  He wasn’t moving his hips at all; he wasn’t thrusting his manhood in and out of Zatanna’s tight anal cavity.  He was simply enjoying her spasms of pain and pleasure around his phallus.  Bill knew he would soon dump his seed into the girl’s rectum, probably before her first breast came free from her chest.  He didn’t care; he reveled in the pleasure his penis was experiencing.

A minute later, Zatanna asked, “Jamie, how badly have I been cut?  My right breast is beginning to hurt like hell now!”  She watched as Jamie straightened up and stared at the base of her breast with obvious fascination.

Jamie grinned and locked her blue eyes with Zatanna’s, “You should see this from this side of the booth, Zatanna.  The base of your breast is unzipping in clockwise and counterclockwise directions as the scissor blades close.  Your big right balloon is now more than half-way popped!  You’ll be sporting a lopsided chest very soon!”  Jamie smiled as Zatanna grimaced in pain and tears welled in the girl’s eyes as she thought about the mammary gland that was about to be amputated from her body.  The heroine suddenly realized that she had never been shown any proof that the Chula device actually existed.  She suddenly realized that she could have made a serious mistake in trusting girls she didn’t know all that well.

Bill grinned and grunted as Zatanna’s behind suddenly began to spasm fiercely around his manhood.  He moaned with pleasure as he suddenly ejaculated into the heroine’s hot rectum, and then grinned as he heard Zatanna gasp loudly in orgasm.

“Having fun…are we…back there…Bill?” Zatanna rasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain in her voice.  “At least now my anal intrusion can come to an end!”  Zatanna, groaned in disappointment as Bill, without replying to her, began fucking his penis in and out of her anal cavity.  She could feel Bill’s manhood swell from semi-flaccid back to fully turgid.  Evidently the nightclub owner was going to seek a second ejaculation into her rectum.

Jamie brought Zatanna’s attention back to her right breast by wiggling the nearly detached mammary back and forth, eliciting a gasp of pain and disgust from the heroine, followed by a long sigh indicating another orgasm as the pleasure being beamed into her genitals was suddenly ramped up to maximum intensity.  Jamie proclaimed, “Your right balloon doesn’t have much air left in it now, Zatanna.  It’s going to pop free any sec…OH!”  Jamie smiled with delight as Zatanna’s orb suddenly came free to pull downward on her left hand.  She quickly transferred her right hand to the girl’s left nipple and tugged outward as she held the severed right breast before Zatanna’s gasping face peering out from the transparent booth window.  Jamie chirped jovially, “One tit turned into bacon, and one tit left to go—for the moment.”  The heroine stared with shock, horror, and disgust at her severed flesh as her orgasm subsided.


“Popped!” Janet screamed triumphantly.  “Zatanna has had one breast popped!  I love watching my big breasted friends getting their moneymakers killed!”

“We know, Janet!” Sue concurred while giggling.  “If Charles forces me into one of those booths, and kills my boobies while he guards his wife’s debreast button, are you going to applaud so gleefully.”

“Darn right I am, Sue!” Janet spat happily.  “I’ll enjoy watching you get your balloons popped then just as much as I’m enjoying Zatanna’s debreasting right now.  You are going to do Sue’s breasts aren’t you, Charles?  You are going to turn her mammary glands into bacon sandwiches aren’t you?”

“Now, Sue and Janet, I said maybe I would give Sue a choice between taking a booth or riding a Jessica machine,” Charles said with a laugh.  “I wonder what Bill would say if I started ordering the girls at his table to do this or that.  Actually, a fillet sounds good right now, so maybe I won’t provide a choice at all, and simply order Sue onto the back of a Jessica machine.”  Charles chuckled as fear filled Sue’s face, before saying, “You’re safe Sue, I won’t make you ride a Jessica.  You don’t need breasts to do that, and I think Janet’s fillet might do me just fine.”  He laughed as he watched Janet gulp in fear.

“What a naughty boy you are, Charles,” Wanda said with a giggle.  “Why don’t you stop teasing my tablemates and watch your wife take Zatanna’s left breast.  Besides, while Bill would likely be fine with your forcing Sue to do a booth stint, knowing that, with tasty looking breasts like hers, she is sure to be debreasted by someone, he likely wouldn’t be too happy if one of us got converted to meat on the back of a Jessica machine.  We have a business arrangement set up with him for Wednesday.”

Janet laughed as she realized Wanda was manipulating Charles into doing what Sue wanted him to do while vouchsafing their lives.  She quickly ran interference to prevent the man from realizing this fact by announcing, “Look!  You can see steel in the lower part of Zatanna’s left debreasting portal.  Her left breast will start to get popped any second now!”


   Zatanna groaned in pain!  For some reason, the booth’s orgasmatron emitter had reduced the intensity of the pleasure beams bathing her sex back to their initial levels, leaving her to deal with the searing pain from the wound where a right breast once protruded on her own.  To further complicate matters, the lower sides at the base of her left breast now had the itching sensation that indicated the sharp scissor blades had broken her skin, and that her left breast would soon begin being severed.  To add insult to injury, the girls in booths 2 and 3 began moaning in pleasure as they entered the final minute of their booth game.

“Are you all right, Zatanna?” Bill asked softly as he continued to ream the girl’s asshole.  “You seem to be in more pain than you should be.”

“If you meant…what you said…about…pain…Bill…you are wrong!” Zatanna gasped out with great effort.  “Having a…breast…sliced off…should hurt…and it…does!  I’m…in…agony!  The…real problem…is the…orgasmatron!  The pleasure beam…intensity…has dropped…dramatically…now that…my breast…is gone.  Evidently…the computer…assumes…the remaining…wound…doesn’t have…nerves…to carry…pain signals!”

“I’m sorry about that, Zatanna,” Bill said softly as he stopped working his manhood into the girl’s behind.  He was pretty sure he was close enough to climax that she would get him off a second time, when she started reacting to her left breasts destruction, without his humping into her ass.  After thinking about Zatanna’s observation for a moment, he said, “I’ll have my engineers look into the orgasmatron beam settings, to make sure they remain at high levels between debreastings for the one-breast-at-a-time methods.”

“Zatanna, sweety, the pleasure beam settings should soon start stepping up again,” Jamie, who had been listening to the conversation, called out.  “I can see a little blood on the scissor blades as they slowly close in your left debreasting portal.”

“GOOD!” Zatanna spat with emotion.  “At the moment…I want…nothing more…than to…get out…of this…bacon trap!  Even…breastless!”  The heroine groaned in pain as the sides of her left breast began to protest against the blades slicing into them.  Then Zatanna moaned in pleasure as the orgasmatron emitter dramatically stepped back up in intensity.  ‘It’s about time, you stupid machine!’ the raven-haired heroine thought.  In the background, the girls in booths 2 and 3 were sighing in climax.

Bill moaned as he felt Zatanna clenching and unclenching the muscles of her behind.  He knew this meant the scissor blades were slicing into her remaining mammary gland, and that soon her sphincter would begin milking his penis for one final load of semen.

“Your breasts are unzipping nicely, Zatanna!” Jamie announced with a smile on her face and amazement in her eyes.  “You’re left breast will be half popped in just another minute.”  Jamie could tell that Zatanna’s pleasure beam intensity had been stepped back up from the sound of the moans the girl was issuing.  She dropped her lips to the girls remaining nipple and began suckling, trying to add to her pleasure.

Zatanna fought to focus on the pleasure being beamed into her genitals just as she felt the warm mouth on her nipple, and plunged abruptly into climax.  As her libido trumped the pain signals coming from both sides of her chest, Zatanna once again began to think that the booth experience wasn’t that bad, and that maybe the rewards of pleasure outweighed the penalties of pain—Zatanna the magician was being enchanted with debreasting booth magic.  Meanwhile the moans and sighs in the other two booths had abruptly ended, and Zatanna was only vaguely aware that the empty booths were being refilled with new booth players.

“About two-thirds done, sweety,” Jamie called out after straightening up to examine the base of Zatanna’s breast.  Jamie wiggled the breast from side to side, causing Zatanna to first howl in pain and then to enter into one final sigh of orgasm.  Zatanna sighed through Bill’s second spurting of semen into her rectum as her sphincter fluttered and twitched madly around his turgid penis.  She continued to sigh as the scissor blades reached vertical positions inside of her left debreasting portal, and her left breast popped free of her chest to pull downward on Jamie’s right hand. 

As her booth restraints released her chest and thighs, Zatanna watched Jamie triumphantly hold two severed D-cups before the heroine’s face, grinning like a mad woman.  “You better take your breast bacon to the food ordering station at the bar, Jamie,” Zatanna suggested softly with tears running down her face.  Then she asked, “What should she trade them for, Bill?”

“Jamie, tell the order taker I said I want the chef to use that particular bacon to make six bacon sandwiches, with all the trimmings, and to also make one vegetarian sandwich,” Bill instructed softly.  “Tell her that the vegetarian sandwich and one of the bacon sandwiches should be cut in halves.  Have the sandwiches delivered to the reserved table when you are done, and then join your husband and Zatanna’s friends there where you have a drink waiting for you.  Come with me, Zatanna.  Let’s get those wounds of yours looked after.”


Chapter 23. Sue and Jamie, Side by Side


            Bill carefully used a wet washcloth to clean the blood from Zatanna’s wounds and chest as he asked, “What did you think of your debreasting booth experience, Zatanna?  I mean, aside from the glitch where the orgasmatron beam intensity dropped too low after the removal of your first breast.”

            Zatanna thought for a moment before answering, and then replied, “The experience was extremely painful, however, except for the glitch, the pain was offset by the pleasure beams.  The game with Jamie was both interesting and sensual, so much so that I largely forgot that you were in the booth with me, using me.  The biggest drawback to the experience is the loss I feel as I sit here breastless, and the fear that the other girls have been having me on about their so-called Chula tissue regenerator.  I don’t know if I could accept living the rest of my life without breasts if they have been lying about their miracle machine.”

            Bill frowned, and switched to using a dry towel on Zatanna’s chest before saying in his most reassuring tone, “They have the alien machine, Zatanna, and have restored Sue and Janet’s breasts once, Janet’s clitoris once, and Wanda’s breasts twice.  You can stop worrying!  Your breasts will be back on your chest soon after you girls get home, bigger than ever and firmer and more sensitive than they have been in years.  Your doubts that they have the tissue regenerator would indicate you girls don’t know each other as well as I thought you did.  Is that so?”

            “Janet and Wanda are best friends, having been the only female Avengers early in their careers, and they know Sue quite well,” Zatanna replied softly as she watched Bill begin opening one of his bandage packages.  “I’ve met all three before on a number of occasions, but as they are all based out of New York City, and the Justice League is presently based in a space station in geocentric orbit over Los Angeles, we’ve never really got together and partied before tonight.  Here, I’ll just use heal spells on myself and save you the trouble with that bandage.”

            “Don’t do that, Zatanna,” Bill implored as the magic-wielder began to gesture before chanting her backwards spell.  “I don’t know how your magic works, how your heal spells heal, but I did hear Janet say her husband feared the alien technology might not work if much time passed after a wound had been incurred.  If your heal spells simulate the passage of time as they repair your wounds….”

            “Oh my heck, Bill,” Zatanna spat wide-eyed, “they might.  If so I would have sealed my fate and gone through the rest of my life breastless!”

            Bill nodded as he placed one white, circular bandage, and then another, over Zatanna’s chest wounds, before saying, “We don’t know that to be the case, but I think it best to assume that it might be.  I heard you and Sue talking about her badly burned clitoris not seeming to be functioning one hundred percent perfectly after you healed it, didn’t I?  By the way, the pain from your wounds is mostly gone now that the bandages are on you, isn’t it?”

            “Yes, Bill, my pain is mostly gone and what little is left is subsiding rapidly,” Zatanna replied and giggled.  “Your bandages are magic unto themselves.  And yes, I see what you mean about Sue and her clitoris.  It would be best for her to have her pleasure button completely excised, which she said she might do anyhow, and regenerated from scratch.  Are you going to tell her so?”

            Bill chuckled and then shook his head, saying, “No!  That would be best coming from you.  There might be doubts as to my veracity and motives in telling her such, especially if I end up collecting her naughty bits after her booth stint.”

            “All right, I’ll talk to Sue,” Zatanna said with a smile.  “Bill, for the record, I don’t doubt your truthfulness or your reasons for suggesting Sue should choose ‘de-clit option yes’ when she does her booth stint—not even knowing you already have plans for her nipples and clit.  Are my nipples headed for your fridge as well?”

            Bill grinned, shook his head, and chuckled, before replying, “No, Zatanna, as that would tip my hand to Sue.  I’ll wait for another opportunity to collect your naughty bits, hoping for a chance for a trio rather than a matching pair.”  Bill blushed and then frowned before admitting, “To be honest, I’m a little uncomfortable with this collector hobby of mine that may or may not have started tonight.  Shall we return to our table?”

            Zatanna nodded, stood, and walked to ‘The Wall’ door, with Bill right behind her.  As she put on her black bikini bottoms and tossed her top into the nearby trash can, she couldn’t help thinking about how totally honest and up front Bill seemed to be about his motives and feelings.  She suddenly realized that there were some good aspects that went along with being a 41st Century male.  The pair then exited the Game room.


            Janet smiled at Bill as he took his seat, and quipped, “You look like you had a good time in there, Bill.  Did you get a load off of your mind?”

            Bill roared with laughter before replying, “Two loads actually, Janet, and don’t you dare tease Zatanna about it while I’m around, either.  As a male, and you being an un-papered girl, I could have you put face down on this table top and take your anal virginity right now.  Then I could invite every male in the nightclub to test your tightness after I had loosened you up!”

            Janet grinned, knowing Bill was teasing, and replied, “I promise, Bill, that I won’t tease Zatanna about you sharing the pain of her debreasting…until we have left Final Fantasy…after which you can count on me giving her a really good ribbing.  Speaking of Zatanna, why did she wave Sue over to ‘The Wall’ door?”

            “She needed to tell Sue about some theories we developed while I bandaged Zatanna, Janet,” Bill replied softly.  “Theories dealing with the skin grafts you girls are going to need before you return home to your twin sisters.  It looks like they are done talking and will join us momentarily.”

            When the pair of heroines reached the reserved table, a visibly shaken Sue sat and took a long drink of Lactic Blaster.  Zatanna walked over and pulled Jamie to her feet, and gave the blonde a long hug, saying, “Thank you for a wonderful booth game, Jamie!”

            “It was my pleasure, Zatanna,” Jamie replied with a shy smile.  “I’m pleased, but surprised, that you don’t seem to be peeved at me for poaching your bacon.”

            “As I told you from within the booth, Jamie,” Zatanna said with a genuine smile, “if you didn’t pop my balloons, somebody else would.  I’m happy that my chest was flattened by such a nice girl as you.”  The debreastor and debreastee hugged again and then took their respective seats just as Cheryl delivered seven sandwiches to the reserved table, and placed a small tray containing two nipples in the center of the table.

            “Ah, good, the food is here!” Bill said and then chuckled.  “Not a moment too soon, either.  I’m positively famished!”

            “Me too!” Janet chortled.  “Also, I must admit, I can’t wait to taste Zatanna’s bacon.  I expect her sandwich meat will be positively magical!”

            Zatanna laughed loudly before urging, “Now don’t build up everyone’s expectations, Janet.  It would be embarrassing if I turned out to be rancid or something like that.”

            Wanda quickly picked up her sandwich and took a big bite, before saying with her mouth full, “No worries there, Zatanna.  You taste positively scrumptious!”

            Bill chuckled happily and then turned to Sue and said, “I made one of the bacon sandwiches halved so that you and I could sample Zatanna, but keep our cholesterol counts down by eating a halved vegetarian sandwich as well.  Does that work for you, Sue?”

            “Sure, Bill,” Sue said nodding, as she watched the owner of Final Fantasy exchange sandwich halves on two of the plates and then pass one of them to her, “I’ll taste Zatanna’s bacon, but I’m not promising to finish that sandwich half.  Having not done much more than sit at the table here, unlike the rest of you, I’m not quite as hungry as you all are.”  Sue took a quick bite of her bacon sandwich half and made a point of ‘yumming’ so that everyone would stop staring at her.

            “You do taste great, Zatanna,” Janet said with a giggle and then took a second bite of her sandwich.  She washed the sandwich down with Lactic Blaster and said, “Thank you for sharing these sandwiches with us, Jamie!”

            Jamie laughed after swallowing the bite she was chewing on, nodded to Zatanna, and said, “Don’t thank me!  I only harvested the bacon.  Thank Zatanna, she grew it!  Have you tried your sandwich, sweety?” 

            “Not yet, Jamie,” Zatanna replied softly, “but I suppose I must.  The idea of eating yourself is most strange, but if Wanda can get past that hurdle, then so can I.”  Zatanna took a big bite of her sandwich and then grinned before quipping with her mouth full, “I do have an enchanting taste, Janet!”  All seven people at the reserved table began laughing as they dug into their food.

            A few minutes later, her sandwich only half eaten, Jamie said softly, “I think it would be best if I did my booth stint now, Charles.  I want the emotions I witnessed during Zatanna’s debreasting to be fresh on my mind as my D-cups hang out of the debreasting portals waiting to be plucked from my chest, if something distracts you from guarding my debreast button, or if another male or papered woman takes a fancy to them.”

            “Yes dear, momentarily,” Charles said softly with a wicked grin on his face.  “Let’s wait until two or three other girls are ready to enter the Game room.  I want you to have some company as you play your game, Jamie.  Speaking of company, Bill, would you mind if I order Sue to take a booth next to Jamie?”

            Bill almost choked on his sandwich as he heard Charles’ question, and then glanced to see the carefully concealed wink from Sue, before replying, “If you hang this girl’s balloons out of those debreasting portals, Charles, they are sure to get popped.  The only way I can agree to let you do that is if you agree to harvest those knockers yourself, and agree to donate her hors d’oeuvres, including her clit candy if she provides it, to me and my establishment.  If you agree to that, duplicate the sandwich order Jamie made with Zatanna’s breast bacon, please.  I worked up quite an appetite in that booth with Zatanna.”

            Charles chuckled loudly, and chortled, “You drive a hard bargain, Bill, but not that hard.  Jamie, you wouldn’t mind if Sue kept you company, would you?”

            “If you think you can guard both of our debreast buttons until our timers have run down, before initiating Sue’s debreasting, no I won’t mind,” Jamie replied softly, knowing her husband had already decided to do what he was asking her to say yes to.  “However, protecting my debreast button has to come first, even if it means that someone else poaches Sue’s bacon.  I doubt you’re being given a choice in this matter Sue, but I am curious as to your thoughts.”

            “If Charles orders me to take a booth, I will do as I am told, Jamie,” Sue said with a forced frown.  “I wouldn’t be here at Final Fantasy if I didn’t expect to get my boobies busted sooner or later.  I just hope Charles is man enough to make the booth game as fun as possible for both of us while still vouchsafing your breasts.”

            “I can and will do that, I promise both of you,” Charles said with obvious excitement, as he picked one of nipples up off of the small tray in the middle of the table and then held the tray with its remaining nipple before Jamie.  “Just make sure Sue is in the booth directly beside you and to your left, Jamie, so that I can play with her tits while standing in front of your booth controls.  Why don’t you two take a position beside those two girls standing beside ‘The Wall’ door while you chew on Zatanna’s nipple, Jamie.  I’ll take a position in front of the debreasting portals as soon as you enter the Game room.”  Jamie grinned at her husband, and together they each popped a nipple in their mouths and began chewing the raw hors d’oeuvres, while Zatanna watched wide-eyed.  Then Jamie stood to follow her husband’s suggestion.


            As Sue stood and followed Jamie over to the Game room door, she fought hard to maintain the frown on her face.  She had Charles pegged as a man who would prefer to take a girl’s breasts against her wishes, rather than aiding in a voluntary donation.  This thought made Sue wonder which situation was closer to the truth for her.

            Meanwhile, Jamie was standing silently before the booth door in her black evening dress, ignoring the two topless un-papered girls, a redhead and a brunette, who were already waiting to play the booth game.  Sue decided to remedy the uncomfortable situation by providing introductions, “Hi girls, I’m Sue and this is Jamie.  Are you girls waiting to play the booth game?”

            “Yes Sue, we are,” the green-eyed, freckled redhead sporting perfect brownish-pink-tipped C-cups replied.  The girl had a lovely face that formed a beautiful smile as she said, “I’m Elise, and am happy for the company.  It reduces the chances that my bacon will be poached.”

            “My name is Dorothy,” the hazel-eyed brunette packing nice-sized pinkish-brown-tipped D-cups said with obvious nervousness.  “This is my first time visiting one of these debreasting booth nightclubs.  Elise talked me into this.  I sure hope I make it out of the booth intact.  What about yourselves?”

            “Jamie here is counting on some help from her husband to make it through the booth game without risk to her breasts,” Sue said softly, and then nodded to the half dozen girls licking their lips as they sized up the breasts of the girls standing before ‘The Wall’ door; one of these hungry looking girls was an oriental papered woman in a midnight blue evening dress.  Sue giggled as the three other girls became pallid as they noticed the pack of bacon hunters for the first time, and removed her bikini top as she said, “I believe booth game etiquette requires that we join Elise and Dorothy in letting them size up their potential lunch meat before we enter the Game room, Jamie.  Jamie’s husband told me to take the booth to her left, so would it be okay with you girls if we take booths 1 and 2?”  The current group of girls in the booths began moaning, having entered the final minute of their booth stints, as Jamie dropped the upper half of her evening gown off of her shoulders and removed her black brassiere to expose her pinkish-tipped D-cups to the eyes of the bacon hunters.  Sue noticed that Jamie was shivering with fear as she glanced surreptitiously at the oriental girl in the blue dress.

            “No problem, Sue,” Elise replied, “We’ll stick the booth rookie here in booth 5, which I heard some blonde statistics expert say was the safest booth.  I’ll take booth 4.  There is something you aren’t saying, isn’t there, Sue?  You didn’t say you were hoping your breasts wouldn’t get poached!”

            “That is because I already know that my balloons will get popped before this booth stint ends, Elise,” Sue replied softly.  “Jamie’s husband Charles ordered me to take a booth so that he could kill my boobies and turn them into sandwich meat.”  Sue giggled at the shock and horror on Elise and Dorothy’s faces, and said, “Don’t worry about me.  It was bound to happen, sooner or later, and I would just as soon have Charles do me rather than some girl I didn’t know.  Just keep in mind that, if you keep playing the booth game, sooner or later the same will happen to the three of you, but let’s hope later.”  Sue smiled sweetly at Jamie as she saw fear fill the papered girl’s face as the truth of Sue’s words set off alarm bells in her mind.


            At the reserved table, Janet was pointing to the three blonde sisters she had now twice met and done stints in booths with, saying, “Bill, I checked and those three girls there have all been certified as Grade A’s.  Realizing that their C-cups aren’t what most of your waitresses are carrying on their chests, they still might be up for working here at Final Fantasy, if you ever get in a pinch.  They are certainly here often enough as it is.”

            “Still trying to keep those sisters breasted, are we, Janet?” Bill asked with a chuckle.  “I take it you have been told that my waitresses cannot voluntarily take a booth stint, and have reasoned that the sisters will be in less danger as waitresses than as customers even with the one-hour stints as potential menu item waitress.  Okay, I’ll keep them in mind, but no promises.  Heaven knows I spend a lot of time interviewing waitress candidates anyhow.”  

            As Charles listened to sighs and gasps of climax come to an end in the booths, he said, “I guess I’ll be moving up in front of the booths soon.  Do any of you girls want to ask me to spare Sue’s tits, and try to protect her as well as my wife?”

            “If I was in Sue’s position, and she was here sitting where I am now, she would tell you that you should take my breasts if you wanted them, Charles,” Wanda said softly.  “We understand the roles of girls in this society.”

            Zatanna, nodded, adding, “Breasts are fun to wear, and no doubt fun for you men to play with during sex, but their ultimate role in this society is to provide food.  Unless you plan on milking Sue, then you have to assume her breasts will become bacon, sooner or later.”

            “Preferably sooner!” Janet spat with a laugh.  “I just finished my Zatanna sandwich and I’m still hungry.  Get up there and pop Sue’s balloons, Charles.  I’m counting on you to bring home the bacon!”

            Bill roared with laughter as he watched Charles’ face fill with puzzlement, and chortled, “Don’t you just love these girls, Charles.  Such refreshing perspectives they have on life.  Your wife and Sue just entered the Game room, so you better head to the debreasting portals and decide for yourself if you’re going to bring Janet, and the rest of us, a sandwich made from Sue’s bacon.”  Bill grinned as he watched the bearded man rush over to the dance floor.


Sue quickly pulled off her sky blue bikini bottoms, and then waited patiently while Jamie removed her evening dress and carefully folded the garment before placing it on the floor.  She then plopped her brassiere atop the dress before removing her black panties and tossing them onto her pile.  Their stripping completed, Sue followed Jamie as she hurried over to the booths and entered booth 1.

As Sue entered booth 2, she heard ‘The Wall’ door open.  While desperately hoping that it wasn’t Bill entering the Game room to share some more pain, Sue said softly, “I would suggest you set your window transparency to two-way, like I’ll be doing, Jamie.  The tips of Dorothy’s D-cups are much darker than yours, so there isn’t any hope that that oriental girl won’t know which set is which.”

As Sue took the proper booth mounting position and pushed her pinkish-tipped D-cups through her debreasting portals, resulting in her booth restraints snapping tightly into place, Sue heard Jamie reply, “Don’t have too much fun with me, Sue.  I’m feeling fear, because a papered girl licking her chops as she stares at my tits makes me aware of how vulnerable I am, even with my husband outside of my booth.  That fear will bring me to a fantastic climax during my final minute of booth time.  In the meantime, I’ll get to hear your moans and groans and sighs as my husband kills your tits.  Still, I will follow your advice.”

“That’s good, Jaimie,” Sue said softly as she began setting her booth controls and a tall black girl with huge, brownish-tipped DD-cups, the reason for ‘The Wall’ door opening, filled booth 3.  “By the way, I wasn’t trying to make you uncomfortable just then.  I was just pointing out the obvious.  Your husband seems to be a resourceful man; he’ll manage to get you through your booth game intact.”  Sue quickly selected ‘razor wire loops’, ‘dead slow’, ‘transparency two-way’, and then grimaced as the de-clit option screen came up.  Sue shook her head in regret at having enjoyed her ‘candle flame on clitoris’ fantasy for a bit too long, and selected ‘de-clit option yes’.  “I’m ready, Jamie.  You will let me know just as you push ‘start timer’ won’t you?”

“Yes, Sue,” Jamie said softly, “and for what it’s worth, I’m sorry for what I said about my husband and your breasts.  That was mean, and I’m generally not like that.”  Jamie quickly checked her settings to make sure they were right.  She had picked ‘scissors’, like Zatanna had, to aid in fantasizing about her breasts being at risk, but had decided not to go with the ‘one breast at a time option’ just in case her husband failed to protect her.  Jamie had also picked the ‘slow’ setting. as Zatanna had to get a good pleasure beam intensity, and naturally had set ‘de-clit option no’.   She announced, “I’m ready, Sue.  Ready…set…GO!”  Jamie hit enter on ‘start timer’ and knew in her heart that Sue had kept her word and done the same.  Jamie smiled with relief as she finally had a chance to look out of her booth window to see Charles standing in front of her debreasting controls.

“Hi, sweetheart,” Charles said with a grin.  “This is a nice change, to be able to see your face as you play your booth game.  Hi, Sue, I can vouch for the fact that Jamie is rarely mean tempered.”

“Hi, Charles,” Sue said softly.  “I knew Jamie was being truthful, and understand why she said what she did.  She and I will remain the best of friends when we get out of these booths, hopefully with one set of breasts, Jamie’s, still on a girl’s chest.”  Sue grinned as a look of surprise was evident on Charles’ face.  He might not realize it yet, but he and Sue were already playing their booth game.

“Thanks for your kind thoughts, Sue,” Jamie said softly before addressing her husband.  “Hi, handsome, setting the booth window transparency to two-way was Sue’s idea.  Listen, Charles, there seems to be more hungry girls than usual on the dance floor.  Do try to stay alert for me!”

“Don’t worry, Jamie,” Charles replied with a laugh.  “I’ll keep an eye out….”

“Hi girls, are you up here trying to rustle up some lunch?” Sue asked softly as she noticed the three sisters, Tricia, Tina, and Jill, standing behind Charles.  Something about the way the three sisters were looking at the breasts hanging out of the debreasting portals, including her own breasts, told Sue they were.  Sue watched Charles spin around to face the girls, just in case they were thinking of taking Jamie’s set.

“Yes, Sue,” Tricia replied confirming Sue’s suspicion.  “Janet pointed you out and told us your name earlier tonight.  We’ve been spending so much time here at Final Fantasy of late that we’ve had to rely on free sandwiches for sustenance.  It’s Jill’s turn to poach her first set.”

“Good for you, Jill,” Sue said with a friendly smile, nodding at the younger sister.  “I hope you enjoy your booth game, and that you….”

“Enjoy your booth game with one of the other three sows,” Charles interjected.  “If any of you reaches for the debreast button of either of the blondes in the two-way windows, I’ll see all three of you on the backs of Jessica’s!”

“You don’t need to get all excited and upset, sir!” Tricia protested vehemently.  “We were just saying hello to Sue.  We wouldn’t poach the breasts off of one of Janet’s friends.  Furthermore, both Sue and the girl in booth 1 are very fair skinned, and I have heard that breast meat in skin with slightly more melanin tastes better than fair-skinned breast meat.  It was nice meeting you, Sue.  Why don’t you see if you are interested in one of the sets of breasts in booths 4 or 5, Jill?”

“It was nice meeting you as well, Tricia, Tina, and Jill,” Sue said with a smile.  “Janet told me your names as well.”  Sue smiled at Charles and shrugged her shoulders as they both watched the three sisters slide down to the other end of the line of booths.

   Charles smiled at his wife and then Sue, evidently embarrassed that he had let bacon hunters get so close to his charges without realizing they were there.  He checked his wife’s debreasting options very quickly, even though he had a good idea of what she had selected, and chortled, “Sorry, honey, another step and one of those girls could have activated the scissors in your booth.  Your breasts could be in the process of being slowly sheared off of your chest right now!”

Jamie frowned, even though she knew her husband was doing exactly the right thing to make her booth experience as memorable as possible.  His words immediately brought the image of her breasts caught between slowly closing scissor blades into her mind.  This caused her sex to become wet and her body to shiver in fear.

“Enjoy your booth stay, dearest,” Charles said with a grin.  “I’m going to slide down and check to see what debreasting options Sue set for me to use to kill her tits with.”  Charles quickly stepped to the right, knowing that this would increase his wife’s tension, even though she would still be able to see him and know that he would be able to hear her if she called out.

“WOW!” Charles exclaimed loudly as he read Sue’s computer screen.  “I never dreamed a girl would ever let me sexually neuter her, along with letting me poach her bacon with one of my favorite debreasting methods, the razor wire loops.  Popping your balloons is going to be a real treat for me, Sue!”

“Lucky you, Charles,” Sue replied with a giggle.  “I hope you are able to keep your word and make it interesting for me too.”  Sue moaned softly as she felt Charles begin teasing the undersides of her breasts, trying to let her feel sensations he assumed she would never feel again.

“No, please don’t hit my debreast button,” Sue heard Elise in booth 4 shrill.  “The girls on either side of me have larger breasts.  Don’t you want theirs instead?”

“No miss,” Jill said softly, “we are interested in taste not size.  My sister says that smaller breasts with just the right amount of melanin make the best tasting breasts.  Besides, you picked the double-cut lasers, and I want to see what would have happened to my breasts if that fraternity boy had picked my breasts instead of our friend’s.”  Sue heard a click, and assumed it was from Jill hitting Elise’s debreast button.    


“The youngest of your sister friends just hit the kill switch on that freckled set of C-cups hanging out of booth 4, Janet,” Wanda said softly.  “I guess that means it is bouncing in chair seat time for you again.”

Janet giggled loudly, and then replied, “I suppose so.  On one hand, I hate to see those girls give up their innocence, but then I immediately recognize that I am setting a double standard as we have all taken breasts.  Oh well!  I hope they picked a fun debreasting method!”

“If it makes you feel any better, Janet,” Bill said softly, “this raises their stock as waitress candidates.  Remember that the on-duty menu item waitress has to make a booth run, and harvest all of the breasts in the booths at that time, if the chef decides the kitchen is running short on bacon.”

“You mean I could have lost my breasts to Cheryl as part of a mass harvesting, earlier tonight?” Zatanna gasped in horror.  “Jeese, it would really blow to get harvested without getting to play the booth game with someone on the kitchen side of the booth.”

“That almost happened to me last Friday night, Zatanna,” Janet said with a frown on her face.  “I was about to enter a booth just before Sally made one of those booth runs, but fortunately she warned me off of taking the booth.  I doubt that could have happened to you, though, with the owner of Final Fantasy in your booth with you.”

“Yes, it could have, Janet,” Bill corrected the spunky heroine.  “I never interfere with the way things are run by my staff, especially in a way that could be interpreted as favoritism.  If you’ll remember right, Candace lost her breasts during that booth run Friday night.  Sally shouldn’t have warned you not to take a booth then Janet, and I wouldn’t have spared Zatanna from being caught up in a booth run if her timing had been unlucky.  Fortunately it wasn’t.”

Wanda, who had been listening to a conversation that was likely becoming unpleasant for everyone involved, said with as much excitement as she manufacture, “Look, there is a laser beam closing in on the top of the freckled breasts at what looks to be medium speed.  It will reach her flesh shortly!”

“YES!” Janet cried out with genuine excitement.  “Another pair of boobs are about to bite the dust!  The way the girl behind the one-way window in booth 4 is gasping in fear and horror, she isn’t likely to take getting her balloons popped with the kind of decorum we girls manage.” 

Zatanna laughed as she noted that Janet was indeed bouncing yet again on her chair seat.  “Don’t judge the girl too harshly, Janet.  She doesn’t have the comfort of knowing that there would be a piece of special medical equipment waiting for her at the end of the night.”

“I’ll make two points, Zatanna,” Janet spat sharply as she kept her eyes on the lowering laser beam.  “First, a dozen wild horses couldn’t drag me into one of those booths without our medical equipment.  Second, I would like to think I could maintain my dignity if my breasts were being taken against my will, and I didn’t know about the medical equipment.  Wanda didn’t beg or sob when the Riddler put her in a breast guillotine, she just warned him to let her go or he would get a longer prison sentence.  She cried out ‘No!’ only once, and only after the blade had been released to doom her big boobs.  She screamed in pain and horror just once, but only after her breasts were already severed and tumbling towards the floor.  She didn’t shed tears until after the Riddler had bandaged her wounds, and the presumed permanence of her loss washed through her mind.  Look, the laser just touched the top of the breasts in booth 4; listen to the girl in the booth shrill!”




“Look, there are wisps of smoke coming from the lower part of the portals as well,” Wanda said calmly.  “The girl must have selected the double-cut laser option and a laser is cutting upward through her breasts from below as well as downward through her breasts from above.  How do you know those things, Janet, about that terrible day the Riddler took my breasts?”

“I just screwed up, Wanda,” Janet said blushing beet red.  “I’m holding you to our pact to never repeat anything we learn about each other here…in this world…when we return home.  I know what I just told Zatanna to be true, because I’ve seen the film the Riddler made of your debreasting.  You weren’t supposed to know it existed, and you should take comfort in knowing that Tony Stark spent a fortune to manufacture evidence that the film was a fake.  Look, those lasers are making good progress through that girl’s breasts, but at least some of her moans are filled with pleasure.  I think she’ll manage more than one climax before her balloons are finally popped.”

“I’ll cover for you, Janet,” Wanda said softly, obviously crestfallen that her teammates, and perhaps others, had witnessed her darkest moments.  “Before you brag about my decorum, though, you should know that I didn’t believe the Riddler would go through with his promise to command Poison Ivy to release the guillotine blade as I climaxed.  Nor did I believe Poison Ivy would release the blade on another woman’s breasts if told to do so.  Then when the blade began falling there really wasn’t any time to react.  When my breasts tumbled from my chest, I couldn’t really believe it was my breasts that were falling.  And when I sobbed as I was bandaged, I was already well on my way to passing out.  The apparent decorum was all due to disbelief, and the speed at which everything happened.”




Zatanna decided it would be best if she broke up the conversation between the two Avengers, and exclaimed, “Wow!  Those lasers look to be more than halfway though that girl’s melons already, and there is no sign of blood.  The lasers must be cauterizing her wounds.  I might go that route, if I ever take a booth again.  By the way, Wanda, it sounds to me like you did yourself proud, that day with the Riddler.”

“No I didn’t, Zatanna,” Wanda said in a soft mournful voice.  “That was my darkest day, the most terrible failure in my career, not just because they took my breasts from me.  They also took the life of an innocent girl; those two villains hanged their hostage while I was unconscious, cuffed to a guillotine.  Tell me Bill, do I ever kill the Riddler for what he did that day?”

“She’s almost popped!” Janet chortled bouncing on her chair.  “Jill is about to poach her first set of bacon.”

“Indeed, Janet, and the girl inside of the booth is issuing one continuous sigh of orgasmic climax,” Zatanna observed with a laugh.  “They are free of her chest!  Another triumph for Bill’s debreasting booth game.  It seems that both girls enjoyed their game to some extent.  Tell me, Wanda, before Bill gives you the only answer to your question that he can, even if he knows your career in great detail, is that day with the Riddler the reason we are now having these very special girls’ night outs?”

“Yes, Zatanna,” Wanda replied softly as she watched Jill proudly carry her stolen breasts to the food ordering station.  “Your answer, Bill?”

Bill looked thoughtful, for a few minutes.  Then he surprised himself by answering truthfully, “No, you didn’t kill the Riddler when you caught up to him, Wanda, but I’m sure he wished you had.”

Wanda’s eyes welled with tears, and then she forced herself to look out to the debreasting booths.  Her tablemates did the same.  A few minutes later, they watched a lovely redhead leave the Game room through ‘The Wall’ door.  She was wearing a frown; she obviously regretted playing the booth game now.


Jamie gasped in surprise as she suddenly felt the underside of her breasts cupped, and her orbs lifted to gauge their weight.  She had been staring out of her booth window to her left to watch her husband tug on the ends of Sue’s erect nipples as he teased her about her impending debreasting.  Now Jamie’s fear-filled blue eyes were locked with the brown eyes of the oriental girl dressed in the midnight blue evening dress—eyes that were filled with joy and excitement.  The oriental girl whispered softly, “Will you climax for me many times as I kill these perfect and tender D-cups, papered sow?  I bet they will provide succulent bacon, having been sweetened by a life of privileged decadence.”

“Do you intend on killing my wife’s breasts, miss, even though I’m standing before her booth controls?” Charles asked politely.  “You do have your papers with you, don’t you?  I only ask because, if you don’t, I’ll see you on the back of a Jessica for trying to intrude into my booth game.”

“I’m just barely beginning to decide which set of breasts in this lineup will be turned into my sandwich meat,” the oriental girl spat with irritation, “and yes I have my papers with me.  If you should do me the dishonor of making me show them to you, I would become very angry and very hungry for fair-skinned D-cups.  As for intruding on YOUR booth game, sir, you seem to be playing the game with the owner of those D-cups in your hands.  As you can only harvest one set of bacon in any given hour, booth etiquette allows me to play the booth game with this sow, your wife, if I wish.”

“Yes, of course, miss, play away,” Charles said softly and calmly.  “I hope you and my wife have a most memorable booth game, for my memory of your having played it will never go away from my mind.  I think you will find that I am an alert male who takes advantage of any opportunity to make sour memories sweeter.  I wonder how much money it will take to get your husband to part with your fillet, miss.  Play away!”  Charles looked into his wife’s eyes, shrugged his shoulders, and bent to begin suckling on Sue’s nipples, one breast at a time.

The oriental girl smiled into the transparent booth window to see the stunned look on Jamie’s face.  She began gently rubbing and massaging Jamie’s breasts, before urging, “Do try to enjoy our little booth game together, miss.  If I decide that it is your balloons that I want to pop, your husband won’t interfere.  He can’t intimidate another papered woman to protect his own papered woman without risking being docked.”

Jamie couldn’t hide the fact that she was quivering in fear as she replied, “I would never want any man to be docked on my account, miss, especially my husband.  Do let us play our booth game together.  I promise I will climax a number of times before you have converted my breasts to bacon.  Some of those climaxes will be due to my imagining your fillet with a spit running through it roasting over the barbecue pits.  I’m sure the owner of Final Fantasy, at whose table we sit, will lend my husband whatever credits are needed to bribe your husband into ordering you onto the back of a Jessica machine.  You are here with your husband tonight, aren’t you?  Play away!”


“This doesn’t look good,” Zatanna spat loudly as she pointed to booth 1.  “That girl in the evening dress is suckling on Jamie’s nipples, presumably in preparation for hitting her debreast button.  Why isn’t Charles doing anything about it?”

“There isn’t much Charles can do, at this point, Zatanna,” Bill replied softly.  “Charles was playing the booth game with Sue when the papered girl took her position before his wife’s booth.  She has a right to harvest any available set of breasts, and Jamie’s were available as no one was playing the game with her.  Charles has already tried to talk the papered girl out of poaching Jamie’s bacon, and she has evidently chosen to ignore him.  As she is a papered woman, Charles can’t threaten her or interfere with her directly, or she could have him docked.”

“Then Jamie is going to get her girls killed,” Wanda said softly.  “I feel sorry for her, but it was bound to happen eventually.  Nobody’s breasts are completely vouchsafed while playing the booth game.”

“You girls like Jamie, don’t you?” Bill asked softly.  “Will you be making Jamie the same offer you made to Marge?  Will you be offering to take Jamie to your…world…to repair the damage she may be about to suffer?”

“No, Bill, we won’t,” Janet replied softly.  “Marge was a special case, and even then, Wanda and Sue were wrong to make the offer, although I would have gone along with them if Marge had said yes.  We shouldn’t interfere with your time stream, any more than you should interfere with ours.  I don’t foresee us ever again offering to take a 41st Century girl home with us.”  Janet stared directly at Wanda until she nodded in agreement.


The oriental girl was busily suckling on Jamie’s turret-like nipples, and was rewarded with low moans of pleasure issuing from the blonde’s throat.  Neither the girl in the booth nor her husband had issued additional pleas or threats in attempt to dissuade the papered girl from killing Jamie’s breasts.  The blonde had, however, taken to grinning with a knowing look on her face whenever their eyes locked.  This left the oriental girl feeling very uncomfortable, and wondering what was on the blonde’s mind.

The papered girl finally pulled her lips from Jamie’s nipples, and cupped and weighed the breasts again.  “I think these are going to taste delicious,” the oriental girl teased as she began rotating her thumbs around the erect nipples.  “Let’s see what method you’ve chosen to have these balloons popped with!  Oh, scissors!  I like scissors!  Set on slow, too!  It will take some time for the air to be fully let out of those balloons.  De-clit option no, though, that really blows.  I would really enjoy killing a girl’s sex life!”

Jamie giggled and then grinned, before replying, “I would too!  You’re going to enjoy watching my boobs getting slowly sheared off of my chest, though, so don’t be too broken up about my clitoris not ending up in a tray on that side of the booth wall.”  The two girls locked eyes again, and again Jamie had that knowing look on her face.

The oriental girl reached for Jamie’s debreast button, their eyes still locked, and said, “Tell your girls that it is time for them to die!  Those melons of yours are about to be converted to bacon.”  The grin and knowing look never left Jamie’s face as the papered girl’s hand hovered over her kill switch.  “I’m curious, what are you thinking about as my fingers prepare to doom your big boobs?”

“I’m thinking about how wet I am right now,” Jamie replied softly.  “I’m thinking about how many climaxes I will have over the next few minutes.  I’m thinking about how wet I’m going to be in, say about 15 minutes; I’ll bet I’ll climax again then, in spite of being breastless.”

The oriental girl dropped her hand from the debreast button and began massaging Jamie’s breasts again.  She whispered, “Why are you so…wet?  Are you thinking about…my fillet…around a…spit…being…slowly roasted…as I…squirm over…hot coals?”  She watched Jamie slowly nod, and walked to booth 5 where she hit Dorothy’s debreast button without even checking the girl’s debreasting options.

Jamie sighed loudly as a powerful climax washed through her sex the moment the papered girl’s hands left her chest.  It seemed her girls weren’t going to die, just yet!

“Well done, honey!” Charles spat with evident pride in his wife’s performance.  “You’re safe now, she’s hit the debreast button on the girl in booth 5, so she can’t come back to you.  I don’t see any other papered women around, nor any males.”

“Yes, well done, Jaime,” Sue called out and then giggled, “that sounded like one very intense booth game.  It made me wet too!”


“Jamies safe!” Zatanna yelled in jubilation as she watched Charles suckle on his wife’s teats.  “The papered girl walked away, just as it appeared she was going to hit Jamies debreast button!”

“Yes, it appears Jamie got lucky this time,” Wanda said softly as she watched Charles kiss his wife’s booth window with a happy grin on both of their faces.  “Sooner or later, she will run into a papered woman or male who desires to ruin a papered girl’s life, if Jamie doesn’t actually lose her life, some day, by winning one of Bill’s lotteries.”  Wanda smiled as she watched Charles return his attention to pleasuring Sue’s breasts.  It seems it took more than a near disaster to dissuade a 41st century male from confiscating his chosen pair of breasts.

“Look, the girl in booth 5 is going to have her D-cups harvested via the circular saw,” Janet called out, once again bouncing on her chair seat.  “It’s moving upward at a fairly quick rate, too!”

 “Yes it is, Janet,” Zatanna replied.  “Look, watching two sets of breasts killed in rapid succession has caused the group of girls waiting to take a turn in the booths, to return to their tables.  The phenomenon we witnessed earlier is repeating itself.”

“The girl in booth 5 seems terrified,” Wanda observed.  “I wonder if she truly knew what she was getting herself into when she entered that booth?”

“Too late for her to ask any questions now,” Janet observed.  “The saw blade just reached the bases of her breasts.  Listen to her scream in pain and horror!  I really don’t understand why I enjoy watching this so much!”

Zatanna broke into laughter over Janet’s undisguised honesty, and suggested, “Perhaps it is for the same reason that people enjoy watching horror movies.  The difference here is that this is real.  That saw really has chewed through a third of that girl’s breast meat, and she really is feeling the pain you hear in her screams.”

As the girl in booth 5 sighed loudly due to an orgasmatron-beam-induced climax washing through her body, Wanda said, “Well, at least you can hear the pleasure she is feeling as well.  That’s what makes those bacon traps the business success that they are.  Remember that Bill honestly admitted earlier that his goal was to eventually harvest every set of bacon lumps from any girl who ever played his booth game.  That girl’s balloons are more than half popped.  Her bacon will soon be delivered to the kitchen, contributing to Bill’s profit margin.”

Bill chuckled loudly and said, “You are being brutally truthful, Wanda.  However, I never imagined that I would be able to harvest some girls’ bacon more than once.  If I had one of those Chula devices, I would make it available to my customers, and remove the primary downside to this business.  Eventually a customer won’t be a customer any more.  I have to continually advertise to get a new clientele.”

“Those D-cups are almost done!” Janet squealed with excitement, as the girl in booth 5 let out one continuous sigh of climax.  “They are officially poached!” Janet yelled as the oriental girl struggled to keep from dropping the severed breasts as they pulled down on her arms.  The papered girl held the breasts up before the one-way window so that Dorothy, now released from her booth restraints but still staring out of her booth window, perhaps in shock, could see her severed appendages.  The oriental girl then turned and made her way to the food ordering station at the bar as the girl was pulled from the booth to be bandaged and the cleanup crew went to work on the outside of booth 5.


“I hope you are going to miss these lovely breasts for a long time to come, Sue, after they have been slowly squeezed off of your chest,” Charles teased jovially as he tickled the undersides of the blonde heroine’s breasts.  He glanced occasionally behind him to make sure no one had set their sights on poaching Jamie’s bacon, but for the most part he focused on his game with Sue.

“I’ll miss wearing these breasts for as long as I live without them,” Sue truthfully replied and then grinned at the pleasure she was feeling as the man in front of her massaged her tender orbs.  The beautiful blonde continued much less truthfully, to build a cover story for the heroines’ planned return to Final Fantasy the following Friday night, by saying, “I, like the rest of my friends, will no doubt be jealous of my twin sister’s breasts when I return home.  I may feel the need to convince her to visit Final Fantasy some night and play the booth game herself, so that we can once again be identical.”

Charles laughed and then quipped, “Don’t forget to convince her to set ‘de-clit option yes’ if you want her to remain completely identical with you!  Have you ever watched a pair of tits get strangled to death with razor wire loops, Sue?  Have you ever watched a clitoris get stretched out of its burrow with force field rings and then beheaded with a laser beam?”

Sue giggled and then cooed softly as Charles circled her erect nipples with his thumbs.  Her eyes gleamed with obvious contentment as she replied, “Yes, Charles, is the answer to both of your questions, and it was last Friday night.  I watched a friend get declitted in one of these booths after she made the mistake of leaving her debreasting options to be set by the person on the kitchen side of the booth wall; the experience looked to be most distressing, and I am not looking forward to that part of this booth game.  I also had a chance to watch a girl get her balloons popped by the razor wire loops; the way the air was ever so slowly let out of her balloons looked to be most interesting and also quite painful, but she seemed to be rewarded for letting her boobies get killed with some very intense pleasure beams.  I don’t think I will regret that part of our game!”

“You are a real sweetheart, Sue,” Charles said and then chuckled.  He reckoned that Bill was quite correct when he said these girls had most interesting perspectives on life.  “Sue, if you ask real nicely, I’ll let you out of that booth just the way you are.  There isn’t any need to end your sex life.”

“Thank you for your kind offer, Charles,” Sue said with a wry smile, “but someone else will soon cut in if you don’t push my debreast button.  You did promise Bill that you yourself would kill my boobies.  Someone is coming up behind you!”

  Charles immediately followed Sue’s eyes, and twisted his head to the right to look at the tall, raven-haired Amerindian with hunger in her eyes approaching with obvious purpose.  Fortunately, she seemed focused on the dark-skinned DD-cups hanging out of booth 3 like melons on vines.  He listened as she whispered, “Do you want me to kill those big knockers of yours, girl?  Can I take those milk bags off of your chest?”  He could hear the girl in the booth whisper back, but couldn’t make out what she said.  He watched the raven-haired girl nod, hit booth 3’s debreast button, and begin playing with the huge mammary glands in front of her.  Charles grinned at Sue, and bent to again suckle on her nipples as the blonde rewarded his ministrations with more soft coos of pleasure.


“Oh my heck!” Janet spat excitedly.  “That Indian girl just pushed the debreast button on the girl in booth 3.  This particular lineup of booth players is being decimated!”

“Much to your glee, we can see, Janet,” Wanda quipped at her friend who was once again bouncing on her chair seat.  “Still, you’re right!  Assuming Sue is going to get her girl’s killed, four out of five of the booth players will have had their bacon harvested.”  Wanda noticed two breastless girls standing before ‘The Wall’ door.  She assumed that the brunette sporting two white bandages must be the girl from booth 5.   She noted the brunette was smiling as she hugged the redhead from booth 4; it seemed the two friends were at least accepting their breastless status.

“That is not necessarily a good omen for Jamie and Charles,” Bill said softly.  “There are still a half-dozen girls looking for free meals standing in front those debreasting booths.  One of them might get both brave and stupid, and try to sneak in and hit Jamie’s debreast button.”

“Oh dear,” Zatanna said softly, “this has turned into a most interesting round of booth games.  I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying watching a bunch of girls risking and losing their breasts!”  This brought laughter from all around the table.

“Welcome to the debreasting club, Zatanna,” Janet said with a grin.  Then she pointed at booth 3 and said, “A laser beam from the top, moving fast!  It seems like the girls with really big breasts are in the biggest hurry to get them knocked off.”

“Do correct me if I’m wrong, Bill,” Wanda said softly, “but there is a reason Janet’s observation is most likely correct, right.  Unless the big breasted girls are able to gain Grade A status, they are likely to be converted to milk cows when their number comes up in the government lottery.”

“Your, right, Wanda,” Bill replied softly.  “If that girl has had herself pre-graded, like most girls do these days, she could know that she is fated to spend the rest of her life in a dairy with nothing to look forward to except her next milking.  If that is the case with that girl, she has decided to accept a shorter life by having her milk glands removed.  She’ll end up live butchered or simply pushed into a meat grinder, depending on her grade.”

“Well, she won’t have to worry about being milked much longer,” Zatanna observed.  “The laser has already started downward through the top of her breasts.  Look at the Indian girl tug on those nipples, trying to get all the breast meat she can on this side of the laser.”

“Yeppers, and I think Wanda is right,” Janet concurred, “she is trying to avoid becoming a dairy cow.  You can hear pain in her screams, but no fear or horror, and she is already half popped.”

Wanda laughed loudly, and chortled, “That girl is likely voluntarily having her breasts amputated to avoid dairy life, while my friends volunteer their udders, and mine, to the milking machines next Wednesday.  I find that to be quite ironic, no offense meant to you, Bill.”     

Bill roared with laughter, and then quipped, “Well if you girls don’t enjoy your brief taste of dairy life, you can rest assured that I sure will!  Just tell yourselves you are getting well paid for your milk.”  Bill watched as both Janet and Zatanna blushed beet red under Wanda’s withering glare.

Janet, never one to let Wanda have the upper hand for long, spat, “Well, if we stay at home on Wednesday, you would likely end up being milked at the hands of some villain anyhow, Wanda.  No one gets milked more often than you do!”

“That is enough of that, you two!” Zatanna interjected.  “Look, the big breasted girl is booth 3 is about to join us in our breastlessness.  Listen to her gasp in orgasmic pleasure!”

“YES!” Janet yelled.  “Another pair popped off a girl’s chest!  Sorry, Wanda, I didn’t intend to be mean.  I’ve been force milked before too, you know.  At least we will earn spending money Wednesday.”

Wanda sighed, and softly replied, “I know, Janet, and Bill is right that it will only be a brief taste of what we are assuming that girl has just avoided.  I’ll give up another secret that can never be repeated when we get back home.  The reason I’ve been somewhat obstinate about doing a stint in one of Bill’s milking stalls, has to do with something that happened to me this Monday.  I was captured by Arcade again.  He put me on some torture machine he called his ‘carousel of doom’.  One of the carousel stations was a milker.  I mentioned I had been milked for four hours straight on two occasions; Monday with Arcade was the second occasion.  Luckily I was able to use my mutant power to take Arcade out and escape from his machine on my own.”




“Oh, you poor girl!” Janet said softly with a wicked smile on her face.  “Your milk glands have been getting prepared for your day at the dairy.  You better make sure you have your largest milk storage tanks at the end of Wanda’s milking machine, Bill.  She’s going to up your profit margin.”  Three tablemates laughed as Wanda blushed beet red.  As the reserved table returned their attention to their friends at the debreasting booths, they noticed a black girl sporting two round white bandages exit the Game room with a broad smile on her face.  


In booth 2, Sue couldn’t help cooing softly as Charles was once again suckling on her nipples.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasant pampering her breasts were getting in advance of the torture that would soon be heaped upon them.  She moaned, “Oh! YES! That feels wonderful, Charles.”

Charles straightened up and grinned at Sue, replying, “Enjoy it while you can, Sue.  Soon you won’t have breasts for a man to gently massage, or nipples to be suckled on.”

“Yes, I know, Charles,” Sue chortled.  “That was a certainty the minute you ordered me to fill this booth.  The question is, will you pop my big balloons?  Or will one of those hungry girls behind you poach them right out from under your hands?”  Sue nodded to the half dozen bacon hunters standing behind Charles.

Charles paused in his gentle stroking of the underside of Sue’s breasts to look at the girls behind him, and frowned.  Those girls did look hungry, and now that the booth lineup was down to the two blondes that Charles was either playing with or protecting, they also looked desperate.  Charles looked thoughtfully at Sue’s breasts and then glanced to his left and examined Jamie’s set.  He looked up to find his wife staring at him, looking more than a bit afraid, and he asked, “How much booth time do you have left dear?”

Jamie glanced to the computer screen inside her booth to the right of the two-way window and then locked eyes with her husband.  “Just over four minutes, Charles,” Jamie whispered in a quivering voice.  “Stay focused on protecting my debreast button, Charles.  I’m sorry, but with the two of us being the only girls with breasts being offered as potential bacon, you may need to let someone else harvest Sue’s boobs while you protect me…as you promised.”

Charles nodded at Jamie and looked thoughtful.  He wondered how long Sue’s breasts would last in razor wire loops set to debreast her on the dead slow speed setting.  Sue’s 36D breasts were large, but not huge.  “I think everyone has heard me promise to see anyone that reaches for your debreast button ride a Jessica, Jamie.  They saw you enter the Game room in an evening gown, and know you are the papered girl out of the two of you.  I don’t think you will be in very much danger while I turn my attention to Sue’s debreasting.  If I’m wrong, Jamie, due try to enjoy getting your breasts sheared off in the scissors, knowing you will later enjoy watching the girl who hit your kill button do the horizontal pole dance after riding a Jessica.”  Charles grinned evilly at Jamie as her face filled with terror.

Charles stared deeply into Sue’s blue eyes as he gently tweaked her nipples, and asked softly, “Are you ready to have these lovely knockers of yours removed from your chest, Sue?  If I don’t hit the kill button on your booth soon, someone else might get brave and do it for me.”

Sue glanced at the faces of the girls standing behind Charles and replied in a cracking voice, “Yes, Charles, I share your concern.  I would have liked to have enjoyed my boobies a bit longer, but agree that it is time.  Pop my big balloons, Charles!  Begin letting the air out of my balloons right now!”

Charles grinned and, while his own eyes remained locked with Sue’s, pressed the debreast button on booth 2.  Then he quipped, “There is nothing that can save you from nullification now, Sue!  Your big tits and tender clit are doomed!”


“YES!” Janet screamed with joy.  “Sue’s puppies are going to get slowly snuffed.  I can’t wait to watch Sue get her balloons popped.  What a way to end a girls’ night out that has been jammed with excitement!”

Zatanna giggled loudly before chastising the spunky heroine, “You are sure easy to please, Janet.  However, I must admit that, barring the loss of two young teammates, this has been an interesting field trip.  I wonder which method Sue has picked to terminate her breasts with.”

“I’m not sure, Zatanna,” Wanda admitted softly.  “Sue is definitely the most conservative and level-headed girl here.  I could see her using the double-cut lasers again, to avoid the bleeding associated with most of the methods.  I hope she lets her hair down a bit tonight, though!”


Sue watched with intense interest as wire with twin loops popped free from the margins of her debreasting ports, and then were drawn backwards to fit snuggly against her chest.  The razor wire was one continuous strand anchored at each end in the side panels of her booth, slightly behind the bases of her breasts.  The top and bottom of each loop were held together by small double clips that were designed to allow the wire to contract while maintaining the loops’ circular shapes.  Sue watched unblinkingly as the slack in the loops was slowly taken up, and the wire was pulled snug around the bases her breasts.  The movement of the wire then slowed to a crawl in response to the ‘dead slow’ speed setting that she had selected.  The blonde heroine suddenly issued a pleasure-filled moan as the booths orgasmatron beams activated.

“I’m glad to see and hear that you are having fun in there, Sue,” Charles said with a laugh.  “Enjoy yourself while you still can!  The wire loops will continue to tighten until they reach the point where the pressure at the bases of your boobs matches your skin’s shear strength.  Then the loops will tighten much more slowly as things get interesting.”

Sue glanced downward and watched closely as the bases of her breasts slowly compressed to cause her moneymakers to form balls on her chest.  The razor wire loops were choking off the blood supply to her mammary glands, causing them to redden and begin to tingle.  “Yes I know, Charles, and promise to enjoy this debreasting as best I can.”

“That’s right, Sue,” Charles replied sheepishly, “you’ve watched this before.  You’ve seen another girl’s knockers bulge and turn purple as the razor wire slowly strangled them.  Well, now you get to see how it feels as well as looks!” Charles lowered his head and began suckling on Sue’s doomed breasts.  He smiled as she moaned with pleasure.  He knew it was only a matter of time before the orgasmatron beams began forcing climaxes out of the girl in booth 2.

Sue gasped with surprise as a small screen dropped out of the inside wall of her booth to fill a small corner of her window, while another screen dropped out of the same place in the outer wall and took the same position on the kitchen side of her booth.  The blonde heroine was filled with horror as she realized the picture on both screens was a close up of her vulva, from the lower part of her cleanly shaven pubic mound to the bottom of her labial lips.  Centered in the picture was Sue’s clitoral glans.  She blushed beet red as she realized that everyone on the dance floor could now see her most private part.  The blonde heroine looked closely at the little nub, engorged with blood due to her sexual arousal.  It didn’t look damaged—Sue hoped she wasn’t getting herself unnecessarily sexually neutered.  Sue sighed in climax as the realization of what was about to happen to her permeated her mind, adding to the effects of the pleasure beams bathing her sex.


“Look, that small computer screen in the corner of Sue’s window means she selected ‘de-clit option yes’!” Janet spat loudly as she bounced on her chair.  “Sue is letting herself get neutered!”

“Yes, we decided that would likely be Sue’s safest course of action,” Zatanna replied with a nod.  “Sue couldn’t be sure that her little organ was working right after being badly burned in the candle flame at Club X, although she had been able to climax afterwards, and I couldn’t be sure my healing spell doesn’t simulate the passage of time.  If it does, the Chula device might not have repaired her clitoris when we got back home.  By having it out, she has the best chance of having a fully restored sexual center.”

“She’s probably doing the best thing,” Wanda concurred, “but you can bet she is going to join me in worrying about her future sex life until we get our little pleasure buttons restored and tried out by having sex.  It would really blow to end up permanently declitted!”  Wanda did her best to glare angrily at Bill for his having taken her clitoris, but ended up bursting into laughter when he grinned at her. 


“What a pretty pussy you have there, Sue,” Charles teased the blonde in the window before him as he played with her reddening breasts.  “I can’t wait until I see your little love button dragged out of its burrow.  How do your breasts feel?”

“Fine, Charles,” Sue said softly while wearing a frown.  The worst part of her booth experience was having her sex in full view of the dance floor on the screen on the other side of her window.  Sue was a very private person.  “Ah oh!  I spoke too soon!  Houston, we have a problem!” Sue exclaimed and then giggled, realizing her phrase likely held no meaning in this century.  She informed Charles, “I’m feeling an itching at the bases of my boobies.  I’m guessing that means my skin is about to be torn by the razor wire.”  Then she heard some clicking sounds, and felt something fall from her well-pinched breasts.

Charles heard the clicks too, and watched four small pieces of metal drop towards the booth floor.  “The clips holding the razor wire into loop form have just dropped away, Sue,” the bearded man announced softly with a smile.  “The wire has depressed far enough into the bases of your breasts to be held in place now, and I think you are right—I think the booth’s computers have calculated that the wire’s compression is an exact match for the resistance of your skin.  There will be a pause in the wire’s constriction around your breasts, while the force fields go to work between your legs.  Brace yourself Sue!  The pleasure beam intensity is about to go way up on you!”

Sue groaned in fear as she felt the declitting field in her booth activate, as an invisible force field ringed the tip of her clitoral glans and began squeezing her sensitive organ. The force field ring suddenly pulled outwards extorting a gasp of surprise from the blonde, who then sighed softly in climax as the orgasmatron beam did indeed step upwards in intensity.  Sue quipped, “Do you have to be right all the time, Charles?”

“No, Sue, but I would like to be!” Charles replied with a laugh as he worked on pleasuring the blonde’s breasts with his hands.  “I suspect your clitoris will get a bit more stretching.  Then the tension on the razor wire loops will begin to be gradually increased.  I suspect the skin at the bases of your melons will part beneath the thin wire then, Sue.  Isn’t this fun?” 

Charles sensed, more than saw, a chubby black girl as she moved closer to booth 1.  As Jamie, who was watching the girl’s approach with justifiable apprehension, began to open her mouth to yell out as the girl reached for her debreast button, Charles commanded.  “You, girl, go stand beside that Jessica over by ‘The Wall’ door.  Go do it now, or I’ll have you live butchered, fillet first, in the kitchen instead!  I’ll join you in a few minutes to watch you take your ride.  GO!”  Charles watched as terror filled the black girl’s face, and kept watching as she turned and left the dance floor to comply with her orders.  Charles loudly announced, “There are still two Jessica’s available for sows stupid enough to reach for my wife’s debreast button!”  Charles smiled reassuringly at Jamie, and then returned his attention to Sue, saying, “Now where were we?”

Sue moaned with discomfort as a second force field suddenly ringed her clitoral glans, slightly lower than the first force field, and she felt another pull on her sexual center.  Together, Sue and Charles quickly glanced to their respective monitoring screens; they could now clearly the swollen glans of Sue’s clitoris, but no clitoral shaft was yet exposed.  Sue cooed softly in pleasure as she climaxed again, and then gasped in surprise as the itching intensified and she felt wetness on her chest below the bases of her breasts.  Sue knew the wetness was from blood; she knew her skin had been parted by the razor-wire loops.  “You asked if I was having fun,” Sue replied softly, “Yes, I am, as strange as that might sound.  However, I’m beginning to feel some pain now.  The wire has indeed parted the skin of my boobies.  My balloons are beginning to be popped!” 

“You’re right, Sue,” Charles concurred, “the loops are slowly closing into your knockers and turning them purple.  There’s some blood on your ribs below the bases of your tits.  In a few minutes, your balloons will indeed be fully popped!”

Sue hissed as she fought to take the excruciating pain at the bases of her breasts with dignity, and then moaned as she felt a third squeeze on her clitoris at the base of her glans, followed by another short tug.  The blonde moaned in pleasure as the intensity of her orgasmatron beams suddenly stepped up to maximum, followed by another gasp as a fourth force field ringed the top of her clitoral shaft, squeezed inwards, and then pulled outwards.  Sue struggled to maintain her composure as she felt herself building towards another forced climax. 

“SHIT!” Charles exclaimed loudly as he watched the view screen.  “I’m having fun watching your clit getting stretched, Sue!  You can actually see the pulls being made as the force rings are added.  Additionally, the razor wire is buried deeply into the base of your knockers now, which have been slowly un-balling into their natural shape!”

Sue hissed softly as she fought to accept the pain at the bases of her breasts and the discomfort between her legs.  She rasped, “I can…tell…Charles!  My boobies…feel like…they are…on fire…now!”  She gasped again as a fifth force field ringed her clitoral shaft, squeezed inwards, and tugged outwards.  Sue glanced upwards to the small screen in the corner of her window; she shook her head in disbelief as she realized she could see about a half inch of her clitoris at the top of her vulva.  Sue issued a staccato of sighs as she climaxed again.  “How much…longer…Charles…before…I’m…popped?” Sue asked desperately.

“Not much longer, Sue!” Charles replied with excitement in his eyes.  “You’re doing just fine!  I never realized that a girl’s clitoris is very much like a little penis in many ways.  I wonder how much of you is going to be drug out into the light for the very first time?  This is great entertainment!  As for your breasts, it’s kind of hard to guess with this debreasting method, but I think you’ve had about half the air let out of your balloons.”

Sue grinned and rasped, “Good!  I’ll…enjoy…another…minute…of this…torture!”  Then she felt another squeeze on her clitoral shaft followed by another tug.  Sue moaned loudly as the pain in her breasts suddenly increased dramatically, followed by another squeeze and a tug on her clitoral shaft, followed by another sigh-filled climax.  “Wire…must have…reached…nerve bundles…leading to…nipples!  Lots…of…pain…now!” 

Charles smiled for a dozen seconds as he watched the amazing bravery the blonde exhibited as she suffered through her debreasting and declitting.  He watched as the girl received two more sequences of squeezes and tugs, accompanied by loud sighs of climax.  “I’m sorry you’re hurting, Sue,” Charles said softly, “but you can make it!  The razor-wire loops are nearly finished strangling your melons to death.”

Sue nodded as her eyes filled with tears at the good news.  A few seconds later, Sue had an epiphany and hissed, “Oh my!  The force field…generator…has stopped…tugging on…my sexual center!  That means…the tension…on my…clitoris…has reached…the point…where it…is only…slightly less…than my…organ’s…tear resistance.  If the…machine…tugs again…my clitoris…will be…ripped out…of my body.  I guess…I’m done…being…stretched!” 

“Yes,” Charles replied in agreement, “but look, there is about an inch-and-a-half of stretched clit standing out from its burrow!  A fucking amazing girl penis!  Look at your screen, and you’ll see the cause of your clit’s imminent doom—you’ll see how your girl penis is going to get docked when your balloons are fully popped!” 

“OH! MY! GOD!” Sue rasped in horror, suddenly forgetting about the excruciating pain permeating her chest.  “I see a horizontal laser…positioned just above…my stretched clitoris…as close to my…clitoral hood…as it can get…without…burning me.”  Sue climaxed again, and then hissed, “Strangling sensation…around my clitoris…mostly just dissipated.  The initial…force-field rings…that stretched…my clitoris…into open air…have released…but the…last force-field…ring remains…in place…keeping my…clitoral shaft…below it…fully stretched.”

“Yes, your right Sue,” Charles replied, his voice filled with obvious amazement.  “Look!  You can see the clitoris above the force-field slowly begin to reform into its un-stretched shape.  When that’s done, we’ll be able to determine how much of your clit is actually going to end up on my side of the booth wall—after the laser is finally drug downward through the base of the exposed clitoral shaft.”  Charles wiggled Sue’s breasts—there wasn’t much connecting tissue left.  “Only a few more seconds left, Sue, before your balloons are fully popped!”

“Good!” Sue rasped, and then sighed loudly, three times as she had a massive forced climax.  She glanced up to her small screen and gasped, “Ah! Oh! I’m about…to lose…my clitoris!”  The blonde watched as a vertical section of the wall slowly folded out of the wall between her legs to form a well-lubricated inclined ramp that led to a small square hole that had now formed in the lower part of the booth wall.  “I’m guessing…a tray…just popped up…below a hole…in the lower part…of the booth wall…on your side…Charles.”

“Yes one did, Sue,” Charles chortled happily.  “Get ready, girl, your breasts are coming free, and your clit will follow!  Call yourself, popped!”

“YES!  HECK YES!” Sue yelled loudly and then sighed in orgasm as her breasts popped free of her chest and the razor wire snapped straight and level.  The blonde smiled as she watched Charles’ arms get tugged downward as he took the weight of her still jiggling breasts.  Then she watched her small view screen intently as the laser beam started slowly downward.  Suddenly her sexual center burned with excruciating pain, and there was an audible snap as her clitoral shaft, below the now beheaded clitoris tumbling downward on the screen, snapped back into its burrow.  Sue shrilled with pain and loss as the laser killed her clitoris, and then moaned as the orgasmatron beam drew one last weak orgasm from her body, now not having a clitoris to stimulate.

Sue watched as Charles held both of her breasts by their nipples with his right hand, as he bent down to reach into the tray now protruding from the bottom of booth 2.  As the bearded man stood back up to look into her pallid face and tear-filled blue eyes with his own gleaming brown eyes while wearing a broad smile, he slowly held the blonde heroine’s severed clitoris between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand before the two-way window of booth 2.  “Thank you Sue, for a wonderful game, and for letting me nullify you!” 

Charles cupped the little piece of flesh in the palm of his left hand and took one of the breasts from his right hand by its nipple before asking, “How much booth time do you have left, Jamie.”  Charles glanced at the five bacon hunters behind him.”

“One minute and five seconds, darling,” Jamie replied with a smile.  “I’m going to have one hell of a final minute after listening to that!”

“Yes, dear,” Charles said with a wicked grin, “enjoy your final minute as a breasted girl.  Speaking of breasts, I need to take these bacon lumps to the kitchen.”  Charles turned and took a step before whispering something to the bacon hunters.  Then he hurried to the bar, ignoring Jamie’s pleas for him to come back and guard her debreast button.

As Sue was about to be finally drug out of booth 2 to be bandaged, she watched as the bacon hunters closed on booth 1.  She listened as Jamie screamed in terror as she felt five pairs of hands begin groping her vulnerable breasts. 


Chapter 24. Commitments and Sacrifices


“Sue’s balloons have been popped, and now her sex life is resting in a tray in front of Charles!” Janet had screamed minutes earlier with passionate excitement, and then watched Charles retrieve the severed organ and hold it before booth 2’s two-way window.  “Look at how crestfallen Sue appears to be as she stares at her severed clitoris.  Now that is a sight to remember.  Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

“Need I remind you, Janet,” Wanda growled at her friend, “that Sue and I got to see a similar look on your face six nights ago.  Don’t be so obviously pleased at your friends’, hopefully temporary, misfortunes.”

“What the heck is Charles up to?” Zatanna asked frantically.  “Look, he’s just walking away, leaving Jamie to the mercy of the bacon hunters.  Oh no!  Those hungry girls look like they are moving in for the kill, and Jamie just barely entered her final booth minute.”

“YES!” Janet spat excitedly.  “Sorry to be so totally agog at the sight of Jamie’s impending debreasting girls, or at what happened to Sue, but I just love watching these booth games.”  Bill chuckled as he watched Wanda and Zatanna frown at Janet’s obvious honesty.


Sue watched as Jane listened to a communication device that the heroine liked to think of as a telephone.  Jane put the communication device down, and ordered, “Go wait for Mr. Jennings in his office, Sue.  He will be there to bandage you in one minute.”  Sue frowned.  She could hear Jamie’s moans of terror and sighs of pleasure, and didn’t want to leave her position behind booth 1.  Still, she understood her role in this century; she shrugged her shoulders, and followed Bill’s instructions as relayed through Jane.


Jamie sighed loudly in climax as her orgasmatron beamed pleasure into her sex.  She felt utter terror as she was manhandled by five un-papered girls.  She knew she was about to be debreasted, and visions of scissors closing around Zatanna’s D-cups were replaced with images of scissors closing around fairer skinned breasts.  Jamie climaxed repeatedly as her timer ticked down, knowing the whole time that her debreasting was imminent.  With fifteen seconds of booth time left, one of the girls finally reached for Jamie’s timer, and the fear and horror of being debreasted combined with the intense pleasure beams to send her back over the edge and into another mindboggling orgasm.

“You don’t want to do that, miss,” Charles said from his position against the wall to the left of booth 1, out of Jamie’s view, “unless you really want to ride a Jessica.  Okay, the games over.  All of you clear away from the booth.”  As the un-papered bacon hunters moved back away from the front of booth 1, Charles bent and suckled Jamie’s breasts for the last ten seconds of the best orgasm of her life.  It seems that both spouses had been given booth games they would never forget!


Bill quickly stood as he watched Jamie’s booth restraints release her, and said, “Well, that was interesting, but I better go see to Sue.  We will both be back shortly.”

“Do hurry, Bill,” Wanda urged as the owner of Final Fantasy rushed towards ‘The Wall’ door.  “Sue’s already been in pain for a minute longer than she should have!  Still, you can’t really blame him for wanting to watch what happened to Jamie.”

“No, you can’t,” Zatanna said with a happy smile.  “I really thought Jamie’s breasts were history.  I never expected Charles to circle around the dance floor, after depositing Sue’s bacon and clitoral candy at the food ordering station, to stand beside Jamie’s booth.”

“Neither did I!” Janet spat with obvious disappointment.  “It really blows not being able to see a fifth set of balloons popped in that round.”  Wanda and Zatanna broke out in laughter.


“I’m sorry for making you wait, Sue,” Bill said softly as he went to work on the blonde’s wounds with first a wet washcloth and then a dry towel.  “Did you enjoy your booth game with Charles?” he asked as ‘The Wall’ door opened and closed and the sounds of footsteps could be heard.

“I did, Bill,” Sue replied before frantically asking.  “However, that’s enough about me!  Did Jamie end up getting debreasted.  I can’t believe Charles would do that to her.”

“My breasts are fine, and I couldn’t believe it when Charles walked away either!” Jamie said softly as she appeared outside the door to Bill’s office.  “You can bet my husband isn’t going to get any sex for a very long time, unless he has a really good explanation for that stunt.”

“You had the most intense booth climaxes ever, didn’t you darling?” Charles asked softly as he also arrived to stand outside the office door.  Charles was evidently the reason for ‘The Wall’ door opening.

“I admit I did,” Jamie replied frowning at her husband, before turning to watch Sue get her chest wounds bandaged, “but that doesn’t explain your willingness to put my breasts in dire jeopardy, Charles.  How are you feeling, Sue?”   

“I’m fine, Jamie, or soon will be when I get my clitoral wound treated,” Sue replied softly.  “I’m very happy to see you escaped that pack of carnivores with your chest intact!”

“I’m glad you’re in good spirits, Sue, and hope you enjoyed your booth game with me as immensely as I did,” Charles replied with a genuine smile.  “Listen, both of you!  I really do not believe Jamie’s breasts were ever in danger from those five bacon hunters.  When I whispered to them, I asked them to give Jamie’s breasts a workout, but warned them that if she wasn’t wearing them when her booth stint ended, they would all five be taking rides on Jessica’s.  I figured that letting Jamie believe she was about to feel the scissors closing on her breasts was the best way to make her booth experience really intense.  I was standing beside your booth, guarding those Grade-A D-cups of yours for all but a few seconds, dear.  Is that explanation enough for my stunt—a ploy that evidently had pleasurable results.”

Jamie smiled shyly, and quipped, “Well scaring the hell out of me did result in a whole minute filled with really intense orgasms.  Let’s leave Sue to get her privates treated in private while I decide about your sex life, darling.”

“Very well, dear,” Charles replied as the couple made their way over to ‘The Wall’ door so that Jamie could put on her clothes.   “I guess we better go watch that girl that did almost hit your debreast button ride her Jessica machine, once you are dressed.”  Soon the couple could be heard exiting the Game room.

As Bill flooded pain killer and disinfectant into Sue’s clitoris’s burrow with a syringe and then placed a small round bandage at the top of her vulva, the blonde heroine chortled, “Debreasting by swinging pendulum blade, if it could be managed without threatening the breasts on either side of the girl who chose the option!  That debreasting option just came to me out of nowhere!  There would be brief episodes of breast slicing instead of steady damage.”

“I’ll have my engineers come up with some designs, Sue,” Bill replied with a happy chuckle.  “Perhaps we will see your restored breasts under the pendulum the next time you are here.  Shall we rejoin your friends?  Sandwiches made from your bacon should be being delivered to our table soon!”

“Great!” Sue spat.  “Those darned girls are bound to insist that I taste myself, too!  See what you started tonight, Bill Jennings!”  The pair laughed as Sue put on her bottoms and then they walked through ‘The Wall’ door.


 “Welcome back, Sue,” Wanda said with a smile as her blonde friend joined the owner of Final Fantasy in taking their seats at the reserved table.  “Did you enjoy your booth game with Charles?”

“I did, Wanda,” Sue replied with a broad smile.  “I couldn’t believe all of the activity going on around me, and that I still ended up finishing being debreasted with more than a minute left on Jamie’s timer.  Speaking of which, where is our loving couple?”

“I believe they are at the center of that crowd over by the Jessica machine near the ‘Barbecue Pits’ door,” Zatanna replied softly.  “They led a chubby black girl who had been waiting at the Jessica near ‘The Wall’ door over there.”

“There they are, pushing their way through the crowd and coming this way now,” Janet observed.  “What did you think of the declitting fields, Sue?  Doesn’t being neutered really blow?”

“We can always count on you to remind a girl of her most tormenting predicament, Janet,” Sue chided and then giggled.  “Those force field rings felt most strange as they choked and pulled on my little organ, and the laser hurt like hell as it sliced through my clitoral shaft, but the strangest sensation was the remaining stretched shaft snapping back into my body.”

“I see Sue is discussing her nullification with her friends, Jamie,” Charles chortled as the married couple reached the reserved table.  “Can you give your nullifier a hug, Sue?  I AM sorry that you had that happen to you, while being totally thrilled, of course, about being the lucky guy that got to make it happen.”

“It’s strange how you can be sorry and happy over the same thing at the same time, isn’t it, Charles,” Sue replied with a laugh and then stood.  She hugged first Charles and then Jamie, and said softly, looking at the bearded man, “Now don’t you let the sorry part weigh on your mind another minute.  If you hadn’t done me, one of those girls would have, and I definitely preferred it to be you doing me.  Speaking of girls, does your being here at the table mean you let the girl who wanted to debreast Jamie go back to her table?”

“No, Sue, I didn’t let the girl go,” Charles replied just as screams of terror rang out from the center of the crowd surrounding the Jessica over by the ‘Barbecue Pits’ door.  “I made her mount the Jessica, and then, after the machine had trapped her on its back, I set the spitting to begin after a random delay.  Apparently that delay just ended.  From the look on you and your friends’ faces, I can see you are not happy about that.  However, you need to understand that we married men could never allow our wives to do debreasting booth stints if the bacon hunters didn’t believe there would be consequences for trying to debreast our wives.  In order to make them understand that there WILL be consequences, threats made have to be carried out.”

Sue nodded, although the frown remained on her face, and said, “I understand, Charles.  I certainly would not have wanted to see Jamie debreasted by the girl who is now slowly being impaled to death.  I just wish the girl had shown better judgment.”

“If it makes you and your friends feel any better for the girl, Sue,” Jamie said softly, “you should know two things.  First, the spit propeller on that Jessica is set at its fastest speed, so the girl won’t be screaming much longer.  Second, Charles used the Jessica over by the ‘Barbecue Pits’ door instead of the one by ‘The Wall’ door, because it already had a throat slitter installed.  The girl can end her pain if she wishes, or she can enjoy the coals if she chooses.”

“That was most kind of you, Charles,” Wanda interjected.  “Sometimes my friends and I are not very practical when it comes to modern etiquette.  I hope we didn’t seem to be questioning your actions on Jamie’s behalf.  Please do sit down!  You still have food left and more food on the way.”

“Very kind of you to offer, Wanda,” Charles said with a smile.  “However, if Jamie has forgiven me for giving her an extra stressful final booth minute,” the bearded man paused to look to his wife as she smiled and nodded, “I think we are off to enjoy ourselves in bed while the erotic glow of risking and taking breasts is still fresh.  However, I assure all of you that not one gram of either Zatanna’s or Sue’s bacon is going to be wasted.  I’m off to get ‘to go’ bags at the bar while you girls make your goodbyes.”

As Charles quickly scooped up his own and Jamie’s plates from the reserved table and rushed off to the bar, the heroines stood and took turns hugging Jamie.  Zatanna made a point of making her hug particularly reassuring.  Soon, Charles had returned with two bags, and Cheryl right behind him with a tray full of sandwiches.  “Thanks again for letting me to be the one to nullify you, Sue,” Charles chortled.  “Are you ready dear?”  The heroines sat back down as they watched the couple rush of towards the main entrance to Final Fantasy, while at the same time a squirming girl on a spit was being carried through the door labeled ‘Barbecue Pits’.

When Cheryl finished distributing four bacon sandwiches, one cut in half, and a halved vegetarian sandwich, she reached to place a tray holding two nipples and a clitoris in the center of the table.  “Wait, Cheryl,” Bill Jennings said quickly, “could you take those back to the refrigerator and place them in a small food preservation bag.  Mark the bag ‘IW’ and place it with the bag marked ‘SW’, please.  Does anyone need a Lactic Blaster refill?”  Bill and Cheryl watched the four girls shake their heads.

“I’ll get these taken care of right away, Mr. Jennings,” Cheryl replied with a smile.  “By the way, the two replacement waitresses have now arrived and we are back to a full staff.”  Cheryl watched her boss smile and nod, and then rushed off, taking the tray of Sue’s naughty bits with her.

“I have a question,” Sue asked as she watched Bill add two more sandwich halves to her already full plate, noting that her friends had already finished their previous order of bacon sandwiches.  “Why did Charles keep referring to me as having been nullified?”

“That term is used when the characteristics that determine one’s gender have been removed or otherwise destroyed,” Zattana replied and then laughed.  “Charles seems to have forgotten that you still have ovaries and other female reproductive organs.”

“I think the terminology may have become modified over time, Zatanna,” Bill said with a chuckle.  “No one would dare interfere with the worlds food supply be destroying any girl’s ability to reproduce.  Thus, Charles is correct to say that Sue here, and Wanda, have been nullified by modern standards.”

“Nullified or not, you sure taste good, Sue” Janet interjected with her mouth full.  “Take a bite of your Sue sandwiches everyone.”

“How about it, Sue, will you give your bacon a try?” Wanda asked with a broad smile.  “We’re not leaving until you do, and you probably want to get home as much as I do now.”

“That is blackmail, Wanda!” Sue spat in mock anger.  “Still, I’ll do it.  One bite and that’s all, though, and then I’m going to work on the vegetarian halves until you are all ready to go.”  Sue made show of taking a big bite of her fresh bacon sandwich, chewed, swallowed, and grinned.  “Yes, I taste great!  Now look away and enjoy your food.”  She watched as the other girls went to work on their sandwiches.

“Nullified has an interesting ring and connotation to it, don’t you think, Bill?” Zatanna asked with a grin.  “Maybe instead of saying you will debreast your lottery winners if they aren’t needed for the barbecue pits….” 

“I love it, Zatanna,” Bill spat with excitement.  “You do realize that making that the alternate fate for the lottery winners will result in some girls begging for the pits instead of nullification.  I’m going to need to get better at using the vacuum extractor, though?”

“Actually, portable declitting technology seems to have taken a step backwards, Bill,” Wanda said softly.  “The 21st Century declitting tubes were much more efficient and easier to use than your vacuum extractors.  Have your engineers go back to the original designs and then to look at where improvements might be made.”

“I’ll look into it, girls,” Bill said with a laugh.  “Maybe one of you will get a chance to help me test the new declitting tubes out.”

“If the new design uses rotating lasers on the basal diaphragm, like the original design, to sever the clitoral shaft, you can incorporate the trigger into the handle of those debreasting hoops you said you were going to patent,” Zatanna said with a grin.  “You know, the devices you were going to call Zatannas!”  Everyone around the table broke into laughter.

“Look over at ‘The Wall’ door,” Janet whispered excitedly.  “It’s Betsy, Soolin, and three other girls from the Gamma Gamma Epsilon sorority talking to five girls dressed in blue and yellow shorts and tube tops.  I’ll bet those girls are from a rival sorority.”


“You sluts lost the rush contest fair and square,” Betsy announced loudly.  “If we would have lost, you were going make US ride Jessica machines.  You should be happy that we girls at Gamma Gamma Epsilon aren’t so mean.  You agreed that, if you lost, you five would all take booths and select broiler on dead slow as your debreast options.  In you go!”

“We’re going, Betsy!” retorted a lovely young redhead sporting D-cups.  “You don’t have to be a bitch about it.  If we are lucky, you won’t be able to find five people willing to poach our bacon.  If not Sigma Omega Epsilon will surely beat you next year, and at least we will be around to watch you take that final ride on the back of a Jessica!  In we go, girls!  We own up to our lost bets.”  The five girls dressed in blue and yellow rushed into the Game room, while Betsy and her friends split up and began to talk to the men and breasted women sitting at Final Fantasy’s tables.


“Finish your sandwiches and drinks, girls,” Wanda said quickly.  “I am not going to sit through the smell that five girls getting their breasts broiled are going to make.”

“I agree with Wanda,” Sue said with a laugh.  “That means we could use some directions on where we should arrive next Wednesday, Bill.”

“I have what I need in my office, Sue,” Bill said with a chuckle as he got to his feet.  “I’ll be right back.”  The heroines watched as the nightclub owner rushed through ‘The Wall’ door.

“You mean I don’t get to watch the broiler option get used on this visit to Final Fantasy?” Janet grumbled with a forced frown.  “That really blows!”  The spunky heroine grinned and then quickly took another bite of her bacon sandwich. 

“I must admit that, for the most part, this has been a fantastic field trip, Wanda,” Zatanna said with a grin as she worked on her own sandwich.  “I wonder if my Justice Leaguers will buy my story that Beatriz and Tara are shacking up in Brazil?”

“Just don’t seem to sure about knowing it to be true,” Wanda suggested.  “That way they won’t think you were trying to mislead them, if they should choose to doubt the possibility.”

   “Yes,” Janet interjected while nodding, “and mention that they were talking about that drug lord that has been giving you Justice Leaguers so much trouble.  That guy deserves all the attention we can give him.”  Janet quickly finished her sandwich and washed it down.  “I’ll take the rest of your Zatanna sandwich, assuming you don’t want it, Sue.”

“I’m glad you like me, Janet,” Zatanna said with a broad grin as she finished her own sandwich.  “Do you want to split Sue’s other bacon sandwich with me, Wanda?  Assuming you want to give it up, Sue?”

“No, I’m full, Zatanna,” Wanda replied and took a big drink of Lactic Blaster.  “Eat fast though, or better yet, bring your sandwiches with you.  We do need to get out of here as soon as we say goodbye to Bill.”  Wanda nodded to the five sets of breasts protruding from the debreasting portals and the crowd gathering on the dance floor.

“Bill’s coming now,” Sue said nodding to ‘The Wall’ door as she took her remaining vegetarian sandwich half off of her plate and then passed the plate to Zatanna, who removed the fresh sandwich and passed the plate to Janet.  “Let’s make sure we give him hugs, before we leave.  He’s had a rough night, though he doesn’t let it show.”

“Here you go, Sue,” Bill said softly as he handed Sue a slip of paper.  “I had the computer translate the coordinates into the mapping system used by your century’s Global Positioning System networks.  You will join me at my dairy on Wednesday then?”

“We will be there, just prior to 11:00 a.m., Bill,” Wanda said with a smile.  “I promise to be a good and uncomplaining milk cow.  The girls and I are going to give you hugs and then rush off, but it is to avoid the smell of five sets of broiling breasts and not due to a lack of appreciation for your company.”

“I understand completely, Wanda,” Bill replied with a chuckle.  “It’s a good thing that the booth ventilation systems are pretty efficient, or the smell those girls are going to make would have me on my way home as well.  Actually, I won’t be here that much longer anyhow.  Marge and Sally should be coming in from the pits soon enough.  As soon as Marge’s fillet is in a ‘to go’ box, I’m out of here, and will leave the running of Final Fantasy in Cheryl’s very capable hands.”

Zatanna jumped to her feet and gave Bill a long hug, before saying, “I’m thrilled to have met you, Bill Jennings.  I’ve had a most wonderful adventure tonight.”

Janet stood as Zatanna let the nightclub owner go and gave the man a hug followed by a peck on his right cheek.  “Thanks for everything, Bill,” Janet said softly.  “I’m sorry for your loss of Marge?  I hope that, when it is time for you to do so, you find someone else equally as wonderful.”

Sue rose to her feet as Janet released their friend, and gave him her own hug, followed by a peck on his left cheek.  “I’m also going to thank you as well, Bill,” Sue said sweetly, “simply because words aren’t enough to tell you how I really appreciate you.  I hope you and your children can continue to live your lives happily and to their fullest extent, because I know that is what Marge would want you to do.  We will all miss that wonderful woman.”

“Gosh darn it, Bill,” Wanda chortled happily as Sue sat back down, “my friends used up all of the sentences I was going to say, not to mention both cheeks.  Thank you for being there for me and my friends over and over again, even after suffering great loss yourself.  I know you are hurting, even though you aren’t showing it.  Brave heart!  Know that we will be there for you as best we can.”  Wanda put her arms around Bill Jennings and gave him a passionate kiss, before saying, “Be well, my special friend!”

Bill Jennings stood stunned and speechless as he watched the four 21st Century superheroines walk away.  He shook his head in disbelief, and then reminded himself that at least he would see them again, and, hopefully, again after that. 


It was after midnight in 21st Century New York City when the heroines arrived at the Avengers’ mansion after an uneventful time-travel trip home—uneventful save for Janet’s teasing Zatanna about Bill’s sharing her pain with her during her debreasting.  As Janet pushed open the door of Dr. Henry Pym’s laboratory, she called out “Honey, we’re home.  Are you still up?”

            “Back here, Janet,” Hank Pym called out from a corner at the back of the room.  “I glad you are back!  I can’t help but worry about something happening to you in that future where metahuman powers have been completely negated, and where girls are food.” 

            “Oh, Hank, you constant worrywart,” Janet chided jovially as she led her three friends to the back of the laboratory where Janet’s husband, a handsome, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, six-foot tall man who filled out his lab coat and denim pants quite well with his muscular, 185-pound frame, was overhauling his Pym particle controller that allowed him to shrink to insect size or grow into a 25-foot-tall giant.  “There isn’t much to worry about, although this time we need you to regenerate eight breasts and two clitorises.”

            “GOOD LORD!” Hank yelled and shook his head in disbelief as he looked up from the equipment to see the four flattened chests and eight circular bandages.  “I’ll never get used to the idea that you girls call having that done to yourselves, fun!  Hi Sue and Wanda, and a very special hello to you, Zatanna.  You can all start telling me all about your girls’ night out, while I warm up the Chula nanogene tissue regenerator so I can use it to restore your bits.  I can’t wait to hear more tales of the 41st Century!”

            “Well, Hank, this is going to be a very long story, even compared to last time,” Janet said sweetly, “but if you again promise to keep it to yourself, we will tell you all about it.  Wanda will be going first this time, since she got her balloons popped first tonight, not to mention her clitoris ripped out.”


            “Wow, that is one incredible girls’ night out,” Hank Pym exclaimed sporting an obvious erection when the girls finished telling him their story, leaving out those parts that included orgies or Beatriz and Tara.  The scientist turned superhero smiled and chortled, “I can’t believe that you ate each other’s breasts, but, then again, I hope I get to eat a Zatanna sandwich if I talk you into letting me tag along on your next trip to the future.  Okay, we’re all warmed up and ready to go here.  I see that you’ve all shed bandages as you filled me in.  Wanda, you know the drill.  Strip off your bottoms and stand against the wall just there.”

            Wanda pulled off her bikini bottoms and held them in her right hand as she moved to where she was told.  “Could you please restore my pleasure button first, Hank?  That would do a lot toward removing my uneasiness.  Also, you might explain to Zatanna how the Chula nanogene tissue regenerator works as you fix me up.”  Wanda watched nervously as Hank pointed a cone-shaped projector attached to the end of a six-inch diameter, 1-foot long tube that was rounded at its rear end at her pelvis. 

            “Well, Zatanna, how the device works is pretty simple, although I must admit we don’t truly understand the alien technology,” Hank said as he activated the device and tiny glowing ‘fireflies’ buzzed around the apex of Wanda’s legs for about two seconds.  “The tube is filled with millions of tiny nanogene robots, and the cone directs the nanogenes toward the tissue that needs to be repaired.  The nanogenes somehow sample and map the DNA of the patient, calculate what the genetic makeup of the damaged tissue would be if it were still there, and then somehow converts air molecules into the raw material needed to reconstruct the tissue into perfect condition.  Those tiny firefly looking things you could see buzzing around Wanda’s pelvis, before they returned to the projector cone, are squadrons of the microscopic nanogenes that were at work reconstructing her clitoris, Zatanna.”

Henry Pym quickly knelt before Wanda, looked closely at the apex of her legs, and then gently circled the little clitoral glans before him with his index finger, teasing it to erection, before announcing, “Your clitoris looks like a perfectly healthy clitoris should look, Wanda.  Although, I’m sure you are going to want to try it out, once we are finished here, rather than take my word for it.”

“Yes, Hank, I guess so,” Wanda replied softly, her face reddened with embarrassment.  “Do you really need to stimulate the little organ with your finger once you’ve regenerated it?  I find that rather irritating!”

“If you girls plan on continuing to need parts regenerated, you had best get used to scientific procedures, Wanda,” Hank said with a broad grin.  “I promise I’m not touching your sexy bits just to get my jollies—well not JUST to get my jollies, anyhow.  You can put your bottoms back on and we can regenerate your breasts now if you want, Witchie.” 

Wanda quickly pulled her bikini bottoms back on and then returned her attention to Hank as he pointed the cone-shaped projector at her chest.  Hank again activated the tissue regenerator, resulting in the ‘firefly’ effect around the heroine’s chest, and then stepped forward towards Wanda.  When the nanogenes finished their work about twenty seconds later and had returned to their storage container, Hank lifted Wanda's new and perfect breasts to test their weight and firmness, one breast in the palm of each hand.  Then he tweaked the big-breasted heroine’s nipples to make them hard, before he quipped, “Another nice set of Scarlet Witch breasts ready to fill the ‘Secretly Scarlet’ line of fine lingerie.  Do I get to tattoo ‘created by Dr. Henry Pym’ on them, Wanda?”

            “No, Hank,” Wanda replied as she pushed Henry Pym’s hands off of her breasts, “but as you’re married to the President and CEO of Van Dyne Enterprises, the manufacturer of my clothing line, you have already profited from these girls.  Thank you, though!  My breasts once again look and feel like they did at the start of the day.  You’re up Janet!”

“So, Hank, you mentioned tagging along with us on our next trip to the 41st Century,” Janet said softly as she watched her husband point the projector at her chest and then activate the nanogenes.  “Does that mean you are going to show us how much you appreciate our willingness to let you join our girls’ night out and watch us get our sexy bits temporarily destroyed?  Does that mean you are going to let me strap you into a penis guillotine with the safety key unlocked, put your manhood through the decocking lunettes, and put your penis and testicles to the chop while a half dozen girls watch?”

            As the nanogenes finished their work and returned to their storage container, Hank stepped forward and gave his wife’s new breasts the same inspection he had given Wanda’s breasts, and then he bent his head and kissed Janet’s lips.  “Nice boobs once again, honey!  Do they look and feel right to you?”

            “They are perfect, Henry Pym,” Janet said softly.  Then she asked sharply, “Now answer my question!  Are you going to let yourself get temporarily emasculated next Friday before joining us on our fieldtrip to the future?” 

            “I must admit, though it surprises me to say so, I am really considering saying yes, Janet,” Hank said with a frown on his face.  “However, this is the first I’ve heard of your making a show of my being unmanned for a whole roomful of women.  That has to be worth more than just being able to go with you to Final Fantasy.  I should be allowed to debreast whichever one of you I choose!  Just think about it for a minute.  Who’s next?”

            “Zatanna is, Hank,” Janet replied softly.  “However, as she steps over to take my place here, I need to give you the bad news.  We won’t pop each other’s breasts, and we won’t let you or any other hero with us kill our breasts either.  We may entertain doing something else for you, if you think you need additional enticement to let me send your freshly chopped manhood to the ‘Real-Cock Dildo’ factory and have it preserved and made into my personal sex toy.”

            Hank grinned as Zatanna turned to face the nanogene projector, and retorted, “Unless I get unmanned in private, with just you in the room, Janet, it will take some additional enticement!  It is a double standard for you girls to actively participate in my emasculation and then say I can only watch similar things being done to you.  Ready, Zatanna?”  As the raven-haired beauty nodded, the scientist activated the alien device, putting the glowing nanogene squadrons to work at restoring Zatanna’s D-cups.

            Zatanna gasped, “Oh! Wow!  That feels very strange!  My chest tingles and tickles!”  Zatanna watched in amazement as the nanogenes suddenly left her chest and returned to their container, and then grinned with relief as she stared at her new breasts.  “Wow!  From this viewpoint my boobs look great!  Better than great even!  There bigger, firmer, and ride higher on my chest than ever before!”

            Dr. Henry Pym stepped up to stand before Zatanna and cupped each of her breasts in the palms of his hands.  He gently weighed her large breasts and then leaned forward to suckle her nipples hard.  “Well they look, feel, and taste great from my viewpoint as well, Zatanna.  How do they feel?  Not too sensitive I hope?”

            Zatanna laughed and chortled, “No, they aren’t too sensitive, Hank, so I think you can take your hands off of them now.  Luckily the girls warned me that this would be your doctor’s fee!  I hope you agree to let Janet play out the fantasy the two of you share while we and a couple of other girls watch.  We plan on asking one of the Justice League males to join you in taking the very small leap of faith that each man’s manhood will be restored before we depart for the future.  If we are able to convince Wonder Woman to come with us, each of you men will be given some spending money by the owner of Final Fantasy; we think the penis guillotine demonstration will convince her to join us, if that makes any difference to your decision.  It’s your turn, Sue!”

            Hank smiled as Zatanna stepped away from him, removing her D-cups from his gentle grasp.  As he moved back behind the Chula nanogene tissue generator and pointed the projector at Sue’s chest as she finished taking her position, he said, “Yes, the chance of watching Wonder Woman lose her monster breasts sweetens the deal, but doesn’t make up for the fact that I have to get emasculated at the hands of you girls before an audience.  What could this so-called spending money be used for?”  Hank activated the alien device, causing the ‘firefly’ effect to appear before the blonde heroine’s chest for twenty seconds. 

            Sue, as she stared in wide-eyed amazement at her new perfect pair of breasts, replied, “Bill said he would provide each hero brave enough to get strapped into the penis guillotine the price of a fillet.  Do you know what a fillet is, Hank?”

Hank stepped forward to cup the bottom each of Sue’s mammary glands in one of his hands and lift the breasts to test their weight before then tweaking her nipples to make them hard, and then smiled, before chortling, “As I’ve only regenerated one clitoris so far, Sue, and Janet said two were missing, I can only assume you are going to be baring your fillet before me momentarily.  Your new breasts look and feel great, Sue!  Any concerns with them on your end?”  Hank lowered his head and began suckling on Sue’s nipples.

            Sue blushed and cooed softly as Janet’s husband’s warm, wet mouth went to work on her nipples, one breast at a time.  “No, Hank, they feel just like they should feel.  I do think your application of the scientific method is getting a little unscientific as you examine the regenerated tissue.  Hank, instead of buying a fillet for dinner, you could probably use the money to trade a fillet to someone who had harvested one of our sets of breasts.  That way you could probably have a round of those Zatanna sandwiches delivered to our table if you wanted.  Enough of playing with my breasts!  I want my pleasure button restored!”  

            Hank stepped back behind the projector, and grinned as Sue stepped out of her sky blue bikini bottoms.  “Okay, I’ll take the chop next Friday night, hopefully along with one of the Justice League heroes, in front of an audience, but only if you girls do something for me tonight!”  Dr. Henry Pym grinned mischievously as he activated the tissue regenerator and the nanogenes went to work on Sue’s vulva for a few short seconds.

            “What do you want from us, Hank?” Sue said softly as the scientist knelt between her legs to examine her regenerated clitoris.  She watched the man chuckle as he gently stirred her pleasure button with his forefinger until it was engorged with blood.  “You have something specific in mind, don’t you Hank?”

            “Yes I do, Sue!” Hank replied with a laugh.  “I could probably insist that each of you give me a blow job.  However, as I’m going to put on a show for you girls and your friends next Friday night, I want you girls to put on a show for me tonight.  It’s time for the four of you to show me some hot lesbian action!  Then I’m going to cum in the mouth of one of you before I take my wife to bed.  I know that none of you are lesbians, but you’re going to have to sacrifice your dignities if you want me to make a commitment to get emasculated for your viewing pleasure.”

            “I’ll do the girl on girl thing, even though I don’t swing that way, Hank,” Sue replied as she pushed Hank’s hand away from her sex and put her bikini bottoms back on, “as long as it is either Zatanna or Wanda performing the fellatio at the end of your show, Hank.  I won’t go home to my husband with the smell of another man on my breath.  Janet, Zatanna, Wanda?”

            “Hell yes, I’m in!” Janet spat with feeling.  “I’m not bisexual, but I have no problems with tonguing or being tongued by another girl.”

            “I’m always up for putting on a good show, Hank,” Zatanna replied with a giggle, “and I’ll give you head at the end.  However, if we make this brutal sacrifice, there is no backing out for you Friday night.  You would be one-hundred percent committed!”

            “I realize that, Zatanna,” Hank chuckled.  “I also realize that I am asking a lot from you girls, especially Wanda.  What do you say, Wanda?  Are you going to let me off the hook I have foolishly placed my manhood on?”

            “Great!” Wanda hissed with a frown on her face.  “You maneuvered me into this position, Hank, because you are pretty sure that I will say no to girl on girl sex.  Janet, if I find out you had any part of setting this up….”

            “I didn’t, Wanda,” Janet said softly looking straight into Wanda’s eyes.  “This is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.  This is all part of Hank’s scheme to talk his way out of getting emasculated for our viewing pleasure, without it looking like he chickened out.  You are not going to let him get away with that, are you Wanda?”

            Wanda blushed beet red before replying, “No, Janet, I’m not going to let Hank turn me into a scapegoat.  I’ll join these other girls in putting on a lesbian sex show for you, Henry Pym, and I’ll help Zatanna perform fellatio on you when we girls have brought each other to climax.  However, I’m going to really enjoy popping one of your testicles in my fist, while Sue does the same to the other, just as you feel the bite of the guillotine blade on your squirting penis next Friday.”

            “Like you weren’t going to enjoy doing that anyhow, Wanda,” Hank quipped.  “I suggest we move into the den, where you girls can get more comfortable.  Are you going to do this as a daisy chain, or split up into two pairs?”  Hank laughed at four frowns on pretty faces as the five people began moving towards the laboratory exit.


            “As you and I have a bit more experience at this sort of sex, Zatanna, I suggest we begin with you and I each pairing with one of the other girls,” Janet chortled with a grin as she watched her husband strip off his clothes and take a seat facing the den’s sectional couch.  The girls had already stripped off their bikini bottoms and made a small pile of clothing on a small table beside the den entranceway.  “Do you want Sue or Wanda?”

            “Please pair with me, Zatanna,” Wanda said softly with a blush on her face.  “I would rather not have voluntary lesbian sex with my teammate…at least not right away.”

            Zatanna looked to Sue, who nodded to indicate she was fine with being paired with Janet, before replying, “I was hoping to get a chance to try to improve your opinion of switch-hitting anyhow, Wanda.  Why don’t you lean your back against the sectional corner there, and I’ll bring you off once before we have a go at doing each other.”  Zatanna smiled as she watched Wanda take the suggested position, and then climbed on the couch, pushed her partner’s left leg down flat, and began nuzzling into the girl’s sex from a right angle position.

            “Zatanna has a good plan, Sue,” Janet said with a giggle.  “Why don’t you get perched on the end of the couch back there, with your legs spread nice and wide, and I’ll bring you to climax while my husband watches before we sixty-nine and do each other.”

            “Okay, Janet,” Sue replied softly as she climbed onto the couch.  “I’m actually happy for the opportunity to test my new love button out before I go home and wake Reed up for a real romp in the sack.  This way, my worries about my little organ functioning correctly should have been dissipated.”




            As Sue spread her legs, Janet pushed her lips into Sue’s sex and began licking with earnest as she stimulated her own sex with the fingers of her left hand.  It didn’t take long for Zatanna and Janet to bring Wanda and Sue, respectively, to sigh-filled climaxes.  Then Zatanna and Janet pulled their partners atop themselves, and moaned as the two lesser experienced girls went to work on their vulva’s before getting to busy again themselves while Hank watched and slowly masturbated.

            Fifteen minutes and several female climaxes later, Zatanna and Wanda were kneeling on each side of a standing Hank’s hips, kissing the sides of the shaft of his penis before taking turns sucking on his glans.  Soon the two girls were taking turns deepthroating Janet’s husband while Sue and Janet watched from their sixty-nine position. 

It didn’t take long for Hank to moan in climax, given the show he had just watched and the two-headed fellatio he was now receiving, and as luck would have it, it was Wanda’s mouth he erupted into.  Wanda concentrated on milking every bit of semen from Hank’s ejaculation into her mouth, before pulling her head off of his penis.  Then the auburn-haired heroine pushed Zatanna’s head back, waited for her to open her mouth, and snowballed Hank’s ejaculate from her mouth into Zatanna’s.  Wanda kissed Zatanna passionately as the raven-haired heroine swallowed Hank’s seed as the hero, Janet, and Sue applauded. 

“Wow, that was hot, girls,” Hank said with a chuckle.  “To think that I thought Wanda didn’t know what to do with another girl.  I think that we are going to have to make this my standard breast regeneration fee.  Now I think you better get Sue and Zatanna home, Wanda, while my wife and I make love as we talk about my cock under a falling guillotine blade next Friday night.” 

Wanda, Sue, and Zatanna giggled as they pulled their bikini bottoms on, before Wanda called back, saying, “Hank, I never claimed I didn’t know how to make lesbian love.  I’m just uncomfortable doing it, so I’m hoping you were kidding about your fee.  You two have fun!”  Wanda quickly led Sue and Zatanna upstairs to her room to find some spare tops before flying her friends to their respective homes in an Avengers’ Quinjet.


            It was 11:00 a.m. the next morning, when Wanda Maximoff finally wandered out of her bedroom and went downstairs to find something to eat in the kitchen.  Janet was there, again eating ice cream.  “Hi Janet,” Wanda chirped happily, “how do you eat so much of that stuff without getting fat?”

            “I have sex a lot, Wanda,” Janet said with a very broad grin.  “It burns calories!  I had the best sex ever last night, knowing I finally will get to use my penis guillotine on Hank.  He seemed most excited about the prospect as well, now that he is committed.  So how many times did you masturbate last night, and does your new clitoris function normally?”

            “Janet Van Dyne, you are a nosey little girl!” Wanda chided as she blushed.  “More than once, if you must know, and, yes, it functions as I normally.”  Wanda looked up from the bowl of cereal she had started to poor.  “However, speaking of penis guillotines, I have good news!”

            “Well, Wanda, spill it!” Janet spat with a gleam of excitement in her eyes. “Zatanna called didn’t she?”

            “Yes, Janet, she did,” Wanda said as she giggled at Janet who was bouncing on her chair with excitement.  “She talked to Dinah, who got Oliver to immediately agree to get emasculated for our viewing pleasure next Friday, as long as Hank goes first.  He didn’t even ask to watch Hank get his manhood restored before taking the chop himself.  Upon hearing about our prequel to our Friday night girls’ night out with boys tagging along, Diana immediately accepted our invitation to be the sixth girl.  Bill’s going to be overjoyed!”

            “That is smoking HOT news, Wanda!” Janet cried out with joy.  “Now if we can only convince Diana to try a booth, if she isn’t tripped up in one of the jousts and loses her big jugs to the breast suspension razor wires.  However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?  We still are committed to our Wednesday dairy duty!”

            “Gosh darn it, Janet!” Wanda spat in mock anger.  “It really, really BLOWS to be forced to make all of these sacrifices just to get commitments to make our girls’ night outs happen.  Girl on girl sex while your husband watches, and then being milked while a bunch of school girls get a tour of Bill’s dairy operation.  What sort of degradation his going to be heaped on me next?”

            Janet laughed at her friend and said, “I’m sure it’s going to be something good and involving pain or sex or both.  Why do I know that, Wanda?”

            The two girls chanted in unison, “Because we are superheroines, which means we are pain sluts and sex whores who crave degradation!”  Janet and Wanda giggled and hugged.


The end!


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