Welcome to Superheroines in Distress!

SuperHeroines in Distress Channel Charter

Superheroines in Distress is an IRC channel devoted to the entertainment of adult superheroine fans by providing a semi-formal venue for discussion of and role-play based on the superheroines-in-distress/peril/bondage genre.

To accomplish this mission we encourage channel members to:

  1. Learn and understand the channel rules. The rules can be found here.

  2. Learn and understand the adult superheroines-in-distress/peril/bondage genre. To understand the genre, it helps to understand the comic books (Marvel, DC, etc.), television shows (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc), and movies (Superman, Batman, X-men, Spiderman, Daredevil, etc.) that provide the basic background for the adult genre. Websites within the premise of the adult genre can be found here.

  3. Keep current with happenings with in the adult superheroines-in-distress/peril/ bondage genre.

  4. Seek to become a talented and imaginative role-player with in the genre. Suggestions on good role-play techniques and how to avoid “godmoding” and “autohitting” are provided by following the links

  5. Understand that role-play between characters in the channel must be consensual (both players agree to engage in role-play), but that activities acted out in the role-plays are non-consensual (the involve distress/peril/bondage which can be in one or more of a myriad of different forms). Consensual sexual activities are not part of the channel mission as they do not involve distress/peril. This applies only to in-channel role-play; private role-play is not governed by the channel.

  6. Understand that role-play in the channel is about superheroines in distress/peril/bondage. Other channels or private role-play is available for superhero role-play, or role-play involving any characters other than superheroines and their adversaries. This applies only to in-channel role-play; private role-play is not governed by the channel.

  7. Avoid interfering with ongoing role-plays. This does not mean remain silent during ongoing role-plays. More than one role-play may go on at the same time, and discussion within the channel may also occur during role-plays. However, do not attempt to join in on a role-play without being invited. Do not make disparaging remarks about those engaged in role-play.

  8. Understand that a channel operator (Op) can require any in-channel role-play to be taken private at any time.