SuperHeroines in Distress Channel Rules

#Superheroines_in_Distress is an adult IRC channel intended to provide a venue for adults to engage in consensual simulation of superheroine in peril fantasies, or discussion of art, stories, and other material relevant to the adult superheroine in peril genre. The channel was established in September 2002 by Doc Droid. #Superheroines_in_Distress is open to all adult users, provided they comply with the channel rules. Any questions you have can be directed to any of the channel ops (nicks with the @'s).

The Channel's Rules are as follows:

  1. You must be 18 or older. Any indication that a person is actually under 18 will result in the person being asked to leave, or being kicked if they do not leave after being requested to do so, by a channel op.

  2. Child pornography and pedophilia, beastiality, incest and snuff are themes that we in #Superheroines_in_Distress do not condone. Therefore, no scenes in the main channel may involve characters who are below the age of 18, are non-fantasy animals, or are of close familial relation. We also require that anyone in #Superheroines_in_Distress refrain from co-channeling in any channels with themes specifically involving child pornography, pedophilia, beasiality, incest, or snuff while they are in #Superheroines_in_Distress.

  3. In-channel roleplay scenes are strongly encouraged, but offensive/rude behavior will not be tolerated. Racist remarks, arguing with/antagonizing channel ops over matters involving operation of the channel, using excessively foul language, disrupting an ongoing scene, or interfering the enjoyment of the channel by other channel users are examples of behavior that will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will result in a warning; further offensive behavior will result in the person engaging in this behavior being kicked or banned from the channel.

  4. No multiple logins to the channel. This means, one person, one nick.

  5. It is our policy that collars are not permitted in the nicknames of our channel regulars. New guests with collared nicks are allowed to enter and learn what we are about. However once they decide to become a regular part of our community they must abide by this policy.

  6. Channel etiquette --

    1. Superheroines_in_Distress is an adult channel where the roleplay in itself is consensual, but commonly revolves around non-consensual imperilment of superheroines. Before attempting to engage in roleplay, you should (1) verify that the other person does, in fact, want to roleplay, and (2) discuss what each roleplayer would like to see occur in a scene as well as any limits that each roleplayer wishes to set. If a person is not interested in roleplaying, that decision must be respected.

    2. Please note the name of the channel – #Superheroines_in_Distress– and try to keep with the theme, the adult superheroine in peril genre. If you are not familiar with the genre, you may wish to visit the Superheroines in Distress web page at to view bios of characters created by other players, examples of scenes that have been played by others, and stories and art related to the genre. There are also links to other genre-related web pages.

    3. If you engaged in roleplay and, for some reason, must leave the channel or IRC, be courteous and let the person you are playing with know that you must leave, and if and when you will be back to resume the roleplay. However, if the person you are roleplaying with disappears from IRC, please note that the person may have been involuntarily disconnected through netsplit, server crash, or internet service provider problems, etc.

    4. Not everyone likes to receive private messages or requests to chat in DCC. If you do not know the person you wish to chat with privately, you may want to ask the person in channel whether you can message them privately. If they are busy or just not interested in chatting privately, respect that decision.

    5. Frequent or persistent entering the channel and leaving several seconds later, so-called "fly-by" visits, is a breach of channel etiquette and may result in a temporary ban being placed on the "fly-byer's" nick if this behavior occurs on an excessive/regular basis.

    6. As stated above, in-channel roleplay scenes are strongly encouraged, provided they are within the theme of the channel -- the adult superheroines in peril genre. Players engaging in roleplay scenes that do not fall within the stated theme will be asked to take their roleplay scene private or to some other channel. Disrupting an ongoing roleplay scene is not acceptable; however in-channel roleplayers should be aware that other activities, such as discussions regarding the adult superheroine in peril genre, general greetings and discussion, or in-channel roleplay scenes by others may occur in the channel at the same time as they are roleplaying. Selective use of the mIRC "Ignore" command is one way to prevent other channel activity from interfering with your roleplay, or avoid seeing a roleplay one does not find to their liking. However, intentional disruption of in-channel roleplay scenes will not be tolerated.