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Super-Lois Vs. Super-Lana

The Battle for Superman

by Alias the Rat


Part One


Lois Lane was working at her desk, finishing up the story about the smuggling operation on the Metropolis docks that Perry had been screaming for to complete. Then she saw Clark Kent enter the newsroom. She kept typing, but also watched out of the corner of her eye as Clark approached his desk. When he pulled out his chair and sat down, she got up and walked over to stand next to him. She whispered. "Well, Clark, now I know you are Superman. I attached a low power transformer to your chair that would give anyone who touched it a mild electric shock. You didn't even feel it, so you must be the Man of Steel!" Her fellow reporter looked up with a puzzled expression. "Lois, are you still working under that stupid assumption that I am Superman's secret identity? You are wasting so much time on this. A shock? No, I didn't feel anything when I... wait a minute, there's a wire down here at the base of the chair, but it's hanging loose. You didn't attach it very well when you..." Clark suddenly touched the end of the wire and jerked back in his chair. "Yeowch! Hey, that stung! Lois, will you stop doing these stunts. Somebody's going to get seriously hurt one of these days and your pranks aren't going to look so funny."


She went back to her desk. She thought she had it hooked up just the way the electronics repair guy had advised her, but she saw the wire was loose. Maybe someone kicked the wire running along the floor. And she worried a little about what Clark had said. If there was a chance that he wasn't Superman, she really didn't want him getting hurt. She went back to finishing the last couple of paragraphs of that story, then clicked the icon on her computer that transfered it to editing. Now she was thinking that Clark probably wasn't Superman. Ever since he had started at the Daily Planet, she had noticed the comings and goings of the two men (...or one man...) were suspicious. After she had started to investigate, she would be sure, then something would happen to make her think she'd been wrong. But sooner or later her suspicions returned and she was determined to solve this. As an investigative reporter, she was used to digging into something until the truth came out. Her interest in Superman was partially romantic. She was crazy about him ever since she'd first seen him, and did whatever she could to maintain contact with the hero. She hoped that enough contact with the Man of Steel would result in a romantic involvement developing between the pair. If she could pin down that Clark Kent was Superman's secret identity, it wouild put her much closer to the man, one step closer to a wedding.


Superman seemed to show a interest in Lois, but whenever a true relationship was suggested, he always replied that he could not marry anyone without placing the woman in grave danger from the attacks of his many enemies. Lois didn't believe this was a valid argument, as Superman was constantly saving her life and pulling her out of fixes already. That alone showed he was keeping an eye on her and was probably romantically interested. If she could just get him to admit it!


A familiar woman's voice rang out through the newsroom. "Clark! Are you free for lunch today?" Clark looked up and saw Lana Lang had stopped by, and she was coming over to his desk. "Lana! You're in town again? What's up this time?" Lana smiled at her childhood friend. "Not just a visit this time. I quit my job at the San Francisco Natural History Museum so that I could accept a post here in Metropolis at the Museum of the Ancients. Dad thought I was crazy, but here I'll be able to see you more often." Clark smiled. "That's great! Give me a few minutes to check on the progress of some stories I posted earlier and I can take you to Argotto's for lunch." Lois frowned as she heard this. Lana Lang had grown up in Smallville with Clark Kent and the pair were very good friends. But Lana also had a deep interest in Superman and she also was convinced that Clark and Superman were one and the same. She went along and expressed this as her opinion, but she had long ago stopped trying to prove it. "If Clark is the Man of Steel, he is certainly capable of outwitting me in any attempts I make to pin him down. So I will just take this on faith and not try to prove it." Lois found this thinking quaint. But it established Lana as the only other woman who was involved with Clark and perhaps a rival in Superman's affections. So the pair were hardly enemies, but they were definately not friends.


Part Two


Lois had finished up the article about the smugglers and handed it in, but she was back at a little bar on the waterfront that evening. There were a few loose ends that she still wondered about. And a good investigator never left any loose ends. She talked with a bartender, never asking too much, but getting little tidbits from a man who normally wouldn't say anything to anyone. She was really good at that and it had in the past lead her to a story that won Lois her Pulitzer Prize. But success in the past didn't mean that much to her. She only wanted success in her future. These loose ends might lead to a bigger story. Or no story at all. You never knew. Nursing her beer, she looked up to the tv to see the Metropolis Mammoths had blown another game in the 9th. The new closer they traded for over the winter had gone to hell and the team was dropping back in the standings. As she listened, she heard a voice from behind, in a darkened booth. "Find him. Luthor wants to know how far he has gotten in the experiments." The game announcers started talking about the bullpen woes of the team, and drowned out any further conversation behind her. But that one sentence set her off. She moved over and got to a spot where she could hear a little of what was being said, but she could not see who was talking. Which was good, since that meant they couldn't see that someone was trying to overhear. "Professor Gutrecht has been getting a lot of supplies. Machinery, chemicals, electronics. But he has it moved through dummy stops before getting it. Tracking the stuff is impossible. We tracked some gear to a warehouse in Gotham City, another batch to a garage in Metropolis. In both cases, we were watching it when Superman showed up and picked it up and flew off for parts unknown. How do you track that?" Lois thought about this. If Luthor was looking for someone, that person had to be important. And if Superman was helping hide the project... "We do know pretty much of what they are using to do this. It all seems to be a project to alter the human body. It could be trying to give powers to a person, making an ordinary man into a powerhouse equal to Superman. No wonder they have such security. Tell Luthor we'll keep looking, but it won't be easy." Lois leaned back into the shadow and the man in the booth got up. He had a cellphone to his ear and was just putting it away as left the bar. A hooded sweatshirt and heavy topcoat covered up the man's features. She didn't think trying to follow him would be a good idea. If he spotted her, it could get very bad. Instead she would go back to the Planet and see what the files had about this Professor Gutrecht.


As she scanned through the data base at the paper, she found several brief mentions of Heinrich Gutrecht, a genius in several scientific fields. She was sure that Superman knew where this man was, but he would certainly not reveal it to her. Reporters always had to get secrets the hard way. There was a story about the death of Gutrecht's wife, who had been in a terrible auto wreck in the mountains. If she had been rushed to a hospital, she would have had a chance, but weather had grounded flight-for-life helicopters that night, and Superman arrived a little too late. The Professor had made a statement that he appreciated Superman's efforts, but the Man of Steel had been saving lives at another disaster. Gutrecht was quoted as saying, "Superman cannot be everywhere at once. If only others were here with his powers, to help where he cannot." As she read this, she realized the enormity of this secret projact. If Gutrecht figured out how to give normal people Superman's powers, it would be fantastic. But if the underworld got ahold of this, there would be a flood of super-criminals the likes of which would devastate the world. Lois noted that Gutrecht's wife had been buried in Grace Memorial Cemetary, in a northern suburb of Metropolis, two years ago tomorrow. She resolved that tomorrow she would be at that cemetary watching that grave.


Sure enough, during the morning hours a man came and placed flowers on the well kept-up grave of Maria Gutrecht. He was crying as he began walking back to his car. Lois pinched her eyes tight until tears ran down her cheeks, then walked in an intercept course, bumping into the man. He was a tall, well built fellow with a bushy beard and long brown hair. Tears ran down his face from his sad brown eyes. He saw her, apparently also mourning a lost one, and excused himself for the collision. Lois also apologized. "No, no, it wasn't your fault. I was overcome. It's been a year since I lost Barry, but he died so young I..." She didn't say any more, she was sure that was enough. She went back to her car and tuned into the electronic bug she had slipped into the collar of the man when they bumped into each other. He didn't say anything, just listened to the radio as he drove off. With the bug, she was able to track him without being spotted, even though she was sure he was watching carefully for any car on his tail. He drove all the way through Metropolis to the old southside warehouse district, where he entered a huge, derelict-looking building. She heard the bug pass on what was being said inside. "Professor, I've brought the last things you needed. I would like to stay and see how the first trial goes, but I'm needed elsewhere." Lois recognized that was Superman's voice.Then the Professor spoke. "Thank you. Everything is running and ready. The test subject should be here soon. Then we will see if we can create another super-man to help you do what you have to do." She saw a streak of red and blue zip away from the roof of the warehouse.


Now that Superman was gone, she wanted to see what was going on inside. She went up a fire escape and found a window that allowed her to enter the building. Excited about this, she failed to consider how easy it had been. She snuck through the building, seeing a variety of scientific equipment that interested and puzzled her. In an area near the front of the building she spotted the Professor, going over a huge bank of dials and monitors on the side of a huge room. In the center, there was a bubbling vat of liquid with with rays of multicolored lights beaming down at the solution. She snuck closer, but suddenly the man turned and looked right at her. "Who are you, young lady? This is a ultra-top-secret establishment, and the only one who should be here is me." She stepped into the light. "Hello, Professor Gutrecht. My name is Lois Lane, and I am an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet." The professor cocked his head. "Ms. Lane? Oh, Superman's friend. You should not be here. There are secrets that do not deserve to be in the paper. If I get your promise for discretion, will you keep this a secret?" Lois nodded. Gutrecht glanced at the watch on his wrist, then frowned and spoke. "There is a unique mixture of chemical solutions that simmer in the vat. The subject will have medical injections before he enters the pit. When the test subject is lowered there, he will breath through a tube while submerged. Energy will be funneled through electrodes in the vat, special beams of radiation will come down from above, and as the procedure goes on, the soultions will be drained and replaced with other chemicals. After an hour he will emerge a superman. As invulnerable as Superman, and nearly as strong and fast. I hope to produce a squadron of heroes who can assist Superman in helping mankind." Lois stared at the pit of bubbling fluids. "How did you develop this, Professor?" The scientist again glanced at his watch. "I did extensive research on many projects. I found traces of the notes that Professor Reinhardt used when he created the super-soldier solution used to create Captain America. Batman led me to data that covered the mysterious treatment known as the Lazarus Pit. My own knowledge of the effects of many procedures on the human body was adapted to this experiment." Gutrecht pulled out a cell phone from his pocket when it beeped. He answered it. "Hello?" He listened to the phone for a short time then hung up and muttered, "Damn!"


"What's the matter?" Lois could see the man was very agitated about something. "That was a call from the man who volunteered to be the first subject to go through the process. He was on the way here when he noticed he was being followed. He can't be sure he eluded the people tracking him, so he won't be here for the procedure. There is no one else. I work here alone so that no one else knows how this procedure works. The chemicals and solutions will lose their potency if not used right away. Months of preparation will be wasted because I have no one..." Lois interrupted. "How... how sure are you that this will work?" Gutrecht stared at her, puzzled by the question. "I would say 80 to 90%." Lois took a deep breath. "Then could a woman do it?" Still puzzled, the Professor said, ""Yes, it would work on a man or a woman... are you offering?" Lois looked into the man's blue eyes and nodded. The scientist looked at her and considered the options. "Very well, if you are willing to help."


Part Three


Lois stripped to her bra and panties, and the Professor gave her a cursory checkup. "You are in very good physical condition. Blood pressure is normal, heartbeat is a little fast -- I'm not surprised." He rolled up a cart with a dozen hypodermics with an assortment of colored fluids. One at a time, he injected them into her arms, legs, back and chest. She grew dizzy and hot, and started taking deep breaths. "Now you have to lay on this wire rack, take the mouthpiece of the air hose in your mouth. You will also have to remove the last of your garments, other wise the solutions will dissolve them and contaminate the procedure. Then I will lower you into the vat." She stripped off her underwear and got in position. With nose plugs in her nostrils and the mouthpiece in place, he taped her eyes closed and she was lowered into the fluid mixture. It was very hot, just shy of burning her. She lay there, felling tingling all over her body and spasms of mild cramps run through her. She lost track of time and wondered how long she had been submerged.


Then she felt her body coming up out of the fluids, and she waited while the Professor pulled out the mouthpiece out and removed the tape from her eyes. She gasped. "Wow, it feels good to take a breath that isn't coming through that tube!" The Professor chuckled. "You were submerged for an hour. I cut off your air supply ten minutes ago. Your lungs now can hold a reserve of air and you can go as much as a half hour without any outside source of air." Lois was shocked. She glanced back at the pit and saw the fluids bubbling and steaming. She asked, "How hot is that?" He replied. "The temperature went up as the procedure went along. It's at over 600 degrees now." And Lois realized she had not even felt the heat. Gutrecht directed her to a shower area where boiling hot water sprayed at her from nozzles above and on all sides of her and rinsed the residue of the chemicals off her body. Then she dried off and reached down for her underwear. As she slipped them on she was astonished to find her panties a very tight fit and her brassiere no longer fit her at all. In a mirror she saw that her breasts had grown at least two cup sizes! That was an odd side effect. She wrapped a towel around her torso and went to Gutrecht. "Did it work?" At this he smiled and picked up a thick iron bar from the workbench. Suddenly he swung it around and smashed it into the side of her face. She staggered back in shock, but noticed she had barely felt the impact. She looked over at the steel bar he held and saw it had bent when it hit her. He handed it to her and it felt light as a feather. She grabbed it with both hands and twisted it like a pretzel. It had worked!


She went to her clothes and tried to get dressed. She got her skirt and blouse on, and carefully pulled her jacket on. Everything felt restrictive and tight, as if the outfit had shrunk. But that wasn't the case, she had uniformly grown. Standing next to the Professor, she judged she'd grown a couple of inches taller. She would have to get new clothes, these barely fit and well very uncomfortable. Then she took a deep breath and the buttons on her blouse and jacket popped away, the garments opened and her breasts were swinging free and open once again. She squealed and folded her arms across her chest. "Professor, I can't go around like this." He coughed. "Ah, yes. My heavens. Well, ordinary clothes will no longer do for you. Even if they were better fitting, you are now full of such power and muscles that you will burst out every time you flex or stretch your body. This was expected, and I have several costumes made up for potential heroes ready for the men and women who wereto be transformed by the procedure." He led her to a cabinet, and reached in and brought out a costume. It consisted of a green longsleeved pullover top and short skirt, yellow cape, panties, boots and belt. She stepped around the corner and slipped it on. She came back to the Professor and stared in a full length mirror next to the cabinet. Wow, she looked great! "It is made of a special high tensile artificial fiber that is treated to resist any damage. If someone shoots an artillery shell at you, I don't want you standing there unharmed but naked!" She turned and gave him a look of stunned surprise. "That kind of thing would not even hurt me?" He nodded. "You do not have all of Superman's powers. Even this experiment has limits. You are nearly as invulnerable as he is, as I knew that had to be the most important requirement if we were to expect people to go in harm's way to help the Man of Steel. You do not have his vision powers, but your eyes can see a lot further and better than before. Your strength and speed I would put as about one-half to two-thirds of his, which is a huge leap above that of a normal human. You can fly..." Lois looked at him and interrupted. "I... I can fly? Oh my God..." He nodded. "Yes, and judging by your reaction to that information, I would think you would like to try that out right now. I have to record some of this data and go over the readings. You are the first of a team of super-humans who will serve with Superman to make the world a better place."


Lois lept into the air and found herself rising up to the ceiling. She reached up and opened a clasp on a skylight, let herself out, and soared off to the north. She thought about the fact that she was going to be a super-hero, just like Kal-el. And that meant he would have no reason to avoid making a deep commitment to her. Her new uniform felt pretty good. Did the professor have enough extra to make a wedding gown?  She did not glance down at the street or she might have noticed a red haired woman walk up and enter the building.


Part Four


As the Professor explained to the second visitor the procedure he had developed, Lana wondered what this had to do with her. She had gotten a curious call to come here. "Ms. Lang, I am working alone in this project because of the need for strict security. I am funded by a government agency, but my only direct contact is the man who inspired this idea, Superman. I have developed the Power Procedure to give super abilities to select individuals so that they can assist the Man of Steel in all the work he does for the benefit of mankind. Would you be willing to participate?" Lana was flabbergasted. She was just a museum administrator, why would the Professor offer such a gift to her? She asked him. "Well, young lady, I told you who I am working with. The government sent a short list of people who are so trusted that they can be offered this power. I asked Superman if he could think of anyone, and he mentioned you."  Evan more stunned, Lana staggered back a step. Kal-el had asked for her.? My God, if he wanted her to get these powers, he was as interested in her as Lana had hoped and dreamed about, all her life. Since the day Superboy had left Smallville, Lana had held a icy ball of fear in the pit of her stomach, worried that she was no more than the forgotten love that Superman had left behind. But now she knew he really wanted her...


Lana agreed to go through the procedure and went to the area where the vat stood, with its foul smelling chemicals hissing and bubbling. She stripped, took the injections, and was prepared for immersion, just as Lois had done a short time earlier that day. As the grill she lay on was lowered into the bath, she was pleased that she would shortly emerge as the woman transformed into Superman's perfect mate. Again, after an hour's treatment, the Professor activated the equipment to raise her from the depths. The man stared at the form that emerged, and gasped for breath. After so long... it finally was happening!


The red-head cleaned up in the showers and then Gutrecht handed her a costume he had taken out of the cabinet. Hers consisted of a long-sleeved form fitting top and calf-length boots in yellow and a cape and shorts in purple. He explained that her body was so powerful now that if she wore her regular clothes, every time she took a deep breath or even flexed her biceps she woould be popping buttons and bursting seams on them. She smiled at this. Lana asked, "What are my powers?" The Professor mentioned increased strength, speed, agility, near invulnerability and an ability to fly. Lana also found the possiblity of flight the most interesting prospect, and she bid the man goodbye while she went out to try her new capabilities. She too floated to the ceiling, opened the skylight and soared high into the sky, relishing the air in her face and the wind in her hair. She opened her mouth and yelled a scream of exctasy. She was a super-woman, the perfect mate for her Superman!


Back in the laboratory, the man had watched the second super-woman soar into the sky, and he smiled. Peeling the fake beard and wig from his head, he was pleased that he had gotten both women to fall for his scheme. It was just a matter of playing their needs to make them do what he really wanted. Lana had been simple. She just needed to be invited in, and she was trapped. Lois was smarter. It had been necessary to lure her in, so that she would not be suspicious. The little clue she had been allowed to hear in the bar had been the first step. A further set of clues would have been fed to her, but she tracked down and discovered the professor on her own. So he had been able to trick her into volunteering.


Part Five


Lois was high in the sky over the city, soaring in and out of the clouds. She had soared so high that the sky turned black on the edge of space. There was no air, but her altered lungs sustained her without any difficulty. She twisted, turned and flew through a storm, dousing herself thoroughly. Her body didn't feel cold up here, even soaking wet. While in the clouds, a bolt of lightning crackled and hit her. It barely tickled her! She truly was a super-woman, the match for the man she loved. She realized she had to quit having a giddy playtime with her new powers and find Superman to show him what she had done. She turned to fly back into Metropolis


Flying along, she suddenly gasped as she felt a twinge in her crotch. She pulled her legs together and her knees up to her chest as a cramp twisted her lower abdomen. She hovered in the air for a few minutes, and she felt her body grow flushed and began to breath hard. She worried that something had gone wrong. She was about to head back to the Professor's lab when another bout of the pain hit her. The moisture from the storm had evaporated, but now she was becoming covered with sweat. Was the flying too much of a strain on her body? Were the changes in her body still unfinished? Another cramp and she put one hand into her panties, massaging her pubic mound. This seemed to help, but she also was feeling a tingling and itching all over her enlarged breasts. The tips of her nipples stung as the fabric pressed against them, and she took her free hand and pulled at the top, stretching the material away from her body. The nipples eased a little, but still fell tender and sore. Another spasm hit her crotch aand gasped. Her fingers again massaged at her cunt, trying to relieve the discomfort. One finger slipped between the lips of her pussy and she ran it around her insides, trying to satisfy the strange urges she had.


Many miles to the south, the other sky-borne super-woman felt an attack of the same sensations surge through her body. Her hands went to her crotch and tried to massage away the cramps she felt. When it eased up, she too was covered in sweat and felt agitated and flushed. She had considered the strange fabric of her uniform to be sleek and comfortable when she put it on, but now her nipples burned and chafed at the touch of the material on her breasts. Lana tugged up on the top and pulled it over the breasts, baring her chest to the air. It seemed to help, but in only a short time she had another severe bout of cramping and heat run through her crotch. She figured out that something had gone seriously wrong with her body and she needed to get back to Professor Gutrecht and find out how this problem could be taken care of. As she sped though the sky, her top slipped down to cover her breasts and the pain returned to her nipples. Lana pulled the top off. She thought to herself, "Modesty be damned, my tits feel like they are on fire!"


Lois was flying back towards the laboratory, but she was trying to use one hand to pull the fabric away from her throbbing nipples. Her new breasts were big enough that she could not stretch the cloth out enough and she winced constantly as it brushed against her tender tips. The only time the discomfort in her chest wasn't on her mind was when another bout of heat and cramping went through her cunt. The discomfort was becoming excruciating. As she flew high in the sky nearing Metropolis she saw another figure in the distance, flying her way. She sped up in her flight towards the other person and shouted, "Superman! Help me!"


But as she got closer, Lois saw that the figure in the sky was not Kal-el. It seemed to be a woman, with red-hair, purple cape and shorts, yellow boots and a pink top. No, wait - it wasn't a pink shirt - she was topless! And it was Lana! Lois gasped. "Lana Lang? You have super-powers too? And why the hell are you half naked?" Lana had spotted the approaching figure and she had been speechless when she recognized Lois. "I probably got my powers the same god-damned way you did, Lois! And I took my top off because something has gone horribly wrong. Anything covering my breasts make my nipples hurt like hell, and I'm have having cramps in my crotch and hot flashing in my cunt that is even worse. I have to see the Professor to..." Lois recognized the symptoms that Lana described as exactly the same as what was happening to her. She felt another shooting pain as the fabric of her top rubbed against her nipples, and decided she could take that any longer. She too removed her shirt and bared her chest to the air, which gave her some relief. She cried out, "I have the same symptoms as you!" The two women stared at each other, pondering their sudden problems. As part of her pondering, Lana could not help wondering, "Since when does Lois have tits as big as mine?" Lois' thoughts were those of a trained investigative reporter. "Why would both of us be affected the same way? Unless... this was deliberate and it's a step in some scheme..."


Part Six


The attention of the each of the ladies on the other was so intense that neither noticed a third flyer soaring up towards them until he spoke. "Good day, Super-Lois and Super-Lana. Welcome to the ranks of heroes." Lana looked over and hurridly shouted, "Superman! Thank God! You have to help us. The Power Procedure is terribly flawed! We have pain and... weird sensations running through our insides!" Kal-el hovered in the air with a sly smile on his face. "No, no, the procedure worked perfectly. The sensations you feel are merely a built in conditioning designed to assure you follow a certain course of actions. Both of you will continue to feel these painful sexual longings and urges until you have had sex with someone. Your bodies have been erotically overcharged. And only sexual satisfaction will relieve the problem. Who wants to go first? As super-powered women, if you mate with any normal human man, your bodies will kill him. You have to come to me to get any relief."  Lois tried to reason out this turn of events, but she was losing the ability to concentrate on anything except the overwhelming need for sex. She growled out a shout, "Superman, now that I have super-powers. you'll want to fuck me!" Lana spun to face her rival. She swooped over and went to claw at Lois' face, but the other woman brought her hands up. They held each other's wrists and pushed with their strength. Lana snarled, "No! ME! I need fucking too, damnit!" Kal-el was pleased to hear both of the women had lost their resistance and had surrendered to the enhanced lust in their bodies. He called out, "I'll fuck both of you bitches!"



The trio swooped down into the laboratory and the women in heat swiftly stripped the rest of their costumes off. Superman grabbed Lois and kissed her, reaching down to stick two of his fingers into her cunt. She bent her head back and gave a low, passionate moan, then groaned in a low, husky voice, "F.. fuck me, PLEASE!" He laid her on a table top and climbed on her. He slid his cock into her cunt swiftly and popped her cherry. She stretched her body out under him and squealed at the loss of her virginity. He moved up and down over her, pumping his cock in and out of her vagina, and she soon began arching her back, pressing up to enhance the sexual pleasure. After a short period of fucking, his cock was pushed deep into Lois' body and Superman shot a huge load of cum into her. She trembled with an orgasm that wracked every bit of her body, then collapsed with exhaustion under her lover.


Meanwhile, Lana had been sitting nearby on the floor, watching the interaction of Superman and Lois, trying to relieve the pains of sexual addiction that were clawing at her crotch. Both of her hands were on her cunt, with a few fingers inside fiddling at her tender interior as hard as she could. It barely helped, as she sensed she would be in misery until she was impaled by Superman's erect cock. After satisfing himself in Lois, Kal-el grabbed Lana's arm and pulled her up. She gasped out. "Do it to me! NOW!" He spun her and bent her down at the waist until her face was pushed down into Lois' dripping pussy. He snarled at her, "You have a tongue, Lana! Make good use of it." He pressed the redhead's face down into Lois' crotch and Lana stuck her tongue into the other woman's cunt, probing and sucking at the vaginal fluids and semen that coated the area. As she started, Superman's feet pushed at the ankles of his next fuck to move her legs wide. He came up behind her and pushed his erect dick deep into Lana's pussy from behind. She was surprised by this, but could not say anything with her mouth full of Lois. The Man of Steel fucked Lana roughly while his hands reached to stoke and squeeze her tender, sensitive breasts. He finally plunged deep into the red-head and shot a wad into her. As he did so, her body twitched and spasmed with a wave of pleasure that went through every inch of her. Lana's head came up and she screamed. "OH MY GODDDDD!" Lana passed out and slid to the floor. Superman walked to the edge of the table and looked at Lois. She was woozy, but still awake. She looked up at him, her face a mask of confusion. She offered no resistance as he grabbed her hair and pulled her to the edge of the table. Then he opened her mouth and stuck his cock in. "Take it, my slave. Use your tongue to embrace the cock that is your deliverence!" Her befuddled mind wasn't very clear, but she figured out what he wanted and began to lick and suck at the dick in her mouth. She pleasured the Man of Steel for a short while, then his cock grew long and erect once again and sent another spurt of cum into Lois, this time down her throat. Then she too passed out.


Part Seven


It was some time before the two nude heroines came to, and with confusion they stared around the room, trying to make some reason out of the strange chain of events that had occured. Their eyes met and they both dropped their gaze with a sheepish expression. Both grabbed at towels nearby and each wrapped one around her torso. Then Lois looked over to the side and saw Superman sitting by the desk, a grin on his face. She stammered out a question. "Superman... what happened to us? Did something go wrong with the procedure?" The hero shook his head. "Oh no, ladies. Everything went exactly as I planned. From the minute you volunteered to go through the procedure until the instant you begged me to fuck you. Revenge is so very sweet, you bitches!" Lois and Lana stared at him slack-jawed as they heard what he'd said. Lana stood and screamed. "What the hell do you mean by that? What revenge? We're not your enemies. Have you lost your mind?" "No, Lana," he replied. "I've finally begun to repay you for the hell you put me through in high school."


"When I was growing up in Smallville, you were constantly around. As I reached puberty and began to get feelings about sex, my parents taught me I had to restrain myself, to be a good boy. But the temptations... Starting in junior year, you recall most afternoon classes, when I never seemed to be paying attention? How could I? With my super-vision I was watching the locker room for the girl's physical education classes. At first they stripped and put on their gym clothes. Then afterwards they all got in the showers and soaped up their nubile young bodies. I could never resist watching it! And there was you, Lana. The one girl who drove me crazy. Like everyone, you were nuts about Superboy, but you were even nice to Clark Kent. I really wanted to get together and have sex with you. But with my powers, I was afraid. Finally, one evening, I lay on my bed using x-ray and telescopic vision to watch you taking a shower at your house. I stared at that sweet ass of yours. I watched you soap up and massage your tits and your cunt with a wash cloth, wiggling and moaning low as the rag went back and forth across your pussy. As I watched, I held my dick in my hands and imagined it inside you. I ejaculated, and the spurt blew a hole right through my bedroom wall. I was horrified. I had to quickly fix the damage before Ma and Pa Kent saw what I'd done. I was so embarrased, but also deathy afraid of what would happen if I ever did that while having sex with a normal Earth female. So I had to abstain, even though it was driving me crazy. It got to the point that I could hardly stand to see you, remembering your lucious body. When I left Smallville I swore to never have anything to do with you again, but my resolve sometimes wavered. I would look over to the university where you went to do your college studies, and saw you were dating guys, sometimes sleeping with them. I was so mad at you for giving yourself to others." Lana sobbed, as she heard how her friend had considered their relationship. She had also been somewhat despondent when she'd left for college. She never knew why Superboy had left her, and the men in college she slept with had never measured up to the Superman she really wanted.


Superman continued. "I came to Metropolis to start a new life as a reporter in my secret identity and to continue as a hero in costume. Here there was more crime, more danger, more people who needed me. But once again I became obsessed with the sex I could never have. I met Wonder Woman, and I thought that my problem was finally solved. But when I spoke to her about it, the goddamn amazon bitch said she would never do that sort of thing. A young woman arrives a spacecraft from Krypton, the only other survivor, and she turns out to be own first cousin. Every time I looked at her I thought about it, but that was a line I resolved never to cross. But as time went by, I obsessed more and more. I wondered how long I could stay away from Kara, before I went mad and took her in a mindless rage. I saw you, Lois, and thought you were the most amazing woman. Smart, resourceful, beautiful... although your tits were a little small... but a woman I wished I could screw without killing you."


"I finally gave in and... I killed a woman. There was a storm in the South Pacific, and a young woman was reported missing by her friends. She had been sail-boarding when the winds pushed her far out to sea. They contacted me, as I was in the area, and I went out looking for her. I saw her sail-board, and dove to find her under the surface, not breathing. I pulled her up and went to a nearby spit of land and gave her mouth to mouth and CPR to revive her. I had to be careful I didn't crush her chest when I massaged it. As I breathed air into her lungs, she coughed and her eyes opened. She put her arms around me and kissed me. I really enjoyed it. Then when she let go, she tugged at the strings of her bikini and let it drop to the sand. She just wanted to thank me for saving her life. She kissed me again and her hands pulled at my shorts, revealing a hard-on. She smiled and put her hands on it, stroking my cock. I became overcome with the lust and laid her down on the sand and eased my dick into her pussy. I tried so hard to be gentle, to have sex without losing control. But I couldn't. I had my arms around her and my cock inside her and I didn't even realize when she stopped moaning and squealing in delight and started screaming in pain. My arms crushed her chest into mine, and my cock tore up her insides. When I came, my spurt of cum blew up and shattered her spine. I buried her deep on the desolate little spot of land, went back and told her friends I couldn't find her. They thought she drowned." Lana and Lois were both sitting and staring at Kal-el, astonished at the confession he had just related.


He paused for several minutes before he finally continued. "After she died, I swore I would never again lose control. Never again allow lust to take over my mind. But every time I saw you, Lois, I thought about it. Every time I watched you in the shower, I got a hard-on and wanted to bury it deep in that sweet little pussy of yours." Lois gasped, and interrupted. "You... you saw me naked?" Kal-el looked over at her and laughed. "Oh for chrissake, you stupid bitch. I'm Superman! There isn't a woman I've met I haven't seen naked." The hero continued to chuckle, amazed that Lois could be so naive. "It was all slipping away. I knew that eventually I would be overcome by the temptation and I would take you, Lois. And when that happened I'd kill you. That's not an easy thing to live with."


"But Professor Gutrecht came to me and told me of his scheme to give normal humans super-powers. I knew it was the answer to my problem. And I knew I wanted you two to be the ones who would become my women." Lana got up and screamed at Superman. "You thought you could just trick us into this procedure and then have as your little fucks? Why the hell didn't you just ask us? I would have gladly done it, and I think Lois would have done the same. Maybe not if you said you wanted both of us..." Kal-el replied. "I could not take that chance. If I gave either of you powers, and then you refused... damnit, I was desperate! I had to give you the powers and be certain that you would let me fuck you." Lana considered this. "That's really cold, old friend. How the hell did you get Professor Gutrecht to agree to such a plan?" Superman answered this question with a grin. "Lana, you never even met the Professor. That was me in disguise that put you through the procedure. Lois, you met the man in the cemetary, but when you followed him back I whispered in his ear that there was a security situation, and sent him out of the lab throught a secret undergound tunnel built to allow him to exit the facility safely if anyone was in the area. You also met me disguised as the Professor." Lois shook her head. "No, that can't be! I saw you fly off!" Kal-el nodded. "Yes, but I flew back in faster than you could spot me. Your batch of injections included an additional concoction that was designed to enhance body mass. Shooting you with that in your chest gave you a nicer rack of tits, the one thing I always thought you were missing."


Lana trembled with anger as she yelled at the Man of Steel. "God damn you, Clark. This was a really shit way to pull this stunt of yours and I am so mad at you! I don't know about Lois, but you can go back to being a frustrated horny asshole. You won't get another poke in my pussy." Superman stood up. He had never put his shorts back on, and it was evident that he was becoming aroused once again. His cock grew stiff and stood up, signalling the man was again ready to fuck. "You won't be able to refuse. The treatment I slipped into the procedure altered your hormonal patterns to give you a deep addiction to sex. You are satisfied now, but if a week goes by without it, you will again have those cravings that will cause your body to heat up, sweat, cramp and drive you crazy. You now have the problem I used to have. No sex, and you go crazy. And your only relief is right here." He placed a hand on his cock and stroked it. "If you don't behave, Lana, I can fuck Lois and let you suffer for a while. But we don't have to worry about, do we? Come here, Lana." Superman took an arm and swept away all the material that had been on the desk. He lay on his back and motioned the red haired super-woman to come and join him. Lana looked at him in shock, and murmured, "Oh, shit." Then she dropped the towel from her body and walked over and climbed up, sliding her pussy over the erect cock of the Man of Steel. She was crying as she moved up and down of the dick, pumping it into and out of her vagina. She soon began to moan and arch her back, and when she felt a climax she screamed, "OH. GOD! YES!!" Lana dropped off of the man, exhausted, and sat alongside the desk on the floor. Superman looked over at Lois, who had been watching the coupling while in shock, trying to accept the horrible situation. Kal-el gestured for her to come and fuck her lover once again. She took a step, then stopped to ask a question. "But... are you going to marry me?" Superman looked at her and laughed. "Fuck no, you stupid bitch! You've heard the old saying. Why should I buy the cow when I plan to get lots and lots of free milk from you two?" Lois also cried as she climbed up to be fucked by her master. And a new thought came to Superman. "Why just two...?"


Lois climbed on the desk and Superman was quickly on top of her, pumping his cock into her twat. He bent to lick and suck at her breasts and to massage them with his hands as he kissed her mouth.She squealed under him several times with emotional climaxes that ran through her body. And when he came once more inside her, she trembled and twitched all over as another heavy orgasm wracked her body. Superman got up and looked down at her face. She was still awake, but woozy. "Lois, I want you to call your sister Lucy tomorrow. We'll make up a story... tell her that the time the two of you were kidnapped by Inter-Crime, the lair they took you to had some radiation leakage and doctors just had you go through a de-contamination process. Tell her she's probably fine, but for her safety, she has to do the same. She'll buy that story if she gets it from you. Then tomorrow, when you bring her here to the lab, I'll be disguised as Gutrecht and administer the Power Procedure to her." Lois, gasped at the idea. "Clark, no! Not my sister. Please..." Superman cut off her protests and snarled at her. "You will do as I say...or else! Once when I glanced over at your apartment, expecting to see you in the shower, and I saw your sister instead. She was visiting you. She is a lovely young woman, and will be a fine addition to my bitches."


One Year Later


Lois stood on the stage and listened to the applause that followed her speech. Another woman got up and came to the podium. "Well, we must thank you, Super-Lois, for taking time from your busy schedule to make an appearance at this fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society. When we asked if one of the Super Sorority members could come and give a few words, we never expected one of the founding members!" Lois smiled and shook the woman's hand. "I was glad to be here. We try to help in any way we can." Lois gazed out at the audience and was moving around signing autographs and posing for pictures when a young beautiful teen-ager spoke. "Gee, Ms. Lane, I hope some dayI can join the Super Sorority!" Lois swallowed hard and prayed tthe poor girl never had her dream come true. The world didn't know the real price that came with these powers. A small device on her belt buzzed. "I'm sorry. I am needed elsewhere." She turned and lept into the air, zipping out a window and heading north. She saw a figure in white with blonde hair speed from nearby to join her in the sky. "Lucy. He has summoned you, too?" Lois' sister nodded. "Of course. You know when he wants to fuck you he enjoys having the two of us together. He likes getting sisters, damnit." The pair flew north, towards the Fortress of Solitude, where the Man of Steel summoned his enslaved bitches when ever he wanted them. Lucy murmured, "I wish I could just turn around and fly back, never letting him get his hands on me again." Lois sighed. "You know none of us can do that. Ever since Lana talked back to him, he's locked her in that super-cell that even she can't break out of. She's been in there for a month straight without sex, and the lust in her body has her rolling on the floor screaming like a madwoman twenty-four hours a day. He keeps her like that to make sure we see what will happen if any of us try to rebel. He used a hypno-disk to convince the Professor that the procedure only works on women. He made sure there would be no super-men created to compete for our addictive affections." Super-Lois and Super-Lucy arrived at the Fortress. They stripped their costumes off as they proceeded down the corridor to the bedroom where Kal-el waited for his needs to be satisfied by a couple of the bitches he controlled. They bowed to him, and moved to satisfy their master.


A Year After That


Superman was laying on his back in his bedroom at the Fortress of Solitude. The two beautiful women who were with him were striving to satisfy their master. Lois Lane was to one side, with her head by his, kissing him passionately. At the same time, one of his hands was squeezing and massaging one of her breasts. Lucy Lane was squatting on the bed, her pussy lowered onto the erect cock of the Man of Steel. She eased herself up and down, feeling the wave of pleasure in her cunt as the fucking excited her. But this was interrupted as the door smashed open and a dozen women entered. The group was lead by Lana Lang, whose anger was evident in her expression. "Give it up, you bastard! Your sexual fantasy of slavery is over, we have broken your hold on us!" Superman pushed Lois and Lucy aside and stood up. "Lana! How dare you! You were punished once before for a long time before I forgave you, and you seemed to accept your place in the world. This time you won't ever get out..." Lana cut him off. "That won't work, you asshole! I told everything to Kara, and together we found a way to break the hypnotic control you had on Professor Gutrecht. He's going to put men through the procedure so that you won't be our only chance for sex. And he has developed a cure for the sexual addiction to free us from the hunger. Now we will be able to make love to only someone we want, and only when we feel it is right!" Supergirl stepped up and slapped her cousin across the face. "Damn you Kal! You knew I wanted to meet someone who I could be passionate with, but I couldn't for the same reason you had all those years. And now to find out you had a solution and kept it to yourself, only making women powered. You will pay for this." Lana jabbed her finger into Superman's chest and laughed. "Right! Now you'll be back as the man who can't have any sex. None of us will let you..." All in the room snapped their heads towards Lois as the heard the ex-reporter murmur in a whisper, "... Ah ...I will." Lucy Lane's jaw dropped, and she finally said, "Lois, are you crazy? We are finally free of this shit! Why would you..." Lois moved close to Superman and took his hand. "Clark, I'll stick by you. I'll forgive you for everything that happened, I'll love you, but you have to do something for me. Will you marry me?" All the women were shocked. Superman also looked at Lois, stunned by the proposal. He asked her. "You would do that? After all I've done? You would still marry me?" Lois threw her arms around Superman and sighed. "Oh course. It's all I ever wanted."


---< Author's Note:>---

In going through the scans of old comic book covers on the Grand Comics Database, I stumbled accross this cover of Super-Lois and Super-Lana fighting in the sky over who would marry Superman. I thought the cover would be interesting if the ladies were topless, and then I wondered about other changes that might have related to their aquisition of super-powers. I added to this a thought about how Superman would have handled growing up with the worst sexual frustration any guy could imagine, and the plot for this little story came together. I hope you found it interesting

I would very much like to get any feedback you might have about my work. E-mail me at therat4040@yahoo.com and give me your thoughts about my little story. -- Alias the Rat 10/08