Electra Woman

& Dyna girl


 By: B D Phillips

Max Attack  




Max Damian sat in his office chair in the main room of his latest hideout and contemplated the unfortunate turn of events. The only son to Millionaire industrialist Charles Damian, Max turned to the underworld, to kidnap his older step sister Dana, when his father died, and left her the bulk of his financial empire. Although, his father left him a sizable inheritance…some 30 million dollars…Max wanted it all!

Max hired several henchmen, though a contact in the Underworld, and proceeded with a plan to
abduct his sister, and make her sign over the 150 million dollar Fortune she had acquired. Some 20 men strong…he breached her home security measures, and took her captive. All though her interrogation, Max wore a black leather mask, and let his lead henchman question her. Though a series of tortures, Max almost broke her will, and she was almost ready to sign over her mass fortune. But, that was when that obnoxious do-gooder Electra Woman, and her snotty nose brat assistant Dyna Girl, had thwarted his plans.

Max sighed as he thought of the fortune he lost because of them. It had been within his grasp when the two crime fighters appeared on the scene. One minute he was counting his millions, that he felt he deserved, the next Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were there, throwing his henchmen around with force fields generated from those infernal Electracoms that they wore. 

Several of his henchmen had opened fire at the two heroines. The bullets had merely bounced off their force fields while the heroines laughed in delight. Luckily, a distraction from Max’s head henchman Boris, had allowed him and all of his men to escape. Fortunately, because he had disguised himself, no one pinned the crime on him. He even went to comfort his sister on her recent kidnapping. She never even recognized him. He decided to bid his time. He knew eventually he would be able to try again…but, first he would have to deal with a couple of obstacles.

Smiling, Max leaned forward to speak to Boris. "Time to take care of this meddling twosome once and for all," he said, as he contemplated the special fate she had in store for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. All of the special equipment was now in place at his hideout.  Several clues had been left that would soon have Electra Woman and Dyna Girl walking right into a deadly trap. Now all he had to do is wait.


“Electra-perfect," said Dyna Girl as she peered around the corner at the warehouse across the street, in the dusk of early evening. "We've caught that masked deviant and his minions napping this time."

"It seems too easy Dyna Girl," Electra Woman said as she and Dyna Girl quickly crossed the street, and carefully moved in on the warehouse that was supposed to be Max’s latest hideout.  "We'd better be extra careful."

The two heroines moved up to the door and tried the knob. Locked!  A few seconds of Dyna Girl's Electra-vibe, a loud snap, and the door became unlocked. Cautiously, the two heroines entered the building and closed the door behind them. The two women found themselves in a long dark corridor. Rather than turn on the lights and announce their presence, both heroines activated their Electra-shields and Electra-lights. The two forces working together, amplified the available light in the corridor with a weird greenish glow behind the shields while not a trace of light could be seen beyond. Cautiously, the two heroines advanced down the corridor.

"Are you getting all of this Frank?" Electra Woman whispered into her Electracom with concern as the two heroines proceeded into warehouse.

"Everything's coming in perfectly Electra Woman," Frank Heflin whispered back as he monitored all of the Readouts coming into the massive Crime scope computer banks from the two heroines Electracoms. "Everything reads in the green. Just be careful," he continued urgently as he glanced at a monitor and then adjusted a setting to provide more power to one of the functions in Dyna Girl's Electracom.

"Will do Frank," Electra Woman said with a smile as she shut off the audio link to Crime scope. "Poor Frank!  He's always worrying about something going wrong," Electra Woman said to Dyna Girl with a laugh as they reached the door at the end of the corridor.

"He wouldn't be Frank if he wasn't always worried about something happening to us," Dyna Girl replied with a smile.

Carefully, the two heroines, open the door, and proceed cautiously into the room. When they had gone about 10 feet beyond the door, both heroines heard a loud rumbling behind them. Turning quickly, both women saw immense steel section lower to cover the rear wall and door they had entered. Glancing over her shoulder, Electra Woman saw another steel section dropping into place to cover the wall and exit they had been moving toward. 

As the room was sealed, their Electracoms fizzled out, plunging them into darkness.

At Electra base, Frank watched in horror as all the Indicators showing that Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were receiving power dropped to zero.

"Greetings Electra Woman and Dyna Girl," The two heroines heard as the lights came up slowly in the room. When the lights came on, the two girls saw that they were sealed inside a thick steel cubical that was 20 feet by 20 feet. Max Damian’s voice was coming from a speaker and video camera mounted high in the center of the far wall.

"Frank!  We're in trouble!  Can you give us power?" Electra Woman spoke urgently into her Electracom. Only a hiss of static answered her.

"By now, you've both discovered that your Electracoms no longer function," Max continued from the speaker. "Just for your information, you're both inside a specially designed room.  It's shielded to block out all signals and power from your precious Crime scope computer. You are both quite helpless in there."

"What are you going to do with us?" Electra Woman fumed as she eyed the camera defiantly.

"Just this Electra Woman," Max replied back. He leaned forward and pressed a button on her console. Behind him, Max heard his henchmen begin to laugh hysterically as they watched the heroines peril unfold. "It won't be long now. Let's get ready," one of his henchmen cackled, watching the monitor and rubbed his hands in evil anticipation.

"Electra-yikes!" Dyna Girl cried out in alarm as she watched the side walls began rumbling and then start to close in on them.

"We've got to get out of here fast Dyna Girl," Electra Woman said as she moved to a wall and threw her weight and strength against it. "Otherwise, we'll be squashed to a pulp." Immediately, Dyna Girl threw herself at the opposite wall and began futily trying to stop the wall's advance.

"It's no good Electra Woman," Dyna Girl wailed, her feet desperately trying for purchase as she was relentlessly pushed back.

"Don't give up Dyna Girl," Electra Woman answered back with sweat poring down her face. "Otherwise we're finished."

"Let's both try one wall," Dyna Girl gasped as she futily renewed her attack at the advancing wall.

"Good idea Dyna Girl," Electra Woman replied as she abandoned her spot on the wall. She quickly crossed the shrinking room to Dyna Girl's side and vigorously threw herself against it. To no avail!

"We're done for," Dyna Girl cried out as the two heroines were pushed back another several feet.

"Don't give up hope Dyna Girl," Electra Woman urged desperately as the room continued to shrink. "Let's try the emergency battery power in our Electracoms." With that, Electra Woman reactivated her Electracom. A weak force field sprang into being, which Electra woman manipulated into a brace between the crushing walls. The walls began to falter in their advance on the heroines.

"Quick, Dyna Girl! While I hold back these walls, see if you can lift the one that dropped into place behind us," Electra Woman urged as she watched the battery power indicator dipping toward zero. With that, Dyna Girl leaped at the base of the wall behind them and tried to lift it with a battery powered force field of her own.

"I can't get under it," Dyna Girl called out desperately as she repeatedly tried to manipulate the weak force field from her Electracom under the bottom edge. Behind her, Dyna Girl heard Electra Woman's Electracom fizzle as the battery gave out.  A moment later, Dyna Girl's force field disappeared as her battery died also. By now only four feet of open space remained in the room.

"Quick Dyna Girl!  Maybe we can brace ourselves against opposite walls."  Immediately, both heroines threw their backs to one of the advancing walls and braced their legs against the opposite side. For a while it looked like the grunting, panting, heroines had staved off their imminent deaths, as the advancing walls ground to a halt.

In his control room, Max watched with evil glee as the two women fought for their lives against the crushing walls. Leaning forward to the microphone, Max laughed, "Congratulations…you've saved yourselves!” he replied. “Now…here is your reward!” With that, Max suddenly pressed down on another button. Immediately, twin trap doors opened under the heroines feet and they both plunged down separate chutes.

In alarm, Electra Woman found herself sliding feet first down a dark chute into darkness, her yellow cape billowing out behind her. A moment later, she was spat out into a pile of mattresses in a dark room. 

As Electra Woman tried to regain her feet, she heard a stirring behind her. As she started to turn toward the sound, something struck the back of her head. She saw stars and comets, and then descended into darkness.



Electra Woman regained consciousness with a groan of pain as her head swum around her.  She found herself in a small dimly lit room, laying on her side on a bed. Her hands were bound behind her back with strong thin nylon cords, with the backs of each hand facing each other. 

"My Electracom!  My costume!  They're both gone," she said in alarm as she regained her feet and took stock of her situation. It was true.  While she had been unconscious, Electra Woman had been stripped of her orange and yellow spandex costume, yellow cape, and yellow pantyhose. She was now completely naked.

All her clothing, even her boots and gloves, were gone! She was as naked now, as the day she was born. Stumbling unsteadily, due to the blow to her head, Electra Woman walked to the thick oak door and tried the knob. Locked!  Electra Woman threw herself against the doorin an attempt to break it down. The door didn't even quiver. After her attempt to force the door, Electra Woman put her ear to it. She could hear some activity beyond but nothing in particular. 

For the next several hours, Electra Woman could only pace  about her cell, worried about her partner Dyna Girl and wondering what was happening to her. Occasionally, she would put her ear to the door and listen to the activity beyond… but could discern nothing.

Suddenly, there was activity at the door. A moment later and the door opened.  Four of Max Damian’s Henchmen crowded into the room and surrounded her.

"You come with us," said the lead henchman as the others moved in around her. His eyes dropped from Electra Woman's face to her shapely naked form and an evil smile graced his face.

"No!  Where's Dyna Girl?" replied Electra woman angrily as she started backing up toward the wall. As she backed up, Electra Woman stood up straighter and drew her shoulders back. She was determined not to be intimidated by standing naked before her captors.

Immediately, the other henchmen closed in around her. Electra Woman spun to her left and desperately kicked at one of them. As she kicked, the goon behind her grabbed a hand-full of her shoulder length blonde hair and jerked her backwards.

"Owww!" Electra Woman cried out in pain as she was jerked backward by her hair into the villain's clutches. Immediately, the villain slammed her back up against the wall.

The other henchmen now closed in on her and proceeded to beat her up. Electra Woman could only try to endure the punishment that they were inflicting on her as blow after blow drove into her belly, breasts, and thighs. Suddenly, the beating ceased. Slumped over in pain, two goons grabbed her arms and dragged the stumbling heroine out of the room head first.

A moment later and Electra Woman had her legs kicked out from under her. She collapsed heavily onto her knees in front of Max, sitting on his make-shift throne.

"Welcome Electra Woman.  I trust my henchmen weren't too hard on you,” Max chuckled, now wearing his black leather mask, that he wore in their last encounter. As he leaned forward on his throne he lifted Electra Woman's chin with his hand.

Gasping for breath, Electra Woman angrily replied, "Where's Dyna girl?" Before Max could reply, Electra Woman heard a loud commotion off to her left. Turning immediately, Electra Woman watched as Dyna Girl, (who was also completely naked), was drug into the room and knocked to her knees beside her. One look assured Electra Woman that her bound partner had put up a futile fight against her own set of four goons.

"Now that I have you both in my power I'm going to insure that you never interfere in any of my affairs ever again. “Prepare them!" Max ordered his henchmen.

Immediately, Electra Woman was pulled to her feet and drug over to a nearby wall. Her hands were untied from behind her and as the overpowered heroine struggled; her hands were buckled into tight thick black leather cuffs. Next, she was lifted several inches off the floor as the chains Attached to the cuffs retracted into the wall and she hung with her arms painfully spread-eagle. 

Now, two goons moved in on either side of her and wrapped two wide leather straps high around her thighs and fastened the ends to chains protruding from the wall at her sides. A moment later and she felt the chains retract into the wall, taking her weight off her arms and wrists and supporting most of it now with her thighs and pelvis. Then the other two goons grabbed her naked feet, and wrenched her legs painfully out to the sides. A moment later and another set of thick leather cuffs were locked around her ankles and her legs were chained spread-eagle as well.

"What are you going to do to us?" Electra Woman demanded as Max walked up to her.

“To you nothing. At least for a while," Max replied. "But, to Dyna Girl," Max trailed off as he gestured toward Dyna Girl's peril.  Electra Woman stared at what was happening to Dyna Girl and her blood ran cold. Dyna Girl had been thrown onto a bed in front of her. 

With her hands still bound behind her back, Dyna Girl's legs were held spread-eagle up in the air by two of Max’s goons. Two more of his men were on the bed on either side of her. One was evilly fondling her firm young breasts while the other one was stroking and fingering at the soft brown pubic hair of her crotch.

"Electra Woman!  Help! Make them stop," Dyna Girl screamed from the bed at the top of her lungs as the two men evilly molested her. Dyna Girl's head flip-flopped back and forth from one villain to the other. Her twin ponytails of chestnut hair flipped wildly in the air as she jerked her head violently from one molester toward the other.

"Let her go.  It's me you want,” Electra Woman begged as she watched Dyna Girl's frantic struggles.

"Of course not Electra Woman," Max chuckled in reply as he watched Dyna Girl's dilemma unfolding before them. "First you're going to get to watch what my henchmen do to your partner Dyna Girl….after they've fucked the shit out of her…they're gonna mount your ass too. Enjoy the spectacle. It'll be your turn soon enough."  With that, Max suddenly turned and walked away from Electra Woman toward the door into a side room. "Have Fun Boys!” Max laughed, from the doorway as he looked back over his shoulder. Then he turned and walked into the side room, shutting the door behind him.

Immediately, the man fingering at Dyna Girl's crotch slid his fingers into her pussy while the other man slid off the bed. 

"No!  Please!" Dyna Girl cried as his fingers invaded her orifice. Electra Woman watched helplessly as the man fingered Dyna Girl's pussy until he felt his cock strain against his trousers.

"Now little Dyna Girl, here's where I pay you back for all the trouble you've caused us," said the henchman as he suddenly crawled between Dyna Girl's legs and unzipped his pants. His immense hard cock and balls sprang free and both heroines stared in helpless horror as he posed himself to enter Dyna Girl.

"Don't do it," Electra Woman screamed as she watched the would be rapist rub his erection over Dyna Girl's tight hole. "If you have to rape someone, rape me instead," Electra Woman pleaded.

"Don't worry Electra Woman," the would be rapist cackled in reply. "My friends and I will be all to happy to do you too once we've finished playing with Dyna Girl." With that he turned his full attention back to Dyna Girl.

"Aagghhh!" Dyna Girl screamed in pain as her rapist brutally  drove his huge cock into her. "It hurts Electra Woman, it hurts," Dyna Girl continued screaming while the sadistic henchman began to thrust in and out her with strong powerful strokes. Evilly laughing, the other henchmen enjoyed the pleading screams of the struggling heroine. It would be their turn soon.

After several minutes of grunting and panting rape, the man laughed evilly in Dyna Girl's face. "Here it comes Dyna Cunt," he laughed as he prepared to shoot his wad deep into the young girl's struggling body.

"No please," Dyna Girl begged as she felt him ready to cum.  "Not inside me."  Even as she said it, Dyna Girl realized she was too late. With a sickening feeling of revulsion, Dyna Girl felt her rapist shoot his hot wad deep into her womb.  Dyna Girl suppressed her tears, as the rapist atop her body slowly pulled out of her, and made way for the next man to Mount her. Immediately, her next rapist was already crawling between her legs. 

"No!  Not again!  Please," she begged, as the next henchman quickly thrust into her. For several minutes, the next rapist had his way with her until he too ejaculated into her.

As a third henchman took his turn in between her legs, two More men crawled onto the bed on either side of her. Each one grabbed a breast and began squeezing, fondling, licking, and nibbling on it.  From then on, Dyna Girl's ordeal ran together in her mind in a haze of pain, shame, and helplessness. Slowly, surely, the young heroine was gang-raped into a senseless stupor by the eight henchmen as Electra Woman was forced to watch. To keep her mind on the fact that she would soon begang-raped next, two of Max’s goons now began to molest and fondle Electra Woman as well. 

"Keep your filthy hands off of me!" Electra Woman demanded as one goon fondled her breasts while another one began evilly fingering her pussy.  "Aaahh!  Uuhhh!  Ahhah!" Electra Woman cried out in helpless pleasure as she was soon helplessly masturbated to a powerful orgasm.

Now after several hours of gang rape, Dyna Girl was raped into unconsciousness. Max’s henchmen lifted the unconscious heroine off the bed and discarded her limp form against the wall like a rag doll. Several other henchmen released Electra Woman from her bondage on the wall. Struggling futily, Electra Woman's hands are bound behind her back and she is thrown on the bed where Dyna Girl had just been so violently gang-raped. Two of the goons now grabbed her shapely legs and held them apart. Immediately, one of the demented goons crawled in between her legs and began unzipping his pants.

“Time for some Electra pussy,” he laughs, positioning his member at the opening of her virgina. While Electra Woman struggled helplessly, the chuckling henchman parts the lips of her virgina, with the head of his penis.

“No…stop it!!” Electra Woman screamed, as she felt her rapist slowly push into her.

The henchman grins evilly, and suddenly thrusts his entire organ into her, filling her up to the hilt with his massive cock. And with a cry of triumph, he begins roughly thrust in and out of her.

"This can't be happening to us," Electra Woman thought numbly as he begins to work her over.

For the next 10 minutes, her rapist slams into her, causing her 38 C cup breasts to bounce up and down on her chest in response to the savage pounding. Soon she felt him groan in ecstasy, his thrusts slowing, until with one final thrust, he explodes inside of her.

“Thanks for the great fuck!” the henchman joked, as her pulls out of her to make way for the next man to have a turn at raping her. As the next man impaled her, Electra Woman glanced over at Dyna Girl. The defeated heroine still lay unconscious, slumped against the wall in a stupor. 

"No help from her," Electra Woman thought numbly as the rapist atop her grunted, panted, and thrust inside her. "It's lucky they stopped when they did.  Otherwise they'd have probably raped Dyna Girl to death," Electra Woman thought, as the rapist came inside her.

For the next several hours, Electra Woman endured her own gang-rape.  Slowly and surely, Electra Woman was ruthlessly raped into submission. Writhing helplessly, as each of her rapists worked her over. Eventually, Dyna Girl groaned and began to regain consciousness. 

"Ho ho!  What's this?  Dyna Girl is waking up," laughed one of the goons as he grabbed hold of one of Dyna Girl's ponytails and jerked her to her knees.

"Leave her alone you bastards," Electra Woman demanded from the bed as another rapist shot his cum wad deep into her writhing body. In answer to her demand, Electra Woman was suddenly jerked off the bed and knocked to her knees next to Dyna Girl.

"Are you all right Dyna Girl?" Electra Woman whispered with concern as she looked at her dazed partner.

"I'll make it for now," Dyna Girl groaned thickly in reply. "But I can't take much more of this." 

Fortunately for the two heroines, their gang-rape ordeal was now over. Unfortunately, something infinitely more disgusting awaited them.

"Time for some Electra-blowjobs," the lead rapist said as he bowed low and stared into the two heroines faces.

"Nooo!  Not that!  Please," Dyna Girl begged as the lead henchman gripped her head by both ponytails and began pulling her gaping mouth toward his erection. Behind her, another man held her in place to prevent escape. 

When her mouth was just inches from his cock, Dyna Girl heard a loud "Snick" from behind her. Instantly, Dyna Girl felt the razor sharp edge of a huge Switchblade pressing into her throat by the villain behind her. With no choice now but to comply, Dyna Girl opened her mouth and the villain triumphantly, thrust himself into it.

"Blow me Dyna Girl!  Suck me off real good," the villain snickered as he evilly fucked the heroine in her mouth.

"Mmmuh," was Dyna Girl's muffled reply as she helplessly sucked her assailant's cock, uncomfortably aware of the knife at her throat. 

"One wrong nibble and they'll slit my throat for sure," thought Dyna Girl in terror as she helplessly felt the length of her captor's dick slide in and out of her mouth. As he would thrust forward into her mouth, his hairy balls bounced off the helpless girl's chin.

Dyna Girl looked over at Electra Woman.  Electra Woman was also being forced to give head to one of Max’s henchmen, while another one held a knife at her throat too. Crowded around them both, the other henchmen hooted and cheered, eagerly awaiting their turn with the heroines.

Now, the rapist that Dyna Girl was sucking off began to cum in her mouth. She felt the salty, hot wad splatter against the back of her mouth. 

"Swallow it Dyna Girl! Swallow every last drop," the villain ordered as he thrust himself into her mouth to the hilt.

Whimpering in defeat, Dyna Girl swallowed the rapist's wad.  Across from her, Electra Woman's assailant drew his engorged member out of her mouth and shot his load in the defeated heroine's face instead. One by one, the villains forced the two heroines to blow them all off. As Electra Woman finished swallowing her latest assailant's cum wad, she looked up and saw that Max was now standing there, grinning at her predicament.

"I see you've both been doing a good job entertaining my men Electra Woman," Max said as he bent forward

"You'll pay dearly for this when I get free," Electra Woman shot back, drying cum glistening on her face.

"I rather doubt that Electra Woman," replied Max. “Besides, I got a job for your ass now!” he laughed. “And I do mean your ass!”

He stood up, and signaled for some men to bring Electra woman over to a wooden table in the corner, where they push her face down, with her legs still on the floor. "Since you've been doing such a good job entertaining my men,” he said, unzipping his pants. “I think it's time for you to entertain me as well." With that, he tossed his pants aside, then, walked over and  kicked Electra woman’s legs apart. As two of his goons held her down, Max pulled off his shorts, and freed his huge manhood for action.

“Time to ream out your Electra asshole,” Max laughed, positioning himself for entry to her rectum. “You screwed up my plans last time we met…now, I going to screw you!” Electra woman fought with all her might against the henchmen who held her, but soon felt Max’s hard organ enter her from behind.

“Oooohhh…yeah!” Max moaned, as he works himself deeper & deeper into her tight hole. “What a tight fucking ass!” he comments, sinking the final 3 inches of his manhood into her. Repositioning himself, he begins pumping in & out of her with slow powerful thrusts.

Watching his men drooling, as he took the helpless heroine, he motioned to Dyna girl. “There is an asshole over there, not being used,” he suggested. With a maddened, sadistic, urgency…four goons grab Dyna girl and roughly slams her down on the other end of the table, before one of them quickly impales her anus.

Both heroines scream their heads off at first, as they are savagely Anal raped, but soon, as their degradation continues, both Electra Woman & Dyna girl, just whimper silently, as the villains take them one by one.

Max pounds into Electra woman for about 15 minutes, before pulling out of her, to ejaculate all over her buttocks and lower back, then steps aside to let another man take her.

As a second man mounts Electra woman, a third man has had his turn with Dyna girl, and a fourth man is now thrusting into the young side-kick. After a period of about two hours, Max watches from across the room, where he had been sitting, as the last of the henchmen defile the heroines.

Slowly Max gets up and walks towards the two women. The last henchmen pull out of them, and stand aside, as their boss approaches. With no one now holding them down, the women just lie on the table, barely moving…exhausted and in pain from their ordeal.

Max looks down at the women for a moment in silence then speaks. “Take em in the warehouse and Waste em!”

Everyone is surprised, including the women, that he did not have a more diabolical demise planned for the heroines, but no man complained. After all, they did get to enjoy them first. Grabbing them both from off of the table, the women are escorted out of the room and taken to be disposed of.

Several men drag the unwilling captives, over to a partition and tie them there in a “Firing Squad” position.

“You bitches aint getting no blindfolds!” the lead henchman laughs, as he, and three other men pull out their guns and train them on the helpless heroines. “Say goodbye cunts!” he cursed.

However, before they could squeeze off any shots…three  quick gunshots, blast them in their chests.

Confused, both Electra woman & Dyna girl, look at the dead henchmen, then towards a shadowy figure of a man, walking towards them.

“Frank?” Electra woman questioned, as their male cohort, quickly frees them from their bondage.

“Quick…get behind those crates!” Frank yelled, as bullets from other responding henchmen ricochet around them.

“How did you know we needed you?” Electra woman inquired, as Frank fires at advancing henchmen.

“It was a hard decision to dessert Electra base,” he responds. “I didn’t want to leave the controls…but, as a former veteran cop…I felt in my gut, you needed me here more!”

“Electra smart!” Dyna girl cheered. Electra woman smiled.

“Now, all we have to do is get past all those guns!” she stated. “I hope you got a lot of bullets for that gun Frank?”

“About eight more,” Frank responds, firing another round at the henchmen. “Two more in the gun…and another clip in my belt.” Electra woman looked over the crates cautiously, and spotted the guns that the dead henchmen had, lying on the near them.

“Frank…watch yourself!” she advised. “Dyna girl and I are going to crawl around these crates and get some more guns.”

Frank looked at her ready to argue with her, but knew she was correct. “Be careful!” he commented, taking another shot at the henchmen.

Still completely naked, Dyna girl & Electra woman snake around through a maze of crates, until they come to an opening where they can see the dead henchmen on the concrete floor. “There they are,” Electra woman advised Dyna girl, when she noticed the guns in a clearing, about 20 feet away.

“Dyna girl,” she instructed. “Get the gun by the red crate…I’ll get the other.”

Dyna girl gave her a look of fear for a second, then crawled over to obtain her objective. Electra woman waited a few moments, then scrambled towards her own target.

As she grabbed they gun from off of the floor, she noticed, that Dyna girl had also claimed her prize, and had taken a position behind the red crate. Electra woman started to move towards Dyna girl, when suddenly, one of the henchmen, appeared from out of nowhere.

Electra woman’s heart jumped a beat, as she turns, and fires her gun point-blank at the intruder.

Dyna girl looked over at her in shock. Many times they had faced danger…but, never had they faced death so closely.

“Dyna girl,” Electra woman consoled. “I had no choice!” Dyna girl nodded, then did a mental count in her head. “There was about ten men altogether,” Dyna girl stated. “Frank killed three at the start…and you just took out one…so, that leaves about six more.”

Electra woman nods in agreement. “Frank is about out of bullets,”she replied. “We got to take out some of these men…I’ll go around the right here…you go to the left…and be careful!” Electra woman cautioned, just before hustling around to the right of several crates.

Dyna girl put away her fears, and started her journey. She was way out of her element…but, knew her life, not to mention Electra woman’s, and even Frank’s life could hinge on her actions in the next few moments. Cautiously, Dyna girl crept around, and ducked out of sight, just before she was spotted by two henchmen. Peeking around a crate, she noticed what the henchmen noticed. They had spotted Electra woman, and were about to take aim on her. Dyna girl was in a state of panic. She knew she had to do something? But, could she take a life?

Grinning, the two henchmen raised their guns, and began to squeeze the triggers…but, they never got the chance. With tears streaming down her face…Dyna girl squeezed off two rounds from her gun, killing Electra Woman’s assassins instantly. With no one around, Electra woman rushes over to console Dyna girl. Silence now loomed all about the warehouse, as Frank managed to join them. He informed them that her had taken out two more men, which left Max and one other man to deal with.

“Take it!” Dyna girl insisted of Frank, handing him her gun, before wiping away a tear. “I never want to see another one again!”

Frank nods, then tucks the gun inside his pants. Hesitating a moment longer, they gather their wits and head out to find Max and his last henchmen. As they round the corner, the two naked heroines get a treat.

“Our Electracoms!” Dyna girl delighted, upon spotting the devices on a table to their right.

“And our Costumes!” Electra woman added, relieved that they could now stop prancing around naked in the chilly air of the warehouse.

It was strange to Frank…but, as the two heroines donned their costumes, he suddenly realized that his shapely partners were nude. He knew they were all this time…but, with all the excitement, he sort of dismissed it. Now his one chance to ogle the bodies of two of the sexiest women he ever knew, was gone!

Dyna girl dressed then reaches for her Electracom. “Oh, wait,” Dyna girl responds. “Our back-up batteries are dead!”

Frank hesitates a moment, then pulls out two small objects from his pocket. “Here,” he replied, giving one to each of the now costumed heroines. “I thought you could use two fresh power cells.”

“Electra fantastic!” Dyna girl elated.

“What we ever do without you Frank.” Electra woman added, as she and Dyna girl both kiss him on the cheek. “Now…let’s go get that masked cretin!”

Max and his head henchman Boris were in Max’s make-shift office, when Electra woman & Dyna girl caught up with them. Although he always wore his black bondage master mask around them…after they hear a small portion of his discussion with Boris…it does not take the heroines long to realize the two were the same.

“So…the masked menace, is Max Damian…Dana Damian’s step  brother…no wonder why he was never a suspect,” Electra woman whispered, as they sneak in close to the office door. Electra woman and Dyna girl ready themselves.

“Time for some Electra payback!”  Dyna girl announces, as she and Electra woman burst into the room. Boris immediately grabs his gun, but Electra woman uses a tight beam from her electracom and knocks it from his hand, just as if it was a gunshot. Max tried to run. But Dyna girl wasn’t going to stand for that!

Immediately, she encased him in a force field type blanket. Max gasped for breath. The force field had the effect of a plastic bag draped over a person’s head....it cut off his air supply, and he couldn’t remove it. Clearly…Dyna girl meant to kill him!

Electra woman looked over at Max...and for a moment, she too wanted him dead for what he put them though...but, that was wrong! And she and Dyna girl dedicated their lives to doing the right thing...to justice!

“No Dyna girl!” Electra woman responds, as Max falls to the floor in a heap, grasping his throat, signaling that he couldn’t breath, since the force field is also sound proof. “It’s not worth it!”

For a moment, it seemed as though Dyna girl was not even listening to her, as she continued her field around Max. Electra woman thought she might have to use her own Electracom against Dyna girl to keep her from murdering their former rapist. But as Max passes out, due to oxygen depletion...she drops her force field, and walks away.

“He’s still alive!” Frank confirmed, going over to check Max’s pulse.

“Too bad,” Electra woman whispered quietly enough, so that she could not be heard, then walks over and puts her arm around Dyna girl.

“Why?” Dyna girl said in a low tone. “Why, didn’t you let me kill that sadistic bastard...why?” she asks, looking into Electra woman’s eyes for an answer...but finds none. Electra woman hesitates.

“Not for his sake,” she replied. “If all the sadistic Max Damian’s of the world were dead...I wouldn’t care,” she said, lifting up Dyna girl’s face, by the chin. “But I do care about you...and I don’t want you to live with his murder on your conscience for the rest of your life!”

Dyna girl sighs, then nods in agreement. “Your right Electra woman!” she said, smiling slightly, giving Electra woman a hug. “That bastard is not worth our dignity!” Electra woman smiles.

“Come on!” she urges. “The police are here...let’s go fill them in....


The End.



 B D Phillips.