Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Walk Like an Egyptian

a superheroine story by Dangerguy

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be resold for profit. It is strictly a fantasy/parody, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it. Otherwise, carry on, and enjoy.


I've always wished that I had the patience and/or talent to draw or use Poser or something to illustrate my stories. But I don't. Failing that, I've hoped some artist would become a fan of my stuff and feel inspired to illustrate it. No? Okay, never mind--I commissioned a couple of pieces from a very talented photomanipulator. Then he retired. AARGH!! Fine, screw it--let's try this the other way around. I've always liked the artwork of Julius Zimmerman, especially his Lara Croft drawings. I decided to write a story based upon some of them. Wow! Ready-made illustrations for my story! Just add water--er, plot.


Lara Croft lay on her back and stretched her naked, shapely body slowly and sensuously. A sleepy moan escaped her thick, luscious lips. Only a moment before, the first rays of the North African morning sun had stolen in through the opening of her tent like a peeping tom, and had awoken her. The comfortable warmth of the tent would soon give way to the stifling heat of Egypt in early summer. The Tomb Raider knew the local Arab crew she'd hired would arrive soon, and then she would be out in the hot North African sun, supervising her latest archeological project in the land of the Pharaohs.

Lara rubbed her dark brown eyes and rolled her tongue around in her mouth. She then slowly ran her hands down over her voluptuous but toned body. Her fingertips danced over her tanned skin. She had always preferred sleeping in the raw, and her frequent forays to steamy jungles or arid deserts in search of ancient treasure made the habit sensible. Lara gave her large breasts a gentle caress, then a squeeze. Her right hand continued its journey down her body, pausing to tease the trimmed patch of dark, downy hairs that adorned her sex. She moaned softly at the sensation of her fingers caressing her sensitive--and very moist--labia.

"Damn," she whispered, "it's been too long..."

The morning sun had interrupted a compelling erotic dream--more of a memory, really. It had been three months, three long, dry, tedious months since that night with the American billionaire in Rio. He'd been magnificent--tall, handsome, extremely well-built, and just a little mysterious--why would a rich man have so many scars on his body? Evidently he was also an adventurer like her, but he'd been reticent on the topic. Not that Lara minded; her interest in him was purely recreational, and he'd proven very skilled in that regard, and very intense as well. Lara took a deep breath and smiled lasciviously, remembering their night-long session of passionate love-making.

"Mmmm..." she purred, "I shall have to give Bruce a call when I'm done here." Lara pushed herself up to a sitting position on her cot. "Perhaps I'll invite him to London," she posited, thinking she could entice him with a night in the West End, taking in a play...then she shook her head and laughed softly as she thought of a much better way of tempting him to visit her.

Lara stood up and took three steps towards a canvas changing screen that also served as a room divider for her tent. Her long, braided ponytail swished against her naked ass as she walked. She reached for her clothing, her trademark tank top and shorts, which hung on the top edge of the screen. Suddenly Lara paused. Something wasn't right. Her gun belt should have been there as well, but it wasn't. The fog of sleep lifted from her mind in an instant, but it was an instant too late.

The screen suddenly tipped forwards, crashing into Lara and making her fall back. The beautiful English adventurer landed unceremoniously on her behind. The screen fell on top of her with a clatter, followed by two men who had been hiding behind it. Their combined weight trapped her beneath the canvas screen; only Lara's head, which was just above the top edge of the screen, remained free.

"What the bloody heMMMMPPHHH!!" Lara exclaimed as something soft and wet was placed over her lower face. Lara started to take a breath, but stopped, her brown eyes going wide, as she recognized the sickly-sweet scent of chloroform. She held her breath and struggled beneath the canvas and the weight of her attackers.

She looked up at the men who had attacked her; their heads were almost completely covered by the white headgear favored by the Taureg Bedouins of North Africa. Narrow gaps in the fabric wrapped around their heads revealed two pairs of dark, pitiless eyes.

"Take a breath and go back to sleep, you white whore," one of them muttered in Arabic. He pressed the chloroform-soaked rag tighter against her face. It completely covered her nose and mouth.

"GRRRMMPPHH!!" Lara growled, her eyes blazing with anger at the man's insulting remark. She struggled to get out from under the weight of the two men, and away from the chloroform. She tried to turn her head, but the man's grip was too strong. She managed to force one hand free from beneath the canvas screen, but the man's partner grabbed her wrist and held the arm down.

The Tomb Raider gave a frustrated whimper as she realized she could hold her breath no longer. She took a breath and immediately felt the effects of the sleeping drug. Her brown eyes rolled back into her head as her eyelids, with their long, dark lashes, fluttered helplessly. Her struggles grew weaker. Her jaw slackened. Still she tried to resist, tried to twist her head away from the fumes that would rob her of consciousness, but to no avail.

"HHHrrrrmmmm..." Lara moaned in despair as she took yet another breath of the incapacitating vapors. Her body ceased its struggling and became limp.

"Yes, that's it, white whore," the Bedouin hissed at her as he watched her eyelids grow heavy and her pupils dilating. "Breathe and sleep."

"Mmmpphh..." the Tomb Raider whimpered as she took one more breath of the chloroform. Her eyes closed and her head lolled to one side as consciousness left her.

The Bedouin lifted the chloroform-soaked rag from her face and nodded to his partner. They pushed themselves off of the collapsed canvas screen that had held the voluptuous Englishwoman beneath them. The two attackers lifted the screen from where it lay atop Lara's naked, unconscious body. She took a slow, shallow breath, which made her large breasts rise and fall gently on her chest. The two men stared at her curvaceous form, speechless in the face of such womanly beauty.

"Allah akbar!" one of them exclaimed. He reached beneath his robes to touch his cock, which had grown hard and erect as the beautiful Westerner had struggled beneath him.

The other man, the one who had wielded the chloroform, swatted at his partner's hand angrily. "Fool! Would you sully yourself with an infidel whore such as this?"

"My apologies, brother," the other muttered, though an angry and disappointed tone remained in his voice.

"Besides, we're being paid to subdue and deliver her, not to ravish and humiliate her," the obviously older man continued, his voice somewhat gentler while still retaining the tone of command. "I should imagine the man who hired us wants to reserve that pleasure for himself, no?"

"Of course, brother," the younger man said agreeably. "I wasn't thinking."

"Eh, you were thinking, little brother...but with your cock, as usual!" the older man said, then clapped his companion on the back good-naturedly. Both men laughed softly at his joke. "You have the ropes?"

"Of course," the younger man responded, retrieving several lengths of hemp from the ground behind him.

"Excellent. Let's get to work..."

Part 1: The Pharaoh

"NNNGGFFF!! MMRRRPPHH!!" Lara Croft grunted as she struggled with her bonds.

She had awoken only a moment before and found herself naked, bound, and gagged. She was alone in what appeared to be a dark, dank ancient Egyptian crypt. The air was cool on her bare skin. A half-dozen or so torches blazed where they had been inserted into slots in the walls, providing the only illumination. There was a large, elevated stone slab in the middle of the tomb, and an empty, open sarcophagus in one corner.

Rope surrounded Lara's naked body and rendered her almost completely immobile. One length of rope bound her elbows and wrists together behind her back. Another rope wound around her slender hips, over the top of her shapely behind, and back down between her thighs before it wound around her ankles, binding her legs into a bent position. One other rope ran around the back of her neck, down to her chest, and was looped around her large breasts in a figure eight. This last binding seemed to serve no practical purpose other than to highlight Lara's magnificent breasts...and to humiliate her.

Despite her bonds, Lara had managed to awkwardly and painfully push herself to a position where she sat on her haunches. She tugged at the ropes, wrenching her curvaceous form back and forth, and pulled at the tight knots with her fingers, but it was no use. She was expertly bound and could not get free. She angrily panted through the cloth in her mouth; a glow of perspiration had appeared on her tanned skin despite the dank coolness of the underground tomb.

Lara looked around in the crypt for some sort of cutting edge--a sharp rock would do, something she could use to cut into the ropes that rendered her helpless. She saw nothing of use. There were no loose stones in the tomb, and the huge rocks making up the walls all looked too smooth to be of service.

"HRRRRRPPPHH!!" Lara growled angrily as the hopelessness of her situation sank in. The only way into or out of the tomb appeared to be through a door that was blocked by a heavy stone. She doubted she could have moved it on her own even without the bonds. She had no idea how long she'd been unconscious, where she was, or why she'd been brought here. There was no sign of the two Bedouin men who had chloroformed her. And to top it all off, she was naked--never a good sign.

Lara gave an exasperated sigh and settled back onto her haunches to wait. Sooner or later, someone would come for her, then she'd find out what this was all about. She considered the disturbing notion that she'd been abandoned in the tomb to become one of its permanent residents, but dismissed the idea. Even her worst enemies would want to gloat and leave her knowing exactly who had defeated her.

A moment later, she heard the deep, rumbling sound of stone grating against stone. Lara looked at the stone doorway and watched as it moved; someone was pushing it out of the way, obviously with great effort. The stone door must weigh several hundred pounds, Lara realized. As the door opened, she saw the hands and arms of several men appear as they continued to shove it aside.

Once the stone door had been moved completely aside, there was a pause. Then Lara watched as several men, all apparently Arabic judging by their appearance, entered the room. The Tomb Raider's brown eyes went wide at their dress. All of them wore the headdress, linen kilt, and sandals typical of Ancient Egyptians! They looked like a bunch of extras from an old Cecil B. DeMille movie. She counted six of them in total. Their dark eyes glanced at her naked body briefly as they entered the crypt. They came to stand beside and behind her in a semi-circle. Their collective gaze left Lara to look expectantly at the door they'd just come through.

A moment later, a seventh man walked into the crypt, dressed like his compatriots, but more resplendently. Even in the dim light of the crypt, gold accents shimmered on his headdress. He also wore a large, semi-circular collar of gold and lapis lazuli over his upper chest. His strong arms were crossed, and each arm held a short staff, one representing the lotus, the other papyrus--the ancient symbols of Upper and Lower Egypt. He wore a tightly-braided ceremonial beard on his chin. He had dark features: the swarthy skin of an Egyptian, heavy arched brows, a long, straight nose, thin lips. His body was strong and lean. Lara had to admit he looked every inch the Pharaoh. She wondered if she'd found herself the captive audience of some bizarre historical re-enactment society.

The seventh man walked into the crypt with a slow, dignified gait. He eyed Lara briefly, almost superciliously, his face impassive even in the presence of her naked beauty. He came to stand, stock-still, barely a yard in front of her. He nodded to his subordinates; two stepped forward, each one taking one of his staffs. He let his arms hang loosely at his sides. He then looked down his long, straight nose at his captive.

"Lady Lara Croft," he pronounced in perfect English that held the barest hint of an Arabic accent. One of Lara's brows rose in response. "No doubt you are wondering why you have been brought here, who I am, and what my plans are for you." He sounded almost bored as he said the words. "Though I owe you no explanation--especially since your actions make you little more than one of the grave robbers my ancestors regularly sentenced to death--I will give you one, only because we are both aristocrats."

Lara snorted derisively in response, but the man ignored her and went on.

"The name by which I am known in modern society would have less meaning to you than it does to me," the impassive Egyptian said. "My true name is Rameses the Twelfth. I am the descendant of the God-kings of the 20th dynasty." Lara gave another derisive snort, indicating her opinion of his claim. "I care not whether you believe me or no. High-born though you are, you are still beneath me. You will serve your purpose to me, then your fate is of no consequence."

Lara suppressed a shudder at his words, which were delivered so quietly and evenly. She'd encountered many adversaries in her adventures and had made many enemies. She'd lost track of how many people wanted her dead. But all of her foes had felt some emotion when it came to her--anger, hatred, rage, and, as often as not, lust. But Lara had never encountered an enemy who seemed as truly cold-blooded and reptilian as this ersatz Pharaoh.

"You will be a ceremonial sacrifice to the ancient God-Kings," the man continued in his eerily calm monotone. "If they are pleased with my sacrifice, I hope to be granted their divine power so I can ascend to a renewed throne of modern Egypt. Then the land of the Nile will once again have a Pharaoh, as it should, and I can restore her to her true glory."

Though the whole "ceremonial sacrifice" part made Lara somewhat nervous, she couldn't help rolling her eyes when her talking-villain-of-the-week revealed his grand plan. Yet another would-be ruler with delusions of grandeur, she thought to herself. Why can't I meet any normal blokes?

"You are here, in fact, because you are an aristocrat. I have attempted the ceremony before with common whores, women who would not be missed, but I should have known they would not be worthy sacrifices for the ancient God-Kings. You, Lady Croft, will be a worthy sacrifice, but no more missed than a common whore, I'll wager. People will simply accept your disappearance as the inevitable result of one of your misadventures." Rameses sighed. "Enough. I weary of this tedious conversation," he declared, then glanced at his underlings. "Prepare the sacrifice for the ceremony," he said, then turned and walked away from Lara, followed by two of his attendants.

The other four men grabbed Lara by her bound and naked arms and legs and lifted her from the ground. As she grunted and wriggled in protest, the four burly men carried her to a large, rectangular, elevated stone slab in the middle of the tomb. They set her naked body down on the slab, which was about as high, and twice as wide and long, as an examination table in a doctor's office. Lara shivered as her naked skin contacted the cool, smooth surface of the stone.

The men pushed her into a sitting position on the slab. Then one of the men stood in front of her while the other three held her bound limbs. He reached down to his right side and pulled a large ceremonial dagger from a leather sheath on his belt. He held it in front of Lara's eyes, which went wide with trepidation. She looked in the man's dark eyes and silently cursed him for the sadistic amusement she saw there.

The man slowly moved the knife tip towards Lara's chest. She grunted and writhed in protest, but the other three men held her firm. A malevolent smirk came to the knife-wielder's cruel lips. He brushed the sharp tip of the knife blade over Lara's right nipple, making the helpless Englishwoman gasp anxiously. Then the man did something unexpected: he pushed the knife blade beneath the rope around Lara's breasts, right where it crossed over itself at her sternum, and began to saw through it.

Once he finished cutting the rope, he pulled it harshly from Lara's body; she inhaled through clenched teeth as the abrasive hemp burned her tender skin. The knife-wielder then drew the knife down over Lara's taut, quivering tummy. She swallowed hard as she felt the cool tip of the knife scraping the downy hairs that adorned her sex. Then the sadistic knife-wielder pressed the blade beneath the rope that bound her ankles to her thighs and cut through it.

Lara tried to lash out with her legs once they were free, but her captors had anticipated this maneuver and held her long, shapely legs immobile. They roughly pushed her forward until she lay face-first on the slab, her breasts squashed against its cool surface. Two of the men held her legs against the slab, while the third pressed her torso down. She felt the knife-wielder cutting through the rope around her elbows and wrists. Lara knew she'd never have a better chance. She wriggled and writhed with all her might as soon as her arms were free, but the men anticipated her escape attempt. Indeed, they seemed very practiced at this sort of thing, no doubt as a result of the previous ceremonies with the unfortunate prostitutes.

Finally, the knife-wielder cut through the gag and pulled the cloth, which was drenched with her saliva, from Lara's mouth.

"ARRRRHHH!!" The Tomb Raider snarled from the slab where her captors still held her. "You bloody burkes! I'll have your balls for this!!" She writhed ineffectually in their grasp.

"That's not too far from the truth, slut," the knife-wielder hissed into her ear.

"Anuk-Met!" Rameses called from the far side of the crypt, where his back was turned, his arms spread wide, while two attendants appeared to be adjusting his kilt. "Do not deign to address the sacrifice. Your task is to prepare it, nothing more."

"Yes, sire," Anuk-Met, the knife-wielder, said with a deferential bow to the would-be Pharaoh. He turned back towards Lara where she continued to struggle in the grip of her captors on the stone slab. "I think she's done on this side. Time to turn her over."

Anuk-Met grabbed Lara's braided pony-tail with one hand, lifted her head, then slammed it down against the stone slab, stunning her. He then joined in with the other three men as they flipped the dazed Tomb Raider over onto her back. Each man grabbed one limb and held her down on the slab while Lara groaned and tried to shake the dizziness and pain that Anuk-Met's blow had caused her.

Rameses turned around and approached the stone slab where Lara lay, his two attendants following on his heels. Lara's head lolled from side to side; she squeezed her eyes shut and gave her head a shake in an attempt to clear her vision. She opened her eyes again and glanced at Rameses, who now stood at the end of the table where his accomplices were holding Lara's legs spread open. She glanced down at his mid-section and gasped.

There, around Rameses' hips, his attendants had attached a golden phallus--certainly the priciest dildo Lara had ever seen. His own cock was obviously inside the phallus. And the thing was huge! It was nearly a foot long, and had more girth than any cock she'd every seen. Lara's dizziness cleared up in an instant as her mind filled with terror over what was about to happen. 

"Bloody hell!" she exclaimed as her naked body writhed desperately on the stone slab, her breasts jiggling enticingly. "You can't be serious! It won't bloody fit, you stupid git!"

"That is precisely the point, Lady Croft," Rameses declared impassively. "The member of a God-King is considerably larger than that of a normal man. Your channel must be prepared." The would-be Pharaoh advanced upon the helpless Tomb Raider. The men who held her legs spread them wider. They shimmied Lara's torso down the stone slab so her behind rested on its ledge, providing easy access to her pussy for Rameses and his golden dildo.

"NO!!!" Lara yelled, desperately trying to writhe away from the huge phallus. Her struggles were futile; Rameses' henchmen held her naked body firmly. The would-be Pharaoh positioned the tip of the shining dildo at Lara's parted labia.

"You should be honored, Lady Croft," he told her. "Soon you will spend eternity with the Gods and God-Kings of Egypt."

"If it's such a bloody honor, why don't we change positions and I'll shove that glinty dick up your arse!!" Lara responded angrily.

"Hm. Amusing," Rameses declared dispassionately. He pushed his hips forward and began to force the phallus into Lara's vulnerable pussy.

"NOOOOO!!!" Lara screeched as she felt the cold metal dildo penetrating her. Rameses' attendants had coated it with some sort of lubricant, which made it slide into her easier, but did nothing to lessen the pain as it spread her vagina wider than it had ever been stretched before. Her head fell back against the stone slab, and she ground her teeth together in a pained grimace as the phallus worked its way inside her tender pussy.

"Hold her firm," Rameses told his men. He pressed the dildo deeper into the helpless archeologist and watched with detachment as she bucked beneath him. "Ah, how she writhes! A pity we did not meet after I had ascended the throne, Lady Croft. You would have made a fine concubine."

"Go to hell, you bastAAAAAAAARRRRRRDDD!!" Lara cried as Rameses pushed the phallus so deep it jutted against her cervix. Tears of humiliation and pain formed in Lara's brown eyes. Her large breasts heaved and jiggled on her chest as she gulped air. On top of the emotional and physical agony of the rape, the regal detachment of her assailant and his henchmen sent shivers down her spine. She was little more than a sacrificial animal to them; she could expect no mercy at their hands.

Rameses suddenly withdrew the dildo from Lara's pussy, making her sigh with relief. Then he violently thrust it back into her, and her agony began anew.

"GAAAAHHHHH!!" Lara screamed as the huge golden phallus filled her to the hilt. Rameses began to rock his hips back and forth, driving the metal dildo in and out of her vagina like an obscene piston. He began to recite some sort of incantation in ancient Egyptian as the rape continued, his henchman periodically responding in unison to his words, also in the dead tongue. Their litany continued unabated for several minutes, punctuated by Lara's cries, grunts, and screams.

"OH!! GOD!!" she exclaimed, her head rocking from side to side. "UNGH!! UNGH!! UNGH!!" Her large breasts rocked up and down on her chest with each thrust. Sweat covered her body. "STOP IT!! PLEASE!!"

Her pleas went unanswered. The men ignored her, continuing to recite their call-and-response incantations in ancient Egyptian. After several minutes passed, Lara gave up her useless struggles. She lay there on the slab, her exhausted body rocking back and forth, a grunt escaping her luscious lips with each of Rameses' devastating thrusts. Tears of indignant, impotent rage spilled from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Though her situation appeared hopeless, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, silently swore that no matter what occurred, somehow, she would have her revenge.

"UHH...UHH...UHH...UHH..." Lara grunted in resigned agony as Rameses pumped his gilded dildo in and out of her pussy while the incantation droned on. Being raped was one thing, but to be defiled in such a cold and impersonal manner disturbed her deeply. The assault made her feel less than human.

Lara lost track of time, but eventually the incantation came to a stop and Rameses withdrew the phallus from her ravaged pussy with a loud slurping noise.

"UUUNNNNGGGHHH!!" Lara groaned as the golden dildo left her vagina for the last time. She drew ragged, gasping breaths as her body trembled in the grip of her merciless captors. She watched through half-closed eyes as Rameses' attendants removed the phallus from their master's trim hips. Lara could see streaks of red on the golden prick and knew it was her own blood.

"An excellent ceremony," Rameses declared. "Surely the God-Kings will hear my prayer this time. We will leave the sacrifice for them and await their pleasure."

With that, the would-be Pharaoh's henchmen lifted Lara's limp body from the stone slab and carried her towards a wall covered with hieroglyphics. Holes had been drilled, perhaps centuries before, next to the wall in the stone ceiling beams of the tomb. The men ran ropes through the holes and tied them around Lara's wrists, binding her arms and holding them up and apart. If not for the bindings, the exhausted Tomb Raider would have collapsed to the cold stone floor of the crypt.

One of Rameses' attendants approached Lara with a wet sponge, which he used to wipe the sweat from her body, as well as the blood and lubricant from between her legs. Lara moaned as the sponge touched her ravaged and sensitive pussy lips. When the attendant was finished, she raised her head and looked up through heavy-lidded eyes as Rameses, his linen kilt back around his mid-section, stood in front of her naked body.

"R-right...what now, then?" Lara asked in a tired voice that still managed to convey her contempt for her assailant.

"Now we leave you for the ancient God-Kings. They will come and claim you. You will not survive the coupling; whatever agony you suffered with me will seem a mere pin-prick compared to the mighty ravaging of a God."

"What the bloody hell ever," Lara muttered dismissively. She frowned and glanced at the door. Rameses' men were already filing out, each one taking a torch from the walls until only one remained. "'re just going to...leave me here? Like this?" Her eyes grew wider with anxiety. "Y-you can't just abandon me here in a sealed tomb! I'll die!"

"You are already dead, Lady Croft," Rameses told her dispassionately. "The God-Kings will accept my sacrifice and you will die when they copulate with you. No human can survive sex with a God. If they do not accept my sacrifice," Rameses said with a sigh, "you will join the ancient inhabitants of this tomb in eternity."

Lara had no answer. She stared at Rameses in wide-eyed astonishment. She tried to think of a way to reason with him, to talk him out of abandoning her in the tomb to die, but she came up empty.

"One last thing," Rameses said. "In keeping with our traditions, and out of respect for your status as an aristocrat, I leave you this satchel with your meager belongings," he said, tossing her backpack, obviously purloined from her tent, onto the stone floor of the tomb a few feet from her bound and naked body. Restrained as she was, the backpack was useless to Lara, and Rameses' gesture was meaningless to her. "Perhaps its contents will prove of use to you in the afterlife. I bid you farewell, Lady Croft."

Rameses turned from her. He pulled the last torch from the wall of the tomb and followed his henchmen out, leaving Lara to stare in growing horror at this back. The crypt grew dark as Rameses carried out the last torch. The dim glow of the torches held by the henchmen outside the entrance now provided the only light.

"NO!!" Lara cried desperately from the darkening gloom. "You can't do this! This is MURDER!!"

Lara heard the sound of stone grating against stone, and watched, her heart hammering in her chest, as the stone slab was pushed back over the entrance to the tomb. The dark closed in around her. Her brown eyes were wide with terror; she pulled desperately at her restraints. The ropes, brand new and strong, held her in place. She glanced at the door; it was nearly shut.

"PLEASE!!!" she cried out desperately.

Then the stone door grated shut with an ominous thud, leaving Lara Croft alone, bound, and helpless in absolute darkness, sealed in a tomb that would, apparently, soon be her own.

Part 2: The Mummies

Lara Croft calmed herself and considered her situation. She was naked and bound, hanging from thick ropes tied tightly around her wrists and anchored to stone ceiling beams above her. She was sealed in a dark tomb behind a stone door that apparently weighed several hundred pounds and required several men to be moved. No one knew where she was aside from the men who'd left her here to die. And she had just been raped and was physically and emotionally exhausted. A lesser woman would have panicked or given into despair. But not Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

She forced herself to consider the positives. She was still alive, for one. For another, there was no time limit to her escape--no ticking bomb, no clever death-trap device that was set to claim her after a given interval. She had several hours--days, even--before starvation and dehydration claimed her. And her captor had sportingly left her backpack for her, which--assuming it hadn't been tampered with--contained clothing, an electric torch, water, some food bars, a spare gun belt, a small medical kit, and a few other items that might prove useful. At the very least, the food and water would restore some of her strength, allow her to stave off death by starvation a little longer, and buy her more time to find a way out. She just had to get to it.

"Right then," she muttered to herself in the pitch black darkness. "First problem: getting untied."

Lara pulled herself up towards the ceiling, using the ropes around her wrists to support her weight. The binding around her left wrist felt like it had just a little more give than that on the right, so Lara pulled her body up towards the left and tilted her head towards the ropes there. She began to work the knot with her lips, tongue and teeth, first feeling it out to determine what type of knot it was.

After a few minutes of exploring the knot, the strain on her arm and shoulder muscles became overwhelming, and the Tomb Raider let herself drop back to the ground. She stood, panting for breath, her breasts rising and falling in the pitch black gloom of the crypt. She could feel sweat forming on her naked skin.

"Take your time, Croft," she coached herself. "Plenty of time. Nothing but time..."

A few minutes later, Lara lifted herself again. The strain returned almost immediately to the muscles of her torso, but she ignored the discomfort and began to work at the stubborn knot with her mouth. After a few minutes without success, she collapsed back to the ground.

"Bloody hell!" she exclaimed. "Why do I always have to get tied up by the ones with the boy scout merit badges?!?"

Lara lost track of time in the dank, dark tomb as she began a cycle of lifting herself to work the knot, then lowering herself to rest. It began to feel like a frustrating game of snakes and ladders as the act of lifting and lowering her weight pulled on the ropes and took out whatever meager amount of slack she'd managed to work into the knot. At one point she slipped and felt the binding go tighter than it had been before. She blinked away tears of frustration and forced herself to start over.

As time passed, Lara began to feel she was making progress. She could feel the knot ever-so-gradually loosening around her wrist. Sweat ran freely down her naked body as she worked harder the closer she came to freedom. Her heart pounded in her chest with excitement.

"Come on...just a bit more!" she said, coaxing herself to get back at it.

Her arms and shoulders were a mass of burning, agonized muscles. Her throat was parched, and she couldn't remember if she'd ever felt so exhausted in her life. But the loosening sensation in the ropes fired her adrenaline and determination. She lifted herself with a pained but determined groan and worked the knot with her lips and teeth some more. She lowered herself carefully, doing her best not to tug on her left-handed binding and tighten it. She pulled her left arm down. Her hand got stuck in the rope around her knuckles. Lara shouted angrily and grimaced. The rope scraped and burned the flesh on her hand, but she pulled it through...she was free!

"YES!!!" she cried exultantly. "Bloody brilliant, Croft!!" The tomb echoed with the sound of her giddy laughter. After a few minutes rest, Lara freed her right hand--a much simpler task now that her left was free. Once she'd removed herself from her bonds, Lara collapsed onto the cold stone floor of the crypt. She laid her head back against the stone wall and let circulation return to her sore, aching arms and shoulders, which were trembling with fatigue.

A few minutes later, Lara crawled along the floor towards the door. After several frustrating minutes of groping blindly, she touched the strap of her backpack and gasped with excitement and relief. She opened the pack and found her water bottle. It took all her self-control to take no more than a mouthful of the precious fluid; she knew she'd probably have to ration it. Lara also helped herself to a bite of one of her energy bars. They usually tasted like cardboard soaked in molasses, but at that moment, she couldn't remember ever tasting anything so delicious in her life.

With a small amount of food in her system, Lara felt some of her strength returning. She found her electric torch and turned it on, then pulled on a white tank top, a pair of khaki shorts, fingerless black leather gloves, and some sandals. She wasn't expecting company, of course, but getting dressed made her feel more normal and confident. She left her gun belt in the backpack for now; her body, still weakened, could do without the added weight.

"Brilliant," she said brightly, feeling more herself. "On to problem two: getting to hell out."

Lara set the torch on the stone slab where she'd been assaulted, and pointed its light at the doorway. She pressed her weight against the stone door and proved to herself that it did, indeed, weigh several hundred pounds. She gave it a determined shove, grunting with exertion as she attempted to move the heavy stone. It didn't budge. Lara took a step back and stared at the barred entryway in frustration.

"There has to be another way," she told herself. The experienced Tomb Raider knew there was almost always more than one way in or out of these places. It might only be a slender shaft dug through the rock by ancient grave robbers, but it would be enough. She grabbed her torch and began to patiently examine the tomb for the telltale signs of an alternate entryway.

Several minutes went by as Lara continued her search. She was on her knees, examining one corner of the tomb, when she heard something behind her. It sounded like stone grating against stone. Had Rameses and his men returned for some reason? She shone her torch at the entryway, but the stone door did not move. She frowned. The sound stopped just as Lara realized it had originated from the far side of the stone table in the middle of the crypt. She shone her light towards the large slab where she'd been assaulted, but saw nothing. Warily, she stood up and crept towards the slab. She cursed silently when she realized she'd left her backpack, containing her pistols, in the far opposite corner. Whoever, or whatever, had just entered the crypt was between her and her only weapons.

Lara walked cautiously around the slab and pointed her torch at the floor. She saw that another stone slab, about the size of a manhole cover, had been pushed away from a hole in the floor. Lara smiled at the proof that her assumption had been correct; there was, indeed, another way out of the tomb. But who moved that stone, and where are they? Lara wondered. She shone her torch into the hole, but could see no one.

Suddenly, Lara heard a scuffling noise from behind her. She turned and shone her torch at the sound. She gasped at what she saw. It was a mummy, wrapped in ancient gauze and running straight at her!

Lara tried to recover from her shock and evade the creature's attack. She began to pivot on her back heel, intending to execute an aikido maneuver that would guide her assailant harmlessly past her by using its own momentum, but she didn't move fast enough. The creature's shoulder slammed against her side, knocking the wind out of her and making her fall to the ground, where she landed on her back. Her electric torch rolled from her hand but remained on, providing the only illumination in the tomb. The mummy landed with a grunt beside her, then tossed itself on top of her, grabbing her arms and pinning them above her head, its bandaged legs between hers.

"Get off, you fetid pile of rags!" Lara snarled at the creature. It growled back at her. It seemed no stronger than a normal man, and Lara would ordinarily have been able to defeat it, but her ordeal had weakened her considerably. She grunted and writhed beneath the creature, which seemed remarkably hale and hearty for a disemboweled corpse that was several centuries old. Lara could not escape its grasp, but she at least seemed to be holding her own.

Then Lara heard several other growling noises, and turned towards the hole in the crypt's floor. She gasped as she saw several more mummies emerging from the hole, all growling angrily and advancing upon her and her original assailant. Within seconds, the creatures attacking Lara had multiplied from one to a half dozen. A couple of the mummies carried flaming torches, which they placed in holes in the crypt's walls before turning their attention to the hapless Tomb Raider.

The mummies held her limbs, pressing her down against the cold stone floor. Lara clenched her teeth and grimaced as she grunted in frustration and anger. She writhed in a futile attempt to escape their grip, but only succeeded in jiggling her large, firm breasts.

The motion of her voluptuous body seemed to fascinate the mummies. They growled in obvious appreciation. Then one of them reached forward and placed its gauze-covered hand on one of her breasts.

"RRRRRUURRRHHH!!!" he snarled in admiration, giving the huge mammary a squeeze and a shake.

"ARGH!!" Lara exclaimed. "Let go, you bastard!"

The mummies suddenly erupted in rough, throaty laughter. As one, they glanced at each other and nodded enthusiastically. Then they reached out with their free hands and grabbed Lara's clothing. She glanced at her attackers and saw, in the torch light, that strategic gaps in their wrappings allowed their privates to be exposed. All the mummies had erections--remarkably large and healthy ones.

"NO!!" the Tomb Raider cried as she immediately realized their intent. The mummies responded with another round of rough, throaty laughter.

The crypt echoed with the sound of tearing fabric and Lara's cries of angry frustration as the mummies made short work of Lara's tank top and shorts. Within seconds, her large breasts, ass, and pussy were exposed; mere rags hung from her torso and shapely hips. Free from the meager restraint of her cotton top, Lara's breasts jiggled enticingly as she struggled in the grip of the creatures.

Lara looked down between her legs and saw one of the mummies positioning his large, hard member at the entrance to her vagina.

"OH GOD!!" she exclaimed. "NOT AGAIN!!"

Desperately, Lara bucked and writhed in the grip of the horrid creatures, trying to avoid her second rape of an already awful day. Her head whipped from side to side, her long braided ponytail lashing about as she cried out and did all she could to stave off yet another sexual assault, this time by undead monsters.

But she was weakened, and her assailants too numerous for her to resist. One of the mummies pressed his hand down on her belly, holding her still. Lara felt the hot, hard prick touch her labia and shuddered; a cry of despair escaped her lips as the mummy's cock entered her. The Tomb Raider's pussy was still raw from the earlier assault, and she groaned in pain as she was violated by the creature.

The mummy's cock penetrated her deeply. The other creatures groped at her breasts and legs while the one inside her began to thrust his bandaged hips against Lara's. One of the mummies bent forward and pressed his mouth against the peak of her breast. He took her nipple into his mouth and licked his tongue around it, then bit down, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to make Lara cry out sharply at the pain.

"EH-HEH-HEH-HEH!!" the mummy chortled as it raised its head from her breast.

"RRUHH!! RRUHH!! RUHH!!" the creature violating Lara grunted as it rock its hips back and forth, driving its hard cock in and out of the Englishwoman's spread pussy.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!" Lara exclaimed in response to each harsh thrust. "OH GOD...STOP!! AAHHHHH!!" she cried, but the creatures only growled enthusiastically in response. What have I done to deserve this hell? Lara wondered in despair.

"URRHH!! URRHH!! URRHH!! Urrrrhhhh...HHUUUURRRHHHH!!!" the mummy growled as it came, its back arching and its gauze-wrapped head falling back.

Lara felt its hot seed spilling inside her womb and gave a dejected cry. "AAAAHHHHH!!!" she shrieked as the creature's unholy spunk sprayed inside her. Lara took a rasping breath as the creature pulled its cock out of her. She lay on the cold floor of the tomb, still held spread-eagle by the other mummies, and prayed that her ordeal was over. But it was only just beginning.

Lara moaned in despair as she saw the mummies shift position. The one who had just raped her shifted up to her head, where it held her arms down with its hands. She looked up and could see its cock, still slightly erect and glistening in the torch light. She grimaced and turned her face away from the sight.

Another mummy now moved between Lara's long, shapely legs. Its rough, bandaged hands took hold of her thighs and spread them apart. She closed her eyes and shook her head, an attempt to both plead with her assailants and to deny that this nightmare was happening to her.

"HRRRAAAHHH!!" the mummy growled as it thrust its thick member into Lara's spread pussy.

"YAAAAHHHH!! Oh God NO..." Lara cried out as she was violated yet again.

The mummy began to fuck her in earnest, slamming his cock into her pussy again and again, each thrust earning a yelp or a grunt from the helpless beauty. Her large breasts shook up and down on her chest as each plunge of the creature's cock rocked her voluptuous frame. Lara's large, sloshing tits soon attracted the attention of the other mummies, and within seconds they were squeezing and groping them, pinching the tender nipples until they grew erect and Lara groaned at the sensation.

"Huh...huh...huh...huh...huh..." the beautiful archeologist grunted weakly in response to each harsh thrust of the mummy's huge cock. Surely, she thought, this had to stop at some point. It had to end, sometime! But then a horrifying thought occurred to her: if her rapists were the immortal undead...couldn't they simply keep it up forever? Would they keep raping her for eternity? Or until she died? She made a desperate, silent prayer that it was not so...she could barely imagine lasting the next few minutes, let alone months or years with these horrific molesters!

"HRRMM...HRRMM...HRRMM...HRRMM..." the mummy moaned as it approached climax. Lara could feel the creature's bandaged body growing taut in anticipation of its impending orgasm. She braced herself for the horrid, sickly sensation of more monster seed infecting her unprotected womb. Yet another terrible idea entered her mind: were they trying to make her pregnant?! If so, what sort of horrific abomination would she give birth to?! Her eyes opened wide at the thought. She shook her head violently.

"NO!! GET IT OUT OF ME!!" she shrieked. She arched her back and writhed her body in yet another futile attempt to break free of her attackers, but they held her firm and the mummy continued to pound her ravaged pussy.

"HRRAAHH!! HRRAAHH!! HRRAAHH!!" the mummy called out as it neared orgasm. "HHRRRRRRAAAHHH!!! HHRRRMMMM!!" It groaned as it came.

"NOOOOOO!!!" Lara screamed as the creature's hot cum gushed into her uterus. She felt burning tears forming in her eyes, but forced them away. I'm not some helpless little bint! she told herself. I'm a British noblewoman! I'm a legend in the archeological community! I'm a warrior woman! I'm not a plaything for rejects from a Hollywood horror movie...

The creature inside her gave a satisfied groan is it pulled its cock from her pussy while Lara struggled ineffectually. The mummies shifted position yet again. Suddenly, the creatures lifted her from the floor, holding her between them waist-high. Yet another one of the creatures stepped between Lara's spread legs and positioned his member at her aching pussy lips. The Tomb Raider moaned in despair. Then she cried out in pain and shock when another mummy grabbed her braided ponytail and yanked it downwards, forcing her head back. At that very moment, the creature stepped forward and forced its erect cock into Lara's open mouth.

"GGGGMMMPPHH!!" she cried out in surprise and disgust as the mummy's huge cock was forced past her lips and teeth and deep into her throat.

"MPPPHHH!!" Lara squealed around the cock in her mouth as she felt yet another mummy take a firm hold on one of her breasts. The creature rubbed its hot cock against her tit, and she could also feel its gauze-covered hand on its cock, jerking up and down. She realized the creature intended to masturbate and spray its cum all over her tits as if to mark her in the most primitive and obscene manner possible. With one cock thumping away in her pussy, and another raping her mouth, and with the mummies keeping an iron grip on her limbs, Lara Croft could do nothing to prevent the degradation of her toned, curvaceous body.

"MMMPHH!! MMMPHH!! MMMPHH!!" Lara grunted around the huge member that filled her mouth and throat as another cock slammed repeatedly into her defenseless vagina. Rough, bandaged hands groped her large breasts, squeezing the tender flesh, pinching the sensitive nipples. Lara could only twitch and shudder in response to the horrific sexual assault. Her ripe body shook as each harsh thrust either end slammed into her. The cock in her mouth kept blocking Lara's windpipe; the lack of oxygen began to make her dizzy. Lara's eyelids began to flutter, and she began to nurse a woozy hope that she would pass out.

Before that could happen, the mummy pulled his cock out of Lara's mouth with a throaty groan. The creature wrapped one bandaged hand around his prick and jerked off. Inside of a second, he came.

"UNGH!! UNHGH!! UNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!!" the creature roared as his hot cum sprayed onto the dejected Tomb Raider's face and hair. Lara closed her eyes tight as she felt the thick, warm fluid splattering onto her nose and cheeks.

"RUHH!! RUHH!! RRRRRUUUUHHHH!!" the creature jerking off over Lara's tits moaned as he, too, climaxed. Lara suppressed a sob of humiliation as the mummy's spunk splashed on her magnificent, quivering breasts.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!" the third creature, now pumping his hips furiously against the helpless Englishwoman's loins, grunted as he, too, approached climax. Sensing his release, he pulled his tool from Lara's pussy and grabbed it with one hand, spraying his cum onto her chest and stomach. "NNNUUUUHHHH!!" the creature moaned as it came.

"EH-HEH-HEH-HEH!!!" the mummies chortled together as they reached out and spread their sticky cum over Lara's pale skin. They made certain they spread their vile ejaculate over Lara's large, beautiful breasts, harshly groping the magnificent globes as they did so. Lara could do nothing other than moan in despair.

"UNGFF!!" Lara grunted as the mummies unceremoniously dropped her to the ground. She rolled onto her stomach and tried to scramble away, but was too exhausted and slow. Gauze-wrapped hands quickly latched on to her limbs, holding her arms and legs still as well as stretching them apart. A strong hand latched onto Lara's long, braided pony-tail and held it fast. Another mummy knelt down between the Tomb Raider's spread legs and laid his bandaged hands on her slender hips. He lifted Lara's ripe bottom up, assisted by his comrades.

Lara groaned softly as she anticipated yet another humiliating rape. Her ravaged pussy felt like it was on fire. Then her brown eyes went wide and her body stiffened as she felt the creature's hands spreading her ass cheeks apart. Lara gasped in horror when she felt the tip of the monster's prick poking at her tight, puckered anus.

"N-NO!!" she exclaimed in alarm. "YOU CAN'T!! NOT THERE!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!" She squirmed in the mummies' grip, but could not escape them, nor her loathsome fate.

"RRRAAAAHHHH!!" the creature behind her groaned as his phallus slowly pressed into Lara's ass.

"UNNNHHHH!!" the beautiful Tomb Raider moaned hoarsely as the horrific monster sodomized her. She tried desperately to escape her inhuman assailants, but they were too many, and too strong. Hot tears burned their way down her cheeks as the mummy pushed its cock deeper into her rectum. "OH GOD!!" Lara exclaimed, "IT HURTS!! STOP!!" But the creature did not stop, did not waver--it only made a deep chuckling sound as it raped her ass.

"NUHHHH!! NUHHHH!! NUHHHH!!" the mummy grunted as it ground its hips against Lara's curvaceous bottom. Its gauze-covered hands kept her ripe ass cheeks spread, occasionally giving the sensitive flesh a rough squeeze as it thrust its cock in between them.

"UNHH! UNHH! UNHH!" Lara cried with each plunge of the horrid creature's huge cock into her rectum. She squeezed her eyes shut, ground her teeth, and tried to block out the pain. Her body began to tremble in the grip of her tormentors. Her huge breasts slapped against her rib cage as the mummy's thrusts became faster and harder. She felt the mummy's body stiffening and knew that the monster would climax soon. She was right.

"NUH...NUH...NUH...NNNNNUUUHHHH!!" the mummy groaned triumphantly as it came inside the Tomb Raider's ass.

"NOOOOO!!" Lara shrieked as she felt the mummy's hot jism inside her ravaged ass. "Oh God no..." It was too much, the physical assault, the humiliation...her eyelids fluttered, she grew dizzy, and she wondered if she was about to pass out.

Then the mummy yanked his member from her behind, and the pain brought Lara back to reality. Suddenly, her captors released her. One laid a heavy hand on her back and unceremoniously pushed her to the ground. The Tomb Raider lay there, panting raggedly, her body exhausted, her skin covered with sweat and the inhuman spunk of the mummies. Her eyes, heavy-lidded, stared glassily at a spot on the stone wall. She did not move. She saw no way to escape her fate, and awaited the monsters' next assault.

Lara did not think that anything the mummies could do at this point could surprise her. She was wrong.

"UNNNNHHhhhh..." one of the mummies groaned. "Oh, man...she was the best yet!"

Lara's dark brown eyes flew open. What the bleeding hell...?

"No shit, bro!" another one said. "And she spoke English! Bonus!"

Lara's amazement grew as she heard the mummies also speaking English. Modern English. With American accents! She turned her head to look over her naked shoulder at the mummies, who were pushing themselves to their feet and standing over her. Several of them started exchanging high fives. Others were awkwardly pushing their cocks back into the gauzy wrapping around their bodies--which, now that Lara had a moment to study it, looked like brand new hospital gauze rather than ancient mummifying cloth.

Lara Croft had thought she couldn't sink any lower than to be raped by a cadre of mummies, but she'd been wrong. She'd been raped by a bunch of men dressed up as mummies. A bunch of American men. It could only have been worse if they'd been French.

"Gotta give ol' Rameses credit," a mummy said, looking down at the ravaged archeologist's prone form. "He might be nuts, but he knows how to pick the ladies."

The mummy, standing above Lara's head, reached down and grabbed one of her naked shoulders. He flipped the Tomb Raider onto her back, intending to get another look at her impressive chest. Lara had other ideas, however. Anger flooded her abused body with adrenaline. Her dark brown eyes blazed with fury. Her luscious lips pulled back into a furious grimace. She swung her right leg up and over her head, striking the ersatz mummy who'd flipped her over between the eyes. The man fell backwards, struck the back of his head against the stone slab in the middle of the room, and fell unconscious.

The other phony mummies stared at the attack on their comrade in shock. Before they could react, the furious Tomb Raider bent her legs, drew them up to her chin, then threw them forward. She used the momentum to flip her body to its feet. Kneeling, she supported her weight on one foot as she swung the other, catching a mummy behind the legs. The man's arms flailed as he fell onto his back. Lara viciously drove her elbow into the man's temple, rendering him insensible.

"Jesus!" one of the mummies cried. "Stop her before..."

But Lara, fired by pure fury, attacked before the man could give any orders. She swung her arm forward, her fist catching the man in the gonads. His knees buckled, and he dropped, groaning, to the ground. The three remaining fake mummies launched themselves at Lara, but she moved like a leopard. She sprang and rolled away from their attack; two of the mummies collided, their heads smashing together, and the two men fell to the ground, unconscious. As the final mummy pushed himself awkwardly to his feet, Lara advanced upon him. He backed away in fear.

"Now wait!" the man said, his voice trembling. "W-we didn't mean any..."

"Shut the hell up," Lara snarled. She feinted a high blow with her right, then jabbed at the man's kidney with her left. As her blow connected, the man moaned in pain and fell to his knees. Lara swung her right leg and clipped him with her heavy hiking boot, sending him to la-la land for an extended visit.

Having taken down her attackers, Lara Croft--clad only in a few ragged remnants of her tank top and shorts--strode over to her backpack, opened it, and retrieved one of her pistols. She then marched back to the only conscious mummy, the one she'd nearly castrated, and grabbed several strips of the gauze around his chest. She hauled him to his feet and pushed him down on top of the large stone slab, then pointed the loaded .45 automatic at his bruised privates.

"All right, you horror-movie reject," she hissed through clenched teeth, "talk. What the bloody hell is going on here?!?"

"Unnhh...oh God...l-lady, don't point that thing at..." the fake mummy stammered.

"You're lucky I don't blast your willy clean off!" Lara shouted. "Now talk!"

"It-it's nothing! Just some harmless fun!" the man protested. "W-we're archeology students! Grad students, from Penn State!"

"You work for Rameses?" Lara asked, giving the man a shake.

"What? No!" he insisted. "Rameses is a fuckin' wingnut! Every year he takes some local hooker down here, ties her up, and leaves her for his ancestors or something! We saw him do it a few years back, when we were here on a dig. We just...we dress up, have some fun with the hooker, pay her, and let her go! Come on, can't we settle this? H-how much do you want?"

Lara's dark eyes blazed with indignant fury. She pressed the barrel of the gun against the man's privates, making him whimper.

"DO I LOOK LIKE A WHORE TO YOU?!?" she demanded.

The man's eyes flickered down to Lara's large, naked breasts, which dangled and swayed right in front of his face. He began to shrug, but then he felt the cold steel of her pistol against his cock, and struggled to make eye contact with her.

"Uh, no, of course not!" he said innocently. "Our bad. Sorry! There must be some way we can make it up..."

"How did you get in here? The door's still sealed," Lara asked coldly.

"Oh, uh, of course!" the man said, brightening. "Rameses left you down here to die, right? We can get you out, no problem! There's a flat stone on the other side of this slab," he went on, his eyes flickering down at the spot he spoke of. "Covers a hole that leads to series of underground tunnels. I-I know the way through them, I could lead you..."

"I'll find my own way, thanks," Lara said.

"It's a labyrinth down there," the man said, licking his lips nervously. "I'd h-hate for you to get l-lost..."

"I'm quite experienced at that sort of thing. But I appreciate your concern." Lara smiled at the man, who smiled back. He was still wearing that dopey grin even after she drew her gun hand back and piston-whipped him; it remained on his face as he fell back onto the slab, out cold.

Impatient to escape the tomb where she'd been so horribly assaulted, Lara retrieved her backpack and didn't even bother to put her last set of clothes on. She just wanted out. She slid the stone across the floor, revealing the entrance to a dark hole. She turned on her electric torch and pointed it down the hole. A few feet below, she saw the floor of a tunnel. The Tomb Raider deftly jumped down. She landed on her feet and shone her torch around her. She was in a passageway that led off in two opposite directions, both stretching off into distant darkness. Lara licked her index finger and held it up. She felt a soft breeze coming from her right, indicating a source of fresh air--an exit. She nodded, slung her backpack over her shoulder, and marched off in that direction.

The passageway began to twist and turn, then branch off in several directions; Lara began to understand what the man had meant when he called it a labyrinth. Nonetheless, Lara Croft had navigated trickier mazes, and she confidently strode through this one. Her naked breasts bounced as she walked. Lara hoped to encounter an underground stream or pool along the way so she could wash off the disgusting evidence of her assault, which still stuck to her skin. For that reason--and because of how livid she still felt--she had still not bothered to clothe herself.

Lara took a turn down yet another branching passageway when she heard a sound coming from behind her. She turned around and shone her torch into the gloom, but saw nothing. She shrugged and pressed on, but stopped abruptly when she heard the sound again. It sounded like a shuffling, scraping noise--like someone walking, but with a limp. Lara drew her gun. With the torch in one hand and the gun in the other, Lara slowly turned around in a circle, her eyes searching the darkness for some sign of another person.

"Who's there?" she called out. "I'm warning you, I'm armed, and I'm right pissed off." She heard the shuffling gait again. It seemed to be getting closer. "If you're another one of those bloody Yanks dressed up for Halloween, I should warn you, I've already kicked your friends' collective arse. I'd scamper if I were you." Still the shuffling noise grew nearer. It seemed to be coming from one dark passageway. Lara pointed her torch and her gun towards it. "Look, I'm warning you..."

Just then, a dark figure emerged from the passageway. It was wrapped head to foot in heavy gauze, the cloth gray, ragged, and stained. It looked much more authentic than the other fake mummies Lara had encountered in the tomb. Clearly, Lara deduced, this was a perfectionist whose obsession with his costume had made him late for the party.

"Look, mate," she spat at him, "I've had about enough of you lot for one day. You want to catch an eyeful, fine. Do it and shove off before I perforate you."

"RRRAAARRGGHH!!" the figure before her growled. It took a step towards her.

"All right, back off, Boris Karloff!" Lara shouted. She pointed the gun at the man's leg. "Get away from me! This is your final warning!"

"RRRUUURRHHH!!" the man snarled, his bandaged arms waving about. He took another lurching step towards Lara.

"All right, have it your way," Lara said.

She squeezed the trigger of her pistol. The shot echoed in the narrow stone cavern. The bullet hit the man's thigh cleanly; he staggered to a stop and looked down at his leg. Lara frowned when she saw no blood, only a cloud of dust around the wound.

"GGGGRRRRAAAHHH!!" the man roared angrily. He took another step towards Lara, who began to slowly back away. Less than five yards separated them.  Her gut clenched; something wasn't right here. She pointed the pistol at the man's chest.

"STOP!!" she shouted. "My next shot will be to kill!! Back off NOW!!"

"RRRRAAAHHH!!" the man growled, waving his arms threateningly and advancing on her.

Lara clenched her teeth and squeezed off two more rounds, one straight into the heart, the other into the kidney--both sure kill shots, especially at this range. The man staggered again; dust erupted from his torso. He looked down at his chest in puzzlement. Then his head lifted and Lara saw his eyes. Or rather, she didn't see his eyes, but rather saw two black pits in his head where his eyes should have been. His toothless mouth opened and he roared angrily.

"GRRRRAAAHHH!!" the mummy shouted, and the unearthly timbre of the creature's voice made Lara's blood run cold. On his breath, she could smell the dry, musky scent of ancient rot and decay. Now that he was closer, she could also see the barely-concealed, desiccated remnants of his flesh and bones beneath the hoary wrappings that hung from them.

"Oh, bloody hell," Lara Croft muttered.

Part 3: The Mummy

Shots echoed in the underground chamber as Lara Croft emptied her .45 into the creature standing before her. As before, the slugs did little more than make dust erupt from the tattered fabric around the mummy's decomposed body. And make the creature angrier.

"RRAAARRGGHHH!!" it roared furiously. It advanced upon the Tomb Raider as though the bullets that had been emptied into its body and point-blank range were little more than bee stings. Its arms reached out towards Lara, the blackened hands curled like the talons of some horrific bird of prey.

Lara's every instinct told her to run, and she obeyed. She turned and launched herself back down the tunnel, but lurched to a sudden stop. Her torch and her gun both flew from her hand. The mummy had grabbed her backpack! She threw her arms back and wriggled out of it, desperate to get away. She felt a cold, bony hand touch the side of her naked breast, and the mummy's huge erect cock suddenly pressed against her naked behind. The sensations gave her the panicked impetus to get away. She shook herself out of the backpack's straps and ran down the tunnel, away from the creature who growled angrily and shuffled after her.

Lara stretched out her hands in front of her; she'd lost her electric torch, and the underground passageways were pitch black. She had to feel her way in the dark, and it slowed her down, which was not good. She could hear the mummy behind her, its bandaged feet scraping on the sand-strewn stone floor, its breathing heavy and guttural. It was gaining on her.

Lara groped her way around a corner and thought she saw a dim light ahead. She made her way towards it. She could feel the ground sloping upwards beneath her feet and hoped the passageway led to an exit from this labyrinth of horror. The whole time, she could hear the undead creature pursuing her.

Lara went through a stone entranceway and emerged into another underground chamber. This one had a roof several feet high; thin, narrow slits in between the stones that made up the ceiling allowed some faint light to penetrate the chamber. Lara could not see an exit, and knew she was still several feet underground. The chamber had three other exits. Lara chose one at random and ran into it, hoping to lose the creature so she could get away.

The beautiful Englishwoman entered another large, dark chamber. It seemed to be yet another tomb of some kind, but she couldn't be certain. Even the brief exposure to the filtered daylight had ruined her night vision, and she found herself groping along in the dark once again. Lara backed herself into a crevice and forced herself to become as silent as possible. She listened carefully and heard the mummy shuffle into the chamber she'd just left.

Choose one of the other passages, you raggy bugger, she thought desperately. She could just make out the dark silhouette of the mummy as it glanced into the chamber where Lara had hidden herself. The Tomb Raider held her breath. Then she heard the creature give a low, frustrated growl. It moved away, and she heard it shuffle down one of the other tunnels.

Lara Croft breathed a silent sigh of relief. She paused a moment; her sweat-covered naked body involuntarily shivered in the dank coolness of the tomb. Got to get out of here, she thought. She stepped silently out of her crevice and crept towards what she hoped was an exit from the dark tomb.

Lara's boot suddenly caught on something. She gasped as she tripped and lost her balance. She swung her other leg forward. It plunged into a shallow pool of water with a loud splash. Lara's leg bent and her knee smacked painfully into the stone edge of the pool, where her other leg was immersed up to the knee. Lara cursed her bad luck silently. Her hand reached out towards the object that had tripped her, which turned out to be a small statue of a jackal.

"Typical," she muttered. "Treacherous little vermin..."

Lara gasped as she heard the mummy's shuffling gait drawing near her, evidently lured by the noise she'd made. She looked up and could just make out the creature's horrific silhouette in the entrance to the tomb. She looked around but couldn't see another exit in the dark.

The mummy began to shuffle into the dark tomb, now certain that its prey was there. Lara reached out and tried to lift the statue, thinking she could use it as a weapon, but it had a large stone base and was too heavy. She looked up and saw that the mummy was barely five yards away from her.

Lara Croft mustered her courage and pushed herself out of the shallow pool. She launched herself at the mummy with a wild battle cry. Her booted foot lashed out at the creature's privates. The mummy, however, moved with a quickness that surprised her, as she'd seen no evidence of it at that point. The monster caught her foot before it could make impact, then gripped Lara's ankle with both hands. The mummy threw Lara's leg up before she could react; the force flipped her body over, and the Tomb Raider found herself spinning end over end. Her body hit the stone floor, her chest impacting with a loud smack. The impact knocked the wind out of her.

Lara tried to recover, but before she could, the creature was upon her. It reached down, grabbed hold of her long, braided ponytail, and used it to lift Lara's head up. The mummy then used its other hand to viciously backhand Lara.


"UNHH!!" the archeologist grunted as the powerful blow spun her head and stunned her. The creature kept its grip on Lara's ponytail and slapped her across the face again.


"UNGH!!" Lara cried out as her head twisted suddenly to the other side. Stars danced in her vision. Her arms flailed uselessly in front of her, trying to block the creature's blows. She could taste the metallic sting of blood in her mouth. "Oh God..." she murmurred helplessly.


"Unhhh..." Lara moaned as yet another blow across her face brought her to the brink of unconsciousness. Her arms fell and hung limply from her naked shoulders. Her eyelids fluttered. Her dark brown eyes rolled up into her head.

The creature pulled its arm back to deliver yet another slap to Lara's beautiful face, but paused. It watched as its prey went completely limp. The mummy used Lara's braid to shake her body violently, but the Tomb Raider did not respond; her arms shook lifelessly, and her breasts jiggled from her chest, but aside from drawing shallow, ragged breaths, she showed no sign of life at all.

The mummy grunted in satisfaction and lifted Lara by her ponytail. It threw her limp, naked body over one shoulder, then shuffled back down the dark passageways of the vast underground labyrinth.

Lara Croft painfully lifted her head from where it hung over her chest. She groaned softly as consciousness returned. With it, pain returned as well. Her face felt sore from the harsh backhands the mummy had delivered to knock her out; Lara opened her jaw and worked it from side to side. Then she noticed the pain in her shoulders and upper back. That forced Lara to open her eyes and look up.

Not for the first time that day, her arms were bound. Her wrists were tied by what appeared to be the burial mappings of the mummy that had captured her; she glanced down and noticed her ankles were similarly bound. Each limb was pulled in an opposite direction, forcing her naked body into a spread-eagled position.

Lara woozily glanced around, taking in her surroundings. She seemed to be in yet another underground chamber, lit by a couple of sputtering torches. In front of her was a stone wall covered with hieroglyphics. She glanced behind her and saw the entrance to the chamber, which led to a dark passageway. The bindings on her arms were tied to a stone ceiling beam above her head, while her ankles were tied to two low but heavy stones on the floor. She pulled on her bonds, certain that the ancient strips of fabric would easily give way, but found that they instead held her quite fast and quite helpless.

"Right," Lara muttered dejectedly, "bloody fantastic. What next?"

Almost on cue, Lara heard a shuffling sound coming from behind her. She turned and gasped when she saw the mummy that had captured her in the chamber's entrance.

"HRRRRMMM..." the creature growled at the sight of Lara's bound, helpless, and naked body. Lara's dark eyes glanced down and widened in horror when she was the huge bulge stirring in the tattered wrappings that covered the monster's loins.

"Oh, God, no, not again..." Lara breathed as the mummy shuffled towards her. Her body began to tremble as she realized she was about to be raped yet again, this time by a real monster. She looked forward, tearing her eyes away from the mummy, as her heart began to pound in her chest.

Lara gave a yelp when she felt the mummy's cold, bony hand graze against her behind. She would have jumped if her bonds hadn't prevented her. She felt the mummy's hands squeezing her bottom and ground her teeth.

"Christ, doesn't anyone buy a girl a drink first anymore?!?"

The creature kept one hand on her bottom while the other reached forward and gripped one of the English beauty's large breasts. It pressed its hips forward, and Lara felt the monster's huge cock pressing against her behind.

"Noooooo..." Lara moaned as the mummy squeezed her breast and pinched its nipple between two bony fingers. She could smell the creature's fetid breath on her cheek and fought down the urge to vomit. The mummy began to grind its cock against Lara's ass, which did nothing to alleviate her nausea.

Suddenly, Lara heard the creature speak. Its voice was raspy and dry, like sand blowing across stone. She couldn't make out the words at first. She listened more closely and realized the mummy was speaking ancient Egyptian, which was no real surprise. It was a dead language, and while Lara had mastered several tongues both ancient and modern, she had trouble understanding it. She soon discerned a rhythm and repetition to the sounds, however, and deduced that the creature was reciting some sort of incantation.

Before her academic mind could ascertain the purpose or meaning of the incantation, a sudden warmth in between her legs distracted her. Lara blinked in surprised as she felt her vagina growing wet and slick with lubricant. Her cheeks became flush, and her dark brown nipples became hard and erect. She quivered in her bonds as a tremor of pleasure passed through her body.

"Unnnnhhhh..." Lara moaned as the mummy kept mauling her flesh and reciting the incantation. "My God...what are you doing to me?!? Ohhhhhhhhh..."

Lara's head fell back and her mouth fell open as a wave of sexual excitement coursed through her spread-eagled frame. She swallowed hard. Her breathing became rapid and shallow. Her breasts felt tender and ripe, her labia swollen and moist. She felt sweat dripping down her naked back, and her own juices dribbling from her pussy and down her thigh.

"Ohhhhh GGGGod..." Lara cried as her body, seemingly of its own volition and in opposition to the repulsion she felt towards the mummy, prepared itself for sex. She began to slowly move her hips, rubbing her curvaceous behind against the mummy's cock. "Please...stop..." she murmured as she realized the mummy's whispered incantation was somehow responsible for her body's irrational and wanton response.

The creature ignored her plea. Instead, it released her breast and slowly ran its hand down over her quivering abdomen to her sex. The mummy's cold, gauze-covered hand cupped Lara's sodden pussy and pressed against it. One bony digit found her engorged clitoris and began to rub the tender, sensitive nub.

"UUUMMMMHHH..." Lara moaned with pleasure. " c-can't...OHHHHHHH..." she begged breathlessly before another passionate tremor course through her, making her body quiver and her voluptuous flesh jiggle.

Lara began to grind her crotch against the mummy's hand as she grew ever more eager for sexual release. Every recitation of the ancient Egyptian spell by her undead captor invoked more pleasure in Lara's ripe body. The sensations soon overwhelmed her. Her body demanded satisfaction, and she could deny it no longer.

"Oh GOD," Lara cried as her resistance buckled. "I...I...c-can't...I...need fuck me...FUCK ME...OH GOD, FUCK ME, PLEASE!!" The words had come out strained at first, as though being dragged out of her; but once she stated what her entranced body so ardently desired, the wanton plea spilled from her lips with desperate passion.

The mummy suddenly ended reciting the incantation, and stopped rubbing Lara's clit. The creature withdrew its hand from her pussy, making the Tomb Raider whimper with disappointment. Her body trembled with expectation. She heard the sound of fabric tearing, and realized the creature was ripping away the wrappings from its huge cock.

"Oh yes...put it inside me...fuck me..." Lara begged. Her pussy gushed at the thought of having the horrific monstrosity's member deep insider her, pumping away. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me..."

The mummy bent its gauze-wrapped knees, and then Lara felt the tip of the creature's huge cock against her swollen pussy lips. A hoarse groan rattled in her throat. She gasped as she felt the monster's prick entering her swollen, sensitive sex. The mummy reached forward and one again grabbed one of Lara's large, firm breasts, groping the heavy mound and pinching the tender nub at its peak. All the while, it shoved its member deeper into the Tomb Raider's pussy.

"NNNRRRHHH..." the creature groaned as Lara's vagina sheathed its huge prick.

"Oh GOOD..." Lara moaned as the mummy's cock filled her to capacity. She could not remember ever feeling such intense and overwhelming pleasure ever before in her life. Her body, mind, and soul alike yearned for the satisfaction that only sex could bring. Her fingers clenched around the strips of fabric that bound her arms and she eagerly anticipated the animalistic rutting she was sure would commence any second. She wasn't disappointed.

The mummy withdrew its cock from Lara's pussy, making the beautiful archeologist suck air through her clenched teeth. Then the creature thrust its hips forward and upwards, slamming its prick into Lara's warm, wet sheath.

"OHHHHHH!!" Lara groaned as her body greeted the monster's thrusts with intense pleasure. "UHH!! UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!" She grunted as the creature slammed its hips against her ass. Lara's large breasts bounced with every thrust, the huge globes slapping against her sweat-soaked skin.

"RRHH!! RRHH!! RRHH!! RRHH!!" the mummy rumbled as it fucked its helpless captive. The creature reached forward and took hold of Lara's bouncing breasts, grabbing the fleshy mounds with its claw-like hands and squeezing them mercilessly. The Tomb Raider's nipples grew hard, her areolas puckered. For several minutes, the rape proceeded, Lara's luscious frame gyrating in forced ecstasy.

"Harder! FASTER!!" Lara begged the creature. Her skin glowed with a sheen of sweat; her juices gushed from her pussy, running down her quivering, spread thighs.

"EH-HEH-HEH-HEH!!" the mummy chortled as it accelerated its thrusts at Lara's urging. "HUH!! HUH!! HUH!! HUH!!"

"Oh, CHRIST, YES!!" Lara cried as her body bucked and writhed in response to the creature's crude ravishing. "Going to CUM...need to CUM...UH...UH...UH..." she breathed. Her dark brown eyes rolled back inside her head. She could feel the orgasm building inside her and knew it would be devastating. She eagerly awaited it, silently prayed for its release.

"NUH!! NUH!! NUH!! NUH!! NUHHHH....RRRRAAAAARRRGGHHH!!" the mummy roared as it reached climax. As it came, it delivered a powerful thrust to Lara's ravaged loins.

"OH GOD!!!" she screamed, her voice strained and tight. She felt the mummy's seed spill inside her--it felt cold, icy cold, but it sent her over the edge. "OHHHHHHH!!" Lara cried as her loins contracted and every muscle in her body tensed in sexual climax. Her eyes opened wide as a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. "UUHHHHHHH!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! UHHHHHHH!!!"

Suddenly, a bright white light appeared at the peak of Lara's breasts and at the apex of her thighs. She continued to gyrate and moan as the lights grew brighter. Then the light moved in a bright stream across her skin towards the mummy's decomposed flesh. The light in Lara's breasts flowed into the creature's hands, the light in her pussy into the monster's cock.

"OORRRRAAAHHHH!!" the creature groaned in ecstasy as the light from Lara's body flowed into his. The creature released Lara's breasts and spread its arms wide, then threw its head back, as if accepting some divine gift. It pulled its cock out of the Tomb Raider and stepped back from her body, then took a deep breath and sighed contentedly.

Lara groaned as her head fell forward; she felt extremely light-headed and weak. Her body slumped, held up only by the mummy wrappings that bound her wrists. She struggled to take shallow breaths. Patiently, Lara waited for the post-coital afterglow to pass and for her strength to return. When it did not, she began to grow concerned.

Her head lolled awkwardly as she turned to watch as the mummy walked around her. The creature walked by Lara as if she wasn't there; it walked up to the wall in front of her and began running its hands over the hieroglyphics etched into it. The mummy nodded slowly, as if in satisfaction. Beneath fluttering eyelids, Lara's dark brown eyes woozily noticed that the mummy's skin appeared less mottled with decomposition; in fact, it looked golden and healthy in spots.

"W-what..." Lara said, her voice a dry rasp, "w-what have you d-done to me, you b-bastard?" Lara tried to straighten her legs, tried to rest some of her weight on them rather than having all of it pulling her arms and shoulders painfully, but found she could not. She could barely hold her head up or keep her eyes open. Her body wanted to drift peacefully off to sleep, but she resisted, sensing that her survival was at stake.

The mummy turned and looked at her, dispassionately at first. Then it smiled, the expression emphasizing the way one half of its face--the skin still missing--left its teeth and jaw completely visible. Lara noticed that the creature had eyes now; she recalled seeing only dark, empty sockets before. Then it spoke.

<Is it not obvious, whore?> the mummy said.

Lara frowned, surprised she could understand the words, which were spoken in ancient Egyptian. Some side effect of the incantation? Or maybe hearing so much of it today has jogged my memory...

The mummy stepped towards her, standing in front of the helpless woman. <Your Ka, your life-energy, your soul...I am taking it so I may be as I was, so I may be made flesh.> The creature reached forward and took hold of Lara's breasts with its hands, making the Tomb Raider groan as it groped and squeezed the tender globes. <So much life-energy in your body. A feast for one such as I. A pity you will not survive the process. I have enjoyed our coupling.>

The mummy released one of Lara's breasts and slowly ran its fingertips up her chest to her neck. It reached behind her head and took hold of her braided ponytail, pulling it back suddenly and harshly, lifting Lara's head up towards its own. The monster leaned forward and pressed its mouth over Lara's. The Tomb Raider gagged as she felt the creature's decomposed lips pressing against her own. She nearly retched when the mummy's cold, rotting tongue slid into her mouth and licked her tongue and teeth lasciviously.

The mummy ended the grotesque kiss and pulled its head back, then laughed. <Soon, I will be erect again. Then I will take you one last time. The spell will ensure you experience one last moment of pleasure...before you die, so I may live. The symmetry is beautiful, is it not?>

Lara didn't even have the energy for a snappy comeback. She glared at the mummy from beneath heavy-lidded eyes, her dark brown eyes blazing with anger. Her heart, however, despaired. She felt too weak to break her bonds, never mind run away or hold a gun. Lara's head fell forward. She saw the creature's right hand was at its midsection, moving...she grew alarmed when she realized the mummy was stroking itself, urging its cock to become erect so it could finish her off. She gasped weakly. The mummy laughed at her fear, then turned to study the hieroglyphics once again.

Lara's eyes searched desperately around the chamber, hoping to find some means of escape and finding none. She looked over at the mummy, still staring at the markings on the wall. Lara began to wonder what it found so intriguing there. She focused all her energy into reading the hieroglyphics. Her eyes followed the pictograms, down, then back up the the top of the next column. Suddenly, she realized what she was looking at: the same incantation the mummy had uttered earlier to make her all hot and bothered!

It wasn't just a simple lust spell; it was an incantation to Osiris, the Egyptian God of the underworld, to restore the dead to life by relieving a living body of its energy--just as the creature had said. The incantation implied that sex was the best method of achieving this transfer.

Then Lara noticed that the incantation ended...only halfway across the wall. She waited until the mummy moved aside, then began to read the rest of the hieroglyphs. Her eyes grew wide as she interpreted them, and a faint smile curled the corner of her lips.

Suddenly, the mummy turned around, and Lara gasped as she glanced at its midsection and saw that the creature's cock was once again erect. It walked towards her, an obscene grin on its half-rotted face, then walked behind her. Lara turned her head, watching over her shoulder as the mummy approached her weak and vulnerable body. She shivered when she felt the creature's cold hands on her backside.

<Osiris, son of Geb, lord of the underworld, hear my prayer,> the mummy said, reciting the incantation. <Let the dead arise, let the sleeper awake. Take from this sacrifice her Ka and render it unto me. Inflame her loins with passion, excite her body with desire. Fill her breasts with fire and her heart with lust. Bring her to the peak of ecstasy and then to the depths of the underworld, that her life may be forfeit and that mine may be restored. Osiris, hear my prayer!>

The mummy then began to repeat the incantation, but Lara could already feel its effects. As before, her heart began to pound in her chest. She moaned weakly as she felt her pussy lubricating and a languid lust taking hold of her body. She knew she could not resist the spell or its effects, but she gritted her teeth and struggled to maintain some semblance of concentration. Have to...hang on...wait for the right moment...she told herself.

The mummy spread her ass cheeks as it continued to recite the incantation, then began to rub its huge cock in the crack of Lara's heart-shaped ass. Lara moaned, her voice a mix of despair and desire, as she realized the creature intended to fuck her ass. She drew a breath through clenched teeth when the mummy reached forward and pinched one of her tender nipples in its cold, bony fingers. Then the mummy squeezed her breast; the huge mound felt as though it were suddenly on fire. Lara could think of nothing but sex at that moment. Desperately, like a drowning woman, she fought against the growing lust in her body, trying to focus on the one slender hope she had.

"OH GOD..." Lara groaned hoarsely through clenched teeth as her body trembled from her inner struggle. "T-take me..." she muttered. "TAKE ME!! FUCK ME!! OHHhhhhh..."

<Yes, my beautiful whore. I will take you now...>

"AHHHHHH!!" Lara cried as the mummy pressed its cock into her ass. She had been taken that way only a few hours before, but the sensation was no less intense. The creature's huge prick stretched her rear opening to its limits and beyond. The ancient incantation ensured that her body interpreted the pain as pleasure, and Lara felt herself drowning in waves of ecstasy. She took a deep rasping breath as the monster pulled out of her and then plunged back in.

"OHHHHHHH!!" Lara screamed as the huge cock ravished her anus. Already, the beautiful Tomb Raider could feel the first stirrings of a powerful orgasm growing in her loins. Her body, mind, and soul, all entranced by the ancient incantation, wanted to give in, wanted to experience the powerful, cataclysmic release of sexual climax. But she knew it would bring certain death to her, and unleash the monster that was assaulting her on an unsuspecting world.

"HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH!" Lara grunted with every thrust of the mummy's prick into her ass. Her globular breasts shook, and sweat ran freely from every pore on her ravaged body. As though swimming upwards from the bottom of the ocean, Lara Croft fought off the effects of the rape and the incantation, struggling to focus the mind that she had honed as finely as her body. Her jaw clenched tightly, and her brow furrowed in concentration. She opened her eyes and read the second inscription, scrawled in ancient hieroglyphics on the wall just in front of her.

<Nephthys, daughter of Nut, mistress of the underworld, hear my prayer...UHHH...> Lara began to recite under her breath. <Make the dead rest, let the sleeper resume his long slumber. Return unto me my Ka which was taken from me. OHHHH...>

"RRUHH!! RRUHH!!" The mummy grunted, then paused when it heard its victim mumbling something. <What? What are you saying, whore...?>

Realizing she'd been discovered, Lara raised her voice and quickly finished the incantation. <Reclaim the wanderer from your kingdom, return him to the depths of the underworld, that the balance may be restored! Nephthys, hear my prayer!>

<What?!? NO!! STOP, YOU FILTHY WHORE!!> Angered, the mummy quickly covered Lara's mouth with its cold, bandaged hand.

Lara angrily bit down on the mummy's bony fingers, and was greatly satisfied when the creature's shriek confirmed that it could, indeed, feel pain. The mummy withdrew its hand and Lara then began to repeat the incantation, louder and faster than before. In the middle of the third repetition, she heard the wind whistling through the underground corridors outside the chamber.

<No...what have you DONE, you SLUT?!> the mummy demanded angrily.

"Sent you packing, you fetid pile of rags!" Lara snarled back. The creature pulled its cock from the depths of her ass, and Lara took a deep, rasping breath in response. She collapsed, hanging from her bound wrists; resisting the siren call of the lust spell and focusing on reciting the opposing incantation had taken the last of her strength.

The wind began to howl inside the underground chamber. Lara turned her head and watched over her shoulder as it formed a tight whirlwind around her assailant. The mummy held up its bandaged arms in supplication, but to no avail. The whirlwind churned violently around the creature's body, and the mummy screamed as its wrappings were torn away.

A bright white glow suddenly appeared in the mummy's eyes, and in the center of its chest, and in its loins. Lara's brown eyes grew wide as the light brightened, then leapt from the mummy, through the swirling wind that was tearing it apart, and towards her. Instinctively, Lara screamed as the streams of light approached her. One channel of light entered her body through her eyes and mouth; another slammed into her breasts, and a third flowed towards the ground at her feet before turning upwards and diving into her privates.

"GAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Lara cried as her own reclaimed life force poured back into her body. "HRRAHH!! HRRAHH!! HRRAHH!!" she grunted as the energy pulsed into her in waves. Her mouth was opened wide; light poured into it. Her breasts felt as though they were on fire. Her pussy gushed as it was ravished by the bright life energy that returned to her in a most intimate and sensual way.

"NNNUUUUHHHH!!" the mummy screamed in agony. The bandages had been torn from its body completely, leaving its desiccated flesh to be stripped away by the hot, violent wind. The creature twitched and flailed violently, but could not escape the whirlwind's destructive embrace. The life force it had stolen from Lara continued to flow back to her in multiple bright streams of light.

"OH GOD...OH GOD...OH GOD!!" Lara shouted as the mystical return of her life energy brought her closer and closer to a sexual climax. She hung in her bonds, her naked body convulsing with intense pleasure as the streams of light pulsed into the most sensitive regions of her body. It felt as though hundreds of hot fingers were massaging her sensitive breasts, and as though a huge, hot, pulsating cock was thrusting relentlessly into her pussy.

Behind her, the wind swirled around the mummy, or rather, what was left of it. Most of the skin and flesh had been stripped away by the mystical desert wind, leaving a flailing skeleton of black bones held together by dry, sinewy ligaments. Finally, those were torn away, and the bones crumbled. Most of the skeleton turned to dust; a few dark bones collapsing to the chamber's stone floor with a dry clatter.

"OH...OH...OH...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!" Lara yelled in ecstasy as a powerful climax finally took her. The light had ceased flowing from the mummy and instead enveloped her body. Every nerve seemed aflame, every inch of her skin suffused with pleasure. She tossed her head back, her long braided ponytail slapping against her naked behind as she succumbed to a powerful, mystical orgasm. A blinding white light exploded behind her eyes, cleansing her mind of all coherent thought. Her body convulsed, sweat spraying from it as it shook violently.

"NNNNNGGGGHHHH!!" she grunted hoarsely as her body quivered with one last violent tremor of pleasure. Then the wrappings binding Lara's wrists and ankles snapped, and her exhausted body collapsed to the ground.

Lara lay sprawled on the cold stone floor of the underground chamber for several minutes, her chest heaving as she gulped air, her naked body trembling with the aftershock of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Eventually, she shakily pushed herself up to a sitting position. She glanced dizzily around the chamber. Her eyes came to rest on the remains of the mummy.

"Was it good for you too?" she muttered with a sly but weary grin. 

Lara Croft pushed herself to her feet. She took a stumbling step forward; her knees, not surprisingly, felt very weak. She put one arm out and held herself up against the wall. Opening her eyes, she noticed she was leaning against the carved incantation that had saved her life. She gave the wall an affectionate pat.

"Nephthys, old girl," she murmured, "I shall have to visit one of your temples and make a proper offering of thanks."

Lara staggered out of the chamber and through the underground corridors until she happened upon her abandoned backpack. She recalled that the mummy had captured her in a chamber with an underground pool. A faint smile came to her luscious lips. Her voluptuous body was still covered with the disgusting evidence of her ordeal: sweat, semen, sand, dirt, even blood.

"I could use a refreshing dip," Lara said to herself, then made her way into the nearby underground chamber with its shallow pool. She set her backpack down on the stone floor and dipped her naked toes into the cool water. A delightful shiver ran down her spine. She slowly waded into the pool, pressing her hands against the etched stones on either side for support.

Seconds later, Lara Croft was immersed in the cool water and sighed with relief as she washed the grit and grime from her skin. She plunged her head beneath the surface of the water, then tossed it back, droplets spraying, her splashes echoing in the underground tomb.

Lara spread her body out in the pool and laid back. She closed her eyes and let her head lay on a stone step at one end of the basin. She sighed contentedly and ran her hands over her wet, naked skin.

"Mmmmm..." she hummed as her hands caressed her breasts and pussy. "That last shagging nearly made up for the whole bloody day," she murmured to herself. "Nearly, but not quite," she said, her voice hardening. Her dark brown eyes opened and blazed with cold, righteous fury. "Right. When I get back to Cairo, it'll be time for some payback..."


Abdul Farrar left his dinner table and walked down the long hallway of his mansion in Cairo, heading for his private study, as he did every night after dinner. The servants would clean the table, and his wife would take care of their two daughters, reading to them before putting them to bed. He had a good life, far better than the vast majority of other modern Egyptians, and should have felt content. But he did not. He sighed and opened the door to his study, then closed it behind him, locking it as was his habit to avoid interruptions, and switched on the light.

He walked towards his desk, idly noticing that the high-backed chair was turned away from him. He stopped dead in his tracks when the chair suddenly swung around. His eyes widened and his heart leapt to his throat when he saw who was sitting there. A tight cyan tank top was stretched across her formidable breasts, and her dark brown eyes regarded him with cold bemusement over the dark round lenses of her sunglasses. She held a pistol with a silencer attached to its barrel; it was pointed straight at his heart.

"YOU!!" Farrar exclaimed. It had been two days since he'd seen her for what he'd thought was both the first and last time. " should be..."

"Dead?" Lara Croft responded nonchalantly. "I'm not that easy to kill, Farrar. Or should I call you Rameses? Help me out here. What does your wife call you? Abe in front of the servants, Rameses when you're fucking her?"

"How dare you!" Farrar snapped, regaining some of his composure despite the unwavering presence of Lara's pistol. "Get out of my home, or I shall call for..."

"You raise your voice and you're dead," Lara said coldly. "And I'll be gone before your body hits that expensive and exquisite Persian rug you're standing on. Blood stains are so difficult to get out of fabric, Abe; so do be a lamb and keep your mouth shut."

"W-what do you want?" Farrar asked meekly, realizing that everything he'd heard about Lara Croft's reputation--her resiliency, her cleverness, and especially her ruthlessness--were all true. He'd thought himself superior because of his lineage and because he was a man. He silently cursed his foolishness; he was completely at this woman's mercy.

"Don't worry, Abe," Lara said with a slight, bemused smile. "I'm not here to kill you. Not unless you make me. No, I'm here to put an end to your playing Pharaoh, especially your nasty habit of raping girls and tying them up to die in some ancient tomb."

"I have no idea what you're..."


Farrar flinched and yelped as the pistol spat out a shot. He felt the bullet graze his right ear before it buried itself in the paneled oak that covered the wall behind him. Farrar pressed one hand to his bleeding ear and stared at Lara Croft with wide-eyed terror.

"Don't play games, you bloody burke," Lara hissed at him. "I've sworn an affidavit recounting the events that occurred between us in that tomb and left it with my solicitors in London, as have three of the local girls you abandoned in that tomb before me. Oh yes, they're alive and well," Lara added nonchalantly, "thanks to some American archeologists with more lust than sense. The point is, if anything happens to me, or if I find out you're still playing dress-up, the affidavits get released immediately to Al-Jazeera." Lara watched with satisfaction as Farrar swallowed hard at that.

"I can't imagine your wife would be too happy about you shagging prostitutes while dressed up as King Tut. Nor the rest of your family. Turns out your real name has more meaning in Arabic society than you originally led me to believe. It would be quite an embarrassment for your father, the cabinet minister, to have a son who's planning to usurp his government's power. And as for your father-in-law..." Farrar's eyes went wide with terror. "Yes, you should be afraid of him, shouldn't you? I know he puts on the appearance of a legitimate businessman, but it turns out that he has his fingers in every racket between here and Casablanca. Quite a pickle you've gotten yourself into, Abe."

"I...I...will do as you say," Farrar muttered, thoroughly cowed. "I will abandon the rites. And...I offer you my apologies, Lady Croft. I underestimated you. You are as formidable...more so...than your reputation suggests."

Lara smiled. "Ah, it takes a big man to admit when he's been bested." Farrar, one hand still pressed to his ear, smiled back at her hopefully. "Still, I don't think that really settles the score between us." With that, Lara stood up from behind the desk. She regarded Farrar with an expectant, wolfish gaze.

The Egyptian looked at her quizzically, until his eyes traveled down over her voluptuous body to her midsection. Then his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. There, fastened around Lara's khaki shorts, was the huge gilded dildo Farrar had used to rape her only two days before. Part of his mind comprehended her intention, but he couldn't believe it.

"W-what are you..." he stammered. "N-no...y-you cannot mean to...!!"

"Oh, I bloody well do," Lara murmured threateningly as she slowly walked around the desk towards him, the gun still pointed at his chest. "Time for some payback. Now bend over the desk and drop your trousers." Lara sauntered towards Farrar until she stood no less than two yards from him.

Somewhere within him, Farrar found some semblance of a backbone. He straightened and stared down his nose at the beautiful Englishwoman who stood so brazenly before him. "I will not," he declared, his voice shaking but firm. "I am descended from royalty. The blood of the Pharaohs runs in my veins, and..."

Lara took a sudden step forward, drew her gun arm across her chest, and violently pistol-whipped the Egyptian. Farrar spun around and nearly collapsed to the floor, but Lara caught him by the scruff of the neck and threw him across the desk face-first. She pressed the barrel of the pistol against the back of his neck.

"I'll spill that noble blood quite gladly if you put up any resistance, you bastard," Lara snarled as she grabbed the back of his pants and yanked them down to his ankles. Lara placed one booted foot on his pants and forced Farrar to step out of them, then she harshly kicked his legs apart. The man's whine of despair brought a satisfied smile to her face.

"Do try to keep a sock in it, Abe," she whispered into his ear as she positioned the golden dildo at his anus. "Don't want to wake the children..."

Later, Lara Croft reflected that she had to give Farrar some credit. During the two hours that followed, he barely made a sound louder than an anguished whimper.