Lara Croft and the Ruby of Doom

a superheroine story by Dangerguy

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it.

I must confess that I don't know much about Lara Croft; I haven't seen the movie, don't read her comic book, and I've only played Tomb Raider--I forget which version--once or twice. But I'd have to be a corpse not to be aware of her invasion of popular culture, and I'd also have to be metabolically-challenged to not find her hot, even if she only exists as a bunch of pixels in a video game. I've seen several artists do compelling versions of the character, especially Julius Zimmerman; thus inspired, I gathered up what little knowledge of Lara I had and produced this. Hope ya like it.

Part One: Preparation

Lara Croft wiped her brow and glanced around the ancient Mayan ruins, which didn't look at all like ruins--they had been almost completely reclaimed by the jungle. The overgrowth of trees, moss, and vines made the site virtually invisible from the air, and even on the ground the centuries-old columns and building stones looked like little more than felled tree trunks and large rocks. But Lara's carefully trained and experienced hazel eyes saw much more, including the landmarks the old text had told her to expect.

She walked forward carefully, gingerly lifting her shapely legs over the gnarled tree trunks that dripped with moisture which condensed from the humid air. Sweat ran over her white skin, its usual English paleness lightly bronzed by the tropical sun. Lara's white tank-top and tan shorts were now soaked with her own perspiration, but the tomb raider, long used to humid climates, paid it no heed.

She wore no bra; Lara's breasts, though large, were firm enough so she could go without a bra when she wanted, such as in hot, sticky climates like the jungles of the Yucatan. Her tank-top, then, had become virtually see-through, making her large breasts with their copper-colored areolas and nipples readily visible through the thin, wet cotton. But since Lara was alone--she'd left her superstitious guides behind several miles back--she didn't care about that, either.

As she walked through the undergrowth, her left hand steadied itself against a tree trunk; the other lightly caressed one of the pearl-handled .45 caliber pistols she kept slung over her hips. She wasn't expecting trouble, but somehow, trouble always seemed to find her. Hence the guns.

She stepped past the tree and glanced around. Her dark brown eyebrows knitted in concentration, and a certain amount of consternation as well. She looked at her surroundings expectantly, especially at the ground, but saw nothing in the vicinity but tree roots and detritus from the rain forest canopy.

"Bloody hell," she cursed in her lilting, upper-class British accent, placing her fists on her hips. "The entrance is supposed to be right here," she muttered, annoyed. She shook her head, her long, braided ponytail shaking against her back and the top of her curvaceous behind.

The ancient text she'd uncovered in the bowels of the British Museum two weeks before had seemed quite clear: 15 paces past the central column she would find the entrance to the burial chamber of Xentopah, a Mayan king who had supposedly ascended to godhood. Lara Croft, however, was less interested in Xentopah than in his crown jewel: a massive, blood-red ruby that, if the legends were correct, was the largest gem of that type ever encountered by humans. The jewel would be quite a prize for the Museum. The ruby also had some sort of other-worldly powers, according to the legend, which was why the ancient texts referred to it as "the Ruby of Doom", but Lara put little stock in that. Such stories were usually invented to dissuade potential tomb robbers--such as herself, she admitted silently.

"Right then," Lara said with a sigh. It wasn't the first time she'd had to work around the frustrating inaccuracies of ancient manuscripts. She'd just have to look around the site until she found the entrance, however long that might take. Lara took off her backpack and set it down on the trunk of a fallen tree, preparing for a prolonged search. She could do without the extra weight in this heat. She took a step forward and immediately wished she hadn't.

Beneath her, suddenly, the forest floor gave way and she fell forward through a large hole, along with large amounts of rotting leaves and branches, into a dark cavern below. Lara could not see how far she had to fall, so she curled into a ball and braced herself for a hard landing as best she could. She would try to roll to diminish the impact--assuming she survived it.

To her surprise, her fall came to a sudden and relatively gently stop. She grunted as she landed on some sort of rope lattice--a net! Her relief was short-lived, however, as she continued to drop, albeit slowly, and the net began to gather around her, restricting her movements. A trap! But Lara had no time to regret her carelessness. She tried to grab the netting and climb out, but as the net ran out of slack, it suddenly tightened around her. The ropes pressed around her body, forcing her already-bent knees against her chest and pressing her arms against her sides. In seconds, Lara found that she could barely move at all, beyond a few frustrated twitches. The sudden plunge into near-pitch blackness after the bright light of the jungle didn't help; she could barely see anything.

But she suddenly felt something--hands, human hands, running over her helpless body. One of the groping hands found one of her pistols and pulled it from its holster. Lara tried to force her hand through the netting to her other pistol, but she couldn't move fast enough and suddenly felt her unseen assailant remove the other gun, completely disarming her. Still, the hands continued to run over her helpless body, searching for other weapons. The hands seemed to linger a little too long over her behind and shapely legs, and Lara cursed at them.

"Leave off, you bloody burke!" she hissed. "You keep poking at me and I'll break your fucking fingers!"

Her words seemed to have the desired effect, as the hands stopped and pulled away from her.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Lara heard in the gloom. "Such language from a well-bred English lady. My, my," a distinctively feminine voice, with a soft Spanish accent, mocked her. "It's all right, Hector; everyone knows the legendary Ms. Croft carries two guns, and you've found both of them. You'll have your fun later." Lara didn't like the sound of that, but she decided to ignore it. A male voice grunted and Lara heard heavy footfalls slowly backing away from her.

"Who are you?" Lara demanded. "What's the meaning of this?"

The Spanish woman laughed lightly. "Oh, Ms. Croft. Imperious to the last. Very well. I am Doctor Maria Lopez, and this is a trap. My informants in Cancun told me of your arrival in the area; I knew you'd be heading here, and simply laid in wait. And here you are, just like clockwork. Does that answer your questions, my lady?"

"Lopez...," Lara muttered, recognizing the name and ignoring the woman's mocking tone. If this was the Dr. Lopez she had heard of, she was an anthropologist, an authority on ancient Central American religions, and rumored to use...unusual methods in her research. Lara had heard that Lopez often participated in the recreation of ancient religious rituals; one rumor had it that she had even presided over a human sacrifice. Lara's heart leapt into her throat at the recollection.  "A trap? What the bloody hell for?" she demanded further of her unseen, mocking adversary.

"I'm growing tired of this conversation, Ms. Croft. Besides, I think it's better to show than to tell, no? Hector...prepare Ms. Croft for the ceremony."

Before Lara could utter another word, a strong hand grabbed her ponytail and roughly pulled her head back against the netting. The tomb raider grunted in response. Then one of her .45's slammed into the back of her skull. Lara's brown eyes rolled up into her head, and she went limp as consciousness left her.


Lara awoke to the feel of cold water running down her face and over her breasts. She gasped for breath and her eyes fluttered open as she lifted her head from where it hung against her chest. She tried to move her arms to wipe the cold water from her face and found she couldn't; still getting her bearings, she felt rather than saw that her limbs were quite tightly restrained. She blinked repeatedly, groaning in pain and grogginess, as she sought to focus her eyes.

Gradually, blurs became shapes, and shapes became objects. She found herself in some sort of large, underground chamber carved out of the bedrock--impressive for an ancient people, her archeologist's mind couldn't help noting. Several torches provided a flickering light; the only other source of illumination was from a hole in the roof at the distant end of the chamber, just above what seemed to be a large stone idol carved into the rock. Lara wondered if that was the hole she had fallen through, remembering how she had gotten into this predicament.

"Alice..." she muttered with a bit of a smirk.

"I beg your pardon, Ms. Croft?" a female voice asked.

"Alice. Down the rabbit hole..." Lara replied groggily.

"Ah, of course. But this is not Wonderland, as you will soon discover."

Lara blinked and focused on the woman standing a few feet in front of her. She was about Lara's height, with a slender but shapely body, barely concealed by the khaki short-sleeve shirt and shorts she wore. Her lustrous black hair, worn long and loose, shone even in the gloomy half-light of the cavern, and her almond-shaped eyes returned Lara's gaze. Her mouth, though blessed with rich and full lips, looked hard and cruel. Lopez bore a striking resemblance to the actress Selma Hayek, but looked distinctively...nastier. She held a canteen of water, which she had obviously just used to douse and rouse her captive.

"Lopez," Lara muttered, remembering.

"Indeed," her adversary responded.

"I should kick your arse, you Spanish tart," Lara growled and attempted to lunge forward, but could only writhe in her bonds, and just barely. She took a moment to study her restraints more closely.

Lara was held spread-eagled between two large, thick columns in the middle of the chamber. She still wore her tank-top and shorts, as well as her hiking boots and socks, but her gun holster had been removed. Chains bound her wrists and ankles to the stone columns and held her a couple of  inches above the stone floor. The chains binding Lara were just loose enough to allow circulation, but much too tight to allow Lara to slip free of them--not that she didn't try just then, pulling and grunting angrily. She was, in a word, helpless--a state of being she didn't care for one iota.

Dr. Lopez only laughed derisively. "You are in no position to hurl threats. Nor insults, for that matter," she said with a slight snarl. She took a step closer to Lara and suddenly, harshly, slapped the Englishwoman across the cheek.

Lara's head spun to one side; her braided ponytail whipped around and came to rest between her large breasts. She ran her tongue over her lower lip and tasted blood.

"Keep a civil tongue in your head, Ms. Croft, and I will try to make the next few hours...a little less painful for you than they could be. And just for your information, I'm Mexican, not Spanish."

Lara bit back a scathing rejoinder as she heeded the woman's words. Whatever Dr. Lopez had in store for her, she would likely need all her strength. Besides, she realized she was totally helpless and at this woman's mercy at the moment; getting on her good side might just be a good idea.

"My apologies," Lara said, allowing only the slightest amount of sarcasm in her voice, "I guess getting kidnapped, knocked out, and tied up gets me a little cranky."

"Oh?" Dr. Lopez asked, the mocking playfulness returning to her voice. "It doesn't get you...turned on?"

"Not in the slightest!" Lara responded with a sneer.

"Too bad," Lopez replied, her dark eyes wandering over Lara's shapely form. "It would make the ceremony much easier for you."

"Might I enquire as to the purpose and content of this 'ceremony' you keep referring to, Doctor?" Lara asked superciliously. The Doctor's oblique references to the ceremony, and the way the woman's eyes regarded Lara with undisguised lust, were beginning to make Lara a little nervous.

"You mean you don't know?" Lopez asked with some slight surprise. "Really, I would have thought you would do more homework before you attempt one of your...robberies," she went on sarcastically. "Of course, you're an archeologist--you're only interested in artifacts and treasure, not insignificant things such as indigenous people and their culture."

Lara couldn't help rolling her eyes. These sorts of insults had been traded back and forth between the archeological and anthropological communities for years; she found it rather boring. Her current predicament, however, was anything but.

"Perhaps you could enlighten me, Doctor," Lara responded dryly. "I'm not going anywhere," she added, feebly pulling at the chains that bound her tightly to the stone columns.

Dr. Lopez smiled at Lara's little joke. "Very well, Ms. Croft. I shall attempt to fill in the considerable gaps in your knowledge." Lopez walked towards Lara, standing inches away from her captive. Once again, her dark eyes wandered slowly over Lara's shapely, helpless body. "What do you know about Xentopah, Lara? May I call you Lara?"

"Do I have a choice?" Lara responded flatly. "Xentopah. Mayan king, 5th dynasty. 26 wives, 102 concubines. Quite the randy bugger. Supposedly ascended to godhood when he cacked off. That's about it."

Dr. Lopez shook her head sadly. "So much beauty, so little brains," she said as she reached out with her right hand to lightly, teasingly caress Lara's left breast through the thin cotton tank-top. Lara tried to ignore the sensation, but the air in the chamber was cool, and her tank-top was still wet from her perspiration. Lopez' stimulation of her sensitive breast quickly made Lara's areola pucker and her nipple became erect; it distinctively poked out the thin cotton of her tank top. Lopez smiled at the result of her ministrations and playfully pinched the tender bud between her thumb and forefinger.

Lara gasped at the sensation. "Is that...strictly necessary?" she demanded through clenched teeth.

"Oh, yes, Lara, it is," Lopez replied as she began to tease Lara's other breast with her left hand. "Xentopah...the 'randy bugger' as you so crudely put it...believed that through sexual ecstasy, one could attain divine power. He and his priests developed elaborate ceremonies to attempt this. Eventually, he succeeded, but the details of the ceremony were lost...until I managed to interpret a mysterious tablet found deep in a tomb at Chichen Itza that had baffled other scholars for years." Lopez stopped in her tale and pinched both of Lara's now-erect nipples, gently pulling at them through the suddenly abrasive fabric covering them.

"Ungh!" Lara grunted in response. "Stop it! Why are you...unnhhh...doing that?!"

"All will become clear to you soon enough. I won't bore you with the details, but the ceremony has certain requirements. This underground temple being one. The other is a certain precious stone which I believe is your particular interest here, is it not?"

"I...uhhh...don't know what you're talking about..." Lara exhaled as she tried to ignore what the beautiful Latina was doing. Lopez had stopped her teasing and had begun kneading Lara's large, firm breasts in earnest, squeezing and pulling on the huge mammaries while teasing Lara's nipples with her thumbs.

"Oh, come. You're here for the ruby, just like I am. But you want to put it in a museum, don't you? How myopic! I, on the other hand, am after its power."

Lopez suddenly dropped her right hand and pressed it between Lara's parted thighs, cupping her pussy. She began to rub her hand vigorously against Lara's concealed mound. The Englishwoman squirmed and moaned in protest.

"Stop that, you...perverted dyke! AHHH!!" Lara cried as Lopez pinched her right nipple hard in response to her insult.

"I told you to be polite, Lara," Lopez hissed, continuing to pinch the tender bud as her victim pressed her eyes shut against the pain. Finally, Lopez released Lara's nipple and Lara sighed in relief; the sexy Latina continued her more pleasurable assault against the tomb raider's breasts and pussy, however. "Now, as I was saying, there are certain elements required for this ceremony. This chamber, the ruby, certain ancient Mayan incantations, and, of course, a sacrifice. That is where you come in, my darling Lara."

Lopez stopped rubbing Lara's pussy and moved her right hand back up to Lara's breasts, though she had ceased her kneading of the large globes and merely rested her hands on top of them. With a flick of her hand, she gently swung Lara's ponytail back over her shoulder. Lara blinked and stared at her captor with a mixture of defiance and trepidation.

" intend to kill me then?" she asked nonchalantly, though her heart was pounding in her chest.

"Oh, no, Lara. I intend to fuck you!" With that, Lopez gripped the hem of Lara's tank top and tore it open down the front, ripping it away from Lara's chest and exposing her huge breasts. Lara gasped at the sudden, violent exposure while Dr. Lopez licked her lips at the sight of her captive's milky-white mammaries.

"W-what?" Lara demanded in confusion and shock. "I don't...why?"

"Weren't you paying attention, Lara dear?" Lopez answered, though unable to pull her eyes away from Lara's exposed breasts. "Xentopah believed the key to unlocking the power of the ruby was through sex, and the ceremony requires a sexual sacrifice. It's very precise on that point."

"Don't you require or something?" Lara asked desperately as Lopez slowly moved her hands towards the tomb raider's trembling tits.

"Oh, no, it's quite precise about that too. Xentopah preferred experienced women. And there's only one way to make sure you're 'experienced', Lara..." With that, Dr. Lopez grabbed Lara's right breast tightly and firmly, eliciting a gasp from the captive explorer. She then greedily lunged her head forward and closed her mouth around the peak of Lara's breast, sucking and licking the areola and erect nipple. Lara gasped and then clenched her teeth at the intense sensations pulsing in her massive tit.

"UNNNGGHH...oh, cripes, STOP IT!!! AHHHHHH!!!" Lara screeched as Dr. Lopez bit her sensitive nipple. Then Lopez went back to sucking and slurping Lara's huge teat, while the helpless tomb raider clenched her teeth and shuddered in her bondage.

"Mmmmm...delicious," Lopez murmured huskily when she stopped a moment later. "I'm going to enjoy this immensely. Hector," she called over Lara's shoulder, "...finish preparing Ms. Croft for the ceremony."

With that, Dr. Lopez walked around one of the columns and behind Lara, disappearing into the gloom at the back of the ancient chamber, while the man she called Hector stepped forward on Lara's opposite side. Lara carefully sized up Lopez' partner, or henchman, or whatever he was, as he came into the flickering torch-light. He was a tall man, standing right around six feet, with a strong, muscular build, as revealed by the fact that he wore nothing but a pair of khaki shorts, belted around his waist; the belt also held a large hunting knife in a leather sheath. He moved fluidly, like a dancer, or more likely, a man with combat and probably martial arts training. Formidable, Lara told herself; she was evaluating him as a fighting opponent, but the large, growing bulge in his shorts meant he was formidable in at least one other respect.

Even in the gloomy half-light, Lara could see he had the swarthy skin and dark features of a Latino. He regarded Lara's helpless, bound body with dark eyes beneath heavy brows. His lips curled into a slight, cruel grin as he lustily ran his eyes over her half-naked frame. Lara met his gaze with a defiant one of her own, but felt a slight shiver run down her back.

"Who are you?" she asked with more nonchalance than she felt. "The good doctor's piss-boy?"

Hector said nothing, but stood silently in front of her, continuing to run his eyes over her body.

"Hector performs many functions for me," Dr. Lopez called from the gloom behind Lara. "Let us just say he is my assistant. And refrain from any further insults, Ms. Croft. Hector has even less patience for them than I."

Lara continued to stare defiantly at the powerfully-built man before her. "Can't he talk?" she asked over her shoulder.

"Of course, Ms. Croft--but Hector believes actions speak louder than words. Speaking of which--Hector, proceed."

With that, Hector stepped forward until he stood only inches from Lara. He stared silently into the tomb raider's eyes for several moments, then reached to his right side and slowly pulled the hunting knife from its sheath. He raised the weapon and held it inches from Lara's face, as if for inspection. He then softly pressed the broad side of the knife against Lara's cheek. The metal knife felt cold against her skin; Lara gave a quiet gasp, but continued to stare defiantly at the man before her.

Lara's bravery seemed to amuse him; his closed-lip smile grew broader. Slowly, torturously, he moved the knife down over Lara's skin. First under her chin, and over her neck; he paused moment there, gently turning the cutting edge of the knife against Lara's jugular vein which the captive tomb raider struggled not to move. Despite her brave defiance, she could feel her heart beating faster in her chest. Then Hector continued the knife's downward path, dragging its broad side over Lara's left breast, twirling the razor sharp knife's edge around the erect nipple as Lara held her breath. Down further went the knife, over Lara's trim abdomen, until the knife stopped, its sharp edge paused inside and at the top of Lara's khaki shorts. There it rested for several moments.

Finally Lara could stand no more. "Just do it, you sadistic bastard," she whispered.

In response, Hector cocked an eyebrow, waited a beat, then thrust the knife violently downward, cutting straight through the left leg of Lara's shorts. Even though she had been expecting it, the suddenness of the henchman's action still made Lara gasp. The material of her shorts fell away from her left side, still hanging over Lara's right hip, but revealing a black thong panty beneath.

Hector reached out slowly and grabbed what remained of Lara's shorts. He shifted the knife over, across Lara's taut lower stomach, then once again plunged the knife through the cotton material. He pulled the ruined scrap of cloth away from Lara's hips and tossed it aside, then returned the knife to its sheath.

The man wasn't through with Lara's preparation, however--not by a long shot. He reached forward with one hand and inserted his fingers into the waistband of Lara's panties, just above her pussy. There they rested for a few moments. Lara could see his dark eyes glowing with sadistic enjoyment; the bastard obviously got off on women's fear. Though she stared back at him defiantly, Lara found herself fighting a growing panic inside her. She had never been afraid of death, but that was not the danger she was facing now; she knew this man and this woman would rape her, and she felt powerless to prevent it. Her heart pounded faster in her chest, and she felt perspiration on her naked skin despite the coolness of the underground chamber. She fought her body's urge to tremble in her bonds.

Hector's lips curled into a slight sneer, and he violently ripped Lara's panties away from her body. Again, though she had been expecting his action, Lara couldn't help reacting. This time she gave a short, sharp cry as Lopez' henchman removed her last garment. Lara now hung utterly nude, save for her boots and the tattered, useless tank top, in the ancient bondage frame; Hector's actions revealed a dark brown patch of neatly-trimmed pubic hair covering Lara's pussy. She stared at him angrily and swallowed hard.

"I'll kill you for this..." she muttered. Hector only smiled back at her in silence.

"Excellent, Hector," Dr. Lopez praised her henchman from behind Lara. "She's ready for the next step."

Lopez tossed something to Hector over Lara's shoulder. He caught it easily, without even seeming to look at it. Lara quickly recognized the object as a large bottle oil!?! Before she could fathom its use, Hector had popped open the bottle and began to pour its contents over Lara's naked body. He drizzled the oil over her shoulders, then over her breasts; he then reached over her shoulder and poured more oil down Lara's back; it ran over her shoulder blades and down her spine to the small of her back, then continued to flow over her heart-shaped ass and down her legs. Hector seemed to suddenly notice that none of the oil on Lara's huge breasts had reached her lower body--it dripped from her tits to the stone floor. So he pointed the bottle at Lara's stomach and squeezed it, spraying baby oil over her abdomen, pussy, and thighs.

Dear God, Lara thought to herself, they're...lubricating me for their perverse sexual ceremony!

The oil was cold, having obviously been stored in the coolness of the chamber for sometime, and Lara couldn't help trembling and shuddering as it ran unhindered over her skin. She could feel goose bumps forming on her arms and legs, and her areolas puckered and nipples hardened even more than before.

Hector held the bottle of oil in his left hand and then used his right to spread the oil more evenly over Lara's body. He placed his hand on her shoulders and ran his fingers briskly over them. Then he moved down, his large hand cupping each of Lara's huge breasts in turn. He squeezed and kneaded the Englishwoman's tits as the thoroughly coated them with the oil.

"Unngghhh...unnhhhh...bastard..." Lara groaned through clenched teeth as the henchman manhandled her large, sensitive mounds. Again, he only smiled in response.

Hector then spread the oil over Lara's stomach, which now began to tremble at his touch. Then the henchman paused for a moment, holding Lara's gaze. He poured more oil into his right hand. With sadistic deliberation, he slowly reached down and cupped Lara's pussy, spreading oil over its sensitive lips.

"OHHHHH...." Lara made a moan of protest in response to this...degradation of her body.

Then the dark-featured man pressed his large fingers into Lara's spread pussy, making her jerk suddenly in her bonds and gasp at the intimate violation. He pushed one finger, then two, then three, and finally four fingers into her most intimate area to spread the oil there. Lara squirmed helplessly while struggling to avoid letting her face show the sadist how much discomfort he was causing her; but his smirk told her that he knew. Finally, he withdrew and Lara sighed in relief.

But her humiliation was far from over. Hector pressed his body against hers, her breasts mashing against his broad chest as he reached behind her and began spreading the oil over Lara's fine derriere. He took time to squeeze and knead his captive's cheeks; Lara grunted and turned her face from his smug, silent smile. Then he reached behind her with the bottle of oil and poured more into his other hand. Lara turned to look at his face, now near millimeters from her own, and her eyes widened with shock.

"No...not there...NOOOO!!!" she cried as she felt his finger press into her anus. Lara tightened her sphincter to deny him entry; if they lubricated her there, did it mean they meant to...? No, she couldn't even consider the possibility! She felt his finger pressing against her anus, but it could not penetrate.

Angered at her denial of access to her bodily orifice, Hector's smile disappeared. He tossed the bottle of oil aside and pulled his left arm back in front of her. He reached up and grabbed her throat, then started to squeeze. Lara's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she struggled in vain to take a breath. Her brown eyes pleaded with her captor to release her windpipe, but she saw no sympathy or pity in his dark eyes, only merciless cruelty. Finally, just as her face began to discolor and her eyes began to roll back into her head, Hector released his grip on her slender throat. Lara gulped down a breath as Hector's hand returned to her backside. Clearly, her silent torturer had intended this as a warning if she continued to be uncooperative.

Reluctantly, Lara allowed her body to relax. She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt Hector's oily fingers penetrate her anus and spread oil inside it. Tiny grunts escaped her lips as the henchman clearly enjoyed fondling her rear orifice. To make matters worse, Lara could feel his huge cock pressing against her stomach from behind the thin material of his khaki shorts. He clearly intended to let her know that soon, his monstrous member would be inside her well-lubricated pussy and ass.

Finally he stopped and withdrew his hand from Lara's ass, making the captive Englishwoman shudder and exhale audibly. Hector stepped back from Lara as she slumped in her bonds. Never had she been so humiliated, so ruthlessly violated. Yet she knew it could only get worse.

"Excellent, Hector," Dr. Lopez praised her silent henchman. "My turn now."

Once again, Lara's two adversaries changed positions. Hector walked behind her but stayed close instead of disappearing into the gloom, which Dr. Lopez walked in front of Lara. Lara raised her eyes to look at her captor, and when she did, they went wide and she gasped in shock.

Dr. Lopez was now completely nude as well, except for two things: a pair of black leather knee-high boots and a monstrously long, thick strap-on black dildo. The Latina also wore a wide, lusty smile. As she walked towards her shocked captive, the Doctor's breasts, large though not nearly as large as Lara's, bounced slightly, and her hips swayed seductively.

"You...y-you can't mean to..." Lara stammered, wide-eyed, unable to tear her gaze away from the huge dildo that thrust upward and outward from Lopez' mid-section.

"Oh, I most certainly do, my dear Ms. Croft," Lopez said, her voice low and husky as she closed in on her victim. "I said I would fuck you, and that is what I intend to do." Dr. Lopez placed her hands on Lara's quivering hips and bent her knees, guiding the dildo towards her captive's exposed pussy. Lara could see the flickering torch light reflected in a thick coat of oil that Lopez had applied to the dildo; she could also make out the numerous insidious ridges on the phallus' surface.

"For God's sake, Dr. Lopez, you don't have to do this!" Lara pleaded as the dildo approached her vulnerable, lubricated pussy. Her breathing was quite rapid and heavy now; her large breasts heaved with each breath. "You're a fellow academic...a scientist! Don't do this!!"

"Hector, shut her up," was all that the naked, lusty woman replied.

Lara gasped in surprise as she felt the tattered remnants of her tank top suddenly torn from her shoulders. Before she could close her mouth, Hector tossed the scrap of cloth over her head and pulled it between her teeth. He tied it off securely behind her head, underneath her braided pony-tail. Gagged by her own clothing, Lara could manage to make no sound more intelligible than a grunt or a moan--exactly what the lusty Dr. Lopez had intended.

"Now then, my darling Ms. Croft," Lopez said in a low, husky voice, "time to get down to business, no?" With that, the beautiful Latina began to slowly straighten her legs. The tip of the black, oily dildo touched Lara's pussy lips, then gradually pushed into her vagina.

"MMMMFFFFF!!!" Lara half-groaned, half-squealed into her gag as the huge phallus entered her. Her teeth bit down on the cloth gag in a pained grimace, but her eyes remained open and downcast. Horrified, she could not tear her gaze away from the violation of her own body.

"My, you are a tight little thing, aren't you? All the better..." Lopez tightened her grip on Lara's hips and thrust the dildo deeper into her captive.

"NNNNNGGGFFF!!!" Lara exclaimed as four more inches of the dildo entered her pussy. The sex-toy was half-way to her womb, yet she could see that her body had barely accepted a third of its length. Desperately, Lara pulled at her bonds, but they would not budge. She then tried to pull her body higher, away from her latex rapist, but the chains around her ankles held her firmly. Lopez, however, enjoyed the spectacle of pained female struggling, especially as it made Lara's huge breasts bounce and jiggle enticingly.

"Let's see if these make good 'love handles', shall we?" Lopez quipped and shifted her grip from Lara's hips to take hold of the tomb raider's breasts. Though they were slick with oil, the evil academic managed to get a firm, tight grip on Lara's huge, firm tits; the helpless Englishwoman squirmed in discomfort and pain as her captor squeezed her massive mammaries. Then Lopez used the leverage her grip gave her to shove three more inches of the dildo home.

"NNGGGRRRRRRFFF!!!" Lara growled in anger and pain. It felt as though the huge dildo would split her in two. While the lubricant Hector had applied eased the pain somewhat, it also made it easier for Lopez to push the phallus further inside Lara's love canal. Sweat from her body began to mix and mingle with the oil on her skin and run in rivulets between her breasts and down her back to the cleft in her exquisitely round bottom.

"Just a couple of inches more..." Lopez whispered sadistically, catching Lara's eyes with her own. Desperate, her chest heaving as she gulped air through her gag, Lara pleaded with her eyes and shook her head. But she found no mercy, no decency in the Doctor's dark eyes...only an unrelenting, malevolent lust. Lopez smiled wickedly and thrust the final inches of the dildo into Lara's helpless pussy.

"MMMMMRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFF!!!!" Lara screamed into the gag as she felt the tip of the huge dildo impact against her cervix. Her head fell back and she blinked away tears of pain and rage. Then Lara moaned as she felt Lopez once again close her mouth around Lara's left nipple and begin to suck and softly chew the tender bud. Had the gag been removed, Lara would have thrown her pride aside and begged her captor to have mercy, to stop this rape. But she could not; she could only endure the violation of her beautiful body while unable to express her objections, her pain, her humiliation, in anything other than guttural growls and moans, like some captured, tortured animal. Which only made her degradation worse.

And yet, at that moment, somewhere deep inside Lara, a small spark ignited. Though she remained unaware at first, her body began to respond to its violation in the strangest way; her pussy began to lubricate as though Lara were enjoying the rape.

"Well, if you're a tomb raider, I must be a womb raider!" Lopez joked and began to pull the huge dildo out of Lara's vagina. The monstrous phallus easily slid out of Lara's oiled pussy with a soft slurping sound. When its tip passed her pussy lips, Lara sighed with relief; her respite was short-lived, however.

Lopez tensed her legs then suddenly thrust her pelvis upwards, forcing the dildo suddenly and violently into Lara's helpless pussy. Lopez grunted from the exertion; Lara screamed.

"NNNUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!" the Englishwoman cried as her hazel eyes and her mouth opened wide with shock and pain.

"Oh, yes, my darling Ms. Croft!" Lopez hissed as she slowly pulled the dildo from Lara's trembling body again. "I am going to fuck you for HOURS!!!" she said as she thrust the dildo into Lara's vagina.

"MMMMMMPPPHHHH!!!" Lara screamed into her gag. She barely had a chance to catch her breath as her beautiful Latina rapist began a rapid succession of thrusts and withdrawals, pumping in and out of Lara's spread pussy with cruel abandon.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!" Lopez, still clutching Lara's huge, shaking breasts for leverage, grunted with each thrust.

"MMFF!! MMFF!! MMFF!!" Lara moaned in response. The English adventurer had been in some tough spots before, but never had she been so helpless and humiliated. Despite Lara's best efforts, a single tear rolled down her cheek. Yet the Doctor's thrusts seemed less painful now, though Lara still did not consciously notice her body beginning to betray her.

"How does it feel, you stuck-up English BITCH!?!" Lopez asked, emphasizing her rhetorical question with an angry pelvic thrust. Then Lopez saw the tear on Lara's cheek. She reached out and caught the droplet on a slender index finger, then placed the finger in her mouth and sucked the salty tear down. "Mmmm..." Lopez moaned sadistically, "yes, Ms. Croft, cry. You are my prisoner and my plaything, helpless and humiliated. There is no escape, no hope." Suddenly Lopez reached out and gripped Lara's jaw. "I'll break you, do you hear. I'LL BREAK YOU!"

Some of Lara's bravado returned. She shook her jaw free of her captor's hand, fixed her with an angry, silent stare, and shook her head in defiance. No you will not.

"Oh, I won't, eh?" Lopez responded with a wicked half-smile. "We shall see, Ms. Croft. Surely you must realize this is not all I had planned for you." The gorgeous, raven-haired academic looked over Lara's shoulder. "Hector. Time for our duo to become a trio."

Lara turned her head to look back over her shoulder. Her trepidation grew and her heart beat more rapidly in her chest as the tall, muscular Latino approached her from behind. Slowly, almost casually, he placed his large, strong hands on her slender hips as he took position behind her. Lara remembered how the Doctor's henchman had liberally oiled her anus.

No...not there...please! Lara thought in a rising panic. She had never engaged in anal sex in her life, and now she was about to be buggered against her will! She caught a brief, shadowy glimpse of Hector's cock and recalled how large it had felt when he'd pressed it against her abdomen earlier. Fear began to overcome her, and Lara struggled in her bonds...uselessly. All she succeeded in doing was jiggling her large breasts and turning on her attackers even further.

"Look how she quivers in anticipation, Hector!" Lopez quipped as she watched Lara's tits bounce in her hands.

Then Hector took hold of Lara's twitching midsection by grasping her hips firmly, refusing to allow her any movement. Lara stifled a whimper. Lopez saw the fear in Lara's eyes, her buxom chest rapidly rising and falling in fearful anticipation, and laughed softly and wickedly. Hector used his thumbs to spread Lara's quivering cheeks.

Then Lara's eyes widened, though she stared unseeing, as she felt the broad, hot tip of Hector's massive phallus against her tiny, puckered anus. It won't fit! she thought. It can't! Already impaled on Lopez' huge dildo, held in place firmly by Hector's strong hands, Lara could only tremble as the silent henchman prepared to thrust his cock into her virgin ass.

They seemed to stay still, suspended in time, for a moment, the two rapists and their helpless sexual plaything. Lara could not decide which was worse: the threat of the anal rape, or the anticipation of it. A moment later, she knew.

Slowly, torturously, Hector thrust his cock into Lara's behind. A low, hoarse groan escaped Lara's throat as the huge phallus penetrated her anus. Lara closed her eyes tight against the pain and humiliation. Dear God, his cock is so huge! And so hot! she thought. It feels like I'm being buggered with a hot poker! She threw her head to the right, then swung it around to the left, her braided ponytail flying. Hector released Lara's right hip and deftly grabbed the swinging braid. He yanked it down, pulling Lara's head back, thrusting her breasts forward toward Lopez, and earning a cry of shock from the helpless tomb raider. He twirled the braid around his hand and gripped it tightly, clearly intending to use it as leverage for his penetration of his victim, as Lopez had used Lara's breasts moments before.

"NNNNGGGGGGGFFFF..." Lara groaned as Hector pushed his hard, hot cock deeper into her ass. His earlier lubrication of Lara's rear orifice made the penetration smooth, though anything but easy. Tears began to run down Lara's soft cheeks as she endured the anal rape. She should have tightened her sphincter in resistance, but could not. Something deep inside her would no longer let her resist, and her body began to accept this terrible violation. Then Lara felt Hector's coarse pubic hairs against her behind, and realized he had penetrated her completely! Lara could only groan in resignation.

"I grew up on a ranch, Ms. Croft," Dr. Lopez said as she kneaded Lara's huge breasts. Hazily, Lara frowned at the non sequitur. "Do you know how we broke recalcitrant little fillies? Hmmm?" Lopez paused for emphasis. Lara Croft, bound, naked, and helpless, her orifices filled to the hilt, could only breathe heavily and blink away tears in response. "We rode them. Hard." With that, Lopez nodded to her henchman, and the two villains began humping fiercely at the captive tomb raider.

"MMMFFF!! MMMFFF!! MMMFFF!! MMMFFF!! " Lara grunted into her gag as first the dildo, then Hector's cock withdrew and plunged into her in turn. She squeezed her dark brown eyes shut, as though she could shut out the pain, the humiliation, the very sensation of the double rape. She could not. Hector still held her braid tight and pulled it down towards her ass with each thrust. Lara's huge breasts began to bounce, slapping against her rib cage in counter-point to each violating thrust. Dr. Lopez grabbed Lara's right breast and pulled it to her mouth so she could suckle on Lara's erect nipple, while Hector reached around from behind Lara and grabbed her left breast, squeezing the mammary harshly with his fingers while pinching Lara's sensitive nipple with his forefinger and thumb.

"HUNH!! HUNH!! HUNH!! HUNH!!" Lopez had abandoned Lara's nipple and began to grunt with the exertion of fucking her captive. She changed her grip to Lara's white shoulders, holding her in place while she repeatedly thrust her strap-on dildo into the bucking, moaning tomb raider. A broad, sadistic smile, crossed with a cruel sneer, spread across Dr. Lopez' sensual lips.

Hector began to breath audibly as he raped Lara's ass. He released her braid so he could firmly grip the captive explorer's gyrating hips with his large hands. Over and over, he forced his huge cock into Lara's luscious, round buttocks. He was rewarded with a pained grunt or moan each time he thrust deep between Lara's cheeks. 

Lara herself began to lose any semblance of rational thought to the powerful, violent sensations in her loins. Her shapely legs, helplessly splayed, grew painful as her muscles and thighs tensed with each thrust. Her hands, numb from their metal bindings and from being suspended above her head, began to chafe from the friction caused by the pulling and pushing of the body beneath them. Sweat ran freely down Lara's chest and back, mixing with the oil Hector had spread over her naked body.

Deep inside Lara, somewhere, the spark of desire she had experienced only unconsciously up until now suddenly burst into flame. The rape, while painful, seemed...not quite as bad as she had anticipated. Though she squirmed and moaned in resistance to each thrust of her captors' phalluses, her own body began to lubricate, and her moans changed to ones of pleasure rather than agony.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRFFFF..." Lara moaned as she felt the first signs of an orgasm growing inside her.

The tomb raider's dark brown eyes widened in surprise. I can't...I can't be enjoying this!!! she thought, but realized she was. Her lower body had relaxed to accept the real and artificial cocks violating her, and she could feel her body's own lubricant mixing with the one Hector had applied. can't be... Lara thought, ashamed of her body's betrayal.

Suddenly, across the cave, Lara caught sight of the stone idol she had noticed earlier. It's eyes! The idol's eyes...they're...glowing!?! She tried to dismiss it as a trick of the light. Then the eyes seemed to grow even brighter, and a tremor in her loins shook all thoughts from her mind. Lara groaned loudly into her gag as a wave of intense, soul-searing pleasure pulsed through her helpless body. good... She began to thrust back to meet the humping of her captors, the better to encourage the climax she could feel building inside her.

Lopez, though wildly fucking her captive, notice the change in Lara. "Hector...I think...she's...enjoying it! The slut!" she said between thrusts. "Remove...her gag!"

Hector reached up and pulled Lara's ruined shirt out of her mouth. But the captive tomb raider barely noticed that a gag no longer separated her full, luscious lips. She groaned loudly as her two captors continued to fuck her.

"OHHHHHHHH..." Lara moaned as ecstasy built inside her.

Lopez grabbed Lara's chin and forced her captive to look her in the eye. Lara's large brown eyes seemed glazed, as though she were in a drug-induced stupor.

"You like this, you English slut? Eh?" Lopez demanded.

"!!..." Lara stammered then grunted as Hector yet again thrust into her ass.

Lopez reached behind Lara's head and pulled her forward. She crushed Lara's lips against her own, grinding them harshly; she then forced the Englishwoman's lips apart and pushed her tongue deep into Lara's mouth. She found Lara's tongue and encircled it with her own; Lara responded in kind, eagerly thrusting her tongue into Lopez' waiting mouth and groaning with pleasure as Lopez raped her mouth just as she was raping her pussy.

Lopez broke the kiss but continued to fuck her captive. "Do you like this? DO YOU?!?" Lopez again demanded of her victim.

"UHH...I...OH GOD!! YESSSS!!!" Lara screamed in resignation as her rapists drove into her helpless body.

"WHORE!! SLUT!!" Lopez yelled at Lara, the insults in unison with the thrusts of the dildo.

Unnoticed by all three, the eyes of the stone idol glowed brighter.

"UHH! UHH! YES!! OH GOD YES!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!" Lara cried loudly, her prim British voice echoing through the cavern. She had abandoned all pride and propriety and wished only for the release orgasm would bring. She was close. She could feel the climax building within her.

"OHHHH....OHHHH...OHHHH..." Lopez moaned as she felt her own orgasm approaching. "I'm...I'm going to cum...I'M...DIOS!!!! I'M CUMMMMMIIIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!" she cried as she tossed her head back, her coal-black tresses flying, as the climax took her. Lopez's hands latched onto Lara's breasts like the claws of a beast and squeezed, hard. Lara gritted her teeth in response, but the pain felt like pleasure.

Behind her, Hector lost control as he heard his beautiful employer cumming. He arched his back as he thrust into Lara's ass one last time, then shot his load into her.

"HUNNNNNHHHHHH!!!!" the tall man groaned as he came, by far the loudest sound he had made that day.

Lara felt Hector's hot, sticky cum erupt into her anus, and the sensation sent her over the edge. Her entire body tensed; her lips pursed and her teeth tightened into a grimace.

"OH GOD!!! I...I...OH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!" she screamed as she came, hard, her body bucking in its bonds and on the phalluses of her rapists. Her massive breasts jiggled and shook with the force of her orgasm. On and on it went, a seemingly endless climax, as her mouth dropped open in a silent scream; she had emptied her lungs a moment earlier, but her body could not inhale, frozen as it was in violent rapture.

Lopez shook off the effects of her own orgasm and reached out for Lara's face. She pinched Lara's nostrils shut, and used her other hand to firmly press Lara's lips together. When Lara's body finally attempted to take a breath a moment later, she found she could not draw air into her body. The asphyxiation prolonged and intensified her orgasm. Lara's curvaceous form spasmed silently in its bonds. Then Lara's dark brown eyes rolled back into her head, and her body slumped downwards. Lopez released Lara's nose and mouth a moment later, allowing her captive's unconscious, sexually exhausted body to finally draw a much needed, if shallow breath.

"Well, Hector..." Lopez said, pausing for breath herself. "I would say our Ms. Croft is ready for the ceremony. Prepare her."

The henchman nodded as he wiped sweat from his brow, then began to release Lara's unconscious, naked body from the chains.

Behind them, across the cavern, the huge stone idol's eyes no longer glowed. But they continued to watch...

End of Part One