Please note, this guide deals solely with reviews of superheroine-related TV movies, theatrical films and home videos. It does not cover television series such as "Wonder Woman" or "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl," nor does it cover animated films. Also note, the letter rankings accompanying each entry are purely subjective. They are not based primarily on the film's overall merit, but rather the scenes depicting superheroines in erotic distress. When a ' appears instead of a letter ranking, that means the film was not available for review.


American Films, General:

* B- Black Scorpion I - Roger Corman-produced Showtime movie about a cop turned superheroine. Stars Joan Severance. Some nudity.

* C Black Scorpion II - Less interesting sequel. Fewer scenes featuring Severance as superheroine.

* C+ Supergirl - Probably the only major theatrical film ever to revolve around a superheroine. That alone should count for something. Plus, Helen Slater looks great in the part.

* B+ Dark Fury - From New Phoenix Filmworks. Features an emotionally disturbed gymnast who dresses up as a costumed crimefighter and does battle to exorcize her inner demons. Though it contains no nudity, it does have several nice scenes of the heroine being captured and threatened with rape.

* C The Absolutely Outrageous Adventures of the Politically Incorrect Bikini Babes of Arizona - Another entry from New Phoenix. It contains several short, silly vignettes, one of which features the superheroine duo, Bikini Woman and Teeny. Has a brief fight and some quick, harmless bondage. New Phoenix had a website at one time, but it now appears to be offline.

* D Thunder and Lightning I & II - From WAVE Productions. So silly it's almost entertaining. Even the actors couldn't take this farce seriously. Check WAVE's website for further information..

* ' Thunder and Lightning III - Recent one from WAVE featuring lots of chloroform.

* D Zorro's Black Whip - Old 1940s serial featuring a Zorro-type heroine. Depending on whether you consider Zorro (or a female equivalent) to be a legitimate superhero, this could be the world's first cinematic superheroine appearance. The story actually has nothing to do with the real Zorro, but deals with a masked western heroine, The Black Whip. Unfortunately, her name is the most exciting thing here. A touch of bondage and not much else. For nostalgia buffs only.

* D Model By Day - Made for television movie from the Fox Network. Stars Famke Janssen who went on to fame as a Bond girl in Goldeneye.

* F Generation X - Another sad attempt from the Fox Network (at least they tried). Based on the Marvel comic.

* F Wonder Woman - Before there was the Lynda Carter series, there was this hideous television movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby.

* F Batman and Robin - A complete waste of Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.

* ' The Fantastic Four - Based on the Marvel comic, which includes the Invisible Girl. The film was supposed to be so horrible, it never saw general release.

* ' The Justice League of America - An unreleased TV movie based on the DC comic. Presumably it contained at least one superheroine.

* ' El Frenetico and Go Girl - Doesn't seem to have much adult content. Check out their website for further information.

* ' Mystery Men - Scheduled for release this summer, a major motion picture about a group of off-beat superheroes. Janeane Garofalo plays a superpowered bowler.


American Films, Adult:

* B- The Adventures of Buttgirl and Wonder Wench - Features some very quick bondage and the two heroines briefly screaming for help.

* C+ Splatman - Has a nice lesbian duel between Splatgirl and Scatwoman.

* C Bratgirl - Bratgirl briefly caught and caged.

* C-/C Batbitch I & II - Part two slightly better as Batbitch is quickly gassed unconscious and subject to mind control.

* C Batbabe - Features Batbabe in a little bondage.

* C- Bedman and Throbbin' - Female crimefighter Throbbin' under influence of an aphrodisiac.

* B+ Ms. Magnificent (Superwoman) - Originally released as 'Superwoman' but forced to change title because of copyright infringement. Contains one very good scene where the villainess captures the heroine and rapes her with a kryptonite dildo. Be forewarned, a version recently rereleased contains only the first half of this movie.

* C- Batwoman and Catgirl - Normal adult fare with masks.

* C Sordid Stories of the Pink Stiletto - Pink Stiletto captured and tied to a chair. She later enjoys a gangbang. Story also released as a comic book.

* ' Batpussy Saves the Day - 1960s film available from 'Something Weird' video.

* B Leather Lass vs. Supergirl - Supergirl, who actually wears a Superman-style uniform (long tights, no cape), is captured and thoroughly abused. Fairly graphic but looks as if it were made by high schools kids with absolutely no budget. From Skye Blue and Summer Cummings. Check their website.

* ' Pantyhose Superheroines - From Stevi's Secrets. There is also, supposedly, a sequel. Check Stevi's Secrets website.


American Films, Harmony:
Note - Harmony Concepts is probably the world's biggest maker of superheroine-related films. They produce light, harmless-type bondage videos with little or no nudity. For more info check their website
* C+ Spellbinder vs. Ruthless Ruth Deville - Harmony's flagship heroine, Spellbinder, loses her powers when - you got it - she's tied up. Guess what happens to her in this movie. Stars Alison Brach.

* C Spellbinder vs. Terrible Trixie Larue - More of the same.

* C+ Spellbinder vs. The Dark Lady - Actress Darla Crane takes over the part of Spellbinder and continues the tradition.

* ' Spellbinder vs. The Gagster

* C Atomic Woman vs. The Masked Marauder - Atomic Woman placed in some interesting bondage positions.

* ' The Return of Atomic Woman

* C- Shizzandra I & II - Evil villainess captures innocent girl and gives her super powers which can be neutralized by bondage. The new superheroine escapes, only to be recaptured in part 2.

* B- to C+ To Be Continued Parts I-VI (TBE 1-6) - Each video features three short stories, one of which is the ongoing saga of the villainess, Mistress Meow, who captures hapless superheroines. Most of the episodes fall into the B- to C+ range. However, each individual superheroine episode is only about 15 minutes in duration.

* ' To Be Continued Parts VII & VIII (TBE 7 & 8)

* ' The Revenge of the Crooked Claw

* ' Maiden America vs. The Sinister Seductrix

* ' The Mighty Duo vs. Vice

* ' The School For Superheroines

* ' Kelly Ashton: Fantasy and Reality

* ' Superheroines Double Feature

* ' The Crimes of Mistress Meow

* ' Electra Girl vs. Brutalia - From Close-up Concepts, which appears to be a more graphic arm of Harmony.

* ' Electra Girl Saves the World - One more from Close-up Concepts. Check their website.

* ' Rack of the Cat Mistress - Also from Close-up Concepts. A continuation of the Mistriss Meow saga.


American Films, Anton:
Note - Anton Productions is another company that, like Harmony, specializes in relatively harmless bondage videos. However, they do include lots of chloroform knockouts and occassional full nudity. Harmony has more plot and somewhat higher production values, though (which isn't saying much). Check Anton's website.

* ' Superheroines Parts I - III - Various vignettes of heroines knocked out and tied up.

* C+ Superheroines Part IV - Arguably, Anton's best. A number of vignettes, the best of which features a heroine captured by villainess Tory Sinclair, subjected to a fear ray and groped a little. Might have rated a B- but the tape viewed was a copy with no sound.

* C+ Superheroines Part V - More vignettes with more pitifully lame superheroines who can't seem to do anything except get knocked out and tied up. One decent scene features Anton's mainstay heroine, Neon Girl, getting fondled by the villainess and kissing her boots. Another has her tied spread-eagled with a little remote-controlled toy car (dildo attached) about to drive into her bare crotch.

* C Superheroines Part VI - Pathetic heroines Silver Fox and All-American Girl get chloroformed and tied up. Plus some other heroine vignettes.

* ' Knocked Out and Tied Up IV - Four vignettes, only the last of which involves a superheroine.

* C Superheroines in Jeopardy - Bunch of vignettes with no plots whatsoever. Various heroines knocked out and tied up. Most of the scenes actually rate about a C-, but the vignette with the model dressed like Batgirl getting stripped and unmasked was in the C+/B- range, raising the overall ranking to a C.


American films, Paragon:
Note - Paragon Productions is similar to Anton except with even slightly lower production values (if that's possible). While Anton seems to use more female villains, Paragon generally favors male villains. Also, the Anton models are somewhat more attractive, though Paragon does include more groping of the heroines. Check their website.

* ' The Adventures of Shadow Woman - This is the updated version. There's another Shadow Woman video from Paragon which is now out of circulation.

* C The Adventures of Crimson Angel I & II - Some bondange and long, drawn out chloroform scenes.

* ' The New Adventures of Crimson Angel I & II

* C The Adventures of Power Girl and Saber I & II - Has two mediocre-looking heroines who don't do anything very heroic. Again, lots of drawn out chloroforming which seems to be a Paragon hallmark. Power Girl is forced to have an 'orgasm' by a laser beam.

* ' The Adventures of Black Dove and Sindra I & II - Most recent release from Paragon.


American Films, Double Trouble:
Note - Double Trouble Productions is one of the largest makers of female wrestling and catfight videos. They have recently gotten into the superheroine field in a big way, supposedly using legendary comic book artist George Perez to oversee a series of superheroine-related tapes. Check the website.

* B/C+ Super Shelly I & II - The original Double Trouble superheroine entry from several years back, these two particular tapes involve a Supergirl-style heroine who battles evil foes. Tape one is probably the better of the pair, featuring a bit more nudity, though only of the topless variety. Both tapes contain some brief bondage.

* C- Super Hero Shake-up - Tape contains two stories, only one of which involves a superheroine-type figure.

* C+ Dynamic Duo - The first entry in George Perez's Sisterhood of Superheroines series. Features a Supergirl clone vs. a Wonder Woman-style heroine in a wrestling ring. Each heroine gets the stuffing beat out of her in turn. Why they matched up a heroine against another heroine is a mystery.

* B A Demon Called Dark Raven and Superheroine Showdown 1 - The next entry in the Sisterhood of Superheroines saga is Double Trouble's best effort since the original Super Shelly video. Features two loosely related stories. In the first, the two heroines from Dynamic Duo, Supermaiden and Amazon Queen, get beat on by Dark Raven. In the second, each heroine gets double teamed by a pair of bad girls who leaves them tied up with a ticking bomb.

* ' Superheroine Showdown 2 and Hail Britania - First part picks up where the last tape left off. But the second part is back to having two heroines fight each other in a wrestling ring. What are these people doing'

* ' (Title Unknown) - Double Trouble tape # 396. Another Sisterhood of Superheroines chapter. Now they've got two female villains fighting each other. Somebody is confused.

* ' (Title Unknown) - Unclear whether this is part of the Sisterhood of Superheroines cycle. It features characters named Corpus Christine, Sprite and Spite.

* ' (Title Unknown) - As yet unreleased tape featuring Lisa Marie (of Amazonia, the Thunder from Downunder). Supposedly a superheroine-style video not related to the Sisterhood of Superheroines epic.

American Films, Other:

* B Miss Ballista - The long awaited superheroine video from ZFX Productions, an adult film maker that specializes in hardcore bondage/S&M videos. It has all the ingredients to make an outstanding adult-oriented superheroine movie except for one thing... the superheroine. As with many companies who make heroine vids, the producers seem to think you can dress any character up in a cheap costume and that automatically makes them a superhero. Miss Ballista is a regular gal who is assaulted by a porno ring and then sees her brother murdered. She reads one of her brother's comic books, featuring a character called 'Miss Ballista,' and decides to make herself a costume, get a shotgun and go after the pornographers. A little catfighting, nudity, bondage and heavy torture ensue. If only the main character was a bit more superheroic, this could have gone down as a classic in the genre. So near, and yet so far. Check out ZFX's website for more. A sequel is on the way.

* ' Aqua Woman - From Aqua Entertainment. They specialize in videos for those with a fetish for seeing women wet or underwater. Check their website.

* ' Perils of the Justice Fems - Superheroine tickling video. Has been advertised on various newsgroups by JulieC. She also advertises a list of videos available for trade which includes several more alleged superheroine films including: Catwoman's Revenge, Dynamic Damsel's Disguises, and Space Witch. But it is not certain whether all these videos are, in fact, true superheroine stories (see end notes for definition of a superheroine story.) Look for JulieC's Laughinggas tickling site.

* C+ Amazonia, The Thunder From Downunder - One from Amazons Downunder, another company that seems to specialize in female wrestling videos. In this one a Wonder Woman-type heroine gets her power belt taken away and is beat up by a pair of bad girls. Was scripted by the noted superheoine connoisseur, Joniar, who also wrote the first Super Shelly film. A possible sequel has been mentioned. Check Amazons Downunder website.

* C- Nasty Tempers (NVP 286) - From Napali video, yet one more company that produces female wrestling and catfight films. This one barely falls into the category of superheroine cinema. Darla Crane is the heroine and does some awkward catfighting with villainess. No plot whatsoever. Napali's other entry, Revenge of Megababe, while a little better, could only be construed as a superheroine film in the loosest definition of the term. Check Napali's website.

* C+ Wonder Woman in Bondage - Independant video done by Tony (, who has also produced several Anton vids. Though lacking in plot, it does have the advantage of being somewhat more graphic than the average superheroine film. Greta Carlson is a blonde Wonder Woman who is tied up, tortured, groped, and has her genitals fingered by the bad guy. Advertised on the Dreamcomixxx pay site or you can contact

* C- Wonder Dame - Another video with a blonde Wonder Woman knockoff, this time doing some inept wrestling. Features full nudity and dialogue so corny it's kind of amusing. It's listed on the Battling Babes website.

* ' ShadowGirl Entrapped - New one from Battling Babes. Seems to feature a bit more Bondage.

* ' 'Batgirl' and the Villainess 1 & 2 - From Premiere Productions, who claim to specialize in lingerie and fetish videos.

* ' Jill Jackson as 'Batgirl' - Another one from Premiere. Check their website.

* ' ElectroBabe and DynaChick vs. the Debutante - An ode to Electra Woman and Dyna Girl from an independant amateur video maker who calls himself Dynahunk. Look for his Trapdoor Productions site.

* ' ElectroBabe and DynaChick vs. Glamour Rock - Another one from Dynahunk.

* ' Tatman and CockRobin - Also from Dynahunk. Features female sidekick, CockRobin.

* ' Master Girl vs. The Analyzer - From Les Femmes Fatales, one more female wrestling video with a superheroine theme. Features Amazonia's Lisa Marie.

* ' (Title Unknown) - A custom video that supposedly features Wonder Woman and Catwoman. It was mentioned on the c3c messageboard by Dan McGraw, who claims to have other unreleased superheroine videos as well. Contact

* ' (Title Unknown) - Another custom - or possibly amateur-made - video featuring a Wonder Woman-type heroine. Pictures appeared on the old Mr X Website in the amateur photo section. No other information available.

* ' (Title Unknown) - There are pictures of various superheroines posted in the guest photo section of the Superheroine's Demise pay site, which supposedly come from an amateur movie maker who has done several superheroine videos. No other information available.


Chinese Films:

* D The Heroic Trio - Wild kung-fu fight scenes the only thing to recommend this one.

* D The Heroic Trio II: The Executioners - Ditto.

* F Deadly Dream Woman - Nothing here unless you have a fetish for seeing a Chinese girl in a mask.

* ' Crystal Fortune Run

* ' Midnight Angel (Justice Women)

* ' Dark Lady of the Butterfly (Dark Lady of Kung-Fu)


Japanese Films:

* B- Kekko Kamen Parts I-III (Kekko Mask I-III) - The live-action (as in real flesh and blood actors) version of a Japanese anime story about a naked superheroine who fights sadistic teachers that discipline schoolgirls with torture. Unfortunately, the heroine herself is rarely captured in this series of films.

* B- Margarita - This videotape contains several episodes so it may actually be part of a Japanese television series. It's difficult to tell. It revolves around the exploits of a schoolgirl who transforms into a superheroine when her guardian angel gives her a sip of a margarita, thus turning her into a matador-like crimefighter (I'm not making this up). If you like seeing teenage Asian cuties in distress (but no nudity) this may be for you.

* A Sex Beast on Campus Parts I-III (Inju Gakuen I-III) - The Citizen Kane of superheroine films. While technically not a true superheroine story, this trio of films is close enough (and of such high quality) as to deserve a mention. It is based on the 'naughty tentacles' genre of anime films and revolves around a pair of female teenage ninjas and their friends. The girls battle some evil demons bent on raping them. It doesn't get much better than this.

* A SM Trained Angel - Tied Up in the Cage (SM Choukyou Tenshi - Ori no Naka no Hibaku) - From an adult film company called Tsukasa Shobo (video i.d. # TKV-01). Difficult to identify from the box, as the title only appears in Japanese kanji letters, but the star is listed in English as Izumi Morikawa. The story is a little difficult to follow as well. It involves a female SWAT commander who is captured by the bad guys. She is humiliated in front of her men and forced to have sex with one of her officers. She (or maybe her sister, it's tough to tell if it's the same girl) returns as some sort of costumed vigilante in order to gain vengeance, only to be recaptured, brutally raped and turned into a sex slave. This video is available in some adult video stores that carry Japanese films. Look for a box with a Japanese girl dressed like the cartoon character Chun Li. She is wearing a pink one-piece outfit, the lower half of which is a skirt slit up the sides. She is also wearing white wrestling boots and has her hair done in twin buns, sort of Princess Leia style. Be forewarned though, as with most Japanese adult films, portions of the genital areas are digitally obscured. There are also, supposedly, a couple of sequels with different characters.

* B+ High Heeled Punishers (Oshioki Haihiiru) - Yet another quality film from Japan. Three masked female vigilantes go around avenging crimes against women. Eventually, they are briefly captured by the bad guys, tied up, stripped of their tops, and felt up a bit.

* ' Star Girl - Supposedly not too much adult content.


Mexican Films:

* ' Batwoman (La Mujer Murcielago)


Philippine Films:
Note - The Phillippines have a lengthy series of films, dating back to the 1950s, featuring the Wonder Woman-style superheroine, Darna. Several of them are listed below.

* C Darna at Ding - Stars cutie, Vilma Santos. Darna and her little brother Ding fight various foes. She gets tied up a couple of times while in her civilian identity and battles a Darna clone in the climax.

* C+ Darna - The series is revived in the 90s with Nanette Medved in the title role. Darna battles the evil medusa, Valentina, and her allies. In her civilian persona, she gets pummeled and captured. As Darna, she takes a beating in the final fight before triumphing.

* C+ Darna Ang Pagbalik - The gorgeous Anjanette Abayari replaces Medved for the most recent film in the series. In this one, Darna defeats some criminals but loses her memory and her secret power source. She eventually regains her memory, wrestles a giant snake and battles the infamous Valentina.

* C- Darna Kuno - A Darna spoof... as if he real thing weren't silly enough.

* F Super Inday and the Golden Bibi - An unbelievably bad non-Darna superheroine film.


British Films:

* F The Wild Wild World of Batwoman - Nothing to recommend it.


Indian Films:

* ' Hunterwali - An Indian lady Zorro. The original version was from the 1940s. There is a more recent version from the 1970s.


Turkish Films

* ' Ucan Kiz - Apparently, a Turkish Batgirl movie.


Final Notes

What is a superheroine' - For the most part, the movies listed here deal only with those films which feature superheroines in the classic comic book definition of the term. To qualify as a superhero - or more to the point, a superheroine - a character must fulfill three requirements:
First, the character must be a dedicated civilian crimefighter, not a police department supercop, government agent, bounty hunter, assassin, or practicing criminal who occasionally does good deeds. This also means the character is devoted to fighting evil in general and is not threat specific, such as a hero/heroine who only fights vampires.
Second, the character must have a secret identity, i.e. a civilian persona and a separate crimefighting persona. While in their crimefighting persona, the character must wear some sort of costume that clearly marks them as a superhero, such as tights with a mask or cape. They must also have some sort of heroic name to go along with their crimefighting persona like Batgirl, Supergirl, etc.
Third, the character must possess either superpowers, super weaponry, or exceptional combat skills.
Minor allowances were made in following this definition regarding the inclusion of certain foreign language films to the list. Since it is often difficult to understand the nature of the plot and characters in unsubtitled foreign films, particularly the Japanese movies, the benefit of the doubt was given if the film was truly noteworthy. If it was not worth viewing and there was doubt as to whether it was truly a superheroine film, it was not included on the list. It should also be noted, a number of films which feature characters sometimes referred to as 'superheroines' did not meet the standards of the above definition and were thus not included on this list.


Where to find the films - Though website addresses are not listed here, a quick check of major search engines like Metacrawler or Hotbot should yield most of the mentioned websites. Foreign films are often trickier to come by. For Chinese and Japanese films, if you live near a large city check the local Chinatown or Little Tokyo areas for video shops. Also, check the phone book and don't overlook Japanese grocery stores which do occasionally carry videos. Finally, check with video search companies such as Video Search of Miami (WWW.VSOM.COM) which stock a number of these foreign videos or may be able to procure them.