Author notes – This story and all subsequent stories involving these heroines, are of a graphic sexual nature, including various forms of rape and torture.  These are the stories that have come from my mind and I have created for my amusement and hopefully your enjoyment.  The stories in no way represent any sort of condoning of violence or rape, and is written mainly for adult entertainment.  

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What has happened before – Silence/Kiomi has drawn several heroines together to form a team; Frost/Tara and her close friend, Ember/Amber, the darling of the media, Liberty/Lisa and new heroine, Psi/Karen.  Suggesting a sleep over to get to know each other the 5 heroines sit around to tell tales of their adventures.  Liberty was first--


Liberty looked at the address on the slip of paper she had received, and glanced up at the house nervously.  She had received the note in the mail, and her spirits had immediately soared.  The note had promised to put her in her own calendar, and listed various other heroines that had also had their calendar made through them with various recommendations from all the heroines.

Liberty who had been more open then her predecessors had not balked at this opportunity, she had often been in front of the camera for the reporters, but this was her first chance to expand into perhaps modeling.  She craved the attention, and had happily responded to the letter on its website setting up a date and time of when to meet.  

Adjusting her skirt, and she pushed back the few stray strands of hair behind her ear and taking a deep breath, knocked briskly on the door.  

The door caved in.

Liberty blushed brightly and looked sheepishly about inside, seeing a long hall way and several surprised looking people staring at her with wide eyes she stepped into the house,  “umm, hi.” She offered lamely.  

A tall severe looking woman with dark hair slicked back came rushing up to meet her.  “Oh you must be Liberty!” she smiled flashing perfect white teeth at the younger girl.  “I am so glad you could make it, I was getting nervous that you would not come!”

The woman stopped in front of her looking her over with a critical eye.  “well you are just adorable!”

Liberty blushed again under all the flattery, the studio started bustling again as people quick moved towards her, offering tips on make up and measuring her with tape.  “Sorry about your door,” Liberty gave the door a rueful look then back up at the gushing woman.  

“Oh yes, you’re just perfect, what can we call you?” the woman shooed away the various attendants, as she reached down to take Liberty’s hand.

“Well Liberty’s just fine honestly.” Liberty allowed herself to be pulled into the studio behind the woman.  Looking about with wide blue eyes, cameras and equipment lined the room,, and there were a handful of set designs on rotating platforms.  

“Libby?” the older woman asked.  “Okay, we’ll call you Libby!”

“Actually,” Liberty attempted to interject

“Okay, Libby,” Guiding the blonde heroine towards the first set, it was a simple white set with a flag pattern on the back matching her own costume.  “What I want you to do here is look all proud but kind of sexy, can you do Sexy Libby?”

“Well I – “, Liberty again tried to get a word in.

“Great! That looks about perfect.”  Sara gestured, “hold that for a few moments.”  She commanded and suddenly the assembled cameraman started flashing pictures.  

Liberty hardly had time to adjust herself, standing there, hands on hips, the look of shock faded from her face as she indulged herself in the moment.  The center of attention the camera’s flashed over and over capturing her stances.

Sara smiled slyly as she nudges a few of the cameraman walking around, ‘okay now, Libby, yes you are just so CUTE.” The last word seemed to hit a particularly high note, ‘lean back a little, and try to relax… maybe look a little thoughtful.’

Liberty nodded her head, annoyed at the continuous use of the name Libby she never the less obliged Sara by leaning back slightly, a finger slipping to her mouth , a thoughtful look on her face.

As Liberty kept her focus on Sara, on the camera’s she did not notice that several of the cameraman had dipped slightly lower, the cameras flashing brief pictures up her skirt, focusing on the bottom of the leotard beneath it, briefly visible but enticingly captured on camera because of the heroines lack of awareness of it.

“Oh that is perfect Libby, just amazing really, have you ever done this before?’” Sara continued with the never ending compliments, “Now how about you lean over and blow a kisss to us.”  

Liberty nodded as she stood straightened up, adjusting her skirt and smoothing out a little , she did not notice the grins of the various cameraman who had snuck peaks up, she leaned forward, spread her legs slightly apart and leaned forward, pretending to blow a kiss.  She reveled in the moment, feeling giddy at being the center of attention.  

Again the camera’s flashed, each shot catching her face, her spread legs, the upraised skirt, and a few of the cameramen had slipped around to the back catching several pictures of the young heroines pert exposed rear.  The white leotard cling to it tightly, the skirt raised upwards to expose the soft texture of her hidden folds.    Her leotard was cut slightly low as well, as she leaned over, lenses zoomed in closer to her slightly exposed chest, the catching glimpses of the softly rounded flesh beneath the flag pattern.

“OH Libby, you are just perfect.”  Sara lowered her hands as the last few cameramen finished up their rolls, she joined Liberty on the stage, ‘but we have a few other ideas that I think would just be perfect for your calendar.” Again taking the girls hands she pulled her down off the stage, walking her towards a bedroom set.  

Liberty eyed it nervously, biting her lower lip, “I’m not to sure about that, I mean, well I’ve never done anything like that before.”  The center of the set sat a soft looking bed, silken sheets, covered it and scattered about it  were various stuffed animals.

“Oh, well if you don’t feel comfortable doing it., I guess we can just put you in one of our compilations.”  Sara looked downcast at the words, stepping off the platform.

Liberty chewed on her lip and then cautiously stepped up onto the stage, ‘O-okay… but its only for a good cause,”  she flashed her smile again, perfect white teeth and sat down on the bed looking uncomfortable.

“Oh yes definitely for a good cause!” Sara’s eyes narrowed slightly, a touch of maliciousness in them as the blonde laid back, picking up a teddy bear and holding it to her stomach.  

As she leaned back the skirt lifted upwards, and again the cameras zoomed in on the exposed crotch of the leotard, flashing as Liberty leaned back holding the teddy bear.  The light spandex over her pussy was tight, smooth, but slightly raised, hinting at what lay beneath it.  

Liberty remained oblivious to it, as the teddy bear protected her, Sara spoke up again, “You see very nervous Libby, are you afraid of showing any sort of skin?”

Liberty sat up, as the camera’s stopped, rolling over, she adjusted her skirt and then lay forward on the bed, doing her best to look sultry, she smiled at the cameraman again, her teen perfect body stretching out behind her, she rested her head in her hands, and smiled sheepishly.  “Well its not that, but I just don’t like .. well you know up skirts.”

The cameras started again, this time focusing on the slightly exposed cleavage, Liberty’s breasts were still hidden but brief glimpses in the after glow of the flash afforded glimpses of the smooth raised flesh.  Her skirt in disarray behind her, others focused on her long legs, disappearing into the bottom of the tightly clinging leotard.  The smooth cleft of her cheeks visible beneath it.

“Oh you know that sort of dirty word Libby?” Sara asked affronted, smiling at the views that Liberty was giving her and her cameramen.  

Liberty nodded, as she sat up again, “Yeah, I had to pummel some reporters who tried to get a few of those kind of shots for the National Reporter.” Just a tinge of anger in the girls voice.

“Oh well we definitely would not want that to happen,”  Squeezing Liberty’s hand as she took it she pulled her to the center of the room as several of the sets rotated, revealing other sets.  “How about some damsel in distress shots now?”  

Liberty blinked and looked up at her, her blue eyes wide with questions, ‘Distress?” she asked uncertainly.

“Oh most definitely, if you don’t want to that’s okay, but soooo many others have, its all very cheese cake.” Sara smiled slyly, her voice becoming honey as she patted Liberty’s hand comfortingly.  

“Like who?” asked Liberty still uncertain.

“Oh, well there was Starlass, and Lightening Girl, and Sparrow, oh so many girls we have helped to be famous.”

Liberty’s eyes narrowed, looking at the older woman with skepticism, as she continued to spout off names, “and Americana, and Venus.”

Liberty took a deep breath and nodded, her eyes still uncertain, at the mention of so many names she felt that she had to live up to all these other heroines and that she would not be outdone by them, especially for something as simple as this.

“Great… now we’re just going to tie you to this X here, okay?”  Sara grip tightened on Liberty’s hand, pulling up onto one of the newly revealed stages, a metal X as the center piece with straps hanging off its length and at its crux.  

Liberty filled with doubt but determined to go through with it stood up onto the set, looking skeptically at the large X, turning to face Sara, she pressed her back into the metal frame.  “Like this?” she said raising her arms to either end of the X.  

The metal looked easy enough to break, and the leather straps would not hold her, she thought as Sara nodded enthusiastically, reaching up to secure her arms tightly, the leather cuffs closing around her wrists, she felt a tinge of nervousness travel up her spine.

“Now we just have to gag you with something…”, Sara continued as she paused for a moment to look thoughtful, “Oh I know, I have just the thing!”

“Gaggmmmmfff!” Liberty’s cry of indignation and surprise was muffled as Sara pulled out a large white ball gag, and stuffed it into Liberty’s open mouth, the gag was almost to large for her, her lips stretching around in a large obscene “O”

“Oh that is perfect!” Sara clapped her hands and the X began to pivot, falling backwards, dragging the heroine with it, she felt her legs leave the ground, her booted feet and long coltish legs dangling from the center of the X, her tongue working to push the painful, odd tasting gag from her lips.  

Sara knelt between her legs, lifting the struggling heroines legs, her body twisting as she tried to wriggle free, a panicked look in her eyes.  ‘MMFF!!” Sara drew first one leg down the length of the X and locked it into place, then spreading her legs widely she snapped the leather tight around Liberty’s other ankle, tightly spreading her young body outwards, the skirt dipped between her legs, protecting her hidden sex.

“Oh that is very cute,” As Liberty bucked up and down, she felt a tingling sensation from her tongue, a weakness spreading through her normally strong body as she tried to tug her hands and legs free from the leather restraints.

The camera’s started flashing, as they moved around her, dipping to catch glimpses of her bound body, her up thrust breasts in the tight spandex and the scared look in her eyes.  

Sara stepped between her legs, ‘Oh you did ask for no up skirts right?” she smiled as her hand moved to cup the squirming girl between her legs, ‘then we need to shield this from view.”  Her hand rested lightly there, as Liberty strained upwards, arching her back, to pull away from the hand she felt a sharp prick against her thigh, the weakness flooding through her entire body.

“MMFFF!!” she screamed into the large gag, tears of frustration in her eyes as she watched desperately, the cameramen catching her in various angles.  

“FFSSEE FFFPP!” Liberty screamed into her gag, as Sara stepped back, the camera’s flashed between her legs,  closing on the slight crease of the her covered pussy, her bucking hips on the metal frame as she tried to work free of the tight fitting leather shackles holding her stretched and helpless.

“Lets see what treasures you have beneath these tight clothes.” Sara smiled as she turned back towards her, holding out her arm, it shimmered and lengthened, sharpening the skin taking on a metallic sheen, in moments her hand had changed into a long wicked knife.

“Shhhhh...” Sara said, the blade toying across Liberty’s stomach, snagging on the tight spandex covering her stomach, pulling it slightly, Liberty lay perfectly still, eyes on the blade.  “You can call me Razor, and I’ll be taking care of you from now on”

Liberty felt Razor touching her, rubbing against her tights covering her thighs, caressing the muscle there as the knife trailed downwards, leaving short snags in the tight material, her eyes watching the knife as it slide down over the satiny material of her skirt.  

“Fwssee..fffooo”, she hardly dared to move as she felt the knife dip beneath the skirt, a finger slipped  beneath the crotch of her leotard, and pulled it outwards.

“Let’s see how we can make this better.”  Razor’s fingers traced beneath it,  over the tights watching Liberty squirm at the touch, with a simple deft cut, the knife cut through the gusset, the leotard snapping open suddenly parting between her legs the tight material opening easily.  

Razor smiled at what she had revealed, the nearly translucent tights stretched up and disappeared beneath the cut leotard, hidden by the skirt, and beneath the tights she wore a pair of cotton panties, white with a simple blue ribbon at her waist.  

Razor licked her lips at the revealed panties, leaning close them as Liberty squirmed, trying to get free pulling at the bonds, “Mmmm, perhaps we should strip you out of that leotard, you will make such a pretty little pet.”

Liberty could only watch in helpless horror, her hands clenching into fists as the knife dipped underneath the skirt around her waist, and lifted upwards, cutting through it easily, the skirt parted around her, sliding off and revealing the top of her tights, the camera’s zoomed in close, taking various shots of her.  

“Wfff… sfttppp ffsssee” tears were starting to form in her eyes as the slow humiliation continued, the knife cut gently upwards, the taut material parting easily beneath the  knife, it slide up over her pale stomach, revealing her soft skin.

“Ohhh little heroine, don’t fear these photos will sell for so much!” Razor gave another surge upwards, Liberty laying still for fear of being cut, the knife slide between her breasts, the leotard snapping open between them.  

“Such a lovely little thing you are.” Razor’s eyes locked on the revealed breasts, the camera’s focusing in on them, the pale flesh rising upwards, despite her stretched out position, and her breasts lifting upwards tipped in pale pink nipples that stiffened slightly in the chill of the room.  

Liberty closed her eyes, trembling at the humiliation and fear, she slowly shook her head back and forth, ‘ffsssseee ffttpp’  Her breasts quivering slightly, as Razor’s finger played gently over the exposed nipples, teasing them as they stiffened.  

“Oh, and now for the feet, a slow stripping of the great heroine after all.”   Razor drew her fingers down Liberty’s body, trailing it over her stomach, over the slight rise of her mound hinting at tuft of hair beneath, down over her long legs, trailing over the tights, to the boots.  “All caught on film.”

Releasing first one ankle, she held it firmly, as Liberty in her weakened state tried to tug it free, sliding the zipper down along the side she pulled the boot off her, locking her ankle back into place, repeating the same removal on the other foot.  “Close ups.” Razor requested of the cameraman who were to happy to oblige, rushing forward to catch the sights of the willowy heroine’s exposed body.

Camera’s capturing her pale body; the pink nipples on her breasts, the frightened, teary look in her eyes, the white panties with the simple bow, the tights clinging to her long legs, her captured and tied feet wriggling and squirming desperately for freedom.   Liberty could not believe this was happening to her.  Clenching her eyes tightly shut, she could not only twist helplessly in her attempts to get her free.  

“Now I think a shower scene is well order don’t you boys?” Razor turned and asked the assembled men, much to Liberty’s horror.  “Bring her to the shower then,” turning Razor left the room, leaving Liberty alone with the leering men.

Her eyes tightly clenched, she could hear the comments, their discussion on her body, as she felt her arms and ankles released, she tried to fight back, bucking as they held her, but in her weakened state she was unable to escape, the gag in her mouth aching stifling her pleas for help.  

She was lifted by her arms and legs, her wrists and ankles tightly gripped she felt hands caressing her breasts, squeezing her tight rear as she was lifted and carried face down, ‘ffssee! Fffoo ffrrre!”

They laughed at her gagged sounds, feeling hands across her back tracing gently down them, weary from her inability to escape she tried to gather her strength as they hauled her into a clean tiled shower, lifting her head upwards she gave a sobbing cry, as she saw Razor waiting for her.  The stern but attractive woman dressed in a black bikini, guided the men to lift Liberty upwards, towards a waiting pair of cuffs hanging from the ceiling, they were locked around the girl’s wrists.

Liberty dangled helplessly, her toes scraping against the tiled floor,  a dull ache in her arms as she looked helpless at Razor her body outstretched before the villainess.  Again seeing the camera’s raised, pictures were taken of her.  Liberty turned her head away, trying to hide her face but the camera’s were everywhere, her body on display to them.

“Now we should remove the last bit of these clothes so we can get you clean.  You don’t mind do you?”  Razor asked with a grin, stepping close to the heroine, her hands gripping her waist tightly, she started to tug the tights downwards over her hips.

“NFFF!” mustering all the strength she could, Liberty brought up her knees, swinging back slightly, she swung forward and drove her dangling body as hard into Razor as she could sending the older woman staggering back.

Liberty kept kicking, despite the dull ache in her arms, her body twisted, lashing out wildly at anyone who came close tugging on the chains holding her arms she desperately tried to get free.  “Ffffllp ffffee!”

Razor picked herself up from the floor, an angry look on her face, “the little heroine must be punished,”  her eyes narrowed and Liberty cringed away, a whimper building in her throat as her struggles wore her out, finally dangling limply.  Her arms aching from the pressure, she raised her tear stained face to the woman approaching her now, the tights slipped half off her hips, her panties pulled down a few curls of her blonde muff were visible.

“Now that will cost you, and you will learn to not do that again.” Razor said as she approached, taking a silvery chain from one of the men around her she stepped close to the heroines dangling body.  “Are you sorry?”

Liberty nodded her head weakly, “Fwsseee.” A thin line of drool appear from her lips as she tried to speak from the gag, her eyes looking at the silvery chain, she cringed backwards, her toes sliding over the slick floor, as Razor brought up the two clamps.

“Good, this will remind you.” Pinching Liberty’s exposed nipple,  she closed the clamp around it, then the other as well, tightening each until Liberty threw back her head and screamed into her gag.

“FAFFFF!!” Liberty howled into her gag, her body thrashing about trying to shake the squeezing clamps free from her pink nubs.  The chain between them  brushing against her skin, “FFRRTS!”

Razor laughed and again reached for the tights, tugging them downwards further, revealing the soft blonde growth of hair, the curls light against her skin, almost invisible, a soft curling forest of blonde hair.  

Liberty sobbed freely now, her body aching all over, as she was stripped, the panties and tights sliding down over her feet pooling beneath her, she felt Razor’s hand between her legs, caressing the fine hairs on her sex.  “Mmmm what a treasure this is, perhaps we should shave her?”

“Or milk her; the little dear must be ready soon.” Razor’s fingers pulled on the chain between her clamped nipples eliciting a cry of pain from the young heroine.  “But first I think we should clean the dear.”  There was a sudden burst of water from the shower head above Liberty, drenching her body almost immediately.

“Now my little heroine, we have to make sure that you are clean all over.” Razor commented as she rubbed the soap across the young heroine’s body.  The slick soap was rushed over her breasts, causing her to wince in pain as it brushed the chain between her nipple clamps.  

Liberty could only watch in horror as the older woman ran her hands over her body, trailing the soap ever downwards, she slipped it over the light blonde curls, caressing her hands over as she rubbed it in, ‘Don’t worry dear, we will shave all this off and leave you all nice and shiny there.”  

Liberty looked up towards the cuffs, tugging on them furiously, trying to gain some measure of freedom, the throbbing in her chest becoming a dull and distant ache compared to the pain growing in her outstretched arms that held her body upwards, her feet sliding over the wet tiles.

Finally, Razor stepped back, moving around her, “You are such a darling to hang there like that,” Liberty heard something being unraveled, she struggled to twist her body around to look to see what was happening,, “Now we did promise to clean you all out.”  Razor’s stepped forward, and wrapped her arms around the girl, “Inside too,” whispering into Liberty’s ear as she thrust the nozzled tube upwards and into her rear.

Liberty screamed, even with the large gag in her mouth the scream echoed in the room, a virgin, she had never been touched, let alone penetrated, and most certainly never in her rear.  The sharp stabbing pain of it entering into her caused her to try to lift her legs upwards, to attempt swing away from the invading hose, but Razor held her tight,.  Her hands gripped around her waist, the fingers caressing her soft mound of blonde tufts.

“Just hold it in dear, it’ll be over soon, and then we can talk about all the fun we’ll have, experiments to perform, tests to run, and maybe we can sell you off.” Razor whispered into her ear, though all Liberty could think of was the throbbing pain in her rear, and the burning humiliation she felt., all else forgotten in the haze of pain that enveloped her.

“I think we have you all nice and clean.” With a quick pull out that elicited another scream of pain around the large gag, Razor pulled the nozzle out allowing the girl to release the fluid trapped inside her.  “There, there, don’t you feel all better now?’ The villainess cooed, as Liberty gasped loudly, sucking the gag into her mouth as she tried to recover from the ordeal.

As Liberty hung and sobbed, Razor turned off the water, picking up a warm fluffy towel, she casually undid the cuffs that held Liberty up, catching her in her arms before she could collapse to the floor.  

Drawing her outside the room, Razor pulled the sobbing girl down onto a fluffy white Mat, laying her face down on it, Liberty simply allowed herself to be guided by the villainess, whose hands rubbed the towel over her body, caressing it, rubbing the towel almost lovingly over it.  

“You’re all clean now.” She said as she rubbed the towel over her arms and back, drawing them upwards, forcing Liberty arch a bit upwards, “But we have to bind you for the night.”  Deftly binding the wrists together, she started looping rope around her elbows as well.

Liberty turned her teary blue eyes around to look at Razor, ‘Fwssee…fftt mfff gfff.’ she moaned into the gag, gasping sharply in pain as her blows were drawn together forcing her to arch upwards.  

“Now my little heroine, we have to leave you here for the night but rest assured that we will return tomorrow for more pictures and more fun.” Razor continued her binding of the heroine, tying her ankles together and then her knees, “And once we let a few of our over anxious photographers have their way with you, we’ll move you to a more secure location.” Razor drew the ankles up to the arms, pulling Liberty into a tight hogtie.  

Liberty watched fearfully, the words filling her with a stark terror, she wriggled and rolled on the mat, trying to tug free of the tight ropes.  Razor lifted her upwards, and carried over to the earlier used bedroom set.

Laying in the fluffy cover face down, Razor leaned down to her exposed rear, placing a soft kiss on the right cheek, and leaving a faint red trace of lipstick on it.  “Now don’t you go anywhere.” Razor smiled as she turned to leave, the studio empty now of people.  

Liberty rolled helplessly on the bed, tugging on her bonds, as she tried to get free, finally she lay on her side gasping for breath, tears falling from her eyes as she lay there gasping, a light sheen of sweat covering her naked body.  Her nipples throbbed from the pinching clamps.  She lay there tied in the tight hogtie, her head resting on the pillows as she waited for the morning.  

As she dozed lightly in her dull throbbing pain, she felt a twinge in her body, a slight tightening of the muscles followed quickly by another.  Her eyes snapped open as, fearful to hope, she stretched, her arms and legs apart,, hearing the creaking of rope, she pulled again, and it stretched just a bit further.  She groaned as she stretched, pulling on the ropes as she tried to stretch out,, she noticed that it was daylight outside and most likely soon the villainess would be back to drug her.  

Closing her eyes she focused on the humiliation she endured, from the touching to the photographs to the dull pain still in her rear, she gave a furious yank and with an audible pop the rope parted, her strength returning.  

Working quickly now, Liberty strained on the ropes again, pulling on her wrists and ankles, they parted easily in her slowly recovering strength.  Flexing now, she was able to shake her wrists and ankles loose.  

Looking about, she quickly spied left over clothing, and costumes, as she tried to stand up on her wobbly legs.  

Almost falling, she cried out in pain, as blood rushed into her wrists and ankles, causing her to scream into the gag, her mouth filled with the gag, she lay panting on the ground on her hands and knees. Reaching around she untied the gag, panting loudly, she spit the vile rubber ball out, her jaw aching from being gagged so long.

Climbing unsteadily to her feet she stumbled towards the wardrobe, gingerly touching the chains on her pink nipples, she winced and pulled her hand away.  They ached dully, numbly, but from the pain she felt on her ankles and wrists she felt that it would be more painful to remove them yet.  

Quickly dressing in a loose fitting dress, she looked quickly around for an exit,, running barefoot out of the studio before the villainess and her cohorts could return.

“And so,” Lisa concluded, “By pretending to be a model, I was able to bring down the operations.” Smiling broadly around at the assembled girls.  

Kiomi smiled broadly back, and Amber looked encouragingly on, making all the appropriate remarks about her bravery.  

Karen glanced at the blonde girl, and just from the surface thoughts she could tell that there was a bit more to the story that she was letting on.  Though she was not about to press for the private matters.

Tara snorted, “You?  A model?”  she raised a white eyebrow , almost invisible against her pale flesh.  

“What? “ Liberty crossed her arms under her chest defensively, casing them to lift up slightly, “Are you saying I’m not pretty? Cause I’ll have you-”

“No no, that’s not  she meant  at all!” Amber interrupted, waving her arms, the entire motion set off a pleasant swaying of her lush body that Karen couldn’t help but blush faintly at.  “No she just meant that … that… “ Amber paused as she looked for  a way out.  

“I just meant that you  may look like one but sometimes its harder to act like one.” Tara finished for her friend, glancing back towards the slightly mollified blonde.  

“Oh well, I guess, it wasn’t that hard.” Lisa nodded, agreeing with the thin girl, “But I did pull it off.” Again with the defensive tinge to her voice.

Kiomi interrupted, “What about you two?” cutting off Tara’s response, and making her look at the half asian in surprise.  

“Us?” she asked quietly.

Amber nodded, “Yeah we had a run in once with that same woman she called herself Black Razor though… maybe it was the same.” Amber blushed as color rose to her cheek, “It was … well weird though.”

Tara slipped her hand into her friends, Amber relaxed noticeably, “Maybe I should tell the story then, “ Amber nodded and smiled at  Tara who continued, “I am pretty sure it was the same woman, so she didn’t spend long in jail. “ She cast a slightly accusatory glance towards Liberty who quickly looked away.  

“Still though, hiding isn’t her best ability or at least it wasn’t when we found her.”

To be continued in Tales of the Heroines – Ember and Frost