The following story contains elements of an adult nature and those under 21 years of age, or those who are offended by graphic fighting, bondage, non-consensual sex, rape, gang banging and wonderfully extreme promiscuity, should read no further.


Everyone else, please proceed and enjoy the plights of our heroine’s as they look incredibly voluptuous, gorgeous and scantily clad, while striving to make society safe from evil doers and too often get lewdly ravished, totally debauched and sometimes disgustingly demeaned and humiliated, while in the pursuit of their worthy goals.










As bad as they had been, the two defeats hadn’t lessened Vicky’s passion for being a superheroine, one iota.  In fact, just the opposite was true.  She now knew for certain that she wanted, more than ever, to be a successful, famous superheroine crime fighter.  The heinous losses had just been the final events that had steeled her resolve to take the action she knew she had to take in, order to enhance her future ability to overcome her opponents.


The key to achieving her goal was having the right equipment, no matter what it cost.  As disgusting and humiliating as it was going to be for her, she knew exactly what she had to do to earn the money she needed to be able to buy the coveted new power belt.


Resolute in her decision, the next morning she picked up the telephone and called Ronnie Levine’s number.  With a knot of revulsion in her stomach, she listened to it ring until she finally heard Ronnie’s grating voice in her ear saying hello.  “Mr. Levine, this is Vicky Townsend.”  She heard the slimy equipment dealer’s oily response, “Well hi, Puss, it’s great to hear from you.  To what do I owe this extreme pleasure?”  In a strained voice, she said, “I’m ready to take you up on your offer to book me for the show in Tijuana.  Can you get it set up for me right away?”


Hardly believing his ears, the surprised and overjoyed, completely immoral businessman blurted out, “Holy shit, Puss, that is absolutely fantastic news.  You’re god damned right I can get you booked for the show right away.  Shit, my man Pedro has been begging me to get you down there under his donkeys, from the first day he saw that picture of you that I sent him.  Hell Puss, count it done.  I’ll have you down there, on your back, earning your money, faster than a New York minute.  Now get that gorgeous ass of yours down here to my office and let’s work out the details of the contract and sign you up.”


“Oh, Mr. Levine, I can’t possibly come until tomorrow” Vicky answered, apologetically.  “Well shit, Puss, that’s a hell of a note.  Fuck then, what time can you be here tomorrow,” Ronnie asked in an agitated voice, the boner in his hand already at full erection, as he thought about sticking it inside of each of the sexual openings in the stupid bimbo’s amazingly ripe body? 


“I can be there as early as you want me to be” she promised.  “Alright then, shit, I guess that will have to do.  You just be sure that you get that hot body of yours down here as early as you can tomorrow morning and, when you get here, you god damned well had better be wearing something sexy as hell”, Ronnie advised her.  “Okay, I promise I will, Mr. Levine,” Vicky assured him.


            She hung up the phone, her stomach churning so hard that she was afraid she was going to throw up.  She immediately called her mother and when she heard Mona’s sultry voice answer, asked, “Are you available for lunch.”  “Of course I am darling,” Mona responded agreeably.  They set 1PM to meet at the LaClique restaurant in the Grand Hotel.


Vicky showered and slipped into some silken, purple bikini panties, a low cut purple bra and a purple garter belt.  She pulled on some nylons and clipped the garter straps to their lacey tops.  She stepped into a pair of purple shoes with five inch stiletto heels then squeezed her lower body into a very short, ultra tight, ass cheek cupping gold latex skirt.  She finished the ensemble by donning a cleavage exposing, tit hugging, satiny blouse of a pale purple hue.


She went over and looked at herself in her full length mirror, smiled contentedly at the erotic reflection she saw and blew herself a kiss.  She turned away, then shuddered as she thought about the pact she was going to be making with the devil tomorrow.  Appalled, she grabbed her purse and hurried out to her car.


Mona was already there when Vicky arrived at LaClique.  The two stunning, voluptuous, erotically clad women were taken to a table overlooking the hotel’s gardens, where Mona immediately ordered some champagne and appetizers from a goggle eyed young waiter, who appeared to be on the verge of a heart attack, at the sight of them.


As they chatted and waited for the food and drink to arrive, Vicky looked her mother over and was as impressed as ever by her sumptuous body, exotic face and look of perpetual youth.  Her plush curves were wrapped in a one piece, very low cut bodiced, buttons all the way down the front, extremely tight, white dress that was struggling to contain all of the ultra plush flesh it was wrapped around.  Licking her lips enviously, Vicky thought, “Damn, she has never looked any hotter.”


Personally, the two of them had always been very, very close, almost joined at the hip, so to speak.  They looked and acted more like sisters than mother and daughter.  Her forty-five year old mother had flawless skin; long, thick, luxurious, natural golden blond hair and an unbelievably voluptuous body that was slightly larger, in both bust and hips, than her’s was.  Mona’s incredibly full curves were superbly toned and the fable bodied Amazon looked like she wasn’t a day over twenty five.


When together like this, the two of them were a visual sensation.  Their bodies, which were always dressed daringly to best showcase their over abundance of female attributes, were perfectly matched to a pair of unbelievably provocative, ass swinging struts, that drew the eye of every male, and those of most females, as well.


Her mother was the only woman Vicky had ever known who a man might choose over her, if he had the opportunity to sleep with only one or the other of them.  Vicky did not begrudge Mona that superior position.  She was very proud of her gorgeous, super sexy mother and tried to emulate her in every way.


The very nervous waiter finally arrived with their order.  The top of the table was glass and the half stunned wait person fumbled everything onto the table, as he looked down through the glass top at the crossed legs, exposed thighs and mind numbing laps.  He was soon gasping for breath as he nearly passed out from a lack of oxygen to his brain.  He stumbled a couple of times as he left the table, unable to close his mouth.


After they had toasted each other and taken long sips of the sparkling, bubbly beverage, Vicky proceeded to describe to her mother, in graphic detail, what had happened to her the night before, with the four juvenile rapists.  At the end of her very explicit, steamy description, Vicky informed her, “I am not willing to take any more of these unnecessary, embarrassing defeats, Mother, and I just must have that new power belt we looked at.  So I called Ronnie Levine this morning and told him that I was taking him up on his Tijuana donkey sex gig offer.  I am going to meet with him tomorrow morning, to sign a contract.”


“Oh my god, honey,” Mona responded in surprise, “are you sure you really want to do that?”  “Well, of course, I don’t want to do it, Mother, but I just must have that power belt.  My getting trashed last night by that band of spoiled little rich sadists was the last straw,” Vicky replied, emphatically.  Mona responded supportively, “I fully understand, darling.  I just wish that I was in a position to buy you the new power belt and spare you from this, but I’m not.”


“Mother, I know you would if you could, but the only thing I really need from you right now is your approval of what I am doing”, Vicky exclaimed.  “So, do you agree with my decision, or not?”  “Absolutely!  You are doing it for all the right reasons,” Mona said affirmatively, “so I fully support you in what your are doing.”


“Are you really sure that you could do something as drastic as this, if you were in my position,” Vicky asked, skeptically?  “Absolutely”, Mona responded, firmly.  “Would you do it,” Vicky demanded?  “Yes, of course I would,” Mona assured her anxious daughter.


Thankful for the affirmation, but still wanting to make sure that her mother fully understood the gravity of the situation, Vicky reiterated, “But, did you hear me, Mother, I am going to have sex with a donkey.  Are you certain that you would do such a degrading thing, or are you just trying to make me feel better?”


“No honey, under the same circumstances, I would make the same decision you have made.  You are dedicated to pursuing your superheroine destiny, therefore you have to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal,” Mona reassured her.  Vicky reached over and squeezed her mother’s hand, in appreciation of her obviously heartfelt, supportive sentiments.


Their poor waiter came by the booth and shakily refilled their champagne glasses, to overflowing, as he stared down at the breathtaking expanse of Mona’s cleavage.  Unable to take his eyes off of her magnificent, very exposed, double E chest, the trembling server had great difficulty putting the champagne bottle back into its ice bucket.


When he had staggered away, his eyes completely glazed over, Mona went on, “Darling, let me try to help you put your donkey sex show gig in its proper perspective.  You have already had some experience with defeats, but you have far worse losses ahead of you, ones that will make the show you are going to put on with the donkey seem far less odious than it appears to be to you right now.”


“Believe me when I tell you that, and I am speaking to you from hard personal experience, you are a superior, gorgeous Amazon woman and that combination, along with the successes you will have against the criminal element, will irritate them to no end and make them want to punish you and bring you down from your lofty position.”


“You will find, just as I did, that there is nothing worse or more humiliating than being overwhelmed in a fight with these criminal foes and then, when you plead with your assailants to stop their assault on you, admitting that they have defeated you, they just laugh at you and spit in your face and continue to beat you into total submission, purely for the vile fun of it.  Believe me, when that happens to you, you will rank this donkey sex event of yours as being much less worse than what your diabolical, criminal opponents do to you.”


“You will also find that the second worse humiliation will occur when those same assailants then proceed to defeat you sexually, as well, by having sport with you and violating you, in every conceivable way, until you pass out, exhausted from their lewd, nasty, depraved abuse of your body.  You can’t believe how demeaning it is for wicked, despicable men or women to take you, many at a time, and laugh at your helplessness and call you filthy names as they use and abuse your orifices, over and over, treating you like you were a cheap tramp and a whore.  Then you will see that your sexual affair with the donkey will pale in comparison to what these vicious miscreants will have done to you.”


Mona waived for another refill.  The red-faced, panting waiter uncertainly weaved his way over to their table, sporting a huge tent in the front of his pants.  He had to use both hands to pour the sparkling wine, then almost choked when Mona crossed her legs, giving him a quick peek at the crotch of her white panties.  He shakily got the bottle back into the ice bucket and, when he turned to leave by slipping behind her, the tip of his pants tent accidentally stabbed against Mona’s bare shoulder.  She turned her head towards him, in reaction, just in time to see the tip of the pants tent instantly turn dark with moisture.  Then both women watched the overcome young man run away from the table and head for the restroom.


Mona took her cloth napkin and dabbed her shoulder, then shrugged and smiled at her daughter, then went right on talking, “And worse, these merciless brutes will take you right to the edge of oblivion, then leave you hanging there, completely violated, defeated and humiliated, because they want you to stay alive and have to remember, forever, what they have done to you and what they have made you do for them.” 


“Of course, the thing that they will never comprehend is that we Amazons can not only quickly heal ourselves, physically, we can also heal ourselves mentally, just as fast.  We always remember everything they have done to us, but we are able to go on with our destiny and not be physiologically affected, in any way, by the vile debauchery we have been made to suffer at their hands.”


“You are undoubtedly going to be humiliated and demeaned during your donkey sex gig, but eventually it will not rank near the top of your list of the most degrading events in your life.  The dastardly perversions of the human male and female will push getting fucked by a donkey well down the list,” Mona assured her.


Vicky had listened raptly as Mona told her of these intimate experiences from her personal history as a superheroine.  As she looked at her spectacularly beautiful mother, she still found it hard to picture her experiencing the degradation she had been so easily describing.


As she continued to absorb her mother’s words, she tried to envision Mona’s lush body being fully mounted by three or more men at the same time, their hot throbbing cocks plunging, over and over, into the full depths of all of her orifices.  It was truly hard to imagine, but there was no question in Vicky’s kinky mind that seeing her mother in that situation would be a truly erotic sight, well worth seeing.  Finally, her mind flooded with these X-rated visions, Vicky impetuously leaned over and kissed Mona full on the lips, slipping her tongue between them for a few lusty, tongue tangling moments, before she pulled her head back and thanked her mother for making her feel so much better about everything.


Licking Mona’s very flavorful lipstick from her lips, Vicky asked, “Do you have any suggestions for me, before I meet with Ronnie in the morning?”  “Yes”, Mona responded quickly, “how are you going to make sure that you get paid for performing with the donkey?  You have to know that the ugly little swindler will cheat anyone out of anything, if he’s given half a chance.”


“Well I hadn’t thought about that,” Vicky answered, shaking her head quizzically.  Hearing that, Mona went on, “I have got a bank account that Saul doesn’t control, because I had it before we were married.  It has very little money in it, but it is open and usable.  When you meet with Ronnie, tell him that you want your money wired into my account before you will go to Tijuana.”  “Good idea.  I’ll do it,” Vicky promised, enthusiastically.


Mona leaned back and took another sip of champagne.  She put the slim glass down, took a deep, awesomely cleavage expanding breath, then opined, “I suspect, having met Ronnie as we did, that right now the most degrading sexual event you face is not having sex with a donkey, it is having sex with that disgusting little pervert.  There’s no question in my mind that I would much rather let a donkey take me than be required to have sex with that repulsive little creep.  I believe he is the ugliest, most putrid creature I have ever laid eyes on.”


“Ugh, I agree with you mother”, Vicky said, with a pained expression, “but I am sure that I am not going to be able to avoid putting out for him tomorrow.  You know, from what your friend Zania told you, that he will make it a condition of the deal.”  Bowing to practicality, Mona comforted her daughter, “I know you will have to do it, honey, but what else can we women do when we want something that we can’t afford.  It is just our lot in life to have to give it up as a part of the bartering process.”






            Ronnie had hung up after hearing Vicky commit to let herself be fucked by one of Pedro’s donkeys and let out a victory yell, “God damn, the gorgeous fuckin’ bimbo is actually going to do it.”  He had known, when he originally proposed the donkey gig to her, that the quick money and the remoteness of Mexico would stick in the back of the primo bitch’s mind, tantalizingly, but he hadn’t expected her to respond so soon.


When he had planted that seed, he had hoped beyond hope that the statuesque superheroine Cunt, would be so completely dedicated to getting the new power belt she wanted, that her desire to have it would overcome any moral objections she might have to letting herself be cock whipped by a donkey.  But he had also very much feared that she would ultimately decide that it was just too demeaning to let a donkey ram his cock up into her box and knock off a piece of her spectacular ass and, as a result, would end up backing out of the deal altogether.


But, lo and behold, the desire to have the new power belt had won out over all of the disgusting negatives and the incredibly built, super broad was going to go ahead and let one of Pedro’s donkeys plunder her twat, big time, to earn the money she needed.  Shit, he’d played a 1,000 to 1 shot and won.  With devious pride he said out loud, “It is good to be a ruthless cock hound and be lucky as hell, as well.


He leaned back in his chair and smilingly thought, “Damn, this is one of the absolutely finest pieces of womanhood I’ve ever seen and now she is going to whore herself with a god damned, big dicked jackass.”  Shit, he was actually going to get to watch this babe’s fine, ripe body get a donkey’s King Kong sized dong shoved no telling how far up into her twat.  This was a god damned freaking miracle.  But before Pedro’s donkey got his shot at Vicky’s lush body, he was damned sure going to do a little superheroine orifice stuffing of his own.  Ronnie yelled out in the empty room, “Man, is this a great fuckin’ country, or what?”


Grinning ear to ear, he grabbed the phone and called Pedro.  “Hey old buddy, its Ronnie Levine and this is your lucky day.”  “How’s that amigo,” replied the owner of the largest bordello in Tijuana?  “You remember that great looking superheroine bitch you picked out of that bunch of pictures I sent you the other day,” queried Ronnie?  “Oh yeah that gorgeous, auburn haired one with the outrageously stacked body and the super sized rack of tits,” Pedro responded.  “Yeah, that’s the one, you lucky bastard,” replied Ronnie.


“So why am I so lucky,” questioned the Mexican Whoremaster?  “You got some donkeys down there that need a good piece of fresh Anglo superheroine ass, real soon,” Ronnie asked casually?  “You’re shitting me,” Pedro said in disbelief.  “No, old buddy, that gorgeous hunk of womanhood, with the tits out to here, is ready to let one of your donkeys put the meat to her,” Ronnie assured the amazed Mexican mega pimp.


“Oh man, that is fantastic news,” Pedro responded incredulously.  “I can fill my place up to the rafters with Mexicans who want to see a gorgeous Anglo American superheroine bitch, like that one, get some Mexican donkey dong stuffed up her vagina and then get fucked bow-legged.  Man I’ll generate $200,000 in ticket sales from that kind of show.”


  “So you’re going to pay the $20,000 fee you offered me, right,” Ronnie asked?”  “You’re damned right, amigo,” Pedro responded.  “Hey, what a hell of a deal that is.  Shit I would have paid $50,000 for her to do this, if I had been pressed,” Pedro confessed.


“Well, since I’m getting her to sign this cheap contract with you, how about giving me a little bonus on the side’” the ever resourceful agent suggested.  “Sure Senor, I’ll give you an extra $5,000 for reeling in that voluptuous Amazon bimbo for me.  Now when can we get her fucked,” the excited sex showman demanded?


“The Cunt is married and it turns out that Wednesday night of each week is the only time she is available to let your mules cuckold her husband.  So just pick out the next Wednesday that works best for you,” Ronnie suggested.


“God damn, Ronnie, my luck keeps on getting better.  I love to get wives fucked better than anything, anymore.  It does my loins good to put some poor slob’s trophy wife to the cock.  And if I can nail her sweet ass with a mule’s cock, that makes it all the better.”


  “So shit, amigo, that good news makes me want to get things rolling even faster.  Hell, with her as the headliner, I can sell all of the tickets out by the end of this week, with no problem,” Pedro bragged happily, “so lets get that dazzling, superheroine honey scheduled to be boned, as soon as possible.  How about doing it the Wednesday after next, nine days from now?  Think you can set that up, asshole?”


“You’ve got it buddy.  I’ll call you and confirm the date as soon as I’ve signed her up tomorrow,” pronounced the agent from hell.  He went on, “Hey, now that we have a married superheroine for your donkey’s to fuck, how about feeding those animals of yours some of that real high potency food you use, cause I want the pleasure of seeing this broad’s incredibly over stacked body get nailed, but good.”


“Don’t worry, my friend,” Pedro said, “I will use my best hung, best trained jackass on our superheroine trophy, and I will have him pumped so full of mule Viagra, that when he puts it to the Anglo slut, she’ll get a fucking like she’s never had before.  That big bastard will stuff her cunt beyond anything she’s ever dreamed of.  Shit, after he’s through banging her with that monster of his, her tongue will be hanging out of her mouth for a week.”


“Sounds like a winner to me”, Ronnie laughed, “Shit, my man, being in the broad fucking business with you is a very rewarding experience, in every way.  It really brings out the beast in me.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow, my friend.”





After a restless night, Vicky woke early and fixed herself some breakfast, while she thought about her coming meeting with her new personal show business booking agent, Mr. Levine.  Utmost in her mind was the fact that the little asshole had made it perfectly clear to her that he expected to have sex with her today, as a part of this bargain from hell she was entering into.  She sighed, knowing that she had no choice but to give him what he wanted, in order to get what she wanted. 


She hated to do it, not just because Ronnie was such a repulsive, crude, obnoxious little jerk, but mostly because she felt guilty about letting the creepy sleazeball use her husband’s private stock for his own sexual gratification.  If George knew what was happening today, he would never understand that she wasn’t actually being unfaithful to him.  Unlike her, he could never accept the fact that what she was going to be doing was just business.  Instead he would take it as her cheating on him.  But, to her, this was no different than being raped, occasionally, by some of the criminals she was fighting.  As bad as it was, it just went with the territory and had nothing to do with violating her marital vows.


Beyond the issue of whether or not she would be being unfaithful to George, by servicing Ronnie’s, sure to be, gross sexual demands, she certainly didn’t think that having sex with a donkey could possibly be considered as cuckolding her husband.  She thought that even George would agree with her on that issue.  Well, at least, she hoped he would, but she was thankful that she wasn’t going to have to try and defend her rationale on that subject to him.  She took comfort in the fact that President Clinton had successfully explained to the nation that oral sex wasn’t really sex and she was absolutely sure that Clinton could also successfully argue, on her behalf, that having sex with a donkey wasn’t really sex either.   “Well, at least I hope he could,” she thought, doubtfully.


Her mind abuzz with these confusing thoughts about what was really sex and cuckoldry, she put the dishes in the sink and went up and took a shower.  When she had dried off and fixed her hair, she put on a deep scoop necked, white, stretchy top that molded itself to her double E rack, leaving the top halves fully exposed.  Then she struggled mightily to get herself into a pair of skin tight, light purple, micro thin materialed, spandex Capri pants.


She had decided to not wear a bra and panties, in order to make it easier for Ronnie to get right down to business with her body parts.  She stepped into five inch, stiletto heeled, calf high boots, then looked at herself in her full length mirror and whistled admiring at the gorgeous, super sexy, almost lewd vision that was staring back at her.  The thin material of the pants was so tight that they not only looked like they were painted on, they presented her fully fleshed, camel-toed crotch, for public viewing, in a most obscene manner.


This was one of several outfits she owned that caused men to immediately mistake her for a hooker, when they saw her parading around in them.  Patting her vulgarly packaged crotch, she said to herself, “Ronnie wanted me to wear something sexy, so I think this outfit will be very much to his liking.  It’s damned sure appropriate for the occasion,” she mused to herself.  Then she meticulously performed her final primping (even for such a disgusting, sub-human pig as Ronnie was, her vanity required that she look her very best for the undoubtedly gross fucking she was going to be getting from him).


She drove to Ronnie’s place of business, went into the squalid office and found the rotund little slug sitting there alone.  “Come in, Puss,” Ronnie said with a jack-o-lantern leer, as he waived for her to sit down across the desk from him, “God damn you look absolutely fantastic, Puss.  I love the way those pants fit.”  “Thanks” Vicky answered, her skin crawling at the mere sight and sound of him.


“I am so glad that you’ve made the decision to step-up to the best power belt in the business.  You won’t be disappointed, baby, it will give you everything you want it too, and more.  You are going to be one dynamite superheroine using that piece of equipment,” Ronnie bragged, laying it on thick, with his best salesman’s pitch.  “I am certainly counting on it,” Vicky responded.


“Now Puss, I’ve got a contract here, ready for you to sign.  It places a firm order for the power belt and outlines the terms of your agreement to perform in Tijuana,” Ronnie stated, as he pulled out a four page document and put it down between them, on his filthy, littered desk.


Ronnie quickly went on, “Now baby there are some commission fees that you have to pay, as a part of your Tijuana gig.  First Pedro, the owner of the joint in Tijuana, always gets a blow job from everyone he uses in his shows, so you’ll need to take care of him as soon as we get there.  And, by the way, these are non-negotiable items.  No suck, no money!  Comprendo, sweet cheeks?"  "Yes, I understand,” Vicky answered with a shudder of revulsion.


“And, after Pedro gets his, I get mine”, he advised her, with a sneer.  “What do you mean by that,” she asked?  “What the hell do you think I mean, Puss?  After you are through sucking off Pedro, you’ll do the same for me.  These are the standard sweetener commissions that you have to agree to perform, in order to get booked to do the stage show.  Hey, Puss, all actresses have to suck their way to the top, you understand that don’t you.”  “Yes, I understand”, she said resignedly.


“Now, I also get an up front fee for booking you for the gig; a blow job right here in the office this morning.  That’s also non-negotiable,” he said, with a broad, sickening grin.  Vicky gritted her teeth and said, “Okay.”  “Good girl, now let’s just go ahead and get the cocksucking item out of the way, right now.  So get your sweet ass over here and put that hot mouth of yours to work on my pecker,” he told her, rubbing his hands together in gleeful anticipation.


Vicky, biting her lips, got up and went around the desk and knelt down between the ugly little creep’s already wide spread thighs.  “The things one had to do to achieve success,” she thought to herself, as she unzipped his pants, pulled his surprisingly large prick out of his fly and, in the process, got a full whiff of the putrid, stale air emanating from the dumpy agent’s unwashed crotch.


She hesitated briefly; totally revolted by the sight of his dirty, smelly dick and the thought of the appalling task she was going to have to perform on it.  Ronnie helped her get started by grabbing a handful of the hair on the back of her head and shoving her face down onto his scrotum while, with his other hand, he rubbed his rank penis all over her face.  “Now lick my balls you beautiful fuckin’ bimbo,” he demanded, as he forced her mouth further down into his boxer shorts.


She pulled his already swollen, hairy balls out of the stinking underwear and began licking and sucking them as he watched her labor.  After several minutes of ball lapping, he jerked her head up by the hair that he was still clutching in his fat hand, then rammed her month down onto his bulbous prickhead, filling it rudely with his rancid tasting sausage.  “Now suck it good, Puss, and I like to hear my cock being sucked,” he advised her, as he happily leaned back and watched her begin to blow.


So far, everything she’d been doing for Ronnie had been completely repellent to her, but when the agent’s fat, nasty prick slipped between her lips and into her mouth and it began sliding back and forth across her tongue and the prominent clit located in the back of her oral receptacle, she immediately changed her sexual attitude.  The penetration of her mouth, and the clit massage, soon had her pleasure providing dimension working overtime.


Not being able to help herself, she started going after the thick, nasty weapon with noisy enthusiasm, giving it a head bobbing performance that caused Ronnie’s eyes to roll up into his head.  The sleazy agent groaned, “God damn, Puss, you can suck cock as good as you look like you can.  Mother fucker, that’s one hell of a talented mouth you’ve got on you.  Ohhhh Christ, eat it and eat it good, you gorgeous cocksucking slut.”


Vicky had assumed that the fat little booking agent would climax quickly but, unfortunately, she was wrong.  He held out for a long time and made her work extra hard to give him a full, wild, lewd oral servicing.  She thought, as she sucked, that her mother had been right when she had tried to persuade her that she should marry a rich man.  But then she thought about the prodigious size of her husband’s cock and decided that, in spite of temporary inconveniences like the one she was now going through with this god awful slob, she had made the right choice.


Kneeling with Ronnie’s odious tool rutting around in her mouth, she had to agree with her mother’s observation that she would rather let a donkey fuck her than have sex with this bloated little bastard.  As she mused to herself, helplessly trapped by her sexual weakness, continued to go after Ronnie’s objectionable penis, with even more vigor until, finally, she felt his big tool begin to quiver and shake, then suddenly erupt in her hot mouth, almost filling it with his, thick, salty tasting, high protein spunk.


Ronnie, her head now clasped firmly between his hands, as he humped her face, yelled, “Swallow it down, you fucking super whore, take it all.  Oooohhh, that’s it, you god damned tramp, drink my joy juice down.”  With great effort, she got all of the rank goo swallowed, without missing a drop.






            He continued to fuck her mouth a few more times before pulling out of the well stirred, tongue numbed, oral receptacle and letting her get to her feet and return to the seat across the desk from him, licking her foamy lips as she went.


Ronnie stuffed his saliva glistened prick back in his pants, then picked up the contract and continued, “Now next there is my 25% cash commission for booking the gig for you in Tijuana”.  The words jolted her out of her sexual stupor and back to reality, “What do you mean,” she asked, as she tried to shake off the sexual fog Ronnie’s mouth rape and load of cum had put her into?


“I mean that I get 25% of the $10,000 as my standard booking fee,” Ronnie sneered.  “But how can I possibly pay you that?  If I did, I wouldn’t have enough money left to pay you the $10,000 for the power belt.  You promised me that, if I did this gig, I would be able to pay for the power belt in full,” she stated indignantly.


“Well, I thought you would be smart enough to know that I don’t act as a booking agent for nothing,” Ronnie argued, defensively.  “But I don’t have any money to pay you, that is why I agreed to do this Tijuana gig in the first place.”  She pounded his desk top, in frustration, exclaiming angrily, and in a full pout, “Well, I just can’t do this awful thing then, it doesn’t get me what I want.”


Seeing her extremely negative reaction and fearing that she was going to bolt out the door, a suddenly worried Ronnie quickly tried to calm her down, “Well now wait a minute, Puss, let’s not give up on this thing just yet.  I didn’t realize that you were completely strapped for cash.  I’ll tell you what, let me talk to Pedro and see if he’d be willing to pay you a higher fee.  Maybe he could add something more for you to do in the stage show, some lewd act that would make it worthwhile for him to increase the amount he’s already agreed to pay you.  If you’re flexible about the types of sex acts you are willing to perform, I’m almost positive that I can work something out with him that will get you the additional money you need to pay my fee.”


“Well, if you think Pedro would do something like that, please call him,” Vicky urged, hopefully.  “And you are definitely willing to let him add something else for you to do in the show”, Ronnie asked, laughing internally as he pushed the issue further with the gullible superheroine bimbo?  “Yes, I’ll do whatever it takes, just get me enough more money to be able to pay for both the power belt and your damned fee,” Vicky committed, bitterly.


“Alright, Puss, now don’t you worry your pretty head about a thing, I’ll get it done for you.  That’s what having an agent is for, okay,” the crooked little weasel said with relief.  “Alright but if you work something out with Pedro, tell him that I want to have him wire transfer the full amount to my mother’s bank account, today.  Here’s the account number,” Vicky said, handing him a piece of paper.


His evil, always fresh twat sniffing mind in high gear as always, Ronnie asked in surprise, “So your mother knows all about you agreeing to do this donkey fuck show, does she?”  “Yes she does,” Vicky replied.  “Okay Puss and, after you get the money wired in from Pedro, you’ll bring me a check for my $2,500 fee plus the cost of the power belt.  Or you can have that sexy mother of yours bring it over to me, if you want,” he suggested, with a leering grin.


“Don’t worry, I’ll get the money to you as soon as I get it,” Vicky told him.  “Alright Puss, that’s good.  Now you go outside and wait while I call and negotiate something with Pedro,” the pudgy little agent said, pointing at the door.


Vicky got up and wiggled her way out of the room, took a chair and waited apprehensively for her shady representative to complete his call to the Mexican sex kingpin.  She was steaming hot from the blow job she had just administered to the little SOB and, as she sat there, she could feel the slimy agent’s load of foul semen in her stomach, working its diabolical magic on her system, gradually eliminating her last vestiges of sexual resistance, as her heat continued to steadily grow towards nympho levels. 


To her shameful disgust, she found herself not only anxiously waiting to find out if Ronnie had been able to work something out with Pedro, but also thinking that, if his call was successful, he was undoubtedly going to make her let him fuck her, as a part of the amended deal and, to her further dismay, she found that she didn’t care if he did.  She was so turned on and horny from the sex she had performed with his filthy cock, that she badly needed a man’s tool inside of her pussy, even one attached to something as ugly and disgusting as Ronnie Levine.


She shook her head hopelessly, “what a terrible weakness to have and what a round-heeled slut it turns me into,” she thought, as all three of her clits went into full throb.  She put on a fresh coat of lipstick, then ran her hand over her crotch and stroked it through the thin, tight material of her Capri pants, thinking erotic, dirty thoughts, while she waited anxiously for the slimeball to call her back into his office.


Ronnie, extremely pleased that he had been given this opportunity to fuck the naive superheroine, both sexually and financially, picked up the phone and called Pedro.  “Hey old buddy, your new donkey sex showgirl slut is here and you are having even better luck than you thought you were,” he crowed.  “How’s that, amigo,” Pedro queried?  “The gorgeous bimbo needs $12,500 from you instead of the $10,000 we discussed, so I think you ought to make her suck some donkey dong to earn the extra cash she has to have,” Ronnie recommended.


“Hot damn, Ronnie, do you think that she’ll really suck off one of my donkeys, if I pay her the extra money,” Pedro questioned in amazement?  “Yeah, if you’ll kick in the extra $2,500, I’ll make sure the whore agrees to it, that’s all there is to it.  She is really desperate to get the whole $12,500, in order to be able to buy a high priced superheroine accessory from me, so I’m not going to give her any alternative but to suck donkey dick to get it.  In fact, for that much money, let’s give your audience an extra bonus and have her suck two donkeys off,” Ronnie suggested, in a very expansive mood.


  Pedro responded excitedly, “Oh man, that puts some real icing on the cake.  Hell I usually have to let my regular whores get old and ugly before they will agree to suck on a donkey’s cock.  Shit, the audience will lose their fucking minds watching that gorgeous, white, super bimbo follow up getting donkey fucked by giving a couple of my donkeys blow jobs.  Hey, you asshole, I’ll throw in another couple of thousand, directly to you, for talking that incredible looking broad into doing all this nasty stuff on my stage,” Pedro added magnanimously.


“Thanks,” Ronnie replied greedily, “and by the way I’ll fax your office a bank account number for you to wire transfer the $12,500, too.  I’ll pick up the $10,000 I’m cheating her out of, when I bring her down to Tijuana next Wednesday.  Now, whatever you do amigo, don’t ever let her know that I am taking $10,000 of her earnings for myself.”


“Okay you tricky, cheating bastard, I’ll keep your secret from her and I’ll wire her portion of the money to her, as soon as I get your fax” Pedro promised.  “Great, Pedro, I’ll call you back after I’ve signed her up to do the blow jobs,” Ronnie said, matter of factly.  “Okay amigo, I’ll be waiting,” Pedro laughed, “you’re the best, you lying, cheating, nasty assed bastard.”


“And look, old buddy”, Ronnie added, “let me remind you again that you can be as hard on this bodacious bitch as you want.  These fucking Amazon superheroines can really take it.  We’ll let her wear her power belt while she puts on her show, so she will be able to absorb all the punishment you and your donkeys can hand out to her.  So, please, I urge you to have some real nasty fun with her and really give me and your Mexican audience something to get turned on about.”


“By the way, I know that those donkeys of yours are well trained to fuck women, but if there’s any way you can get them to fuck this super stacked bitch, extra hard, please do it.  I am dying to see that fine, voluptuous body of hers get the hell hammered out of it by one of your stud donkey’s major tools.”


“Hey don’t worry about a thing,” Pedro said, assuredly, “like I told you, I’m going to put my best animal to work on her and he will do a real number on her snatch.  Plus, I guarantee that you’ll like the way my donkeys give her one hell of a mouthful of animal pecker meat to chew on.”


“And, Senor Ronnie, we call them all donkeys because it sounds good to the audience, but we actually only use donkeys on the regular whores and for the blow jobs.  The real babe fucking in the feature shows is done by mules.  My specially bred animals are almost as big as a horse, much stronger, ornerier than hell, uglier than sin and have even bigger cocks than most horses do.”


“But to specifically address your request, once my mule gets it stuffed in the super bimbo’s cunt real deep, and gets his stroke going good, we’ve got a couple of spots we can goose him, that will really make him buck so hard that your superheroine hottie will think that he’s going to get it in her pussy, all the way up to her tonsils.  Believe me, amigo, the mule I am going to use on her, really knows how to go deep, and I mean real deep”.  “God damn, ole buddy, let’s get it on”, Ronnie waxed enthusiastically, “we’ll see you next Wednesday.”






Ronnie hung up the phone, doctored the contract, as he laughed to himself about how much he liked to trick young, inexperienced women like Vicky and fuck them over in everyway.  Contract amended, he called his superheroine patsy back into his office.  “Okay Puss, I worked my ass off for you and got the full amount you need.  It’s going to be wired to your mother’s account today,” Ronnie advised her smugly.  “Oh, Mr. Levine, that’s great”, Vicky gushed with relief.


“And all I had to commit you to do, extra, is give blow jobs to a couple of donkeys,” Ronnie added slyly.  Vicky was so happy that the power belt was now paid for, that the news about the two blow jobs didn’t faze her a bit.  Besides, she now knew for sure that, as demeaning as it was going to be for her, giving a donkey a blow job wasn’t going to be nearly as bad as the head she had just given her bloated, ass of an agent.


“Okay babe, I’ve put these last provisions in the contract, so sign right here,” Ronnie said, pointing to the last page of the agreement.  Vicky grabbed a pen and quickly signed it, letting out a sigh of both resignation and relief, now that her goal had been achieved.


“Alright Puss, I added an extra commission to the contract for getting you the extra amount you wanted,” he informed her, as he stood up.  “So now it’s time for you to give me a piece of that gorgeous ass of yours.”  He looked her over again and drooled as he said, “And, baby, I’ve been looking forward to putting the meat to you ever since the first moment I saw you.”


He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a very large red ball gag and a pair of handcuffs, then walked around his desk and got in back of her.  “Stand up, Puss,” he snarled.  She did as she was told and he jerked her arms behind her and clamped the handcuffs on her wrists.


He went around in front of her and began exploring her giant, jutting juggs.  Soon he pulled the white, stretchy top up under her armpits, completely exposing the pair of double E dirigibles, then set his mouth to work on them, chewing and sucking them both until they were glistening from his slobbering drool.  The huge nipples were fully erect, hard and very reddened from being gnawed and bitten by the randy little agent.


Periodically he would pause and slap both ponderous mammarys, real hard and then watch them bounce into the air, jiggle wildly, then gradually settle back down again.  She stood before him, helplessly watching him maul her tits, roughly abusing her perfect rack, with lewd, lip smacking pleasure.


When the crude little turd had finished with that game, he pushed her forward, up to the edge of his desk, until her thighs touched it.  Then he bent her forward at the waist and pushed her face down into the litter that covered the desktop.  His eyes almost glazed by the sight of her superbly rounded ass cheeks, he ran his hands all over her magnificent bottom and down between her thighs, squeezing the fleshy crotch, callously.


Then he began peeling the skin tight Capri pants down over her tantalizing ass cheeks, until he had them around her knees.  He tongued and nose nuzzled her naked, exposed crotch, clit and cuntal lips for a long time, before he worked an index finger into her open, puffy lipped slit.  He used the stubby digit to fuck her, then began adding the rest of his pudgy fingers into the oozing orifice, slowly, one at a time, until he was giving her a full, four fingered fuck.


After the insertion of the fourth finger, he had her turn her head and look back over her shoulder so he could see her face, then grinned grotesquely as he saw her eyes fill with passion, while his stiff, tightly bunched fingers raped her unprotected pussy and made her moan, sensuously.


After much time had gone by, he pulled his soaked fingers out of her dripping channel, walked around the desk, grabbed the back of her head with his dry hand and held it firmly in place while he stuffed his cuntal juice coated fingers into her mouth and obscenely finger fucked it, trying to force his whole hand inside, while she sucked her creamy juices off of his fat, greasy fingers.


Now driven over the edge by raw lust, Ronnie reached over and picked up the ball gag and crammed it into her cummy mouth.  It was a little too big, so he had to grab her behind her neck and really shove it hard, before he got it all the way in, prying her jaws very wide apart in the process.  He snapped the ballgag’s strap around her head, then stepped back and looked over his lewdly packaged bondage captive.  He smiled at the erotic scene in front of him and saw Vicky’s drool start moistening the big red ball sticking out of her mouth and laughed as he saw the first drip of her saliva run down her chin and onto her marvelous, dangling breasts.


Overcome by the sight of the two gleaming white, bare ass cheeks waiting there, he unbuckled his belt, pulled it off, doubled it over, grasped it in his right hand, then brought it down viciously on the rounded butt.  The unexpecting Vicky howled in pain when the leather strap laid a red stripe on both cheeks.  The half maddened little troll lashed her again and again until her whole ass was covered with red streaks and she was howling in pain.


His bone at full mast, he threw down the belt and stepped up behind her upturned, well beaten ass, grabbed a handful of her long auburn hair in one hand and pulled her head up and back, hard, while he guided his stiff, fat prick into her open, well prepared twat, quickly burying the big tool in her, right up to the hilt.


Using her red hair like reins, he kept her head pulled back, hard, and slapped her ass as he gave her an absolutely thorough fucking, his hips making a loud, splatting sound each time he drove his throbbing pecker into her boiling snatch, as deep as it would go.   The sound of the splats, and the groans they brought from her, were joined by an endless stream of obscenities that poured out of nasty gnome’s foul mouth.  His energetic frigging of her lush lower body had her drooling profusely, the saliva now dripping steadily from the big ball gag that protruded from her over stuffed mouth.


The pleasure of knowing that she was getting the money she needed to buy her power belt, combined with the lewdness of the sexual action she was being subjected to, had accelerated her automatic propensity to please, to its highest level and, embarrassingly, she was now climaxing, over and over, for the big dicked, repulsive little runt.  Her ordeal was finally ended when volleys of his thick, sticky cum began pumping into her plundered pussy.


After making sure she’d received every last drop of his spunk, Ronnie finally pulled out of her and laughed uproariously, as he said “Thanks Puss, I hope that it was as good for you as it was for me.”  The slimy agent un-cuffed her, then unsnapped the ball gag strap and popped the drool soaked ball out of her tired, stretched jaws.  “Now get out of here, you stupid bitch, and call me tomorrow about the schedule for the trip to Tijuana,” he told her, dismissively.


Vicky hurriedly pulled her clothes back into place, straightened them, then got out of there before the horny Mr. Levine had a chance to change his mind and make more demands on her very hot and willing body, knowing full well that, in her cum drunk condition, she wouldn’t be able to refuse him.





The next morning both mother and daughter, dressed to cause a riot, went to the bank, where Mona confirmed that the money had been wired into her account.  Vicky didn’t want either of them to take a check to Ronnie’s office, because she knew he would make a nuisance of himself with either, or both of them.  So, to avoid the problem, she called the little bastard, got his bank account number and Mona wired him the money for both his commission and the cost of the power belt.


The two extreme hotties then went to lunch and celebrated the successful acquisition of the power belt.  After sipping a little champagne, the two women relaxed and playfully talked about sex, Ronnie The Pig, donkeys, old boyfriends, cock sizes, etc., and got themselves very horny.  They began flirting with their really cute waiter, coped a few “accidental” feels of each others opulent bodies and just generally had the great time that only two true beauties can have together.  Their little party was ended before it got completely out of hand, because Mona had to leave to go on several day business trip with her husband, Saul.


During the next two days, the euphoria of knowing that her high powered new belt was on its way to her, kept Vicky in high spirits.  Friday evening George came home, still very much excited about how much better things were going with his new boss.  Vicky added to his high spirits by giving him the hottest weekend he had had in a long time.  They went places, did things and copulated like two teenagers.


She was the sexual aggressor and happily rode astride his giant prick, over and over;  cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, front orifice, back orifice, and other positions that would have been a challenge to a trained acrobat.  Her assertiveness was partly due to her being so pleased about her new power belt, and partly because she felt guilty about having technically cuckolded her husband by putting out to Ronnie as part of the price she had to pay to get the power belt.  When the weekend was over the very happy, empty balled George left on Monday morning for his regular weekly sales trip, grinning from ear to ear.


With her mother not being around to keep her occupied, the rest of Monday and all day Tuesday, Vicky’s euphoria began to fizzle out, as the realization of what she was going to be doing on Wednesday night finally settled in, hard.  Her mind began to dwell fully on the gross sex acts she was going to have to perform with the donkeys.  Then she would think about having to commit those acts in front of a huge audience of lust filled Tijuana citizens.  She would shake her head in disbelief, as she imagined how the audience was going to respond when they saw one of Pedro’s donkeys insert his huge dong into her womanhood, right on stage, and take her completely.


She shuddered as she could virtually hear the humiliating cheers and jeers that would probably pour forth from the mob of turned on Mexicans, when they saw her get the huge slab of animal meat pounded home in her box.  And, if all of that wasn’t enough, she thought of the final degradation she would suffer when the donkeys shot, what she assumed would be  tremendous loads of cum into either, her ravaged vagina, or her puffy lipped mouth.


Her head spun with these disturbing, disgusting thoughts and apprehensions, and both nights she tossed and turned, appalled, but knowing that there was no turning back.  A deal was a deal, and she had been fully paid, so there was nothing for her to do but face the consequences and earn the money that had enabled her to buy her precious power belt.  Pedro was going to extract his pound of flesh from her rented body, by putting several pounds of rigid flesh into her rented body parts.  Thankfully, sleep finally overcame her.



----------   She had awoken this morning to the realization that the fateful day was here.  She would soon be going to the depths of depravity in order to secure a bright future as a superheroine.  Destiny was calling! As she shook off the fog of sleep, she realized that she had been dreaming all night long about pricks of enormous dimensions.   She looked down between her wide-spread legs and found that, somehow, four of her fingers were stuck inside of her vagina and were vigorously probing her dripping money maker.  Vicky guiltily removed the errant, naughty digits from their temporary, swampy refuge, got up shakily, wiped off her very sticky hand, then ran into the bathroom and took a much needed cold shower.   -----------



Mona had returned from her trip late last night so, prior to leaving for Tijuana, Vicky was having a going away luncheon with her.  To save time, she went ahead and dressed for the Tijuana trip, so that she could spend more time at lunch with her mother and not have to come back home and get redressed for the trip.


She put on a micro mini, red latex, whorish looking outfit, that was scandalously revealing.  It cupped every curve and crevice,  showing them off to their best advantage, leaving little, if anything, to the imagination.  She packed her superheroine costume in a bag, along with her make-up, then loaded her car and drove to the restaurant.  She and her mother arrived at the same time and the two outrageously built and wickedly dressed women went in and were seated at a secluded table, where they could talk.  They ordered their usual champagne but, this time, only a salad to nibble on.  They chatted the time away, trying to stay away from the subject of Tijuana and donkeys.


Finally, it was time to go.  As they walked out to their cars, side by side, with their arms draped around each others waists, her mother said, “Are you mentally prepared for the daunting task you have ahead of you?”.  “Yes, as much as one could be,” Vicky replied.  “Honey, don’t worry, you’ll survive it,” Mona told her comfortingly.  “Oh I know I will,” Vicky assured her, “but it is still going to be a truly humiliating and degrading experience.”


The two spectacular females gave each other a long hug and a full lipped, very wet kiss.  “Good luck darling”, Mona said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Vicky then impetuously grabbed her in her arms again and gave her one more long, tit to tit, deep tongued, French kiss, then said, “Thank you so much for everything.  I could never have gotten through this without you.”  They parted and went their separate ways.








Vicky drove to Ronnie’s office and found him impatiently waiting to leave.  He looked her over, let out a wolf whistle, then said “God damn, Puss, you look fuckin’ fantastic.  Looks like you really want to look good and sexy for old Pedro, when you give him his blow job, huh?”  Vicky ignored his crude comment and coolly asked, “Are you ready to go?”


Ronnie grabbed his keys and they walked out to his beat up Cadillac.  She opened the passenger door and found that the car was full of debris; paper cups, half eaten Twinkies, empty bottles and cans, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, etc.  The cloth seats were filthy and stained.  She had to brush off the seat just to make herself a place to sit down.  “Damn,” she thought, “this sleazy bastard is truly a complete pig.”


Ronnie drove out onto the expressway and roared off towards Tijuana.  “So baby, are you primed and ready to put on the show tonight,” Ronnie asked.  “Yes, I’m ready,” Vicky replied with an apprehensive shiver.  “God damn it, sweet cheeks, I’m telling you that I can’t wait to see you in action with Pedro’s burros.  I’ve never seen a woman get fucked by a donkey, but it’s got to be one hell of a turn on, especially with a woman who’s built like you is on the receiving end.  Man those Mexican’s are going to go completely ape when they see a donkey’s boner get stuffed into those assets of yours and, Puss, I am going to go nuts right with them.”


Ronnie went on instructively, “Now, remember, you’ve not only been paid good money to have sex with these donkeys, but you are also expected to put on a real show for the crowd, too.  So you had better be a damned good actress tonight and try and make the sex even hotter and dirtier than it will already be.  And Puss, if the donkey doesn’t make you climax, then you fake it for the crowd.  You got me, Cunt?”   “Yes, I’ve got you,” she replied in disgust.  “Good, because the crowd is expecting you to not only get donkey bonered, they want you to be turned on and dominated by the horny beast, as well,” Ronnie advised her. 


They reached the border, stopped at the gate and got through the border guard post without much of a problem, except for the time lost while the border guards milled around and watched the head guard make a long production of patting her down, invasively, for weapons and drugs.


After that demeaning slowdown, it was only a short time before they pulled up to the entrance to Pedro’s huge bordello.  They identified themselves to the doorman and he eagerly ushered them up to Pedro’s palatial office.  They went into the huge, elegant room and Vicky saw a tall, expensively dressed, sinister looking, dark skinned, mustachioed Mexican sitting behind a very large mahogany desk.  He was flanked on either side by two brutish looking, heavy gutted, uniformed Mexican policemen, who were apparently acting as his body guards.


“Ah, Senor Ronnie, come in, come in,” Pedro invited, with a wave of his hand.  Looking over at Vicky, he said, “So this is the superheroine senorita who has agreed to perform with my donkeys.  Damn amigo, she looks even better in person than in her pictures.  Have her turn around a couple of times and let me see all of her goodies,” Pedro requested.  “You heard the man, Puss, show him your stuff,” Ronnie barked.


Vicky was a little miffed that they were talking about her like she was a piece of meat, but she obediently did as she was told.  She made a 360 degree turn for him, twice, then Ronnie said, “Slowly pull your skirt up around your waist.  She did.  Now bend over and show your employer your tits,” Ronnie ordered.  She did.


“Chingawa, Ronnie, what a fuckin’ body.  Shit my donkeys are going to love having sex with all of that stuff.  Man that statuesque shape of hers looks like it was specially built to be fucked by a donkey.  The audience is going to go crazy watching this American trophy bimbo put on a show with all her fine, fine equipment.  They are going to lose it completely when the donkeys have their way with her and defile those plush Anglo American orifices.  The donkeys will do to this proud, beautiful white princess, exactly what the audience would like to do to the arrogant, imperialistic America, totally debauch and humiliate her,” Pedro said ecstatically.





“But, first things first.  Have her show me what kind of hummer she’s going to give my lucky burros,” Pedro requested.  “Alright, Puss, you heard the man.  Get down there on your knees and show Pedro what a great cocksucker you are,” Ronnie ordered her.


Vicky, still offended by the fact that the Mexican bordello master had not even seen fit to speak directly to her, submissively did as she was told.  As she knelt and began unbuckling the very dark skinned, whore house owner’s belt, Ronnie said, “Pedro, my man, I’m telling you that you are fixing to get the best god damn blow job you’ve ever had in your life.  She’s a lot better at giving head than any of your Mexican whores are.  This bitch has a real talent for face fucking.  She not only does a hell of a job of eating cockmeat, she looks absolutely sensational doing it”.


Vicky got Pedro’s pants open and pulled out an extremely large, very dark, heavily fore skinned male meat pole.  “Give it a French kiss, Puss”, Ronnie urged her.  She bent her head and did as she was told, ovaling her lips and slipping the foreskined head of the thick Mexican penis into her mouth, then giving it a long, wet tongued, French kiss.


“Now, Puss, Pedro here likes cocksucking bimbos to look him right in the eye while they service his meat, so make some eye contact and let him see you how much you’re enjoying eating his South Of The Border pecker,” Ronnie instructed her.  Vicky looked up at the cold eyed face of the big time brothel owner, as he peered down at her groveling at his feet, worshiping his already glistening prickhead.


“Show Pedro how good you suck balls Puss, then give them a good licking,” Ronnie hollered.  She lifted her head off of Pedro’s now very stiff brown prick, grasped his almost black hairy sack of balls and sucked one of them into her mouth, gave it a long gentle tongue licking suck before she alternated and took the other, almost bull sized testicle into her hot moist mouth.  Drool began running down her chin as she watched an almost glazed look come across the wicked Mexican’s eyes, confirming to her that she was giving him all the pleasure he wanted.


After gratifying the Head Pimp’s now soaked scrotum, Vicky smoothly switched from ball lapping to fulltime cocksucking.  Grasping his balls in her hand, she proceeded to give him a wild, head-bobbing face fuck and, after much work and drool, she got the big, brown, rigid boner to shoot its creamy, tangy wad of Mexican spunk into her waiting oral receptacle.  She had opened her mouth wide and tilted her head back and let him squirt his spunk between her lips, into her ovaled oral cavity.


Her eyes were locked on Pedro’s as he emptied his balls into her wide open mouth and watched him smile nastily as he got the full, dominating satisfaction of seeing her drink it down.  He squeezed off the last few drops of semen, laughing at her as she took it.  Watching beautiful Anglo females kneel in subjugation before him and swallow his seed, was the most pleasurable and gratifying sex act he had ever experienced in his whole life.


“God damn Pedro, did I promise you that she was one fantastic cocksucker, or what,” Ronnie exclaimed proudly.  “Yeah you did, old buddy and she was everything you promised she would be and more.  Man I can’t wait to see her give my animals a head job like that.  The donkeys are in for a very special treat,” Pedro said, approvingly.


“Alright Puss, now crawl over here and give me some oral relief.  Watching you eat Pedro’s brown pecker meat has got me real turned on,” the fat agent said, anxiously.  Vicky crawled over to the repulsive little toad and dutifully applied herself to fulfilling more of the terms of her contract.  While she fucked her mouth with the pig’s fat tool, Pedro asked, “does the slut do deep throat?”  “I don’t know, Amigo, but with your help, I bet we can find out right quick,” Ronnie laughed.


Vicky saw Pedro get up and go behind her, then felt him grab two fists full of her long, thick auburn hair.  “Alright, Senorita, just relax and enjoy yourself,” Pedro said, as he shoved her head down onto Ronnie’s rigid dong, driving its blunt head into her tonsils and gagging her.  He pulled her head up and then rammed it back down again and she felt a little of Ronnie’s thick tube penetrate her throat, as her mouth clit tingled wantonly.  “Relax Puss and let it in,” Ronnie groaned with pleasure.  They kept repeating the throat ramming, gaining a fraction of an inch at a time, as she noisily choked and gasped and sucked.


Fortunately the penetration of her mouth, by each of their pricks, and the clit massage that resulted, had put her fully into her pure man pleasing frame of mind and she cooperated, as best she could, with their force fuck of her throat.  Finally their labors achieved full penetration, as her lips and nose were mashed flush against Ronnie’s pubic mound, her face buried in his thickly matted, musty smelling, curly pubic hair.


Pedro never slowed down and kept ramming her head up and down on his friend’s bloated prick until it finally began erupting deep inside of her throat.  Pedro held her head tight, with Ronnie’s fat flesh tube stuffed in to full depth, and let the sleazy agent finish ejaculating his cum directly into her belly.  Finally Pedro released her head and she lifted it up, freeing her throat and mouth from Ronnie’s very gratified penis, and started gasping for breath.





She glared at Ronnie and muttered, “You bastard.”  “What’s your complaint Puss?  Remember under the terms of the contract you freely signed, we each get a blow job.  Nobody said what kind,” Ronnie laughed uproariously.


Pedro interjected, “Yeah you dumb fuckin’ Cunt, just shut up and do the job we have rented you for.  You’re here to give us each a head job and then to put on a show with my donkeys.  Now quit your bitching and just do what the fuck you’re told to do.  You’ve got $12,500 of my money and I want you to fulfill your contractual responsibilities, without complaining about a god damn thing.  You dig me, whore?”  “Yes, I understand, I’m sorry,” Vicky said, not wanting to cause a problem now.  “That’s more like it, Senorita”, Pedro said with satisfaction.


“Yeah” Ronnie chimed in, “you’re here as a paid sex performer, so you had better get your ass in gear and get your attitude straight so you can properly play the part.”  “Alright, alright, I will, I promise,” Vicky said, trying to get this problem behind her.  “That’s much better, Big Tits, now you’re talking sense,” Ronnie said.


Pedro told her, “Now go in the bathroom over there and put on your superheroine costume and get all primped up for the show.  My audience and the donkeys are waiting for you and they want to see you looking your absolute superheroine best.”


Vicky picked up her bag and went into the bathroom, where she changed both her clothes and her persona.  As Vicky put on her long sleeved, yellow halter top and stepped into the yellow bikini tights, Pussy Galore began to emerge.  By the time she had donned her matching new yellow latex, thigh high, five inch stiletto heeled boots and companion yellow opera length gloves, the full blown Pussy had taken over.  Her first action was to get the flared, baby blue skirt out of the bag and put it on.  Personally, she loved the tiny, ultra short skirt because it made her feel sexier than hell.


She looked into the full length mirror, freshened her makeup, put on a new coat of lipstick and adjusted the material of her costume, smoothing it over her abundant curves.  She was very sure, after seeing the image that was reflecting back at her, that the audience of dirty minded Mexicans was going to love the way she looked.  She wiggled her hips suggestively and wondered if the donkey she was going to fuck tonight would recognize what a really special piece of ass he was getting.  Satisfied that everything was perfect, Pussy snapped on her old power belt and put on her mask, then took a deep breathe and went back out into Pedro’s office.


“Wow” Pedro gasped, “in that costume, I believe that you are the sexiest looking broad I have ever seen.  Hell I’d even pay to see all of that equipment of yours get fucked by my donkeys.”  “Yeah,” Ronnie said, “ain’t she something?”  “And Pussy,” Pedro interjected, “you are in luck tonight, the mule that I have chosen for you to fuck is not only very well trained in the art of cunt stuffing, his cock is much larger than any of the other burros who fuck whores for me.  Believe me, my champion jackass knows how to put on a real good show for my audience and knows how to give a girl a fucking she’ll never forget, as you are soon going to find out.”


Pedro motioned for her to sit down across the desk from him.  “Alright, Ms. Pussy Galore, here’s the deal.  It isn’t enough that you just demean yourself by letting my donkeys put their meat in you.  The Gringo hating audience that’s out there waiting for you wants and expects you to be completely humiliated for them.  In order for that to happen, this show has to be staged so that it appears to the crowd that you are being made to fuck and suck the donkeys, not that you are just letting them do you for money.”


“So here’s the way we are going to stage the show.  First we’ll handcuff your hands behind your back and put a rope around your neck, then my two body guards will lead you by the rope, out onto the stage.  Now when you see the donkey that’s waiting for you, you act as though you are appalled by the size of its dong and what we are going to make you do with the beast, and you attempt to pull away.  My two guards will jerk you back by the rope around your neck, then hit you with some body punches until you drop to your knees.”


“Now, they are going to pop you pretty good.  The audience knows that you are a superheroine and can take real punishment, so you stay up as long as you can, and take plenty of punches, before you go down.  My guards will drag you back up to your feet by the rope, then put you on a gurney we use for our donkey fucking show.  They’ll strap you down on it, so that you will be ready to be pushed under the animal to get your fucking.”


“You got the plot of the show so far, Ms. Galore,” Pedro queried?  Pussy nodded yes.  Pedro went on, “Next, after you’ve been wheeled up to the mule’s dong, my brothel Madam, Mercedes, will fit the head of the its dick into your snatch, then the animal will be goosed and you’ll get your first feel of a mule’s dong penetrating and the stretching your lovely cunt.  Mercedes will keep guiding the mule’s prick until he gets his stroke down good, then you will get the damndest fucking you’ve ever gotten in your whole life.”


“And, lucky you, all you have to do is lay there and let the mule pound his meat up into your snatch, until you have taken it all.  Believe me, you’ll be damned glad you’ve got superheroine powers, cause your snatch is going to be stretched, reamed and plundered beyond belief.  And, when the mule climaxes, you are not going to believe what a load of cum the animal is going to pump into you.  Your husband is going to be getting sloppy donkey seconds for a month after this.”


Pedro took a drink of water, then went on, “Now, after the mule fuck is over, my guards will unhook you and get you off the gurney, while two donkeys are led onto the stage.  These will be the animals you are going to suck off.  You again make a show of how much you don’t want to eat donkey meat and try to get away again.  My boys will beat on you some more, then you start pleading for them to stop hitting you, by telling them that you agree to blow the donkey’s dicks.”


“Then you get down on your knees in front of the first animal’s prick and Mercedes will feed you the pecker head, then you really get with it and suck the donkey off, but good.  When you have taken the first donkey’s load, we’ll rig up the next one and let you have a second oral go around with a donkey’s member.  You got all that, Pussy?”


“Yes, but Ronnie never told me anything about my being punched,” she said.  “Hey, how many times have I got to tell you this, Senorita, you signed on to be humiliated for my audience’s pleasure, so this is the way it has to be done, in order to give the crowd the gratification they have paid good money to receive.  Your getting hit is what makes the whole plot work the best.


Now this is the way it has to be and it is what you and I contracted for.  So just do everything I’ve told you, take the beatings and the fuckings and earn the money I’ve already paid you.”  He grabbed her by the chin and said sternly, “Now, are you straight on everything?”  “Yes,” Pussy said, with a shrug of resignation, now just wanting to get on with this nightmare and get it over with.



20.  IT’S DONKEY TIME (spell that MULE):


Pedro motioned his two guards over and ordered, “Handcuff her hands behind her.”  The two jumbo sized Mexicans grabbed Pussy, roughly, and hauled her to her feet, then jerked her arms behind her back and put the handcuffs on her wrists.  “You got the rope,” Pedro asked?  “Si Senor,” said one of the slow-witted guards.  “Put it around her neck,” Pedro instructed him.  Pedro’s henchman grabbed the rope and put the loop over her head, then grinned evilly as he yanked the thick, course hemp tight around her neck, until he had her gasping for air.


Pedro walked around her, looking his new donkey sex showgirl over, approvingly, then said, “My guards don’t speak English, so I have already instructed them on what is to happen on the stage, so they know exactly what to do to you.  Now, you gorgeous Amazon whore, its showtime, so get your fine ass out there and give my audience the degrading, X-rated performance they have paid good money to see.”


The two burly guards led her out of the office and down to the stage entrance then, on cue, dragged her onto the arena stage at the end of the rope.  As they entered the stage Pussy could see that it was surrounded by a couple of thousand Mexican men sitting on tall tiers of circular bleachers.  Extremely bright lights illuminated the stage, enabling the audience to see everything very clearly.


The guards led her around the edge of the stage twice, letting the audience get a good look at the magnificent body that they were going to get to watch be totally debauched by Pedro’s donkeys, for their lewd sexual entertainment and gratification.


In the middle of the round stage was a very large, brown, rawboned, ugly looking Mexican mule.  The animal had a heavy leather harness on, that fit around its neck and chest and the big jackass’s front legs stuck through two holes in the bulky equipment.  The top of the harness had a heavy metal ring on it, that had a chain hooked through it.  The chain was attached to an electronically controlled hoist that was connected to an overhead ceiling beam.


When it was time for action, the hoist would lift the mule’s front end off the floor, until he was in a reared position, its front hooves well off of the stage floor.  When the hoist stopped its lifting, the animal would be in the same position that he would be in, if he were mounted on a female mule.


The beast’s two back legs were spread apart, hooves flat on the floor and clamped to short posts that stuck up out of the stage floor.  These posts kept the animal’s back hooves from slipping when he thrust his haunches forward to fuck the human female who was at his disposal on the gurney.


Pussy looked over at the huge mule that was waiting there for her.  In spite of the din of noise from the frenzied, howling crowd, and the extremely bright lights, the mule looked very calm.  This was obviously nothing new to him and she remembered, from what Pedro had said, that the animal had been fucking women this way for years.


Pussy got the impression that the mule was looking her over like he was sizing her up, seemingly admiring her statuesque figure, like he knew that she had been brought in especially to provide him with sexual pleasure and be his next human female conquest.


She glanced down at the mule’s immense member, which was now hanging down between its legs, half way to the floor.  She swallowed hard, wondering how that giant thing could possibly be put inside of her.  The imposing member was a whole lot bigger than her husband’s pussy wrecker was.  It seemed to be an impossible challenge.


She gulped apprehensively and, without thinking, stepped back in horror as she, for the first time, fully realized the enormity of what was about to be done to her.  Since this had been a reflex action on her part, she was surprised when she felt one of the fat guard’s ham sized fists bury itself in her stomach, almost up to his wrist, the heavy blow snapping her forward at the waist as she let out a loud “whoosh.”


Using the stout rope, the other guard yanked her back up straight and his buddy punched her to the stomach again.  This time, the hand was holding the rope more tightly, and prevented her from pitching forward again.  He held her there, choking, as the other guard gave her three more thunderous gut shots, to the absolute delight of the blood thirsty crowd.


Spurred on by that roar of approval, the two experienced and sadistic Mexican policemen happily bashed her body several more times, from both front and back, until she slid down to her knees, gasping, as she tried to suck some air back into her tortured lungs.


As she gasped for oxygen, one of the guards gratuitously kicked her in the stomach a couple of times, to the enthusiastic applause of the audience.  The kicks forced her to fall forward and now she was on her hands and knees, with drool dripping from her open mouth.


Pedro grabbed the microphone and said, “Well senors, as advertised, we have one of the beautiful Anglo American superheroines here with us.  We are here tonight to show the imperialist America just what we think of her, by making their fabulously built superheroine representative let our donkeys fuck her.”


“As you can tell, our captive is not happy to do this for us but, as you can clearly see, my men have effective methods to persuade her to do what we want her to do.”  Both Pedro and the audience laughed uproariously.


The tall bordello owner went over and grabbed Pussy by the chin, looked into her eyes and said “Well, superheroine slut, have my men persuaded you that you should service my donkey?”  Pussy weakly nodded her head yes, to the wild and lusty cheers of the excited mob.


The two guards grabbed the rope and callously jerked her to her feet, then led her over to the gurney.  The device was an adjustable height, portable table with wheels on each of its legs, and looked similar to what hospitals use as a mobile ambulance stretcher.


They removed the handcuffs from her wrists, then pulled her yellow tights down and had her step out of them, leaving only her short, flared blue skirt to partially cover her voluptuous lower body.  They then lifted her up and planted her ass on the gurney, then pushed her down onto her back.


One of the guards brought over a six foot long wooden pole that looked like a very large broom handle.  The spreader bar had shackles attached to each end of it.  They pulled her knees up to her shoulders, then forced them apart until they ended up alongside of each of her huge breasts.  They laid the metal pole across her breasts and the backs of her knees, then attached the shackles, first to her legs, just above her knees, and then to her wrists.


When they stepped back from their bondage work, she was trusted up like a Christmas turkey, her thighs spread to the maximum, leaving her twat gaping open, at the very end of the gurney, ready to be used by the waiting mule.


The gurney had a broad leather belt attached to the center of it.  The guards ran one end of the strap through the belt buckle and cinched it tight across her waist.  The strap was there to keep the whore who was laying on the table from sliding backwards, when the mule thrust his dong into her trapped and helpless cunt.


The table top itself was made out of a very thick, heavy sheet of rubber.  The rubber top flexed under the woman’s ass, each time the mule thrust his hips forward, violently, and buried his prodigious slab of meat into the whore’s virtually stationary, upturned twat.


The tension in the big arena became electric as the overhead pulley was activated and the front of the mule was slowly lifted into the air.  Pussy looked the large animal in the eye, again, and its tongue was hanging out, as though he was licking his lips while he watched her with anticipation.


When the mule got to its fully reared position, she raised her head and looked back down between its legs.  This time, its enormous, swollen ramrod looked even bigger and more ominous than ever.  “God this was going to be one truly pressure packed experience,” she thought to herself, nervously, “that thing may split me in two.”


Pedro motioned with his hand and the bordello’s extremely beautiful, dark skinned Mexican Madam came over and stood beside the captive’s head and, to Pussy’s surprise, bent down and French kissed her open mouth, swilling her hot Latino tongue around inside of it for a full minute.  The Queen Of The Whore’s mouth had an interesting mixture of sexual flavors, Pussy found, as their two tongues wrapped around each other earthily.


Then the sexy Madam, who was dressed in a form fitting, bare topped, form fitting, red evening gown, moved down to the end of the gurney where the superheroine’s honey pot was.  She reached down and flipped the hem of the short flared skirt up, then leaned over and gave the exposed cunt a few long licks.  Then she moved her mouth up to Pussy’s breasts and started sliding her mouth and hands all over them, biting the erect nipples through the material of the yellow top of her costume. 


Mercedes slipped the stretch yellow halter top up over the spectacular set of tits, exposing them, then kissed and sucked the naked beauties, for a time, before moving down to her stomach, which she licked and kissed while she fingered Pussy’s channel, getting it all wet and juicy.  The raven haired, spectacularly gorgeous Madam didn’t stop until she had Pussy’s ass wiggling in hot response.


The big rawboned mule was now in place, so the guards began rolling the gurney, cunt first, under the belly of the beast, towards the waiting animal’s rigid cock, the rope which was still around her neck, trailing behind it.  They stopped the gurney when Pussy’s wide open vagina was positioned right in front of the huge, pre-cum dripping mule pecker.


Mercedes then grasped the mule’s enormous member firmly in one hand and dipped the fingers of her other hand into Pussy’s dripping slit, again, stirred it briskly, withdrew them, then rubbed the slick, wet fingers all over the head of the mule’s cock, moistening it with Pussy’s abundant cuntal juices.


Then, with both hands, she held the big, almost black dong in position, lining its leaking head up with Pussy’s cuntal slit.  The guards rolled the gurney forward again, until the cock head was pressed firmly against the superheroine’s pink lipped vagina.  Very worried, Pussy lifted her head and watched, with almost hypnotic fascination, what was going on between her wide spread thighs.


The guards pushed the gurney forward a couple of more inches and when the mule felt his cockhead begin to enter the hot pussy, he automatically thrust his hips forward, hard, and achieved his first couple of inches of penetration into the very tight, Anglo gash.


As the guards held the gurney firmly in place, Mercedes goosed the mule and Pussy felt her now totally wet and heated cuntal channel accept another two inches of the huge mule dong, the animal’s broad prick creating excruciating pressure on the walls of her pleasure chute, as the breathless audience heard a loud groan come from the partially impaled, trapped and helpless, amazingly statuesque, white superheroine.


Pussy, who had been so sure that she would be split in two by the immense member, now felt her channel begin to relax a little and on the next forward thrust, she felt an additional two inches of black mule meat slide into her terribly stretched orifice, causing her to yell out, “Oh god, please stop, it is too big for me.”  This loud wail brought a huge cheer of derision from the delighted, decadent audience.


The guards then pressed the gurney’s wheel locks into special holes in the floor and fixed the table in place and, of course, Pussy and her lanced snatch with it.  The excited mule, warming to his pleasurable sexual task, was now very busy humping the much stressed superheroine, each plunging frig burying more and more of his huge member into the stationary and helpless vaginal receptacle, that the beast’s handlers had been nice enough to provide him with.


The mule’s deepening progress was being gained at much expense to Pussy’s magnificently endowed lower body.  She couldn’t imagine anything being harder than what her steadily expanding vagina was going through.  She continued to groan loudly from the tremendous pressure of the mules dong on the, fortunately, now very slick walls of her terribly violated pussy.


Over her continuous moans of anguish, she could hear the growing frenzy of the maddened crowd, as they cheered non-stop for the mule, urging him to totally take her plundered and much stretched snatch and rip it up.  Pussy had to admit to herself that the mule was achieving the goal of the crowd as it felt to her that he had already managed to get his entire member inside her, all the way up to her waist.


Now assured that the huge weapon wasn’t going to break her in two, Pussy began to feel her body want to please the thrusting tool, and she started humping her ass for him, as best she could, in her restrained position.  Damn, she thought, with chagrin, it appeared that her promiscuity weakness could be triggered by mules, too.  Obviously, she could be turned into a virtual nympho by the insertion of any cock and the subsequent depositing of its’ cum inside of her, no matter what it was attached too.


The audience could see her response to the mule’s giant prick and knew that he had gained complete control of her, physically and mentally and they almost blew the roof off of the building with their wild cheering and foot stomping.  The mule’s member was beginning to bump against the back of her channel, now, and she raised her head and watched, with sexually intoxicated interest, an amazing amount of the animal’s massive black pole disappear, over and over, into her lushly curved, marvelously endowed lower body.


The beast of burden was now comfortably in full stride and fucking the hell out of her, as the crowd chanted in rhythm to his ever deepening strokes.  The mule was so experienced at humping whores, that it seemed to Pussy as though he was pacing himself in order to make the pleasurable use of her shamelessly oozing twat, last as long as possible, before he shot his wad.  She, totally helpless to resist, felt the animal take full control of her and she began climaxing for him, like a dirty bimbo slut, as she tried to help him get every inch of his monster tool into her very hot and very willing, aptly named, money maker.


Ronnie and Pedro kept circling the trussed up, very violated superheroine, making sure that they wouldn’t block the view of the howling, raucous audience.  Ronnie said, “Jesus, Pedro, is this ever great, or what?  Look at that mule put it to that honey’s snatch.  God damn, that is the greatest fuck show I have ever seen.  That big, ornery bastard is putting an unbelievable amount of mule meat into that prime bitch’s cunt, and she’s loving every minute of it.”


Pedro responded, “You are right, my friend, the Anglo superheroine is putting on the best show I have ever had here.  She is everything I had hoped she would be.  My beast seems to be particularly inspired by the opportunity to fuck such a magnificent white trophy.  I have never seen a woman look so good with that much cock shoved up her twat.  From the looks of the tongue that is hanging out of her mouth, I’d say that he has taken her to sexual places she has never been before, or ever even dreamed of.”


“You are fuckin’ A, he is,” chimed in Ronnie.  “Shit, the bimbo bitch is nearly out of her mind, she’s so turned on.  Hell I think the stupid, clit for a brain, broad has fallen in love with that jumbo pecker she has in her.”


After what seemed like hours of fucking Pussy’s superb, outrageously curved, sweating body, the mule was now getting close to losing it, so Pedro had Mercedes start goosing him hard and, during the final three or four minutes, Pussy got pounded brutally, to the absolute lustful gratification of the jeering, delirious crowd.


As Pedro had promised, Pussy’s drooling mouth was wide open, as she was being totally filled and fucked by the now half crazed mule’s enormous blood swollen dong.  The mob went almost out of their minds when they saw the mule go into the last throes of sexual frenzy, then begin shooting his enormous load into the Anglo superheroine’s exotically stacked, waiting body.


Pussy felt a veritable river of mule spunk shoot into her spasoming, turned on channel.  It was much more cum than she could retain and the thick, creamy fluid rebounded off the back wall of her totally reamed out cuntal cock pleaser and literally sprayed out around the shaft stretched mouth of her well plungered pussy, onto her upturned ass, stomach and thighs.


The lust drunk Mexican audience went berserk as their donkey champion finished off the Anglo American superheroine for them, by driving his final few thrusts into the full depth of the totally ravaged, white prizes vagina, adding some new space to the brutalized pleasure providing channel, in the process.


When the mule had finished her off with a half dozen, balls deep, thrusts of his super sized prong, the crowd went temporarily limp with gratified exhaustion, at seeing her total defeat.  “Whew,” Pussy thought to herself, while she tried to pull her tongue back in her mouth, “now I know the real meaning of getting fucked.”



21.  NOW IT REALLY IS DONKEY TIME (slurp, slurp):


The mule had not only gotten his piece of her superheroine ass, Pussy knew that he had also greased the sexual skids for his two relatives.  His enormous cum load had her completely intoxicated with sex and, to her amazement, she was more than ready for her next onerous task.


The two guards unlocked the wheels of the gurney and slowly rolled it back out from under the spent mule.  Pussy felt the still rigid mule cock gradually slide out of her clutching twat, until it finally popped out of her totally trashed snatch, with a loud, resounding, suctioning plop, that could be clearly heard by the intently watching, now silent audience.


Pedro’s beefy local cops took the shackles off of her legs and wrists, tossed the spreader bar aside, unbuckled the broad leather strap, then sat her up and helped her off of the now slippery table top.  Much cum ran down her thighs into the tops of her yellow latex boots and down to her feet, before they grabbed her tights and put them back on her marvelously shaped, unbelievably well curved and totally hammered lower body. 


One of the guards grabbed the end of the rope around her neck, jerked her forward and began parading her around the edge of the stage, letting the appreciative audience get a close-up look at her magnificent, mule conquered body, giving them the opportunity to yell filthy insults at her.  Meanwhile the mule was let back down and taken away, as a donkey was already being harnessed up and its front legs hoisted off the floor. 


Her two half-witted chaperones brought her back around and let her look at the next animal she was to service.  It and its cock were both, thankfully, a little bit smaller than the mule who had just forked her.  She looked at its erect donkey dong and was thankful that she had a large mouth because it was obviously going to be a major challenge to get that oversized animal wiener between her teeth.


She gulped and then, following the script and trying to be a good actress, feigned horror that they were going to make her have oral sex with the waiting beast.  One of the guards immediately smashed a fist against her chin and sent her sprawling across the stage floor.  Her tormentors yanked her to her feet and began working her over, to the blood thirsty cheers of the audience.  She continued to take wickedly hard blows to her body and jaw, punches that sent her crashing to the floor, in a disheveled heap, over and over, as the two vicious cops beat her with sinister pleasure.


Unbeknownst to Pussy, Pedro had seen the terrific response from the audience when his guards had pummeled her the first time around and, ever the showman, had instructed his guards to work her over, even better and longer than they did the first time.


After the next series of blows had driven her to her knees, bleary eyed and coughing, the policemen callously hauled her back to her feet by the noose around her neck.  Pussy looked at the fat Mexican cop standing in front of her.  His beady eyes locked onto hers and he grinned wickedly as he drove his big fist into her already well abused stomach.  Pussy bent over gasping.  He grasped her chin and pulled her back up straight and again looked into her eyes, as he lifted his knee, smashing it hard into her crotch and smiled sadistically as he watched her eyes glaze over with pain.  It was obvious from the pleased look on the ox-sized guard’s face that beating white women was a very gratifying activity of his.


A straight right to one of her tits, knocked her back into the arms of the guard behind her.  He hooked his forearms under her armpits and held her up, in a half sitting position, with her thighs spread wide.  Her other abuser then kicked her in her fully exposed, mule cum soaked crotch, sending her tiny blue skirt flying up and, to his great pleasure, he saw more pain flash across her face and heard her groan loudly from the hurt his heavy, now wet toed boot had just inflicted.


He enjoyed it so much that he gave her an uppercut in the same aching place, sending her skirt billowing up again.  They then brutalized her with several more vicious whacks, from both front and back.  The raucous audience was driven to a peak of frenzy, as they gratifyingly watched the Anglo American beauty being beaten into submission by their two brown, beer-bellied countrymen.


After a next series of bone jarring, flesh thumping blows had driven Pussy to the floor, skidding to a halt, flat on her face, they each grabbed an arm and dragged her over and deposited her, on her knees, right in front of the donkey’s waiting, extremely rigid prick.  The beautiful Madam returned to the scene and grasped the donkey’s dark, heavy tool in one hand, and the hair on the back of Pussy’s head in her other hand, then, with a dramatic flare, inserted the head of the donkey dong into Pussy’s wide open, still gasping mouth, giving her a first flavorful taste of barnyard animal pecker meat.


Then the Madam forcefully shoved Pussy’s head forward, fully impaling it on the end of the turgid animal member, the vulgar move bringing a guttural roar from the overheated crowd.  To complete the degradation of the American superheroine, the donkey, as a reflex action, to feeling Pussy’s hot mouth totally engulf the head of his cock, slammed his hips forward and stuffed her mouth completely full of donkey dong, bugging her eyes out and ballooning her cheeks, to the even more thunderous applause of the overwrought mob.


Struggling to be able to breath, the sex drunk Pussy grasped the base of the long thick donkey prick in both hands and began bobbing her head, the donkey pleasing head action giving her a chance to get some much needed air back into her lungs.


From then on, the throng of half crazed Mexicans hollered encouragement to the animal and insults at the kneeling Anglo American superheroine, as they thoroughly enjoyed watching their donkey champion orally sodomize the unbelievably well stacked Amazon slut.


Pussy gorged herself on the hefty male member and adjusted her technique to be able to absorb the thrusts of the donkey’s hips, without choking, as he humped her mouth, stuffing it with wild abandon.  The donkey, demonstrating his own vast experience at face fucking human females, had real staying power and she had to suck cock for a long time, before the happy animal finally shot his wad into her slobbering oral receptacle.


The first ejaculation was so large that it overflowed the small amount of space that was available inside her dong filled mouth and at least half of the thick cream surged out from between her very stretched lips and the animal’s thick pole, while she fought to swallow the other half.


The overflow continued, as the sex crazed animal went on fucking her face and emptying his donkey balls into her skewered, over worked mouth.  When the donkey had finally finished spraying his hot seed into her, Pussy’s chin, neck and tits were soaked with his thick, sticky jism.


The audience was now virtually out of its mind, as they cheered for the donkey as though he was a national hero, which, in their minds, he actually was.  Pussy finally let the donkey’s dong slide out of her tired mouth and knelt there with her head hanging down, her chin resting on her aching, cum slick neck.  The audience took her bowed head as meaning that she had been totally defeated by their big bonered burro and they went into further fits of hysterical applause to celebrate her degrading loss to their donkey, as well as jeering her for being such a shamelessly sluttish Anglo whore.


The two guards then jerked Pussy to her feet, by the rope around her neck, and paraded her around the edge of the stage again, showing her completely cum soaked condition to the insult spewing, nastily cheering crowd, while the second donkey quickly changed places with the first one and was soon being hoisted into the air for his turn with her.


When the crowd had been temporarily satiated by the close-up sight of Pussy’s totally debauched, cum drenched body, Ronnie suggested to Pedro, “Hey, amigo, how about putting her on the gurney, on her back, and then running her head under the donkey and letting him slip his cock in her upside down mouth.  In that kind of 69 position, he should be able to get some real good deep throat from her.  Hell, from that angle, he’ll not only be able to get it in her mouth easier, he’ll be able to ram it all the way down her throat.


Pedro slapped Ronnie on the back and said, “I like the way you think, you rotten little bastard.  That’s a great idea.”  He waived to his guards to proceed with what Ronnie had suggested.  They grabbed her and threw her down on her back, on the gurney, with her head hanging down over the edge of the top of the portable table.  They strapped the belt around her waist and began pushing her over in front of the anxiously waiting donkey.  They lowered the rolling table a little and started running her head under the belly of the reared beast, until her face was pressed up against its dangling black tube of donkey meat.


Pedro’s ever present Madam grasped the baseball bat sized black prick in both hands and inserted its tip into Pussy’s open mouth, letting a few inches of the extremely thick animal dong fill it, giving Pussy another taste of earthy, pungent, bestial cockmeat.


Mercedes then knelt behind the donkey’s wide spread legs and grabbed Pussy’s head in her hands and held it still, giving the turned on donkey the chance to began flexing his hips and driving his pecker into the prostrate superheroines hot, wet mouth, his rank, heavy dong sliding back and forth across her tongue and banging against her throbbing mouth clit.


It didn’t take long for that action to cause her throat to relax to accommodate the immense tool that was pounding away against her tonsils.  The agitated penile member soon began entering her throat and it wasn’t long before the whole thing was going in, scrotum deep, his big balls slapping hard against her forehead, as he took her oral cavity, seemingly belly button deep.


The crowd almost went berserk when Ronnie went over and grabbed the bridle of the first donkey and led him over to the other end of the gurney, where he pulled the crotch of Pussy’s tights aside and pushed the animal’s nostrils against her wide open, total ravaged and oozing cunt.  The donkey nuzzled the wet, cum coated cuntal lips, snorted with excitement, then plunged the full length of his long, thick tongue into her steaming hot cuntal channel and began tongue fucking her.


The two big organs quickly sent Pussy completely over the edge.  She couldn’t believe how rough the donkey’s tongue was, nor how long it was.  The vaginal violation soon had her hips bucking in response to the invasion of her snatch, while the other animal was extracting a world class, deep throated blow job from her oral orifice.


Pussy was in a state of perpetual climax by the time the donkey’s cock erupted in her throat.  Mercedes, who was still kneeling behind the humping animal, intently watching the awesome mouth rape, grabbed the animal’s enormous balls in both hands and massaged them, as she watched the totally turned on superheroine gulp down the thick cum, until her mouth was overwhelmed by the flood of donkey spunk.


The completely out of it superheroine started choking on the thick, tangy goo and, as she gagged, Mercedes had the gurney rolled backwards, the motion pulling Pussy’s mouth off of the spouting cock.  Mercedes held the superheroine’s head immobile with one hand, while she aimed the big discharging meat pole right at Pussy’s face, with the other, and let the donkey’s erupting weapon shoot seemingly endless volleys of donkey cum all over her head, shoulders and tits, to the wild satisfaction of the boggle minded sea of potential wetbacks.


When the donkey was through hosing her down with his semen, the guards pulled the two animals away from her orifices, then yanked the rope around Pussy’s neck and used it to pull her off the table.  They dragged the defeated, humiliated and cum soaked, Anglo American superheroine around the stage, again, to the unrelenting applause of the lust filled audience.


Pussy looked out at the crazed crowd and hoped that the guards would hurry up and get her off the stage, before the audience charged her and tried to get their own piece of her action.  Finally they led her away, as the three animals were being walked around the stage, to the frenzied cheers of the gratified crowd, who gave the conquering animals a well deserved round of cheers.


Finally, Pussy was led back to Pedro’s office by the neck rope, with Pedro and Ronnie following close behind her.  Once inside, Pedro congratulated her sleazy little agent, “Senor, that was truly spectacular.  It couldn’t have gone any better.  You must bring more of these beautiful Anglo superheroine whores down here and let my donkey’s fuck them.  The audience will never get tired of seeing them humiliate themselves for my burros.”


“Don’t worry, I will Pedro” Ronnie promised, as they shook hands.  Pussy slid the noose off over her head, adjusted her costume and patted the soiled material back into place, then grabbed her bag and followed Ronnie out to his car.  They got in and drove away, Pussy still covered from head to toe with wet, sticky donkey cum.





            Ronnie didn’t have anything in his trash filled car for her to use to wipe herself off with, so she had to pull off her little blue skirt and use it to clean herself up a little.  When she had finished, she slipped the damp, sticky, soiled, blue, prick teaser skirt back on over her magnificent, totally plundered, lower body.


Ronnie gushed, “Man that was some god damned show you put on with those jackasses, Puss.  Shit, did that mule ever put the meat to you.  I’ve never seen a woman get more thoroughly stuffed and fucked in my whole life.  And, Puss, believe me, you looked absolutely fantastic with a mule cock getting shoved up your twat.  Damn, that well hung son of a bitch got every inch of it buried up into that over stacked body of yours.


You two put on one hell of a show and, Honey, you were worth every cent Pedro paid you to whore yourself in front of that audience of wetbacks.  I bet that mule is going to be disappointed as hell when he has to go back to fucking those Mexican whores again, after having you.  He certainly enjoyed the hell out of getting a piece of your gorgeous, white Amazon ass, Puss.”


She listened to Ronnie’s non-stop, off color commentary, but didn’t respond.  She was blissfully thinking about getting her hands on that new, state of the art power belt she had just paid a very personal price to get.  She could hardly wait to put on a clean costume and her new power belt, then get out there and whack around some bad guys.


As she began drifting back into being her alter ego, Vicky, her mind began thinking about George’s new boss.  She wondered what Sergio was going to propose that she do to help her husband further his career.  She loved George very much and would do absolutely anything to help him he successful; both because he very much needed to be successful and because they really, really needed the extra money that success would bring.


Then her mind drifted back to her night at Pedro’s.  “Ronnie had been right,” she smiled to herself, “that mule had given her the best fucking she had ever had.”  His tool had been enormous.  The mere thought of it took her breath away.  “Whew,” she smiled to herself, “size really does matter.”


She had to admit to herself that, if she had been asked to make it with the mule again, during the show, she would have done it in a heartbeat.  Hell, if the mule had a really good personality, he could probably talk her into being unfaithful to George, on the side.


And damn, she had learned tonight, for sure, that it wasn’t men who got control of her penetrating her orifices, it was cocks.  She was addicted to them and their creamy issue, and it obviously didn’t matter who or what they were attached too.


            Ronnie drove and thought about what he had seen this stunningly beautiful, magnificently structured superheroine do tonight.  It had been unbelievable what she had let those donkeys do to her.  What a fabulous slut she was.  When they got across the border he was going to have to get another blow job to relieve the pressure that had built up from watching her get totally hammered by Pedro’s animals.


And, or course, it had also been good to get the $10,000 in cash from Pedro that he had bilked the dumb broad out ot.  He wondered who else in his stable of superheroine clients he could talk into doing what Pussy had just done, so he could pocket some more illicit cash.


It was not wishful thinking to wonder about who might agree to do it because all of these gorgeous, prodigiously stacked superheroines were sluts at heart.  The major thing that worked against him all the time, in trying to get them to perform his kinky sex schemes, was the fact that they nearly all had lots of money.


“Hey,” he suddenly thought, “maybe this willingness to let donkey’s fuck you runs in the family.  Vicky’s mother is one fantastic looking broad herself.  Hell they look just like sisters.  Maybe he could talk the mother into putting out for Pedro’s burros.  Shit it’s worth a try.  She had been a superheroine once, herself.  Maybe she’d like to get back into the business again and will need some of my equipment that she can’t afford to pay for, just like her bimbo daughter did.”


He damn sure knew that Pedro would love to advertise to his fans that they could see the mother of the superheroine they had just watched be humiliated by his donkeys, also get fucked over for their pleasure.  He said to himself, “Hell, I love the idea.  I’ve got to get that fantastic broad’s number from her daughter and see if I can get her to let me eat her pussy.  If I can get my mouth on that fabulous bitch’s cunt, I’ll bet she’ll agree to damn near anything, just like her promiscuous daughter had done.”


            They went through the border check point and were finally on their way to San Diego when he said, “Alright big tits, lean over here and suck my cock.  You’ve prick teased me so much tonight, making it with those donkeys, that you owe me one, big time.”


Vicky sighed, resignedly, kneeled on the floorboard of the car and leaned over and put her face down into his lap.  Jesus, she was kneeling and laying in trash and filth.  It was embarrassing to be easy like this.  She knew this cheap bastard had plenty of money and she wondered why he had to be such a slob.


She was still drunk from the sex she had just finished having, and all of the cum she had drunk down, and was not yet in any mental condition to resist Ronnie’s demands.  “Well, on to a glorious superheroine future,” she thought blissfully, as she fished Ronnie’s fat cock out of his fly and inserted it between her lips.  As she began chewing on her agent’s nasty penis, she thought, “Damn, the donkey’s dongs really were better to suck on, than this putrid pole.”


As he felt the underside of his rigid pole  slide back and forth across the superheroine’s tongue, Ronnie had visions of the cocksucker’s dazzling mother dancing around in his mind, as he thought, “Damn, that is one fine, hot looking broad and, from the looks of her, I bet she knows every god damned sexual trick in the book.  Shit, life is good!!”