An Alternate Ending to The Unmasking of Batgirl

by 'Story-Writer'

Roger looked down at the unconscious form of Batgirl. The stresses of her bondage were too much for her body to endure. He retrieved another spray bottle, this time with a blue liquid and sprayed it over the glistening rubbery rope that bound her. The ropes melted away and Batgirl's body slowly untensed as her restraints dissolved. The special rope was for one use only, but he was very pleased with the results.
He removed the rest of the restraints from Batgirl's body and lifted her light body into his arms. He looked down at his captive as her head flopped back, her throat taut. He admired the look that the collar gave to her. He carried her to another room in his hideaway. He would let her rest for a bit. He wanted her to gather her strength for her next ordeal.
The room was small, outfitted only with a cot, a toliet, and sink. He laid the heroine onto the cot, then took a chain that was fitted into the wall and locked it with a small padlock to her collar. He wondered if he should also tie her wrists behind her back. She was very clever and could easily find a way to pick the lock at her delicate neck. He stood back and scanned the room for anything loose that she could use. He had planned her abduction carefully, and had prepared everything in advance taking all her skills into consideration. Roger decided that the chain would be enough to hold her in her room. It was long enough to allow her to reach the sink or the toliet as her needs dictated, and yet sturdy enough so that not even the strongest human could pull it out of the wall. He nodded in satisfaction and left the small room, shutting and locking the door behind him.
It was now time to make a few phone calls. He had no doubts that who he was about to call was very dangerous. More so than even Catwoman. But, he felt that it was a chance that he had to take. He wanted Batgirl to kneel before him of her own free will, and unmask herself voluntarily. To do that, he had to break her totally. Make her feel that he was her only salvation from destruction and damnation.
Roger went to his den and turned on the news. He decided to wait. He didn't want to be too hasty in any of his actions. Yes, he would reveal himself to others in due time, and let the world know that he had captured Batgirl. It would be a great kudo for him in the eyes of Gotham's underworld. He wondered how Catwoman would respond when she heard the news. She always viewed Batgirl as her own little toy, her own possession to play with as she pleased. She did not take kindly to others cutting into her territory, as she believed Batgirl to be.
There was no mention of Batgirl, or the Dynamic Duo on the news. Nor were there any mentions of any major crimes, just the heat wave and the humidity. It seemed like domestic violence and minor assaults were keeping the police busy. Good, he thought. No news is good news, and the police are inundated with petty crimes to keep them occupied.
Seated, Roger suddenly felt tired. The day had been long, and Batgirl had taken a lot out of him. He marveled at her erotic energy, so intense even when she was bound and helpless. Actually, more so because she was bound and helpless. He wondered about a superheroine that found such excitement out of being captured, bound, tormented, and raped. Catwoman had often laughed at Batgirl's secret desires, joking that the best way to make her retire was to not do anything to her. That Batgirl would get so bored that she would hang up her mask in disgust. As he closed his eyes and settled deeper into the over stuffed chair he wondered if that was true.
Batgirl slowly woke up. She kept her eyes closed and examined her surroundings with her other senses. She discovered that she was no longer tied up, however she did note that there was a weight against her collar, which she deduced to be a chain. The room was quiet and she slowly cracked her eyes to examine where she was through half-closed eyelids. The room she found herself in was small, dimly lit by a low wattage bare bulb overhead. She saw a sink and a toilet and a door. That was all. She slowly rolled onto her side, feeling the chain that was attached to her collar move across her bare shoulder. She followed the links to see that they ended at an eye-bolt that was sunk into the wall. She also noticed that she lay upon a plain, military-issue Army cot. She was alone.
Batgirl opened her eyes completely and rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. She could not see any monitoring devices, but that did not mean that there weren't any hidden away. A slight moan escaped her lips. She was sore. Her captor had not been gentle with her. All her muscles ached, and her pussy felt raw from the pounding he had given her. The only thing that had kept him from ripping her pussy apart was her own juices which had flowed so readily for him, her wetness from her bondage and captivity.
She slowly sat up and swung her long legs to the side, resting her feet on the cool floorboards. She rolled her head from side to side, trying to work the kinks out of her neck. The links of the chain at her neck dangling beside her now, the tinkling sounds very erotic to her ears. She shook her head now at dismay at herself. How could she think such thoughts, she wondered. But, deep down inside her, she knew. It was her inner thirst for bondage, for captivity. The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the danger. She always loved it. She always seemed to be placing herself in situations where she would be captured and tied up. She knew this was from acting alone so many times, refusing to let anyone know where she was going, or assisting her, even when she knew that she was getting in over her head.
Batgirl snapped her eyes open. She had closed them as she had started to daydream. She then noticed that her right hand had cupped her left breast and that her left hand was between her legs. She quickly moved them to the cot's surface at her sides.
Batgirl began to stretch, moving her arms slowly up and out, twisting her body from side to side. Groans came easy to her lips, softly escaping. Damn! She hadn't felt this worked over since....when? She couldn't remember if she ever had felt this sore. She bent at her waist and reached out with her fingers as far as she could, slowly stretching out the muscles at her back. If nothing else, she knew that she needed to prepare her body for whatever came next. She didn't want to stay here any longer than needed. And as she continued to stretch her expert gaze took in every detail of the room, looking for something . . . . anything that could be used to help her escape.
She stood up and slowly spread her legs. The muscles of her thighs and calves protested silently as she bent over, running her hands slowly down the backs of her legs, massaging her hamstrings. She then slowly stood upright, her hands going up over her head, her fingers reaching for the ceiling. She gripped her hands together and bent backwards, very slowly. More moans flowed softly from her lips as her body tried to relieve the tensions that her oh so strict bondage had caused. She closed her eyes and licked her lips. So strict. She had been so helpless, her captor had bound her so expertly, so completely. Batgirl started to lubricate again just thinking about it.
"Stop it!", she whispered to herself, opening her eyes and straightening up again. She moved to the sink, discovering that the length of the chain attaching her to the wall was long enough for her to move anywhere in her prison. She turned on the water tap and bent over the sink, and cupped several handfuls of water into her mouth. She then took her wet hand and ran it along the back of her neck.
Batgirl looked about her and started to move slowly about the room, closely examining the walls, the door, her cot, the sink and the toilet. The toilet's lid was sealed, so she could not lift it to use any of the parts within. The cot was simply constructed, yet sturdy and also afforded nothing that she could use.
She suddenly stopped. Batgirl took a step back, listening intently. Yes, that was a creak that she had heard. One of the floorboards was loose. She moved her feet slightly until she found the board. She then slowly started to rock it back and forth, carefully examining the edges of the wood. A small smile crossed her face as she saw the end of a wood nail slightly exposed. She moved to the cot and flipped it over and examined the legs. A small square of metal fitted over the tubular legs to keep it from scratching the floor. She took one in her strong fingers and worked it back and forth, lifting it from within the leg. She palmed the small piece of metal and turned the cot back over.
Batgirl moved back to the loose board and rocked it again, shifting her weight this way and that over it. She knelt down and placed the edge of the metal from the cot under the head of the nail. She slowly pushed her knee into the center of the board and started to push in and out, pulling upwards against the nail with the metal plate.
Soon the nail was loose enough so that she could pull it from the floor. She sighed with relief that she had not been discovered and sat down on the edge of her cot. She felt her collar with her fingers and found the small padlock that fastened the chain to her throat. Her smile broadened as she discovered that the small finishing nail fit into the hole of the lock. Her dexterous fingers moved the end of the nail about, searching for the simple tumblers, pushing and shifting. Soon she heard the small click of success. She opened the padlock and lifted it from her collar, allowing the links of the chain to fall back against the wall.
Batgirl stood up and moved to the door. Average door she noted and slowly tried the handle. It turned but the door did not open. Locked, of course. She would have been surprised if it hadn't been. No lock on the inside either she noticed. She took a deep breath and examined the doorframe. It did not appear to be reinforced, and she suspected that the door was like any locking door found inside any normal house, like in a bathroom.
Her teeth bared in a fierce smile, Batgirl stepped back. It was time to let loose some of her frustrations. Her right leg shot out in a wicked side kick, her bare foot solidly connecting below the door handle where she determined the bolt of the lock to be. The door did not stand a chance against the expert martial skills of the superheroine or the strength released, flowing from her body to her leg and finally ending at the door. With a loud crashing sound the door flew back, banging hard against the wall, shards of wood blasting outwards from the door jam.
Batgirl quickly exited her prison and moved into the next room that was the torture chamber in which she had been tormented and raped by her captor. She quickly scanned the room for her foe. He was no where to be seen. She relaxed a bit and did another, more complete, examination of the room. She knew that she still had a ways to go in her escape. She was naked, alone, and in a place that she knew nothing about, in the lair of a villain that she did not know. She needed to find her utility belt. She wondered if he had stored it anywhere in the room. There were a number of tables, small closets and cupboards, and other places where it could be hidden. She knew that she did not have much time and started her search.

Barbara gaped as she swung open the secret closet's door. Secret panels were very hard to hide from the Dark Damsel, and this one she found easily. Inside were dozens of costumes, Batgirl costumes. She slowly moved each over as she examined them. Not one was like anything she had ever dared of wearing. They were slinky, sexy, and very erotic. Well, she didn't have time to waste she thought to herself and snatched one of the outfits from within the closet. She wanted to put something on, anything to cover her nudity. She quickly pulled on the full body purple lace body stocking, wondering why her captor had these. She noticed a pair of knee high soft leather boots and quickly placed them on her feet as well. She was not surprised that both were a perfect fit. The lace of the body stocking did little to prevent her skin from showing, though there were three small black bats strategically placed at her nipples and her crotch. She pulled her gloves over her hands and continued her search for her utility belt.
Batgirl had no further luck in her search. She determined that her captor probably had it locked up in another room. She needed a weapon, however. She was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, but he was larger than she, and seemed to be just as fast. Also, the way that he had caught her foot when she attempted to kick him in the head indicated that he had some martial skills himself.
She went back to a cabinet she had seen earlier and took out a large baton like device. It was a heavy cattle prod. A satisfied smirk crossed her delicate facial features as she tested it's weight and balance, the smirk growing to a smile when she pressed the button and a crackle of electricity jumped between the two electrodes at it's end. Now, she was ready, she thought. Now was payback time.
Roger jerked awake with a start. He hadn't expected to sleep as long as he did. He shut off the TV and got up. He wanted to check on his captive. He rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair, scratching his scalp where his hair had matted from leaning against the chair's back. He left his den and walked down the hall towards the door that lead to the torture chamber, and Batgirl's cell.
Opening the door he stopped. The door to Batgirl's room had been forced open. He quickly scanned the chamber. His breath caught in his throat as he spotted her. She had found his stash of outfits for her, and had put one on. Damn, she is fantastic, he thought as his eyes ran up and down her body. The lace body stocking accentuated every curve of the heroine. His eyes then narrowed as he noticed that she was holding a large cattle prod in her hand, smacking it into her other palm.
The two foes locked eyes across the room. Batgirl saw what he looked like for the first time, since he no longer wore his hood. He was handsome, his features chiseled and rugged. She almost laughed out loud. It looked like he had just woke up, his hair sticking up here and there. But, the matter was very serious now. She was prepared for him, and she knew that he was not exactly prepared for her like this, judging from his expression.
They did not say a word as they silently evaluated each other. Roger slowly stepped into the room and shut the door behind him. Batgirl slowly circled to her right, to place her in a position where she would have a clear avenue of attack. She noticed that his eyes were confident, yet cautious as they scanned the room. His body positioning itself in such a way so that it could instantly react to anything she did. Yes, he was trained. She wondered just how good he really was. She knew that she would soon find out.
Roger didn't have any misgivings about the situation that he now found himself in. Batgirl was loose, and armed. Though the weapon was not lethal in nature, it would hurt if she connected. He knew that he should have bound her when placing her in her cell. A smile nonetheless formed at the edges of his lips. This was exciting! She would be such a wonderful challenge. He had no qualms about fighting her. He knew that she was fast, strong, and skilled. She was a warrior, as he was. And, though she was a woman, he knew that he would be able to bring himself to combat her.
The purple clad heroine and the black clad villain slowly advanced towards each other across the room, moving around the tables, racks, wheels and other items that dotted the chamber's floor. Each knew that they were in for a fight.
Batgirl made the first move. She quickly jumped on top of a small table and then leaped again towards her opponent, twirling in the air as she performed a half-twisting somersault over his head. He ducked his head and had half turned when she landed in a crouch behind him. She quickly shot her arm out, the heavy prod striking him hard against the side of his right knee. He grunted and staggered back. She tucked and rolled away, leaping to her feet and kicking her right leg back, catching her limping foe square in his solar plexus.
"Ooommmph!", Roger gasped as the air was knocked out of him. He limped backwards to give himself some space and a few seconds. He moved behind a rack, trying to catch his breath. Batgirl was moving again towards him. She was doing a very good job of slowing him down, he knew. It would be a while till he was able to move properly on his right leg.
Batgirl dove towards the rack, placing her hands on the edge and launching herself at Roger. She did a half flip and caught him between her legs, bearing him backwards to the floor. His face was between her crotch and she knelt straddling his face as he lay underneath her. She hit him square in the face with her left hand.
Roger's view exploded into stars at Batgirl's blow. He quickly brought his left knee up, catching the heroine in the small of her back, driving her off of him over his head. He rolled over onto his stomach and then pushed himself to his feet.
Batgirl rolled with the blow over Roger's head. She came to her feet at the end of the roll, and performed a quick snap kick backwards, catching him at his shoulder as he was coming to his feet, knocking him backwards onto his ass.
More stars flashed before Roger as his head snapped back against the edge of the rack as he landed hard on his buttocks. He quickly rolled to his right, grimacing at the pain from his shoulder and knee as they contacted the hard floor. He rose to his feet and faced Batgirl. He ducked as her left foot came towards his face in a wicked sidekick. He twisted and punched her in her inner thigh that was still extended, bringing a gasp from the heroine and twisting her. He quickly followed up by moving behind her and grabbing hold of her long red hair.
"AAArrrrgghhhhhh!", Batgirl screamed as Roger pulled her head back, pulling her backwards. Off balance from being hit in the thigh mid-kick she back peddled as Roger swung her around by her hair, driving her back against a post.
"Ummmpphh!", she groaned as she slammed hard against the post. Roger was then in front of her, and Batgirl felt her face snap to the side as he quickly backhanded her, knocking her away from the post. She tumbled away and performed a quick side cartwheel to give herself some distance.
The two fighters breathed heavily as they tried to catch their breath. Roger rubbed his hand across his nose, quickly looking down to his hand to see it covered with blood from his broken nose as Batgirl quickly wiped the blood from her split lip. The moment lasted but a few seconds before Batgirl lunged forwards, using the baton like a fencing foil, hitting the electrode switch. Roger was slower than she was by a milli-second and the tip of the cattle prod stuck him at his left bicep.
"AAAHHHHH!" His arm seemed to catch fire and he felt it go numb. He brought his right arm up and across to knock the baton away, then stepped towards Batgirl and brought his arm back across his body, snapping out his fist, catching Batgirl against her right temple in a powerful blow.
"Ugghhh!" Batgirl was knocked to the side and fell to her knees. It was her turn now to see stars. The room started to spin, and she saw two black clad men advancing on her. She staggered to rise, but he was at her before she could move away.
Roger continued his assault. He knew he had to finish her quickly, before she recovered. He did a low kick, driving his foot into Batgirl's stomach, knocking her completely down.
"Ohhhh!" Batgirl moaned as she was drove by the blow across the floor. She rolled with the momentum away from him, trying now to get away desperately. Roger quickly limped after her and grabbed her by her foot, stopping her roll. She quickly shot her other foot back, knocking his hand off of her leg.
Roger grimaced as he felt a bone crack in his right hand. Batgirl was going to win by default if she continued to cripple him. His left arm was useless for the moment, and the pain from his right knee was excruciating. He moved up besides her and dropped to his knees, driving his right elbow into her back between her shoulder blades.
"AAAAHHHHH!" Both of them cried, Roger from the pain from his knee and Batgirl from the pain that shot fire up and down her spine. Roger gripped the back of her head by her hair. Batgirl twisted her head to the side just as he slammed her head down hard against the floor, making her world go black.
Roger groaned as he slowly straightened his right leg out. He rose up to his feet, using his right hand and left leg. He looked down at the unconscious Batgirl at his feet and staggered to a cabinet. He opened it and retrieved several cuffs from within and limped back. He gritted his teeth as he knelt down besides her. His left arm was starting to tingle and he opened and closed his hand, trying to get some more feeling and function back. He took hold of Batgirl's arms and brought them together behind her back, cuffing her wrists together. He took the other pair of cuffs and buckled them about her ankles. Taking hold of her ankles he moved them up and snapped them to the wrist cuffs, hogtying her. Only then did he relax a bit, letting out a long sigh. He rose slowly to his feet and leaned back against a table, then lifted himself on it, taking the weight off his bruised knee. He leaned forward, breathing hard, catching his breath.
"Ohhhhhhhhh", the soft moan escaped Batgirl's lips as her world turned from black, to gray, to fuzzy. She moaned again as she slowly regained consciousness. She felt that her head was going to fall off her shoulders. Her back was very sore from the blows that she had taken. She moved her fingers and toes, determining that there was no nerve damage. She then discovered that she was bound once again. Hogtied.
"Ohhh noooo....", she moaned. She had lost. She knew that she had given her enemy a hell of a fight, and that he would not forget it anytime soon, especially when he tried to walk. She moved her head to the other side and saw Roger sitting on a table besides her, looking down at her.
"Damn, Batgirl! I must admit. You are good," he said, smiling crookedly at her. "I hope I didn't hurt you too badly."
"No," she said in return, "I hope I hurt you badly."
"Hah! That's good! Well, I must admit that you banged me up pretty well. I haven't been in a fight like that since being pounded by Batman."
Batgirl again examined his face, racking her memory. Yes, he was one of Catwoman's ex-henchmen she now remembered.
"Cornby....Roger Cornby." she said, moving her arms behind her, testing her bonds.
"Yes, that is my name Batgirl," he answered as he watched her slowly writhe below him. He felt himself stirring again. The fight had been exciting, and the adrenaline still flowed through his veins. Once again he was over the helpless form of Batgirl.
"Why me, Cornby? What is with all this?" she asked, her brilliant green eyes gripping his blue gaze.
"All what?" He had a good idea of what she meant. But, this was the first time that he had ever really spoke with her. Her voice was lovely. Soft, yet determined. Her eyes intelligent.
"Kidnapping me. Raping me! The costumes!"
Roger shook his head, smiling ruefully. Why, indeed. There were certainly other women he could have kidnapped without all the trouble, and pain, that he had just went through.
"Because of who you are, what you are. Yes, I could have any woman that I want. But, ever since I first saw you, I have wanted you."
"Well, it seems like you now have me," Batgirl replied sardonically. "So, now what?"
Roger moved off of the table to his feet. He slowly walked around Batgirl, favoring his right leg.
"No, that would be telling." he said as he moved about the room, trying to stretch his leg out. He determined that his knee hadn't been severely damaged, only bruised. The sharp pain now gone replaced only with a low burn. His left arm was now functioning, as it should. He moved to a cabinet and brought out several cords of rope.
Batgirl wetted her lips. He was going to tie her up, again. Her heart started beating faster.
" you have to do that? I am already helpless." she asked.
"No, I don't." he answered as he moved back towards her, laying the rope upon the table that he had been seated upon. "But, I want to!", he finished with a chuckle. He bent down and took hold of the connector between her cuffed wrists and ankles.
"AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!", Batgirl groaned aloud as he lifted her up by her bound wrists and ankles, bowing her painfully. He swung her around and placed her on the table. He didn't want to kneel besides her at this point, not with the way his right knee was bothering him.
"So, you are wondering about the costumes," Roger said as he took some rope and looped it around her arms just above her elbows.
"Yes. Why?" she asked. Batgirl didn't know for how much longer she would be able to question Cornby, and had learned very early in her crime-fighting career that any information, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time, could be important. She then moaned as he tightened the rope, bringing her arms together behind her back.
"Because I knew that your costumes wouldn't last very long," he chuckled in return.
"Ohhhmmmmmmm", Batgirl moaned as she felt her elbows come together. He then wrapped the rope several more times above her elbows, the cord digging into her flesh. Her breathing started to get faster. She was getting excited again. She writhed slowly on the table, moving her hips about.
"And, I think a girl in costume is very sexy. Don't you?"
"Ohhhh.....yesssss", she moaned, now caught up into her bondage once again. She moved her head so that she was resting on her other cheek, facing away from her captor. The answer had slipped out so easily. She was embarrassed by her responses.
Roger undid the connection between her wrists and ankles, and moved her ankles to the edge of the table, taking a snap hook from under the tables edge and snapping it between her ankle cuffs. He slowly ran his hand up the back of her left thigh, bringing another soft moan from Batgirl's lips. He smiled as he saw her shifting her hips, and knew that this was getting her hot. He slapped her left buttock and chuckled when she gave a startled squeal.
"Don't!" stop, she thought to herself. She wondered just what he had in mind. Her lips were getting dry again from her excitement and she wet them again with the tip of her delicate tongue, slowly moving it from side to side over her lush full lips.
Roger removed the cuffs from her wrists, and wrapped rope around them, cinching the cord tightly.
"Personally, I prefer rope." he said, "much more personal. More....artistic!"
Batgirl did not respond. She was afraid of her answers at this point. She, too, preferred ropes to cuffs and chains. Cuffs and straps were quick and simple, but also boring because of their lack of variety. Rope, she knew on the other hand, could be used in countless ways. She wished that he would gag her, to keep her from revealing to him her inner thoughts.
"Ohhhhhhh", she then breathed as she felt his hand move under her stomach. He took the end of the doubled up rope and wrapped it around her trim waist. He then passed the ends through her arms above the rope at her wrists and then passing the rope again around her belly, finally tying it off at her wrists, locking her wrists to the small of her back.
Roger then moved to the foot of the table and undid her right ankle cuff. He gripped her ankle and moved it to the edge of the table and looped more rope around her boot, securing it to a eye bolt at the corner. Batgirl then felt him repeating the process with her left ankle, spreading her legs apart. Her breath was now deep, her eyes closed as she felt the rope through the soft leather of her boots. She moved her legs, testing to see if she could move them from within the boots. She couldn't. He had made sure that the rope was tight enough over her ankles to prevent that. She moaned again, this time with a perverse satisfaction from her helplessness.
Roger moved to another cabinet and opened it. He reached inside and took out a head-harness ball gag, and a vibrator. He turned back towards Batgirl. He noticed that her eyes were closed. Her writhings were very slow and deliberate on the table. He moved to the head of the table.
Batgirl opened her eyes when she detected him standing at her head. She saw the harness gag, and her breath caught. It was beautiful, she thought. A red rubber ball, shiny in the light. The leather supple and black, held together with silvery chrome rings and studs. She moved her head so that she was facing forwards and looked up at Cornby. Her lips were so dry again. She licked her lips, then before she could stop herself, opened her mouth wide for the ball.
Roger smiled to himself at this small victory. He knew that much of the battle had been won before he had even kidnapped her, due to her lust for bondage. He slowly pushed the ball between her white teeth, which then slowly tightened about the ball. Batgirl closed her eyes, and another soft moan came from behind the gag. He then buckled the main strap behind her head. His fingers expertly then buckled the chin strap under Batgirl's chin, then took the middle strap up over her head, to buckle behind her head. He then stepped back to look at his captive.
She was so beautiful, he thought. The black straps flowed geometrically up her cheekbones to the bridge of her upturned nose to between her eyes, which were once again closed. He watched her lips move along the surface of the ball, and her teeth as they bit into the ball. She opened her eyes and looked straight at him. She continued to work her jaws, chewing on the ball, her lips parted so that he could see her teeth. He shook his head. She was teasing him! She is really getting into this, he marveled.
And, Batgirl was. She closed her eyes again, and drifted back to the inner world of her mind as she explored her helplessness and bondage from within. Right now she did not feel any shame from her reactions, any embarrassment from her complacency towards her captivity. Her body no longer protested from the pain from the battle that they had just fought, but exalted at her desire finally coming true.
"MMMmmmmpppphhhhh", she moaned as she felt Roger undoing the snaps at the crotch of her bodysuit. She lifted her ass slightly then slowly lowered her pelvis back down. She heard the vibrator come to life behind her.
"Mmmmppphhhh," she moaned again as Roger moved the vibrator slowly along her pussy lips. Her breathing grew faster, and she writhed more before him as the vibrator moved down towards the table surface.
"MMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!" Roger pushed the vibrator forward between her and the table surface to nuzzle against her now engorged clitoris. She lifted her ass again to allow him better and easier access.
"Mmmmm....mmmmm....Mmmmph!" she grunted over the gag as she writhed her hips over the vibrator. Roger moved the device slowly back, then upwards.
"MMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Batgirl came violently as he pushed the head of the vibrator into her vagina. She shifted backwards, trying to impale herself even more on the vibrator as Roger slowly pushed it within her.
Roger was in awe of Batgirl's reactions as she thrashed and spasmed on the table as one orgasm after another shook her body as he pushed the vibrator effortlessly into her wet pussy. He turned it up to its maximum setting once it was all the way inside of her, and Batgirl's moans intensified. Her hips were moving up and down as she came again and again, her juices flowed from around the vibrator to stain the surface of the table.
He took another rope and looped it through her waist rope at her side, then moving it so that the loop was at her belly. He brought the ends up, wrapping it around the base of the vibrator, and finally securing the ends to her bound wrists at the small of her back.
Batgirl could not believe it. Her world was turning upside-down. Orgasms shook her again and again. The vibrator within her buzzed incessantly. Her captor had wrapped the ends of the rope around the vibrator that moved up between her legs so that it moved the rope constantly around and over her clitoris. Her breathing became sporadic. She was only able to catch her breath between orgasms, which were coming closer and closer together.
"MMMMpppphhhhhhh!!" she groaned as he felt her head being pulled back as Roger tied a cord at the back of her harness gag, and pulled it back to secure it to her bound elbows. The increasing intensity of her bondage caused her to orgasm savagely. Her jaws worked constantly, her teeth biting deeply into the ball with each orgasm. Her eyes were now open, but glazed. Batgirl only half saw the room about her, the racks, the chains, and the pulleys.
"MMMMmmmmmmmm", she was so helpless, yet so free now. She was free to truly appreciate her sexuality, her lust for bondage. Her captivity was her darkest fantasy come true. Captured by a man. Regardless of what Catwoman believed, she truly preferred men to women. Yes, she did enjoy lesbian sexual interludes, but it truly wasn't her. She wanted to be MASTERED! And, now a handsome, strong, and so very knowledgeable man was mastering her.
Roger watched Batgirl's convulsions on the table with fascination. Her eyes were open, but he knew that she was in her own inner world right now. Her hands opened and closed behind her, her arms shifting as she used them to move the vibrator within her. Her hips rising and falling and shifting from side to side as she ground her clit with the rope between her legs. The stain grew on the table surface. He shook his head as he marveled at her, and sat himself at the edge of the table besides her. He started to run his hands along her quivering flanks, feeling the muscles twitch below the now sweat soaked body stocking.
Batgirl's world exploded around her as she felt Roger's hand upon her side, his fingers grazing the edge of her left breast, causing her to orgasm once again. It was finally too much for her. The beating of the battle, the constant orgasms, had taken too much energy from her, and her world went black again.

Roger was in heaven. A painful heaven after the battle with Batgirl, but heaven nonetheless. He could not believe his fortune in the responses that Batgirl had towards bondage. Her breathing was slow now, as her consciousness left her to a quite repose. He moved around her, moving his hands slowly along her lithe lace clad body, wondering if she was dreaming in her unconscious state. He shook his head slightly in wonderment as he noticed Batgirl gently writhing under his touch. Even unconscious she was responding to him.
He limped over to the side of the room and collapsed onto a small stool to get the pressure off of his damaged knee. Taking a deep breath he looked around the room. He wondered how much time he had.
In answer to his silent question to himself a buzzer sounded.
"Damn!" he exclaimed as he stood up. He was already here. It didn't take him long at all. Roger really wasn't too surprised since he would make all haste himself where Batgirl was concerned.
He hobbled out of the room and to the main door, stopping first at a security monitor to look to see who was there.
In the dark alley stood two large men, dressed in purple, wearing white face paint with green hair. The Joker wasn't to be seen, but Roger knew that he was nearby.
Roger slowly made his way towards the door. He thought of just ignoring them, but knew that there was no way that he could safely. He was already in dire straights now, he knew. The Joker was notorious for his betrayals. He wondered just who was crazier. The Joker, or himself for contacting him. The Joker wasn't stupid, but Roger determined that he certainly was now.
He opened the door and the two henchmen pushed past him into the hallway, thier alert eyes taking in him and their surroundings quickly. One moved back to the door as the second moved between the door and Roger. The first made a quiet whistle. Roger's breath caught as the Joker seeminly materialized at the door and cackled as he made his entrance.
" people play when the cat's away, huh Cornby?" he laughed, his pale eyes piercing into Roger's. Cornby blinked and turned away from those mesmerizing eyes.
"Yes sir, Mr. Joker" he answered and turned to lead the trio up the hallway. The first henchman secured the door to the alley behind them.
"So, you captured the little Bat-Bitch all by yourself, huh?" Joker asked him as they made their way into the chamber. Joker chuckled, then gaffawed as he saw Batgirl bound helplessly on the table, his eyes taking in her unconsciousness, and the vibrator.
"Good work, Cornby...very good!" Joker said as he moved up to the side of Batgirl. Yes, he would finally have some fun with this little bitch he thought to himself.
"Number One, pay the man!" He shot over his shoulder as he ran his slender hands along the leather of the boot on Batgirl's left leg. His evil smile widened as he heard a small pop behind him as the second henchman, standing behind Cornby, shot him at the base of his skull, severing his spinal cord and killing him instantly. Roger dropped instantly to the floor, his blood slowly pooling around his head.
"Well, let's not wait around here, in case he called someone else. We don't want anyone to crash this party, do we boys?"
"No Sir, Mr Joker!" the two answered in unison, and they began to search the room.
It didn't take the trio long before they had inventoried the room, which included many restraints and the spare Batgirl costumes. The first henchman pulled out a bag from his thigh pocket and started to stuff the costumes into it, while the second started to bag up the restraints.
Batgirl started to stir awake and The Joker noticed it immediately. He motioned his two henchmen to positions out of the Dark Damsel's line of sight, and moved back to stand near her left ankle that was bound to one corner of the table. His right hand moved up along her booted calf to the back of her knee and stifled a laugh as Batgirl started to slowly squirm on her belly before him.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppphhhhhh", Batgirl moaned into her gag, her eyes slowly fluttering open. She looked into the chamber, and remembered where she was. She moaned again as she felt her captor's hand on her leg, strong fingers stroking the back of her knee. She raised her ass slightly in response, moving the vibrator within her, and spasming as yet another orgasm shot through her bound body.
"Ummmmmppppphhhhhhhh", Batgirl protested through her gag as she felt her captor taking hold of the rope that attached from her bound elbows and her facial harness and pulling her head back further. She tried to swallow, but found it extremely difficult because of her arched throat.
Her blood ran cold as she heard a very familiar laugh at her side. She tried to shake her head, but groaned in pain as The Joker pulled her head back further, her shoulders straining and her chest lifting off the table as the mad villain pulled back further.
"OOOOOOOooommmmmmppppphhhhhh!!!" The Joker released the rope and Barbara flopped back onto the table. She tried to move her head to look back, to look behind her. She shifted her shoulders as she moved her head. Her eyes saw a figure on the floor, and disappointment flowed through her as she saw the body of Roger Cornby on the floor, a small pool of blood haloing his tousled hair.
The Joker moved around the table to stand before Batgirl. She looked upwards and chills ran through her as fear took hold of her as the pasty faced villain grinned evilly down at her.
"Well, look like your all mine now, Bat-Bitch!" The Joker chuckled down at her.
'Shit...shit...shit!', Batgirl thought to herself. The Joker! She knew that she was in deep kimshi, and wondered what sort of evil and perverted plans The Joker had for her. Whatever it was it would be strange, and painful. She bit down on the ball in her mouth in frustration. It was one thing to be the bound toy of Cornby, a whole new story where The Joker was concerned. He was too unpredictable, too crazy...too smart. The Batman couldn't get a handle on the madman after all these years, and she knew that she stood little change in defeating him. All she could hope for is for The Joker to make a mistake through is madness and over-confidence, so that she could escape. However, all she could do is steel herself for the ordeal to come.
"Boys! It's time to pack up our little bat for her journey!" The Joker laughed as he turned from her and moved towards another table, where there were a number of coils of ropes waiting.

The Joker tossed the coils of the rope to one of the henchmen. "Secure her well, Number One. She has a nice little journey ahead of her, and we don't want her escaping before she sees what little surprise I have in store for her," he chuckled and then turned towards the second henchman.
"Time to fetch the packing crate, Number Two!" and with that the two left the room to leave the first henchman and Batgirl alone. The Dark Damsel started to struggle on the table, but because of the strictness of her bondage they were useless, only serving to gyrate the buzzing vibrator within her. Batgirl felt the heat within her, the joy and excitement of her bondage, as well as the intoxicating thrill of peril that she craved. However, they were tempered with the fear that coursed through her body as she dreaded what was to come as a captive of The Joker and his madness.
Batgirl tried to kick her feet at the henchman as he untied her left ankle from the corner of the table. But, his strong hand easily captured it and pinned it against her right ankle. He took no chances and bound her ankles together before untying her right ankle from the opposite corner of the table. He then wrapped more loops of rope around the heroines shapely long legs, starting first below her knees, and then above them. All the time Batgirl writhed in protest as he manhandled her expertly, rolling her first one way, and then another on the table as he wrapped, looped, cinched and knotted the ropes about her legs, the final loops tightly biting into her muscular thighs. The henchman took a moment to run his large hands slowly up and down the straining thighs and calves of Batgirl.
"Ummmmmpphhhh....Mmmmmppphhhhh!!" she protested as he felt his touch as he explored her. The heat of lust was continuing to build. She continued to struggle in protest, but it was now half-hearted.
The man then took hold of her ankles and bent them back against her bound thighs, taking another length of rope and looping it around her legs.
"Ooooommmmmmppppphhhhhhhh!" Batgirl groaned in ecstasy as the henchman pulled and looped the rope tighter and tighter about her legs. He paused to run his hands up along her thighs that strained against the ropes that bite into her. She writhed helplessly and bit slowly again and again the rubber ball that filled her mouth. She closed her eyes and started to lose herself into the sensation of her bondage once again.
This was why she became a heroine. Well, certainly a major reason she thought as she felt the henchman attaching a rope to her bound ankles and looping the ends through the rope at her bound wrists that were attached to the small of her back. Her fascination and love of bondage, the thrill of the perils were certainly a definite plus in her book. She knew that if she went to a psychiatrist that her masochism would be alarming to say the least.
"UUUUUUMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Batgirl moaned as The Joker's henchman slowly pulled on the rope, pulling her ankles and wrists together until they touched, bowing her athletic body on the table. Her teeth dug into the red rubber ball. The strictness of the bondage was exquisite in her mind. Her lithe body was flexible, and she could easily handle this sort of bindings. But the ropes still bit, they still dug, they were still very (oh so fantastically!) tight!.
It seemed to the Maid of Night that the henchman was not just interested in securing her, he wanted to torture her with his ropes. He continued to bind her tighter and stricter. Ropes went up and around her shoulders, pulling them back and closer together before securing them to her bound elbows, thrusting her full breasts out further, arching her more severely. He then shortened the rope that attached her facial harness to her elbows, bowing her even more.
"ooooooooommmmmmmmpppphhhhhhhhhhhhhh" a low groan slowly escaped through Batgirl's lips as her body was bent more and more. Her breathing sped up with her excitement, and she could feel her juices flowing now around the vibrator that continued it invading song within her.
"UUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" A orgasm ripped through her body, intensified by the fact that her body was bound in such a way that it flowed inwards because the orgasm couldn't dissipate through moving limbs or body. She writhed slowly, her movements small. Just straining against the ropes. Tensing and relaxing her muscles again and again. Making the ropes bite deeper into her muscles again and again.
"mmmmmmmphhhhmmmm.....oommmmmmpppphhhhh...." her moans were constant as her bound body was now flipped over on the table. She looked upwards at the ceiling as she lay on her bound arms and legs, her belly arched upwards towards the greedy gaze of the henchman. He licked his lipstick-covered lips and moved his hands to her arch, sculpted belly. His fingers slowly tracing the rope that wrapped around her trim waist, her quivering abdominal muscles as Batgirl squirmed helplessly under him.
Another orgasm ripped through Batgirl as she felt his hands roaming her body, his large hands now enveloping her jutting breasts to slowly massage them. Her eyes opened and closed dreamily as she moaned and chewed on her gag. She squirmed under his touch on the table, her juices now staining it's top as they soaked through the crotch ropes from around the vibrator, slowly dripping onto her legs, then running down to the table top. The feel of her own orgasm along her flesh drove her to another orgasm
"UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The room was losing its focus as the henchman continued to explore her exquisite body. Spasms shot again and again through her body as she convulsed on the tabletop.
The henchman lifted his hands from the bound heroine and turned towards the door as his partner rolled a large metal box into the room.
"Joker went to set up. We are to put the bitch in this and meet him at the site." He said as he entered the room.
"Right! Batgirl is ready for transport," Number One answered and turned back to look down at Batgirl. Number Two joined him.
"Damn! She is hot! She is really into this, isn't she?" They looked down at the bound heroine who continued to spasm and moan before them. Her body bowed severely, the ropes tight and merciless. Indeed she was. Batgirl was in bondage heaven. She just wished that the two guys would stop talking about her and just fuck her! There was nothing that she could do to stop her rape, and indeed, right now she craved it.
"Too bad we can't fuck her," Number Two said as he moved slowly around the table, examining the lace clad body of Batgirl from every angle.
"Yeah. What a waste!" The first henchman agreed. "Well, we better get going," he said and he flipped the bound heroine back over onto her stomach. The second henchman moved to the metal box and undid several latches, allowing three sides to swing down. The top of the box had several hooks. Batgirl was oblivious to this as she continued to drift through her internal world of bound orgasms.
The two men then lift her up by the ropes that run along her back at her elbows, wrists and ankles.
"UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!!!" Batgirl groans as she feels the strain of her being suspended in her hog-tie. She snaps open her eyes and sees that she is being swung towards the opening of the metal box. Now she knows why she was tied thusly, in such a tight package. So that she would fit within its confines. She struggles, or tries to, only able to make her body rock slightly in the grasp of the two henchmen.
They move her into the box beneath the top, and attach the ropes to the hooks of the lid. They then step back to look at her, suspended in her hog-tie within the box.
The two men marvel at the beauty of the bound heroine, hanging helplessly before them.
They then move to the sides and lift them up and latch them shut.
"Any idea what the Joker plans to do with her?" the second henchman asks.
"No. You?"
"Nope. But, whatever it is, I am sure it's going to be very interesting!" The two then laugh as they lift the front of the box and latch it shut, locking Batgirl in a world of darkness, her moans now filling the metal box and becoming an almost physical presence around her.

Batgirl moaned and groaned in the metal box as the henchmen roughly handled it from Corman's hideout into the nondescript panel van for transport. They grunted as they lifted the container and slide it into the back, one climbing with it to secure it in the back so that it's shifting weight would not hinder their driving. Barbara felt ever bump and shifting as her bound body swayed against the sides as she dangled from the middle of the box in her extremely painful suspended hog-tie.
She tried to concentrate on discovering a way to escape, but the buzzing vibrator inside her made concentration on such tasks nigh impossible. She closed her eyes and moaned in frustration as she chewed on her ball-gag, the soft 'splopping' of her drool falling to the floor of the box ringing against her ears. She came again in a violent shudder.
Batgirl heard the door to the panel truck slam shut then the opening and shutting of the other doors as the henchmen got in. The ropes seemed to dig deeper into her flesh as the powerful motor came to life, sending vibrations through the trucks body, to her tiny prison, and thus to her.
"Unnngggmmmmmmmm", she groaned again around her gag, and then came again as the truck shifted into gear and started forward, causing her to rock back against the wall of the box.
The box soon became uncomfortably hot, both from her body heat, and she suspected, from the box being placed over the exhaust system of the truck, the heat of which rose through the floor board and into the box. Soon, the 'splopping' of the drool dripping from her gag was joined by the dripping of her sweat striking the floor of the box, turning the box into a muggy hot sauna. Before too long the lace costume that she was dressed in was soaking wet, sticking tightly against her athletic body.
Barbara panted and snorted through her nose as she swung back and forth. The pain was no longer excruciating, since much of her body had gone numb. It was totally black in her world but she knew that she was getting tunnel vision. There was now a slight ringing in her ears as the truck bounced along the streets, it's suspension hard on her suspension. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she passed out from the combination of the pain, the heat, the humidity, and the lack of proper ventilation of the metal box.
She grunted as she strained her fingers to find a knot, any knot, to tamper with. But, she could only moan with disappointment. She was bound too well, too tight. She was indeed helpless. Sighing, she allowed herself to slip into the peaceful slumber of unconsciousness.
Batgirl did not know how long she had been unconscious when she finally awoke. She was still in the dark, but this time it was different. No longer was she in the hot sweaty box. In fact, she didn't feel the sweaty lace costume anymore. It felt as if she was in her old costume again, this time a whole and complete costume. She could feel the weight of her equipment belt across her hips, and the fit of her gloves and boots. She shifted her back and felt her sliding a bit along her cape that lay between her and the surface of the platform.
She then realized that she was still bound, though differently. She was now tied spread-eagle against a flat surface. She moved her mouth, now ungagged to work the muscles that had previously been held apart by the foul tasting ball-gag. She then slowly cocked her head from side to side, her mouth slightly open to help her hearing. She could discern breathing in the room, but could not determine how many, or where.
Batgirl concentrated again on her predicament. She had been removed from the box while unconscious. She then felt the mild itching on her left buttock where she lay on the flat surface and realized that she had been injected with some sort of drug. Probably to keep her under while Joker and/or his cohorts stripped her, redressed her, and then bound her the way that she was. The vibrator had been removed from inside her she noticed right off. She internalized her senses, and determined that she had not been raped while she was out and at the mercy of the Joker.
She wasn't sure if she was glad....or disappointed.
Barbara looked up...and spotted a small glowing red light. She squinted her eyes at it to see what it was. She ran her tongue over her lips to moisten them as she realized that it was the indicator lamp of a video camera. She was being recorded. The room was still totally dark all around her, so unless it was an infra-red system, there was not much of her to see.
Batgirl then saw another red light turning on overhead...then another...and another...and yet another. Five cameras. She had no doubt that what was about to happen would be recorded, from differing angles, and most probably from differing resolutions.
Batgirl flexed her fingers, pressing the tips against the gloves seams. She silently cursed to herself. The costume feels like her own, but it was only a very well made copy. She wondered her equipment belt was the same, a copy. It didn't matter really at this point, since she could not reach it at any point the way that her wrists were tied above her and to the sides. She shifted her bound ankles and wrists. Not much play or slack, nor could she feel any knots with her fingers. She sighed....and waited.
She did not have to wake for long as a familiar crazy laugh soon filled the room. Suddenly the room was brightly illuminated, and Batgirl closed her eyes against the dazzling glare, turning her head to the side to avoid the brightness of a overhead lamp.
"Hiya Bat-Slut! hehehehehehehe!!", the Joker cackled as he moved up to Batgirl, and looked down at her.
Batgirl was indeed bound spread-eagle, with cameras pointed at her from directly overhead, and from the sides. She was wearing a perfect replica of her purple costume. Joker smirked down at her giggling, knowing that even though she did wear her actual true equipment belt, it was totally useless to her.
"Joker, you bastard!", she spit at him, furious that he had stripped her and redressed her. Humiliated by the thought of having such things done to her without any knowledge of it at all.
"Indeed, yes indeedy yes!", Joker chortled as he leaned over to grin down at Batgirl, the lights shining against his pale skin. "I AM a bastard, Bat-Bitch!"
Barbara was bound against a metal table, with several seams, and articulating protrustions that so far where down out of the sight of her. Joker rubbed his hands with wicked glee as he moved around the table, checking to make sure that the ropes that bound Batgirl ran through the pulleys at the corners of the tables and secured to the winches.
"Ohh..ho..ho...hoooooo! You are going to LOVE this, Batsy!!"
Batgirl lifted her head, and looked along the table, and the way that she was tied.
"What the hell is this, Joker?!", she snarled. In fact she was curious, not only for the sake of her well being, but also because of her insatiable curiosity about bondage. She could tell from looking at her bound wrists and seeing the small pulleys at the corners that the table also served as a rack of some kind. She also saw the hairline seams along the metal, and knew that the table could articulate into different latitudes as well.
"This," Joker laughed slapping the metal of the table beside her head, "is the end of you, Batgirl!"
Barbara looked around her, but could see nothing of immediate danger to her. No blades, no gas nozzles, no crushing devices. Indeed, nothing that she could see that reminded her of imminent danger and peril. She then looked slowly about the room, noting the cameras with their red lights glowing to indicate that they are recording. Several small spotlights illuminated her and the table from different angles alongside the camera.
She continued to measure the room and it's contents rapidly. The room approximately twenty feet wide by forty feet long with walls of twelve feet. The ceiling consisted of metal cross braces below standard drywall type material, with more lights in several fixtures to keep the room brightly lit. She craned her head about searching for the door. She raised an eyebrow under her cowl as she saw a large glass booth behind her, with the door to the room nearby. Batgirl then realized that she was in a recording studio, and the Joker's henchmen were now at the controls of the cameras, lights, monitors, and she had no doubt, sound.
"What do you mean, Joker?" she asked him, a slight bit of curiosity blending in with her defiant angry voice. She stared at Joker, refusing to flinch as he stared back at her, meeting her eyes with his own crazed filled eyes. She knew that besides crazy, Joker was extremely intelligent. And that made her more than a little nervous.
"I realized that I have been going at it wrong all these years, Bat-Cheeks! Instead of trying to kill you, Batsey and the Boy Blunder, I should just have exposed you to the world!", he snortled.
"NO!", Batgirl gasped, as the true impact of the studio drives home, and a sick feeling developed in the pit of her stomach, as well as a twinge in her vagina. She blushed at that, and the Joker laughed, believing it was from her realizing her plight, and not from the fact that she found the concept of being unmasked publicly extremely exciting sexually.
"Yes indeed. You will be more famous than ever, Batgirl! heheheheheheheh!", the green hair madman laughed as he moved to look at the control booth, and then pointed at the ceiling over Batgirl's head. She looked up to see a panel slide aside, and a large television monitor lower from the opening, stopping where she could easily see it. It was then turned on, and four test patterns came on, the huge screen split into four smaller screens. Each pattern was different and Barbara had no doubt that her unmasking would be going out on at least four different channels, most probably via several illegal satellite uplink taps.
"You wouldn't DARE!", she then hissed at the Joker as she began to pull vigorously at the ropes around her wrists and ankles. The only thing that happened was that the rope tightened it's hold about her limbs.
"HEHEHEHEHEH!!", Joker guffawed and danced around the table. "Hehehehe! Not I, Batgirl! It is YOU who will unmask yourself! Heheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"
"You are MAD!" Batgirl's green eyes blazed angrily as she turned her head to watch the Joker giggle and prance madly around her. There was no way that she would voluntarily unmask herself before the watching world for the Joker. Indeed, if that was the case, why didn't he just get some hostage and threaten the innocent's death unless she removed her cowl, she wondered. Barbara often thought about that, and why no villains ever did the obvious. She wondered if that is one reason why she often wore such revealing and sexy outfits as she did, to distract the villains' attention away from her cowl or mask, down to her body. At least, that was one of the reasons, she thought.
"Hehehehehe!! Thank you, Bat-Slut! That's the nicest thing you have told me all day!! Hehehehehehe!!", he chortled, leering over the writhing Batgirl who continued to pull ineffectually against her restraints.
"What do you mean?!", the purple clad heroine asked, finally stopping her battle against her bindings, having noticed that several of the Joker's henchmen were leering out at her to watch her struggle, her body straining sexily against her tight costume under the bright lights. She knew, and was not surprised by the reaction, having seen it many times among her captors, both male and female. Indeed, she had seen videos of her captured, bound and tormented, and knew she struggled very erotically. Still, this was not the time and place for her to think such thoughts.
She looked around the room, eyeing the cameras, monitors, the Joker, and his henchmen. She had no illusions about her being in one of the most dangerous moments of her career to date.
"I mean....well...hehehehehehehe!", the Joker laughed as he moved to a small control panel at one side of the room. Batgirl noticed immediately that it was not in line with any camera's view. Nor was the control room behind her. She knew this was because of Joker's fear of The Batman, knowing that Batman would have to be SURE of something beyond a doubt for him to take direct action against that person. His code of honor would keep him from revenging what would happen to Batgirl unless the Joker made his actual presence known. "I guess I will just have to SHOW you what I mean Bat-Bitch, and let YOU figure it out! heheheheheheheheh!!."
With that the Joker pressed a button on the console, and Barbara felt the table shifting underneath her. First, several panels opened beside her head, and a large panel in the table between her slide open as well. Next, she saw that the seams opened up a little wider on both sides of her arms as well as along her long legs, as the table began to turn into a rack, closer in form now as well as in function. The Joker cackled as he pressed another button and several thin metallic straps shot up from inside the now opened seams across her biceps, thighs, and calves. Another wider strap closed about her thin waist, as did another one that snapped over her neck, to pin her head back against the table.
"Ready boys??", the Joker then shouted up at the glassed control booth. Batgirl tried to crane her head, but couldn't with the strap now about her neck.
"Yes Joker", she heard coming over some hidden speakers.
"Satellite hook up?"
"Locked in. We are ready to transmit when you are, Joker."
"Ahhh...goodie goodie goodie!! What channels boys??", the Joker asked as he clapped his hands with evil joy.
"Local cable feed to Gotham's ABC affiliate. Satellite uplink to the CNN United States Satellite. We also got a good bounce and have the primary BBC-European satellite, as well. We also have tapped into the primary Turner satellite as well. They are totally under our control and the transmission cannot be jammed or blocked, except from here, Joker!"
"Excelllennnnntttttt!!!!", the Joker bounced up and down with the news. "Hear that Bat-Slut?! You are going on world-wide LIVE television! heheheheheheheh!!"
"God....noooooo," Barbara moaned as she saw the test patterns on the main four-by monitor flickering to reveal station identifiers. The other monitors besides the cameras came to life, to show on their color screens what they were seeing.
"Lights! Camera!! ACTION!!", the Joker then cried out as he jammed his finger down hard on the button that set the rack into motion. At that moment Batgirl saw the large monitor changing, the four smaller screens replacing the test patterns with images of her on the rack. One a full body shot from overhead, the second a full body 3/4 shot from the camera on the ceiling several feet from the foot of the table, the third display seemed to be changing from time to time, as an operator in the booth switched from camera to camera to camera, panning and zooming. The fourth and last was a close-up of her cowled face. She looked up into her own large green eyes.
Within seconds several things happened at once. The first is that from the openings next to her head, two articulating arms came out. Batgirl swung her eyes from one to the other then opened her eyes wider in surprise as the arms shot out tiny little clamps that fastened to the edge of her cowling.
"Noooooo!", she yelled as the arms beside her head shifted to take hold of the cowl, padded inner sections of the arms moving from the main arm pieces to press against her cheek bones below the cowling to pin her face in place so she could not rip the cowl from the little clamps in a side to side shaking of her head.
"Ughhhhhhhh", Batgirl then moaned as the second thing happened, that of the rack shifting to spread her arms and legs wider, while the small motors under the table came to life, and slowly began to stretch her.
Her eyes flicked down between her breasts to see a strange device rising up between her legs from another opening. On the device where a number of protrusions, not the least of which was a rather large and fancy looking dildo. Batgirl grimaced as she noticed that also attached where several cutting and spreading tools as well. At least, she HOPED that is what the strange things were for. Her eyes snapped up to the monitor above her, and sure enough the device was shown from every angle and close up. She could examine it just as could those who were now watching this 'program'.
Batgirl's eyes widened as text flashed across the screen. "THE UNMASKING OF BATGIRL, GOTHAM CITY'S ANGEL OF THE DARK. STARRING....?????....TO BE REVEALED!!!"

All across the United States, and indeed the world, local programming was suddenly interrupted with a strange test pattern consisting of a clown's face. People stopped what they were doing and turned towards their television sets as a hideous and disturbing laugh flowed from the sets. Just as thousands of viewers, if not millions started to reach for their remotes to change the channel, the picture changed, this time showing the purple clad heroine, who many knew as Batgirl, bound spread eagle on a odd looking table with the words "THE UNMASKING OF BATGIRL, GOTHAM CITY'S ANGEL OF THE DARK. STARRING....?????....TO BE REVEALED!!!" scrolling across the screens. Many people could not read the words because they did not understand English. Many did not even recognize the heroine before them on their television screens. All they knew is that this show was different. Most viewers, especially those in the United States, particularly those in Gotham City, immediately stopped what they were doing to watch the unfolding drama.
Within minutes, if not seconds, phones were ringing across the land, with the news of Batgirl's capture and imminent unmasking. Some were giving the news with malicious glee, others with serious concern. It was those, primarily in the law enforcement community, raced to find out where the signals that were taking over the airwaves were coming from. They knew it would take time. Time that Batgirl did not have.
Batgirl looked in horror at her image in the monitors, knowing that it was being broadcast all around the world...LIVE!! She tugged frantically at the ropes that bound her wrists and ankles, that were slowly being spread wider and wider. Soon her struggles turned to a series of isometric exercises, as she could only tense and relax her muscles as she felt her body stretched to it's limits.
"Aaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh", she groaned from the strain, as well as her frustration on not being able to free herself. Her eyes flicked constantly to and from the large monitor above her. She strained to look between her breasts as she heard a whirring noise between her legs.
The Joker giggled as the device between her legs came to life. Batgirl's body was now stretched to it's maximum. Her limbs quivering like bow strings. She looked up at the monitor and gasped as she saw a series of tiny blades moving out from the device, the small saws buzzing faster and faster as it articulated down and forwards towards her crotch.
"Nooooooooooooooo!!!!", she screamed, and her body arched on the table as she tried to pull herself away from the miniature blades that moved closer and closer to her crotch.
"I would hold still if I were you, Bat-Wench! Else those blades may cut away more than just your costume! hehehehehheehhehehh!!", the Joker cackled madly.
"!?" Batgirl looked back to the monitor and the close up, seeing that the blades were small, of the size and type of seam cutters. She shuddered and tried to relax her body, hoping that all that her captors wished to cut was just the cloth over her pussy. Her breasts heaved up and down as she stared at the monitors watching the slow and careful advance of the articulating device, her eyes wide and unblinking so that small tears formed to run down along her cheeks inside her cowl.
"Ohhh...nooooooo," she moaned and clenched her eyes closed tight as the tiny blades tore into her crotch. She froze her body immobile and sucked in a deep breath as the tiny saw buzzed against her, tearing the crotch of her costume apart and baring her pussy.
"Ugghhhhhhhhhh", she groaned through clenched teeth as she felt an orgasm surging through her, the muscles on the insides of her thighs quivering as she struggled to keep the orgasm from ripping through her, that could drive her vulnerable pussy against the tiny spinning saw. Just when she thought she could no longer contain herself, the arm shifted back from her, and the high pitched buzzing stopped.
"OOOOoohhhhhhhhhhhhh", she gasped, and the orgasm was finally allowed release, flowing powerfully though her taut body as she physically and mentally relaxed and took a deep breath.
"Now...for the REALLY FUN part, Bat-Babe!! See that dildo between your legs?", the Joker asked as he played with the controls before him. Batgirl, biting her lip, looked up at the monitor as one of the screens changed to show the spectacular vibrator, complete with knobs and an articulating head. She felt a twinge within her loins, and felt herself lubricating more in eager anticipation for her penetration.
"It is linked to that device that grips hold of your cowl. hehehehehe!! Like I said, it would be YOU who unmasked yourself!"
"Wha...what do you mean?!?", she stuttered as her eyes flicked to the monitor that showed her face close up, examining the tiny grippers that held the bottom edge of her cowl, attached to small arms that would obviously peel the cowl up and off her face.
"The more you cum, Bat-Slut...the further your mask goes! hehehehehehehehe!!", the Joker giggled as he pressed the button that activated the dildo, and the arm lifted up, then tilted so the tip pointed towards the tear at Batgirl's crotch.
"No! No!!! You can't do this to me, dammit!!!", she yelled at a camera overhead, her screaming vision streaming out to beam around the world into countless thousands of television sets.
"Aaaahhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm", she then moaned, her eyes rolling in her head as the vibrating dildo first touched her bared pussy and another orgasm ripped though her body, the bondage and danger of being unmasked taking hold of her and refusing to let her go. Such was always her darkest nightmare, one that she would wake up wet and gasping, in a cold-sweat, her blankets soaking with her juices as she came at the moment she pictured herself in her minds eye having her mask finally torn away to reveal Barbara Gordon.
"Uuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned again as her toes curled in her boots as the vibrator started to enter into her. Batgirl started to take deep breaths. She HAD to clear her mind, to concentrate her senses away from the....
"Ahhhhaaa ahhhhhhhh hhaaaahhhhhhhh," she gasped as the vibrator suddenly thrust the rest of the way into her. Her pussy muscles spasmed as another orgasm struck through her. A sensor within the vibrator sensed her orgasm, and the tiny clamps that held her cowl moved the edge of Batgirl's cowl away from her face, but not moving it upwards...yet.
"NNNNNnnnggggggggggggg", Batgirl groaned as she dug her fingertips into her palms in a desperate search to distract her body from the huge dildo inside her. Her eyes snapped to the monitors again, being drawn to the view showed by the camera facing her from between her legs with perverse curiosity.
The Joker chuckled again and pressed another button and turned the vibrator up to full power.
"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!", Batgirl screamed with pleasure as the slowly buzzing vibrator suddenly started to buck inside her. Another massive orgasm shot through her, her inner juices oozing from around the base of the vibrator to drip to the table's surface under her. A shudder went through her body and her eyes shot back to the monitor to see the edge of her cowl pulled up a bit.
"Plleee...pleaa...please! Joker! No...I beg of you!," Batgirl gasped as she writhed against the table top, watching herself reflected from the multi-screen display. Her secret dream, her worst nightmare was becoming a reality. She knew that there was nothing she could do except to watch herself unmasked in a television screen, as would, perhaps millions, of others around the world.
As a response, the Joker flipped a switch at the control panel, turning on the articulating head of the dildo that buzzed away in the helpless heroine spread obscenely before him. He laughed with glee as he watched Batgirl arch her back as the head started to pulse in and out and around inside her, driving her to cum again. His eyes moved to the facial close up to see more of the Dark Damsels face being revealed.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Batgirl moaned in anger, frustration, and ecstasy as she felt her cowl moving up her face, centimeter by centimeter. She wanted to rip her head to the side so that the tiny clamps would be torn from the cowl's edges, but the strap about her neck held her head tight to the table. Her vision was now partially obscured since her eyeholes where no longer centered over her eyes.
"UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", she then groaned as another sensation joined the others inside her highly sensitive vagina as the large knobs began to pulsate in and out against the walls of her pussy after the Joker pressed another button before him on the control panel. The resulting orgasm was intensely powerful, and Batgirl felt the cowl being pulled further.
"Noooooo," she moaned, her vision now totally obscured by the lower edge of the cowl over her eyes. She knew that one more, at the most two, orgasm would pull the edges up over her eyes, and reveal her face to all. She bit down hard on her lower lip and tried to calm her pounding heart. She wanted to howl with frustration, but instead used her emotions to try to steel herself against further stimulation.
It was moments like this that time stood still for Batgirl, and this was no exception. Bound helplessly always seemed to turn time upside-down for her. She didn't know if a second had past, or a hour. Time was only measured by the excited beating of her heart, the number of breaths that she took, and the number of orgasms that shook her time and time again. Batgirl tried to draw further into her mind, away from the body that lay stretched on a table under a multitude of unblinking cameras. She licked her lips, and tasted the sweet coppery taste of blood, realizing that she had bit her lip open trying to distract herself. She tried to remember why she was a heroine. To right wrongs? To bring about justice? For the thrill of the danger and potential for discovery??
She wanted to blink her eyes, feeling tears now flowing from her eyes, but the cowl acted as a blindfold at that point, the fabric pressing her eyelids against her eyes to prevent her from such a inconsequential action. She felt a lump in her throat, and felt a wave of nausea sweep through her. Panic was setting in, and the sensation terrified her as much as the threat of her unmasking. She did not want to be revealed as a screaming blubbering scared girl.
Batgirl tried to take deep breaths to calm down, she needed to think of something else other than her panic. At that point, she felt the buzzing throbbing dildo inside her and groaned as another spasm passed through her.
"Noooooooooooooo", she moaned as the cowl slipped up even further on her face.
The Joker stopped laughing, and all eyes in the room moved to a monitor that showed a close up of Batgirl's face. They all knew that one more orgasm would do the trick, and that Batgirl's secret identity would finally be revealed. The Joker's crazed grin grew wider as he knew, just knew with absolute certainty that this time he would win! He was one step closer to his ultimate goal of defeating and unmasking his ultimate foe, Batman! With Batgirl revealed, he would use that knowledge of who she was to better guarantee the success of his own goals.
The Joker's henchmen were totally engrossed in the drama that was ending in the studio before them. Each one sexually excited and breathing heavily with unabashed lust as they watched the purple clad heroine writhing beneath them. They looked at her helpless body as she moved exotically on the table, spread, vulnerable, and violated by the Joker's device that would soon actuate the removal of Batgirl's cowl.
All across Gotham City, the United States, and the world people sat on the edges of their seats. Every set of eyes that had access to the broadcast were glued on the screens before them. A number watched in horror, more in shock, many in amazement, and yet many more with a strange fascination and excitement at what they knew was a turning point a history, as well as the ending of a heroines career for all intents and purposes. They knew that it was only a matter of time, perhaps only minutes when the final spasm would rock through Batgirl and her cowl would be pulled from her face, and one of the great mysteries would be solved.
Batgirl took quaking breaths as her body quivered from the tension of her bondage. She knew that her life was about to change dramatically very very soon. The vibrator combined with the strict bondage and the imminent danger of her being unmasked was proving to be too much for her. Small gasps started to escape her lips as she continued to fight internally against her own body. It was a battle that she knew she was destined to lose.
Time stopped for Batgirl and the millions of watchers as a scream ripped from her throat, her pussy clamping hard around the dancing dildo inside her, cum seeming to explode from her pussy around the articulating arm that moved the vibrator in and out of her, and the purple cowl along with the red wig was pulled the rest of the way from her face.

Right as Batgirl yelled, all the lights in the room went out.
"Whet the hell!" screamed the Joker. "This isn't supposed to be happening! You two, get down there and shine a flashlight on her face so we can still show the world who she is."
The sounds in the room were still coming strong. Batgirl, being blinded by the bottom half of her cowl, could tell only that the lights were off. Unfortunately, the dildo machine was going strong as ever, and Batgirl was being forced to orgasm again.
"YYEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed, because she felt her mask being pulled the rest of the way off. She could see the red lights still on her, but nothing else.
"Where is that flashlight!!!!" Joker yelled. "I want to see who she is!!"
"Uh, boss, we have a problem."
"What is it!! Don't you two have a flashlight around!"
"Mr. Joker, we lost our feed to the satellites. Nobody's seeing anything now."
Batgirl gave out a little sigh of relief. At least no one had seen who she was. In a few minutes she would be safe. She didn't know who it was. If it was Batman, he would set her free from this contraption, and the crooks would be taken to jail. If it was Robin, he might take a little longer taking care of the crooks, but she was sure that he would succeed. And after that, he probably would set her free, unless she asked him not to. If it was Catwoman, the Joker and his men were goners. Catwoman considered Batgirl "hers", and anyone who tried anything was very sorry they did it afterward. After the goons were taken care of though, Catwoman would let her free. After enjoying her for about five hours of constant orgasms. Catwoman would also be controlling the dildo as well. Who knows, maybe Catwoman might let Batgirl control the dildo in Catwoman. OOOOPPhh. Another mindblowing orgasm blasted her mind. She was riding a wave of pleasure; and the danger from someone turning on the light and seeing her face was making her even more stimulated.
"Blast it!! Is this too much to ask!! All I wanted was a simple transmission, with lots of gratuitous sex, that ended with showing the entire world who Batgirl is," Joker screamed.
"Who who is, Joker?" cam from behind the Joker. Batgirl let out a small gasp. It was her voice! But how? Unfortunately, any further thoughts were cut off by another orgasm. Without Joker controlling it, the dildo machine was going back to its default setting: random everything. It would maintain a random rate of vibrating, speed, and its surface was constantly changing inside her. To put it mildly, Batgirl was being overloaded by the dildo.
"Who are you? You can't be Batgirl! She's on the table getting a bang out of my machine."
"Joker, Joker, Joker. Your associate, Roger Cornby lied to you. This is just some woman he pulled of the street, used for his own pleasure, and dressed up in a Batgirl costume for you. You don't think I would fall for something like that, do you?
"But, but, but, how? He swore to me that this girl was Batgirl. You're obviously the fake. Get the fake boys. We'll have a two for one special."
The two henchmen tried to grab the new Batgirl by her arms. She let them do that, for half a second. She then twisted slightly, ducked, and came up with a sharp punch into the crook on the left's stomach. He went down, gasping for air. The one on the right immediately tried a right jab as she came back up. As though she knew it was coming, the new arrival blocked his arm, and swept his feet out from under him. As he was falling, she did a chop behind his ear that knocked him out cold.
The first goon was getting back up, having gotten his breath back. He picked up a steel bar that was lying nearby, and swung it at the new arrival's head. The new Batgirl ducked and turned. When she was facing the crook, she let loose a punch that staggered him to the floor. As he tried to get up for the second time, she hit him on the side of the head, and he collapsed as though he was made of water.
Joker watched all this with slowly growing horror. For the total time taken by this new arrival for beating up his two men had been under 5 seconds. He also knew that the door she was standing in was the only way out of the room. Curse it, he thought, I really should have paid more attention to that fire safety speech all those years ago. Oh well, he thought, she may have taken out my two assistants, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
The new Batgirl looked at Joker, and Joker immediately threw his special deck of cards at her. These cards had razor edges, and were not designed to merely maim.
The new Batgirl watched the cards being grabbed and thrown. Thoughts traveled at a higher rate than was possible with mere chemical reactions. Thoughts occurred that were totally different from what one would expect. Time of flight: .3 seconds. Analysis: spread pattern increases as cards travel. Solution: Dive forward, roll, and deliver impact to stomach area. Execute.
Joker watched in horror as the new Batgirl seemed to hit the ground, somersault towards him and start to come up even before the cards had left his hand. Even as his mind noticed that she had avoided all the cards, another thought went into his brain soon after. PAIN!! She had delivered a punch that he would have expected was only in the realm of Bane's strength. Even as he fell back gasping for air and reaching for a new toy, he realized that this fight he would not win, and would survive only if Batgirl let him.
Batgirl had no idea what was going on. All that she knew was that the Joker was sounding nervous. Suddenly, she heard the sound of two men getting hit a total of five times in as many seconds. This woman not only is a good impersonator, she can fight well as well. She could be useful whenever I need to prevent my identity from being revealed by having both of us pose together. But how did she find this location so quickly? Was she working with Joker, then got burned because he didn't want to hold me for ransom? Or what?
Joker was sweating now. She had knocked him several times as he had tried to get a gizmo from his jacket. Suddenly, she lashed her arm out, and grabbed him by the jacket. Joker was happy she did that for two reasons. One, his jacket was large, and he simply discarded it. Second, she was no longer between him and the door.
Disguise acquired. Solution: Use to keep Batgirl's identity a secret. Execute.
Batgirl gasped in shock as the Joker's jacket was thrown over her face. Why did she do that? Wait a minute, with the jacket on top of me, no one can see my face. That's why she did it. Which means that it doesn't matter if my cowl comes off, Joker still can't see who I am. Which means I can finally start enjoying some serious orgasms.
Joker stared. She had done that on purpose. There had been a little light seeping in from the next room, and Batgirl's face was almost visible. But the grab for his jacket was not for the purpose of grabbing him; it was so that she could keep the unknown woman's face a secret. So the new one must not be Batgirl. Still, he was thinking about calling her Ox girl, from the strength she had in her punches.
"There. Now that innocent woman won't be humiliated in case the lights come on again" the new Batgirl said.
"OOOAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!YYAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH" Batgirl screamed. With no need to worry about her identity, she was free to orgasm as long and as often as she wanted.
Joker stared at the person on the table. Up to this point, he would have sworn that she was Batgirl. But apparently the one still standing up was Batgirl. But that woman on the table. Sheesh! He had thought that after this much stimulation, she would have passed out. But no, she was getting higher than before. What kind of woman was she?
"You have two choices Joker. Give up now, or I beat you up, and put you in Batgirl's place on the table. You have 5 seconds to decide" the new arrival said.
Joker laughed for a moment. He was at the doorway, and she was on the other side of the room. He could easily get out of the room, and find a new weapon in the main room beyond. Either that, or HIDE. Joker might have been crazy, but survival is a strong instinct in anyone. He ran.
Evaluate: Joker has made his decision. Analysis: pursuit action required. Execute.
Joker was running for his life out through the main area of the studio. He chanced a glimpse behind him, and saw the new Batgirl coming straight after him. He immediately ducked around a corner, and tried to breath calmly, afraid that even his heartbeat would give him away.
Evaluate: Joker is hiding behind corner. Analysis: expect surprise attack. Approach at reduced speed. Feign attitude as though expecting Joker around other side. When attack occurs, counter. Execute.
Joker slid slowly back and grabbed the metal 3-hole punch off a desk near him. He hoped that a solid hit on her head would slow her down enough for him get far away. There she was. She looked as though she was expecting him around the right side of the intersection. Fortunately for him, he was on the left. There!
Joker's hopes were dashed as soon as he started to swing the 3-hole punch. She had been faking! She caught his arm and threw him over her shoulder, onto the hard floor. He looked up at her and barely said, "How?"
"Well Joker, how do you like my new powered armor? 20 times the strength, enhanced senses, and increased reflexes to boot. Now, say Good-night Joker."
"Good night Joker" he said, able to get off another joke.
POW! The power armored Batgirl hit Joker hard on his head, and knocked the Joker completely out.
Evaluate: Joker acquired. Analysis: return Joker to broadcast room and place him in Batgirl's current place.
When the power armored Batgirl returned, the old Batgirl was still there and still undergoing orgasms. Her mask was roughly 3 inches higher than it had been before, and with a rate of 1/4 inch per orgasm, meant that in the 30 seconds since the Joker and the PA Batgirl had left, she had enjoyed 12 orgasms.
PA Batgirl went around and efficiently removed all the straps holding Batgirl down. However, Batgirl was so tired, that even with the straps removed, she was still unable to get up. So PA Batgirl turned off the vibrator, removed the clamps, and put Batgirl's mask back on her.
"Ooooogh" sighed Batgirl. She had heard the fight leave the room, and finally it seemed that all the orgasms were stopping. She paused for a couple of minutes to get her breath back, and to let her heart calm down. She felt herself get picked up by someone, and leaned into her caress. She felt a woman next to her, but her skin seemed unusually hard, like armor of some kind.
"Who, who are you?" Batgirl asked, finally managing to focus on the one question that had been bothering her the whole time, during the brief pauses that she had been able to think.
"That does not matter now" she replied. "What is important is that you get dressed and get ready to do a new presentation. There are some extra uniforms in the control room. I recommend you put one on."
Batgirl looked down at herself. She was a mess. Her crotch had been cut away, and the rest of her costume was soaked with sweat. She went into the control room to look for yet another costume. There, in that box in the corner. She went over to it and gasped. All of the "decent" costumes, that covered more than one square foot of her skin, had been shredded. She was left with the equivalent of Batgirl bikini uniforms. At least she still had her utility belt and mask. Those were the only items remaining from her original uniform. She chose one that seemed decent enough. It was a clear bodysuit, with a thin black bat on the front whose wings covered her nipples, but not much else, and the tail went down to her crotch to cover her there. The back was similar, but the black bat wings were centered on her waist, while the tail dove down between her legs to meet the tail from the front. The effect from the back was similar to that of a thong, except for a little extra at the top. The front would qualify as something that had to be seen to be believed.
Batgirl stepped out from the control room, and paused in the doorway, a smile full of mischief on her face. Joker was tied down to the table that she had been on so recently, but his pants were around his ankles, and the vibrator was poised to go into his anus.
"What are you planning to do?" Batgirl asked.
"It seems obvious enough", the PA Batgirl said. "He screwed you with this vibrator, so now you are going to screw him with the vibrator. We go live in 5 minutes, so get ready."
Batgirl tried to hide a giggle. She had wanted to get revenge on the Joker for what he almost did, and this would be a very effective way. A couple of the Joker's henchmen were starting to stir on the floor, and Batgirl walked up to one of them. "Do you see what is about to happen to the Joker? Do you want to be put in his place? Then stay here until the police arrive."
The henchmen looked at each other. They looked at the Joker. They looked back at Batgirl. As one, they held out their hands to be cuffed so they would NOT be on the table when the police arrived.
Batgirl smiled and pulled out a set of cuffs from her utility belt for each one of them. Instead of doing the usual method of just cuffing their hands behind their backs, Batgirl saw to it that all of them were cuffed back to back, so that it would be very difficult to stand, let alone free themselves. While cuffing them, some of the henchmen couldn't help themselves and tried to feel her up. Batgirl smiled as she felt their hands trying to roam her body. Taking pity on them, she let them get a good feel of her breasts and crotch. They would not be getting much in prison, so she wanted to give them something to remember her by.
"Time to get in position." The PA Batgirl said. Batgirl went over and stood beside the table with Joker on it. She looked into his face, and saw the pleading on it. Pleading as much as she had been when she was on the table. She toyed with her hand near the "On" switch, and finally flicked it.
"Owww!!! OWWW!!!" The Joker yelled.
The cameras rolled, and people who had been afraid, or wanting, to see Batgirl revealed, saw Joker instead. His jacket had been thrown over his hindquarters, so that it was family friendly. Batgirl posed beside him, smiling triumphantly.
Batgirl then did a series of flips that showed her body off as she left the room.
On the way out, Batgirl remembered something. The satellite uplink had been taken out. "How is the signal getting out?" she asked.
"Simple. I merely deactivated the uplink by removing the main circuit board from it. While you were changing, I replaced it." The PA Batgirl replied.
"Oh. Wait a minute, who are-" Batgirl tried to ask, but the unknown woman was already gone.
Okay Batgirl thought to herself. She is good at imitating voices, she knows how to fight, she knows satellite systems, and she apparently has access to military technology. Shouldn't be too hard to find her. After I get a long hot bath that is.

The End?