Supergirl versus the Ghost

by Supergirlx and Cliff

Chapter 1

It was early afternoon, and Supergirl was on her patrol, flying high above the city. She swooped around the large skyscrapers as crowds of people below her made their way along the sidewalks and streets. Everything looked normal today, she smiled as the wind breezed through her hair and her cape flapped behind her.

            ‘One more time around and then I’ll take a break, …wait! What’s that ?’ Her super hearing had picked up a scream. With lighting speed she streaked across the sky, following the sound of the scream.

She spotted a group of young teens wearing school uniforms. There were about ten boys, all of them had a young girl surrounded. She was desperately trying to get away from them, her shirt had been torn open and her bra and smallish breast were exposed. The boys pressed in on her as she screamed again.

“That’s enough!” Supergirl landed between the boys and the terrified girl.

“Wh-…Supergirl!” They stopped suddenly as the girl darted behind the heroine.

“What’s going on here ?” Supergirl took her power stance staring down at the boys.

“Mind your own business!” One of them grumbled.

“Look Supergirl, we were just having a little fun.” A tall smiley boy said.

“Fun ? Is that what you call this?” Supergirl scowled at them. “And shouldn’t you boys be at school now?”

“Look Supergirl,” The lead boy sneered at her, “if you don’t want to take her place you’d better get out of here!”

“Hahahaha…” The superheroine laughed, she had never heard something so absurd before. She turned to the girl. “Why don’t you go home now, I need to teach these boys a lesson.”

The frighten girl turned to leave, some of the boys jumped at her but Supergirl made a motion towards them and they stepped back, watching the teary eyed girl running off.

The boys clenched their fist, turning their gaze at Supergirl, who smiled pleasantly at them. She folded her arms, waiting for them. A sly smile on her face as she watched the boys, they looked confused, unsure of themselves.

“Come on guys,” the lead boy said, “she’s just some bitch in a miniskirt.”

He charged at Supergirl but she caught him easily, grabbing a handful of his school jacket and lifting his feet off the ground.

“Watch your language young man!” She dropped him flat on his bottom. “Now I’m taking all of you in to juvenile authorities.”

“Get her!” Another shouted as they charged her.

“Oh come on boys,” Supergirl caught another two of them into a bear hug in each arm. The boys struggled in her powerful grip. ”I’m a superheroine, you don’t have a chance against me.”

Then maybe they could use some help.”  Supergirl heard a strange voice in her right ear….but no one was there!

Suddenly she felt hands behind her, reaching beneath her short red skirt and….”

“Owwww!!!!!” Someone had pulled her panties tight into a painful wedgie. The shocked superheroine loosened her grip on the two boys just enough for them to break free and each shoved their elbow into her stomach.


‘Who did that ? I could swear I heard someone behind me!’ She thought straitening her panties. Other boys were coming at her, she knew she had to end this fight quickly. Supergirl tried to leap at them,…but something had her cape. Holding her back. She fell backwards on her bottom, as the two boys pounced on her. They had grabbed their book bags and swung them at her.

“Oww…ahhhh!!!” The boys hit her.

‘What’s going on?’

Ha-ha having trouble Supergirl?” The mysterious voice again!

Supergirl blocked the next attack by the boys and jumped to her feet. She tried to grab one of them, but something pulled her backwards again making her miss. All of the boys, came at her now. They all swung the at her, she tried to dodge them but she felt someone pushing her forward.

“Owww!!!….Owwww!!!…..Unnnngggg!!!” They all hit her. Athena desperately tried to dodge them. She finally was able to get some distance between her and the boys and shoved them backwards.

What’s the matter Supergirl? Cant you even beat some secondary students, ha-ha.”

“Who are you?” She demanded.

The boys stopped for a moment looking confused, who was she talking to?

Just then Supergirl felt his hands reach around her from behind, she quickly waved her arms behind her, but nothing was there.

‘That’s impossible !’ She thought feeling for the villain as the boys watched perplexed at the struggling superheroine.

“Here, Supergirl…I have something special for you.”

She felt his hand slip over her mouth and two pills fell onto her tongue.

“MMMMMFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!” Her eyes grew wide, as the pills began to dissolve instantly.

‘Oh God! Is he trying to poison me?’ She reached frantically for the invisible hands over her mouth…..She could feel him!

She pulled herself free, but then the hands vaporized again.

It was too late, the drug was in her. She doubled over coughing.

I bet you’d like to know what that was, eh Supergirl,” The mysterious voice whispered to her again. “Its my own potent formula of ‘X’….especially for superheroines.”

“X?…ecstasy?? You drugged me with…..mmmmm….” Her head felt light, her arms were heave and her powers were gone.

The startled boys watched amazed they were trying to figure out what was happening to Supergirl. The powerless heroine felt the invisible fiend behind her, he pushed her over, like a bent 7. She could feel him reaching under her short red miniskirt…..his hands on her panties.

“What are you going to do with me?  No, not there….” She was so weak, she could fight him. His fingers slipped between her legs, she felt his invisible touch slide down her satin mound, stroking her.

“Mmm…ohhhhh….” The ecstasy was taking effect, her body temperature had gotten hot, she felt tingly all over.


She felt him inside her panties, his fingers against her vulnerable smooth clit. Fingering her sensitive sex in tiny circles. Her hands fell on his invisible ones trying to pull free, but she was too weak. Her body was betraying her, she felt so hot, building inside her, she couldn’t control it. He was hitting her spot perfectly, her hips buckling, shuttering…. embarrassingly her clit was getting wet, she was becoming aroused unlike any time before, and she was totally helpless to stop him.

“Mmmmm….no…have to stop…..” But the villain continued torturing Supergirl with her own pleasure.

I have you in my power now Supergirl.” He fingered her in the spot he knew would send her closer to an orgasm.

 It feel like you’re getting wet.”  She knew he was smiling behind her and hated him as she jerked at his touch again. “I think its time, Supergirl.”

“Wh-..No…no…” She mumbled in heated breath. Her body was being assaulted.

The boys watched confused, watching as Supergirl seemingly was fingering herself right in front of them.

“Oohhhh!!!” Her mouth gasped, she was on fire with passion; the ecstasy had taken control of her body.

The fiend now slowly lowered Supergirl’s wet and stained panties, her thighs glistening with her own thick juices.

“No….no, you cant do that to me….I’m a superheroine….umm…I’m Supergirl….”

She felt his cock behind her bent frame, long, hard and hot. Sliding in behind her, between her trembling legs. His cock easily slipping through her creamy thighs, into her ready clit.

Finally I have the mightiest of all superheroines…” he taunted her. “..not so super now, slut, haha.” He slapped her ass again.

“OOHhhhhhh!!!!…you wont ..mmm….get away with this…” He slammed into her, again and again. He had her bent over, using her for his pleasure. His invisible hands running over her satin blue costume, groping at her super tits.

The boys watched on, looking at one another. Watching as Supergirl was quickly being brought to climax.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Her body shook, as she could feel him about to cum…but the fiend withdrew himself at the final moment. His cum decorated the back of her short skirt, staining the heroine in white. Supergirl was released, she tumbled to the ground.

‘Was he gone? What was he?’ She asked herself, then noticed the gang of boys slowly approaching her.

They were smiling, watching her on the cold ground, her skirt up exposing her panty clad mound to them. Appetizing.

“Stay away….I’m warning you…” the drug still had her weak. “I’m taking all of you in for missing school.”

To her shock the boys laughed.

“I don’t think so, Supergirl.” The lead boy had taken the leather strap off of his book bag and quickly jumped on the helpless heroine.

“What are you doing?”

All of the boys pinned her to the ground.

“Unnngg…let go of me…” Supergirl was shocked that they boys were able to force her to cross her wrist above her. They used the strap from the bag to tie her. Two other pinned her legs.

“You one hot bitch Supergirl, look how wet she is already.” He pointed out her shame to the other boys, lifting her skirt exposing her stained panties along her pussy lips.

“Let go of me,” she struggled. “you don’t understand….there’s someone else here…….a villain somewhere.”

The boy laughed, “Don’t be a cock tease.”

“Stop! Where did you learn that language from? Let go of me!”

Tie her feet, she will be easier to control” The strange voice whispered to the boy.

“What? Who said that?” The boy looked behind him at the others who had Supergirl pinned.

‘It must have been my imagination.’ He thought.

“Tie her feet, but spread her open.” He ordered the other boys and turned his attention back to the weak Supergirl..

“No…you’re to young to do this… cant!  It’s not right….”

But the boys unzipped her boots, stripping Supergirl of them. They pulled the leather straps over her small feet, pulling it tight against her ankles and pulling her legs apart. She was now spread eagle, her hands tied above her, helpless before the gang of youths. The lead boy smiled, he began undoing his pants. She could see his cock pushing hard against the material as he came closer.

“No, get away from me.” She squirmed, ashamed that she couldn’t even break free of the boys. “Let me go….I’m Supergirl…I’m a hero!”

The youth smiled as he caressed Supergirl’s thighs, pulling himself into her.

“No! Stop...don’t!! Mmmmffffff” One of the boys had taken an ample amount of Supergirl’s own cape and stuffed it in her mouth, gagging the superheroine.

“Well, it seems you will be taking that girl’s place.” The boy between her legs laughed as his young cock slid into the struggling Supergirl.

‘Oh God…mmmmmmmmm’

The young boy stroked his cock inside her, smiling widely. He couldn’t believe his luck, he was actually raping Supergirl, his comic book fantasy come true! The other boys around her quickly began to stroke her breast, taking advantage of the bound heroine.

“Oh…she’s so soft.” One of them said.

“Pull her tits out…I want to see them.”

‘Ohhh…’ Supergirl groaned as the boy repeatedly stroked her, her eyes grew wide as she watched helplessly at the other boys tearing at her top. They were pawing at her like a new toy, it looked as if some of them had never touched a woman before. She noticed they were all hard, unable to control their excitement of having captured her. She couldn’t believe she was helpless, at the mercy of this school gang, some of them so young! The boys ripped at her silky blue uniform.

“Mmmfff…nnoofff….” She cried.

They pulled her pert breast from beneath the stretched material. The boys looked in amazement at her ample tits, their mouths open, ripping at the large ‘S’ on her chest.

“Ohhhh….OOOOOOHHHH….” the boy was quickly cumming. He wouldn’t last long, pounding the superheroine.

The other boys admired her lush tits, circling her nipples, forcing Supergirl to become hard.

“Mmmm..mmmmmmffffffff….” She closed her eyes in shame, shuttering. The young boy fucking her was stiffening, his body ridged, he was cumming fast.

She watched as another of the schoolboys mouth fell down on her breast.

“MMMMMFFFF” her back arched as his hot mouth covered her nipple, his breath tingling her sensitive skin, she could feel his tongue circling her. The boy stared up at her, amused at how aroused she had become. He knew he was having an effect on her.

‘Oh…he’s so young…this isn’t right…ooohhhh…please stop….’ How could she face the humiliation of being raped by these boys….the world’s mightiest superheroine.

“OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” The lead boy stiffened; pulling his cock out of her he shot his load all over her pretty red skirt, staining her in deep dark spots.
The exhausted boy smile, standing over her, his softening cock still dripping.

“My turn! My turn!” Several of the boys were pushing to be next; they were quickly undoing their pants over the bound heroine.

A smiling boy jumped in between her legs, hurrying to remove his cock. He had just started on her when he shot his load prematurely over her. His convulsing cock spraying over her.

“Move, let me show you.” Another boy pushed him aside.

“Noommffff!!! NNNoooo!!!…..” Her eyes fluttered, the ecstasy was making her sleepy now.

The boy parted Supergirl’s legs wider, he grabbed her hips and slid himself into the groggy superheroine. The other boys placed their cocks on her tits, sliding them over her nipples; small drops of cum trailed on her proud costume and left her nipples glistening and slick. The boys circled her breast with there cocks, one on each side rubbing their hard shafts on her soft breast until they each shot their load on her chest. The remainder of her top turned a deep blue as it soaked her.

            The helpless heroine endured the humiliation, bound by the young boys and covered in their seed. Her own clit was still slick with her juices; the boy currently sexing her was Big for his age. He had a man size cock and was filling her up. He seemed also to be experienced, he circled her as he slid in and out, grinding his narrow hips against hers, every now and then thrusting hard, making her feel the full pleasures of his large cock. His fingers dug into her tender girlish ass, pulling her into him. Supergirl moaned under the stuffed gag, she bit into her own cape, her toes curled, her own body shuttered.

            ‘Oh God……this boy is going to make me cum!…..’ She couldn’t believe him, he was so young, but he had her reeling in pleasure. She pulled tight against the leather restraints that bound her wrist as he lifted her hips completely off the ground.

            “MMMMMFFFFFFF….MMMMMMMFFFF!!!!” She was so hot, he was taking full charge of her. She watched him, a man in a boy’s body.

            “OOOOOHHHHMMMMMFFFF!!” She cried as he pounded hard into her again, she looked at him again. A smirk had appeared on his face, he knew she was close to climaxing….and he was happy. He could brag how he MADE Supergirl cum, how he was able to break her resistance. He stroked her faster, not letting up, grinning wider as she began to pant harder.

            ‘No….I’m not going to let you win…..Oh….got to make him cum first……’

But the boy doubled his speed, his hard cock sexing Supergirl, he hesitated and thrust hard again.

            “MMMMFFFFF!!!!!!!” Supergirl couldn’t control herself, she was slipping away….the boy was winning. He was relentless.

            ‘No….no…so hard…can’t ….’

            Supergirl’s muscles tighten, her body quivered, the boy hit her spot again, …hard. With tears and clenched teeth, Supergirl submitted. A wave of pleasure and humiliation washed over her, her body jerked, her breathing was hard, and her fingers dug into her hand. Her entire body trembled; her breath was beaded and hot as she fell into sudden relaxation.

            “AAAHHHH!!!!….” The boy finally came. He spurted out on the conquered superheroine. Decorating her in his cum. The other boys watched as Supergirl lay limp at their feet, they patted the boy on the back praising him for his victory. He had not only brought a more mature woman to climax but had humbled a famous superheroine.

            He then kneeled next to her, sliding her panties off.

            “These are mine now, slut.” He laughed. The other boys quickly began to tear off pieces of her costume, her belt, her cape was pulled from her, they tore at her skirt, each taking a piece and running off. The last boy looked at the semi-conscious drugged heroine, still tied up, her body exposed beneath the torn mess of her Supergirl costume, the sticky film of cum glisten on her. Her breast peeked out of the ripped costume, her smooth shapely stomach exposed, her skirt rippled with holes. He approached her.

            “P-P-Please untie me….go get help…”

The boy smiled looking down at her smirking, slowly unzipping his pants.

            “No…nnnggg…..not you too…..”

            The boy moved down on her, “Just relax Supergirl, I just want my turn at you.” The boy grabbed at her, pushing her tits together, caressing them as she felt his cock sliding along her exposed clit. He was already hard. He started at her, pushing inside.

            “…uuunnngggg……” The exhausted superheroine submitted to him fully, she was  unable to resist.

            “Haha..mmmmm…” the boy looked awestruck, amazed that he was having sex….he was most defiantly a virgin. He stroked her exicetedly, unable to control himself, unable to hold back his quick climax.

            “Alright son, that’s enough!” A stern voice came from behind the boy, he looked back suddenly to see several police and police cars behind him.

            “Uh…I..I……..” He didn’t know what to say, just as he pulled out of   Supergirl his excited load of hot cum sprayed on her again in front of the officers.

            “Get off of her now!” A stern voice commanded. It was Sargent Daily, One of Supergirl’s oldest friends.

            The boy got up, his hands in the air, his cock still out and hard. There was no denying what he had done to her.

            ‘No….’ Supergirl thought. ‘what will they think when they see me like this.’ She struggled to break free, she just wanted to fly away before anyone could get a closer look at her. The fresh cum that still dripped down her, how she was raped by school kids, the papers would have a field day with this, her career would be over. She could never face the public again.

The police took the boy away in cuffs, putting him in one of the vehicles.

            “Supergirl…are you alright?” Sergeant Daily quickly went over to her, he stopped for a moment, shocked at what he saw.

Supergirl turned away in shame, she felt him kneel next to her and in the next instant he was cutting her free of the straps.

            “ I need a blanket over here!” He shouted to the others. “Supergirl are you alright? What happened? Did those kids to this to you?”

Another officer ran over handing Daily the blanket, which he used to cover the groggy heroine.

“Yes. .but its more.” Supergirl covered herself with the blanket, her head clearing a bit more. “There was someone else here, Steve…..some new villain….I couldn’t even see him.”

Sgt. Daily’s eye grew wide, “Hold on Supergirl, there is something very important I need to show you.”, he ordered his men to try and round up the rest of the boys as he led her to the backseat of his car.

“Please get inside.” He looked around suspiciously.

“What is it Steve? What’s going on?” Supergirl watched as he took the seat next to her and closed the door so it was only the two of them. He pulled a folder from between the front seats and handed it to her.

“I don’t believe it!” Supergirl opened the folder. Inside were pictures of other superheroines in compromising positions.

“It started two weeks ago, we were going to ask for you help on this but you were still on the terrorist case. We have had several women raped by an invisible assailant….all of them superheroines like yourself.”

“But how could he have possibly……”

“How did he get you?” He cut her off.

Supergirl frowned, Superheroines didn’t like the thought that anyone could beat them.

“Seems he has a fetish for superheroines, we first found Batgirl in an alley.” He pointed to the first photo of Batgirl, she was chained to a fire escape ladder. Her costume pulled down with her panties around her knees.

“Then Mary Marvel.” He flipped to the next picture of Mary. She was hogtied in the back of a car. She had been stripped naked, her costume had been shredded and used to tie her with.

“And just a few days ago, unbelievably Wonderwoman and Wondergirl.” He pointed to the last pic. The two were tied in a 69 position. Both had their costumes moved to the side, exposing their clean clits that was in the other’s face. Wonderwoman’s tits were exposed and Supergirl could see cum stains on both of their colorful costumes. 

“The fiend used their own magic lassos on them, forced them into a lesbian act before he raped them.”

“Why did you take photo’s ?” Supergirl asked.

“We didn’t, these were sent to us by him. He wanted us to know he had defeated every heroine we sent after him.”

Supergirl’s mouth dropped open.

‘Did he have pictures of me? Oh no!’

“I know what you’re thinking.” Steve closed the folder. “If we receive any pictures with you I’ll promise you like I did the others that they will be confidential, and once this fiend is caught they will be burned.”

“But do we have any idea who he is?” She began to get angry just at the thought of some pervert with compromising pictures of her.

“From the samples of his semen we think its this man.” He pulled another picture from the folder of a handsome young man with a white doctor’s smock. “This is Dr. Marc Scott. He was an assistant to the famous scientist Lynda Chu. Chu had invented a cloaking formula, she said it gave anyone ghost like features. We found Miss Chu tied and gagged in her lab, her formula and her assistant were missing…..that was a month ago.”

Supergirl grabbed the photo of the man and crumpled it in her hand.

“Steve I’m going to catch this fiend! Call a press conference for me tomorrow, and I will announce to everyone that I’m after him. When he hears this, he’ll get careless and I’ll  be there waiting.”

Steve smiled as they left the car. Supergirl wrapped the blanket around her and took off into the sky again. Steve walked back to his men, asking about the other boys.

Suddenly the front door of the car opened by itself.

I’ll be waiting for YOU Supergirl.” The invisible voice laughed.

End of Chapter One


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