Supergirlx in Stewardess Undercover


“Where are we going? Don’t push me, I have a plane to catch!”  The young blonde woman burst through the door snatching her arms away from the two men in dark suits behind her. “Maniacs! You’re going to make me late!” she spat at them as they left her in the room. She turned to see the two men sitting at the table in front of her in.

            “So who are you guys?” She asked bluntly as she gnawed at a piece of chewing gum. “I was called over here to fill in on one of the flight teams and you guys are making me late!” She said shaking her head with attitude.

            “We know.” One of he men said coldly.” We called you.”

            “Huh? Ok, what is going on? I mean I had a date tonight with a pilot and I canceled that for this.”

            “She’s a little smaller than her picture, but looks similar.” The man looked the girl over. She was young and shapely. She was dressed in a short skirt with equally skimpy top. In her hands she held a garment bag and a small suit case.

 “You have your uniform?” He asked.

            “Ok, this is getting weird. Who are you guys?”

            “She’s the closes that resembles her. If someone were to check out her background, we may be able to pull this off.” The second man added.

            “I’m leaving I don’t know what….” The girl’s mouth dropped open and her gum tumbled out of her mouth as she stopped shocked.

            From behind a wall, a golden haired girl appeared. She glided in the room and all eyes fell on her immediately. Her red cape flapped gently behind her, her silken blue top hugged her body, the blazing ‘S’ on her chest shimmered in the lights of the room, and her short red mini skirt danced above her shapely legs.

            “S-s-Supergirl.” The girl eeked out.

            “So I’m taking her place?” Supergirl asked.

            “What? I don’t think so bitch! What the hell is going on here?” The girl shouted angrily.

            “Miss Garci, this is a national security matter. There is a man on this flight that may be in extreme danger and we need Supergirl.” He turned to look at the superheoine. “We need you to take her place and work undercover to protect him.”

            “Hey!’ the girl protested as her suitcase and garment bag was taken from her and handed to Supergirl.

            “We’ll have to keep you here Miss Garci until after the mission, if anyone finds out that’s not you on the flight it could jeopardize the entire mission….and put Supergirl in danger.”

            A smile rose on Supergirl’s face. “Don’t worry about me, I’m pretty tough!” She said playfully unzipping the bag. Inside was the uniform of a stewardess. She pulled it from the bag and stepped behind a curtain to change.”

            “The man is a Russian scientist, Nicolas Scroski. He’s been dazzling the nation’s top brainiacs with his theories and work since he was nineteen. He’s a certified genius and has almost re-written every book on network security and program implementation. He’s being escorted to a research facility in the Ukraine that has a super-computer similar to the WELL in California for some final preparations. In his possession is a digital key that holds the new schematics for a guidance system they are implementing for their nuclear warheads as well as the digital positioning software that guides the missile from their spy satellites.”

            “Escorted?” Supergirl stepped from behind the curtain; she had slipped on the short stewardess skirt over her own shorter costume skirt. She was pulling the light blue flight attendant jacket over her own top, the blazing ‘S’ disappearing underneath the contour jacket with the tiny wings on the side as she snapped the buttons.

            “Yes, if our Intel is correct he will have two bodyguards with him’ probably seasoned veterans from their agency who won’t be fooled easily. I won’t lie to you, we need that key, Supergirl. Its possible that this new system that Scroski has invented could circumvent every early warning or defense system we have….you see the importance of this?”

            “You mean someone could fire a nuke and no one could even see it coming.”

            “Or stop it.” The second man added.

            Supergirl slipped the blue silk scarf around her neck, twisting it and knotting it in place. She pulled at the skimpy outfit that seemed to pull its way tight against her body and upward. Her breast were larger than the girls and stretched the buttons on the top to their full length, the small blue skirt fitted tight against her ass and pulled upwards with her own skirt beneath, making them both even shorter.

            “I think it’s a bit small for me.” Supergirl unzipped her red boots.

            “Well um…we tried to find a close facial resemblance…I um…guess we didn’t think about the body type.” The agent stumbled looking at Supergirl in the tight fitted outfit, finding himself staring at her more than he should.

            “Well, “the girl said guilty, “I had my uniform cut a bit different to fit me better. But this is bullshit! I don’t care what stupid spy crap you guys are doing! I’m not letting that bitch take my place; her tits are stretching my uniform out of place!”

The girl seemed really irritated now. “Besides, do you have any idea who’s going to be on that plane besides this Russian geek?” The girl snapped. “Do you know how long I’ve waited to meet him, how much he’s worth?”

            “Guards,” the agent sighed. “Will you take Miss Garci to holding for the next twelve hours, and absolutely no visitors.”

            The two men appeared at the door once again to escort the screaming girl.

            “Wait,” Supergirl sighed. “I’m going to need her shoes also, I can’t wear these boots.”

            The girl’s face went red with rage, but Supergirl didn’t care. She was too busy dreading putting on the slutty looking stilettos the girl was wearing. It defiantly wasn’t her taste in foot wear; the shoes were high heeled designer wear with thick leather straps that wrapped around her ankles. She remembered being at a party and seeing a young girl with the exact same type. The girl was barely out of her teens, a young silly girl who giggled a lot, and the man she was with was a wealthy shipper who was three times the girl’s age. It was obvious to everyone that night at the party that the girl had been papered by the old man, all of her designer wear, her jewels, were purchased by him, ...and it was no secret what she did for those things.

The bitter stewardess undid the straps, throwing a dirty look at all of them and handed the shoes to Supergirl.

            “Those are worth more than you make in a year!” The girl growled at the superheroine as Supergirl slipped her stocking feet into the heels and clasped the bindings over her trim ankles. Supergirl stood up and her perfectly shaped nylon legs made the girl green with jealousy…she looked much better in the girl’s clothes than she had.  

“I can’t believe this!” the girl threw her hands up in frustration, “If you damage my things, I’m going to sue all of you.” She turned to see Supergirl again looking stunning in her things.

“And you had better not lay a hand on him, freak! You understand? This was my ticket to having anything I wanted, I’ve been trying to meet him for a long time and now this happens!” She folded her arms like a child. “I don’t know why he’d even want you anyway, I…mmmmm….” One of the men released a spray just in front of the girl’s nose as her eyes fluttered and in one motion her entire body fell limp against his.

            “Get her out of here.” The agent said, tired of hearing the annoying woman’s voice as the men picked the barefoot girl up and carried her out of the room.

            “We’ll fly her to the destination and have her in the room when you arrive so you can switch back. When she wakes up she won’t be able to remember a thing.”

They turned to Supergirl who now looked the part of a stewardess. She pulled back her hair and placed the small cap on top with the airlines logo on it. She adjusted her scarf and smiled politely at the two agents who seem to be silently taking her in. Collecting the woman’s suitcase and her paperwork, the agent handed her an altered passport as she headed out the door and towards the flight terminal.

            “I’m sorry gentlemen; I have a plane to catch.”


            Terminal four was all the way across the airport. She walked in stride pulling the small suitcase on wheels behind her. As she passed the crowds several men turned to watch her as she passed by, receiving bitter jabs from their wives and girlfriends. She finally arrived at the counter of the airlines where the passengers were waiting patiently. She slipped past them not noticing a lusty glare from a man eyeing the snug hem of her skirt and the backs of her legs; instead she had eyed the Russians, sitting alone from the others. Two large men in dark black suits flanked either side of him. At first appearance he looked almost Nordic. His hair was a wavy light brown with blonde streaks, brushed back like a businessman. His eyes were a shimmering blue beneath his furrowed brow as he took no notice of his surroundings, typing something on his laptop that seemed of great interest to him. On his left hand she noticed a green bracelet with something small dangling from it. Supergirl strolled past them being careful not to draw their attention and entered the tunnel to the plane

            “You’re late.” A tall busty blonde woman stepped in front of her wearing a similar uniform as Supergirl’s but with a pin near the wings on her top that simply read ‘Crew Chief’. The woman was very pretty looking, with long straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was tall with long legs and a slender curvy shape, well fitting a woman in her mid thirties.

            “Sorry, I got the call at the last minute.” Super girl smiled politely moving past the woman and three other girls in similar stewardess outfits. “I’m Athena.” She held out her hand as a friendly gesture but the other girls only rolled their eyes and turned to finish checking the overhead compartments and the seats.

            “My, that uniform is fitting quite snug isn’t it?” The chief said but as Supergirl looked at the tiny outfit on herself, she also noticed that the chief’s uniform was almost as short as her own. Supergirl thought it seemed a bit odd for a woman her age to be dressed so.

“We know who you are.” The Chief said sizing up the petite Supergirl in front of her as the girls behind her giggled silently. Supergirl’s eyes darted from the Chief to the smiling girls as if there were some joke she wasn’t in on. Did they recognize her? Had her cover been blown already? She lowered her hand as her mind raced, she smiled nervously.


            “We’ve all heard the stories about your reputation.” The Chief sneered, her eyes falling downward, looking at the snug uniform on Supergirl.  The girls behind them snickered even louder, glancing back at the Chief and Supergirl. They too threw smug and judging looks at the tiny uniform, the shrinking skirt that pulled tightly up just above Supergirl’s shiny stocking thighs.

            “It looks like she’s inviting someone.” Supergirl’s heard one of the girls whisper to the other.

           “I..I…” Supergirl stammered, shocked. She couldn’t deny she was this girl; she had to be her for this mission.

            “Well let’s see your bag.”

            “My bag?” Supergirl looked dumbfounded.

            “Yes, I’m the Chief, its my duty to check all crew luggage for security measures.”

            “Oh, yeah right.” Supergirl tried to smile and hide the fact that she didn’t know this procedure. She lifted the small bag and handed it to the tall leggy woman. As the Chief undid the zipper Supergirl felt a small bit of worry, this mission was so fast she didn’t have time to check out the girl’s background or even check the bag she was now carrying. She hoped nothing inside would give her identity away.

            The Chief sat the bag at a nearby fold down table and flipped through the neatly folded clothes inside. She checked the compartments that had only small bottles of personals and perfume.

            “What’s this?”

            Supergirl’s heart dropped in her stomach and her hair stood on ends as she watched in horror as the Chief removed a long white device from her case. The girls behind her stifled giggles as the Chief held up the vibrator.

            “Not on my flight, you hear me?” Supergirl wasn’t given the opportunity to answer. “Have all the fun you want in your hotel when we land, but as long as you’re working for me, I don’t want to find you enjoying yourself while you have work to do.”

            Supergirl angrily grabbed the thing from the Chief and placed it back in the bag, her face red with a mix of embarrassment and anger. “Of course, I’m here to work. These are my private things.” She zipped the case shut while the stunned Chief watched.

“Are we done here?” Supergirl said bitterly, she hated the thought of this woman trying to bully her. If only this girl knew who she was talking to, it would be very different.

“Yes,” the woman said with contempt, “You had better watch yourself!” The woman said bitterly. “Store your bag and check the charts for your duties. We take off in twenty minutes.”

She turned to the others as well and said. “Also we have several VIP’s flying today in first class. All of you see that they are well taken care of; I don’t want to hear any complaints from out best customers. They pay a luxury fee to be in first class and I want them treated like royalty. We’re the number one rated airline for the wealthy to travel, lets show them why!”

Supergirl turned away from the chief moving through the isles towards the stewardess’s closet. As she passed the others, they eyed her viciously. Supergirl tugged at the front of the short skirt and straightens her scarf as she made her way pass them. She could tell their stares were on her.

 “Nice heels.” One of the girls said as she passed and Supergirl knew right away what they were thinking…that she had earned the expensive heels the same way the girl at the party had. That she had traded sex for an expensive shopping trip. How could a Stewardess afford such things? She suddenly felt like a different person with every step she took.

“Passengers are now boarding, our VIP guest will board first.” She heard the Chief say over the loud speaker and headed for the door to help seat them. The first ones she noticed coming were the Russian and his bodyguards. The two large men in dark suits wore blank expressions. They looked like mercenary soldiers, their faces showed signs of rough battle scars and years of experience on some foreign front lines, but instead of uniforms they were dressed in Armani suits.

Supergirl watched as the Scientist himself was much younger than she had thought, a very young age to be in such a high level position. He wore an expensive looking dark jacket with a simple white collard shirt. The top button was undone without a formal tie, much more relaxed than the men protecting him. He was very handsome with icy blue eyes and small remains of a gently shaved beard that gave him a stylishly rugged look. Seeing him, it reminded her of a young attractive professor from an ivory league school, who probably taught a subject that totally fascinated him, something that he loved so much that it blocked out the world around him. So much, that he probably would never notice the dozens of female students that clamored for his class only to admire the teacher, his lectures going unheard by dreaming schoolgirls.  

He adjusted the small gold rimmed glasses on his face and stepped over the doorway.

“Welcome aboard gentlemen.” The chief smiled staring at the three men but her gazes soon feel on him in the middle, she gazed at the broad shouldered man as he entered the aisle her nose quickly identified his pricey aftershave. Behind her Supergirl stood with the other girls who seemed to be silently communicating their excitement with one another at the thought of having him on board.

“My name is Lacy and I’m the chief stewardess for this flight.” The curvaceous mature woman approached them, looking at the man in the middle, her eyes flirting shamelessly as she took the tickets from the bodyguard. “You’re in the last row in first class.” She handed the tickets back and crossed past them, purposely passing so close that her displayed cleavage in her tiny satin top passed right below the Professor’s eyes. She seemed to stumble, accidental or not, and grabbed his arm for balance, smiling back at him.

            “We just want seats.” One of the men interrupted her, pulling her hand away from the young man. The scientist smiled but nodded at the bodyguard as they were led forward to the first class section.

The first class section only had ten rows of seats, with two seats to each side, so only forty people could fill it. The chars were large plush black executive style seating with high backs. Each row was twice the size of the coach rows and allowed for plenty of room for weary travelers to stretch and relax. The men found their seats, one of the bodyguards sat at the window with the scientist next to him while the other man sat across the isle in the closes seat.

More customers entered through the doorway, several businessmen and a woman and her assistant that Supergirl recognized as a top CEO of a large international company.  As each boarded, the stewardesses took turns in helping them to their seats and securing the carry on. The final first class passenger to board was a tall handsome boy who flashed a mischievous smile when he saw the girl at the door.

“You want to see my ticket?” He asked the girl who seemed to stare dizzily at him.

“Oh…um...yes please, Mr. Van Der Burke.” The woman blushed as she took the ticket from him, his eyes flirting with hers. She smiled politely back checking the ticket as the boy, non to obviously, scanned her body from top to bottom like a predator ready to pounce.

“So you’ll be flying with us today, sir?”

He drew his attention away from the girl at the door to see the chief stewardess returning. Unashamed, he also eyed her seductively, although she was several years older than him.

“That’s right; my father, the owner of these airlines, wants me to take care of some business.” He boasted.

The chief stewardess smiled slyly. She knew better, she knew the truth was his father would never trust him with any important affairs. More than likely he was going to spend his father’s money at some lavish event or party. She looked back at the girl holding his ticket.

Gina, the stewardess holding the ticket, looked at the chief with a worried expression on her face. All the girls knew of his reputation from other flight attendants. The tales of his behavior and brash acts were well known. Supergirl stood between two of the others behind Gina, watching puzzled as the chief caught her eye, again scanning her smallish uniform.

“Athena,” the chief pulled the ticket from Gina’s hand. “Why don’t you seat Mr. Van Der Burke.”

Supergirl looked surprised. The chief had purposely selected her to deal with the boy. She moved past the others and collected the ticket from the smirking chief.

The boy hadn’t seen her behind the others until she came forward. His face went blank as he swallowed hard. He watched in awe as she took the ticket, her tight fitted uniform clinging to her sexy body. Just below her floral scarf he eyed her breast stretching the tiny satin top waiting to be freed from the strained buttons. Her super hearing picked up his sudden quick pulse.

“Right this way, sir.” The boy followed Athena into first class, his eyes down catching glimpses of her ass peeking from under the shrinking skirt.

“That should keep the little pervert busy.” The chief whispered to the other girls who laughed under their breath.

“You’re right here in the next row from the last.” Supergirl stopped just in front of the Professor and the bodyguards. She shot a look at the Professor and her eyes found the small object around the man’s wrist again, hidden beneath his coat sleeve.

“Right here huh?”

“What?” Supergirl was brought back to what she was doing by the eager young man. He didn’t wait for her to step away from the row of seats, but rather squeezed around her, pinning her to the back of the seats in front and taking his hand and running it around her waist, he pressed his body next to hers as he slowly slid to the other side of her. Supergirl stood in shock that someone would be so forward, so obvious to his motives. The grinning boy looked right her as he copped a full body feel, his chest pressed against her own breast to his delight, she felt bulking package pushed against the front of her skirt. She stood for a moment mortified as he slid into his seat. She turned, sure that he was watching her ass as she left for the stewardess compartment.

Supergirl passed the smiling chief.

“Have a good time?” She asked mockingly.

“He’s all hands.” Supergirl said with a furrowed brow.

“Listen, he’s the owner’s son, and if he’s not happy I’ll have you reassigned to toilet duty in the coach section. I don’t care how many harassment complaints he’s had in the past, he’s still in a pretty powerful position. ” She snapped back. “Are we clear?”

Supergirl’s blood boiled, she watched helplessly as he woman’s finger wagged in front of her face.

“Yes chief.” She replied dejectedly. She hated being bossed in such a manner and she seemed to even feel her costume beneath the stewardess uniform crying to be displayed, asking to be let out to show this woman who she truly was…but she had a mission to complete, and getting sent to the back of the plane was not going to get her any closer to getting the secrets from Nicolas Scroski.

“Good girl.” The chief smiled triumphantly at her submission, she adjusted her snug uniform and eyed the scientist again just down the aisle, another of the stewardesses was flirting with him, securing his seatbelt.

“Now go and help seat the coach passengers, then find your seat for take off.” She left Athena and headed to the Professor once again.

‘How am I going to get close to him with them all over him?’ she asked herself.

The final passengers were allowed on much less ceremoniously than the first class ones. They clamored inside securing their luggage and finding their assigned seats as the chief went over all the safety procedures. When the last was onboard the doors were sealed and Athena found her seat with the other girls as the pilot signaled for take off.

‘I can’t believe they call this flying.’  She laughed silently to herself as the plane took off, its engines roaring with the typical creaks and shutters of the main body being pulled skyward. The plane soared then banked hard as he pilots got them on course. After several minutes the seatbelt light dinged off and the pilot announced that all was clear.

“Let’s get everything started.” The chief said as they scrambled to take care of the passengers.

Supergirl looked over to where the Russian scientist sat, above his head the service light flickered. He needed something and none of the others had seen. She quickly separated herself from the others and walked to his seat. As she passed, the boy, Ian, who was just the row ahead of the scientist watched her intensely as she stopped just behind him.

“Yes sir, what can I help you with?” Supergirl asked, this was the closes she had been to him and she took full advantage of it. Using her x-ray vision she focused on the item on his wrist, it was indeed a portable key.

“I’d like to get a drink please.” He asked looking a bit disturbed at her shrinking uniform.

“Of course sir, could I get you gentlemen anything?” She glanced at the bodyguards, her vision picking up the two hidden guns beneath their jackets.

“Bring back your cart, let’s see what you have.”

The disguised Supergirl hurried up the aisle; this could be the opening she had hoped for. If she could get just close enough to the scientist she was sure she could easily detach the key from his wrist band without him even noticing. She pulled one of the carts free from its holding spot and made her way down to the scientist again. She glanced at the boy as she passed by, he had moved over from his window seat to the one closer to the aisle. As she pushed the cart up he was just behind her, but she couldn’t let him distract her now, she had to get closer to the target.

“Water please.” The scientist said and Supergirl poured a glass from a chilled container.

“Here…” she was just about to close in on him when she felt a sudden hand between her legs that stopped her short. Her eyes moved to the chair just behind her, she didn’t need to see him, she knew it was him. His hand was just under her skirt, he was feeling her smooth inner thighs between her legs, sliding up her nylon hose until she could feel his fingers dancing menacingly on her satin mound, sliding across the smooth material. She was frozen, she couldn’t get any closer.  She reached forward to hand him the glass, exposing more of her to the boy’s prying fingers.

The scientist had to lean forward to retrieve the glass, noticing her bizarre behavior.

“Is everything ok Miss?” he asked unable to see past the narrow cart in front of her.

Supergirl tried to steady herself, forcing a smile on her face as the boy’s fingers pulled on the thin pantyhose, forcing past it and slipped past the leg openings on her panties an he found her warm soft sex. She felt her panties wedged as his fingers, wrapped in her own stockings, stroked her pubic bush, then moving in tiny circles as he penetrated her clit. She stammered for a moment, trying to balance on the slutty heels while taking the assault.

“Y, yes sir.”  Her voice cracked, she could feel her breath becoming much hotter, and the boy seemed to be some expert in this field as he was easily finding her most sensitive spots, circling them over and over, sliding his fingers inside her then back out again, using the feel of her silken hose to his advantage against her.  She gripped the cart, trying to control herself but she could feel the slow heat between her legs rising. She tried to smile, steadying herself as her hips rocked forward each time he stroked her.

‘Don’t get wet…oh god, Stop…please….’ She begged in her mind.

“And for you gentlemen?” she asked the bodyguards, her voice shaking as they looked over the selection on the cart, unaware that just behind it her pussy was being cupped and smothered by the boys penetrating fingers.

‘Hurry, please…pick something….’ she thought again as the boy now had full control of her sex. She seemed trapped, unable to move, having to bear the punishment. She tried to squeeze her legs tighter together, trying to cross them but he retaliated by pushing his thumb in her anus.

“Uhhhh!”  Supergirl blurted out loud, her eyes wide, shocked and surprised; she tightened her ass instinctively to stop him, which again gave him free reign over her now wetting pussy.

The men looked up at her strangely, wondering what caused the sudden outburst.

“….how a- about one of our wine selection?”

“No we don’t want any intoxicates, just club soda.”

Supergirl clenched her teeth, her thighs were sweating now, and her sex was glistening in a light dew of her own juices, even her breast now felt tender and deprived.

‘How had a boy this age got her so hot so fast? How did he even know these tricks?’ She looked down at the cart; the glasses were down low near the bottom. A cold shiver went down her spine, she adjusted her scarf, stalling for time, and then leaned forward to retrieve two glasses.

‘Mmmmmnnnn!!!!’ she bit her lip and closed her eyes, for just as she had thought, when she leaned forward he had taken full measure of her, his fingers penetrating deep into her, cupping the outside of her mound under her panties. She clenched herself, trying to hold back the building dam of passion between her legs. She again straighten up with glasses in hand, she turned to look at him behind her. His soft brown eyes met hers with the same cunning grin grew on his face as if to say ‘what are you going to do about it?’

“Can …I ….help you with those?” Another stewardess had come from behind Athena. She saw the strange scene, the boy’s hand stretched under Supergirl’s skirt, with a growing amount of wetness gleaming on her inside thigh and the constant motion he was applying on her sex. She saw Supergirl’s satin blue panties bulging with his hand imprinted from the inside, pulling at her pubic hairs, his middle finger inside her.

 The boy made contact with her eyes, a ‘so what’ expression on his face, his eyes narrow, daring the woman to make a scene.

“P, please could you?” Supergirl stuttered as the woman took the glasses from her and filled them with soda. Athena watched, concentrating on calming her body, long ago she had given up her plan of stealing the key; she just wanted now to be free from the rich little pervert. She felt a sudden shame of having to be rescued by this girl, if only she knew who she was, that the girl had to rescue the one and only Supergirl from a situation that she couldn’t control. That the mighty Supergirl had succumbed to the fingering of some prep school boy who’s daddy owned the company.

The girl stepped forward and gave the glasses to each man; she turned and made motion for Athena to roll the cart back to the galley. Supergirl turned, pulling away from him she felt his hand mercifully retreat. She threw a threatening look at him but he only gleamed back watching a small amount of sticky clear liquid stretch between his thumb and fore finger. Supergirl’s face turned scarlet as she recognized what it was, she quickly pulled the cart back to where the other stewardesses were.

“Ha, serves you right.” The girl who had helped her said coming to join her. “You thought you’d go over with your fucking skimpy outfit and push your tits in that millionaires face while we were all busy?”

“No, that’s not what I was doing.”

“Well it sure looked like you were getting pretty close to him before Ian pulled you back by your panties.” Another of the girls added.

“I wasn’t flirting, they needed service.”

“I saw you trying to touch his arm.” The girl snapped back.

“I..I…” Supergirl couldn’t deny she was trying to get close, but not for the reasons they were accusing her of.

“Enough, lets get back to work.” The chief had stepped in. “Athena, you’ll be taking care of any needs Mr. Van Der Burke has.”

Supergirl started to protest but thought better of it.

“He seems to have taken a liking to you.” The girls laughed. “This will make it much easier for the rest of us.”

Athena stepped away, pulling the items from the compartments to begin lunch preparations. For the next hour she bustled between the front and back of he plane, helping with pillows and offering ear phones to passengers as the broadcast of the in flight movie ran on personal monitors in the visor of each forward seat. She kept a close eye on the scientist, noticing him as he rose to go to the toilet and he even walking to the kitchen area to request a certain brandy. Each time she tried to get close to him, she noticed a different one of the other stewardesses flirting with him. They smiled, twisting the ends of their hair trying to make witty conversation with him, all the while taking him by arm or finding ways in which to flaunt their bodies in front of him. Supergirl wondered if she would ever have a chance at retrieving the key.

“Athena, 5a, Mr. Van Der Burke has his light on.” The chief pointed down the rows to the young boy who was increasingly becoming annoying..

‘I’ve got to get that key, somehow.’ Supergirl took a breath and approached the young man.

“Mr. Van Der Burke, do you need anything?” she asked politely trying to ignore the boy’s leer.

“Two glasses.”

“Two glasses?”

“Yes.” He said and she went off to retrieve the items.

She returned a moment later with the items he had asked for.

“Good, now sit down.” He said.

“Oh, um we aren’t allowed to…”

“No, I insist.” He said firmly, and then his expression soften. “I have this bottle of twelve year old wine that I packed in my luggage.” He showed her a corked bottle.

“It’s a two thousand dollar vintage from our own vineyard in southern France and I want you to have a drink with me.” He watched her for a moment as Athena’s mind raced with excuses and then he added. “I want to apologize for my actions earlier; it was totally out of line.”

“Accepted, but excuse me I really do have other…” she tried to stray away but he caught her by the arm.

“I said I insist.” He smiled devilishly. “Now if you want me to call the chief and tell her you are refusing…I can. I would just hate to see a young beautiful girl like you losing her career.”

‘You slime!’ Athena thought. ‘How many other girls have you threatened like this? He thinks because they have money they own people…but I have to keep my cover, play along for now…’

Supergirl tightened her lip and flopped in the seat next to him.

“Just one drink.” She said trying to sound as if she were making a deal for her freedom.

“Yes, just one. Besides, I actually have another proposal I want to discuss with you.” He took the bottle from her and began undoing the metallic seal. “You see, my father owns several enterprises, not just this airline. He has a very diversified portfolio that goes into real estate, government bonds, construction, and even adult entertainment.”

Athena’s eyes widen. ‘Where is he going with this?’

“And I have a great eye…talent.” His eyebrows lifted as he looked her over again, her shimmering pantyhose legs leading to her small skirt where a blue triangle of her panties could barely be seen. “And I could make you into a star.”

“What? You don’t mean...”

“I could have you making six times what you make now, like I said.” He opened the bottle and poured two glasses of the fizzling wine. “You’re sexier than any of these girls I’ve seen on any flight. And you look great in that uniform, we could use that.” He handed her a drink, his eyes lowered to the strained buttons on her blouse.

‘Pervert! He wants to use me for his AV films!’ Athena thought enraged taking a large swallow of the wine and trying to remain calm.

“No, I don’t think that’s for me.”

“I bet you’d look sexy in anything, you know we have this one division, I actually started it myself.” He gloated. “It’s  kinda weird, they make fetish movies,” he filled her glass again, “movies using costumes like ninjas, spacegirls and even superheroines, you know those superhero types, getting captured and...well you know. Hehe, you wouldn’t believe the demand for people to see those tarts fucked by some two bit villain. You’d be perfect for those parts with your innocent but sexy looks.”

Athena swallowed the last of her wine. Her brow angered. For years she had tried to stop places like that from using her image in sexually explicit ways. She remembered seeing one where some fake supergirl was gang raped by several men. It had even sparked a trend of boys posting pictures of their girlfriends in the cheap supergirl costumes on the internet in sexual positions all trying to imitate her. She remembered a month ago where she had been on a mission at a school to break up a ring of boys forcing teen girls into wearing homemade Supergirl costumes and posing them in erotic positions to sell around school. And here,  next to her was the person responsible for all of it. She snapped back at him, but her anger suddenly fell away. Her eyes fluttered and she was just noticing how handsome and sandy brown his bushy boyish hair was.

“Really?” she heard herself ask surprisingly. Her face felt flush, she could fell her heart beating faster as her eyes fluttered a bit. Her breath felt hot, and a sudden tingle between her legs of excitement began to emerge. She found herself admiring the boy’s broad smile and smoky eyes. Even though the boy was extremely young she found herself attracted to him like a schoolgirl.

“I think I could get you a leading role for the next film.” He topped off her glass again, leering at her.

Athena giggled, her mind seemed strangely confused as she reached out at the boy’s firm chest. Her hands feeling his muscular form beneath the Italian silk shirt, she ran her fingernails over the expensive material playfully as she sipped again on the fizzing wine.

‘What…what am I doing’ she pulled her hand back confused. She looked at the glass in her hand and then at his own empty glass. He hadn’t taken a drink of it, she had never noticed. Her legs began to sweat, her nipples felt tender and aroused beneath the stewardesses uniform, her body seemed to be on fire.

‘He must have put something in the wine…damn, how stupid!’

“I…I have to go….” She tried to rise but he pulled her down, her body was on fire, she was stewing in her own juices.

“Sit down, now!” He said and pulled her just within inches of him, her red lips close to him that he felt the hot breath from her. “We can have our audition right here.” He stroked her hair menacingly. “Just do exactly as I tell you, and you won’t get hurt.”

Athena looked at him, she couldn’t help wanting him, wanting him badly, the drugs had surely done their work on her. She couldn’t stand being this close to his mouth, something inside her screamed for her to kiss his young tender mouth. The swav boy smiled wickedly, he pushed his advantage of her and kissed her trembling lips, his tongue swimming inside her mouth. He pulled her closer to him, his hands sliding down her hips and down her legs to the backs of her knees.

Athena’s reluctant fire erupted instantly.
            “No…I cant…mmmmmmm” She tried to push his hands away, she wanted to pull away but every impulse in her body begged for him,  kissing him again, enslaved by whatever he had drugged her with, she felt weak, she felt the need to release herself.

“Don’t resist.” He whispered to her. “It’s useless. And if you want to keep even this pathetic job, you’ll cooperate.” The boy now pressed his advantage of her. He knew it was working.

“B..bastard” she managed to say, what had he given her? Ruffies? Ecstasy? She was barely able to fight back, if she were truly a normal girl she would probably already be doing anything to please him. How was she going to complete her mission in this condition?

 She tried to pull her skirt down, but he slipped his hands underneath, his hands rounding on her, feeling her round ass as his lips pressed against hers, pinning her in the seat. She wanted to resist but the wetness was growing stronger, harder to control, her body was on fire. Her mind was going crazy, she didn’t want to blow her cover, but she was in trouble now….what could she do?

The boy pulled at her uniform, pulling her to him.

“Come here.” He ordered her. He pulled her to him seating her on his lap, facing him that she was kneeling on either side of him. He looked up at her, admiring the sexy uniform that hugged her like a glove, the airlines name stenciled on her large round bustling tits, the professional scarf that they all seemed to wear and the small cap that finished the uniform.

Athena’s short skirt rose so high in this position that her panties were clearly visible behind the clear nylons. Her mouth fell open, her breath coming in hot short burst, and she looked down at the boy who reached between her legs.

“Nice lining.” He said mistaking the crimson red of her Supergirl skirt as the inside of the stewardess’s skirt. Her eyes grew wide with shock, watching as he pulled at her shiny stockings, tearing a hole and ripping an opening that gave him access. Athena tried to get up but he snapped at her arm, gripping her hard.

“You’re not going anywhere.” His voice was low and firm; and she knew right away he was threatening to make trouble for her if she tried to stop him. Athena felt paralyzed, she watched as he reached inside to her already wet stained panties.

 “mmmmmm…nnggg…” her back arched as she felt his touch, his fingers pushing at the soft mound of her soft blue satin panties, stroking her through the material, teasing her. He pulled at either side of the leg openings of the panties and wedged the wet material inside her lips that her bush peeked out from either side. Athena squirmed in the seat, her body out of control, his free hand groped at her breast just below the wings on her uniform. Her body buckled with passion, she closed her eyes trying to resist the waves of emotions crashing over her. Then suddenly she opened her eyes. She looked around, suddenly noticing that her head was taller than the backs of the seats and peeked out. She looked forward where the scientist was and his piercing blue eyes locked on hers. Her body shivered suddenly in sexual pleasure as she felt the boy pull her panties to one side, exposing her trim bush, she looked again at the handsome man who seemed to stare at the happenings just ahead of him, his head tilting a bit as if not convinced he was seeing what he thought.

‘No…no, I…I can’t…’ She thought looking at the large cock now in the boy’s hand as he pushed her legs farther apart she tried to push him away but she was so weak, she could feel herself dripping, the wetness flowing down her ass and onto the seat. She knew that if he did enter her, it would be effortless, there was no resistance now for him, and he could easily slide inside.

She felt the cool air against her naked clit, as the boy’s stiff cock moved in, past the ripped opening in her stockings. Her heart raced, sweat beaded off her body as he pushed forward beneath her skirt, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. She could feel the head of his large cock against her tenderness, moving past her one sided panties and penetrating her sex.

“mmmm..mmmm…mmmm” she tried to control her voice as he slid into her. She tried to push away but the young boy seemed strong of his age or maybe she was just becoming weak with each long determined stroke that he slammed into her.

Athena shuttered as he penetrated her. He pulled back and slid in again, easily just as she had thought on her welcoming juices. Again and again he pumped her mound, gently slamming his body into hers. She looked up and saw the three men looking at her. The scientist started at her bobbing head as the boy’s hardening cock enjoyed her, he pulled her into him by pulling on her scarf and forcing her forward. A sudden embarrassment and shame covered her like a blanket, she saw the scientist as he whispered something and a small smile crept across the handsome man’s face. He looked away from the spectacle but then was drawn to her again, watching without comment. The bodyguards glanced at one another, then back at her, one hid himself behind a newspaper but he other smiled slyly as if to tell her he would gladly be next.

His hand cupped her breast as one of the strained buttons came undone. She gasped, for a second the bright yellow of her ‘S’ had appeared from underneath, she quickly pulled the parts back together and looked down at the boy who seemed to haven’t noticed but his attention was now drawn toward it.

“No, don’t.” He took her by the wrist. “open up, let me see what’s inside.”

‘ to throw him off…somehow…’ she thought and did the only thing she could think of. She leaned in, burying his face deep in her soft tits, she arched her back and pumped her hips up and down, stroking his cock rhythmically, tightening her legs to increase the sensation.

“Aaa…aaaaa…mmmm…” She heard the boy’s mouth squeal deep in her cleavage, his hands gripping the arms of the chair tightly, clearly shocked at the sudden stroking. For that instance she saw a glimpse of how young he was, and deep inside her she laughed a bit, she felt if she really wanted, she could make him cum at any time, she seemed excited by this new erotic power…or was she still feeling the effects of the wine?

Just then the stewardess, Gina, passed the row. Her eyes darted at the boy and stewardess Athena, her body rocking on top of the boy’s lap. Her face blushed, she seemed dumbfounded that this was happening in clear view of the first class section. Athena gasped, her head fell into her scarf as if trying to hide. Gina turned behind her where the chief now stood, watching with the others. Athena suddenly burst into a cold sweat. The blonde woman stood for a moment, as if wondering how to handle the whole affair and then she did something that Supergirl hadn’t expected.

She pushed Gina ahead towards the coach area.

“Go and check the passengers in the rear.” She said walking forward, passing as the boy pumped Athena’s wet pussy beneath her skirt faster and faster, she turned her back on Athena as if choosing to ignore the situation, leaving her to whatever ends.

“Can I get you gentleman anything?” She smiled pleasantly at the Russians as if nothing was occurring just another two rows ahead of them.

The girl being forcibly sexed by the VIP looked shocked.

‘What? She’s going to leave me to him.’ Athena thought helplessly. ’Th-They’re not stopping him! How could she?’ Athena thought as a tear welled in her eyes, the thought of the betrayal by the person who was suppose to keep order seemed unreal. She watched as the chief passed her again, not even making eye contact she passed quickly as if no one were there.

“Come on, damn you’re so tight...feels so good.” The boy pulled out of her, his cock still rigid and covered in slickness. She felt the welling sensation of  his staff penetrating her again, pumping faster and faster. Athena’s face grimaced, her wetness dripped freely as more of the crew passed by her sections, ignoring her plight as surely the chief had ordered them to.

“Whore.” She heard one of them say under her breath as she passed.

The boy’s cock throbbed inside of her, her fingers dug deep into the soft leather of the seat; inside her will was crumbling, she gasped, the building pressure between her legs begging to be freed. Another few strokes and she would be helpless to resist. She looked again, several people were now glancing her way, many only saw her raised head above the seats but they seemed to be whispering among themselves, watching her.

“MMmmmm..mmm…” Ian’s cock throbbed, nearing climax he pulled from her dripping sex and pushed his staff into the inside of her panties where he shot his load, soaking them instantly. Supergirl fell limply forward, her skin crawled with the feel of the cold sticky cum now clinging to her. He wiped the remainder on her nylons beneath the skirt causing spots of wetness. Athena panted heavily, she had also climaxed and it seemed the drugs were finally wearing off. She glanced up at the men in the two rows behind; they now brushing about, trying to not look her way.

“Before you go, there’s one last thing.”

“What now? Haven’t you humiliated me enough” Athena said through her teeth.

The boy pulled from his bag the vibrator from her luggage.

“W-where did you get that?” Athena asked surprised.

“It’s yours isn’t it” he asked.

“You were in my things you pervert?”

“Who’s the pervert? This was in your carry on. It is yours right?”

Athena couldn’t answer.

“Then you’re going to wear it for me.”

Supergirl watched frozen as he pulled her panties open, slipping the long black vibrator inside then turning the round switch on the end.

“nnnngg….” She buckled as the low hum of the device came alive.

He pulled her panties back into place, the blue material stretching over the hard round end of he device as it poked out from her. He then pulled her skirt over it. Athena was breathing hard, trying to control the Supergirl inside of her that wanted to kill him.

“There, you’re my bitch now, understand?”

Athena simply nodded ashamedly.

“Good, here’s my card.” The boy placed it in her limp hand. “Call me after we land, from your hotel. I want to bring over a few more friends of mine to give you a second audition.” He smiled devilishly. “Until then, I want you to wear it.” He pushed it gently through her panties and Athena’s sex tightened with the sensation to his delight.

“You can leave now.” He said.

She stepped out into the aisle, trying to balance and stand as if the whirling device parting her mound didn’t exist. She chanced another look at the scientist; the brash handsome man in the suit noticed her, then whispering something about unusually good customer service in his bodyguards’ ear that made the man chuckle.

 She pulled her skirt down, trying to hide the evidence beneath. Turning to walk to the service area; she could feel eyes glancing at her as she passed them by. The walk to the back never seemed as long it did now, she felt humiliated, the ones who did turn to look at her threw dirty looks her way. Their eyes wondered down her as she passed, and Athena worried if they could see the impression of the vibrator in the front of her tight skirt, or if they noticed the rips in the crotch of her nylons where she had been fucked. Walking back, with the low hum of the vibrator moving clumsily in her forested mound, in the tall stilettos heels made her feel cheap, like one of the girl in the night clubs.

“Why didn’t you stop him?” she asked the chief angrily.

 “He needs to be arrested, how many girls do you think he’s done this to?” Athena sneered.

“It looked to me like you were trying to seduce him. You should be lucky I don’t have YOU arrested, do you know how old he is?” The chief said. “He’s just out of school, not even in college yet.”

“What?” Athena looked shocked.

“That’s right, I’m calling the police as soon as we land, and you’re in big trouble! You’ll never work again.” The chief said coldly pointing her finger directly at Athena’s face. “I know, you saw a young VIP and thought you had a way to get his money, I’ve seen sluts like you before.” She spat at Athena.

“You’re not getting away this time, they’re going to arrest you and …..”

The chief was suddenly interrupted by a loud thump as the plane rolled on its side sending them all tumbling.

“What the hell was that?” a frantic Gina asked as they slowly got to their feet.

“It felt like something hit us!”

Again the plane shuttered violently as the lights blinked off and on again. The passengers screamed wildly from their seats as Athena and the rest of the crew hurried into the main cabin area.

“Oh my God!”

Inside the fist class cabin the lights flickered madly as a strong vacuum dropped the cabin pressure and scattered items like a small tornado. The passengers screamed in terror, slumping deep in their seats, each of them watching the gaping hole in the roof of the plane just above the last row in the section.

“The Russian!” Athena shouted leaping past the terrified chief to where the three men had been seated. She passed the row where Ian curled low on the floor as above him several mechanical arms were reaching inside the  plane from the gaping hole. The bodyguards fired their weapons at the menacing arms but the bullets only ricocheted off them as they swung back slashing the men to pieces. Another wrapped itself around the blonde scientist, lifting him off his feet and up through the hole.

“Doctor Octopus!” Athena jumped forward as they all watched her puzzled and terrified. She heard them screaming again as she seemed to be sucked right through the opening and out of the airplane.

On top of the struggling plane she saw him, Doc Ock, the mad scientist who had fused metal titanium arms to his body and somehow had absolute control of them simply through his will. She fought back the whipping wind to see him anchored to the plane by three of the metallic arms, in another the white faced horror struck scientist screamed madly in the coils of his tentacle.

“Where is it?” Octopus asked viciously.” Give it to me or I will crush you!”

The arms constricted over his body like a limp doll in its grasp.

“It’s here! Here!” the man grimaced, holding his hand out as the key dangled from a security device around his wrist. “But… if you take it….” He stopped, shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His mouth gaped opened, besides being outside a plane traveling at hundreds of miles an hour, besides being attacked by a crazed man with metallic tentacles, he was now looking at the stewardess from inside the plane walking calmly towards them.

“Eh, what’s with you?” Octopus asked looking over his shoulder just as the blonde stewardess in the short skirt slammed her fist hard into his jaw. The villain tumbled back, his grip on the scientist loosen to stop himself from falling over the top of the plane. With a burst of speed the stewardess zipped passed the villain and grabbed the striking young man in her arms. He looked at her amazed.

“Hold on!” She jerked the both of them backwards just in time to avoid a crashing tentacle.

“W-who the hell are you?” He looked at her, then down at the plane as they hovered above it in mid air.

“NNGGGrrrrrr….” Dr. Octopus screamed throwing up his robotic arms trying to reach the two. Supergirl zipped past them, dodging each strike while carrying the man along side of her. She zipped over the villain.

“I’ve got to get you back inside.” She headed for the torn opening as another arm snapped just on the side of her. She dropped the man inside, his eyes still amazed and confused at the daring stewardess standing above him.

“No!!!” his hand was reaching out as she flung him back inside with the screaming passengers, oxygen masks had dropped from the ceiling. The crew scrambled madly in a panic.

‘Why was he reaching back?’ Supergirl asked herself, and then she turned and looked behind her. Hanging in one of the clamped tentacles was the key and band from the scientist. Dr. Octopus smiled widely looking at the object, then turning towards her.

“Who the hell are you?” he looked at her. Supergirl jumped forward dodging one of the arms but another crashed into her, ripping a hole in her uniform. She flew forward, catching one of the arms in her grip and crushing it in her hands.

“AAArrrhhhhh” He screamed as she pulled the key from the arm, then flinging him over the top and down on the wing. Crippled by one sparking arm he looked up a her furious.

“You Bitch! Who are you?”

Inside the plane the passengers looked out the windows at the man on the wing, they cried openly, terrified. Then their eyes grew wide with shock as the girl, the stewardess named Athena, leaped down on the wing to face the man. It was impossible! They watched as she slowly approached the menacing arms, the wind whipping through her tiny uniform.

“Who, who is she? How is she doing that?”

While out on the wing…

“Give it up Octopus, its over.” Athena said giving him her most authority sounding voice.

Octopus looked up at her like she was crazy. He looked at the key in her hand, the item he needed, but somehow this girl was not who she seemed to be…and then it hit him. Unknowingly she had placed her fist on her hips, her legs apart, ready for action. He had seen this pose before, hundreds of times, it was a signature pose of Supergirl.

“No.” He said through gritted teeth, angered and pissed off that he hadn’t anticipated the U.S. would send someone like her. He fell into a rage at this one miscalculation of his plan.

‘I Just need to get distracted for a moment.’ He formulated a plan in his head, his arms moving now, ready for attack. His eyes scanned her, looking for a point of attack, somewhere that would give him the time he needed…’ah, seems I do have a bit of luck.’

Athena watched him carefully, any second she planned on leaping past his swirling arms and ending the confrontation.

‘Why is he looking at me like that?” she thought and then concluded. ‘He’s going to attack! Haha, good this will be easier than I thought, he’ll come right to me and I’ll pound him unconscious. There’s no way he can win in a fight against me.” She watched him, waiting for him, confident that what ever attack he tried she could easily counter.  His eyes darted downward on her uniform, Athena followed his eyes, he was looking at her skirt. She chanced a glance downward and saw something strange, an object pushing from inside making a round impression on her skirt.

‘Oh no the vibra….nnngggggggggggggggg!!!!’ I was too late. She was so busy when the attack happened, she had forgotten about the rubber dildo the boy had forced her to wear. Now one of Octopus’s arms slammed hard into the spot, driving the vibrator deep into her sex.

“aaahhhhnnnggggg..” The people watched inside as the petit flight attendant was driven to her knees by the blow, grimacing in pain. Behind her they saw the fiend’s arms then burrow into the sheet metal of the wing and rip out several large chunks.

“AAAAAAAIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” they all screamed as the plane took a sudden dip downward, they all fell backwards, tumbling over and over as items from the overhead compartment fell out from above them. The mature blonde stewardess who was chief tumbled backwards onto the floor, her shimmering white panties exposed from beneath her smallish skirt as she fell feet up into the pile of VIP’s and first class passengers. They screamed loudly, knowing that this was the end for them….but, then without warning, the plane leveled off.

The chief looked at the others as confused as they looked at her. Ian, the boy next to her, his eyes wide, his heart racing, swallowed hard. Slowly, they untangled themselves from each other, wondering why they were not dead yet.

“Look! Look!” the boy had darted to a window and was now shouting for others to confirm what he was seeing.

Outside on the badly damaged wing of the plane was the stewardess. Others raced to the window. The chief’s mouth gaped open as she watched the girl she was going to have arrested supporting the structure of the wing, her backside upward, her legs tight behind her, flying. The girl was somehow lifting the wing and flying herself. The chief looked and the rest of the crew peered through the tiny window staring at her.

Athena’s arms ached as she held onto the steel skeleton of the wing. She turned and saw them all looking at her, the chief, the pervert Ian and even the scientist. She thought of the crude things these people had done and said to her, yet she refused to let them plummet to their deaths. Just then, she heard the scraping of metal on metal. She turned and saw the villain standing over her, smiling wildly.

“Funny how things change eh Supergirl.” He said as she looked up at him. “Yes, I know who you are. Just a few seconds ago you were so close to utterly defeating me, and now I am master over you…simply because you care about those stupid sheep inside. Hahahaha” He laughed as she looked again at the terrified people pressed hard against the windows of the plane. Behind her she could see inside the coach area where even more stared out at her, innocent faces with worried expressions. Octopus’s arms clamped down on either side of her. Supergirl prayed he didn’t do anymore damage to the wing, she didn’t know how much more the structure could take without tearing completely away. He leaned over her.

“You bastard, how could you put these people in danger.” She strained to keep the wing up suddenly seeing small cracks now forming in along he edges. The villain leaned in on her, his insane grin blazed across his face, he planted his face into her hair, sniffing it lovingly.

“AArrrggg, get the hell off me you fucking psycho!” Athena shouted angrily, she wanted to tear into him, but she dared not remove her hands from the wing or the plane would plummet to the earth below.

“mmmm…so sweet.” He said, reaching around her waist with his hands and into her coat pocket where he pulled the computer key from her. “Ah, here it is.” Athena watched helplessly as he took it from her and placed it in his own pocket. “So they thought they’d send you to retrieve it from the Russian, eh?” He laughed.

The plane suddenly shuttered and cleared the clouds. Still far below was the image of a city and its lights, the pilots seemed to be slowly descending the plane, probably for the nearest runway. Just as they made the clearing she could see several helicopters with news logos blazed on the sides hovering on either side, their cameras zooming in on the drama unfolding on the wing and inside.

“A stewardess, a perfect disguise for you, hehe.” Octopus slipped his hands around her cupping her breast through the uniform. “Your fucking do good bitch,  look at you now. How are you going to stop me without killing them all?” He squeezed her tits through the uniform as she felt his disgusting tongue on her neck.

“Get away from you or I’ll kill you.” She said, her arms trembling, her concentration on keeping he wing secure.

With the wind whipping through her long golden hair and tearing at her uniform, the two strained buttons holding her top together finally gave way. Athena looked down, not daring to release her hold from the wing, the blazing ‘S’ of her Supergirl costume clearly showed through. She looked to her left where the people were pressed against the windows, watching, ….her cover had been blown, they knew for sure now that she was Supergirl.

“Supergirl,” Ian muttered in his aristocratic boyish voice. ‘Oh my god….I fucked Supergirl.’ He thought astounded, inside his pants his cock hardened despite his plight. His memory going back to when he had her on the chair, ‘She was wearing the costume underneath’ he thought, imagining the costume beneath the stewardess uniform.

Two of Octopuss’s arms reached behind her, clamping down her ankles.

‘Cant stop…got to keep this in place…..’ She thought trying to ignore the attack on her body to save the passengers.

“Nnngg…no….” The arms pulled her legs apart, opening them wide as the people watched interestedly at the goings on. Octopus lifted her skirt, revealing the imprint of the vibrator inside her panties. The passengers watched in shocked awe as he stripped the panties from her, pulling them down her legs. Supergirl squirmed, helpless to stop him, her hands planted firmly on the wing, unable to move. She felt her thin panties pulled down her thighs and to the bottom of her legs, and then off.

“Damn You!” she shouted in frustration, her exposed bush with the spinning device now hung out in clear view of everyone. The news crews zoomed in closer, their machines eyeing the object.

“What….is that…..” the attractive blonde scientist inside the plane stuttered, shocked that Supergirl had a hidden sex toy titillating her the whole time. He watched as the villain placed his hands around the devise, cupping Supergirl’s naked pussy, stroking her hairs.

“AArrrhhh…nnnnooo….stop this ….stop!” Supergirl tried to fight against his sexual assault, she heard him laughing behind her, delighted in her feeble position. Her hips shuttered as she felt him slowly pulling he vibrator from her. She looked to the news crews who were snapping second by second pictures of the plastic dick being withdrawn from her sex high above.

“Seems someone’s been a busy girl.” The villain laughed looking over the dripping dildo. “Lets see how you like the real thing.”

Supergirl gasped. She kicked her legs wildly but the arms only pulled her wider.

“No……” She saw the cracks in the wings growing with her movements and stopped resisting.

“Not even going to fight it huh?” he laughed, she felt him stroking her sex, his fingers moving through her coarse hairs, making her ready. The bastard knew that she couldn’t resist or the entire plane would be in jeopardy, she couldn’t let them die. She felt him behind her, close now, his fingers parting her clit, she narrowed her eyes, determined not to let the people inside die.

“mmmmmmmrnngggg.” She gasped, her mouth becoming an ‘O’. The people inside screamed in shock as they watched, her gaze fell towards them, knowing already what they were seeing. She tightened her grip, trying to suppress the sudden waves of excitement dripping from between her legs, leaking from her sex. The villain had opened her legs, controlling them, and had found her juicy mound with his mouth. His mouth on her super pussy, lapping her as if he could consume her entirely; she felt his tongue swivel up and down her love canal, circling her and teasing her most sensitive parts. His face buried deep between her legs, she had no way to stop him.  

Her body convulsed as his fingers dug into her soft ass, pulling her into him, enjoying Supergirl in plain site of everyone and probably every television in the world. She squirmed, trying to keep her composure, but the sudden rush of arousal was madding. His hands climbed up her body and pinched her fast erecting nipples beneath her satin blue costume, punishing her more. She felt him cover her entire mound with his mouth and then suck her again and again.

“AAAaiii…aaaiiiiii….” Tears poured down Supergirl’s eyes, as her heart raced and despite the whisking winds, her body temperature jumped. She fought back the overwhelming erotic feelings inside her, she tried to steady herself after each time his fiendish tongue lapped at her dripping wet sex, he teased her again with his fingers as small drops of juice dangled from her. She wanted badly to give in, the bursting dam inside her welling again in a roaring wave of passion. He pulled himself upwards, just behind her; she could feel his erect package on her ass, moving its way down to her well lubricated clit.

“AAhhhh….mmmmggg” She moaned as he penetrated the disguised superheroine. Sweat and tears poured down her face, Supergirl looked forward at the ever growing lights of the city, then he took her by the hair, pulling her back and forcing he to see the faces of the people and crew inside the plane, watching as he had his way with her. She watched their expressions as he pumped into her, his arms holding her legs bent her forward into a frog position, her heels now pointing towards her head as he had her totally open to his pleasure. Her ass shuttered with each stroke, her tender thighs slick with her own juices as he pummeled her mound, his cock parting her over and over. The helicopters were closer now than ever, she could see the men inside, watching her get fucked, but still holding every worthless life inside the plane in her hands.

‘No…cant think like that….mmmmm……mmmnnggg’ She felt helpless, her arms were weakening and the plane began to shutter violently.

Inside the passengers again panicked.

“No…help us!!!”

“Don’t let us die! Please, help us!!!” Tears streamed down the chief’s face as she pounded on the glass.

But Supergirl felt her powers weakening, each time the villain’s meaty cock filled her, she felt weaker and weaker, her legs trembled. She could feel him inside her, throbbing, pumping her deeper and deeper, harder and harder. She closed her eyes, the sensation was here, begging to be release, and in one final fall of weakness…she submitted.

“AAAAiiiii.aiii..OOOhhhhhmmmmgggggg..gggn….” she couldn’t bare it anymore, he had brought her to climax on the wing of the plane. Her strength immediately left her as a feeling of  humiliation and failure crushed her. The villain pushed her forward, completely on the wing. The plane shook like crazy but they had descended low enough that the landing gear had been released and the runway was in plain site. Octopus’s arms clamped on her wrist as well as her ankles, he bound her wrist over her head and spread her eagle on her back. She watched powerlessly as he again penetrated her, his smiling face showing his happiness over his capture and rape of her. She felt the sudden drop of the plane as the fiend throbbed inside of her, ripping at her skirt and tearing her uniform open as his hard staff stroked her. She felt the sudden thud of the wheels against the pavement, and the pulsing of his cock as he came, shooting his cum all over her. He pulled free of her, leaving her sex oozing with the white sticky liquid as he pumped his cock, shooting more cum all over her uniform and even hitting her in the face with a long stray shot.

“I…I’m going to kill you…..” She cried struggling helpless as his arms still pinned hers. The plane had come to a screeching stop and now sirens were racing towards the scene.

“Well we’ll have to wait and see wont we.” He laughed in her face. “Tell your people if they want this, they’ll have ample opportunity to bid on it…but they’ll have to out do the Russians, I think they’ll be bidding with gusto, ha-ha”

His arms released her, springing out over the plane and carrying him upward and out of site.

Supergirl lay on the wing, the stewardess uniform shredded to show her true identity underneath, the red and blue costume.

“Come down now, with your hands up!” a voice ordered over a loud speaker and she could see now that several vehicles and military soldiers had surrounded the plane. She slowly sat up, her strength gone, weak and unable to fly, she slid off the side of the wing.

“Put your hands up! Now!” They ordered her in foreign accents.

Caught and unable to fly Supergirl put her hands behind her head as several rifles trained on her. The men slowly moved forward until one of the guns met her back.

“Don’t move!”

“But, I’m Supergirl…I was trying to save these people.”

The man behind her bent her hands behind her back, and she felt steel cuffs snap over her wrist.

“I was trying to help…don’t you understand.” She pleaded as passengers were being unloaded from the plane, she saw the chief stewardess and the scientist coming down. They only looked at her, then at the soldiers, refusing to help.

“They can tell you what happened!  Tell them!” she shouted but they turned towards the ambulances ignoring her. She saw the boy Ian exit; he looked at her for a moment then was met by two men in dark suits who immediately took him to a waiting limo. Other passengers came out, shouting hysterically, pointing at Supergirl angrily.

“Take her away.” The commander ordered and the soldiers pushed the cuffed heroine towards a waiting van.

“You are in our country illegally, American zuperheroine Zupergirl, und we will find out why.” She was blindfolded and put inside the van.  As they sped off, in darkness she wondered how long it would be until her powers returned, until then she would play with them, then escape…and then, find Octopus once again.