Trial of Supergirl

Chapter 10:  Blood Lust


            Supergirl gasped. The vise-like grip of Juggernaut closed on her throat making it impossible to draw breath. Darkness began to ebb from the comers of her fluttering eyes, and a sudden panic struck her.

            ‘Cant…pass out now… to remain calm…think Athena, think!’

Supergirl could see the delight on the villains face, his massive muscles constricting against her.

            “This is the easiest money I’ve ever made.” His deep throaty voice echoed from behind the metallic helmet. “I thought you’d put up more of a fight Superwimp!”

            Supergirl’s mouth gasped for air, she struggled against his massive fist. Why couldn’t she seem to get a grip on him? Was Juggernaut really this strong? Was he this intimidating a figure that she had always thought he was? There was something uncommonly wrong with this. She was so panicked that she couldn’t seem to get a grip on his fingers. She coughed madly then in a sudden shock of realization, she closed her eyes.

            Placing her fingers around her throat….she couldn’t feel his hand there at all.

‘How could such a hulking figure have sneaked up on me?’ she asked herself. Her super hearing and intuition should have picked him up several feet away. There was no way! No way unless….

            She calmed herself and focused her thoughts, closing her mind. She opened her eyes again to see the drooling mad giant standing before her suddenly faded into nothingness.

            “AAahhhh…..” Supergirl gasped fresh air again, her chest heaving heavily. She looked down at herself. She was hovering on her own power, not being lifted by the villain’s massive arm. She slowly descended, now noticing several of the panicked crowd around her also vanished, being replaced by interested gawkers, unsure of what they were seeing happening to Supergirl. Everyone seemed puzzled by her actions.

            “It would have been much easier if you had just passed out.”

            Supergirl turned to find the origin of the voice. Conner, the blond preppie boy smiled at her. His appearance contorted, melting away into a petite young girl with long dark flowing hair wearing of all things, a top hat. Supergirl watched as before her eyes suddenly appeared a leggy girl in a short tuxedo costume with fishnet stockings and knee high leather boots. Her face beamed despite the sudden revelation of being uncovered.

            “You should be careful, someone could put a spell on you.” She laughed slyly.

            “Zatanna?” Supergirl’s said surprised as now she noticed the doors to the police station opening and a dazed Conner just exiting from the elevator to see the two superheroines at his car.

            “You’re that sorcerer that has Justice League membership aren’t you? Why did you attack me?” Supergirl asked angrily, now carefully watching the young girl’s movements as well as her words.

            “Supergirl, there is a warrant for your arrest.” She said as if Supergirl should have known better. “The Secretary has declared you a threat to world security.”

             ”So they’ve already contacted the JLA?” Athena felt a sudden charge in readiness. She knew they would come, Zatanna just happen to be the first.

            “If you are innocent, surrender, but you’re too powerful a being to be left unhindered, I can’t let you fly away.” The dark haired girl gave a sneaky smile at Supergirl.

“Is this a challenge for you Zatanna? Think you finally get to test your powers against me?” Supergirl’s blood boiled. She felt as if she was getting treated like a common criminal and even worse, it seems that every superheorine who was below her wanted to add ‘Defeating Supergirl’ to their resume.

“I’d like to see you try and stop me trickster.”

“Then I guess your grand illusion is finally unmasked… reh esacne selbac!

As the strange words were spoken the cables from the above power lines came alive. They reached downward, swirling over Supergirl like thick black cobras, snaking around her, looping between her legs and twisting tightly against her arms.

“Nnggggg…”She struggled as they constricting tightly against her body, slithering over her large breast, squeezing her so hard that her breast seemed to push through the openings of each. She felt them curl under her skirt, descending between and through her legs.

“What?!!!” she was shocked as the animated cable exited from behind her and then lifted upwards, wedging into her ass and splitting painfully between her tender satin mound

“NNNgggggg…” Supergirl struggled, standing on her tip toes as the taut line between her legs now moved torturously slow between her legs, each indentation seemed to slam against her pussy, forcing its way past and then back up her vulnerable ass.

Suddenly a flash of red beams emitted from Supergirl’s eyes. The laser burned into the snaking cable and cut it in half. The tight line between her legs fell limply below her, withering like a headless snake. Summoning her strength, she strained against the hidden power behind the living cables and ripped her arms free. The torn bits of the cable dropped to the ground and fell limply at her feet.

“Nice try witch.” Supergirl said charging towards Zatanna who looked surprised at the power of Supergirl. The sorcerer lowered her hat as an eerie glow beamed from inside of it.

“tah eht ot..mmmffffff!!!!”

Supergirl clamped her hand on Zatanna’s mouth.

“Not even close Z” Supergirl pushed her hard into the Porsche shattering the windows. Zatanna fell unconscious to the ground. Supergirl hurried picking up pieces of the ripped cable and bound her hands.

“If I remember right, if you can’t speak, you cant use your powers.” Supergirl undid the sorcerer’s bowtie and gagged her with it.

“Maybe you’re ready for a real challenge then Supergirl?”

A cold shiver ran up Supergirl’s spine. She knew the voice well and turned and saw Wonder Woman. The Amazon jumped into Supergirl.

“OOOhhhhnnnnggg…” Supergirl felt the wind pushed from her lungs; getting hit by Wonder Woman felt like being hit by a charging car. She fell backwards past screaming pedestrians and landed hard against the steel street light, crushing and twisting it until it toppled over just past the scurrying crowd.

Supergirl felt a bit embarrassed as she landed on her back, her legs sprawled open and the tiny red skirt retreating upwards past her exposed panties.

“Nice hit,” Supergirl said lifting herself up. “You’re solid, I’ll give you that. But….gasp!!” Supergirl cut her words short as something just to the left of her caught her eye. She tried to turn in time to react but was just a bit slow.

Flying like a bullet was a white and red blur coming towards her. Before she could escape she was hit again by a charging superheroine.


“AAAAAaiiiiiiii” The sound of the impact echoed in the streets as car alarms went off all over, glass from nearby buildings shattered and rained down upon the retreating crowd.  Supergirl could feel the pain from her cracked ribs as her body was thrown by the force of the impact. She ricocheted off several cars and finally landed face down through the front window of a parked car. Blood now trickled down her side, staining the blue costume right above a massive rip.

“Ouch.” Athena grimaced as she lifted herself from the shattered glass. Her own sweat stung the now slowly healing cut. She brushed her own long hair from her face and again was face to face with Wonder Woman.

 “So you brought a friend with you?” Supergirl said playfully looking skyward to see if she could see the other. Her heart racing, she tried to buy for more time to heal, having to fight Wonder Woman one on one was bad enough but now she had someone else to worry about as well.

“There’s no need to continue this Supergirl” Athena hated the condescending tone of Wonder Woman’s voice. Obviously she still thought of herself as a Princess even away from that hidden island. “You know that I’m more than a match for you, why don’t you let me lasso you and bring you in to justice.”

“I’m innocent.” Supergirl said. “but if I let them take me in, I’ll never get a fair trial.”

“Sorry to hear that. I don’t judge, I just uphold the law.” Wonder Woman whipped her lasso at Supergirl.

Supergirl dodged it easily grabbing the end of the lasso. She pulled hard, yanking Wonder Woman off her feet and towards her. Athena lifted her leg, meaning to kick the off balanced Amazon but instead to her amazement Wonder Woman turned her body in mid-air and slammed both her feet into Supergirl’s stomach.

“AAAiiiiiii” Supergirl doubled over in pain, her ribs still ached from the earlier attack. She fell back on her knees, breathing hard and clutching her battered side. Supergirl saw Wonder Woman coming again. Her reaction was late, her body felt sluggish and tired as sweat poured over her. She fell back into the gravely street again as Wonder Woman slammed her fist hard against the ‘S’ on her chest. Supergirl winced in pain, something inside her told her she was outmatched, that Wonder Woman was better, a legend, she didn’t have a chance.

“Let’s go Supergirl, on your feet!” The superiority in the Amazon’s voice was easily apparent. “You’re done little girl. Give me your wrists, now!”

“No!” Supergirl said through gritted teeth. “I’ve been holding back, but not anymore!” Despite the pain Supergirl leaped upward and caught the unsuspecting Wonder Woman with a round house kick. The Amazon fell on all fours, she turned a hateful gaze towards Supergirl. With cheetah like quickness she pounced again, but Supergirl now dodged each of her attacks, finally slamming her fist several times at high speed into the Amazon’s stomach. Wonder Woman gasped, spit dripping form her cherry lips she locked fingers with Supergirl.

“Just get out of my way!” Supergirl yelled at her, struggling against Wonder Woman’s strength…and then she heard it again.

‘She’s not trying to win anymore; she’s trying to get me in position!’ Supergirl could hear the jet like noise behind her, the same as before. She waited, waited until the last moment then ducked to the side.

Even at a blur Supergirl could see Powergirl passing her by, the realization that she had missed her target and was going too fast to stop from slamming into Wonder Woman. Both girls slammed hard into a nearby building, exploding into a shower of dust and bricks. Slowly, painfully Supergirl got to her feet, both were unconscious. Powergirl lay on top of Wonder Woman, her face buried into the Amazon’s crotch.

Supergirl turned to flee, her body ached, and she was weak and beaten. Her costume torn and stained in her own blood, she had nothing left. She turned to fly away when a hand grabbed her.

A teen schoolboy held her arm.

“Sorry I’ve got to go….” Her voice trailed off as another grabbed Supergirl’s other arm. She looked at each one. There was a blank almost trans-like expression on each of their faces.

“Supergirl….” He drooled.

“What??!!” suddenly she saw a rush of ordinary citizens dashing for her. Supergirl quickly broke free of the boys and jumped into the air, but not quick enough! Several hands grabbed at her booted ankles, dozens of crazed people gathered around now, pulling her back down.

“Supergirl, God she’s so fuckin’ hot!”

“Come here you fucking teasing bitch!!”

“I want to fuck your mouth!”

She looked and suddenly saw the cause of the riot.


The witch still tied and gagged had manager to prick one of her fingers on the nearby shattered glass and written something in her own blood. Supergirl strained to see it, and finally understood it. Scrolled along the nearby pavement in backwards lettering were two simple words…‘Mob lust’.

‘How careless was this spell Zatanna had done, anything written in her blood was too powerful to be used so carelessly. How could she have done this?’ Supergirl thought and now saw the effects of the broad spell as a crowd now pulled at Zatanna herself, parting the bound and gagged girl’s legs as they covered her.

Supergirl felt the sudden tug against her cape, she was so weak, and she couldn’t break their grip.

“Her body is so sexy!”

“You’re going to get what’s coming to you, bitch!”

She felt herself being pulled back downward into the mob, hands that once just had her ankles and legs now pulled her down by her arms and shoulders.

“No! Get off of me!! Don’t touch me!” the blonde superheroine yelled but hands groped her all over, ripping at her already torn proud costume. They pulled at her hair, pinning her to the ground. Supergirl felt herself being held down by numerous hands, other hands ran over her breast, squeezing her ample cleavage and mouths covering her nipples. All of them had gone mad!

She kicked, struggling against them as one boy now lifted her skirt while others controlled her legs, pulled apart and pinned at by others. The tear from the side of her costume was now ripped wider, her taut stomach exposed as hands reached inside the costume and up to massage her breast.

“…dresses like a slut. She deserves what she gets….”

 “God she’s so fucking hot…I want her…”

“NNnngggg..ooooHHHHHH….” she felt fingers stroke against her satin clad pussy and she immediately caught herself from becoming wet. A burst of arousal seemed to come over her, ‘something held over from the spell’ she thought but unsure if the excitement wasn’t from her own growing desire.

The gang of boys stroked her, nails dragging along the smooth satin over her clit and one of them pushed his finger deep into her panties, pushing them into her. Her hips buckled, as she moaned uncontrollable, unable to see who was fingering her as another took advantage of her being pinned down to deliver his tongue deep into her mouth at the same time.

“MMMMmmmm…mmmmm” Supergirl struggled, she could hear the wet churning sound of her own juices as the boy fingered her unmercifully.

‘They…they’ve gone mad!’ She thought unable to break away from the dozens of men and boys, if she hadn’t expelled so much energy fighting the three, she may have had a chance.

Her arms stretched out, her muscles sore and weaken by the earlier battle. She felt furious that she was helpless, unable to defend or stop them as they wreak havoc on her body and the other heroines around her. Even spellbound, how could they ever dare do this to her? To Supergirl!!

She looked up suddenly to see the patriotic image of Wonder Woman standing above her.

“nngg…how?” Even seeing Wonder Woman she felt a rush of salvation from the mob! “...stop themmggg.”

Wonder Woman, moved past them, down to Supergirl unhindered. Supergirl was surprised to see the crowd totally ignoring her.

“My power belt” She showed Supergirl the golden belt around her waist. “Its from the Goddess Aphrodite, it protects me from any charms or love spells” Supergirl watched as the Amazon crouched above her. She felt Wonder Woman grab each of her wrist from the boys and for a fleeting moment thought that she would pull her away from the crowd, instead Supergirl felt her wrist crossed above her head and the strange golden material of Wonder Woman’s lasso tied over her hands again and again.

“Ok…mmmm…” She turned away from another attempt to kiss her, “you win…Nnnggg…help me….stop this….” Supergirl begged as she felt one of the boy’s head between her legs, lapping under her skirt.

“Oh God…nnnoo…mmmmmfffff…” She felt his mouth kissing her through her costume, his tongue stroking up and down, his hot mouth covering her whole mound making her body tense and twitch.

“No, I think you need a lesson ‘Supergirl’” Wonder Woman said her name as if it were a joke to her. “Besides, the more energy they draw away from you,” she smiled watching as Supergirl twitched helplessly again, unable to move away from the boy, “the easier it will be to handle you.” Wonder Woman looked up at the crowd molesting Supergirl.

“Enjoy her.” Supergirl heard her say smiling down at the feeble Maiden of Steel. She stretched Supergirl’s bound hands higher above her head. “Do whatever you please to this villainous girl.” She then reached down to Supergirl’s torn costume and ripped it upwards, tearing the ‘S’ apart and revealing Supergirl’s tits barely contained in her push up bra.


“Hmmmm, she even dresses like a whore under her whore costume”

“Had a date tonight hot stuff?”  Someone teased her as hands reached down to pawn her  breast, pulling them over the designer bra.

“NO!!!! You..nnnggg…you cant allow this…to happen to me….AAAhhhhhhh”

She felt her ass being ravaged, she winced in pain as several of them took to spanking her round ass, unable to stop themselves as the lust for her that each one held deep inside them to have Supergirl had been supercharged and released in one instance of pleasure. Her legs were stretched even farther apart and fingers tracing along the outsides of her costume’s bottoms.

“No..mmmmgggg…get away….mmmmm..OOOHHH…..nooo don’t……” She was too weak now, there was no escape once bound by the lasso and Supergirl was no long super, but a superheroine defeated in the worse position.

She turned her head to avoid another disgusting kiss and saw through a small opening of the crowd where Zatanna lay. The heels of her long boots now kissing the sky as some boy slammed between them. She could also see several girls in the crowd had become affected as well and seemed to take to the magician. But for only the few there, the majority had come after Supergirl

As she struggled, she felt her panties grabbed from the top and pulled down, stretched between her knees. Her naked shame exposed causing her face to burn in redness. Hands reached out to stroke her, plowing through her neatly trimmed hairs and parting her soft dripping lips.

“Look how wet she already is.” Someone pointed to the center of the stretched panties where a deep blue stain of wetness and slippery juices stood out.

Her eyes met Wonder Woman’s again and Supergirl turned, horrified and embarrassed. They pulled her panties down until one leg was free and a large boy in a uniform positioned himself between her parted legs.

“No…please, he’s too young….he’s still a student…stop….” Her mind wondered if the charm had worked too well against the high school boys who seemed to always ogle Supergirl in the short outfit whenever she visited nearby schools.


It was her heels now lifted up as she could feel his hard meaty cock pushing into her.

“No…no…please don’t…..mmmmnnggggg”

The boy slipped in easily ignoring her pleas. Supergirl gasped as he filled her, stroking against her slowly then fast then slowly again, savoring her tight virgin like pussy.

“Fucking Supergirl…yes…yes…ooohh you’re so tight, you make me want to cum…..” the boy babbled, his face excited and glowing as he pumped happily into her again and again.

Supergirl could feel her body rocking with each pump; she felt his stiff cock circling as he thrust into her, throbbing already. Her hot wet sex would make short work of him and as she looked down the boy was ready to explode. He smiled widely at the thought of his luck to have Supergirl spread before him. Hhe and his friends had fantasized about this for so long.

 “Do not cum in her.” Wonder Woman ordered from above. “Spray this slut instead.”

Supergirl was mortified. She watched as the overly excited boy did just as Wonder Woman had said and an explosion of white showered over Supergirl’s belly, oozing its way down on either side of her.

 Drops of deep hues stained the tiny red skirt and she could feel his warm cum glistening on her body.

“What…what’s going on?” The boy asked looking confused and dumbfounded. With his shot the lust had been broken, but before he could continue he was grabbed and thrown aside by a stocky blond boy who was panting heavily. He quickly unzipped his pants and slammed hard into Supergirl’s waiting pussy.

“OOOHhhhhh…OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!” She moaned as the slapping of his body against her took on porn like quality. He pushed deep into her, holding then sliding back out and deep in again.

Supergirl winced, her body was exploding inside. She felt hands caressing her now exposed pink nipples, pinching and cupping her gently to continue her arousal. Wonder Woman had moved to her side, allowing some pervert to have her bound hands, forcing her to stroke his cock, moving her hands up and down his shaft as pre-cum dripped down her fingers.

“No…mmmgg…NO! MMMffffffffff” She tried to resist as another slid his staff past her lips and into her mouth. Her red ruby lips were forced to suck him as he gagged her with his cock. They used every part of the helplessly caped Supergirl to satisfy them. She felt the sudden shot of liquid leap into the air behind her, landing on her chest again. Her body rocked up and down as the body pushed her legs farther apart and worked into her at a faster pace. Inside, her body was on fire. Sweat poured over her and something inside her wanted them to keep using her, to fuck her unmercifully until she came over and over again.

“MMm..mmmggg..pppffffff” Thankfully he had pulled free of her mouth and now added to the growing sticky cum on her. Supergirl was out of breath, her thighs tingling and will power destroyed. She looked down, only seeing the large boy pumping beneath her raised mini skirt, her panties behind him dangling like a flag of surrender from one of her boots.

“Aahhhhh...OOOHHHHHHH!!!!” Again he was pushed aside as another and another lined up to have her. They re-positioned her, forcing her over. A man in a business suit pushed her ass up, pushing her down at the small of her back. He penetrated her from behind, slamming into her, her tugged at her cape to force her into him as he pummeled her over and over.

“You know how many times I’ve masturbated to fucking you Supergirl?”

“Young fucking slut strutting around in this slutty outfit…gonna give you what you deserve….say it…says you’re a slut!” he slapped her ass hard.

“I…I….” Supergirl tried to stop, what was happening?

She heard a small chuckle of laughter from Wonder Woman.

Then she looked up at the lasso still binding her wrist and realized it was the effect of the Amazon’s rope.

“I’m a slut …a whore” She admitted enraged at the magic that forced these words from her. She hated Wonder Woman even more now but felt excited and hot at being forced into submission. Her will had been broken. Never had the Mighty Princess of Power been so totally captured and controlled.

“It seems even Kryptonians are subject to the effects of the lasso.” Wonder Woman mumbled watching her glowing ropes over Supergirl’s hands.

The humbling experience only added to the welling rising between her legs again; her juices being forced out openly now ran down her legs as her hips buckled uncontrollable. She moaned with each stroke she was forced back into.

“OOHhhh…OHHHHhhh…OOHHHHHH….” She sounded like the girls from the porn movies, unable to control herself she bit her lip, now only hearing the methodical sound of him slipping in and out of her wetness.

Her body tensed, her feet pointing as she came again, absolved in her own dark desires and accepting her fate as another slapped her exposed soft ass and slid his cock between her legs.

“What the hell?” the businessman now shouted in shock. “I’m married! You fucking whore, what did you do to me??”

Another hour would go by before the spell dissipated. Another then another used her freely. Her legs lifted, bent or forcing Earth’s most powerful superheroine to spread widely as they slipped into her tight mound sideways. The bound Supergirl was as weak as a kitten now, all of her power had been drained. Her costume was torn and ripped, littered with dozens of shots and sticky with the remains of the men who had attacked her. She grimaced in disgust and pain, even as she was taken again by a fat young teen, which had her all to himself, he pushed her legs together and lifted them over his shoulder, sliding inside of her narrow clit. Earlier an obvious foot fetish had begun stroking the soft red leather of her boots, shooting his massive output inside. She cringed as she felt the oozing of his seed moving inside her boots and between her toes.

The fat boy finished with the limp superheroine quickly, his cum drizzling down into the crease of her ass as he exploded and then the shock of what he had done suddenly came over him. His eyes fell on her, recognizing Supergirl. A mild panic didn’t stop him from stroking her soft thighs in his hands, lowering her legs to the ground, his hands cupped her ass.

“Cool.” He said surprisingly looking over the ravaged but still beautiful superheroine in front of him.

“Leave you pig!” Supergirl shouted back straining against her bonds as a shadow now covered her.

Wonder Woman stood over her as the last of the mob scurried away in confusion. Several of them confused and unsure what part they had played in the demolition of Supergirl stood and started at the caped avenger lying, exhausted and defeated.

“Time to go Supergirl.”