The Unmasking of Batgirl

A Super-heroine Fantasy by The Wizard

NOTE: The following story contains elements of an adult nature, and those under 18 years of age, or those who are offended by bondage, non-consensual sex, bondage, rape and torture should read no further.

Batgirl is copyright by DC comics, and is used without their permission or consent. No monetary compensation has been, nor shall be received for the distribution of this story. For the rest of you who crave this stuff, read on and enjoy....


Chapter Three

Batgirl was in a daze. She couldn't believe what was happening to her...again. Why was it, she asked herself, that villains were always tying her up and torturing her? Sure it was she dreamed about and lusted for. Yes, it was exciting beyond all belief. But, still she could not understand why she was always being bound tightly and helplessly and sexually tormented. Other superheroines, didn’t have this problem, did they? Sure, Wonder Woman, occasionally, but Supergirl wasn’t always getting kidnapped and raped by her enemies.

Her captor took her mind away from her concerns about the why of her condition back to the what. She felt herself lowered back to the floor and her bonds were removed. She started to struggle as Roger took her wrists behind her back and bound them together. He was quick and skilled and Batgirl never had a chance to escape before she was helpless again. She felt more ropes wrapping around her elbows and let out a soft moan as her elbows touched behind her back.

“Oh...please....stop......,” she moaned as Roger ran his hands down her quivering body. He then took her by the shoulders and pushed her ahead of him, steering her towards her next predicament. Roger reached his destination and let go of Batgirl and put his hood back on, he then untied and removed his captive’s blindfold. She gasped as she saw the room before her. There were all sorts of devices and objects and tables and racks. Everything it seemed had one function. To torture and torment helpless victims. She moaned as she knew that she would be that helpless victim.

Roger steered her to a large metallic, futuristic bondage cross in one corner of the room and untied the ropes that were wrapped around her wrists and elbows. He quickly turned her around, so that her back was to the device and took her right wrist in his hands. She struggled futilely as he snapped a cuff to the wrist. She was still dazed from her previous torment by her captive and could not find the energy within herself to truly resist as he repeated the process with her left wrist. He then took each of her ankles and cuffed them apart to the bottom corners of the device.

“What are you going to do to me,” she breathed as he fastened a large strap around her waist, securing her tight against the cold metal frame. He then removed the rope from around her waist and from within her pussy. He chuckled as he noticed how wet the rope was where it had bisected her pussy. His answer to her question then came as he pushed a switch on the rack and the cuffs binding her wrists and ankles slowly started to move apart towards their corners.

“Ohhh.....Arghhhhhh........” Batgirl was stretched tight, her toes now off the ground, her wait barely supported by the waist strap, most of it by her bound wrists. She breathed deeply as the tension increased, her body quivering until she felt as tight as a bow-string. Roger released the switch and then reached into his small waist bag and pulled out his scissors that he had picked up before releasing Batgirl from her spread-eagle suspension.

“No......please......,” begged Batgirl as he slowly and expertly removed the rest of her costume, leaving only her gloves, boots, and mask to cover her nudity. He then went to a cabinet and took something from it. Batgirl gasped when she saw what it was.

“No, you musn’t!!”, she cried as Roger started to take pictures of his spread captive, moving about her, capturing her bondage on film from every angle. He stopped when the roll was done and took the canister out and replaced it. Batgirl was humiliated by the experience, yet excited as well. She wondered what he would do with the pictures. Would he keep them for himself? Or, would he share them laughingly with Gotham’s Underworld. She imagined that she made quite a sight, and could not help but wonder how many villains would soon be jacking off to the image of her bound, naked and spread. Roger put down the camera on a nearby table and pushed another switch on the rack. Batgirl felt herself moving back as the rack pivoted, her head lowering and her feet raising. Roger released the switch when she was parallel with the ground. He then picked up the camera, and walking around her, finished taking another roll of pictures of her. Batgirl moaned and writhed in her bondage as the camera clicked away. She closed her eyes and imagined all those evil men looking at her, taking their cocks in their hands and beating off. Her breathing quickened as she imagined them surrounding her, then cuming on her, their hot semen coating her body, splashing her on her face. Her lips parted and her tongue wetted them as she fantasized in her bondage.

The camera quit clicking and she looked over to where her captor was standing. He was returning from the table where he had put the camera and stopped between her legs. Now she realized why he had bound her on this sort of rack. There was nothing between her legs to keep him from just walking up to her and raping her. She also realized that she was at the perfect height for this to happen. Roger removed his own utility belt, and unfastened his pants, allowing them to fall, revealing his rock hard dick.

“No!” exclaimed Batgirl as she struggled harder against her bonds, helplessly. Roger had waited and fantasized about this for a long time. Now, he had Batgirl bound and vulnerable before him. His cock strained to penetrate her and he did so.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” Batgirl felt his cock enter her suddenly. There was no fooling around with positioning it, or with any niceties like foreplay. He just rammed it into her. Hard.

“Ugggghhhhhhhh!!” The suddenness of the penetration caused Batgirl to orgasm and Roger growled with pleasure as he felt her wetness and warmth envelope him. Her pussy muscles tightened and he began to thrust into her, the feel of her like nothing he had ever imagined. It was not long before he came as well. The quickness did not bother him, he knew that this first fuck would be a quickie as he was almost ready to come in his pants several times just by he sight of her writhing body, and the tough of her struggling form. Batgirl spasmed in front of him as several more orgasms shook her. Her skin was splotchy and was covered with sweat. Roger stepped back, his cock covered with both of their juices and walked around to Batgirl's head. And, while she panted, her eyes closed he grabbed her harshly by her hair.

“Whaa.....” she cried in pain and surprise as she saw where he was standing, his wet cock waving in her face. Roger bent her head back and thrust his cock into her waiting mouth.

“Mmmmuuuuuuupppphhhhhh” Batgirl almost gagged as her captors cock was suddenly in her mouth. She tried to spit it out but he only thrust it back in. She then heard the ‘snick’ of a switchblade opening and saw a 8” blade in her rapist’s hand.

“Don’t even think about it,” he warned her before the thought of biting him even started to formulate. “You know what to do, Bat-Slut”, he growled. Batgirl then started to suck and lick her captors dick, removing her juices and his cum with her tongue.

“Mmmmmm......unhhhhhhh......oooooohhhh.” Batgirl's tongue was expert in her captive duty and Roger closed his eyes at the pleasure of his sucking his cock. After several minutes he stepped back and folded the knife blade shut. He pulled his pants back up and fastened them. He put the knife into his back pocket and walked back to the cabinet and removed several more items and returned to the spread Batgirl.

“” she panted. Roger lay the items on her straining stomach. She looked down and saw a crup strap, two vibrators and a harness-ball gag. Roger picked up the gag and walked around to her head. He took her chin in his hand and moved her head back, her mouth opened and he placed the red rubber ball between her teeth.

“Mmmmmppppphhhhhhh” Batgirl closed her eyes as Roger started to buckle the straps, feeling the leather across her face and under her chin, feeling the rollers turn against her flesh as he tightly bucked each buckle that held the ball between her teeth. He then went down to between her legs and picked up the larger of the two vibrators, turned it on, and unceremoniously thrust it into her soaking pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh”, moaned Batgirl into her gag as she immediately felt the vibrator humming within her, driving her towards yet another orgasm. Roger then picked up the second, smaller vibrator and turned it on. He quickly licked it to lubricate it and then slowly shoved it into her asshole.

“Ummmmmppppppphhhhhhhh!!” Batgirl came as the vibrator entered her rectum. She trashed against her restraints before Roger as he picked up the crup strap. The vibrators were set at different settings, and their vibrations each had a different frequency so that Batgirl would have no trouble telling which one was which. He bucked the main belt around Batgirl's trim, athletic waist and took the central strap from the back and brought it up between her legs and buckled it to the main strap at her stomach.

Batgirl moaned and writhed as the vibrators sung their song of ecstasy within her. She screamed into her gag as orgasm after orgasm raced through her body. Roger stood and watched Batgirl toss about within her bonds for several more moments, before leaving her there thus so that he could get a shower and a bite to eat.