The Unmasking of Batgirl

A Super-heroine Fantasy by The Wizard

NOTE: The following story contains elements of an adult nature, and those under 18 years of age, or those who are offended by bondage, non-consensual sex, bondage, rape and torture should read no further.

Batgirl is copyright by DC comics, and is used without their permission or consent. No monetary compensation has been, nor shall be received for the distribution of this story. For the rest of you who crave this stuff, read on and enjoy....


Chapter 5

Roger looked down at the unconscious form of Batgirl. The stresses of her bondage were too much for her body to endure. He retrieved another spray bottle, this time with a blue liquid and sprayed it over the glistening rubbery rope that bound her. The ropes melted away and Batgirl's body slowly untensed as her restraints dissolved. The special rope was for one use only, but he was very pleased with the results.

He removed the rest of the restraints from Batgirl's body and lifted her light body into his arms. He looked down at his captive as her head flopped back, her throat taut. He admired the look that the collar gave to her. He carried her to another room in his hideaway. He would let her rest for a bit. He wanted her to gather her strength for her next ordeal.

The room was small, outfitted only with a cot, a toliet, and sink. He laid the heroine onto the cot, then took a chain that was fitted into the wall and locked it with a small padlock to her collar. He wondered if he should also tie her wrists behind her back. She was very clever and could easily find a way to pick the lock at her delicate neck. He stood back and scanned the room for anything loose that she could use. He had planned her abduction carefully, and had prepared everything in advance taking all her skills into consideration. Roger decided that the chain would be enough to hold her in her room. It was long enough to allow her to reach the sink or the toliet as her needs dictated, and yet sturdy enough so that not even the strongest human could pull it out of the wall. He nodded in satisfaction and left the small room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

It was now time to make a few phone calls. He had no doubts that who he was about to call was very dangerous. More so than even Catwoman. But, he felt that it was a chance that he had to take. He wanted Batgirl to kneel before him of her own free will, and unmask herself voluntarily. To do that, he had to break her totally. Make her feel that he was her only salvation from destruction and damnation.

Roger went to his den and turned on the news. He decided to wait. He didn't want to be too hasty in any of his actions. Yes, he would reveal himself to others in due time, and let the world know that he had captured Batgirl. It would be a great kudo for him in the eyes of Gotham's underworld. He wondered how Catwoman would respond when she heard the news. She always viewed Batgirl as her own little toy, her own possession to play with as she pleased. She did not take kindly to others cutting into her territory, as she believed Batgirl to be.

There was no mention of Batgirl, or the Dynamic Duo on the news. Nor were there any mentions of any major crimes, just the heat wave and the humidity. It seemed like domestic violence and minor assaults were keeping the police busy. Good, he thought. No news is good news, and the police are inudated with petty crimes to keep them occupied.

Seated, Roger suddenly felt tired. The day had been long, and Batgirl had taken alot out of him. He marveled at her erotic energy, so intense even when she was bound and helpless. Actually, more so because she was bound and helpless. He wondered about a superheroine that found such excitement out of being captured, bound, tormented, and raped. Catwoman had often laughed at Batgirl's secret desires, joking that the best way to make her retire was to not do anything to her. That Batgirl would get so bored that she would hang up her mask in disgust. As he closed his eyes and settled deeper into the over stuffed chair he wondered if that was true.


Batgirl slowly woke up. She kept her eyes closed and examined her surroundings with her other senses. She discovered that she was no longer tied up, however she did note that there was a weight against her collar, which she deduced to be a chain. The room was quiet and she slowly cracked her eyes to examine where she was thru half-closed eyelids. The room she found herself in was small, dimly lit by a low wattage bare bulb overhead. She saw a sink and a toliet and a door. That was all. She slowly rolled onto her side, feeling the chain that was attached to her collar move across her bare shoulder. She followed the links to see that they ended at an eye-bolt that was sunk into the wall. She also noticed that she lay upon a plain, military-issue Army cot. She was alone.

Batgirl opened her eyes completely and rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. She could not see any monitoring devices, but that did not mean that there weren't any hidden away. A slight moan escaped her lips. She was sore. Her captor had not been gentle with her. All her muscles ached,and her pussy felt raw from the pounding he had given her. The only thing that had kept him from ripping her pussy apart was her own juices which had flowed so readily for him, her wetness from her bondage and captivity.

She slowly sat up and swung her long legs to the side, resting her feet on the cool floor boards. She rolled her head from side to side, trying to work the kinks out of her neck. The links of the chain at her neck dangling beside her now, the tinkling sounds very erotic to her ears. She shook her head now at dismay at herself. How could she think such thoughts, she wondered. But, deep down inside her, she knew. It was her inner thirst for bondage, for captivity. The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the danger. She always loved it. She always seemed to be placing herself in situations where she would be captured and tied up. She knew this was from acting alone so many times, refusing to let anyone know where she was going, or assisting her, even when she knew that she was getting in over her head.

Batgirl snapped her eyes open. She had closed them as she had started to daydream. She then noticed that her right hand hand cupped her left breast and that her left hand was between her legs. She quickly moved them to the cot's surface at her sides.

Batgirl began to stretch, moving her arms slowly up and out, twisting her body from side to side. Groans came easy to her lips, softly escaping. Damn! She hadn't felt this worked over since....when? She couldn't remember if she ever had felt this sore. She bent at her waist and reached out with her fingers as far as she could, slowly stretching out the muscles at her back. If nothing else, she knew that she needed to prepare her body for whatever came next. She didn't want to stay here any longer than needed. And as she continued to stretch her expert gaze took in every detail of the room, looking for something....anything that could be used to help her escape.

She stood up and slowly spread her legs. The muscles of her thighs and calves protested silently as she bent over, running her hands slowly down the backs of her legs, massaging her hamstrings. She then slowly stood upright, her hands going up over her head, her fingers reaching for the ceiling. She gripped her hands together and bent backwards, very slowly. More moans flowed softly from her lips as her body tried to relieve the tensions that her oh so strict bondage had caused. She closed her eyes and licked her lips. So strict. She had been so helpless, her captor had bound her so expertly, so completely. Batgirl started to lubricate again just thinking about it.

"Stop it!", she whispered to herself, opening her eyes and straightening up again. She moved to the sink, discovering that the length of the chain attaching her to the wall was long enough for her to move anywhere in her prison. She turned on the water tap and bent over the sink, and cupped several handfuls of water into her mouth. She then took her wet hand and ran it along the back of her neck.

Batgirl looked about her and started to move slowly about the room, closely examining the walls, the door, her cot, the sink and the toliet. The toliets lid was sealed, so she could not lift it to use any of the parts within. The cot was simply constructed, yet sturdy and also afforded nothing that she could use.

She suddenly stopped. Batgirl took a step back, listening intently. Yes, that was a creak that she had heard. One of the floor boards was loose. She moved her feet slightly until she found the board. She then slowly started to rock it back and forth, carefully examining the edges of the wood. A small smile crossed her face as she saw the end of a wood nail slightly exposed. She moved to the cot and flipped it over and examined the legs. A small square of metal fitted over the tubular legs to keep it from scratching the floor. She took one in her strong fingers and worked it back and forth, lifting it from within the leg. She palmed the small piece of metal and turned the cot back over.

Batgirl moved back to the loose board and rocked it again, shifting her weight this way and that over it. She knelt down and placed the edge of the metal from the cot under the head of the nail. She slowly pushed her knee into the center of the board and started to push in and out, pulling upwards against the nail with the metal plate.

Soon the nail was loose enough so that she could pull it from the floor. She sighed with relief that she had not been discovered and sat down on the edge of her cot. She felt her collar with her fingers and found the small padlock which fastened the chain to her throat. Her smile broadened as she discovered that the small finishing nail fit into the hole of the lock. Her dexterious fingers moved the end of the nail about, searching for the simple tumblers, pushing and shifting. Soon she heard the small click of success. She opened the padlock and lifted it from her collar, allowing the links of the chain to fall back against the wall.

Batgirl stood up and moved to the door. Average door she noted and slowly tried the handle. It turned but the door did not open. Locked, of course. She would have been surprised if it hadn't been. No lock on the inside either she noticed. She took a deep breath and examined the door frame. It did not appear to be reinforced, and she suspected that the door was like any locking door found inside any normal house, like in a bathroom.

Her teeth bared in a fierce smile, Batgirl stepped back. It was time to let loose some of her frustrations. Her right leg shot out in a wicked side kick, her bare foot solidly connecting below the door handle where she determined the bolt of the lock to be. The door did not stand a chance against the expert martial skills of the superheroine or the strength released, flowing from her body to her leg and finally ending at the door. With a loud crashing sound the door flew back, banging hard against the wall, shards of wood blasting outwards from the door jam.

Batgirl quickly exited her prison and moved into the next room which was the torture chamber in which she had been tormented and raped by her captor. She quickly scanned the room for her foe. He was no where to be seen. She relaxed a bit and did another, more complete, examination of the room. She knew that she still had a ways to go in her escape. She was naked, alone, and in a place that she knew nothing about, in the lair of a villain that she did not know. She needed to find her utility belt. She wondered if he had stored it anywhere in the room. There were a number of tables, small closets and cuboards, and other places where it could be hidden. She knew that she did not have much time and started her seach.