by The Wizard

Chapter Four

(Revised June 30, 1999)

Time stood still for Supergirl as Slaver's Neurowhip cracked again and again against her helpless body. The pain was unlike any she had ever experienced, or even though possible. Time and again she wished that she could pass out into painless unconsciousness, but Slaver always knew just when to hold off with the whip until she had regained enough of her senses to stay conscious. Supergirl screamed again and again, her body writhing spasmodically under the torturous electronic lash in her suspension.

Slaver was correct in saying that the whip would shred her costume without marking her, and before long Supergirl's blue and red uniform were nothing more than tatters that hung about her body at her shoulders, waist, and around her hips. She might as well have been naked as the shreds did nothing to conceal her body now. There was enough of her costume to identify her as Supergirl, and even her 'S' emblem between her breasts was still identifiable. But, not much else. Her blue shirt was slashed and tattered, her lean muscular stomach was bare, and the cloth barely covered her nipples, revealing the most of her firm pert breasts. Her tight red shorts had holes ripped at the hips and at her ass and barely hung at her hips, held there by her yellow belt.

Slaver had wanted her to learn the power of the whip, and Supergirl certainly did. She had never been whipped before, and she hoped (beyond all hope...even the hope for rescue) that she would never have to go through the experience again. The pain from the whipping was so great that she was not really aware that she was also hanging basically naked in front of a man by her wrists as well. It wasn't until Slaver had delivered the last of her twenty lashes to her lithe, muscular body that Slaver finally allowed Supergirl to pass out. He then slowly moved about her and removed the tattered remnants of her blue blouse, using a special cutter. He smiled as he left her emblem intact between her breasts, held there by a small piece of her blouse to her yellow collar. But, cut away the rest, to bare her perfect body.

"Uuugghhhhhhhhhhhhh," Supergirl moaned unconsciously as he slowly caressed her left breast and nipple, smiling as her nipple hardened under his touch. He licked his lips and slowly revolved her before him, studying her delightful frame. He then cut away more of her costume, this time her tight red shorts, removing many hanging shreds, to leave only her yellow belt about her slim hips. To all intents and purposes she was naked. The remains of her costume only served to direct attention to her bare breasts and her trimmed blonde bush over her pussy.

Supergirl regained consciousness sometime later to see Slaver sitting at his desk looking up at her. Her back, thighs, stomach, and buttocks were aflame from the beating, but there were no physical marks. Only her nerve endings were affected. It was then that she realized that her costume was in shreds on the floor under her feet and that her body was bared to her captor. Supergirl blushed in shame and humiliation. She had never before been naked before a man in this manner, and certainly not like this...a helpless captive. She did not know which was the greater humiliation, her nakedness or her whipping. Her mouth was dry from her screaming at the whips harsh kisses and she moved her tongue around her mouth trying find some moisture to apply to her lips. Supergirl then tasted salt and blood and realized that she had bit her lip. Blood! Yet another reminder of her vulnerability and defenselessness here on Slaver's ship. She had never bled before and the taste of her blood was a new sensation for her. She also discovered from the salt that tears were streaming down her cheeks. She shook her head in disbelief. Slaver had whipped her, causing her to scream in pain...and, worse yet...begging like a child for him to stop. And he had not stopped. He ignored her pleas until she had received her full punishment.

The whip sat on his desk as a reminder to her just who had whipped her and why. She had disobeyed him, scorned him, defied him. Supergirl was not going to do that again any time soon. Slaver may not have had broken her will, but he certainly did crack her ego.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Supergirl moaned aloud and Slaver knew that she was now fully conscious and decided to add to her humiliation by deactivating the hook that held her suspended by her wrists before him, and she dropped heavily to the floor, where she lay before him like a discarded rag-doll.

Slaver cleared his throat, and Supergirl slowly lifted her head to look up at him. "Assume the position, girl," he said gently, softly stroking the handle of the Neurowhip as a reminder to Supergirl of his mastery over her. She knew that he wanted her to kneel before him and she slowly got up to her knees facing him. She reached up with her bound hands to wipe away the tears that were blurring her vision. She felt the heat of the flood of blood that came to flush her face, caused by her shame at being so quick to obey Slaver. She felt the steel decking of the spaceship under her knees, and discomfort from the pain they caused her now vulnerable body. Supergirl now felt totally alone, and very afraid. Slaver was far stronger than she and he now controlled her fate. If she did not do exactly what he told her to do she would be whipped again, and most probably for a longer period.

Supergirl could think of no other punishment that could be worse than the Neurowhip. Never before had she experienced such agony, even in the most diabolical of kryptonite traps.

"Excellent. You are a fast learner," Slaver said after she had kneeled before him, "I hope that you have learned your lesson and will obey me from now on completely, and immediately. It is useless to defy me, and very unwise. And, as you now know, Supergirl, very painful." Supergirl had to certainly agree with this last statement. The pain from her whipping was slowly dissipating and all she was left with was a dull throbbing throughout her boy, and her tattered uniform.

Slaver had been very careful in her whipping, directly avoiding her breasts and her loins as she had slowly revolved in suspension before him. He had further plans for the heroine and wanted her to learn yet another lesson.

Supergirl silently cursed Slaver and swore that she would escape him and make him pay for what he had put her through. However, she was smart enough not to vocalize this. She determined that her best chance with him lay in convincing Slaver that he had broken her. "Yes....Master," she stammered, swallowing her pride, "I have learned my lesson. I good." Supergirl then bowed her head in humiliating submission to the Slaver.

"Excellent," Slaver replied smiling. He knew that she was not really broken, or convinced of her new status as his slave. It was far too soon for that. Supergirl was too strong willed to submit to him completely after one whipping. But, he determined that he would play along with her little charade. It was obvious to him that she only wanted to throw him off his guard.

"May I speak?" Supergirl asked. There was still much that she had to learn about Slaver and his operations to defeat him.

"May I speak...what?" he replied, again fingering the whip before her. Supergirl cringed, remembering the intense pain.

"May I speak...Master?" she amended.

"You may."

"Why me, Slaver? What do you want from me? Why are you torturing me like this?" The questions tumbled from her lips, the questions that her fear demanded that he answer. She knew that he wanted her to be his slave, but why? There had to be a reason. And, if she knew the reason, it was possible that she could use that knowledge against him.

"You are a very beautiful and intelligent woman, Supergirl," Slaver answered, "and though you are quite 'worldly' you are still quite innocent, naive and pure, though also very arrogant. You are, or should I say, were a force for what you call 'good'. You are sexually untouched and virginal." Slaver leaned forward and fixed Supergirl with his eyes. "Ever since I first became aware of you I knew I had to see you. And, once I had seen you, I knew that I had to have you." Slaver smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Other's want you as well, for other reasons, and I am sure that they would be much harsher with you than I ever would be. No, Supergirl. I am not torturing you. I am merely training you to be an obedient slave. I have only begun the training of you to become a perfect pleasure slave. And, as to what I want from you is obedience. That is all. Total and complete obedience."

Slaver rocked back and examined the naked kneeling superheroine before him. She was so beautiful, even with her hair disheveled, her face puffy from tears, and her chin covered with her blood. He saw it in her posture. There was no submission, yet. Fear, yes, but she was still rebellious. He felt a rare stirring within him at the sight of her and of the thought of her as his slave. "Supergirl, I do not think that you are aware of the power that a female has on the male when she kneels bound and naked before him. You are a fabulous specimen of womanhood."

Supergirl was embarrassed by his comment which only reminded her of her state. She raised her bound hands to attempt to cover her bare breasts that were all the more displayed on either side of her "S" emblem. Her fingers found the cloth between her breasts and flushed again with shame. She knew that he had left the red and yellow emblem purposefully, to remind her of just who she was.

"Stop!", Slaver commanded and Supergirl halted the movement of her hands, but did not lower them. "You should not be ashamed of your body, Supergirl. It is really quite superb. You should be proud of it. You have kept yourself in fine shape, you are fit without being too muscular. You have kept your femininity. And this is what we are going to bring out further in you. As a slave, you will be required to display your body as befits one who is required to give pleasure to the male. You will show off your body with pride from now on. You have worked hard to keep yourself fit and your body beautiful, so why try to hide it?"

Supergirl had no answer to the question. She had never really thought of her body as something that men would find pleasure in. Yes, she knew that she had the same power over men that all attractive women did, but she never thought of utilizing that power to her advantage. She also got some strange satisfaction that Slaver had found her to be so alluring. Perhaps she could use his attraction to her against him. She may not be as helpless as she thought. In fact, she might just be able to use her helplessness against him.

"Lower your arms, straighten your back and pull your shoulders back," Slaver commanded. Supergirl slowly did as he ordered, trying to meet his eyes, but finding it increasingly hard to do so. Right now she had no choice but to obey him, to keep the charade going if she was to have any hope of escape. She hadn't forgotten the whipping that she had just received from disobeying him before. Supergirl blushed again in shame as her firm breasts stuck out invitingly, her pink nipples hard and erect. She now knew why Slaver had wanted her to do this. The way that she was kneeling showed off her breasts to their best advantage.

Slaver nodded his head in approval and opened up a drawer in his desk and took several items out of it, which he placed on the desktop next to the Neurowhip. One item was a strange contraption made out of leather straps, with steel rings, buckles and a red rubber ball. Supergirl had a sinking feeling that she knew what that was for, having seen something very similar used on June Wilson. Again, her delicate tongue slipped from between her soft red lips to moisten them. Slaver also took out several lengths of rope and a 2 1/2 foot metal bar. Is this to be more torture?, she asked herself and she nervously licked her lips again. "As I said before, Supergirl, your training has already begun," Slaver said in explanation as he placed the items on the desk. "As a slave trainee you will be in constant and changing bondage. It is time now for a change. I will certainly not try to deny that tying up a beautiful women excites me, and in time, I am sure that you will find excitement in being bound also."

Excite her?! She wondered how this could be so. She hated being helpless, almost as much as she hated Slaver right now. There was no way that she would enjoy being bound and helpless. Slaver picked up the items from the desk and walked over to stand behind her. He then grabbed her arms and brought her to her feet, sticking the short bar between her back and elbows, which only thrusted her full breasts out further.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Supergirl moaned as her elbows were wretched back, her bound wrists now pulled tight into her flat belly. He then expertly anchored the bar there in place with a length of cord around her elbows, extracting another groan from her as he pulled her captive arms closer behind her back, and then wrapped the remaining length of cord several times around her muscular torso above and below her jutting breasts before securing it to the pole at her back. She looked down in disbelief as her breasts seem to grow even larger before her, but knew from the tensions that it was really her bondage that made them appear this way.

"Ouch!! Nooo...stommmmpphhhhh!!" Supergirl started to complain about this brutal treatment of her, but Slaver only quickly stuffed a red rubber ball deep into her mouth as she protested , and then anchored it there by buckling the main strap behind her neck. Two more straps went from a metal ring on either side of her now filled mouth to another at her forehead between her bright blue eyes, where another strap rose from it to go over her head which slaver buckled to the main strap at the back of her head. Two more straps were buckled together beneath her jaw.

"Mmmmmphhhhhh! NNggghhhhhffffff!!" There was no way that she would be able to dislodge the rubber ball from her mouth now. The harness gag was well designed to silence captives, and Supergirl moaned at her loss of intelligible speech.

"Spread your legs," Slaver ordered, and Supergirl looked at him, and then hesitantly obeyed. She did not know what he had in mind, and did not really care to find out. But, with Slaver she knew that she had no choice in the matter.

"Wider!" Slaver commanded, and she complied. Supergirl was humiliated by this treatment of her. No one, not even the most basest villain, had ever treated her this way.

"Stand still," he then ordered, anticipating her desire to close her legs. Slaver then took another length of cord and doubled it. He then looped the rope around her trim waist, passing the ends through the loop below her spectacular navel. He grinned as he took the ends and passed them between her muscular thighs, pulling the cord tightly upwards, pulling the twin ropes deeply within her and then knotted the cords at the small of her back.

"Ummmmmpppphhhhhhmmmm," Supergirl groaned as flushed with shame, her teeth baring around the red ball that she bit down upon in frustration. The rope pushing into her pussy caused her to feel totally new sensations in an area which has, up to this moment, been unseen and untouched by anyone! There was not way that she could ignore the pressure of the cords on her clitoris, and Supergirl squirmed in her bonds trying to escape from the bite of the cord, but only caused a strange electricity to flash through her body from the rope rubbing her against her pussy lips and clit.

"Mmmmmphhhh!!," she moaned as closed her eyes and gasped into her gag. It was not an all together unpleasant feeling, she was ashamed to admit to herself. It hurt a little from the chafing that was being caused by her struggles, and Supergirl was shocked that she was actually getting excited by the mixture of pain and pleasure that was occurring between her legs. Soon the chafing went away as the ropes were soon lubricated by her now wet pussy. She panted and writhed, biting the ball in her mouth with anger and humiliation. No one had ever done such a thing to her before. She tried to stand still, but soon was moving her hips to shift the ropes more between her swelling pussy lips.

Supergirl hoped that Slaver would not recognize the strange excitement and lust building in her, but he did. Supergirl could not stand still in her bondage and Slaver watched her movements with fascination. He had never seen a girl move in restraints the way that Supergirl was moving now. He decided to add to her confusion at the feelings she was experiencing and reached around her from behind her and took her perfect breasts into his hands and started to knead and massage them, twirling her rock hard nipples gently between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Oooooommmmmmmmmmm," Supergirl moaned louder into her gag and tried futilely to get away from the hands that were causing her so much agonizing pleasure,twisting about within his strong arms that held her so expertly. His hands stroked up and down her flat belly, caressed her breasts, and pulled at her nipples as she struggled against him.

She could not believe it, but she was actually getting turned on by Slaver's molestation of her bound and helpless body. He knew just how to touch a woman to get her juices flowing, and Supergirl was no exception. She closed her eyes in her silent shame and stopped trying to get away from his touch. She could tell that he was getting excited as well, as she felt him hardening against her ass through his pants. She moaned again in silent shame and humiliating pleasure.

'This is wrong', she thought to herself. This man had beaten her, kidnapped her, stripped her of her powers, whipped her, destroyed her costume, stripped her naked, humiliated her and was now sexually assaulting her helpless body. She was repulsed by his villainy, but could not deny what her body was telling her, though her brain tried to refuse to believe that she was getting more and more excited. Her hips began to gyrate harder against her crotch rope, which only made her hotter. She had to admit to herself that she found Slaver physically attractive, but that was besides the point. Slaver was raping her with his ropes and his hands, and there was no way of stopping him!

Supergirl was not sure if she really wanted him to stop. She was soo confused!

Slaver was not confused by her actions. He had seen it thousands of times before. Supergirl was no different from the thousands upon thousands of other girls that he had abducted and trained to the way of the collar. True, she was (once) the most powerful heroine in the galaxy, but she was also a woman, with a woman's needs and desires. Up to now she had denied and suppressed those feelings in the course of her duties and responsibilities as a superheroine, but now Slaver was forcing her to recognize them and come to terms of her feminine desirability. Slaver enjoyed the touch of her warm, silky skin and the firm softness of her breasts. He greatly desired her, and soon Supergirl would desire him as well in her slavery.

After a while, Slaver stopped his manipulations of Supergirl's helpless and hot sweating body and returned to his desk. She had had enough for the time being, he decided. She was confused and excited and he would leaver her that way. He pushed a button on his desk and Ballus entered the chamber seconds later. Supergirl only quivered as she tried to catch her breath, which was difficult because of the harness gag that she was wearing. Ballus took in the sight of Supergirl's nude and bound body and smiled as he noticed that she was standing with her legs spread, and moist between her legs.

"Enjoy yourself, Slaver?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Indeed I did, Ballus. Unfortunately, Supergirl probably won't be able to say the same. Then again, maybe she did," he laughed in response.

"I think she will not be saying much, considering the way that she is gagged. As a matter of fact, that harness gag is rather attractive on her. It accents her facial features rather well," Ballus remarked. Supergirl blushed and both Slaver and Ballus laughed at her plight.

"I am done with her now, Ballus," Slaver said, "so you may now take her to her quarters. Oh, see that she stops by the mess hall and gets some nourishment. All that struggling she has done has depleted her recourses some, and I want her strength built back up for her next session. Also, I believe that she would like to see the other Earthgirls, and this would be as good a time as any." Ballus nodded in understanding to Slaver's orders. "When you are done with her, Ballus, come back and we will run over our schedule for the Supergirl's next training session. No rush though, Ballus. Take your time with her. In fact, why don't you give her a little taste of what she is in for, why don't you?"

Slaver laughed as he saw Supergirl's eyes widen. She did not know what to expect next, and Ballus was an unknown element to her. In a way, she feared the Trull more than Slaver because of his telepathic powers, and she did not know if her mind would betray her like her body had done with Slaver. employer and motioned Supergirl to follow him and turned towards the doorway. Supergirl gave one last look at Slaver, who smiled cockily at her, and turned to follow. She gasped into her gag with each small step that she took as the crotch rope seemed to be chewing and stroking her from the inside out with every step that she took.

Supergirl followed Ballus in a daze and paid very little attention to her surroundings. All she knew was the pain-pleasure in her pussy. The Warbots that had so thoroughly beaten her she ignored as they passed by on their guard rounds. She did not worry about the past, only about her present peril, and what unknown horrors the future held for her. Supergirl hoped that they would reach their destination soon so that her swollen pussy could have a slight rest from their journey through the seemingly endless spaceship.

Ballus did not look back at her, nor did he slow down his strange gliding pace and she continually moaned into her gag as she suffered with each step in trying to keep up with him. After what seemed to her to be miles, they came to another part of the ship that swarmed with Warbots and red uniformed Trulls. This obviously was their destination as Ballus went up to a doorway and opened it. He went inside and Supergirl followed at his heels. Once inside, Supergirl stopped short and gasped into her gag with shock at the sight that greeted her.