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Welcome to the Poser Archive #2
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This is a compilation of Poser 3D generated stories from the various artists that contribute to SuperheroineCentral.com.

All stories come with extreme versions for those who like their super heroine action hot and messy and lite versions for those who like less blood and gore.

Here is just a sample list of heroine perils in this collection:

  • Fist fighting and lots of heroine butt kicking
  • Bondage and gagging.
  • Knock outs of all kinds.
  • Forced sex, climaxing and gang banging.
  • Hideous monsters and crazed villains.
  • Nudity, stripping, unmasking and all around heroine humiliation.
  • Diabolic experimentation and extreme violation.

All stories are complete with the exception of
DPraved's Jadira which was not finished.

This collection includes artwork from:

Mr. X: 

  • 40 pages (Parts 1 thru 8) of "In the Clutches of the Trapster" starring Ms. Americana
  • 47 pages (Parts 1 thru 9) of "The Search for Ms. Americana"
  • 22 single panel pages of "Mr. X Does Solar Woman"
  • 17 pages (Parts 1 thru 3) of "Space Fox"
  • 61 single panel pages (Parts 1 and 2) of "Star Princess"


  • 40 pages (Parts 1 thru 8) of "A Fox is a Fox for Life" starring American Fox
  • 56 single panel pages of "Mystique Maiden"
  • 74 pages (Parts 1 thru 14) of "Solar Woman and Comet Girl: Defeated"


  • 60 pages (Parts 1 thru 12) of "Tales to Arouse " starring Ms. Wonder


  • 16 pages (Parts 1 and 2) of "Jadira " Issue 1
  • 15 pages (Parts 1 thru 3) of "Jadira " Issue 2



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