Mr. X!
Mr. X and I have been friends for a loooong time! You know who he is. He has recently opened up a SubscribeStar.Adult account. Get a look at what he's working on every week for much less than the price of a full membership.
Mr. X on SubscribeStar
Mr. X on Twitter
Mr. X on Deviant Art
And of course his site, Danger Babe Central!
Dr. Evil!
Dr. Evil provided incredible pencil art to SHC near the beginning of the site. DynaDame! Then he got busy with real life. Now he's creating some outstanding superheroine peril at his new SubscribeStar.Adult page!
Dr. Evil on SubscribeStar
Dr. Evil on Deviant Art
When you think gigantic tits with a mind of their own you think OMAC! He got kicked off of Patreon recently for objectionable material. (They haven't noticed me yet, I guess!) That's what started many of us using SubscribeStar instead of Patreon. He hasn't set up a new account anywhere yet but you can still see his awesome illustrations at DA!
OMAC on Deviant Art
One of the Elder Gods at SHC! He's still producing material for Mr. X's site and has his own Patreon page. Luckily not shut down yet. Does he realize how difficult it is to remember how to spell his name? I like to think he does... and doesn't care!
Briaeros on Patreon
Briaeros on Twitter
Milos! (Vancefalon)
The best artist I've ever hired for SHC! And that's saying something. We've had some great ones. And he's a great guy too. He's safe on Patreon for now as well. Check out his always amazing illustrations! He uses a lot of names but it's all Milos!
Milos on Patreon
Milos on Deviant Art
I hope I did all the artists justice. We've all been friends for years!
If you're one of the ones listed and I need to add or correct something contact me.
If you're one of my old artists and should be listed here... contact me.

DanO.. on Twitter     DanO.. on Patreon     DanO.. on Deviant Art

I've opened a SubscribeStar account as well since Patreon will figure out they don't like me eventually!
DanO.. on SubscribeStar

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