The Mob has Spoken!

Click here to see all the samples from issue #1.
(Includes the first three pages)

Click here to see all the villains members had to choose from for this new issue.
(Includes 4 or 5 sketches a piece)

Here are samples of what is happening to poor Butterscotch in the FORBIDDEN ZONE!
Some full color, some inks, and some sketches. They are all full color and much larger in the zone.
Also, not all of these images will be available in the zone. There are two installments up at any given time. As you scan down the page you can assume the first six or so are still in there. All this is to give you an idea of what the hell is going on in there!

By the way, I always pick the tamer pictures as samples.
The member's area images can be a lot more violent or messy.
Take this as a warning or good news.


ALSO, members voted on who Butterscotch will be teamed
with in the next comic. Check it out.

And here is the temporary cover for issue #2