Who will Butterscotch Fox
be teamed with in the next comic?!

Silver Fox
Greatest of the Foxes. Fastest, strongest, smartest
and most vicious. Can form razor sharp claws that will cut through
most anything.

Violet Fox
Moderate strength Fox. Highest intellect.
Will be the one to figure a way out of trouble if
it comes to that. (IF... right.)

American Fox
Pulled from another world to help in the Foxes' fight
with evil. Hunted by Nazis who want revenge against
her former self. Extremely virtuous and disgusted with her
"Fox" sex drive. Cannot fly. Fast, strong.
Her overblown pride is forever her downfall.

Butterscotch Cow
Thrown from the carnage when Bindstra is destroyed.
(If you guys vote for her.)
Regenerates almost as fast as she is torn apart.
Quite useless but The Institute sees enormous potential in her
enormous tits. Butterscotch Fox would be furious if she were
teamed with her. A reminder of all of her flaws and weaknesses.

Destroyed by Lord Thöt in his Universe.
Played by delicious Andrea Neal in the Photo Comic.
Her spirit would be freed from Lord Thöt's power if
she won the vote. A perfect busty companion to Butter.
For more samples of SunGirl see her CD.

Based on a character of my youth.
Her pride gets her into trouble as well.
Considers herself an awesome warrior.
Many past enemies hunt her.
See sketches I did a million years ago here.

Power Lass
Based on Mr. X's Power Lass.
Which is in turn based on a superheroine we both loved.
There's a lot of Butter in her character.
Innocent, naive and easily trapped.
Runs in where even evil gods fear to tread.