The pay-site "Superheroine Central's Forbidden Zone" is now open for your superheroine abusing pleasure.

What will the updates contain?:
All of the updates will follow a four week rotation: 
Week one: Photo comic.
Week two: Guest artist poser story (Mr. X, Nightwing 316).
Week three: Butterscotch Fox Poll Driven Comic. 3 or 4 pages with a new poll. (So basically, two weeks to vote and two weeks for me to create it.)
Week four: Professional guest artist (Danny Ryan, Dr. Evil, Reno).

Rinse and Repeat.

On top of these updates there will be superheroine photo galleries containing 25-50 images per week, without any story to speak of ala' Superheroines Unbound. These will not begin until two weeks after opening. (October 12th). But will be weekly thereafter.
Also, there will be six minute mpeg previews of Harmony Concepts Superheroine videos broken up into 3 two minute clips for ease of downloading.

Will the stuff be there forever so I can join a year from now and get all the stuff people got if they were members the whole time?:
Nope. The goal is for you to be a member consistently. Material will be on the site for two months. So after eight weeks, the first weeks material will be pulled down. Then the cycle will continue. 

How Much?:
Superheroine Central Member's Area will cost $20.00 per month (recurring). Paid by Visa or MasterCard. Those that wish to send in a check may do so. Contact me for the information. I priced it $20 per month due to the amount of material and the relatively small membership base our little fetish has. My goal is to continually improve the material until it is as professional as possible. I have created a site that I would love to pay $20 for. If it's not worth it to you, you will be welcome to stop by every week for the free material.

What will stay free?:
The guest artist area will remain free. Roughly once a month an MPEG movie of about one minute will be posted. The results and the latest questions of the poll driven comic will be available along with one, maybe two panels of the comic when it is updated. Also, some periodic sketches, full color illustrations, and photos. If you decide not to become a member, I want you coming back every week for the free stuff. One week you will see images from something you can't live without and then I GOT YA! Haaahaahhaaaa!

Why don't you go with one of those Adult Verification Sites?:
You get what you pay for. Most of the sites you find with AVS just post images they have stolen from other sites. You may pay $24.95 a month for a gold version but the site you want to see gets very little of the money. You will find most sites that produce their own material charge directly. There is no way to pay all the costs of production from what you make from an AVS.

Where are there videos for sale?:
There won't be any videos from SHC for at least six months. Some of the money produced by this site will go into a computer powerful enough to produce the type of videos (with the special effects), that I want to produce. Look for that down the road. In the meantime, I will sell videos produced by others.

Have I forgotten anything?:
I'm sure I have. Feel free to email me with your questions. 

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