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02/20/24 THE STORE!:
My first ever, and hopefully last ever sale! If I'm just going to do one, let's do it right! 50 percent off! I don't like sales. It's a long story. But I'm really being squeezed financially and it seemed like a good idea to do it at this time. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY FINANCIAL TROUBLES! Go to the store and buy stuff that seemed way too expensive in the past. My stuff is famously expensive. At least it was. Have you purchased superheroine peril videos lately? $50 for 20 minutes? So, in any event, now is the time to get the good stuff. I may be biased but quality has always been a strength and weakness of mine. When I finally conclude a comic or a video I look back at it in wonder. The meticulous and savage destruction of the most gorgeous, voluptuous superheroines ever!


01/07/24 Free Area:
"Vagrin's Weapon!" is a great video serial but if you're a Supreme Avenger fan then you HAVE to see how she was captured! Get your sample in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area!

01/05/24 Member's Area:
I just added Trophy Hunter -vs- Supreme Avenger video serial in Sector Two of the member's area. Upscaled and all in one video. It's for sale for $30 in the store but it's the small version and split up into 24 parts. But you can get the whole thing HUGE for a $20 membership in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area!

I will post the intro video in the free area tomorrow. THEN you'll see what I'm talking 'bout!

01/01/24 Free Area:
Let's start the New Year off with a bang! Go get your full, huge 1440X960 intro video for the full length video serial "Vagrin's Weapon!" in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area!


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