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Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

09/4/23 Member's Area:
I've been obsessed with AI for most of this year. It allows me to do what I've dreamt of my whole superheroine peril loving life. But... I'm calming down a little now and will go back to Poser story updates while AI becomes just a hobby for a while.

05/28/23 Member's Area:
Well... at least the last free area update was fucking gigantic! I thought for sure I've posted something in here since. Guess not! Well, there have been three or four member's area updates since. Also one of my two computers used to do my thang died. Power supply. Replaced. Back to work! This member's area update features two complete upscaled video serials from early SHC. UltraWoman's Shame (Mop Monster) and Sapphire Strike in "Dr. Dearth's Revenge!"

We'll try to get some free area updates rolling soon. Lot's of you have been joining anyway. Very cool. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the show!

02/25/23 Free Area:
Ninety sample images from a 950+ image member's area update! And that's it for the AI stuff for a little while. Great news for fans of my normal stories. Sorry to those that found me or joined just for the AI stuff. I think you'll love the main stories too. 

Please enjoy the 90 images of unbelievably gorgeous creatures! >>> Forbidden Zone Entry Area!

02/25/23 Member's Area:
OK! This is the biggie! I've cleaned out my AI Vault and it's become Sector Three's Mega Update! 950+ images of the most gorgeous super animals you've ever seen! The collection is SO BIG in fact I've provided it as a 4.5 gig zip file for members to download and put on their computers.

Free Area later today. 

01/21/23 Free Area:
Oops! Many member's area updates of course. Forgot to mention them here. But now you have the free area update of the CREAM OF THE CROP! Power Cow in all her glory as a product sold to villain wannabes! 30 sample images for you from the 286 images member's got. They're smaller too. Full size is 1200 X 1800. Your samples are still pretty big at 800 X 1200.

Go grab the powerful girl - Power Cow! >>> Forbidden Zone Entry Area!

01/01/23 Free Area:
It's a new year! I can pretend that I'm going to be better updating the site! Your holiday gift for instance. FUCKING AWESOME, RIGHT?!! Wow... that would have been so cool if I was able to post it two weeks ago when I wanted to. Oh, well. You have it now. ENJOY!

Check out the DUGGZ Holiday Feast!! >>> Forbidden Zone Entry Area!


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