"I thought the fucking beast had at least SOME control over its base nature!"
Prime Bleak
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

4/17/2019 Free Area: 
You've had to wait SOOOO LONG! And I am sorry about that. But now that it's here, please enjoy an awesome free area update based on an awesome member's area update.

American Fox!
The last we saw of American Fox she was suffering the humiliation of being milked by a machine. One (or two or five) strikes to the head with a sledgehammer sent her consciousness inward. Floating in space she contemplates her divinity as a goddess. While she is enjoying the only peace she's had for some time the universe itself begins to bind her. She is NOT a goddess. She is NOT alone in the universe. She has in fact been bound in an industrial milking rig!!! We introduce "The Bleak"! A race of venomously evil aliens that pride themselves on expertly torturing and killing super sluts! The entire double update is a bit of masterpiece for me. At least that's how I treated it.
American Fox in The Meat Department!
Nice! A sexy knock out of the real life American Fox! But Helga undt Grunzen aren't the smartest super slut catching team. As her lifeless body is thrown to the floor Grunzen fears they've killed their prey too soon.

Do you like sloppy, fat uddered super cows getting gang raped by a multi-cocked monster?!! Do I have good news for YOU!!!
There was some sort of mix up when the update originally went up 1,000 years ago. So two installments of his excellent Ms. Wonder story got posted. Pretty self explanatory. She's getting split front and back by two gigantic monster men!
Get all your samples in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area.

In the Superheroine Video Section a fatal dose of Antares fluid is doubled... tripled... MORE on UltraSlut's naked body! If you want to ensure that you get all of the installments of this SHC classic you need to join now. The first installment will roll out of the Zone with the next update.

Superheroine Merchandise:
I hope to have The NEST (video serial) part two and maybe part three ready for sale next. Plus a comic if I can put one together.

4/15/2019 Member's Area:
Wrong Monday. But... IT'S UP! The double American Fox update! OMAC! Briaeros X2! American Fox in the Meat Department! And UltraGirl!

No free area update yet. It's crucial members don't get any spoilers for this story. I'll update a rather cryptic center graphic tomorrow but free area update not until Wednesday.

4/7/2019 Member's Area:
Still working on American Fox's story. It's now over two installments. Could be the best Poser update ever. I think I'll be done Monday.

3/30/2019 Member's Area:

American Fox's next installment has turned into a double update. So it's not likely to be ready until next Thursday.
Superheroine Merchandise:
As previously mentioned, I've added SunGirl's photo comic to the STORE. I spent about two days re-rendering The Nest Part II and III (While creating American Fox's story.) before realizing I hadn't actually re-posted The Nest Part I yet. So that goes up as well. Those other two videos will be made available in a few weeks. Check out the new stuff if you've never seen it before. Lots of samples like usual.

3/22/2019 Free Area:
I have been a BUSY BEE!!! With this free area update I'm back on time after just getting the last free area update done Tuesday morning. So both sets can be seen in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area.
The previous samples would still be available through the links at the bottom of that page but not as prominent. 
ANYWAY! In that area you'll see poor little Magnificent Mighty Girl getting TORE UP! This will be the last set of samples I can post in the free area for that story. From here on out it's going to be way too extreme. Which is gonna be awkward! But... I do have SOME rules I follow in the free area. I consider sample four a perfect image. The bad guys all laughing at the gorgeous and destroyed super girl in the foreground. Magnificent indeed!
Then in Time Tunnel One-- American Fox Knock Out! It's not chloroform. It's our special superheroine poisoning substance lacticide! But those of you that love a good superheroine knock out... WOW!
If you didn't know, these Time Tunnels are reruns of updates from early in the site's history. The Sector material is what is new. If you haven't seen the material before though, it's really fantastic. So, the week we're rerunning had me posting a Gooey & Extreme catch up of Ms. Freedom. Those are very time intensive but are often awesome.
Then we have Mr. X's Ms. Americana story! He was really hitting his world famous groove at this point.
This week's update fills me pride. It's really great stuff. All of the superheroines-- Gorgeous? Check. Voluptuous? Check. Busty? Check. OK... NOW LET'S DESTROY THEM!!! SHC in a nutshell!
In the Superheroine Video Section UltraGirl's proud tits are being covered in Antares Fluid. Which looks amazingly like cum. What a coincidence! It's said that it can make a superheroine so sexually aroused that it will KILL HER! Let's watch and see! One more week to join and get the entire video serial.

Superheroine Merchandise:
Still want/need to add merchandise to the STORE. I could use the extra money. (Who doesn't?) Fun fact: When I post new material in the store EVERYTHING starts to sell. I imagine visitors thinking "Oh, yeah. He has those full stories/videos in there for purchase. I wanted to buy X." Pretty cool.

3/22/2019 Member's Area:
Holy shit! That was a quick turn around. Yay me! In Sector One we have Mighty Girl in the Super Slut Slaughterhouse! In Time Tunnel One: Gooey & Extreme versions for a previous Ms. Freedom! Mr. X's The Search for Ms. Americana! American Fox in The Meat Department and a super sexy video installment of UltraGirl in The Antares Fluid!

If I get the free area update done tonight, I get the weekend off! Huzzah!

3/19/2019 Free Area:
A-ha! It's still Monday to me! 2am... but still. Free area updated. Awesome stuff. Too tired to tell you about it. GO CHECK IT OUT!
Forbidden Zone Entry Area
Superheroine Video Section  

She's gone!

See ya!

3/17/2019 Member's Area:
UltraGirl & Princess Power in Sector Eight! Plus NW316's conclusion, UltraGirl and American Fox in Time Tunnel Eight!

Free Area Monday, YA'LL! Get the WW stuff now because it will be gone then!

3/10/2019 Free Area:
HOLY SHIT! That took a looooong time! A difficult free area update to coordinate.
First let me talk about the cow in the room.
I know... I know. People do full fledged rip offs of the WW character all the time. I don't know why they don't get shut down. I don't care. Since the beginning of the site I knew I wanted to be in business a long time. And that meant not using other companies' intellectual property. When entertaining myself however, I love it. And then I end up with a bunch of material I can't use. Once in a while I'd post it in the Member's Area for a short while then remove it. But this time I spent so much time putting the videos together... I needed to get SOME financial benefit from it. So if you love that character and you love my take on superheroines... Join.
You'll see a nice sample of it in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. Then you have samples of super sexy super girl UltraGirl Prime getting DEMOLISHED!!! Her story is almost over. There are a few stories in the member's area that you can get all or most of if you join right now. The Princess Power repeat is one of them. Gorgeous and completely savaged. Her first installment has been pulled but you can get 8 installments and one more to be posted next week. That's how far I got in her story in the past. I repeated it because I will be continuing and finishing her story in the Sector updates. I will add a 5th week to the 4 week cycle. So if you want to enjoy the whole thing almost, get it now. KC Cannons as American Fox is kicking butt right now in her story. HAAA!!! Yeah... that's gonna last. Plus Mr. X's Star Princess story. He failed to get me raw images apparently so I had to just grab 4 panels. And then my PRIDE and SHAME... the Poll Driven Comic. The Time Tunnels are straight up re-runs of the site from the ancient past. Sometimes it took a long time to post the gooey and extreme versions so they'd show up in later updates. And that's what you see there.
American Fox in Sector Six! HOLY COW!!! A different take on forced superheroine milking. It's her worst nightmare while also feeling sooooo good! Filthy slut! And an OMAC story is starting up in the Time Tunnels. He has a lot of fans and he deserves them. Beautiful and unique artwork. And Briaeros' work continues with Ms. Wonder.
In the Superheroine Video Section WOW!!! The first superheroine drowning we ever did. I find them cool, exciting, sexy... how about you? She is literally killed but, you know... she gets revived so she can humiliate herself when the Antares Fluid is inflicted on her. SHC story telling at it's finest. And... I can't repeat this enough... never before seen at this resolution. It was all 320X240 in the early days because normal people didn't have high bandwidth access at the time. (I did. Because I was a super important Biz-i-ness Man!) 
Superheroine Merchandise:
I'd like to add SunGirl's photo comic and the Scorpion in "The Nest" II video. I think I can put it all together while I'm doing UltraGirl renders next week. So keep an eye out for that. I'd like to get the merchandise sales rolling again after giving so much away earlier!

Sorry for the long wait, Freebies. I know how much it sucks to show up and not see anything new. Please enjoy this massive treasure trove of superheroine peril now that I have it up! If you're on twitter, I usually post there when a free area update is done.

3/7/2019 Member's Area:
OK! Quite a bit going on in the Member's Area. A lot concerning a certain star spangled super slut who shall remain nameless. Also, UltraGirl Prime and Princess Power in Sector Seven plus Mr. X's Star Princess, American Fox and UltraGirl in Time Tunnel Seven.

Huge free area update tomorrow that will include samples of a well known superheroine that I'd normally never show in the free area!

2/14/2019 Member's Area:
A very American Fox centric update in both Sector and Time Tunnel Six! American Fox and Princess Power in Sector Six! American Fox hand drawn and photo story in Time Tunnel Six! Also Ms. Wonder and UltraGirl!

That update went up last night so the dates and times reflect that. Big Poser video update to be added to Sector Six featuring American Fox and another big titted super slut that looks an awful lot like her. Working on that all day today (Friday). If possible free area update tonight!

2/1/2019 Free Area:
Due to a lot of stuff going on I rolled with a set of Patreon Galleries for the main update. I think this will allow us to continue onto an awesome American Fox installment next week and not go off the rails.
In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area OMG it's OmegaGirl! Uniform tests, pin ups and a few action shots. The main goal is introducing her and her unique situation. She's a "Cosmic Cheat Code" the goddess Deina and the evil god RothRex spawn when the balance between good and evil is so off that it threatens to destroy the entire universe. A really nice plot device/superheroine.
And then I gave you EXTREME samples of Princess Power! If you really don't like that stuff... that's OK... lite versions are posted for the members as well. She's so damaged she's wet herself with milk. Yeah. That kind of story... HAAA!!!
And from Time Tunnel Five we have crazy good EXTREME/GOOEY installments of SHC classics. Ms. Freedom is being expertly humiliated by the absolutely horrible Spunk! Yeah... she has a hard time controlling her super tits as well. Being helpless in the clutches of Spunk! has to rank right up there as one of the worst possible fates for a busty super slut!
And American Fox's secret identity is being ABUSED! Can she transform into her super alter ego before they finish her?!!
In the Superheroine Video Section you have a great sample of a great installment of UltraGirl! The vicious shard of Lord Thöt's essence, Rabeed Shleekt, is having a blast injecting poison into UltraGirl's tits, ass and neck. The weakened slut is getting beaten like a two dollar whore! Which... you know... she is.

Superheroine Merchandise:
I crunched the numbers (did a search) and the Night Angel Photo Comic is the best selling item in the store by a decent margin. Look for the SunGirl comic to be made available soon.

2/1/2019 Member's Area:
A little smaller than normal but extremely awesome update. OmegaGirl and Princess Power in Sector Five. Ms. Freedom, American Fox and UltraGirl in Time Tunnel Five.

Free area update tonight!

1/26/2019 Special Offer:
The special offer is over. It went well! Thanks to all those that joined. Your member's gift will be available for one more week before I delete them all from the server. If you just missed the sale but joined, email me. I won't mind seeing everyone that joined gets their free gift. (Not going to be a stickler about it.)

1/25/2019 Free Area:
A really fantastic update and the end of a great deal!
In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area Mighty Girl is suffering MIGHTILY! While she is paralyzed she is tortured with an agony spike. Her neck chewed on by a razor filled mouth. She finally regains bodily control but it is far too late! Bone Snapper has arrived to finish the young heroine off!
There's a rather long video in Sector Four featuring all the stages I went through creating The Milking of UltraGirl! If you're into the milking thing... it's for you! If I show any of it I kind of give it all away so no sample. Plus many lite and extreme versions! Three in fact. Princess Power in Sector Four and in Time Tunnel Four American Fox in Nightwing316's story and American Fox in the weekly story as her alter ego.
In the Superheroine Video Section you have the newest sample of UltraGirl in "The Antares Fluid!" This one is ACTION PACKED! Very fun!

Special Offer:
Today is the last day of the Membership offer! Join today and you'll be able to request anything from the store regardless of price!

1/24/2019 Member's Area:
A really great update in the Member's Area. But then again. I am biased.
In Sector Four:
Another double update of Mighty Girl in "S3"!
Extreme and Lite versions of Princess Power in "Noble Blood!"
And a "Making of" video of "The Milking of UltraGirl!"
In Time Tunnel Four:
American Fox by Nightwing316!
American Fox in "The Meat Department!"
UltraGirl in "The Antares Fluid!"

Free area update tomorrow AND the special offer ends tomorrow!

1/19/2019 Member's Area:
Sector Three finally completed with the instant classic installment of UltraGirl!

Free Area:
The Milking of UltraGirl!
If you've spent any time here at all you've probably picked up on the fact that our heroines not only can be milked but that they HAVE to be milked and it's a terrible shame they hide from the world. UltraGirl's story has gotten to the point where her foes have her helpless and milk her as it's being broadcast to the world. I'm pretty proud of this installment as well as the previous one that's still available in the Zone.
In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area four samples of said UltraGirl installment. I picked the tamest images I could while still letting you know what's going to happen. There are a couple animations of her being milked in the story as well but that's just for members. It took forever to create. You'll also see 17 samples from the Sexy UltraGirl Photo Shoot and the extra renders gallery. It was a great time to post that since UltraGirl is being SO ABUSED it's a great contrast to see her selling her sexy body at a more innocent time.
There's also some other stuff but I'm WRECKED after doing all my homework.
In the Superheroine Video Section you have a sample of the first installment of UltraGirl in "The Antares Fluid!" A little boring while we set the story up but the action kicks off at the end!

Special Offer:
Next Friday will end the special offer. I'll let you know how well it worked once it's done.

1/11/2019 Member's Area:
A rather massive member's area update is underway! In Sector Three UltraGirl's update isn't up yet but a 25 image and 50 image gallery of her is. Also, Princess Power! And in Time Tunnel Three we have an extreme and gooey update of Butterscotch Fox in the Poll Driven Comic. Plus Ms. Wonder, American Fox and the newly remastered Antares Fluid starring UltraGirl BEGINS!

Member's know what I'm working on and why. The free area update will go up as soon as the Member's Area is done!

1/4/2019 Special Offer:
Due to harsh financial realities I've made the best offer I could to get you guys to join. Check it out.

Free Area:
In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area the fists are flying! Poor UltraGirl Prime is getting BLASTED in mid-air by the merciless Incineratrix! Plus, Princess Power is getting strangled! Always a good start! That's in Sector Two. In Time Tunnel Two... a huge update! Mr. X! Danny Ryan! American Fox in a panicked fight for her life!

In the Superheroine Video Section we have another big deal on a day of big deals! I'm giving you the full television intro for "The Antares Fluid!" starring UltraGirl! I explain it pretty well there. I have all the files for the movie so I've been able to re-render the whole thing larger than it originally was presented. Go get it!

If you ever considered joining in the past... now's a great time!

1/3/2019 Member's Area:
Happy New Year! For me... I'm hoping it's gonna be roughly 10 times better than last year. This update is a good start!

In Sector Two: UltraGirl Prime in "Victory Theater (LOL)" plus Princess Power installment seven.
In Time Tunnel Two: Danny Ryan's Power Angel story. Mr. X's Ms. Americana story. American Fox and the beginning of UltraGirl in "The Antares Fluid!" REMASTERED!

As I promised last year, there will be a special offer tomorrow. It's so exciting!


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