"Why won't... anyone... help... me?"
Member's Area updates on Thursday -- Free Area updates on Friday. (Unless the Member's side is behind schedule.)

12/09/2018 Free Area:
Gigantic, enormous, daunting free area update! 127 sample images of  470 member's images and 46 member's pages plus 3 sample videos. It in no way makes up for the delay but the more I tried to add to make the delay worthwhile, the later it made me. So I had to cut bait and roll with what I had. NOW! A long description of what's going on.
In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area...
UltraGirl: Poor little thing! They pound on her huge tits until they prove to the world that UltraCow should be her real name! Milk Ahoy!
Ship's Whore: Two installments settle who will be "Ship's Whore". Of course it's hard to accept that both of them aren't whores.
Angel Dove: Part two of her introduction. More test fantasy covers. She's very powerful so she needs one of the most powerful monsters to destroy her! Enter AGONITIS! Angel Dove's origin story actually begins like a slasher flick. That's what led me to create...
Superheroine Horror Gallery: A huge two page gallery of superheroines as the victims in horror movies. I basically gave you every image that I could. The rest are way too extreme.
Princess Power: I've decided to finish her story but first I'll be rerunning the existing installments. Four to start. The first Catfight Central comic ended so I've switched over to that for the time being. So one Princess Power installment as an extra to normal Sector updates.
Patreon Galleries: A superheroine roll call. An UltraGirl gallery. And the "Secret Identities!" civilian gallery. A rather large gallery will hopefully go up tonight at Patreon.
American Fox: The new weekly story in the Time Tunnel takes a while to get started so you see I started posting two installments a week. American Fox's secret identity is undercover investigating large breasted girls who have gone missing. They all seem to have a connection to a modeling agency that specializes in big titted models. She must swallow her pride and some tongue to get to the bottom of this mystery!
Ms. Freedom: Ohhhh... I LOVE this scenario. The plump titted superheroine must give herself to the grotesque villain because someone else is under threat of torture and death! And that's where Ms. FreeDumb finds herself!
Reno: He changed the way he colored installments for the conclusion of Butterscotch Fox in Pervatory! Terrible! Oh well. Great story none the less.
Silver Fox: FredMandi's cool little story continues. Good stuff!
In the Superheroine Video Area: I updated the video samples days ago but didn't say anything until the whole free area update was up. Another smaller than we'd like video. But CRAZY AWESOME! Pierre La Perve has what I think is the first incarnation of Antares Fluid! Deadly poison that turns superheroines into doomed, humping super sluts! Check it out! you'll love it!

11/29/2018 Member's Area:
Finally updated Sector 6 & 7 and Time Tunnel 6 & 7. Had some problems obviously but they're up now.

It will be my pleasure to update the free area tomorrow. (Starting with the center graphic in the morning.)

10/25/2018 Member's Area:
Extremely difficult UltraGirl installment, it turns out. "Masterpiece" level however. I'm biased but my bias is based on COLD HARD FACTS! So Sector Six is updated with UltraGirl! Time Tunnel Five with Ms. Freedom, American Fox and Fusion Girl!

Tomorrow, Sector Six has Angel Dove and Time Tunnel Six will have Reno's Butterscotch Fox story as well as American Fox and Fusion Girl.

My plan is to have the ridiculously large free area update done as well.

10/19/2018 Member's Area:
Almost done with Sector Five's UltraGirl story. It's crazy good but it's also crazy difficult!

10/11/2018 Free Area:
Well! Victory Showcase took an even darker turn. But never fear! I've figured out how to steer it back towards victory. Well... not the next installment. That one is already done and UltraGirl Prime will be savagely beaten in mid-air first! Exciting! But not very victory like. But that's why the lateness slipped a couple more days. Getting ahead on some of these will allow us to get on a good update schedule.
SO! What you'll see in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area... even in her panicked state UltraGirl Prime has figured out that she is outmatched by Incineratrix! She channels all of her energy into flying as fast as she can to escape the experienced superheroine killer. Unfortunately, terrorized as she is she merely flies in circles and delivers herself, completely helpless, to her would be executioner! Like I said, EXCITING! And spanking is the word when it comes to our lovely "Ship's Whore!" CFC classic.
In Time Tunnel Four, two stories begin! Ms. Wonder by Briaeros (His first ever SHC comic!) and "The Meat Department!" which features an undercover American Fox. She's trying to infiltrate a high end modeling agency that specializes in BIG TITS! They should put her dairy fat to good use! 
In the Superheroine Video Area: STRIP SUPER SLUT! I get a lot of requests for these short little videos we did. It was something quick/sexy/fun we could do for extra "in case of emergencies" material. I see now we should have put more work into them because they really do scratch an itch, don't they!
I DID IT! "The Slaughter of Mighty Woman!" is in the store. Lots of work... BUT, worthwhile. I've sold several copies and it helps me in my diminished cash flow capacity. I need to get another treat up for sale in a week or so. I may have a really cool announcement then as well.

And don't forget to check out:


10/10/2018 Member's Area:
UltraGirl Prime! Ship's Whore! Ms. Wonder! Scarlet Avenger! American Fox! 

Another big update! Another big free area update! Plus some other cool stuff... tomorrow!

10/1/2018 Free Area:
Do you love gorgeous, busty superheroines in dire peril? Are you a member? I can't imagine why not. This material is HOT!!!
Lets take a look, shall we? In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area a savagely beaten American Fox becomes a cum dumpster for the unstoppable Hellm. As horrific as her violation is, she can't resist enjoying it. Anything American Fox was has been destroyed! Now she is merely a cum soaked whore who's worst experiences are still in front of her!!! Plus we have the fun Catfight Central classic "Ship's Whore!" -- "Say, DanO.. I thought your artwork was a little better than that." You're right, imaginary reader. I let employees do a lot of the work on those. Unless you think it looks great. In that case, I DID EVERYTHING!
Also we have Nightwing316's Solar Woman story featuring Ebony Avenger this week. Very sexy. Plus the conclusion to fat titted Fusion's story! Fucked and killed in her mind means Fusion's body is now the puppet of the Dark Lord! Orgasmically fantastic superheroine peril!
In the Superheroine Video Area we see some scenes from the NICE ending of Gold Avenger's story. In the members area The Inner Circle pays it's debt to Minister Thrall with her life!
DAMMIT! I must post "The Horrific Death of Mighty Woman!" comic! And I shall! (I think.)

10/1/2018 Member's Area:
Late again... BUT WORTH IT! For some, the most important element of a superheroine's utter defeat. The Rape of American Fox! That plus Ship's Whore in Sector Three! In Time Tunnel Three: Blue Bird, Solar Woman, Ebony Avenger, Fusion and Gold Avenger!  

A nice big fat update. Free Area as soon as possible. Hopefully tonight.

9/21/2018 Free Area:
Lots of "Whoa!"s and "Wow!"s in Sector and Time Tunnel Two! I kept the last set of samples up in the  Forbidden Zone Entry Area because I never let Twitter know I had done the free area update. Who cares, right? But if Twitter is good for anything it's good to keep track of stuff that interests you and our free area updates interest people! I don't have time anymore to do special material for Twitter so keeping SHC fans abreast (chuckle) of what I post is the main objective now.
So in that area I've added:
Mighty Girl!: Shredd's evil plan to kill Mighty Girl continues. Her super fast "Pursuit" henchwoman has another trick up her sleeve... or in her mouth. The ability to spit poison from her tongue. Filling up the busty little super slut with enough toxins to kill a whale brings them closer to their goal... and Mighty Girl's demise!
Catfight Central's Poll Driven Comic "Ship's Whore!": The brunette has gotten the jump on the busty blonde and she's beating, biting and clawing that bitch to shreds!
Fusion!: She's managed to break away from Gold Strike's mind fuck but her mind is now torn open and vulnerable. Gold Strike's dark lord can now enter Fusion's mind with ease and finish the job!
Power Angel!: Danny Ryan's outstanding tale continues with superheroine beat downs only he can illustrate!
In the Superheroine Video Area... WHOA indeed! Raped and covered in cum! A bit on the nose don't you think?! Or on the tits, face and ass anyway. If that is EXACTLY what you're looking for and you want more, you know where to get it! 
I'm caught up! Which means I may have time to FINALLY add what I've been talking about adding for weeks now!

9/20/2018 Member's Area:
Didn't actually update until 6 AM but... close enough! Mighty Girl and Catfight PDC in Sector Two! Power Angel, Fusion and Gold Avenger in Time Tunnel Two!

Free area much easier this week. No problem posting free area Friday... probably... question mark? I'll be adding this week's free area samples to last weeks. I'll tell you why then.

See ya.

9/17/2018 Free Area:
Daunting. That's the best way to describe this free area update.

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area:
UltraGirl!: The "Death of UltraGirl!" show has begun. Omnia Vincit Corporation has begun the live stream of UltraGirl's demise. At the end UltraGirl has been bound. Next... prove to world why these super sluts are commonly referred to as "cows"
Catfight Central's Poll Driven Comic "Ship's Whore!": Since Catfight Central will be unavailable for quite some time I decided it would be fun to post the first two poll driven comics from that site. Why? Because it's MY ARTWORK! And my artwork, surprisingly enough, is pretty popular. Our first PDC was called "Ship's Whore!". Two sexy, busty sluts get into a fight on a space ship. As punishment they are sent to the holodeck (for lack of a better word) where they will fight until one submits. The one who submits becomes that ship's whore and is used by the rest of the crew... forever apparently. A status to avoid obviously. Members of Catfight Central were able to vote on what situation was manifested in the simulator. Cheerleaders fighting in a locker room got the most votes. Sector Eight has Installment One and Sector One has Installment Two. When I saw "Cheerleaders" was getting the most votes I did some sketches and those are what I posted for installment one. Four sample images for installment two. There's about a dozen more installments for both stories. Those will be posted in the Forbidden Zone sectors until I run out.
Patreon Content: Forbidden Zone members get everything that's posted on Patreon as well. Some really gorgeous stuff. All light in the peril category. Just super sexy superheroines with big tits that are lovely to stare at.
American Fox: Mommy and her guards are raped and otherwise violated in a spectacular fashion.
Plus more stuff. You get the gist.
In the Superheroine Video Area... Nice! Fucking amazing superheroine abuse heaped on the doomed Gold Avenger! 320X240 IS a pretty tiny video size but if you maximize it and watch... it's not THAT bad. Pretty good actually. And the story itself... WOW! 
I still need to finish putting together the "Death of Mighty Woman!" comic set. I'll also make available the last two archive collections that were already put together. Those are surprisingly popular. And all those purchases are extremely appreciated!

9/16/2018 Free Area:
I've only updated the Center Graphic. That gives you a great idea of what's in the update. I hope for free area update tonight or tomorrow.

9/15/2018 Member's Area:
Sector Eight, Sector One, Time Tunnel Eight, Time Tunnel One updated. INCLUDES: UltraGirl! Angel Dove! Mighty Girl! Poll Driven Comic "Ship's Whore!" American Fox! Fusion! Gold Avenger! Blue Bird!

GIGANTIC Free Area update tomorrow.

8/30/2018 Free Area:
BOOM BOOM BOOM! It's all good!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area Lets start with:
FUSION! (Why not?) Holy FUCK! Gorgeous fat titted superheroine being raped in her mind... but it's worse. She is forced to participate in her murder by "fucking". What a disgrace! Classic Stuff. That's in Time Tunnel Seven, PLUS one of my best Poll Driven Comic installments... BUT... I wouldn't join for that. I gave you four of the best illustrations. If you like my artwork, the reason to join is in Sector Seven! There you'll find:
UltraGirl Prime!: Victory Showcase... LOL. I panic when things get a little boring in a story so we jumped to UltraGirl Prime's first major battle. Lots of samples. She is fucking DELICIOUS! So... sorry, let's jump back to the Time Tunnel for a bit. I was looking for the original files for the Poll Driven Comic because I wanted to do the extreme versions. (I thought I had done them but I guess I didn't.) Well, when I was searching for "PDC" I came across (and remembered) that I did two Poll Driven Comics for Catfight Central! (With my customary lack of backgrounds.) HEY! It's my artwork. People seem to really like my artwork. Catfight Central won't be available for quite a while. boop boop boop... (cell phone) "Mike the Mutant! Can I post the first two PDC's from Catfight Central in SHC's Forbidden Zone? -- Sure, why not?" HOORAY! Oh... boop boop boop "I don't have all the installments. Can you pull them for me? -- OK. Pick 'em up on Sunday when you come over." HOORAY! So, starting next week I'll be posting an installment of a Catfight comic with the normal Sector update. At least twenty installments I think. Very fun. Very sexy. Very worthwhile for peril fans.
Back to UltraGirl Prime... I love putting superheroines in the position she's in. They look so impressive (or they try to look so impressive) when they stand, unmolested, hands on hips. Triumphant. But when they're losing... when they're in trouble... being chased... terrified... covered in sweat (in this case due to almost being cooked alive) and their sexy fat ass is bobbling around as they try desperately to get away. Oooooohhhh... I love that. I gave you the best image in the sample. I hope you enjoy that too.
Want more? Join. Looking forward to weekly DanO.. artwork? Join. Want a sexy superheroine getting crushed in relatively low resolution video? Join. Want even more cool shit in the future? Join.
(Hard Sell)
Oh, I haven't mentioned the low resolution super slut peril! In the Superheroine Video section Gold Avenger is in delightfully deadly peril! Enjoy your sample! 
Extreme Peril Fans REJOICE! I have pulled all the installments for the three comic EPIC of the death of Mighty Woman! Look for that next week.

8/29/2018 Free Area:
Free area update is up. I gotta split. I will return to explain everything later tonight or tomorrow.

8/28/2018 Member's Area:
Big update in the member's area. Time Tunnel Seven: Poll Driven Comic with Butterscotch Fox, Butterscotch Cow and Silver Fox! Fusion! Gold Avenger! Plus Sector Seven: 50 panel UltraGirl Prime and 10 image Catfight Central Poll Driven Comic samples.

Freebies tomorrow!

8/17/2018 Free Area:
WELL! That's something to avoid! Such a huge delay between free area updates. I like you guys stopping by once a week for the free samples. How else am I going to convince you join, ferchrisakes?
Anyway... here's your look inside the Forbidden Zone. Incredible stuff inside!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we have hit a point in American Fox's story where it is becoming very difficult to select samples I feel comfortable posting in the free area. (Other stories too.) And it's only going to get worse... MUCH WORSE! Take that as a promise or a warning depending on what kind of superheroine peril you like. The theme for her next installment is FUCK!
And then there's ANGEL DOVE!!!
I've been working on Angel Dove for quite a while. As you can see, she's fucking awesome. She's the only superheroine in her world and it was filled with super villains before she even showed up. Let's hope she has more than one adventure since she's inviting you to watch "adventures" plural. I have a directory of over 800 renders that were created as I was putting the character together and creating the introductory fantasy comic book covers. Patrons over at my Patreon are getting 4 sets of 20 images where I go into detail about the character. Members will get those same images later.
FUSION! The worst part may be that while she is being fucked to death in her mind, she is an active participant! Nah... being fucked to death is probably the worst part.
You'll also see Silver Fox's story by guest artist FredMandi.
In the Superheroine Video section Gold Avenger's certain demise begins as she's trapped in the tiny cell with a powerful homicidal maniac. Minister Thrall!!! 

I will definitely add some more products in the store next week. Thanks to all of you who have purchased material. It's helping me get by this tight financial situation. If there is something you would love to see in the store, let me know and I just might come across it right away and make it available for you.

8/14/2018 Member's Area:
100+ image Angel Dove introduction added to Sector Six. Our newest perfect superheroine! She's gorgeous! She's perfect! She has tits bigger than your head!

So sorry, Freebies. This is going to happen once in a while. Running like hell to update the member's area the best I can and the free area suffers. I'm finally ready to update the free area and I will definitely do that tomorrow.

8/9/2018 Member's Area:
BOOM! I hated to be late again so soon but if it's worth it, I don't feel so bad. AMERICAN FOX! Not the end yet... but the BEGINNING of her end! Plus, Angel Dove! In Sector Six. And as I mentioned before, in Time Tunnel Six- Silver Fox! Fusion! And Gold Avenger!

I wanted to really make it up to members so a quite large Angel Dove gallery will be posted tommorrow and guess what that means Freebies? A big ole free area update to match! See you then!

8/6/2018 Member's Area:
Almost done with American Fox. Very difficult but extremely awesome update!

8/2/2018 Member's Area:
I just uploaded Time Tunnel Six with Silver Fox, Fusion and Gold Avenger!
If Sector Six gets posted today it will be late, late at night. Probably tomorrow. So I decided to get the Time Tunnel update up so members would have something to enjoy until then.

Free area after American Fox's Sector Six update is up.

7/27/2018 Free Area:
Let's update the free area early today... why not?

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we introduce another member of Shredd's "Kill Krew". Pursuit! She's super fast and has some other horrible tricks up her sleeve. With Mighty Girl at full strength Pursuit is only a little faster and her level of super strength can't hurt the magnificent one much. But now that Mighty Girl has been beaten down, Pursuit's punches are devastating and it seems to her like Mighty Girl is in slow motion. It's a deliciously unfair fight! Mighty Girl will NOT survive this tale. IT IS WRITTEN!!!
And ohhhhh, Fusion! Gold Strike has been given all the tools she needs to humiliate, violate and fuck Fusion to death IN HER MIND!!! Crazy awesome!
Plus, Ms. FreeDumb is learning that she must submit to whatever vile whim Spunk! has. His brand of grotesque malevolence knows no bounds!
In the Superheroine Video section we learn that Gold Avenger suffers from the same shameful weakness as the rest. Trapped, helpless and hurt, she's sexually aroused by her terrible predicament. 

Those two comics are selling quite well! NICE! So I'm leaving the links up on the main page until next update. I've made them smaller and less obtrusive as you can see. Thanks to all of you who enjoy a great superheroine in peril comic!

JOIN NOW! (A call to action.) Make sure Mighty Girl's terrible fate is seen by as many as possible!

7/26/2018 Member's Area:
Sector Five updated with Mighty Girl in the "S3" (Super Slut Slaughterhouse!) Plus, Time Tunnel Five updated with Ms. Freedom & Spunk! Gold Avenger! And Fusion! Primo superheroine trouble!

Free area updated tomorrow.

7/20/2018 Free Area:
BA-WOOSH! Another massive tsunami of excellent superheroine peril!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area ... Spoiler Alert! Fannie Fahtets manages to avoid sucking Ustoff' (Shrage Red)'s cock. She does get pretty messy though. I just don't want you joining while thinking you're going to get a good forced blow job. UltraGirl however gets a face full of Ustoff's Hammer! Not a euphemism! But this is what it takes to damage the incredibly powerful super girl. FIRST BLOOD! I also updated Twitter Land. Like that stuff? Go to Twitter and get all of them for free you cheeky monkeys! (British?) And then there's poor little Fat Tits Fusion! She's so weakened by the mental attack that Gold Strike is able to smash her gourd real good. I didn't always have the time to create extreme versions of such stuff. (It's a lot of work.) But I did this time and it's a BLOODY MESS! (Not British.) Plus Mr. X starts a new story, "The Search for Ms. Americana". District Attorney Grear is on the hunt for her and The Trapster! But he finds Ms. Grear first.
In the Superheroine Video section Gold Avenger learns that the cell bars aren't a way out. At least I think she learns it. She just might be dumber than a lab rat. I forget. I guess we'll see! 

Hooray! Two comics added back into the store. Why the Poll Driven Comic? Easy. "I made this!". Night Angel -vs- Chaos? The last person to request an item in the store requested it. So when I wanted to post another comic to go with the PDC it was the first thing I thought of. Sometimes it's just that easy folks. So if there's something you're waiting on, it doesn't hurt to ask! I also fixed the link for purchasing the Night Hawk in "Overload!" video. Doh! How embarrassing! The "Order" button was right but not the hyper linked text. So if that confused you, please try again.

I hope you enjoy this week's free ride!

7/19/2018 Member's Area:
Sector Four updated with UltraGirl in "Beg for DEATH!" Plus Time Tunnel Four updated with Mr. X's Ms. Americana! Gold Avenger in "The Sacrifice!" video serial! And Fusion in "Mind FUCK!"

I would like to update Twitter Land if I can and will definitely update the Free Area today.

7/14/2018 Free Area:
It took two weeks but HOLY FUCK! What an update!!! So much stuff in Sector Two that the samples were 38 images!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we have the delicious UltraGirl Prime! She truly is a great superheroine but she suffers the same curse as her fellow super sluts. She gets sexually excited by humiliation, pain, peril and fear. When she's losing in a fight there is a good chance she'll eventually orgasm. DISGRACEFUL! In a heated argument with a "friend" this subject is finally broached. This leads us to tell the story of the first time this happened to her. The hungry villainess Incineratrix can't wait to cook and eat the super cow she sees as VEAL! hee hee
And then there's the samples of the Patreon material. If you don't want to go through the hassle of joining Patreon you can still get everything posted there for patrons as a Forbidden Zone member. Speaking of which... I posted the last set of Blonde Widow test renders for everyone... free for all. You'll download a zip file and after extracting/opening you get web pages to go through to enjoy all the images. If you're interested in doing the Patreon thing this will let you know if the whole zip thing is beyond your computer skills.
The Time Tunnel stuff is pretty self explanatory and great!
In the Superheroine Video section the unpleasant truth! I couldn't find the original files for "The Sacrifice!" so I couldn't remaster it. I'm still looking but it's unlikely I'll find them. In this installment we dwell on the "Superheroine drugged or poisoned so severely she can't get up." A worthy thing to enjoy. Especially since he killer will arrive VERY SHORTLY! 

On my list of things to do... but... you know.

7/13/2018 Member's Area:
Just about six months of weekly updates. A bit of a record for me. But I hit a wall so this last update took two weeks. Apologies to members. But now that it's done? Huzzah!
Sector Three added to Time Tunnel Three. UltraGirl Prime in Victory Showcase! 58 panels! Plus Patreon content. Two of Mighty Girl and two of Blonde Widow.

I wanted to finish up everything tonight so I could take the weekend off and start fresh Monday. No can do. I won't be able to update free area until tomorrow (Saturday). See you then!

7/5/2018 Member's Area:
I just updated the Member's Area with Time Tunnel Three. Solar Woman, Fusion and the new video serial. Gold Avenger in "The Sacrifice!".

I decided to hold off on the Sector Update until this weekend. It's "Victory Showcase" week (UltraGirl & UltraGirl Prime) and there just wasn't enough stuff going on in the story. So I'm adding a bunch of action and peril to give it that PUNCH!

This means the Free Area update will be as soon as possible after Sector Three is updated.

6/30/2018 Free Area:
Hello there, free peoples everywhere. I updated the free area a while ago but was waiting to hear back from Junkers on if he wanted me to post his twitter info and he hasn't gotten back to me.

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area it's American Fox's turn under the spotlight once again. We make quite a meal out of her predicament as does the Hellm with the razor filled maw. The fiend that invented all of these superheroines gave them a fatal flaw. They get sexually excited by danger, pain, humiliation and other negative situations. So when the snapping mouth finally clamps down on American Fox's dripping pussy she receives an almost lethal amount of sensory stimuli as the pleasure and pain tears through her body. The other Hellm don't like being left out however so they begin beating her as well. Superheroine torment of biblical proportions.
And then we have the little story Junkers put together about Fannie Fahtets. I am stunned by the response that character got. Just a throw away character I created to host the UltraGirl Destruction show. A human chick with big tits who blames all of these superheroines for being called a cow as well. As you can see by Junkers excellent little story, lots of people want to see her get it as well. I got a bunch of tweets about it. Junkers took the very large 2000X2000 images I give members and cut out characters and scenes and made his fantastical musings real. It's one of the main reasons I post the raw files. This time someone sent them in. I love it!
Not a lot happens in Ms. Freedom's story. She approaches Spunk!'s lair which is a gigantic black box in the desert. I did most of that in Poser which wasn't as good as now obviously and neither was I. So she just arrives and deals with Spunk!. This is their first meeting though and Spunk! can't wait to kill the busty beauty.

In the Superheroine Video section: It's over, it's over, it's OOOOOOOver. We have the "She Wins" and "She Loses" endings to the DEATHMATCH! As I've said... fun. But no where as good as it could have been.

I would like to add stuff to the store Monday or Tuesday.

6/29/2018 Member's Area:
WHOOF! That was a lot of work. Sector Two updated with American Fox in "Tits in the WRINGER!". As you can see from the center graphic... HOLY COW! What an installment!

Free area Saturday. I restructured the "What has happened in the past..." pages for American Fox's story and it took quite a bit of work. I even created two comic book covers for the first ten installments. I'll post those with the free area update. Small sized. But all this has left me spent... <faint>. So come by tomorrow to get samples of this awesome stuff!

6/28/2018 Member's Area:
I posted Time Tunnel Two in the member's area with Ms. Freedom, Smudge's Blue Bird, Fusion and Power Angel. Still working on American Fox's "Tits in the Wringer!". Friday should be no problem. I think I should be able to update free area as well. But later in the day/evening.

6/22/2018 Free Area:
Beloved Freeloaders! Rejoice! A delicious glut of superheroine peril!
Time to explain my "Beloved Freeloaders" term yet again. It's also why I thank people for just stopping by and viewing the samples. I don't use the word "beloved" sarcastically. I literally love you guys. If someone finds SHC, looks around and thinks "ugh". Then that's cool. They go on their merry way. But if they like the material enough to stop by once or twice a week for the new samples... beloved freeloaders. If you like my stuff enough to do that then I KNOW I'm going to post something eventually and you'll say to yourself "FUCK IT! I gotta see the rest of this!". So... know that you're welcome to stop by and browse anytime. But be wary because I'm trying to GET YA' every time!!!

In the Superheroine Video section: Power Angel, Bampka & Minister Thrall. When I watch this video I'm usually sad... sometimes mad. Sad because it was such a missed opportunity. If I only could have gotten the models to act the way we needed them to. And mad because I'm not always running the camera. Especially when I'm IN the scene. So many awesome shots were zoomed way out. So I have to zoom way in during editing and the video gets all blocky. So many times I said this sentence, "What were you aiming at? AIM AT THE GIRLS!". Sigh. Fun stuff though. Just sad/mad.

And in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area I'll say what S3 is again. Super Slut Slaughterhouse. I'll use the actual term for a while until I'm sure most people understand what S3 is. A story where we know from the beginning the superheroine dies. And it's told at the tail end of the battle. Professor Shredd and Stabber of the Kill Krew chat as Mighty Girl is fighting for her life feet away. They say the most terrible things about her as Shredd tracks her power and agony levels. Killing a superheroine can be so mundane!
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Forbidden Zone members also get everything from Patreon. In this case it's over a hundred panels of Mighty Girl being trained. (This week and last week.) Much lighter fare. Sexy, busty super slut. Humiliation. Some punishment and pain. Pretty great stuff. Wanna know the kicker?!! If you go over to my Patreon page right now you can get all of it by donating $1. No shit. In a few months I'll be raising that to $5. But for now... $1 a month gets you the fun/sexy SHC heroine stuff. Not bad.
And then there's Time Tunnel One! So much stuff! But now I'm typed out. You'll be able to figure out if you want it I'm sure.

I look forward to your return, beloved freeloaders!

Nothing this week. Next week some more comics.

6/21/2018 Member's Area:
I hope I didn't scare you. "Thank you? What's going on? Why is he thanking everybody?" I realized one could get the wrong idea once I saw it myself. It's just that now that the Grand Re-Opening is over and we're basically running normally I thought it was a good time to thank everyone for their response. Rebuilding from zero could have been a lot more painful but many of you have become members, patrons or stop by for the samples. All of this helps me be successful and I really appreciate it.

A pretty fucking great update this week. Mighty Girl in Sector One. And in Time Tunnel One, Danny Ryan's Power Angel story. Mr. X's Space Fox. Smudge's Blue Bird. Fusion. Power Angel's Deathmatch! 

More than enough superheroine peril to warrant $20 a month. That's the goal anyway. And this week really knocks it out of the park!

Plenty of samples Friday!

6/15/2018 Free Area:
Some great stuff again!
In the Superheroine Video section: It appears as though cool stuff is happening. But, as I've mentioned before, not our best video even though the setting, models and costumes were great. Not everything can be a winner!
The GREAT stuff is in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area again. UltraGirl has healed somewhat from Shrage Red's earlier stuns. But her attackers know enough to stun her again before she can defend herself. He hits her with such force and so much stunning energy he nearly kills her after just two blows. Now she's totally helpless again and her torment can continue!
Members get all Patreon material so I gave you samples of that as well. You may have seen some of them before. If you fucking love gorgeous superheroines with unbelievable bodies and remarkably large tits... being a patron will be worth it. I know it's not the $1 a month. It's joining something totally different. Ugh! But, I try to make it worthwhile. I'm glad a few of you feel it is!
And Fusion! She's grown weaker from the mental attacks while Gold Strike has grown stronger! Gold Strike no longer needs to get Fusion to drop her defenses. She can power through and mind rape her properly! Now... the killing and eating can really begin!
And Nightwing316's American Fox story is awesome as always. What's the point of having your mother around if she can't help you?!! AND she gets raped and dominated as well?! Figures!

Thanks for stopping by!

Almost NO love for the videos for sale. It happens sometimes. So don't expect anymore videos to be put up for sale in the near to medium future. I'll finish up the last two available archives and get the Poll Driven Comic #1 up for sale after I let the front page calm down for a bit.

6/14/2018 Member's Area:
HAA HAA HAA HAAA HAAAAA!!! (Insane Laughter) Woo-Hoo! I fucking did it?!! After being behind last week I actually caught up! It was close... but I did it!

Here's the link explaining PATREON. I can't believe I fucking screwed up linking to it. Sigh. Shit happens, baby.

UltraGirl posted in Sector Eight! American Fox, Power Angel and Fusion posted in Time Tunnel Eight!

If you fall into the "Shit! I missed joining for $15!" camp... I'm requesting they change it tonight. I don't know when they'll actually change it. Could take a day... a couple days... a couple hours. Click on the JOIN button and see if you can still get in at the discounted price, why not?

Carpe Millennium!

FINALLY!!! Some videos! I hate to be crass, but if you're dying for me to upload a certain video and you don't own one of these great ones... show me some love! If these sell like hot cakes I'll be tripping over myself to make more videos available and yours could be one of them. Probably is. There's about 10 that get requested all the time. If you've never emailed me to say which video you'd love to buy, DO IT! It helps me decide what's next.
OVERLOAD!: Designated an "SHC Classic" by ME! One of the top 5 videos we produced. Great villain. Sexy superheroine. Big tits. Some absolutely gorgeous torment and peril! Leslie Culton plays Night Hawk and out of ALL THE MODELS WE USED... She's the only one that "got it". She knows exactly what we want to see and MILKS IT! She's a fan of comics... comic con and all that. But on top of that she was in tune with the sexual feast that is superheroine peril!
TROPHY HUNTER: THE SUPREME AVENGER! After the site was open for a while we added a weekly serial dedicated to bondage. You know, since bondage really is a big part of superheroine peril. My clever plot device? THE TROPHY HUNTER! A silent inhuman monster that collects rare and valuable superheroine flesh as trophies. Nice, eh? We did several and this is one of the best. The Supreme Avenger was very popular and you'll see why. Coincidentally, she's put out of her misery with an overdose of poison as well! Basically... I'd do that to every superheroine if every model was cool with it. Fucking love it! As much as bear hugs! Just harder to accomplish. It's ten dollars cheaper but you may actually like it more depending on your tastes. It's just that Overload and full blown video serials like that take a lot more work and money. So that's reflected in the price.

Some of you may be saying: "Jeez, DanO..! We've seen these already! Where's the new ones? Well, there's a lot of new people visiting the site so it's new to them. And I have to roll with easiest first. We'll add totally new (to the store) videos as soon as possible.


6/9/2018 Free Area:
OK! Beautiful samples for you! I think they are anyway.

First, Fusion and Power Angel take charge and are winning in their stories. (booo). Check them out in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area and Superheroine Video section respectively.

NOW In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, you'll also find 12 samples of the "Victory Showcase". I can't remember if I told you the plot of that and I'm too lazy to scroll down and read everything to find out if I did.
UltraGirl Prime is the original UltraGirl. All other UltraGirls on other worlds and in other dimensions are copies of her. She's going to die today unless something is done. She's going to be attacked with something she has a great weakness to. In another dimension... our UltraGirl's dimension... Agent Stone has discovered this since they have the ability to see other dimensions. Our UltraGirl has a much better resistance to this attack. If they can send UltraGirl into UltraGirl Prime's dimension, they'll fuse temporarily (as long as it's temporary) and, in theory, they'll both survive.
Another thing you need to know is that The Institute in American Fox and UltraGirl's world is very lenient. Most Institutes are extremely, delightfully harsh! Agent Stone has seen this. She's seen how other Institutes are run. She sees how magnificent this discipline has made the superheroines of those worlds. And now she knows just what kind of fuck ups she's dealing with in this world.
When UltraGirl insults UltraGirl Prime, Agent Stone LOSES IT!!! 
This installment is UltraGirl being put in her place. And for what it is... I think it's basically perfect. We also drift over to UltraGirl Prime's world and see the trouble she's experiencing there. We'll see much more of that in the next installment.


Didn't get a chance to even THINK about touching the store. Sorry. Well, that's not true. I thought about it. I'm thinking those videos I told you about and now the first Poll Driven Comic since I posted that installment in Time Tunnel Seven. It looks really good! It's not in that comic but I can see why I get so many requests for it. The "Having extra money would be nice." bug is bound to bite me sooner rather than later. Possibly before next week's update. Keep stopping by.

6/9/2018 Member's Area:
DONE! WOW! What a big update. UltraGirl and UltraGirl Prime updated in Sector Seven of THE FORBIDDEN ZONE!!

I plan on doing the free area tonight. 60 panels... 20% samples. 12 samples for ya! If you love seeing gorgeous, busty superheroines humiliated... you're gonna love it!

6/8/2018 Member's Area:
WOOO! I got carried away working on Sector Seven. In a good way. The sixty panel "Victory Showcase" will be ready for Saturday. I should be able to do the free area update then as well.

6/7/2018 Member's Area:
Still working on Sector Seven. I have updated Time Tunnel Seven with the next to the last Poll Driven Comic installment and all of it's versions: Lite, Gooey, EXTREME. Plus Fusion and Power Angel.

You have one week from today to lock down the $15 membership price before it goes back to $20... probably forever. I mean it. The last time I offered $15 memberships was almost TWENTY YEARS AGO.

The Victory Showcase in Sector Seven should be pretty awesome. Not the normal SHC material but that's what Victory Showcase is all about. I'll update the free area as soon as I can after that.

6/2/2018 Free Area:
Came back early. Mr. X is an asshole! That has nothing to do with me coming back early. I just find it hilarious to insult him here and there's nothing he can do about it!!! HAAA HAAA HAAAAA! He will likely produce a video quite a bit before I do but I'll be helping him with it. I plan on putting a graph together. It will visually show how many members I have and how many I think I'll need to consider producing an SHC video. Sort of like a fund raiser graphic showing how close we are to defeating, raping and destroying a busty superheroine!
But, like I said! I'm back and I got to put together your free area update!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, American Fox is fucking DOOMED! She couldn't hope to defeat even one of those things. Three will kill her for sure. She fights on though... and that's a bit of a mystery. Lots of action! Not the best installment to work on during a short week. But I got it done! Members seem to love it.
I updated Twitter Land with the past two week's twitter images. A pretty great American Fox mini-story there and other stuff.
Fusion! She's finally been able to take control of her body. Now she's demanding Gold Strike leave. What she doesn't know is the entire experience has left her very weak and her foe very strong. This fat titted slut is in for a deliciously bad time!
Mr. X! A very talky/dialogue-y installment. So don't get too excited. A story wrap up.

In the Superheroine Video area, YOU SEE HOW AWESOME this story could be. Check out the sample and see if the potential outweighs the "missing the mark" when it comes to execution.

Store & Patreon:
Another fallow week for the store. Next week the remaining two archives that were made. And two video serials. Succulently messy videos! One a top 5 SHC video serial. It's that good!
There's no more spots for joining Patreon and getting to make a request for a special image. So now you'd just do it to support my work. Soon, you'll need to do it to have a say in the content there (polling) and soon after that you'll need to do it get all the material posted there. I'll always post free stuff to so you'll stop by once in a while. And what do I always say? "Enjoy the free stuff... but you WILL eventually see something you can't live without and you'll have to kick in to see the rest of it!"
I still don't know if it will take a $5 pledge or a $10 pledge per month for access to material. Patreon will be SHC lite. Our outrageously sexy super heroines in pin-ups... costume tests... looking heroic... a little peril and a little nudity.

It's good to be back! Enjoy!!!! 

6/1/2018 Member's Area:
NOT THE END! Of American Fox that is... at least... in this installment. But her end has begun!
I'm off to meet with Mr. X to plan world domin... an ice cream party. Lots of free stuff to post for everyone but that will have to wait until probably Monday.

Patreon in short: For people that would just like to help out... be a Patron. And those that love my superheroines but don't like the super deadly/violent situations. Where they are just sexy and a little naked and maybe in a little bit of trouble from time to time.

6/1/2018 Member's Area:
GROAN! What a challenge. Sector Six is updated with American Fox in "Tits in the Wringer!" And Time Tunnel Six with Mr. X's Ms. Americana & Power Lass! Fusion! And Power Angel!

Had to finish because I'm going away for a couple days. Freebies are probably gonna get a bit screwed though. Free area update as soon as I can. May not be until Monday. Should be before that though.

5/25/2018 Free Area:
Ooooh... Kay. What did I forget? Very busy week all focused on the site. I updated the free areas earlier but I had to finish the store and other stuff before making it official.

The price for membership goes back up to $20 on June 14th. That's right, Flag Day! I'll hype it quite a lot the week prior. Don't get stuck and end up paying more for what you like than you have to!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, Mighty Girl is in the . What's that? That's short for "Super Slut Slaughterhouse". Once I decided that "Victory Showcase" would be a good idea. Showing a superheroine winning... mostly... some peril. Like a normal comic book. I knew the other side of the coin would be popular too. We've always had extreme content from time to time. This gets RIGHT TO IT and the super slut has NO CHANCE! Not for everybody but the spike in joins I saw after posting the center graphic makes me think it's more popular than I thought. You freebies need to get used to few samples when is the story. Once every four weeks. I wanted to post some nice superheroine's smiling images for those that don't like that but ran out of time. The first installment was pretty tame. It features one of the greatest villains I've ever created. From the very beginning of the site!
Fusion! Wow! I decided to give you the extreme images of Fusion's story and Spunk!'s. That's a lot of work but if it's what you love? Aces! Funny story about Spunk!'s extreme images. (not really). The extreme images are in the Zone by themselves but not in the actual comic. I don't know what went wrong and I can't find the files to fix it. SUCKS! Drawing all the fluids is difficult and if they're not used... that's the worst.
Penthouse Pet of the Year! Martina Warren! I looked her up. I guess we used her after she was a Penthouse Pet but before she got the "Of the Year" part. Pretty cool. You can find some very naughty photos of her online. Lots of bondage. She did a great job but we couldn't do much. The story turns out A LOT better than I could imagine. She's poisoned by something that forces her to orgasm and is fatal! The end is posted this week. She dead. Embarrassing!

In the Superheroine Video area, fun stuff! But a little clunky as I said earlier. You'll love the situations!

Five more archive collections which are startlingly more popular than I imagined. Fun for sure. Going through the site from the beginning and that's the only way to get some of the stuff. I believe I will be adding one to two videos next week. One is in my top...5? 3? of any video we ever did. 

5/24/2018 Member's Area:
WOW! What an update! Sector Five has Mighty Girl in the Sł! What's that? You may find out tomorrow. No promises. Time Tunnel Five has Ms. Freedom & Liberty Girl -vs- Spunk! and Fusion -vs- Gold Strike! Power Angel in Deathmatch! And the END OF BRITE STAR!!!

I've picked the date the membership price returns to it's normal $20. I'll tell you about that tomorrow as well. See you then!

5/18/2018 Free Area:
For those of you that are new: Every time you see a new update, that means an older update was removed from the members area. So if there was something you really wanted to see, make sure you join before I take it down.

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, UltraGirl's story is pretty violent so there was a lot I didn't like posting in the free area. When she's floating through darkness, that's her getting slammed across the room. And the rest is just her looking FUCKING GORGEOUS!
I'm really proud of that Twitter stuff! High octane superheroine peril. Seems to be bringing new people to the site and... dare I say... the site could be profitable enough for us to shoot some new videos. A lot of you have been requesting that. Not gonna happen for quite a while unless I'm being pessimistic on site growth.
Gold Strike has been given the power to destroy Fusion sexually! Nice!
Went with the extreme pictures for Nightwing316's awesome update. Talk about high octane!
And poor Brite Star is dying as she humps herself raw while her killers, in the next room, calmly discuss whether to take her body with them or leave it to be found by a maid.

In the Superheroine Video area Power Angel will get no breaks in this match rigged against her!

Entertaining stuff... no?

Letting the front page go "fallow" for a week. That's best. If there were new stuff put up every week your brain would ignore it over time. So if you're looking forward to more past material to purchase, stop by next week. LOTS of requests for videos. I'll try to include one or two. Possibly new ones.


5/17/2018 Member's Area:
I've updated Sector Four with UltraGirl in "Beg for DEATH!". I've also updated Time Tunnel Four. It is CRAMMED with superheroine peril! Nightwing316's Solar Woman! Smudge's Blue Bird! Power Angel in "DEATHMATCH!" ReMastered. Fusion in "Mind Fuck!" and Penthouse Pet Martina Warren in "Spent!".

I don't know why there's so much. I must have been compensating for something.

Shut up!

Free Area Tomorrow!

5/11/2018 Free Area:
I'm a gooooooood boy! So many samples. So many pages to update. So many things I could fuck up! Did I? How the hell do I know? Looks good to me.

Let's start with the Superheroine Video area! It was confusing me. I couldn't figure out what I was doing. Then I realized that I used to only have one video sample at a time. Why? Because when we started the site bandwidth was FUCKING CRAZY expensive. Now... not even close. So I'll leave the samples up that represent what's in the zone like I do with the images. A new video serial has begun! ReMastered! Power Angel in Death Match! Honesty time. It ain't great. Let me tell you something guys, girls DO NOT play fight when they are young. Not even a mistaken charlie horse. So we always tried to walk the girls through fight sequences. Sometimes that works great! Sometimes... no. Do you love a gorgeous superheroine in "death trap" level peril? Got that. Do you like a vicious opponent? Got it. Special effects? Naturally. But you can see or will see over time the CLUNKY fighting. If it looks great to you... forget I said anything! I just like to be forthright when it comes to the quality of the material.

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area hop on the gravy train! UltraGirl gets caught disrespecting a far superior superheroine. "The Institute" on this planet has been very lenient with her. That's all going to change. She's deliciously humiliated and slapped! That'll learn her!
And I decided to give you guys samples of the Twitter Land gallery. Why not? The stuff is really awesome. (honesty!) But, obviously... if you want stuff like that everyday (almost), go see my twitter page. I don't think you have to be on twitter to see the stuff. Maybe you do.
And then there's the samples of Time Tunnel Three. Danny Ryan's Power Angel story. (I'm seeing a trend!) Fusion is getting eaten up! And it's affecting her in the real world. Her defenses are dropping. And the Brite Star story... Wow. She's dying from being poisoned and it's causing her to orgasm to death. She puts a pillow between her legs and starts humping it. All against her will! And to her everlasting shame! Well... everlasting for a few more minutes.

TALK ABOUT A LOT OF WORK! But it's done. And if you guys like what you see... I may make some money to help get back on track. There's the 5 archives I promised and Mighty Girl in "The Titanic Titted Trilogy of Terror!" and Mr. X's Ms. Americana & Omega Woman in "Terror Strikes!" Hmmmm. I'm seeing a trend again!

Please Enjoy!

5/11/2018 Member's Area:
Updated TWITTER LAND in the member's area. 25 images! Pretty stout! Great stuff if you haven't seen it. 

Free area update enroute.

5/10/2018 Member's Area:
It's gone on on on on... it ain't coming back! I told ya. But you wouldn't listen... would you?! What am I talking about? Never mind. Doesn't matter. It's gone.

Just updated Sector Three with Victory Showcase featuring UltraGirl and UltraGirl Prime! I also updated Time Tunnel Three with Danny Ryan's Power Angel story. Fat titted Fusion. Slutty little Brite Star. And the "DEATH MATCH!" video installment featuring Tanya Danielle as Power Angel -vs- Bampka!

I updated late because I wanted to give new members as much time as possible to grab the stuff that I'm not talking about anymore. ALSO! Because I just finished. So... I'm spent. No time to do the center graphic. I'm ready to rock and roll tomorrow however so there will be a new center graphic, the free area update and AT LEAST 5 new archives in the Superheroine Merchandise store. I say at least because I'd like to include a Mr. X comic and a Mighty Girl hand drawn comic.

The special Grand-Reopening price of $15 will be the next to go. If you think I can entertain you for a month and it's worth $20, get it now at $15. Cause when that's gone. It's gone on on on on!

5/4/2018 Free Area:
Along with the normally paltry sample of a sector update, I'm giving you the best sample I could conceive of: The entire "What happened in the past..." pages for American Fox and UltraGirl. Most of those stories will be removed next week. I don't have unlimited storage anymore and I can't keep all that material available. On top of that, that's just not the deal. Normally if you joined for a month and cancelled you'd get two months of material when you joined (if 4 weeks is a month) and then the month you paid for. If you maintain membership you're getting a month for $20 after that. (That's the normal member price.) You give me $20, I entertain you for a month. Sound like a shitty deal? Then the member's area isn't for you. Sound great? Come on in! The superheroine fluids are FINE!

If you don't want to join but like stopping by for the free samples, GREAT! Because if you like my stuff enough to do that... you're gonna see something you can't live without. Then I got you, MOTHER FUCKER!!! MWAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAA!!!

And since I need to rebuild the number of paying members I'm giving you that great price. And for just ONE WEEK MORE I'm giving you access to 4 and a half extra MONTHS of material. If you're thinking about joining... DO IT NOW! Once that material is removed you're unlikely to see it again for years.

Everything make sense? I hope so. I tried to explain it as well as I could. But it can be a bit confusing.

No time for the store again. Sheesh!

Anyways, as always, thanks for stopping by!

5/3/2018 Member's Area:
Sector Two updated with American Fox in "Tits In The Wringer!" Also I created a new gallery of what I post on twitter so members don't have to deal with it if they don't want to. For instance, if someone IS on twitter it's probably an account their whole family knows about. So they can't risk looking at my stuff. Here's a heads up though... "The Super Slut Slaughterhouse" needs it's first victim! Members have the most input but I'm running a poll on Twitter as well. Here is the fantastic graphic I made for it:

You can click on it to go there and vote yourself.

Big news tomorrow... also a big time sample. You'll see!

4/29/2018 Free Area:
What... a... week! LOTS of work but pretty fun because the outcome was good. Members are really enjoying the new features. We don't normally get a lot of feedback since people that like what we like don't like to talk about it much, for obvious reasons. They really went out of their way to let me know I was on the right track however.

Let's start with the Superheroine Video area! The conclusion to "The UltraGirl TRAP!". There were two of course. She wins... she loses. I can't show you the, "she loses". A little too much for the free area. So I gave you the ENTIRE but short "She Wins" ending. Then I grabbed some samples of the outtakes from the shoot. Apparently it was just me and her which makes sense. It was one of our more extreme storylines. You'll also learn that I guffaw like a dork once in a while.

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area you'll get samples from our new "Victory Showcase!". The two new superheroines are UltraGirl Prime and Freedom Fox! Our normal UltraGirl needs to be sent to UltraGirl Prime's dimension to save her! She will become UltraGirl Prime and victorious stuff will happen. But also some trouble and peril and sexual threat. But the idea is to show these gorgeous creatures doing their super hero thing so we can tear 'em apart later! Freedom Fox... the worst sidekick ever! And for us that means best sidekick. She's more trouble than she's worth but together American Fox and Freedom Fox will win the day. That one picture in the center graphic from the Superheroine Hell side of things is about all I want to show you. I'll make sure there are tame images here and there when I tell these "Superheroine Horror Movie" type of content.

AND we have Time Tunnel Two! Nightwing316 is hitting his stride as you can see. Amazing content for so long ago. And fat titted Fusion really is in mortal danger. Her "friend" Gold Strike is able to enter her mind and it becomes like a rape... BUT WORSE... because Fusion is responding sexually against her will! And then Brite Star. The story is looking pretty fantastic right now! She's been poisoned and her cunt and tits are on fire. It's making her orgasm and she can't control herself! Deadly desire! I still wouldn't join for it but I sure as hell would check it out and enjoy it if I was a member!

The delay isn't going to affect the next update. It's almost done. I got ahead on it.

I picked a date on the calendar and said, that's when all the past material is coming out of the Forbidden Zone! But now it seems like too short of a warning. I'll rethink the drop dead date on getting months and months of material (more than normal) when you join. 

No freaking way I could add stuff to the store. I've been getting requests for stuff to add on top of what used to be in there. You should let me know too if there was a story or video you liked that you never saw in the store. I was going to wait until the whole store was reconstructed but realized it would be wise to make some extra money as soon as possible even though I'm doing well right now.

Enjoy them samples!

4/28/2018 Member's Area:
See! No need to panic! I was actually working really hard to make something awesome. Sector One updated with new features "Victory Showcase" and a place that could best be described as "Superheroine Hell!". I'm going to do something I've never done before! I'm going to give you the entire "Update Notes" for Sector One. It took me a while to write and I think it explains the new features well. It also has an explanation of why some of us want to see superheroines bite the dust. There will be plenty to read here tomorrow night so now is the best time for it.

OK. I hope I made most of you at least a little happy! If you're like me, you love both scenarios featured in our little superheroine Heaven & Hell.

I decided a while back that I couldn't produce a full installment like UltraGirl's "Beg for DEATH!" and American Fox's "Tits in the Wringer!" every week and update the Time Tunnels too. Especially when I have the files and can remaster the videos. But... while I'm trying to build the membership base from scratch I know I need to keep a constant flow of hopefully excellent superheroine peril rolling.

Then I realized I could render a mini story in one or two days and make it available if I didn't have to do all the work necessary to make it a complete installment. All the text, all the image editing... etc. Don't worry. This one made me late because I had to set up all the web pages again. Now that it's done I can just pop the images in and write the story.

So what kind of stories should I feature? Well... some guys have asked since the beginning of the site for victorious stories about our superheroines. I couldn't do those while still producing what you guys have come for. Not well anyway. But this little short stories idea... I could do something there. So Victory Showcase was born.

Then I thought... sometimes you just want to get to the "Superheroine Horror Movie" material right away. A lot of me playing around is dead or dying superheroines. And a lot of that is great stuff but, really... you have to have the story building up to that. UNLESS you just make a short story format for the purposes of slaughtering super cows. Thus Super Slut Slaughterhouse was born.

Let me allay the fears of those of you who don't like that sort of stuff. Good people can have extremely dark fantasies. Especially when sex and violence is combined like we like. I love the shame and humiliation that these fantasy creatures I've created go through as they are utterly (udderly?) destroyed. But in real life I get upset if women are harassed or even inconvenienced in any way. Men too. And I would fight to the death to protect a woman from an attacker. Most likely the attacker's death but even my own. Almost all adults have a clear line in their minds between reality and fantasy. Children, on the other hand, do not. That's why I get so worried about kids seeing this stuff. Rather tame comic books and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman did this to me (and many of you). I can't imagine what would happen to a kid's mind if they STARTED with our stuff!

So I hope you're as excited about this as I am. I hope you find what I produce entertaining enough to spend $20 a month for. (You're just getting it for $15 now because I NEED YOU SO BAD!!!) That's always been the deal.




This all took a lot out of me, freebies. Free area update Sunday night. I appreciate your patience! If you have it.

4/27/2018 Member's Area:
Almost done! It's always a lot of work setting up the web interface for a new story format. But that's all done. 50+ more images. A sort of superheroine heaven and hell! I'll be able to get everything done on Saturday.

See you then, freebies.

4/26/2018 Member's Area:
Finally bit off more than I can chew! Time Tunnel Two has been updated with Nightwing316's American Fox story! Fusion! Brite Star! Jadira! And the conclusions to "The UltraGirl Trap!" PLUS some awesome outtakes from that video!

I have a sector update almost ready but couldn't get it done tonight. It will be ready tomorrow. Will this delay the free area update? (stroking chin) It could. I'll try to get it all done though. Adding more archives to the store might be delayed as well.

Keep an eye out! The samples will be AMAZING!!

4/20/2018 Free Area:
OK... I may have gotten a little carried away on twitter and in the member's area when I used the word "Masterpiece" when describing the UltraGirl story I've been working on. Now, a day or so removed, cooler heads can prevail and I'd really like to... DOUBLE DOWN!!! She looks sooooo fucking FANTASTIC! Those tits! That ass! So fucking gorgeous! The peril she finds herself in is exquisite! The two villains (for now) go back and forth between uncaring torturers to enjoying the young super girl's torment with vicious glee! She's stunned and is totally incapable of defending herself. The receptionist that she tangled with at the beginning of the story is back and is going to beat the hell out of her with a baseball bat. This can't do much actual damage to UltraGirl of course but these super sluts, no matter how invulnerable, FEEL attacks like a normal person. So even though Samantha, the receptionist can't beat UltraGirl to death... it sure will feel like it!

Got myself a little worked up there! I've done all the renders for the next installment already so I know how that dance with a baseball bat will go. Pretty extraordinary stuff!  

You've seen the center graphic. No go to the Forbidden Zone Entry Area and get four more samples. With that you should be able to decide whether UltraGirl should suffer with only her tormentors looking on... or if YOU need to be in the audience to witness her shame! (In other words "Join" heh heh)

As I mentioned previously... putting the material together for "Digital Downloads" is a decent amount of work that can lend itself to errors so I'm just rebuilding the store 5 items at a time. I've started with the first five SHC Archive collections.
It appears as though it's going to be way too complex to have a Member's Area store so I've decided, you know what? This material has been around for a long time. Let's just lower all the prices to the Member's Area discount. A loss of appropriate power for paying members but should be a nice gesture to those that don't like recurring charges and just want to buy specific collections of material.

The site is growing slowly but steadily! We just may make it yet! (We're gonna make it, don't worry. That doesn't mean you shouldn't join though. Every bit helps!)

4/19/2018 Member's Area:
UltraGirl in "Beg for DEATH!" posted in Sector Eight of the Member's Area.

Samples of that tomorrow and a return of the Superheroine Merchandise Section. Just five archives but you have to start somewhere!

4/14/2018 Twitter?:
A couple things:
Yes, the site went down last evening for some of us. Not fucking cool! Seems OK now.

I forgot to mention I put all the JOIN, MEMBERS... etc. links on the front page too. I got a few people asking where and how to join. A little surprising. Hopefully that will help.

I've posted some renders of UltraGirl on Twitter. As I've mentioned, I'm considering starting a Patreon account for those that would just like to contribute to the work I do. (You'd be surprised!) Also as a place where some could donate $5 or so and see some of the SHC material that's not too dangerous without spending the whole $20. (Remember that will be the price again at some point.) So while I played around in Poser today I posted some pretty fucking cool images of UltraGirl fighting for her life in the skies above a city. Very tame. It's hard to know what's OK to post on Twitter. So... for a while anyway... twitter will have exclusive content! If you want to see it as soon as I post it, you know, follow me I guess. If you don't have twitter (like I didn't forever) just bookmark my page. I think you can see everything fine. Check it out!--- DanO.. on Twitter!

4/13/2018 Free Area:
After I get done setting up a new superheroine, or finish altering the costume of an existing character I usually play around with a scene where she's getting crushed in a bear hug. I love it! I've gotten really good at making the tits look like they're getting mashed. So...

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area you'll see samples of a gallery I put up in Sector Seven. Normally this would have been just the Time Tunnel Update but with the current situation and my desire to get you guys excited enough to join, I updated that gallery. Love the whole "Superheroine in peril as she's crushed to death!" scenario? This is the kind of thing I'll monitor closely. If a bunch of joins happen I'll have a good idea that scenes like that are as popular as I think.
Along with that we have Fusion... heh heh heh... she doesn't know what's going on yet. By the time she figures it out, it will be too late! And Ms. Freedom rushes back to the scene of the crime when The Institute lets her know that something terrible has happened to her sidekick. Terrible INDEED! It's Spunk!! And I threw in a couple of samples of Brite Star in "Spent!". Penthouse Pet... she wasn't really into it. Not a lot happens. That's why it's an extra story and why you shouldn't join just for that. She IS gorgeous though!

In the Superheroine Video area I've posted NOTHING! UltraGirl is basically FINISHED! He does more terrible things to her that we can all enjoy. But, sheesh... if you don't know if you want to watch "The UltraGirl TRAP!" by now there's nothing more I can show you. Next Time Tunnel we have both the winning and losing conclusions. 

I've just started putting together the store so people can buy old material and whole videos. It's quite a process so I've decided to add about 5 things a week. Starting with the Archives. Thanks to all of you who have joined! It's really important so we can keep this thing going. We are MILES away from actually shooting new videos. Every little bit helps though!

4/12/2018 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel One! Ms. Freedom & Liberty Girl! Fusion! Bright Star! UltraGirl!
Sector Seven! UltraGirl! American Fox! Blonde Widow! In a gallery of deadly bear hugs!

Free Area Update and a site progress update tomorrow!

4/6/2018 Free Area:
OK! Things are getting back to normal a bit. Not bad. Thanks to all of you that have jumped at the $15 discount membership! Without you, this don't happen!

A REMINDER: I've been keeping A LOT of past material in the member's area. It's still there. It won't be there for long. As a matter of fact, it will be removed before the $15 discount price expires. So all of that past material you are seeing samples for... still in there! But act quickly. Normally there are 8 Sector Updates (New) and 8 Time Tunnel Updates (Repeats) in there. So if you join now it's like getting roughly 3 times what's normally in there.

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area you'll see American Fox freaking out as the Hellm prepare the room for her imminent demise. You also see her decrease the size of her tits. It's explained in the story of course. We're basically resetting her character for what's coming next. She really looks fantastic. And we also have samples of Mr. X's Power Lass and Fusion. Fusion has no idea her "friend" is there to kill her by entering her mind! But now you know!

In the Superheroine Video area I've posted the latest UltraGirl Trap! sample. Wow! HAA HAA HAAA!!! Enjoy! The installment it's based on has a great unmasking part! I know some of you LOVE that! 

If you want to keep this rolling... JOIN! Everything's coming up roses and daffodils!

4/5/2018 Member's Area:
WELL! This has been an exciting time. And I'm not being sarcastic. Our whole "This is how we make money." system went away. So I had to move the whole show to a new server and new credit card processing company. We went with SurfNet because that's who Mr. X uses and he was happy with them. They've been VERY helpful and all the membership stuff is now working at peak performance!

When I first started the site (In the early Cretaceous Period) we of course started with zero members. So I decided there would be an Opening deal. Instead of $20, people that joined right away got membership for $15. Worked like a charm!
So now, we're starting from scratch again! It didn't occur to me right away. But I realized I'm basically in the same position. I need to kick the site off all over again. So I'm doing the same offer!

Problem: Some people joined as soon as they saw the "Join" button! Is that fucking awesome or what?!! So they joined at $20. Well... I'm hardly going to punish customers for making purchases right away. But I have no way to refund $5 and no way to set them to $15 recurring. So I am adding a free month of membership to the one they purchased for $20. If you're one of those people you need to cancel. Later, when your membership access expires, then join for $15. There will be plenty of screaming headlines just before the offer ends.

As you can see in the Center Graphic, Sector Six has been updated with the Amazing American Fox! I've also shown what was posted in Time Tunnel Eight.

Free Area Update Tomorrow!

I'm still working on the store. That's a whole 'nother load of work. All items will be digital downloads of the videos and stories for sale. 




3/23/2018 Free Area:
I didn't mention it, but, no free area update this week. I'm not going to get you guys wound up even more when you can't join. Besides there's a metric crap ton of samples in the free area now. Have you seen it all? HAVE YOU?!!! Didn't think so. Go... enjoy. We're doing our best to avoid it but there's always a chance it will disappear forever! 

3/22/2018 Member's Area:
Time Tunnel Eight has been updated in the member's area. If you're not a member... I'm afraid you can't join at this time. For you see, the old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times." has come to pass for SHC and most of her sister sites.

Our credit card processing company, that we've used since 1999, has gone out of business. We are in the process of looking for a new company and I'll let you know as soon as we have one and you can join and purchase things again.

Members got an installment of Power Lass by Mr. X! Fusion in "Mind Fuck!". Bright Star in "Spent!". and the "UltraGirl Trap!" video serial.

I've made the center graphic a generic advertisement of some of our many superheroines. Seemed appropriate while companies look at the site and they try to evaluate whether they'd like our business or not.

3/17/2018 We've experienced a problem with our credit card processing company.
It's impossible to join at this time so please don't waste your time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
3/16/2018 Free Area:
THESE PIPES ARE CLEAN! - (That's a "Cabin Boy" reference I don't expect any of you to get.)

I am FINALLY all caught up with the free area updates! (smattering of applause) Everything you see in the free area as samples in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area (Including what's in the two "Past" pages) and the Superheroine Video area is still in the Forbidden Zone! And I am fucking spent. 

I have SOOOOO much to tell you about but I'm out for this evening. I'll come back in and do a thorough explanation for those that like that sort of thing tomorrow.

3/15/2018 Member's Area:
Hooray! It's UltraGirl week! In more ways than one. Sector Five has been updated with UltraGirl in "Beg for DEATH!". UltraGirl's cape is removed so she can't fly anymore even if she regains her motor functions. No big deal, right? HAAA! You'll see.

Tomorrow 4 sample images of that. AND six new minute long samples of the live action "UltraGirl Trap!". Plus I put together a sample a little over a minute long of the 4 minute Poser created animation. Doesn't sound like much? Again. You'll see.  

And I'll see you tomorrow.

3/10/2018 Free Area:
All done for this week! Next week I'll add all the UltraGirl Trap! video samples. Then I'll be all caught up. Starting from then I will leave all these free samples up for two additional months and I'll leave all the back installments in the member's area. It's the least I could do since the site was dormant for so long. People stop checking out the site eventually. Now, if they stop by in these two months "HOLY SHIT!" SHC is rolling again! And they won't miss out on anything.

For obvious reasons I left older material in the member's area. That way members would get vast chunks of stories if not full stories. After that I'll go back to being an asshole and the material will rotate out after 8 installments.

Let's start with the Superheroine Video sample area:
As I mention there, I stopped at the end of The Nest III. You've seen some of these videos already but to ensure you knew for a fact what you'd get if you join, I created new, longer than usual samples for all the installments. Sixteen of them. It took quite a while. I also added the full "They Lose" ending. It's very short. Why not? It's also pretty cool. Typical horror movie ending. Fun!

In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area:
I'll begin with this week's Time Tunnel update. Jadira! Not a great story. It's 11 pages long though. D.Praved does a good job with the Poser images but it's not a normal SHC superheroine in peril story. Gotta be honest! At this point in the past we started featuring more hired artists. Few were up to my standards like Mr. X and Nightwing316 are.
The Fusion in "MIND FUCK!" story begins! Now THIS IS great stuff. Fusion is one of the more powerful superheroines. Therefore, the foes that want to destroy her must think outside the box. Fusion is cute as hell and has nice fat tits! Can't beat that.
We also start a short, one off, story featuring Penthouse Pet Martina Warren as the new Brite Star! It's a pretty tepid story that I believe lasts a few weeks. She doesn't have the Chestal Real Estate I (we) like but she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
So that's it for this week's update. I'll leave comment on the awesome UltraGirl Trap! until next week.

I did add other material in the Forbidden Zone. I went back and reposted all the Sector updates with the new American Fox and UltraGirl material. So if you like those stories (I think they look fantastic! But, I'm biased. I'm right. But I am also biased.). Poser improved with dynamic cloth and I got better at using it. These are the kinds of computer generated images I always hoped I could make. So, since all this material is in the member's area I decided to split the Time Tunnel samples and the Sector samples.

So if there's something in the back samples and the video samples you love and want to see more of... you can join and get it all! You can cancel anytime, automatically at the SHC HELPDESK. You will still get all the access you paid for.

I just remembered I forgot to do a sample video of the animated UltraGirl video. It will have to be posted next week with the live action UltraGirl video samples. I'm done for this week! Please enjoy!

3/9/2018 Free Area:
I'm not going to be able to finish the video sample update tonight. Therefore I updated the image samples and I'll be back tomorrow morning. Really close.

I will explain the image updates tomorrow as well.

In the Forbidden Zone entry area I've posted the images from this week's update.
For ALL the samples you need to click on the two PAST MATERIAL pages at the bottom.
Everything available in the member's area is sampled. HUGE pages. They may take a while to load.

Join Away! If you love what you see you can join and cancel anytime, automatically at the SHC HELPDESK. You will still get the access you paid for.

I've reread this posting about 15 times now and I keep finding mistakes. Time to sleep.

3/8/2018 Member's Area:
Nope! I had that backwards last week. I am supposed to update the center graphic on Thursday. It's what gets freebies in a frenzy and makes them join even before the samples are up. So how do I keep from spoiling big reveals for the members when they see it? I guess it doesn't come up that often. Last week was a special case. Anywho...

In the member's area I posted Time Tunnel Seven. An 11 page story of Jadira. The new Brite Star! One of the best video installments EVER of UltraGirl's final moments in "The UltraGirl Trap!".
Plus the delicious tits of Fusion in "Mind FUCK!". Funny. When I was putting the center graphic together I considered calling her a cow right off the bat. Seemed a bit too rude. Then I laughed. Being too rude is what this site is all about! It's not about how we should treat women in real life. It's about how we treat fat uddered super cows in our fantasy world! Fuck that stupid cow! That slut is going to get it GOOD! Believe me!

Now I'll spend today and tomorrow trying to sort out all the video samples you guys are going to get. Should be extremely awesome. It's going to take so much thought and attention to detail that I'm going to postpone the "Super Slut in Peril A Day" updates till next week. I want them at least all picked out before I start. I'd like to have the correct descriptions done too. But that's my problem. It will be a mixture of classic images not seen in many years and new Poser material never before seen.

Wow. Too much typing/reading for the Member's Area update.

3/4/2018 Free Area:
The new helpdesk system is activated. You can join and cancel all on your own. You can also ask questions by creating a ticket. If you like what you see in the free area then joining is for you.
The "Contact" links throughout the site will take you to the link to the helpdesk.

Here's the HELPDESK link also

3/2/2018 Free Area:
DO NOT JOIN YET. We can't be 100% sure we'd get your email if you tried to cancel or had a problem. We hope to have an automated helpdesk running this weekend. I'll post a message when it's OK to join.

MASSIVE free area update but I'm not done yet. Figuring out what needed to be posted and then doing it took all day. In the member's area I (appropriately) over compensated because I wanted to make sure if you saw a sample in the free area it was available in the member's area. So past material is still available in the Forbidden Zone with no samples out here. I will add those samples next week. All this back material will be available for two months while people begin entering the zone again.

I also didn't have time to put together the video samples. Those will be straightened out next week too. I will also start my "Superheroine in Peril of the Day" postings. A reason for you stop by every day and get a new image. That will proceed for two months as well.

Check them out.
I put descriptive text on each item so this didn't get too long and you didn't have to go back and forth to figure out what's happening.

3/1/2018 Member's Area:
OK! The crazy huge free area update happens tomorrow. American Fox has been updated in Sector 4 of the Member's Area. 

The center graphic gives away what happens in the story and I was concerned it would ruin it for members but then I remembered I always replace the center graphic on Friday during the free area update. This gives members a day to enjoy the story without it being spoiled.

2/22/2018 FUUUUUUUCK!!!

I decided to post that cool UltraGirl animated GIF last week and forgot to upload the actual image. I'm a little rusty. It's there now! Sorry.

2/22/2018 Member's Area:
Oh, boy. Very soon. Next week I'll post an enormous free area update. A week after that I will begin my "A Superheroine In Peril A Day!" plan. One sexy image posted in the free area a day to give people a reason to stop by again. Images will be from the past, present and future of the site.

In the meantime Time Tunnel Six has been posted. Power Angel by Danny Ryan! The UltraGirl Trap is sprung! And the bait story continues with the X3 viciously torturing the defeated UltraGirl!

2/15/2018 Member's Area:
More trouble for everyone's favorite super girl! UltraGirl fights for her life against the monstrous Shrage Red and his devastating STUN technology. 

Still no free update but I thought I'd do something fun. Here's the whole installment in a quick running gif so you get the feel of the whole thing without really understanding what the hell is going on. The images are zoomed in a bit. A version of the story members can see.

Don't join yet, however. We feel the email system will be completely corrected in a week or so. Everything you've been seeing on the site will be in the member's area when you finally get in there.

2/8/2018 Member's Area:
The major thing of course is the remastered installment of Tabitha Mountmoore in "The UltraGirl Trap!" Plus Ms. Freedom and Liberty Girl in "The Box!" A very Spunk!-centric installment. And UltraGirl is getting beaten like a two dollar whore in "BAIT!"

Two more updates and I'll begin updating the free area again. I want to ensure everything is running smoothly before I ask people to stop by regularly for free samples. My goal is to have a free image a day for two months to make it worth everybody's time. Should be fun and I won't start it unless I have all the images picked out and ready to go.

1/27/2018 Member's Area:
Going to try and update for a while here. First off, a 30 image desktop package. Intended for Windows 7+ (I believe.) Download to a directory and point your desktop to them for a slide show. Starting slow. Going to try and update for a few weeks in a row. Then I'll update the free area. The goal is to have a new sample image every day for a month or two to make it worthwhile for folks to stop by again.


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