SunGirl's amazing story is over. There is no longer any SunGirl material in the Zone.

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SunGirl VS Soul Stealer
"Curse the Darkness"
was our first photo comic. As a monthly installment it represented the best photo manipulation and special effects. Here is a
two page sample or see below. We have also included sample images that were pulled from the story as it was posted and some sketches, at the bottom of the page.

The SunGirl Photo Comic CD includes:
63 comic pages
154 edited stills
306 unedited stills
3 QuickTime Movies
2 mpg clips

Welcome to the SunGirl photo-comic preview.
Click the arrow below to view 2 pages of the ongoing
story. When you are there, click on each panel to view
full sized.

On to the SunGirl Preview!

Or look below for preview images that were posted as the site
was updated. Some are edited and some are not.
There are also a few sketches that were always
intended for this free area.

The Sketches.