Nova and the Professor


Chapter 1 - Firetrap


By Dr. Dominator


Note: The Nova character, Liana Kirkwood, Professor Tyrmic Demos and Mr. Nathan are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older.



From the moment Liana Kirkwood stepped into the large supply closet at Travis Industries to change into her Nova super heroine costume, she felt like she was being watched. She looked around suspiciously but saw nothing unusual so, in a rush, she quickly pulled off her dark blue cotton blouse.

Beneath her work blouse was a suede tunic that started out with a bright orange semi-circle above her brown nylon belt then graduated to yellow on the upper chest and down her arms. Thin orange leather laces crisscross down the long V-neck all the way to the bottom of her sternum. The swell of her ample breasts shook slightly within the laces as Liana hurriedly unfastened the hooks of her light blue cotton skirt and let it drop to the floor. Revealed underneath was the short yellow suede skirt of Nova’s costume and, as she bent down to pick up her work skirt, there was a flash of orange silk panties.

She still couldn't shake the ominous feeling that she was being observed. Scanning the room apprehensively, she quickly kicked off her shoes and then pulled out the thin, orange suede boots she had hidden within a special locking section of her handbag. Pulling the boots on with a quick tug, she looked down at them with a brief smile. They complemented her costume beautifully. Hurriedly, she pulled off her long blonde wig to reveal the short, sassy cropped brown hair that was Nova’s trademark.

With a fire in a skyscraper in Silver City’s Freedom Plaza that had to be fought now, she couldn't indulge herself in searching the room to try to find the source of her concern.

With a whispered ancient Thulian prayer and a twist of the circle on the magic amulet sewn into the thickly-woven brown metal fiber belt around her waist, Nova is suddenly surrounded by a dense orange glow that shimmers brightly for three seconds before fading. Infused with a surge of incredible power, Liana Kirkwood smiles as she pulls open the window to fly off to the site of the inferno as the incredible Nova.

In the storeroom of the building retreating in the distance behind the soaring teenage marvel, a tiny fisheye lens behind the plastic exit sign above the door remains discreetly hidden after recording the amazing changeover for the ninth time.

From the moment Nova arrives at the fire, chaos surrounds her. Firemen are shouting and directing hoses this way and that. Ladders are swinging to the sides of the building to evacuate scared figures in the upper floors. Long arcing plumes of water are pouring through broken windows in the middle of the building as huge tongues of flame and smoke pour out of the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st floors of a 65-story tower.

Hearing a faint cough and cry for help that no one else can, Nova streaks through a broken pane on the 30th floor and lands with a thump on a patch of soggy carpet. Here the fire has been held at bay for a moment. Down the hall, though, she can see the flicker of the angry flames as they slowly make their way toward her along charred walls covered in blistered paint.

Someone is coughing in a room off to the left and Nova immediately heads in that direction. Coming to a glass door with the words “SoMed Industries” painted on it, the shapely young heroine hears the barking cough again and a man’s weak call for help.

Snapping off the handle and punching open the shattered lock, Nova pushes open the broken door and steps into a thin plume of smoke. Coughing once in surprise, the teenage wonder ducks low and sprints forward toward the source of the earlier sound. The sound of fans kick in and some of the smoke clears away. The sprinkler system in here has not gone off yet surprisingly.

“Who’s there?” She calls loudly. Scanning the room with her sensor vision, she picks up a shape huddled under a conference table located at the far end of the huge open floor before her.

“” gasps the crouched man. With the toxic smoke coming in from the hallway, Nova is surprised anyone would be staying under a table in this horrendous scene. She straightens up and runs toward the figure, thinking as she runs about the best way for her to get him out of the building safely.

She is just reaching the conference room table when a sudden wrenching tug binds her ankles tightly and yanks her backward without warning. Nova falls face first to the floor with her hands flung out in front of her in stunned surprise. Her yellow suede skirt flips up to reveal her bright orange silk panties smoothly stretched over her buttocks to cameras hidden in the ceiling above.  Before the teenage champion can even turn her head to see what caused her fall, the pretty brunette feels a painful jab in her right buttock.

“OWW!” she yelps as her body jerks in pain, her rear end wobbling prominently within the orange silk panties. It had been two years since anything had been able to hurt Nova. Not since she’d first met T’Aalak and she’d learned about the dying man’s mission for her. Twisting her upper body, she sees a dart of some kind sticking out of her cheek and, looking up beyond that, a man in a hooded fire protection suit smiling at her through his visor. He is standing within a closet tucked into a wall behind her and holds a dart gun in one hand and the end of the cord that is wrapped around her ankles in his other hand. Glancing at her ankles, she sees they are encircled by the cord of a bolo. One camera in an upper corner of the room has caught the entire ambush for a hidden audience.

“Hello, Nova,” says the hooded gunman.

Twenty floors below in a screening room on the 10th floor where the camera feed is being directed, a handsome brown-haired executive in a dark chocolate colored Saville Row suit motions to the 56-inch flat panel display screen.

“As you can see, gentlemen, Nova jerked and yelped like a dumb cur when she was shot in the ass by our young operative. Being able to pierce her skin and cause pain is the first test to be passed. The Tantalum seems to be working as I expected.”

The five fascinated businessmen in the room with this confident 28-year-old crime prodigy watch the screen and nod with pleasure at the troubled teen’s frowning face.

With a sudden up and sideways yank on the bolo cord, the man is able to flip the dumbstruck brunette onto her back before she realizes what he’s doing. Just as her hands fly out behind her to steady herself, a second dart sinks into the side of her neck.

“Aieyahh!” she yelps, her head jerking back in pain as the man begins to drag her toward him one jerking foot at a time. A wall-mounted camera sends the scene to the screening room. The assembled men grin with delight as the camera records the incredible picture of one of the strongest females in the world lying on her back, stunned and confused while being dragged helplessly toward an uncertain fate. The camera zooms in beneath Nova’s suede skirt and focuses clearly on the smooth crotch of the Thulian champion’s silky orange panties. The dazed heroine has no idea that the dappled strip of orange material covering her feminine treasures is under the watchful gaze of a six nodding businessmen of varied nationalities.

“There you have a quick glimpse of heaven, my friends,” Professor Tyrmic Demos grins. “Nova is about to have that pretty pussy of hers served up to you nice gentlemen on a silver platter and she doesn’t even know it!”

This is too much!  An angry Nova thinks to herself as she shakes off the shock of the attack. She grabs hold of the carpet beneath her and sinks her nails in tightly. This causes the man to jerk to a hard, sudden stop and makes him tip forward awkwardly.

With a twisting sideways yank of her legs, Nova sends the man flailing sideways himself in the cumbersome suit and he falls on his stomach as he lets go of the bolo cord.

“This is not in the script,” Professor Demos says, “but let’s see how our operatives handle their setback, eh?”

Nova immediately sits up and untangles the cord around her ankles and stands up, stepping away from the cord toward the stranger in the white fire suit. She pulls the two darts out from her buttock and her neck. They numb her thoughts just to hold them. Tantalum! She flings them away in anger. Somebody knew her weakness. Still, there doesn’t seem to be any disabling function to the darts except the initial painful jab.

“.Pleeeaassee...smoke...can’t me...” cries the man under the conference table suddenly and Nova turns her head in dismay, having forgotten him in the attack. She sees him trying to crawl towards her and she half turns her body to go to him when the hoodlum in the fire suit on the floor rolls over and shoots a third dart at the beautiful girl in yellow and orange.

This dart angles up between Nova’s legs and its needle-sharp point hits home right near her crotch, high on the inside of her right thigh.

“YAAAHH!” she screams out and drops to both knees with her legs spread open and her head thrown back in shock and sudden agony. Under the sharp searing pain, a dizziness and weakness begins to spread through her. The darts were laden with some sort of drug!

The quickly recovering assailant in the fire suit pulls something out of his pocket and flings it at Nova’s head. Before the injured heroine can react, the humming double bolo flying at her catches hard across the front of her neck. Two thin white ceramic balls careen on tight strings in opposite directions around her throat wrapping it tightly in cord before coming to a sudden smashing stop in the center of her face.

“OWW!” One ball cracks against Nova’s nose and bursts with a loud bang in a thick cloud of pale blue mist. A fraction of a second later, its twin smashes into the stunned brunette’s mouth.  WHUMP!

“HUUNGH!” It also explodes in Nova’ face with a second blue plume. Together, the bolos have released a thick blue cloud that completely envelops the heroine’s head. The flabbergasted teenager wavers in total shock on her knees for several seconds in gasping confusion. Her head is momentarily hidden in the drifting blue fog. Then Nova slowly crumples backward on the floor dazed and bloodied by the device, gagging and coughing with choking rasps on the pale blue mist.

“.....haulkk...(cough, cough)....whhh...(wheeze)... haakkk...what’ve.....yuh... you’ve...(cough)..done..?”

“A brilliant recovery by our assault crew,” smiles Demos back in the screening room. “Despite her incredible powers, the dumb bitch has made several stupid tactical errors that our hit team has capitalized on beautifully. At this point, I can say with complete confidence that Nova will not be able to escape our trap.”

The famous brunette superhero lying twisted on the floor abruptly begins to feel numb all over. She is seized by a hard wave of nausea that makes her stomach heave violently and saps almost all her energy. Tantalum, while not radioactive, does negatively interact with Nova’s physiology to demolish her sense of balance, slow all her abilities down to a minuscule fraction of her super skills and fog her thinking to a pathetic confused mess of misfiring neurons that makes her seem little better than a foolish simpleton.

“OHH!....owwww....” The groaning teenage dynamo clutches her belly tightly and curls over on her side in the fetal position, crippled in pain from wrenching stomach spasms. Her skin is flushed, she is sweating profusely and the staggered heroine with a taut bolo cord wrapped around her neck is lying awkwardly on the floor, twisted and confused by this overwhelming assault on her body.

“What’s the matter, gorgeous? Tummy cramps?” The thug in the fire suit now standing over Nova savors the view of this famous bitch hero curled up in agony at his feet. She had been surprisingly easy to take down!

While her rear end, clad in silky orange costume underpants unknowingly sticks out from under her famous brown suede skirt, the feeble brown-haired champion sluggishly lies in doped confusion on the floor of this burning building with her lungs seemingly on fire numbly trying to think how to get away from this bad man.

Suddenly, the gloved hand of the man in the fire suit reaches down, grabs the top laces of her suede costume blouse and hoists the grimacing girl to her knees. Smiling through his visor, the dark-haired thug points his gun at a dazed and sagging Nova and fires a fourth dart directly down into the top of her exposed left breast.

“GEEYAHH!” The powerful teen wonder is rocked back as the minuscule dart punctures her breast and delivers its deadly venom into her blood. She then topples forward in a numb faint, clinging desperately to the legs of her assailant for support.

“You can see how ineptly Nova is dealing with this attack. Considering the fact that this insipid wimp is recognized as one of the strongest women of our time, I’m a bit surprised at how badly she’s handling herself here. I know this Tantalum scrambles her brain but I didn’t think it would be as pervasive as it obviously is. It’s astounding that she’s lasted this long. Watch how efficiently our team subdues this clumsy sow, gentlemen.”

The figure on the screen hoists up the sluggish teenage heroine to her feet. She moans in distress as he spins her around quickly into a powerful headlock. This makes the heroine even more feeble and nauseous. Nova is bewildered by how fast she had been put in this position. Exhausted, the teen powerhouse can’t even stop this dumb brute’s powerful arm from choking off her air in the crook of his elbow.

“...Wruulggkk.....sss...stuh....stup...STOP...!” Nova’ croaking voice barks out.

From a room around the corner, a second man in a fire suit appears and he walks up to the struggling Nova with quick strides. One man had been hard enough to defend against. The improbability of her trying to fend off two of them in her present condition fills the dazed and helpless teen with cold fear.

The second thug quickly grabs her awkwardly waving arms at the wrists and pulls them down with surprising ease. From a zippered pocket, he produces a pair of handcuffs and efficiently forces a disoriented Nova’ wrists into the circles of steel and snaps them shut with an ominous click.

With a grunt, the man behind her lifts his stunned and bewildered victim off her feet and the man standing in front of her jabs out with a hard, thumping punch to the brunette’s stomach.

“WHHUUNNNFF!” The wheezing and dizzy heroine doubles over with lightheaded nausea as all her air whistles through her teeth.

The first man holding Nova up keeps one hand around her waist while the other hand yanks her head back by the hair.

“Feeling a little over-matched here, cunt?” The whispered kernel of truth poured in her ear cuts into Nova’s fast eroding confidence like acid.

How have I badly? Why...not¼realize...darts so deadly? ...How could I be so stupid? Should have¼seen danger!

The gasping, weak-kneed teenager being firmly restrained by the hoodlum behind her is too distracted by her guilt to see the hood’s other fist before he thrusts upward. She cannot dodge the shattering uppercut to her chin.

Nova’ head snaps backward and the once-intelligent brown eyes glaze over in uncommon stupidity. The shiny bare knees of the beautiful superhero suddenly give way and the once-mighty teenager awkwardly crumples forward in dumbstruck incoherence.

The tall thug behind Nova instantly grabs her sagging body under the armpits and pulls her back up as the assailant in front of her grabs her chin in his right hand and picks up her head.

“You’re a barely adequate punching bag, my dear,” the smiling hoodlum in the visor chuckles. “But I do like the way your stuffing is arranged!”

Holding her jaw tightly in his grip, the leering assailant slowly reaches over with his left hand to Nova’s famous yellow suede blouse. The disheveled V-neck tunic has its leather strings pulled all asunder. The gaping neckline reveals all of Nova’ generous cleavage, a hint of her areola and a wide arc of skin from her heaving young breasts that rise and fall rapidly within the blouse.

“....whuuhhhh.....” The oblivious teen’s head wavers in dazed confusion. The once-mighty Thulian Avenger is much too doped up from Tantalum powder and stunned by her vicious beating to even try to avoid the hand she sees reaching over to slowly enclose her sagging breast.


Holding Nova’s ample tit in his cupped palm of his fire suit glove, the man smiling through the visor standing in front of the languishing heroine squeezes on the smooth suede slightly, feeling the fleshy breast within yield to his strong hand.

“....oohhhhh....nn...nuuh..dd..don’t...dont...” groans Nova in unnerved humiliation. The hooded assailant just smiles and slowly applies pressure as he rubs the wobbling bosom in a circle.

“” she chokes as she feels her breast squeezed like soft clay within her blouse. “Not supposed to do that!”

“What’s the matter, Nova,” taunts the man who’s holding her from behind. “You a little shy about having your precious tits fondled by a couple of horny guys?” He brings one gloved hand out from his restraining grip on Nova’s arm and covers Nova’s other breast. Now, from in front and behind, the nodding brunette superhero’s breasts are being squeezed and pushed in circles by both of her hooded assailants.


Even as Nova’s bosom is shamelessly squeezed and fondled, she feels a sudden hard poke under her skirt. It is the swollen penis of the attacker holding her from behind. His dick is straining against the pants of his fire suit! With a rough jerk, the man grips Nova’s breast while he shoves his hips against his quarry’s supple body. Even through the thick flame-proof material, Nova can feel the bulge of his member as he jams it into the warm crease of her silken panties. Nova’ eyes fill with tears of helpless humiliation as her body is held tight and the man behind her rubs the bulging member in his pants up and down within Nova’s exposed ass. This sexual molestation takes place in clear view of a several pre-installed video cameras. Her sinewy body is rubbed and caressed all over, her orange and yellow blouse is pulled all askew, her orange panties are pulled and stretched by the constant pressing of her assailant’s pelvis against her rear end

There is absolutely nothing the weakened girl can do!

“As you can see,” the smiling young executive says as he motions to the small cadre of faces in the dark around him, “the once magnificent Nova is now capable of being beaten and assaulted in a variety of punishing or stimulating ways. Ways that you gentlemen have paid handsomely for. Now,” Demos says, “we just have to wrap up a few loose ends and the famous Nova will be yours to abuse on demand.”

Finally, the grinning thug standing in front of Nova removes his glove from his dazed and nodding victim’s tit. He takes out from a zippered pocket a strange electronic device with a small circular opening in front. He raises this to the wheezing brunette’s waist and fits it onto the amulet sewn into her belt.

“NO!” she rasps but one of her attacker’s arms moves like lightning from under her arm to around her throat. It tightens down as the forward man’s grip on the links of her handcuffs freezes her upper body so the sickened girl cannot prevent what she fears is about to happen.

Instinctively, though, she pulls enough energy and innate intelligence from within herself to lift up and kick out at the man in the fire suit in front of her with both legs. This double leg thrust to the chest sends the surprised man sprawling backwards. Without waiting, Nova swings her arms over her head and smashes the man holding her by the throat with her two chained fists.

“Another attempt to escape that will be no more effective than her first,” notes Professor Demos drolly in the screening room.

Weakened by the Tantalum-laced drugs in the darts, Nova is unable to hurt her captor. Holding her tightly by her neck in the crook of his arm, he instantly lowers the dart gun and sticks the muzzle under the fitfully wriggling teenage heroine’s skirt and into the buttocks crease of Nova’ orange silk panties.

“Don’t fuck with me, bitch!” he says, as he pulls the trigger.

“Ffffttt!” the fifth and final dart spears into Nova’ anus with a hiss and a quiet thud, the needle sinking into her rectum.

“GYYAAHH!” the beautiful brunette in soft yellow suede jerks upward in her captor’s hold with a screech. Her head jerks back in stunned confusion, her eyes unfocused.

“Oh. That’s nice work! My associate Mr. Nathan has nailed the bothersome little slut with a very well-placed Tantalum dart deep into Nova’s tender crack. That should teach the obnoxious tramp who’s in charge here!”

The toxin from the five darts is circulating in Nova’s bloodstream and an overwhelming wave of nausea makes the brunette’s knees buckle beneath her once again.

Mr. Nathan spins the famous teen away from him and watches with a smile as the powerful girl crumples down to her hands and knees in a weak stupor, her head hanging low, her ample cleavage displayed before him and her bright orange panties exposed behind her.

“Those are our own special Tantalum-laced stun serum darts that you feel draining all your fantastic strength away, Nova,” Mr. Nathan gloats, his voice muffled through his fire hood. “It’s a very rare element that, as you well know, sucks the power right out of your body and leaves you weak, nauseous and confused. We processed it as a special Tantalum powder in the bolo that smashed into your face and exploded in a small but lethal cloud. It’s a powerful narcotic and deadly toxin as far as you’re concerned, bitch. And, even as we speak, it’s racing through your bloodstream to every part of your body. By the time I finish this sentence, you’ll be totally disabled as a super hero, you ignorant moron.”

“’bout...Tan...lum...?” groans the nodding teen. The smoke from the encroaching fire in the hallway right outside the suite door was now coiling around her nostrils and its acrid toxicity of burning plastics and rubber compounds was making her dizzier than ever. She topples forward onto her cuffed forearms now, reeling in sick bewilderment as her eyes cloud over and she dry heaves with her head low to the floor. Just then powerful fans kick in once again with a whine and a thump. Under the control of Professor Demos, the fans dispel some of the smoke in the suite to allow the cameras to catch the action.

“Whaulghh.....hraulfff...” Nova’s shiny orange silk underpants are even more blatantly exposed beneath her skimpy suede skirt as she wobbles on the floor trying to gather her senses.

A camera from behind the wobbling brunette zooms in for a close-up shot of her rear end. The large curve of her buttocks stretches out the shiny orange fabric of her panties. In the center of her crotch, a small dart dangles between her legs. And there, displayed in public view is Nova’s gleaming pink vagina peeking out from the disheveled stretch of panties that would normally cover her crotch. The stunned brunette wavers on all fours before the lens, rendered defenseless by the deadly Tantalum arrows.

“Well! Look at the famous female hero now, my friends,” Professor Demos gloats. “She certainly doesn’t seem to present much of a threat to me. Not wobbling there on her hands and knees with her soft, round ass drilled by a Tantalum dart, her powers completely drained out of her and her cunt on display. Whatever threat she was to our plans before, gentlemen, she certainly is no longer. Just watch how easily her exposed pussy is fondled from behind!” This last sentence is broadcast into the fire suit receivers so the assault team knows just what to do.

The second man in the fire protection suit comes up behind the unwary teen and slips his hand under Nova’s skirt and strokes the dazed girl’s naked crotch.

“...whaa...!..” she blurts and falls forward in an ungainly sprawl, trying to escape.

“What’s the matter, pussy, don’t like your pussy fondled?” The #2 man laughs hard as he grabs the crawling teenager by the back of her brown nylon belt and by the yellow collar of her blouse as she attempts to get away. He lifts the astonished heroine three feet off the floor before slamming her down face first on the floor of the fiery room.

“OWWW...WHUNFFF!” The gasping girl’s handcuffed arms flail forward while her legs sprawl apart in an ungainly and embarrassing display of her panties. The stunned teen lies face down in dull half-consciousness now, overcome by the combination of the bruising beating she’s taking and the powerful toxin circulating inside her. She coughs and gags, shaken and weak, then goes limp as she sinks into a semi-conscious daze.

“That will teach you to kick me in the chest, you pathetic skank!” The exhilarated hoodlum stares down at the barely-conscious teenage heroine at his feet. Face down on the floor, the rise of Nova’s gorgeous ass is prominently accented by the wrinkles and highlights of her thin suede costume skirt. With one knee drawn up toward her waist and the other leg flung wide off to the side, the bright silky crotch of the shapely champion’s orange panties is flagrantly exposed to the grinning thug. It has slipped back into place during the attack and now protects the brunette heroine’s privates. Not for long!

He kneels down beside the inert figure in suede and snatches up the hem of her yellow miniskirt with a crude jerk, uncovering the smooth orange silk stretched tight against the firm round buttocks of the stunned Thulian Avenger. Pulling off his glove, he slips his hand under the left leg band of Nova’s underpants as she lays helpless before him.

“The things men do to get into a girl’s underpants these days,” he says with a laugh and slides his palm along the high curve of Nova’s ass, enjoying the smooth rise of her motionless cheek. He can see his knuckles moving under the silky orange fabric as his hand glides along the soft skin of this inept bitch’s rear end! Nova’s cheek actually feels like fine velvet. His flat hand caresses it in a slow circle before sliding down and around and pushing in deep between the muscular legs of the drugged teenager.

“....uuuuuhhhh...” Nova murmurs faintly. Useless protest from his vanquished prey!

A wall-mounted camera zooms in to record the humiliating scene of Nova lying in a helpless daze on the floor with her skirt pulled up as the hand in her crotch rubs and fondles her. Nova has been bested by the two grinning men in firemen’s smoke suits.

Inside Nova underpants, the second hoodlum’s agile fingers find the rubbery cleft of the defenseless girl’s vagina, stroking the warm sweat from her loins slowly up into the dry, thin lips of her opening.

“....uunnnhhh....” Another dull moan of pointless objection hums from the limp form on the floor beside him.

Amazing! These aren’t the cheap, shabby underpants of some fat, drunk floozy from the red light district that his hands are roaming through. No! These are the tight, flawless, silken costume panties of the one and only Nova, Thulian Avenger and beloved heroine of the world. This is her cute, gorgeous round ass. This is her warm, sweaty vagina. This is the snatch of one of the strongest, most beautiful women in the world that his fingers are stroking, caressing and probing. And the great thing is, the famous teenage champion is too stunned, stupid and weak do anything to stop it!

“...ooohhhhh....” the doped brunette groans loudly, weak with nausea and overwhelmed with the shame and bewildering torment of having a common hoodlum’s hand shoved into her underpants.

“You’re not such a hotshot now, are you, Nova?” The self-satisfied man in the fire protection suit chuckles as his finger rubs the moistened pubic opening with rapid back and forth strokes that make the weakened heroine squirm on the floor. “Not with a real man’s hands petting your pussy!”

“” she whines. The drugs have short-circuited her ability to think or plan.

“Not even the cocky Nova can fight off the effects of five Tantalum darts shot into her,” says Professor Demos as he watches the screen with his satisfied associates grinning happily at the ambush scene before them.

 “How’s that pretty pussy of yours feel now, Nova?” The fondling assailant taunts the young champion. “Now that you....”

“Better get out of there,” crackles Demos’ suddenly serious voice in the headsets. “Firemen are proceeding up to your floor in approximately four minutes.”

“Roger that,” says Mr. Nathan. He walks over to the inert figure on the floor, pulls the #2 man away from Nova with a jerk and sits down beside her. He rolls her over and pulls the inert figure onto his crossed legs, her ass resting in his lap and her limbs and head flung backward off to the sides. She shudders in dazed fear, too helpless and weak to raise herself up.

“Give me the Slave,” he says to the second man who flips him the electronic gizmo with the circular ring in front. Palming it in mid-air with a snap, Mr. Nathan places one hand on Nova’s chest to hold her down and, with his other hand, fits the ring of the electronic Slave onto Nova’s amulet fixed in her belt.

“’t..” she mumbles, trying to sit up.

Mr. Nathan pushes her back down with a hard shove.

“UNGHH!” she grunts, falling backwards weakly in his lap.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, bitch?” The leering thug flips a tiny switch on the Slave and it begins to hum and glow.

“’’” the queasy teen tries again to rise but the hand on her chest pushes her down once more.

“Stay down, cunt! We’ve knocked you on your ass and there ain’t a fuckin’ thing you can do about it, girlie!” Mr. Nathan watches the glow nervously. He wasn’t sure how long it would take to overload Nova’s energy cell. Two minutes or two hours! He prayed it wasn’t the latter because he had to get her out of here. Maybe he could drain her in transit.

“..won’!” Nova arches her back in pain as a crushing thump in her stomach that’s caused by the Slave unit sucks a sudden surge of energy right out of her. The amulet is now glowing and pulsing in time with the Slave.

“I think you’re about to have a blackout here, Nova,” says a smiling Mr. Nathan through the visor. Looking down at the sweat-drenched body of the limp yellow and orange-clad teenage girl sprawled across his lap, he finds himself aroused as he glances along the length of the beautiful figure laid out before him. Her disheveled suede top clings tightly to the heaving breasts of Nova as she groans in befuddled disarray. Weak and disoriented by the powerful Tantalum-laced stun serum, the sagging teenage champion cannot resist this attack against her and her crystalline amulet. One of her nipples pokes out through the V-neck of her uniform, it’s pinkness shining through the laces. Her ass dips deep into his lap and her long, lanky legs hang over his thighs, her knees splayed out in a very indiscreet pose. Nova’s thin suede skirt is hoisted in disarray from the struggle as well, and this exposes the crotch of her orange silk panties which is slightly discolored with sweat. Even the edges of the brown suede boots are curled down and wrinkled from the attack, exposing the firm young calves of a helpless teenager being sucked dry of all her strength by the ingenious electronic slave developed Professor Demos.

“Such a sorry state for such a noble heroine, eh?” Mr. Nathan jeers.

He reaches over with his free hand and caresses the defenseless girl’s breasts with slow circular strokes.

“...gnuuhhhgg....” She writhes in sweaty discomfort as her magical amulet is drained of all its energy. She sags heavily in place, a sick and confused teenager whose body is limp in the lap of her deadly enemy. She is slowly fondled against her will. Never has the mighty Thulian Avenger been so thoroughly devastated in combat or more shamefully abused than this very moment. And this is just the beginning.

Mr. Nathan’s hand lifts Nova’s skirt then slips under the waistband of her silky panties and slides down her pelvis to finger the dazed girl’s vagina. He just rubs the soft pink lips of her opening when a bright ring of orange light appears around Nova’ midsection.

“NO...PLEASE....NO...!” After the suddenly shouted pleas, a thumping boom jolts the yelling girl’s body in Mr. Nathan’s lap. Then, suddenly, the amulet in her belt flares with a bright light and a loud bang. It shatters the Slave unit simultaneously. Only a small burn mark appears on the yellow suede of Nova’ blouse but the eyes of the once supremely powerful female flutter like dying butterflies under her eyelids before she exhales loudly and slumps in her assailant’s lap in a senseless heap.

“I think that’ll do it, gentlemen. Let’s move,” he orders them, pulling his hands reluctantly out of her silky orange underpants.

More of that later, if Demos lets me.  The #2 man in the fire protection suit and the coughing man under the conference table hop to attention and double time it to a back office.

They return with a red fire equipment trunk, efficiently open it and dump the limp form of Nova inside. With a fast lock up, the three of them head for the back stairwell and proceed with the trunk in tow down 30 long flights to the first floor of the burning edifice. Along the way, they wave and chat with the firemen racing upward to battle the flames they themselves had set. The ambush had gone perfectly as the unconscious body of the superhero they carried in the trunk between them proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. They might even make a profit from the fire insurance, thought Mr. Nathan. His arms are exhausted at the ground floor but he’s being paid more than enough to cover the Tiger Balm cream he’ll need to soothe his aching arms over the next few days. It was a small price to pay!



When she slowly regains her senses, Nova feels very different than she had before. Her face hurts from the exploding bolo balls. And, she suspects, it is deeply bruised and ugly. But that isn’t what feels strange. She’d expected that numbness somehow. Just as she had knew the pain she was feeling from being slammed on the floor and having darts puncture her would be dully reminding her of the attack for some time to come.

But that is still not what is so disconcerting to her. What bothers her most is the absence of any sense of the incredible strength she’d known for the past two years. Now she feels normal, like she had before the incredible amulet had come into her life.

Normal! That was it! She feels like a regular teenager. No powers, no hidden reserve of strength to draw on. Nothing but the agility and nominal strength of a girl of eighteen who worked out a lot. Right now, a very tired and weak teenage girl!

There had been times, many of them, when she’d actually wished that she could be a normal teenage girl again. When being a hero was too emotionally painful, too complicated or too overwhelming in one way or another. She remembers back to the day she’d stopped being a normal girl with a mix of frustration and pride.

She’d been coming home from school as usual, cutting through the back parking lot of Food World that bordered the edge of the middle-class neighborhood in which she lived. It was a sunny spring afternoon and she was alone for a change, her friend Amy having stayed behind to talk with David about Algebra homework. And to flirt shamelessly. Liana herself had just turned 16 in February and boys were definitely getting more interested in her. She had been a late bloomer, not even getting a training bra until 15 for gosh sakes! Her face had lost a bit of her roundness and she liked what she saw in the mirror.

 She was thinking about whether she was going to accept Brian Dyson’s offer for a movie date when a bright flash of light and a loud, low thump jarred the green dumpster six feet away from her. She angled around it to see what had caused the big green canister to shake like that when she saw a tall man in a shiny tight red and silver long-sleeve tunic lying on his back on the ground. He had matching silver pants. He looked ancient and his skin was blue. And he did not look well at all. He was sweaty and shaky and his eyes were dull and darting back and forth from side to side with alarm.

“Liana?” That scared the crap out of her! He knew her name. Who was this guy?

“Yeaahh...” she answered cautiously.

“I found you at last, now that the end has come. What irony!” The gargled, phlegm-choked chuckle did not sound good.

“Do I know you, sir?” Might as well be polite to the sick old guy.

“Not unless you’ve been to the Central Galaxian Court in the seventh dimension on the planet Thule.”


“Didn’t think so. But I know you. I’ve been tracing your Xordian emissions since you were a tadpole, so to speak. My name is T’Aalak. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for chit chat since I’ll be dead in about twelve minutes and I need to get you up to speed.”

“Let me call you a doctor.”

“Unless he knows how to treat severe Tantalum poisoning or can sing the full twenty-two stanzas of the Thulian Death Rite ceremony hanging upside down, he’ll be worthless to me. Help me sit up a bit though, would you, dear? Thank you. Now listen to me carefully, Liana. You are a very, very unique soul. Your Xordian essence is as pure as any of our Court Council members’, maybe even more so.

“That’s a good thing?”

“Very good, but no interruptions please, we’re on deadline here. Literally, okay? It means this Thulian amulet will give you incredible powers. You turn the crystal clockwise inside the amulet case like this and concentrate on the purity of your Xordian essence as you say this short prayer. ‘Xord, Give me the strength, the wisdom and the courage to do what is right. Repeat that please, Liana,” T’Aalak says sternly and she does.

“Good You’ll feel and see an orange glow and be filled with immense powers. You’ll have, let’s see, uh, flight, incredible strength, an ability to use all your senses far beyond the range of normal human perception. The taste thing is actually the trickiest by the way. Can really be more trouble than you’d imagine. Your skin will become virtually impenetrable. I guess that’s it. You’ll figure it out. You’re a bright girl. Anyway, everything is multiplied by a factor of 50 or so. The crystal in the amulet charges you with power for about 16 Earth hours at a time. It takes about 4 hours to recharge before you can use it again. So careful with your timing.”

“Yeah, uh. Why am I getting this crystal again?”

“Because of your extraordinary Xordian essence and, well, I’m kind of your great uncle.”

“Mom never mentioned a man in a red and silver leisure suit.”

“I’m not sure her father ever told her he had a brother on Thule. He didn’t know it himself until he was 54 years old. The point is I’ve been spending my life as a Prelate for the Central Galaxian Court, chasing inter-dimensional criminals and bringing them to justice. Steady job, good pay and interesting travel perks. Up til today, it’s been great. But when I saw Vyler Zezax heading to Earth following your Xordian trace I knew I was in for a real goizerfrabble.

“He was tracking my Xor-hickey thing?”

“Bled it right off the Primal Line and away he went.”

“You realize I don’t know what you’re saying, right, Uncle Talak?”

“I knew you’d be a sweet girl,” he smiles at her use of ‘Uncle.”

 “So, here are the primary rules to remember,” he continues after a racking cough. “The crystal will help you fight Zezax. Don’t kill him. Try never to kill with your powers. After you defeat him, contact the Galaxian Court. Someone will come and pick him up and fill you in more on your background. Use your powers only for good and not for personal profit. Trust yourself. Watch out for Tantalum. It’s very unhealthy for you and there’s actually a fair amount of it on this planet unfortunately. It’s rare but not as rare as you’ll wish it were. What am I forgetting?”

“What does this Zezax look like and why is he coming for me? Is he blue, too?”

“Blue? Oh, no that’s the Tantalum poisoning. No, he’s actually more like your color. Well, a bit yellower I’d say. Tall like me. Bushy eyebrows, not the best teeth. Very charm...Aghhh! That was unpleasant.” The blue skin was getting brighter and the eyes were starting to drift. “I had to give myself a counter-agent to the Tantalum just so I’d be smart enough to tell you all this. Usually the stuff makes you dumb as a bag of rocks. But the cure is almost as lethal as the disease.”

“If you knew he was coming for me, how come he was able to surprise you?”

“An inter-dimensional time defraction was programmed into his leap. He wanted me to know he was coming after you. When I followed, he basically came up from behind me from another dimension. He’s very clever.” More serious coughing and a brief closing of his eyes told Liana that old T’Aalak didn’t have much time left.

“So how come you’re here first and not him.”

“I hit him with a sonic resegmenter blast just after he came out of trans-time. It slowed him down but he still was able to give me a full dosing of Tantalum nerve gas. If I hadn’t had that counter-agent, you’d be vaporized by Zezax before you even knew who you really are.”

“And who am I really,” Liana asked with hesitant skepticism.

“You are the twelfth princess in line to ascension to the Galaxian High Court. Royal blood my dear. Aagh! That was not fun!”

“How can I beat this Zezax guy if he’s so smart? I’m just a teenager.”

“There’s no such thing as just a teenager, my dear. You are the best and brightest star in the Thulian firmament. The crystal will help your thinking very much. And your heart will do the rest. I know it.”

“I hope you’re right,” she says, gripping his hand tightly.

“I’ve never been wrong before. At least not until today,” the blue-faced alien grimaces harshly and takes in a deep breath. “But when you average that out over a lifetime, pretty good really.” And then T’Aalak slips away forever. His remains shimmer like a cloud of silver confetti and he disappears with a soft sigh of the wind.

Over the next two days, Liana practiced her new powers in the privacy of the woods on the other side of town and they were amazing. The rush of confidence expanded within her like a new star and she took the name Nova to remind her always of her inner power radiating outward. And she was ready for Zezax when he crossed dimensions to try to destroy the Thulian princess on her backward planet. After a protracted battle she ultimately defeated her. After that, she designed a costume and began to serve and protect the residents of Silver City. And over the course of two years, she had gone up against many foes, won many fights and suffered many indignities. But there were hard, hard times when she thought she would not be able to win, to go on or to protect the city she loved. Those were the times she’d wished she did not have this burden.

But this certainly was not the time she wanted those marvelous powers gone. Not when she was shackled with her arms spread out over her head on some kind of steel rack apparatus by wide chrome manacles. Not with her rear end tilted back onto a padded seat and a thin steel waistband pinning her to it. Not with her knees raised up and her legs splayed apart and held fast by manacles around the calves. Manacles that pinned her legs to wings of steel that swept up from the lower portion of this coldly monstrous frame. And definitely not with the crotch of her bright orange underpants shamelessly pointed up and out, exposed to anybody or anything that came in this terrifying room with her.

Looking around, she sees all sorts of odd-looking devices hanging from the wall. Strange leather rods and peculiarly shaped aluminum body frames hang on steel hooks all around her. Various whips and fat black rubber dildos dangle from eyelets throughout the room and Nova shudders with fear. Whoever these characters were who captured her, they certainly had a passion for perversion. She looks down at her costume and sees the blackened amulet in her belt and the small powder ring burned into the suede. This is trouble!  

She wrenches at her arm manacles but they don’t budge a bit. She tries in vain to pull free of the leg braces but they, too, hold fast. She twists and wrenches her rear end against the padded seat, testing the thin steel waist restraint but it has no give whatsoever either!

“Who’s responsible for getting me into all this,” she wonders aloud. He or she had known her weakness to Tantalum, the only substance that could hurt her. That was deeply disturbing.

And they had even lured her to her ambush with fire! That was a sure draw for her since her painful experience of losing a brother in a burning building a year ago. Even as Nova, she hadn’t been able to save him in time. He’d died in her arms.

Someone knew her secrets and it had been her undoing! If she ever discovered who had sold her out, she’d destroy them, whatever it...”

“Well, hello there, my sweet young heroine,” calls a bright and cheery voice over an intercom mounted in a side wall. “And how are we feeling now?”

“Who wants to know?” responds Nova coolly. The voice sounded familiar but she couldn’t quite place it. She knew she had to keep calm or all was lost. If it wasn’t already.

“You’re in no position to ask questions, lassie. We both know you’re not feeling yourself, don’t we?” The voice is confident.

“Then you already know how I’m feeling. Stop wasting my time,” Nova says.

“You’ll be begging for time in just a few minutes, I’d think, smart ass,” the voice retorts angrily. “You’re not the super hero here anymore. I suggest you change your tone before it gets you hurt.”

She was making him angry. Angry people make mistakes. Hopefully she could use that anger before it killed her. But she had no illusions. She had no powers left. She had to use her mind because it was all she had.

“What’s the matter, guy. Can’t get it up without some woman’s high opinion of you holding up your fragile ego?”

“WE’LL SEE WHO’S FRAGILE AROUND HERE, BITCH!” The shrieking voice hangs in the air while Nova looks down forlornly at her amulet. If there were some way it could still store power, she might live through this. But it looked pretty dead to her. No flickers of light. No glow. Nothing. She whispered the ancient Thulian prayer and watched the amulet. Was that a flicker? Her heart leaps. Here was hope. Perhaps the amulet is recharging. If I could get my hands free, I might be able to twist the ring and gain my powers back and give these bastards the beating of their lives. But how do I get my arms free?

That’s when Professor Demos storms into the room and up to a surprised Nova.

“You!” She blurts. Tyrmic Demos was one of her most difficult foes even when she had all her powers! She had beaten him back but it was a very close call. This was as nasty a turn of events as she would ever have feared!

“You’re going to learn a few things about obedience here, bitch!” He yells in the recoiling girl’s face. She stares at him in sudden fear as he draws back and punches her hard in the stomach.

“HUNNGGHH!” she gasps, wrenching painfully forward as far as the seat strap allows. She exhales everything in her lungs in one blast. Bright yellow dots float before her eyes. Without any powers, that simple punch had knocked all the wind out of her. Just as she starts to draw air into her lungs, Demos has his hands around her throat and is forcing her backward in her seat, strangling her with both thumbs on her windpipe. His face is red and he’s shaking her hard.

She might not even live through this first round if this nut job lost control of himself here. Rasping painfully, she whispers loudly, “”

It was a door she didn’t want to open but had to. God knows what he’d do to her with all this equipment hanging on these walls but it was her only choice to get his attention in his crazed condition.

His eyes focused on her bluish face and he got a startled look in his eye, followed by a suspicious look, followed by a leering stare at her spread-eagled body. He calmed down and released his hold on her throat.

She gagged and coughed and rocked and wheezed for a full half minute as he stood there with his arms folded in silence and watched her recover.

“You’re a clever lass.” He finally said in a calm, collected manner. “It just may keep you alive. But, the thing is, I don’t think you’ll want to be alive when I’m through with you.”

 “Guess I touched a nerve, huh, professor?” she rasped.

He leans into the bound teenager with a sudden lurch, his face close to hers, his voice cold. “Touching nerves is what we do here, Nova. Much more of yours will be touched than mine.”

The bound maiden recoils slightly as Professor Demos imposes his presence on her from inches away. “And since I’ve stripped you of all your super strength by destroying your amulet, and since I’ve positioned you here with your lovely thighs here spread wide open for my pleasure, bitch, and since your pussy is as vulnerable to attack as any girl’s ever was, I’d try to get on my good side, Nova.”

His hand comes up and rests on Nova’s thigh with menacing irony. Then he caresses the bare skin lightly, running his palm up and down the length of her supple leg. All the time, his face is inches from hers as his hands stroke her leg at will.

“Does that turn you on big guy?” Liana is playing a dangerous game without choices.

“Does this turn you on, slut?” He immediately responds, moving his hand down her thigh and under her skirt until his palm is held flat against Nova’s crotch. He suddenly squeezes the soft silkiness of her orange panties, gripping her pubic mound tightly.

“UHHN!” Nova gasps involuntarily. This sick kind of abuse was a first for Demos In the past it was all projectiles, booby traps and subterfuge, but this sexual approach was all new and she didn’t like it one bit! But she had to draw this slime ball in by making him hot and horny enough to want to fuck her. Only in that way would she have a chance of him freeing her arms and reaching her amulet for a recharge. Still, having this cruel man’s hand rubbing her crotch made her boil within. A flash of doubt crosses her eyes even as she gives the smiling man a shaky smile.

“Not so sure of yourself, huh, pussy?” He leers at her as he brings his other hand up and places it on Nova’ right breast, feeling her up and rolling the breast in a small circle as his right hand begins to stroke and fondle the exposed groin of the now nervous Liana.

“ just...just wondering if I could participate in..uh.. maybe a more interactive way, Prof,” she says, ending it with a wider more sincere effort at a smile.

“Interactive, huh,” Demos says, still fondling this gorgeous bitch’s tits and crotch to his heart’s content. He massages the supple breast clad in butter soft suede with one circling hand as his other deftly fingers the creases of Nova’ vagina beneath smooth, cool orange silk. The brown-eyed beauty flinches under his touch and moans.

“Yeah, know,” she whispers. “Let you slide in between my strong young thighs and have the time of your life.”

Professor Demos grins at this. She’d gotten under his skin earlier but he felt in full control now. She was trying to play it coy but there was a nervous quaver to her voice that he enjoyed. He’d work on that while stringing her along.

Strapped into his Domination Chair without her powers, this incompetent teenage heroine wasn’t going anywhere he didn’t want to take her. And he would surely take her places she’d never been before. He removes his hands from her tits and gives her orange silk underpants one final lingering stroke between her legs before he withdraws that, too.

“You want interactive, Nova, you’ve got it,” Demos says with a lilt. He turns away from the oddly smiling heroine whose face gains hope at his words. Then she sees the bastard reach for two odd looking devices on the wall behind him and her face falls.

“But let’s work with these little numbers first to get you nice and hot for me. Then we’ll talk about interactive, Nova.” He turns holding one device in each hand before her.

“, you don’t need those to get me hot, big man. Just wrapping my arms around your gorgeous body while you give me your long, hot shaft is all that I need to get off,” Liana says seductively. She licks her lips in a slow tempting roll.

“Sounds inviting. But these first,” Professor Demos says as steps up to the lovely teenager clad in yellow suede. “First, we’ve got to get all these troublesome laces undone. The question is what will be more tantalizing? To just cut through them with a knife or pull each one out, hole by hole? What do you think, Liana?”

“ know my name...” she blurts before she realizes she’s confirmed his statement.

“We know lots about you, Nova. We know enough to keep you guessing for a long, long time.” He walks up to her and puts down the devices on a swing-down platform beside the seat she’s pinned to.

“ told .uh...i..mean...i am just curious....”

“You know what they say, Liana,” Demos edges up to her and places his hand between her legs again, stroking her crotch in a slow back and forth motion as he speaks. “Curiosity killed the!” His fingertips probe the cleft of her vagina through the silky fabric once again as he smiles broadly in her face.

The weakly smiling girl looks into the eyes of the man at her side and believes she will not succeed in her plan. He is onto her already. She flicks him a very tentative smile and looks down nervously at his hand stroking her underwear.

“So which will it be?” He pulls her head up abruptly by her chin with his fingertips.


“The knife or hole by hole?” A broad smile lights up Demos’ face with evil intent. This cat and mouse game was becoming more enjoyable with every moment. The shackled heroine was getting more nervous with every stroke of his hand on her exposed crotch.

“” she chatters back in a nervous stutter.

“Good choice,” he grins and lets go of her chin and groin then turns a picks up an apparatus that is a dildo welded to a pelvic brace.  “Actually, with this device, I don’t even need to concern myself with your laces at the moment. This little hummer will fit right into your panties as nice as you please. All it takes is a little of my favorite lubricating ointment.”

“Don’t get fancy on my account,” Liana says trying to be cool.

“No bother, missy.” He quietly takes a large jar of the lubricating ointment off a nearby shelf and puts it next to the odd devices on the table beside her chair.

“Say, did you know this stuff was developed exclusively for SoMed Industries. You remember SoMed, don’t you Nova...the name on the door of the office where you tried to save that poor trapped soul from the fire. That was my accomplice. SoMed is my company. A simple reverse spelling for Demos as you may have guessed by now. And trap, as you also know, is the key word here.”

Nova is staring at the device in Demos’ hand. It has an aluminum frame obviously curved to fit against a woman’s pelvis. A long, backward-facing dildo is attached to its low end and two dangling metal wings. It is damn intimidating!

“I see you’re intrigued by this. I’m glad. It’s called a Pelvic Magnetic Manipulator: PMM for short. Let me show you how it works.” He holds the device close so Nova can examine it as he turns it this way and that.

“It’s quite amazing actually and very reliable. There’s a unique computerized mechanism in this recessed area here that’s tuned to your hormonal signature. When I touch this remote...”

“My what...?” interrupts Nova.

“Your hormonal signature,” Demos says. “We gathered it from a dried blood sample we obtained while following you last week when you had your period. We just rifled through the wastebasket in the ladies room where you work and took one of your used sanitary pads back to the lab. Piece of cake.”

“....used sanitary pad...?”

“Sure. It contained all we needed. Blood, hormones, complete estrogen continuity strings, a touch of urine. The works.”

“’ve been following me?” That explained the feelings she’d had in the storeroom when changing into her costume.

“For about two weeks, stupid. This whole thing’s been planned out quite carefully, I assure you. So anyway, this device keys into not just your hormonal signature but the electromagnetic resonance of your highly specialized nervous system. You’re very special in that regard, Liana. Nobody’s body operates quite like yours. Makes for a very unique weakness, though.”

A flabbergasted Nova is having trouble assimilating all this information. “...weakness...?” she repeats dumbly.

“Yes. Clitoral harmonics let’s call it. It vibrates the hell out of your clit with simple electronic signals sequenced to a special computer program that’s based on your electromagnetic signature. Well, it’s easier to show you than explain it.” Professor Demos puts down the PMM. Then he reaches down to the dumbfounded brunette’s short suede skirt and lifts it up. Nova looks down in astonishment as he firmly grasps the waistband of her orange silk panties and pulls the front of them down with a jerk, exposing her tuft of brown pubic hair.

“Hey! Uh...look, I’ll take your word for this. Why don’t we just go in the back somewhere and get...Hey...wait...what’s that stuff?” Nova begins to struggle and pull on the manacles as the smiling executive dips his fingers into a large jar of lubricating ointment.

“You’re not listening to me, sweetheart,” says Demos as he scoops up a large dollop of the gel. “This is the lubricating ointment I mentioned. It’s got a special sensitivity enhancement formula for increased pleasure.”

“Sounds exciting but I’ll pass,” Nova says as she squirms uncomfortably in her seat.

“Give it try,” Demos winks at her and pulls down the front of Nova’ brightly colored underwear a bit farther and carefully presses his gel-covered fingers between the jerking teenager’s legs.

“’t..please.....don’t do this...wait...stop....”

Demos massages the thick salve all over and around a helplessly struggling Nova’ groin with smiling delight. With her powers obliterated, her hands clamped to the aluminum frame over her head and her legs spread, the scowling teenage wonder can’t stop him from spreading her crotch with this vile mixture as long as he pleases. He smears its greasy texture all through her pubic hair, matting the brown fuzz down into greasy coils. It’s oily sheen is spread against her thin vaginal lips and his deft fingers press the thick salve all around the outside of her vagina. Moving up to the top of her slippery pussy, the grinning man even finds Liana’s clitoris and strokes a thin coating onto the dangling knob as she jerks and twists with angry grunts.

“There!” He says withdrawing his hands from the sulking teenager’s panties.

“You son of a bitch! Was that absolutely necessary,” she growls.

“You don’t want it to hurt when we force our little friendly device here into your vagina, do you Nova? And you do want to please me, don’t you, sweetie?”

“I thought we’d try it my way, the old-fashioned way,” she blurts.

“No.” he says coldly and reaches down to pick up the Pelvic Magnetic Manipulator.

“You’re joking! You’re not putting that thing in..hey!..stop..NO!...STOP!”

Professor Demos lifts the device up with one hand and pulls Nova’ panties down once again with the other. Then, sliding his palm roughly beneath the struggling teen’s butt, he lifts her body up slightly while lowering the lightweight PMM into Nova’ underpants. He fastidiously positions the long, curved rubber dildo against the jerking heroine’s vagina.

“..Don’t do’ don’t have to...I’m begging....”

A grinning Demos looks deep into Nova’ panicked eyes, only inches from her face.

“Gee, Nova, I thought you wanted plenty of hot action in these lovely, smooth orange panties of yours. Or are you all talk, bitch!” He says coldly and shoves the hard curved rubber rod of the Pelvic Magnetic Manipulator up into the greased opening of Nova’ vagina with a jolting thrust of his bicep.

“UUNNGGHH!” Nova head rocks back and she grunts in pain as her vagina is stretched wide by the cruel-looking device forced against her pelvis.

...OWW..!¼can’t...believe it....!” The whimpering young brunette is overwhelmed by this sudden horrible turn of events. This was no mere game of mental gymnastics between her and this bastard now. This was for keeps and she’d do whatever she...

“HOOOOOF!” The dildo is pressed further up into her and Nova swoons momentarily in shock. She slumps backward into her seat in blank-eyed misery as her grinning enemy reaches up and palms her breast again. He fondles the soft bouncing flesh gently as he leans close and kisses the numb heroine firmly on the mouth. Then, before she can react, his warm wet tongue snakes in between her panting lips and twists around her tongue, filling her mouth.

“MMHLFF!” Nova’ eyes go wide just as Demos pulls his mouth away from hers before she gets any ideas about using her teeth.

“” she spits.

“Gee, what’s the problem, Nova? I thought you wanted to make love to me?”


“Cruelly? But that’s how I get off, bitch!” His hands press against her full breasts, pushing the defenseless teenager hard into the inclined seat.

“Oh, I know what’s bothering you. You didn’t think you’d be so easily compromised, did you, sweetie? Well, you’re not the brightest bulb in the pack, little lady. But don’t worry, this PMM will make you feel much better in a moment, I guarantee you. In fact, your precious cunt will be dripping with excitement and you’ll be in heat for me in no time” He sets the device securely in the whimpering teenager’s underpants.

“’ll never....never...forgive you for this...” the grimacing teenager growls.

“No but you’ll probably love me for it in about 90 seconds,” Demos chortles as he flips down two tiny wing brackets that span the upper opening of Nova’ vagina, pointing them right where her clitoris is situated inside her body. “All ready, love?”

Professor Demos lets go of the waistband and it snaps back against the device, leaving the noticeably dark bulging dark shape of the PMM to stretch against the bright orange silk of the grimacing heroine’s panties. Reaching down he picks up a remote control and pushes a button as Nova curses at him.

“If it’s the last thing I ever do,” vows Nova, “I’m going to make you puh....WOAHH!”

The pretty young brunette champion jerks back in her seat stunned and afraid. As promised, the device was instantly arousing her. How could this happen so fast?

Mmmmm...blitter... Mmmmm.  Mmmmm…blitter... Mmmmm.  The thing was pleasing her already, making her squirm with flushed excitement. After only six or seven seconds the PMM thing was already causing her sweat with hot flashes of thrilling sexual titillation. There was absolutely no movement by the PMM but her clitoris was vibrating rapidly and it was flooding Liana with sexual desires she found impossible to ignore. Nova licks her lips as her mouth goes dry under the driving stimulation of the device between her legs.

Mmmmm...blitter... Mmmmm.  Mmmmm…blitter... Mmmmm.

“...dear...l..lord...” Nova gasps, gripped in the throes of pleasure she’s never known before. Her brilliant brown eyes close and Nova lets out a long, low sigh as she quivers in sexual tension. This was going to be impossible to resist.

“Looks like my little sex toy has your undivided attention, Liana baby!” Demos grins as he watches the squirming teenager begin to pant and wriggle helplessly in the chair. Her nipples stiffen and press against the suede blouse. “Your pretty little nipples indicate you like what’s happening to you, that’s for sure.”

“’s...qu...quite...a....m...m...machine....” she stutters. Her arms strain and pull over her head as the excited teenager tries to pull them out of the chrome manacles. Her spread-eagled knees jerk and twitch helplessly as she wriggles in the seat before her appreciative foe.

Mmmmm...blitter... Mmmmm.  Mmmmm…blitter... Mmmmm

“...uuuhhhh....” a confused Nova moans and squirms with unexpected delight.

“Your clit is resonating to the pre-tuned magnetic waves programmed in from our analysis of your central nervous system. It’s pulsing at about 100 jolts per minute. At this rate, Nova, you’re pretty orange silk panties will be quite damp with your estrogenic fluids in under about 37 seconds

“...isn’” The squirming heroine can barely concentrate enough to talk as her humming clitoris drives her body into shaking chills of ecstasy.

Mmmmm...blitter... Mmmmm.  Mmmmm…blitter... Mmmmm

“Not at all, my quivering love muffin. I get deeply aroused watching a powerful woman like you succumb to her body’s deepest needs. I love to watch you bitch heroes break down and weep with humiliation and shame as your firmly muscled bodies writhe and shake in helpless orgasms despite all your supposed powers. A woman’s clit will always deliver her to my whims when properly planned.

Mmmmm...blitter... Mmmmm.  Mmmmm…blitter... Mmmmm

 “..suh..s...stop...this...puh..p..please....” Nova jerks and shimmies as wave after wave of intense sexual joy floods her body.

“Now people would probably think, ‘Oh, she’s a super hero, she couldn’t be controlled so easily! I can’t imagine Nova under the control of some criminal.’ Yet here you are, bitch, helplessly grinding your ass away and only on a stage one setting.”

“...i....i’ll resist....”

“You’ll try, but you won’t be able to, Nova, sweetie! In fact, I’ll wager that you’ll be begging to fuck 3-inch PVC pipe by the time I’m done with you, cunt!” Grinning in the writhing teenager’s face, Professor Demos presses another button on the remote control and engages the dildo mechanism inside Nova’ throbbing vagina.

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppit…Mmmmm

 “OH GOD!” The athletic figure sitting before the smiling don jerks in the seat with a hard jolt as the fat rubber dildo kicks into gear. The pumping mechanism with its ridged tip was immediately sliding up and down inside her at 25 strokes a minute even as it vibrates at a humming 270vbm.

“I think that little added attraction should make you come like a $4 dollar whore when the Sixth fleet’s in, Nova.”

“...c..can’t...take...this...” babbles the drooling teen, her head rolling from side to side now.

“I’m just getting you hot and wet so I can fuck you myself, Liana. That’s what you said you wanted, right?”

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

“!” Demos folds his arms across his chest and beams with joy as the helpless heroine rocks and jerks in the throes of unrelenting ecstasy. As he knew, without her remarkable powers, this sultry bitch was an easy conquest.

“What do you say we take a look at these pretty orange silk panties of yours, Nova,” Demos says stepping forward. He places two fingers against the jerking crotch of the helpless heroine and smiles. “Why Nova, your silk underpants are literally dripping wet! Your crotch is soaked with sweat and your natural lubrication. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were about to have an orgasm.”

“...suh...son...bitch...” the quaking teen pants, drooling on herself in an oblivious state of sexual agitation. Her half-lidded eyes stare out at the chortling man before her, clouded with blinding exultation.

“Let’s take you down a notch, slut, so you can enjoy the full benefit of all my wonderful toys.” Professor Demos pushes a button and Nova feels all the vibrations and jerking motions stop within her panties. Her head slumps to her chest and she pants like a dog, trying to regain her senses.

The dapper young genius steps forward and unhooks the leather loop on the top lace of Nova’ blouse. Slowly he begins to pull the thin leather strip out of its top eyelet.

The sweating teen sits in the Sexual Domination Chair puffing and moaning as her captor leisurely pulls out the lacings of her costume blouse one by one, speaking amiably as he works on the spent brunette’s blouse.

“Bet you never felt anything quite like that before, huh, Nova?”

“….hold me…” she whispers, still trying to stick to the plan.

“Later, Liana. I’ll hold you later.”

He slowly pulls the laces through the eighth eyelet down and the yellow suede blouse falls open to reveal Nova’s full heaving breasts in the spotlight. Her large, aroused nipples point upward as the moaning girl slowly lifts her head. Demos slides both his hands over the trembling girl’s bare breasts and squeezes them softly, then fondles their bobbling fullness with round, circular caresses in opposite directions.

“You’re a very easy woman to fuck, aren’t you, Nova?”

“Ah..are make a..real me?” she murmurs encouragingly, despite the degrading slur.

Still hoping to get to her amulet, Nova tries to initiate action on her behalf. Demos’ devices were way too powerful to resist. She had to try to get to him before he depleted her energy so much so would be too exhausted to generate the spark in her belt’s magic crystal.

“I don’t think you’re ready, Nova. I think we should strap on the Bosom Buddy first.”

“” she whines, distraught at his resistance.

He pats her flushed cheek. “Soon, my love. After we get you all worked up again. Maybe.”

“” she insists with a blurting bark.

“Shhh. Professor Demos knows what’s best for you, Liana,” he says as he lifts a new device up to the wide-eyed girl’s chest. With deliberate care, he fits Nova’ right tit and then her left tit into separate rubber sheathes attached to an aluminum frame.

“Unnhhh...What is that,” she asks. He pulls one strap over her shoulder and snaps in place against the back strap running around her torso. Then he snaps the second shoulder strap behind her. Now a worried Nova is neatly fitted with the Bosom Buddy. Two hoses run from the points of the device’s nipple outlets to a central glass cylinder. The slowly recovering teen feels her nipples poking into nests of tiny soft plastic feelers in each sheath surrounding her breasts. They tickle her slightly in her now semi- aroused state.

“This device is designed to complement the actions of the PMM. I will turn on both and both of them will turn you on, Liana.”


Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

A press of the remote sends Nova back into her seat again with a jolt of unrestrained pleasure. The PMM has her clitoris highly aroused in only six seconds. Set on very low, it has her writhing with a tinge of pleasure despite her attempts to block out the sensations. And then the Bosom Buddy around her torso tightens against her breasts with vacuum action that produces a loud, sudden pop of air. The thin plastic feelers surrounding Nova’ nipples begin to flutter rapidly as the rubber sheathes suddenly start to squeeze and release the brunette’s jiggling breasts with a strong rhythm all their own.

Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett.... Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Nova wriggles and quivers in uneasy excitation as the two devices strapped to her body inflame her passions with relentless efficiency.

“” gasps the wide-eyed brunette.

“We’re going to milk your tits like a cow, bitch!” Demos says over the soft noise of the Bosom Body.

“...but....I’m not...pregnant. I..don’t have....milk...”

“True. Not more than any other normal tit bag. But I’ll take whatever you got.”

“...d...don’t...don’t you...want” gasps the squirming heroine, still trying to play the only hand she’s got.

“I’ll fuck you when I’m ready, bitch, and not before. Now I just want to stand here and watch as you ooze with bodily fluids you can’t control, hero!” The beaming professor pushes another button and the ramming dildo begins its mechanical thrusting between a panting Nova’ thighs.

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett.... Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett.

“YEAHH!” Nova spasms with joy as the two devices begin to take over her mind and body.

With her knees spread open, her hands restrained over her head and her body tightly bound into the Domination Chair, Nova is at the mercy of the heinous devices strapped to her curvaceous figure.

“....ohhh....” moans the captive girl in suede. Thick beads of sweat break out all over her body, creating a damp sheen to her as the mechanical agitators spread their ceaseless glow of ecstasy throughout Nova’s body. Her legs shake and rock in helpless jerks of pleasure as her clitoris dances under the magnetic influence of the PMM.

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

Suddenly, the panting heroine feels her heavily-stimulated breasts start to ooze fluid. Tiny feelers in the Bosom Buddy brush and tease the milk out of her tightly suctioned tit at a slow but steady trickle.

“Well, Elsie. It looks like you’re on your way,” Demos teases as he strokes the struggling heroine’s hair.

“...OH...OH....OH...n...noo....” Nova’s incredibly aroused body yields up its fluids to the unvarying stimulations of the machines engaged against it.

Between her legs, the crotch of the famous heroine’s orange silk panties dampens noticeably with the pungent estrogenic lubricants that drain out of the wriggling teenage girl’s aroused vagina.

From the excited nipples of Nova’ pulsing tits held tightly in the Bosom Buddy seeps a steady sap of thin white breast milk through the hoses into the collection chamber. After five minutes, a small puddle of the liquid sloshes back and forth as the defenseless brunette writhes and shivers in her seat with her head low, breathing heavily.

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

 “....can’t fight...this...pleasure....” whimpers the forsaken teen hero.

Professor Demos steps up and grabs Nova’ hair and pulls her head back. “You’re going to come right in front of me, aren’t you, tramp?”

“’t....d...don’t want to....”

“But you just can’t help yourself, can you, Nova.” The beaming mad genius is thrilled with this bitch’s helpless passion. She was sweating and moaning before him, writhing with each pulse of excitation from the PMM and Bosom Buddy strapped to her sexy figure. Her eyes were half-closed in a foggy stupor of sensual overload. Nova spreads her legs open as wide as she can and whispers to the smiling man before her.

“ hold...” the quivering teen moans.

“No. You want to come in those panties like a cake-popping party whore, Nova. Come on. Let me see you stain them just for me.”

Demos turns up both mechanisms slightly with the remote and the undulating figure before him begins to shake and moan loudly.

“’t...fight this...”

“You’re not supposed to fight this, Liana, you’re supposed to collapse in a helpless, sobbing fit of sexual ecstasy right here before my eyes. It shouldn’t be long now!”

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

 “...whoa..t..that’” jabbers the twisting and panting teen. The combined sensation of her clitoris humming between her legs like a cicada and the incredibly sensual Bosom Buddy flexing and pumping her breasts with relentless mechanical steadiness was driving Nova into a helpless frenzy.

She moaned, she licked her lips, she begged Demos for satisfaction and she forgot she was a super hero. She wept for release and opened and closed and opened her thighs as much as she could to feel the sensations flooding her body from within her panties and around her chest.

Demos watches in total delight at the sexual torture he was putting Nova through and beams with joy.

“You’d fuck a cucumber now if I asked you to, wouldn’t you, Nova?”

“Yes!” she shivers.

“I thought so, bitch. All you super hero females are the same when you get all hot and bothered. Your tits start to jiggle, your crotch gets all sticky, you start to sweat like a dock worker. Then you squeal and whimper like puppies. Strip away those fabulous powers of yours and you’ve got no self control left whatsoever.”

He was hard as a pipe. He turns a dial slightly to speed up both devices, then reaches over and holds the defenseless girl’s jaw in his palm, tilting her face up to him as she bucks and whines, overwhelmed by the stimulation of her vagina, clitoris and breasts. His other hand slides over the inside of her thighs and pulls her leg outward.

“You can’t stop yourself from coming, Nova. Do it now, Liana. Feel the sensations overwhelming you. DO IT NOW!”

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

With her thighs forced open against her will, her hands shackled over her head and her body in the grips of two unrelenting stimulation machines, Nova loses all control of herself.

“AIIYEEE....YES....YESSSS...YEESSSS!” With a piercing shriek, the teenage heroine freezes in place with her head thrown back and her eyes shut, succumbing to the flood of sensations in an orgasm that shakes her mind and body to its deepest levels.

“That’s a good little heroine. Shake and whimper, girlie. Quiver and drool, bitch. You’re all mine, Nova. That’s right, beautiful, thrust your pelvis up into those underpants and mark the crotch of those silky orange panties with your scent just for me, hero. You’re my own private whore now, lady! You do as you’re told!”

With the ceaseless movements of the sexual torture devices stimulating her, the wracked and jolting body of Nova flails and rocks in the grip of the Domination Chair built for her total subjugation. The bucking, banging and tugging figure is blinded by her orgasm, shaking and twisting in helpless joy.

“ more...” she gasps out.

“Oh, but this pleasure is just the start of your tour, Nova. Before this day’s out, your body’s going to be put through more positions than a contortionist convention.” The brown-eyed captor smiles in her face as his hands stroke her short-cropped hair.

“...i....too...much...can’ chest....” The suede-clad teenager rocks and jolts in the seat she’s pinned to. Her head flops from side to side, the only unrestrained body part capable of significant movement. Drool from the spastic heroine whips out of her mouth as an overwhelmed Nova succumbs to the multiple orgasm lashing her brain and body.

“Just fill the glass cylinder, Elsie, and shut up!”

Mmmmm...blitter... thruppity…thruppity… thruppity…Mmmmm. Fffehhhshhh...whirr...zzzeett. Mmmmm…blitter...thruppity… thruppity…thruppity…Mmmmm

The thin white liquid continues to ooze at a slow rate from the bucking teenager’s tits as the Bosom Buddy continues to pump the helpless girl’s breast with powerful flexing rubber. The collection jar strapped to the device is almost a quarter filled now the aroused teenager’s breast milk.

“’’ this....” The blubbering heroine slobbers on her belly as the device in her panties continues to stroke in and out of her vagina with unrelenting precision even as her clitoris is buzzing like a trapped bird in a cage.

“AAIEEEEE!”  Nova helplessly throws her head back again and screams in ecstasy at the height of another orgasmic peak generated by the persistent magnetic stimulation of the PMM forced between her shaking legs.

“I always thought you’d be a marvelous subject for my sexual experiments, Nova,” Demos holds her jaw in his palm as the blubbering teen is forced to endure the unrelenting sexual stimulation machine in her panties.

“There’s something lecherous and oversexed about a girl who flaunts bright orange silk underpants in public.”


“Exactly so, Nova. Exactly so!”

When Tyrmic Demos finally turns off the two machines with a satisfied grin, the panting and moaning brunette sags backward in the chair in utter exhaustion. The leering man pulls the glass cylinder out of the holder in the center of the leather Bosom Buddy and holds it up.

“Wow. Almost a third of a cup of Nova milk. Nice going, you dumb cow!” He pats her breasts lightly. “By the time we’re done here, you may turn out a pint of milk for my breakfast cereal, you pitiful bitch.” He turns and walks out of the room laughing.

A long, low moan behind him is the only response Professor Demos receives in return. It says enough for now. Nova has lost the first test of wills to her ingenious captor and his devilish devices. After two minutes, the exhausted girl succumbs to a deep blackness that almost seems inviting.


End of Chapter 1



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