The first half of 2002

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7/13/2002 Mr. X Area:
New stories by Torrent. Two new Our Story Thus Far pics. Also, I did nine new Blast from the Past pics of Batgirl. Since I don't want my host to tangle with DC I placed the pics in my Yahoo Club in the photos section under Batgirl - Blast From The Past. Mr. X Home Page 

7/10/2002 The Bob Gallery has been updated in the Guest Artist area.


7/08/2002 Free Area: 
The Guest Artists area has been updated and includes new Artist and works from "MOBISCUIT",  and  "KNIGHTMARE" who is new with a  gallery


7/06/2002 Mr. X Area:
New stories by Imagineer, Torrent and new comer The Flash plus a new AVI at the Mr. X Home Page 

6/26/2002 Free Area:
Now you get to see the samples of NightWing316's awesome six page installment of American Fox in "A Fox Is A Fox For Life!". He has truly mastered the 3D comic. He puts so much work into it. Mr. X is his only peer in my eyes. GREAT STUFF! Also you can see what's happening in Crusher McGee as that story winds up to speed. Get this stuff in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. Also, take a look at the new movies. Scorpion cautiously enters the Keelix's lair in The Superheroine Video section.

Enjoy Freebies!

6/26/2002 Member's Area: 
Cool, cool update this week. Nightwing316's installment of American Fox is amazing! Scorpion steps gingerly into harm's way. And Crusher McGee makes his MOVE!

Free Area:

Ya, I screwed that up! I updated the free areas last week, but was unable to do the outside info. Then I was unable to get to a computer to do it. Too bad to. I really wanted to push those scorpion videos. They are UNBELIEVABLE!!! Go get the samples now before they are replaced tomorrow! Also, Butterscotch's area was updated and  the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. See you tomorrow!

By the way, is a site for artists, but their work is for everyone. There is a contest going on there now and it will be the artists that vote on the winners.

6/23/2002 Mr. X Area:
New stories by Citizen Bane and Sir Lanceherlot plus a new book offer from Monsieur Paul at the Mr. X Home Page 

6/15/2002 Mr. X Area:
New stories by Mr. Traven, Torrent, Marat and new comers Bill K, CTFT2000 and Tikron the Traveller at the Mr. X Home Page 

6/12/2002 Free Area:
HOT DAMN! You beloved freeloaders have been making out pretty good recently, and it continues. First we have the samples of Crusher McGee as that story winds up. And also, awesome samples from Danny Ryan's killer conclusion to his Violet Fox comic. Get all this stuff in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. And in the Superheroine Video section, you will see some UNBELIEVABLY EROTIC scenes. You'll have to see it to believe it!

And how about that great contest! You know how sometimes after a competition, someone stands up and says how difficult it was to pick the winners because so many deserved to win? And you think to yourself, "Shut the fuck up and just pick!" Well, I've got some sympathy for them now. I decided to judge on technical ability only. Members will be able to make value judgments on how many, content and which artists they might like personally. Some might get votes just because they did a bunch of pictures and they appreciate all the extra material. When an artist did several images, that gave me a chance to pick the best one to make my choice for finalists as well. So, for future reference, the more the better. Members will vote next week for a week. Then the BIG MONEY rolls! 

6/12/2002 Member's Area: 
Danny Ryan's eight page conclusion! Pink Fusion is bushwacked... but what Blue Hornet has coming... Oh MY! Also, Resource T4698 endures a painful and insanely erotic transformation.

I'll let everyone know who the 8 finalists are in the Photo Manipulation Contest at noon. The actual voting for the winners doesn't start in the Forbidden Zone until next Tuesday. This will give all the members see the posts before voting. SO MUCH GOING ON!

Freebies, see you tonight.

6/11/2002 Free Area:
Photo-Manipulation Contest
Has new  Contestants  
Auspex, The Hound, Lou, Philip, JGTM,  and SMart 
You'll  find the  new images from
Scribbler,  Davinci63,  Fred,  Reach and Zardor 


6/10/2002 Free Area:
Photo-Manipulation Contest
Has new  Contestants  
Arkanea, Scribbler, Fred, Ian, Warren, CW  and  Davinci63  
You'll find the  new images from
Cold Blood, JJ,  Stanno and  Spade 


6/08/2002 Mr. X Area:


I finally got let out of my cage so to make up for my lack of posts I have a huge update in my free area. New story by E.N. Curie and new comer sstudent_uk in my story section. A huge update from artists Monsieur Paul. If you like super heroines and knock outs you'll love this update. Got Gal gets more mutant action in a 5 page update to Got Gal 2. A new Our Story thus Far featuring Power Lass. A new theme of pics called Blast from the Past showing obscure heroines we loved as kids. I can't name any names but there are 8 pages about a certain princess of power. Mr. X Home Page 

6/07/2002 Member's Area: 
Member's update yesterday. Ms. Freedom. Crusher McGee and two weeks of Scorpion in "The Nest" part II! 

Free Area:

Ms. Freedom has a bad day in the Forbidden Zone this week. The accent is on "Violence" this time. It's all make believe though.... OK? See samples of her worst defeat in her area Fox Her Area!  Crusher McGee's unwary victims have arrived! Blue Hornet and Pink Fusion! See samples from that story in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. And we also have another double update in the Superheroine Video section. I've been a week behind on the movies for a couple week's and caught up this week. Really cool previews!

Don't forget the Photo-Manipulation Contest! It ends in a few days!

6/06/2002 Free Area:
Photo-Manipulation Contest
Has new Contestants  
Overload,  Reach and Elan 
Guest Artists
Area has been updated and includes new works from "Zanfadar"


6/03/2002 Free Area:
Photo-Manipulation Contest
Has new  Contestants  
Zandor and Stanno 
You'll find the  new images from
The Viking, Deekay, and  Spade 


5/29/2002 Free Area:
OooooKAY! I had to wait later in the night than I had wanted to because members were downloading videos like K-RAZY! Well! First things first. We have new samples in the Butterscotch Fox Poll Driven Comic area. The demoness Bindstra has unleashed the "Hellworms" on the bound Foxes and turns herself into a caricature of Butterscotch to taunt and humiliate her as she dies. BUT! A caricature of Butterscotch Fox looks like one hell of a feast to the worms and they attack her! (Felt I had to explain a little. Them are some wacky pictures!) And now, it's Superheroine Video TIME! A normal 30 second clip finishing up The Institute's examination of the last Scorpion's final data. Then we also have a double length (1 min) preview video of the newest Scorpion. The music's kind of whacky because it's chopped up but you get the idea. (Super messy, sexy tit grabbing scene at the very end. Wee HEE!)  And finally, the infamous Forbidden Zone Entry Area! We see the end of poor Gold Avenger as she is drug away by an inquisitive and perverted alien super race! Then there is the new "Secret of Crusher McGee". We find out the secret right away, but two super heroines won't like it when they find out! Also there are samples from this week's double poser update. Both Solar Woman and Ms. Americana "Get It" in the alley, actually. And  Nightwing316 and Mr. X DO IT IN STYLE!!!

Enjoy the abundance and keep enjoying the Photo-Manipulation Contest! Newer pictures have a thicker border so you can check them out quickly!

5/29/2002 Member's Area: 
Sorry I haven't posted out here in the free area in a while. A personal family problem arose. I've been staying on top of member's area updates as well as possible but missed last week's free area update. But HEY! How about those Photo Manips! Great STUFF! It's really going well and Banshee has been keeping up on that. Thanks Banshee. There has been a lot of material posted in the member's area. Don't want to list it all now, because I'll be listing it Wednesday evening with the DOUBLE FREEBIE update! 

5/27/2002 Free Area:
Photo-Manipulation Contest
Has new  Contestants  
JJ and Guy 
You'll find the  new images from
The Viking, Master Hypnotic, Cold Blood,  Court Jester,  and  Spade 


5/24/2002 Free Area:
Photo-Manipulation Contest
has alot of  Contestents you'll find the works of
The Viking, Master Hypnotic, Cold Blood, Jagster, Specter, The Angelman, Court Jester, Otterpop, Oswold! Son of Turnip!!, Deekay and  Spade 


5/21/2002 Mr. X Area:
New story by Trent Wolf and some cheese cake shots of Ms. Americana at the Mr. X page.  

5/17/2002 Mr. X Area:
New stories by Marat, Lesion, Libero, Anton Psychopoulos and Imagineer at the Mr. X page.  

5/15/2002 Member's Area: 
Smudge's Red Fox and an amazing 6 page installment of Nightwing316's new Solar Woman story: "DEFEATED!" Plus Gold Avenger. Technical problems have delayed this week's movies. Members have the full scoop. 

Free Area:
Forbidden Zone Entry Area is PACKED! Gold Avenger learns what the APEX file is and what will happen to her. Also, samples of Smudge's Red Fox. Also, samples from Nightwing316's new Solar Woman story. He has put a HUGE amount of work into this installment and it shows! I have also posted our first entrant into the $1000 photo-manipulation contest. Spade! He's the only one so far so if no one else enters... HE WINS!!! Every body but him is hoping we have lots more! (He's probably hoping too. His stuff looks good and he might win even if we have a lot of entrants.) Go check out his first two pictures. For now, the Superheroine Video area still links to Tanya's website. The free area video will be updated after the member's area.

5/13/2002 Free Area:
Guest Artists
area has been updated and includes new works from "Daz" and "Skweb"


5/9/2002 Member's Area: 
Huge update in the member's area! Most of it went up Tuesday night with the exception of Ms. Freedom which went up last night. SO! Ms. Freedom, Mr. X's new Ms. Americana story, Gold Avenger and a double length video update of Power Angel!

Free Area:
HEY! What do you know! A huge member area update means a huge free area update! In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we have samples of Gold Avenger's awesome story, quickly coming to an end. Plus samples of Mr. X's installment. Gorgeous! Ms. Freedom's area has been updated as well. Ms. Culton asked that we not post nude pictures of her in the free area if at all possible. Well, this installment that wasn't possible. You'll see her, topless, writhing in pleasure/agony as Vixen Venom chews on her womanhood. Get it now because I might change my mind and remove it later. I had shown all I wanted when I got to two raw files so that's it for this installment. And big news. We are doing Tanya Danielle's website. One of the few models that really NEEDS a pay site, ya know? Right now, it's all just free, but I posted this week's sample video there plus 20 photos. Find your link to paradise in the Superheroine Video area. Keep an eye on her site because we will keep adding to the Free Gallery. Then a CD will be for sale of a shoot we did in Las Vegas... THEN! A member's area will open. Unlike other model sites, Tanya will have our creative team so it won't just be her stripping out of a bikini by a pool. It will have mini stories featuring her with other models. She will do ANYTHING with another girl. HOT STUFF!


Go Forth and Download!

5/3/2002 Free Area:
OK! Free area up now. We have samples of Gold Avenger and Nightwing316's conclusion to his epic poser story. All this is in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. There should be more samples of Nightwing's work since there were 7 pages. I'll have Banshee put some more up later today. AND! Another double sized video sample. This week because the movie update WILL be at least double length. Go get the sample in the Superheroine Video area. 

Hey! Spiderman opens today. Cool! I'm not crazy enough to try to see it today, but I am going to. Sometimes it's fun to watch super powered antics without all the sex! That's what we're for! 

Fun, fun FUN!

4/30/2002 Member's Area: 
The update of this outer material has been waiting on this week's movies. I've posted them but there is more to come. What went up Tuesday was Nightwing316's SEVEN page ending to Butterscotch Fox -VS- Fyre. "Who's hot stuff now?!" Incredible! Plus, Gold Avenger is forced to crawl for the antidote. Even this might be more than she can handle now. The movies are quite the task!

Look for the Freebie update Thursday night.

4/30/2002 Free Area: 
Smudge's Gallery has been updated, and a new "Furioso" Gallery has been added..  The Guest Artists area has been updated and includes new works from "Com T",  and  "Daz" and "Spector".  It also includes submissions from four new artists:  "EndArt", "Coyote", "Son of Mig", and "Skweb".


4/29/2002 Mr. X Area:
New stories at the Mr. X page.  

4/28/2002 Member's Area: 
Three huge shoots this month have garnered us a lot of material but really takes a lot out of you! The Member's area was updated Tuesday with the Poll Driven Comic, and Gold Avenger. On Wednesday the movie was added.

Free Area:
Completely forgot the Free Area update until yesterday. Sorry about that. Had to get something else done last night, but it's up now. In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, there are samples of this week's Gold Avenger. She's come undone at the hands of the Mayhem Maven! And in the Superheroine Video area I have posted a double length sample. The entire thing in the member's area is 2:45 and I think it is extremely cool. Getting a lot of positive feedback on it as well. And of course we can't forget the Butterscotch Fox Poll Driven Comic samples in her area! The members voted for Bindstra to attack the Foxes with Hellworms! Nasty creatures! 


4/17/2002 Free Area:
I did the free area update last night around 11PM and forgot to update this page and the "What's New" banner. Sorry about that. I know some of you stop in here first to see if the update was done. While others check each page incessantly (like I would), thus getting the new movie and pictures as soon as they're up. Beloved freeloaders don't have the obvious change of the center graphic to know when the update has been put up, like members do. (Membership has it's privileges of course.)
WELL! We all know now! First, in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, we have "Jaw Dropping" samples of Gold Avenger! It takes more to get my motor running while I put these stories together, "now-a-days". But you can imagine! My motor was RED LINING while I was looking at those pictures. GOOD GOD! Then we have the samples of  Danny Ryan's Epic "Violet Fox -- With Friends Like These...". Those naughty superheroines! Even when they've been turned to the dark side, they can't keep their hands off of each other. Tsk Tsk. Danny Ryan's artwork, in any event, is always outstanding! AND FINALLY!!! The Finale of "Sapphire Strike -- Dr. Dearth's Revenge!" Quite the audio and visual special effects pig as you'll get a glimpse of in the Superheroine Video area. I only posted one clip in the member's area this week, instead of two. I still gave you guys the 30 second preview though. 'Cause we're movin' on baby! Next week the "Scorpion -- The Nest!" Returns for Part II. Scorpion was KILLED in the first part. Oh, how can the story continue DanO..? I think it's damn clever! But I'm biased of course. Next week will start with a redo of the "Hell-O-Cool" television intro. Containing scenes from Part II plus the scenes from part one will have special effects already included. It will be a good rehash/preview of the story for members. Beloved Freeloaders will of course get a glimpse. Just enough to drive you guys mental, wishing you could see the rest! I'm a BAAAAD MAN!

Carpe Millennium!

4/17/2002 Member's Area: 
This week's update is extremely phenomenal, exciting and hot! Danny Ryan's incomparable Violet Fox! The startling conclusion of Sapphire Strike! AND an absolutely Volcanic Golden Avenger!

I don't see any problem with the free area going up tonight.

4/16/2002 Mr. X Area:
New Our Story Thus Far Pic in the Mr. X page. Plus a new story from E.N. Curie and John Feer  

4/11/2002 Member's Area: 
The update was finished last night with the addition of the movies. Ms. Freedom as Venom's sexual meal, Gold Avenger de-powered, and Sapphire Strike defeating Lucifer, much to her dry cleaner's chagrin!

Free Area:
Ohhhhh, Ms. Freedom. I can really relate to Vixen Venom! I'd like to take a bite out of her myself! Go see how delicious she looks in her area! In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, there are samples of this week's Gold Avenger. The Mayhem Maven is beating her like an egg (huh?) well, she's really getting it. Plus, you get to see the exciting and messy victory of Sapphire Strike in the Superheroine Video area.

Go Feast!

4/6/2002 Mr. X Area:
New pics in the Mr. X section. People have been asking about my heroine's powers so I made some fun fact sheets for some of my heroines.  

4/3/2002 Free Area:
Nightwing316's newest poser story is excellent! And now you guys can see the samples in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. Also we have the samples of Gold Avenger being abused in the chamber designed to utilize the dreaded Apex File! And of course, Sapphire Strike is the target and Dr. Dearth's horrible creation, Lucifer has a lock on in the  Superheroine Video section.


4/2/2002 Member's Area: 
This week's update is up. Nightwing316! Lucifer Love! Avenger Pain!

Free Area:
You guys might have noticed that I updated the free area last week sometime. It's all there, go get it if you haven't. In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area, there are samples of last week's Gold Avenger, plus Smudge's Red Fox. Also, we have the Superheroine Video sample. Sapphire Strike endures the unholy advances of Lucifer. The climax of which is seen this week. Heh, Heh. Plus there's the samples from the newest Butterscotch Fox Poll Driven Comic in her area! See you tomorrow with MORE!

3/20/2002 Free Area:
Welllll, Sapphire Strike is in a little bit of trouble in the Superheroine Video section. That monstrosity Lucifer has finally figured out his conflicting feelings and he settles on forced sexual violation to get his point across. You get to see the beginning of a very monster sized... umm eruption lets say. Then, over in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we have samples of Reno's incredible, Butterscotch Fox in "Pervatory" samples. He has come up with quite the quandary for the busty blonde beauty. Also, you will see the samples of what poor Gold Avenger is enduring at the dastardly hands of the Mayhem Maven!  

Go get it!

3/20/2002 Member's Area: 
Ahhhhh what a dilemma! I really want to push the incredible Reno story and the Gold Avenger story posted last night, not to mention the mind blowing Sapphire Strike videos posted this morning! But that BASTARD! Mike the Mutant has something even more exciting going on! (Is it still called a bastard if it doesn't have a father... OR A MOTHER?!!). Charter Membership is ending today over at SpaceBabeCentral at 6PM PST. (In case you missed it on the front page, hee hee.) It's important for you guys because if you really like the sci-fi sex angle, you'll get to lock in the monthly price for $15 instead of $20. Over time, that saves a lot of money. Mr. Honesty here, and I'll tell you why it's good for us. That group that starts out with the site is an excellent core to build off of. To this DAY SHC has about 60 charter members. Those are guys that started with the site OVER TWO YEARS AGO! They've maintained memberships the whole time. You REALLY appreciate customers like that! (Sometimes there's a credit card problem and they'll be off for a couple weeks, but we account for that.). Recently I was able to give SHC members a special gallery of pictures that I couldn't normally show on the site. We love doing that. No promises though. You need to make the choice for charter membership because of the rate. Anything special just comes as it can. It's way too late to become a charter member of SHC or CatfightCentral, but now's your last chance at SpaceBabeCentral! (Unless of course you're going to join MY Superheroine Central... In that case... FUCK MIKE THE MUTANT!!!)

What do you know!!! The free area update will be ON TIME this week. Look for it tonight!

3/14/2002 Free Area:
Alllll righty dighty! (Don't ask me what I mean by that.) The Freebie update is complete. Let's take a look over in the  Superheroine Video section, shall we? My special "SHC Sloppy Short: Dr. Dearth's REVENGE! is screaming through to the good stuff in hyper speed. There is some INCREDIBLE stuff in the samples, but as you can guess, there is much more in the member's area. More... fluids for instance. And much more to come for poor little Sapphire Strike! Speaking of poor little superheroines... Butterscotch Fox is the victim of my "playing around" with poser for relaxation. I posted the same long explanation I gave members. (Why should you get away without reading it?!) The sample is a full third of the clip, so joining just to see the rest of it wouldn't be a good idea. Enjoy the special clip, I had fun playing with Butter's simulated breasts! And then... poor, poor Ms. Freedom. She and Liberty Girl are deviously attacked by mere mortals with baseball bats... filled with lead... lead mixed with Lactite crystals! Deadly stuff for most of the heroines from The Institute! The gang plans to rape Ms. Freedom after they beat the hell out of her! As they pound away she flashes back to other times where her rape seemed inevitable. First it's Vixen Venom. Fangs plunge in and venom renders the gorgeous heroine helpless... AND a victim of her own perverted sexuality! Incredibly hot stuff! Leslie Culton looked INCREDIBLE stumbling around, as Vixen Venom planned dinner. Ahhhhh.
AND! We also have the samples from the weekly story, Gold Avenger: The Apex File. The Mayhem Maven's goons take the Gold Goddess down a few hundred pegs and now it's Mayhem's turn! With the dreaded NEEDLE!!! Find samples of that in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area!  

Enjoy Beloved Freeloaders!

3/13/2002 Member's Area: 
Well... just finished posting one of the best updates ever. Ms. Freedom, Butterscotch Fox, Sapphire Strike and Gold Avenger. Sometimes everything just really cooks, ya know? Most of the update went up at noon, but it was just finished with the addition of Ms. Freedom.

The free area update will take place tomorrow. Make sure you get all the movies you need because those three will be replaced by this week's one freebie movie. HOWEVER, there will be a small sample of the Butterscotch Fox movie as well!

3/8/2002 Member's Area: 
All updates done with the exception of PDC's. New movie serial Sapphire Strike and... oh... lot's of stuff. Too much to describe really. Members know everything that's in there and freebies will know from the...

Free Area:
Freebie material has been posted over the last few days with the movies going up tonight. Let's see... Let's start with the Superheroine Video section. For a limited time I've posted the MASSIVE intro to the "Scorpion: The Nest!" video serial. All of those scenes are no longer in the zone. Don't join to see anything from that. You missed it. Good bye, so long, sayonara. Someday you'll see it on an archive CD's and possibly on it's own CD. But that's a LONG WAY AWAY! Consider it gone. But... do enjoy the intro. It has some really cool stuff in it. And then I had to catch up on all the movie samples you've missed. Three samples brings us back up to speed and YOWCH! We jump right to the good stuff. Sapphire Strike in "Dr. Dearth's Revenge" is an SHC Sloppy Short. In other words, it won't take months or a year to play out. Just superheroine/monster....go get each other. The Scorpion story will continue after that. I had some problems getting a model back to HQ Tucson in time to continue the story. WELL! Now on to all the stuff in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area! Of course we have all the samples from the Gold Avenger weekly story. At this point in time she isn't doing too well against Mayhem Maven's goons. Especially since the Maven injected Gold Avenger's cute fanny with Lacticide! I understand the Maven has more planned for that needle. OW! There's also a sample from the 9 image sketch gallery by Reno. Just some great stuff for the members since updates were so screwed up. And then it trickles out to you guys. There are also samples of the last installment of Nightwing316's Solar Woman adventure. Great stuff! Nightwing316 and Mr. X are poser/3d GODS! Which brings us to poor Ms. Magnificent. A poser post mortem done by myself after I had Mr. X come down and bring my computer and myself up to speed with all the newest features. Not bad if I do say so myself! (And I do!) And then there are the samples from the awesome Danny Ryan. WOW! I can see why he has so many fans... including me.

SO! Members are still waiting on two Poll Driven Comics. They know what's up. I'm going to have Mr. X bring his site up to full power this coming week. And, no, the late freebie updates had nothing to do with that whole hassle. It just happened around the same time. Mr. X and myself just felt it was time to show some assholes that not all the free material on Superheroine Central is for marketing. We put a hell of a lot of stuff just to be nice. Enjoy this free superheroine in distress cornucopia! 

2/27/2002 Member's Area: 
The horrible fate of Ms. Magnificent is finally learned! Plus The Mayhem Maven injects deadly lacticide into the beautiful Golden Avenger. Lot's of catch and clean up today. A double update for freebies coming up.

2/21/2002 Member's Area: 
Back from vacation. The member's area update went up on Tuesday as scheduled but no one knows how to do the center graphic. It's funny how the little things can be the last to be passed on. As you can see, Danny Ryan's story is the update and it is an excruciatingly cool installment. As I mentioned before, the free area might take a couple days. We are shooting video today and tomorrow. In a perfect world I would post it tonight. No promises. Gold Avenger's story is progressing in a very outstanding way. The thugs give her a hard time but she's more than a match for THEM! And the video is just a short but extremely cool flash animation by Mr. X. (His site will return and I will explain to the level I believe necessary soon.) In this flash animation the victim has a mask and a cape I believe. But HEY! Mike the mutant gave away the whole thing on!!! Bastard! His version is a little different and the victim doesn't have Superheroine accouterments. Well... what can I do?! Besides kill him in his sleep!

2/13/2002 Free Area:
Hey there! I'll be in New Hampshire in a few hours, visiting family for a week. SO! I had to post the free area update earlier than usual. It also means that next week's will be late. First, I must say! The Ms. Freedom story really jumps to it VERY quickly. Go check out the 8 sample pics there. In the Superheroine Video section we have more unbelievable snippets from the Scorpion serial. I REALLY don't like giving away such incredible stuff. Sure, a glimpse here and there is great. But at this stage of the story there are no boring parts to frame them with. Good for you! In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we have samples of Gold Avenger's weekly story. Looks like having her super powers doesn't fix everything, eh? Hee Hee.

Talk to you folks next week.

2/12/2002 Member's Area: 
Ms. Freedom and Liberty Girl get into some painful trouble at super speed! Ambassador Templeton is prepared for the Keelix! And Gold Avenger finds out the Mayhem Maven's thugs are stronger than they look!

2/6/2002 Free Area:
Here I was worried about you beloved freeloaders and you guys are ROLLING in free stuff! Sheesh! First off, there's the new site, which has plenty of goodies including a bunch of video. THEN, there's Nightwing316's site! You can find it on the front page. He used to have it elsewhere but they closed down. He has lots of great comic book covers scanned in there. Great artwork. Makes me feel like a plebe. THEN Banshee has posted an 8 page comic done by Manuel in the Guest Artist Area. If you haven't been in there in a while, you better look through it. Banshee was supposed to be posting a note whenever that section is updated. Time to scream at Banshee in a non-threatening, positive way. PLUS we have the normal Freebie Update! Big update in the member's area means big update in the free area too! Samples from the Gold Avenger, Samples from Mr. X's outstanding Ms. Americana conclusion and samples of Nightwing316's great Butterscotch Fox comic. All found in the Forbidden Zone Entry Area. And of course the movie clip in the Superheroine Video section. My girls are not only gorgeous, they often turn out to be excellent actresses!

Go forth and consume bandwidth!!!

2/5/2002 Member's Area: 
The big news is the 6 page finale of Ms. Americana in "Closed on Sundays"! Plus we have Nightwing316's Butterscotch Fox -VS- Fyre "Who's The Hot Stuff NOW!?" -- Scorpion Video clips and the Gold Avenger weekly story! Big Update!! 

1/30/2002 Free Area:
Three movie samples in the Superheroine Video section. The other two were only up for a day or two so all three will stay up this week. We also have the samples in the  Forbidden Zone Entry Area.  Nightwing316's incredible saga Solar Woman and Comet Girl. They are in some SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! Also, the samples from Gold Avenger. If you haven't been here in a while, don't forget the samples in the Poll Driven Comic section!

1/30/2002 Member's Area: 
Just like the sign said. Solar Woman. Scorpion Video Clips. Gold Avenger. And a cool, tiny little clip by Mr. X of Ms. Americana TALKING. Uses new software called Mimic. Very cool! Poll Driven Comic is in the works.

1/28/2002 Free Area:
Sorry about that. A lot has been going on here with models. Nothing I can show you out here. The free area update is caught up however. The main purpose of the site is the paying members but I do realize it's important to get the free area updated as well. That's where members come from "dontcha know!" Interestingly, new memberships have gone through the roof. Things slowed down for Christmas understandably. But like a rubber band, when the holidays were over... WHAM! Let's thank all those new and returning members. Without them, none of this would exist!

On to the SHOW!!! 
Double update in the Superheroine Video section. You're eyes will fall out and you won't be able to catch them because your hands will be elsewhere. GORGEOUS! In the Forbidden Zone Entry Area we have a slew of material. We catch up with Jenny. Unable to change into Gold Avenger with the psychopathic Mayhem Maven ready to grease her any second. Danny Ryan's Violet Fox samples give you a good view of what the Foxes are up to. Silly superheroines! They can't keep their hands off each other! I've also finally posted the samples from the last Poll Driven Comic . Can you say "Extremely explicit sexual and violent content?!!" The story really is unbelievably powerful right now. And last but -- MAN O MAN O MAN!!! --  NOT LEAST!!! MS. FREEDOM! Leslie Culton as a new star spangled super babe. You'll be panting! (She and Jewell Marceau as Liberty Girl look INCREDIBLE!!!) You won't believe what is in store for these two busty beauties! (I actually posted that this weekend.)

I'm contemplating what to give you guys for being so late with the beloved Freeloader update. Stay Tuned!

1/22/2002 Member's Area: 
Member's Area was updated last night at 10:00PM but I had to boogie to shoot some pictures with one of our models. An extremely hot installment of Danny Ryan's "With Friends Like THESE...". Professor Madison tortures the helpless Ambassador Temple with pleasure and pain in the weekly video and it looks like Jenny, AKA the Gold Avenger may not live to change into her superheroine identity in the Apex File. (Ya... right.)

Double Free area update this week since there was never one last week. Sorry about that. I'll see if I can cook up something nice for you guys. 

1/19/2002 Mr. X Page: 
My Beyond Bent contest entries. Sadly I didn't even make runner up. Also some new stories from E.N. Curie, Perilmaster, Torrent all at my free page. Also a special treat, a new update of Steven Bell's Ms. Marvelous area. Some new stories and art. The Mr. X Page

1/16/2002 Member's Area: 
Huge update in the member's area! Ms. Freedom makes her debut in a 10 page installment! Oh YA! Plus we have the Gold Avenger weekly story and poor Ambassador Templeton is helpless and humiliated waiting for the Professor's gruesome experiment in the Video Serial "The Nest!"

Freebies! I have some catching up with you guys and you'll get TWO FREE PAGES of the Ms. Freedom installment. You're going to have to give me till Thursday though. 

1/10/2002 Mr. X Page: 
Some new stories plus more Got-Gal pages in my section. The Mr. X Page

1/6/2002 Free Area:
Time to clean house. As always, I've made the old update notes available above. Because I think anyone reads them? Hell no! I do it because it's a history of the site and takes no room whatsoever. 
I posted the movie sample in the Superheroine Video section last night and was going to make available the Forbidden Zone Entry Area with new samples last night as well. But that page, which is one of the things I delegate was FUCKED UP! So I get to yell at someone tomorrow. I was just about to go to sleep so I fixed it this morning. This is Poll Driven Comic week, but I am still working on that. Should be a classic. In the meantime, take a look at the excellent samples of Wreckshop's sketch installment. It is in the works for a full blown color comic that will blow us all away. You will also find samples of the Gold Avenger in her human form enduring the abuse of The Mayhem Maven and her thugs while she is trapped in her human form.

When the samples of the PDC are posted, you'll be the first to know!

1/1/2002 Member's Area: 
Happy New Year! The holidays have made things a little difficult around here. The poll driven comic is still in the works but the rest of this week's update is up. The Scorpion clips, Gold Avenger and the Apex File plus something extra! A 5 page comic at the pencil stage that I am working on with Wreckshop. 


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